Hot bangings underneath the sheet smalltits and hardcore

Hot bangings underneath the sheet smalltits and hardcore
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THE WINDOW-CLEANER My window-cleaner came one day when I was partly dressed.

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He didn't seem to mind it much for I was in my best and prettiest satin slip, the kind I saw he liked to touch - and not just with his hands, I thought, his cock swelled up so much. It turned me on to see his dick so big and hard as rock.

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"Why don't you start upstairs," I said. "while I put on my frock?" Upstairs my dress lay on the bed. But I just left it there.

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Instead I donned my sheerest hose and ruffled up my hair. I heard him shift his ladder to the spot just where I was, and when his head appeared in view I spread my legs because I wanted him to see me stick my fingers in my hole. And when I did his eyes went wide; his cock rose like a pole.

I made a attractive virgin impure cleft impaled on cock to make him wank and jerk his cock for me. He pulled it out and, oh my god, it made me want to pee!

He rubbed it on the glass and left a smear of precum there.

The shivers running up my spine left prickles in my hair. With fingers in my cunt I rose and crossed to where he stood and rubbed my tits against the glass as horny women would.

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My nipples were as hard as nuts just where his cock stuck out. I pulled my slip down off my breasts as he began to spout his spunk all down the window pane. It made my tits go tight.

"Oh fuck!" I thought, "I'm going to come! It's such a gorgeous sight!" And so I did while he began to wash away his goo. I shall not tell what I did then (what any slut would do!) JULIA