Girl lets black guy lick her fanny

Girl lets black guy lick her fanny
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Her name was Emma, Emma Neica Looge to be exact but if you ever called her that she would probably pull your hair out of your skull. She was the most beautiful girl in the school. The girl that all the girls wanted to be and all the guy's wanted to be with. She had classic beautiful features such as long blonde hair, soft perfect skin, light blue eyes and perky young breasts.

She would have been the absolute perfect woman except for the fact that her heart was cold as ice. Not only was she the most beautiful girl in the school but she was also the meanest.

Her days were spent making fun of ugly people and reducing both men and women to tears. She was a true bitch but no one ever stood up to her for doing so would send you to a busty canadian brunette mena masturbates wet pussy trip to loserville. She wasn't always that way but that is not where our story begins in fact our story truly begins on December 24th in her senior year. Emma sat in her physics class bored to tears.

Her teacher Mr. King was going on and on about how Santa traveling around the world in one night is a physical impossibility. Emma rolled her eyes like she could care less. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She sneakily opened it and read a text from her best friend Jessica reading, "This guy is ruining my childlike innocence." Emma smiled and shook her head and silently texted back "I lost mine when I was 14 remember," Emma heard Jess give a little giggle which caused Mr.

King to give her a dirty look. Finally the class ended and everyone bolted out of the class as fast as they could. Emma was walking down the hall when Jess immediately joined her side. "Oh my god that was the longest class ever.

Mr King can eat my ass." Jess said jokingly. Emma smiled "Careful Jess because he just might do it to. Remember how Jenny passed taboo game allys brother and allys sister dirty deeds with uncle rich year." Jess smiled and did a blowjob motion with her hands causing both of the girls to laugh.

The two of them went over to their usual hangout of right by the hall windows. There were a couple of girls already standing there talking but one mean look from Emma and they quickly moved. "Oh my god can you believe these morons standing in my spot I should have Chad give them a beating or something." Jess merely nodded. The two girls were talking when a small squirrelly boy with glasses came over in their direction. "Oh god here comes Johnny that kid keeps trying to ask me out he can't take a fucking hint." Emma said with sass in her tone.

Johnny looked up at her with a slight smile on her face. "Uhhh hey Emma I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight cause I thought we could celebrate the start of Christmas holidays or something." Emma shook her head. "Well I'm sorry Johnny but I'm afraid I am doing something tonight. I'm going to have sex with Chad all night long and let his big manhood fill my tight little pussy up and fill me with pleasure again and again." Emma began faking moans of pure pleasure causing Johnny to lower his head in discomfort and emotional pain.

"Seriously Johnny if you want to get laid over the holidays I suggest you go to a barn and find a nice looking pig, actually a ugly pig cause lets face it even pigs have standards and fuck that." Johnny got tears in his eyes and ran down the hallway as fast as he could. "Emma why one dick cant pleasure a hot girl anymore you have to be so mean to him anyway?" Jess asked with a hint of disgust.

"Because he is the most annoying creature to ever walk this earth. He is so unappealing and he thinks he can ask out me. I am the queen of this school and he is a pawn in fact he is below a pawn he is like the pawn's butler or servant." Jess hung her head in sadness at her own friends cold heartedness but Emma didn't notice for she saw something much better was coming down the hall, "And there's my king." She added as she saw her boyfriend Chad coming down the hall.

Chad was the school hunk. Captain of the hockey team and built like a linebacker. "How's my babydoll today." He said as he laid a soft kiss on her. "Oh she can't wait to get out of this prison so I can spend time with my hubby." Emma replied Chad smiled "Well I'll be over Christmas morning to give you the best present you have ever gotten." Emma smiled as he left. "Oh isn't he just the best?" Jess nodded "If he's the best then why are you cheating on him?" Emma laughed "Oh Jess which is better the crouton or the entire creaser salad?" Jess shook her head and merely replied "Just careful not to get covered in dressing." The bell rang and students raced to their classes almost sensing the conflict.

Emma stared at Jess. "Are you calling me a slut?" She said with aggression building in her voice. Jess grew bold "Yeah maybe I am what you gonna do? Emma grew angrier. "Listen you little bitch the only brandi love and casi james shared boyfriend on the bed pornstars and big tits you have any popularity in this school is because I'm good enough to be your friend." Jess' face grew red.

"The only reason your popular is because you have a big pair of boobs and a nice ass. Hell your like a roller coaster everyone has to wait in line to ride you but once they do they leave disappointed, Emma's knuckles cracked.

"Your just jealous because your like the swans no one wants to ride you unless their a little fucking pansy!" Jess stomped forward. "At least I'm not you Emma Neica Spl." Before Jess could even finish her sentence Emma's fist hit her mouth with incredible force. Emma flew into a blind rage and stated pounding Jess with all her might.

Jess tried to fight back and started pulling Emma's hair. Emma threw a mighty punch, which knocked the wind out of Jess. Powerless to defend herself Jess could merely watch as he best friend rapidly punched her face leaving her covered in blood. Finally Emma finished and she looked down at her friend.

"I hope that put you in your place because from now on you and me are through Bumhug!" The last word made Jess cry loudly and Emma left her lying in the hallway a bloody mess, Emma went into the bathroom and began washing off her hands and clothes.

There had been a lot of blood and it got everywhere. She examined herself in the mirror and saw some blood on her face. She bent over to wash her face and when she got back up to there was a boy standing behind her.

She let out a scream and turned. "Holy fuck you just scared the shit out of me! You do know this is the women's room right?" The boy said nothing and continued to stare at her. Emma examined him she had never seen him before and he was kind of cute. Normally she wouldn't be so direct but there was something about this boy that just made her feel hot and heavy. She strode sexually over to him. "Seems like your new here big boy, let me give you an orientation." She reached over and went to grab his crotch but as soon as she did she realised something was wrong.

Her hand went straight through his pants. All she could feel was sub-zero temperatures coming from his body. She pulled her hand away and backed herself against a wall.

"Who the hell are you!?" Finally the boy spoke. "Do you not recognise me. Do I not cast a familiar upon you?" Emma didn't know what to think. She studied the boy all over and the more she looked the more familiar he became.

She recognised the deep green eyes, the very light freckles on his face and his solemn expression. "Jacob, Jacob Bensly?" Jacob nodded "Yes in life I was your best friend but now I walk the earth never resting." Emma couldn't bear to look him in the eye not after what happened. "Why do you haunt me Jacob?" Jacob looked offended. "Haunt you no I have come to warn you!" Emma became worried.

"What kind of warning do you bring me?" Jacob's face turned serious. "Your actions in life affect what will happen to you in the afterlife. I caused an act that effected many lives and I have been punished to walk the earth and see all the lives I affected so negatively.

Emma cringed, what a horrible fate that must be. Almost as though he could read her mind Jacob continued. "If you think that my fate is horrible it is nothing compared to that which awaits you. Yours is a horrish nightmare of which there is no escape." Emma got on her knees. "Oh please how can I prevent this fate?" "You will be visited by three spirits tonight and if you learn the lessons that they will try to teach you then there maybe some hope for your soul. Expect the first at the stroke of midnight tonight." And with that premonition the ghost of Jacob disappeared into thin air.

Emma panted could what she had just seen be real? She felt her hand and it still felt like she had dumped it in ice. Would the spirits come?

Suddenly the school bell rang signifying the end of the day. Emma almost mindlessly traveled to the bus and went home. She went up to her room and tried to go on with her day. She went up and checked her email and there was one from Jess saying. "I hope being alone feels good bitch!" Normally the words would have stimulated something inside fo her but she was completely hollow to the words.

The rest of the day seemed to go by at super speed and before she knew what was happening 11:55pm dawned on her. She scurried up to her room as if she expected the ghost to come early and drag her down the stairs. She curled up in her bed and stared at her clock. The minutes passed slower then usual causing her to go crazy. "The ghost isn't coming. There are no such things as ghosts I was just dizzy from fighting Jess that's all." Finally midnight dawned and there was silence.

Nothing happened at all and Emma started to feel better. She looked outside at a star that was shining. She smiled and it grew brighter. The star continued to grow brighter and brighter to the point that it was completely blinding. Emma covered her eyes from the blinding light. Finally wankz latin teen slut with braces fucked hard light began to dimmer and the room came back into view. Emma slowly lowered her hand and was in awe of what she saw.

Standing in her room was the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen. Her hair was long and wavy and just the perfect shade of brown. Her cute little face carried the look of pure innocence and she wore a pearly white gown. Her body seemed to have a beautiful glow to it and Emma was not afraid. "Are you the ghost that I was told about?" The little girl merely smiled "I am" she said with the voice of an angel.

"I am the ghost of Christmas past. I am here to show you shadows of things that have been." Emma nodded she seemed to feel calm around her. This child had such a kind face and a warm glow that she felt as though she was in the presence of a angel. The ghost approached Emma and reached out her palm. "Take my hand and I will take you to your past." Emma reached out and gently grasped the little girl's hand. Instantly the room was whisked away in light and was replaced by a schoolyard in winter.

All around them there were children who were laughing and playing in the snow. Emma looked around and laughed as well for she knew all of the children.

They were her school mates from when she was in 2nd grade. She smiled and turned to the sandbox, which was covered in snow. There two little girls sat talking to each other. Emma couldn't believe her eyes for it was her and Jess. "Wow it's going to be a long Christmas break without you Emma." Emma merely smiled and rubbed Jess's shoulder. "I know it may feel like it's been a long time but I made you something to remind you of me." Emma reached into her pocket and pulled out 2 hearts a pink one and a purple one.

"Here Jess take this purple heart and I'll keep the pink one and as long as we have them we will be friends forever." Jess grew tears in her eyes and pulled Emma in for a big hug. The present day Emma shed a few tears of her own. Her and Jess got along so long and she really was her best friend. The ghost of Christmas past put her hand on her shoulder and the scene disappeared in light. The light disappeared and they were standing in a crowded and dark gymnasium.

There was loud music playing and all around were dancing couples and friends. Emma remembered this day for it was the big Christmas dance in grade 6.

She looked around and sure enough there she was standing with Jess. "Wow Emma this place is packed and it looks like all the good guys are taken." Emma smiled "There's only one guy I want." The two looked across the dance floor and there was Jacob looking very lonely.

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Emma got brave and traveled across the dance floor and went to him. "Hey why aren't you dancing with anyone?" Jacob merely blushed. "Oh no one wants to dance with me." Emma smiled. "Well I do." She grabbed him and began slow dancing with him.

Jess smiled at them and got brave herself. She marched over to Chad and jumped on him. She fell faster than expected and ended up latching to his ass.

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Chad freaked tpcute girl fists her soaking wet pussy on camhtml and through her off. "What the hell was that are you some kind of bumhug?" Everyone laughed and began chanting "Bumhug" over and over again. Emma grew angry and told the crowd to stop.

Jess smiled at her and Emma smiled back. Everyone turned to Emma and Jacob who were holding hands. Chad looked at them and laughed. "Haha guys look Emma's holding hands with Jacob." The whole gym gave way to laughter. They began chanting "Emma and fagboy Emma and fagboy" over and over again. Emma grew angry and put Jacob's hand under her t-shirt and on her bare breast.

"Look's like Jake just got to second base now who's the fag's?" Emma yelled and she grabbed Jake and left the gym. The two go to the hall where they were alone.

"I'm so sorry about those guys they are such jerks." Suddenly Jacob reached out and felt her face. "No one has ever stood up for me like that before thank you." Slowly he leaned in and began kissing her softly and sweetly. The scene dissolved and reappeared again in the same gym two years later. The school was having a big basketball game before the holidays. Emma and Jake were making out under the bleachers well hidden from everyone else. They were going pretty heavy when Jake stopped. "Emma I love you so much I want to know you deeper I wanna take things to the next level." Emma blushed and smiled.

"Well well well when did little Jacob get so brave?" Jake looked deep into her eyes "Since you came into my life Madame." Emma smiled more. "Bold and romantic I like it." She smiled and began kissing his neck.

He softly moaned and began undoing her sweatshirt. Jacob marvelled at her breasts and began tracing his finger around her nipples. Emma's face went flush and she began gently rubbing Jake's crotch over his jeans. Jake softly moaned and reached his head down and gently sucked on her breast.

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Emma began panting in passion and undid Jake's pants. She pulled his pant and underwear down and became face to face with his cock. It wasn't very big about 4 inches but that was enough for her. She gently began jacking it up and down sending Jacob into a swirl of pleasure. Jacob moaned loudly as she began licking the tip. Emma smiled and began sucking his cock, She went slowly and was very nervous but her love for Jake was enough to keep her going. Jake gently rubbed her hair, which made Emma feel comfortable.

She went faster and faster and watched Jake's legs start to buckle. It wasn't long before he shot his load in her mouth. The taste was much worse then Emma had expected and she let it drip from her mouth and it fell on her tits. Suddenly there was a voice from outside the bleachers.

"Hey who is that under there?" Jacob tried to do up his pants but it was to late the boy outside had seen everything. "Oh my god fagboy just got head." Jacob tried to hide his face in his hands. The whole school seemed to come down to get a better look all of them chanting fag boy.

Finally Emma came out not realising that she was still covered in sperm. "Oh my god Emma has splooge all over her!" Everyone started laughing and another person yelled. "Look it's Emma Neica Splooge!" Everyone laughed and started chanting "Emma Neica Splooge" over and over.

The scene dissolved once more and reappeared fui passar uns dias na casa de minha tia acabei caindo na pica do prim tube porn that day when Emma and Jacob were in the hallway. "Listen Jake I really like you but now I realise I can't be with you. I saw today what it was like to be unpopular and I never want to relive it.

I'm sorry but you will always be unpopular, you will always be fagnboy no matter what. I'm sorry but this is the end. Goodbye." With that Emma went down the hall never to see Jacob again.

The present day Emma was in tears. "That was so unfair. He deserved better then that." "He killed himself right after that." The ghost said. Emma nodded. "Shot himself in the head. Destroyed his family doing it." The ghost nodded but continued to show Emma events in her life. "Over that summer you filled out really nicely and you knew that everyman would want you. So you slept with every guy who was well connected in the school until you became a queen.

The power changed you and you began seeing those less popular then you as scum. Your friend Jess stayed by you the whole way even though what you were doing was wrong." Emma cried more.

"I couldn't bear the thought of being a loser I never wanted to be Emma Neica Splooge again." The ghost shook her head. "The past is part of who you are and to deny it is to deny yourself." Emma frowned.

"Spirit show me no more I can not bare it. Leave me be please." The young girl disappeared along with the light and Emma found herself back in her room lying in the dark.

She looked around and discovered it was 1:00am in the morning. "Was that all just a dream?" she thought to herself. Suddenly her stomach growled and she remembered that she hadn't ate anything since she had gotten home. She got out of bed and went down to the kitchen to make herself a bowl of i blackmailed my hot mom soup. When she opened the kitchen door she was once again faced with an unexpected light.

The kitchen was bathed in candles and there was a very large man about 8 feet tall who was quite overweight and had a long beard. Even though he was overweight she felt quite comfortable around him. "Who are you?" she asked. The man merely laughed. "Do you not know who I am have you not felt my presence before?" Emma closed her eyes she had indeed felt this kind of feeling before.

It was the feeling of true happiness. She was reminded of visits to amusement parks and birthday parties with friends. She smiled widely for the feeling was better than an orgasm. The man laughed once more. "So you do recognise me. I am the ghost of Christmas present." Emma smiled so she wasn't crazy after all. She looked at the table and her mouth began to water. On the table were the most delicious foods she had ever laid eyes on.

Pizza, tacos, Christmas ham, turkey, chocolates and cakes. "What is all this food?" she asked. "These are the foods you neglected in your later years despite the fact that they are your favourites." Emma nodded. "Spirit why are you here?" The ghost laughed loudly again.

"Why you know why I am here. I am here to show you the magic of Christmas the magic of the world. Come and follow me for the weather is beautiful and the day is young." The two left the kitchen and made their way to the door.

When the door opened the darkness outside turned to light and it was Christmas morning. All around the streets people were laughing and singing. Children were having a snowball fight and enjoying the day. They passed the frozen pond and Emma saw a few of her schoolmates playing hockey. Among them was Paul who was often considered to be an anti-social loser.

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"Spirit why is Paul playing with those guys? They all hate Paul." The spirit shook his head. "They don't hate him. They don't know him. On this day they lost their puck under a crack in the ice and Paul happened to have a puck. On days like today there are no popular and unpopular everyone is the same. They are all man on this day not strangers." Emma nodded because she once believed in such things but merely had forgotten. The two of them walked for a while until they came to a small house that Emma didn't recognise.

"Spirit where are we?" "We are at the residence of your schoolmate Johnny the one you told to fuck a pig if memory serves me." Emma felt a bit of shame in her actions. They entered the house and saw a family huddled around a TV watching Christmas specials.

Johnny was huddled in a corner near the fireplace reading a book. His father was drinking a beer and he looked over at him. "Dam it John shouldn't you be out with friends or something?" John didn't bother looking up from his book.

John's mother spoke next. "Oh Jim leave him alone if he doesn't want to hang out with friends today then he doesn't have to." Jim shook his head. "The damn kid doesn't have any friends. That boy doesn't even have a girlfriend. The boy's a fag and is going to die a virgin." Johnny got up and ran out of the room with tears in his eyes.

For the first time in her life Emma felt sorry for Johnny. "Spirit can you see the future? What will happen to Johnny?" The spirit shrugged. "My vision of the future is limited but I a dusty book near a fireplace with no one to read it." Emma began sobbing. "Oh no please he can't die!" The spirit looked at her "Oh and I thought you saw him as being below a pawn someone who is meant to die." Emma cried harder.

"No I mean I didn't mean it I don't want him to die." The spirit placed his hand on her shoulder. "Come the day is fading fast and there is more to see." The two continued to walk until they came to a place that was much more familiar. "Oh this is Jess' house oh thank you spirit I must see how she is!" They entered the house and there were 3 girls sitting on the couch. The one in the middle was Jess who was wearing a large bandage on her nose.

The other two were girls from Jess' youth group who Emma had seen before but never thought to befriend because she thought church was for losers. The three girls were all laughing and giggling it had appeared that they had too much eggnog. Jess laughed and dumped her glass of eggnog all over her face. "Hey guy's guess who I am?" Her friends laughed and in unison they said "Emma Neica Splooge." Jess yelled correct innocent girl is gaping tight twat in close up and getting off g strings opening even harder fits of laughter from the three of them.

"Oh my god she is such a bitch." The first girl said. "Yeah remember when we first met her and we were going to go to an all nighter and she said she had to wash her hair all night." The second girl said causing more laughter. "But seriously I can't believe what she did to you." The first girl added. Jess merely shrugged. "Well it's over anyway. She is just a cold-hearted bitch who thinks that popularity is everything. She takes everything for granted.

She has the hottest guy in school and she cheats on him. But you know what they say what goes around comes around." Suddenly a fourth person entered the room from behind Emma.

Emma turned around and couldn't believe what she saw. There was Chad standing in the complete nude apart from a Santa on his head. Upon his entrance the three girls went into catcalls.

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"Umm I know what I want for Christmas." "I can't wait to unwrap that." "It's the gift that keeps on giving." Jess merely smiled. "Did you give it to her this morning." Chad smiled.

"Yeah I fucked that dumb slut stupid she has no idea." Jess smiled more and called him over. "Do you think you can handle all three of us?" she asked well slowly opening her blouse.

Chad smiled. "Baby I could take all three of you all the way into the new year." Chad sat down and Jess hoped on his lap and wrapped her legs around him, She slowly leaned down and kissed him passionately. Chad kissed back and Emma could hear the distinct sounds tongues twirling in their mouths. Chennai aunty sex story story began pulling off her top and the two girls began jacking him off together.

Emma began to panic. "Spirit take me away from this place please!" The room dissolved and they were in a dark street. Emma looked at the spirit to thank him and couldn't believe what she saw. The spirit was now an old man with grey hair and several wrinkles. "Spirit what happened to you?" "My time is linked only to the present. As soon as this day ends I do as well. Hear my words I have shown you great happiness and also great pain.

The pain you have been shown stems from you and your ill deeds. Even the smallest of choices can affect the course of the future. Learn to make the right ones." Emma nodded. "I will try spirit." The spirit nodded and spoke again in a much weaker tone. "I hope for your sake you do much better than try. The next spirit is much less loving than I am." With that the clock struck 12 and the spirit disappeared into the wind. Emma stood in the cold. The spirits warmth and happiness left her and she felt frightened.

A large gust of cold wind came and chilled her to the bone. Suddenly she realised she wasn't alone. She turned around and there stood a shadowy figure with red glowing eyes.

sweets ass sweets cameltoe on volleyball tube porn I assume that you are the ghost of Christmas future?" The figure said nothing.

Emma was worried. The other two spectres we kind and warm what did this strange figure have to do with Christmas? "I will follow you and try to learn your lessons. Please show me the way." The shadowy figure lifted his hand and pointed to a house. She turned and recognised it as Johnny's house. They went inside and the scene was very different then the last time she was there. No fire was lit. Barely any lights were on and the mother and father sat in the kitchen.

The father wore sorrow on his face that was not there before and the mother sat knitting in a state of non-belief. Finally the father broke the silence. "What did we do wrong Linda what did we do to ruin him that way." Linda shook her head. "This was not our fault we raised that boy right he just fell too hard." Jim clenched the beer can he was holding.

"Yes it was all that little vixens fault that tramp that slut!" Linda put down her knitting and grabbed her husband's hand. "Please don't blame her the poor dear she has nothing left now. We shouldn't play on the misfortunate." Jim began sobbing. "But why did he have to do it why would he try to help her?" Linda shook her head.

"He loved her and when she turned him down yet again he&hellip.well he couldn't stand living anymore." The two both began sobbing for their lost child. Emma was crying as well. "Oh my god who could possibly turn down someone who was just trying to help and who loved her so?" The spirit lifted his finger and the scene changed to a busy neon lit street. There was a young girl dressed in rags begging people for money.

She was by no means attractive. Her hair was long and mattered, her skin was dirty and she was quite fat. "Please I'll suck your dick for a dollar. I'll let you fuck me for five." No matter how much the girl begged the people simply walked past looking disgusted.

"Please help me I am with child and I have no money. Please someone help me!" Emma looked at this poor girl and wished she could help her. "Spirit what is the fate of this poor girl and her child?" The spirit once again lifted his finger and the scene changed to a couple of men standing on the same street the tramp was working on.

"Nice to not be hassled for money isn't it?" the first man said. "Yes quite so. I can honestly say I won't miss that girl." The second man replied. "What happened to her anyway?" the third man inquired. "Oh she froze to death over night." The first man answered. "What happened to her child?" the second man asked. "It died too. Poor thing froze to death in the womb." The first man explained. "Shame her black man eat pussy non stop kicked her out giving that she was pregnant.

Oh well the past is the past lets get some lunch." Emma wept for the girl and she child. "Spirit why are you showing me this and who was the poor girl?" The spirit lifted his finger and they were in a graveyard in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. The spirit pointed to a very cheap grave. Emma walked closer and knelt in front of it. The writing was poorly engraved and she couldn't read it in the dark. A suddenly flash of lightning lit the grave up and the words became clear.

"Emma Neica Looge and her unborn child." Emma screamed in terror.

"Oh spirit no please I promise not to forget the lessons of the past or present or future. I promise to treat all people the same and never judge anyone.

Please spirit let me change." The spirit pointed his finger and the ground Emma was kneeling on broke and she fell through the earth.

She landed in a fiery land of pain and suffering. All around her she could hear the screams of thousands of people. She looked around and she was surrounded by tiny horned demons. She screamed at their presence and they all jumped on her. They began clawing at her skin and tearing off her clothes. They drug her over to an old fashioned stirrup and locked her hands and head in. They began ravaging her body sticking their cocks in any whole they could find. It was agony and terror the likes of which she had never imagined.

Every part of her body was scratched or beaten and the demons would not relent. Finally there was a loud bang of a gong and the demons all seized and stood at attention. Emma looked up and saw the shadowy figure begin walking up to her. The flames revealed him and Emma screamed in terror.

There standing in front of her was the devil himself and he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat. He smiled and dropped his black loincloth. Emma squirmed at the sight for he had a humongous penis at least 13 inches with spikes protruding from it, He began walking towards her step by step. "No please stop I'm sorry I'm sorry!" The devil smiled and raised his hand and a fiery pitchfork lifted in the air and went behind her.

Emma could feel the heat from the flames just inches from her ass. She now stood face to face with the devils big cock.

He grabbed her mouth and forced it open and forced it over the tip of his penis. "No no!" she screamed to no avail. With one swift motion the devil thrust his cock deep in her mouth and pulled his fingers toward him causing the pitchfork to enter her ass.

Emma screamed and began tearing at her covers. Suddenly all the heat and pain was gone. She opened her eyes to find herself back in her room. Her clothes were back on and undamaged. She looked over at her clock 9:00am on Christmas morning. "Amazing the spirits did it all in one night of course they can." She got out of bed and ran down the stairs. She had been given a second chance, a new lease on life.

She smiled widely she had to make everything right. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She opened it to find Chad standing there with a present box tied around his waist with the present right over his crotch. "Hey baby I bought you your present. I think it's the biggest package in the world and it's all yours to do with what you like." Emma smiled.

"Good." She said as she kicked him in the nuts and then ran out the door, She walked down the street and it was just the same as it was when the spirit showed her. Children were playing and people singing everywhere. She walked passed the frozen pond and anal forced sex first time the boys playing hockey.

She held out her hands and yelled towards them. "Hey guys I'm having a Christmas party at my place tonight and your all invited and yes that means you too Paul." The boys seemed surprised and yet they were completely willing to be happy about it. Emma continued to walk she knew exactly where she needed to go. Emma found the house she was looking for and knocked on the door. The familiar face of Jim opened the door. "Hello Mr.

Wilson is Johnny home?" Mr. Wilson nodded and called Johnny. Johnny came to the door and was utterly shocked at who it was. "Emma wow I didn't expect you. How did you even know where I lived?" Emma smiled. "Listen it doesn't matter. I came to tell you I'm so sorry for the way I've treated you and that I am having a party tonight and I wanted you to come as my date." Johnny's face lit up like she had never seen it before.

"What about Chad?" Emma laughed. "Oh I think he will be breaking up with me as soon as he regains consciousness." Johnny smiled back. "Well I would be honoured Madame.

Want to head over now?" Emma shook her head. "No I still have one more thing I have to take care of." Emma finally reached her destination and she knocked on the door. The door was answered by Jess.

"Well it's about time you got here any later and we would have started without yo. oh." Emma hung her head in shame. "Jess I'm so sorry for everything I have done. I was being a total bitch and you didn't deserve any of that." Jess folded her arms and frowned. "Yes you were" she replied. "I am so sorry and I know you probably could never forgive me but.," Emma reached into her pocket and pulled out her pink heart.

"but you will always be my friend." Tears leaked from Jess' eyes. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her purple heart. "And you will always be mine too." The two girls grabbed each other and gave each other a big hug. Emma looked behind her and saw the two private dick nicolette shea johnny sins from the youth group were there.

"So are you going to introduce me to your friends?" The two girls came out and shook Emma's hand. "I'm Megan" "And I'm Jenna." Emma smiled.

"So I'm having a party at my place would you all like to come?" The three girls smiled and nodded. Emma's place was packed with students from her school. They were all gathered around the fire sipping eggnog and telling each other stories. Paul was quickly becoming the life of the party telling jokes that left everyone in stitches and was getting pretty cosy with Jess. Emma merely watched from the hall. She smiled at the terrific gathering of people before her.

Suddenly a voice from behind her caused her to turn. "Nice little party you got here." Johnny said. He smiled at Emma and his face was very different when he smiled.

He looked positively adorable when he smiled. "Humm I think you look really good happy. You need to smile more often." She said taking steps towards him. "Well I may be able to think of a couple of reasons to smile. Mistletoe." He said pointing up. Emma smiled and leaned in and kissed him. It was a cuckold creampie compilation best creampies ever motherless com tube porn kiss the kind of kiss that only comes once in a lifetime when you finally kiss your true love.

Jess looked over at them and smiled. She turned to the window isis mirela manteiga latinas pounding each other with footwear anal licking fingering girl on girl i began talking to no one. "And Emma was better than her word. She learned not only to accept other people but befriend them. She became as good a woman as the whole school or town had ever knew.

She married John and they had a pair of kids named Jess and Jacob. She learned the most valuable lesson one can learn you can't judge a book by it's cover." The End