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Chapter 4 Strange times. Charles awoke from a pain in his chest like he had been shot. As he opened his eyes he saw that he was in a room that looked like the one he was in when he was sucked into the wandering vortex. "Finally awake are you?" A small voice said into his ear.

Charles looked to his left and saw a little girl on her stomach lying on the stone floor. "I wasn't sure what to do so I brought you back here." Charles sat up and put his hand to his head that was in a splitting head ache. As he put his hand to his head he felt a warm liquid on his hands, he looked at is and saw that it was blood. "What happened to me?" Charles asked looking at his bloody hand.

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"You got shot." The girl said rolling over onto her back. "Like I said, this is all new to me so I thought it best to bring you back here." Charles looked down at his chest and saw that it was stained red with a bullet hole through the shirt.

"Who are you?" Charles asked looking over at the girl. The girl was now standing up and was by Charles side, she looked to be 12 and had cute little grey eye's that looked directly at his.

She stood about 5' even and had green hair down teen squirt orgasm massage lets party you allys sons of bitches her waist. She wore a light cotton jumper that went to her knees; she didn't have any shoes on but there was a pair of white thongs in her pockets.

"Silly, I'm your muse!" she said flashing a smile that stretched from ear to ear. "I don't paint." Charles said putting his hand back to his head. "Fine, I'm really the power inside of you!" she said squatting down next to Charles.

"Why are you a little girl though?" Charles asked lying back onto the cool stone floor. "I mean, shouldn't you be like some sort of demon inside of me that wants to take over the entire world?" "I'm not one of those useless demons that only want power!" the girl said with a pouting look on her face. "I'm a nice little girl, and I'm much more powerful than any of those old jerks." "Ok fine, but why am I back here?" Charles asked turning his head to the little girl.

Charles got an eye full of little girl pussy as he looked between her legs. Charles looked the other way instantly making the girl laugh a little at his embarrassment. "I don't find panties very comfy so I almost never wear any." She said spreading her legs wider. "I don't mind if you look, I'm not ashamed of my body." "Just answer my question Charles said sitting up. "Fine then mister prude!" she again started to pout but continued.

"I brought you back here because you died in that world. Or at least that's what people think right now, they're trying to bring you back to life with all manners of spells and potions." The little girl stood up and put her thongs on the ground and stepped into them. "You aren't dead by any means, you can wake up at any time you want and leave me here, but then I don't get explain myself to you and we won't have that good of relationship." Charles turned his head at this and looked at her.

"Like I said before, I'm your power, when you drank that weird blood junk it attracted a lot of powers to you, I got here first because I was following you since you fell through the portal here." "Ok, do you have a name at least?" Charles asked looking at the little girl.

"Oh right, I better tell you my name, duh! It's Cecilia." "Ok, pleased to meet you Cecilia." Charles said holding out his hand.

"Likewise Charles!" Cecilia said taking his hand with her small one and shaking it. "Want to have sex now?" Cecilia asked still holding Charles hand. "Not right now, but thank you for the offer." Charles looked upwards and saw a giant bird like creature circling above them. "What's that?" Charles asked pointing at the thing. Cecilia looked up and when she saw the bird she started to scream in terror.

Charles looked over at Cecilia then back at the bird, it was now diving towards them at a breakneck speed, talons outstretched and beak open. Charles scooped up Cecilia and put her around his back, he then started off in a sprint away from the bird as it came closer and closer.

Charles reached into his coat and drew his remaining revolver, he then turned while running and shot at the now giant eagle trying to eat them. The first bullet missed the bird but the second and third hit it in the wing and then the throat, the eagle crashed into the stone floor tumbling over itself in a heap of feathers. Charles stopped running and turned to look at the now injured bird, he felt Cecilia cling harder to his back and dig her head into his shoulder trying to hid behind him.

"What is that?!" Charles asked as he watched the bird get back to its feet. "That's Lewis, he's another power that wanted you and he's been trying to eat me since." Cecilia dropped from Charles back and hid behind him as Lewis walked over to them. He looked like an American bald eagle, except he was about the size of tinyk redhead get fucked in every holes elephant. Lewis walked up to Charles and stopped right before him.

He looked down his beak at him and saw Cecilia trying to hide under his coat. "Give me that thing human, it needs to be destroyed!" Lewis said in a deep demanding voice at Charles. Charles looked up at the giant bird and said right to it. "No." "Then I will julie likes to use her sex toy have to wait until you leave here and eat her then." "I will never let you hurt this child." Charles said gripping his revolver tightly in his hand.

"So you can just go fuck yourself silly jackass." Lewis stared down at Charles for a good minuet then laughed. "What makes you think I'm intimidated by the likes of you?" The brunette in red lingerie dana dearmond gets ass fucked eagle laughed again raising its head up.

"Because I will kill you if you don't listen to me and leave the child alone!" Charles looked up and saw Lewis rear his head again for a laugh, Charles emptied the remaining 3 bullets into the head of the eagle making him fall over squawking in pain.

"I will eat you and then that little bitch!" Lewis got to his feet again, but before he could steady himself fully again Charles was on him stabbing his way up Lewis.

Lewis fell on his back and yelled in pain as Charles kept cutting deeper and deeper into him. Lewis then tried to hit Charles with his beak but instead ended up hitting his chest with his sharp beak.

Charles had dived to the side and onto the giant wings of the bird when he saw him try to hit him with the beak. Charles stabbed his knife into the fragile part of the wing making Lewis scream in pain as Charles cut out a good section of his wing. He flipped over sending Charles flying and leaped into the air.

Charles threw his knife at the bird as he was thrown off the wing, Charles followed behind Lewis as he was dragged higher and higher into the sky. Charles started to climb his way up the cable and up to the bird. Lewis did a barrel roll to try and throw Charles off but ended up wrapping the wire cable around his throat, the eagle fell from the sky as he lost breath and fell like a brick to the ground.

Charles finally got to the birds chest and pulled both ends of the cable choking Lewis even harder. As they neared the ground Charles released the cable and clung to the belly feathers on Lewis's belly.

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The landing wasn't bad for Charles in any means; it was like falling into a fluffy pillow. Lewis however hit the ground in with full force. The stone floor ended up breaking his back paralyzing the giant bird but not killing him. Charles dug his knife out of Lewis's chest and walked up to his head. "You should have listened to me." Charles said to Lewis before jamming his knife in the head and right into the brain killing the giant power.

"Is he dead?" Cecilia asked walking over to Charles still afraid that the bird would suddenly jump at her. "Yeah, it's dead." Charles said cleaning his knife.

"Any more of these freaks that want to kill you?" Charles asked walking over to Cecilia. "No, the others were fine with me taking you; it was only Lewis who was jealous." Charles picked up Cecilia and held her in his arms; she was still shaking with fright and couldn't take her eyes of the dead bird. "It's alright, just calm down." Charles said stroking Cecilia's long green hair. "I've never seen death before." Cecilia said relaxing into Charles arms and letting him pick her up.

She snuggled into his arms as they walked away from Lewis's dead body. "Try mid range volt charges on him!" Yelled the nurse as they put Charles body onto a stretcher, one the maids took out metal sheets and put them onto Charles chest two of the best pornstars of right now in a threesome yelled "CLEAR!" the charges went off making his chest jump but nothing else.

"Give him a shot of dragon tears then try it again. And someone get me a suture kit and bandages now!" Te nurse yelled trying to stop the wounds that were still bleeding.

Two men picked up the stretcher and walked him out of the servant area and through a door leading into an operating room. There they walked as fast as they could while nurses ran with them trying to bring Charles back to life. "What's happened here?" A doctor asked running with the nurses looking at Charles. "We don't know." One of the maids answered.

"One minute everything was fine, then there was this loud noise and he started bleeding." "Ok, give him a shot of-" "We already gave him dragon tears." said the nurse cutting the doctor off.

The men hustled doubletime when they saw the doors leading into the operating room ahead. Inside there were surgeons already set up, ready to operate on Charles. "Wake up!" Charles instantly opened his eyes, pulled out his gun and held Cecilia tighter to him. He had been battling unknown monsters for over 10 hours after he killed Lewis and left the dead bird to rot. "Nothing's here, I just wanted to ask you something." Cecilia said pushing her way out of Charles's grasp.

"What did you want to know?" Charles said leaning back up against the tree he had fallen asleep at. "Why haven't you gone back to your own world yet?" Charles looked down at Cecilia who was in his lap. "I don't want to leave you here alone to face these things." Charles answered opening his revolver to check his remaining bullets. "And I have already told you, I will be fine!

You're causing mayhem in that other world right now, being dead like that." "I don't care, the only thing I am going to be doing is protecting you." "But I'm supposed to protect you!" Cecilia said standing up and putting her hands on her hips. "Not the other way around!" Charles looked up into the child's eye's and saw them start to tear up.

He stood up and looked around, he saw thick forest in all directions and nothing else. Finally looking back at Cecilia he saw that she had her face in her hands and was crying a little bit. "I'm the one who protects you.

You're the one who needs protecting!" Cecilia went down to her knees and kept crying into her hands. Charles bent down and stroked her hair out of her face, even if she was the thing that gave him immortality she was still just a little girl. "You can protect me when I'm away from you." Charles said putting his finger under her chin and lifter her face. "But when we are close, I will be the one protecting you." Cecilia stopped crying at this and looked up into Charles grey eyes.

"Promise?" She asked in her little girl voice looking deep into his eyes and practically gazing at his soul. "I promise." Charles said hugging her. Cecilia wrapped her arms around Charles's neck and nestled her head into his neck. "I think it's my turn then!" She whispered into his ear. "HEARTBEAT!" A nurse shouted as she held Charles wrist in her hand checking for a pulse.

The surgeons all looked at her then back at Charles on the table; they saw his chest start to rise and fall as he started breathing again. "Get me a syringe of petrified blood." One of the surgeons's said as he and three others started to close up the gunshot wound in Charles abdomen. A second later a nurse came back with a syringe filled with black liquid and handed it to the surgeon, the man took the syringe and plunged it into Charles heart and pushed the plunger down. Everyone backed away from Charles after this was done.

Nothing happened for a minute, just his chest rising and falling as he breathed. Charles's left hand started to twitch, then his arm rose to his chest and his hand grasped the syringe still poking out of him.

He withdrew the syringe and let it drop to the floor. His arm went limp again hanging off of the operating table, his fingers still twitching from time to time. One of the nurses stepped closer to him put when she got to within a foot she fell to her knees as if being pushed down. Charles opened his eyes and looked around; he saw a stone, stone all around him. He sat up and saw doctors and nurses, surgeons and orderlies she loves a big meaty dick in her ass standing around the room against the walls.

"Why am I here?" Charles asked hoping down from the table. As his feet hit the ground he felt the cold stone under them, he looked down and saw he didn't have a stitch of clothing on him. "AND WHY THE FUCK AM I NAKED!" Charles yelled covering himself up as best he could with his hands. "We had to save your life sir, you had a hole in you!" said one of the surgeons stepping forth.

"And we had to remove your clothes to operate on you!" "You were keeping me dead you fool!" Charles shouted at the surgeon as a nurse handed him a sheet to cover up with.

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"If you took the time to look you would have seen my body healing fine by itself. You were merely keeping me dead as you cut into me!" A doctor stepped up this time, a giant of a man, had to be close to 6'7" and built like a bull.

"You were bleeding profusely though, I've seen vampires die that way boy!

They had to get into you to stitch up your arteries and veins!" Charles shot a look over at this doctor making the man feel as small as a door mouse. "It's called purging idiot.

And if you haven't noticed I'm not some vampire, I'm a true immortal." The surgeon spoke up again. "And how would you know all this if you mind my asking?" he gestured around the room to all of the others in it. "We all have medical training, so what would you know boy?" As soon as he said this he wished he hadn't from the look Charles shot at him, his blood felt like ice and his knees weak with fear. "I know all this because while I was 'dead'." Charles used his fingers for air quotes.

"I met my power, she filled me in on everything that I can do. So next time I'm on the ground and look dead leave me there, I'll get up in a couple of minutes." Charles turned for the double doors and asked one of the maids standing fucking my housekeeper and my mother and father are not houm with her head down. "Where are my clothes?" "They are being washed again sir." The maid answered keeping her head down.

"And where is Erika?" "She is waiting for you outside the doors with Miss Spitfire and Miss Hellsing." Charles paused for a moment and looked over his shoulder at the two men who had talked back to him, he gave them the middle finger and started for the door. The big oaf of a man yelled at him and charged saying "No one does that to me and get's away fine!" He was about to smash a fist into Charles's back.

Charles spun around and sent his elbow into the man's forearm making it bend like it had a third joint. The man went to his knees holding his arm and howled in pain. "Stay down, I don't feel like killing today." Charles said walking through the doors. On the other side he saw Erika sitting down on a bench next to Lilly and Madison. She looks up at Charles, he saw that she had been crying recently and she started up sweet young angel licked by pold guy. She threw herself onto him and cried into his shoulder saying "I can't believe what I did to you!" she started sobbing uncontrollably as she hugged him closer to her.

"I will do anything to make it up to you!" Charles hugged her back and said to her "It's okay, it was my fault for giving you a loaded gun. Don't beat yourself up about it." Erika slowed down her sobbing as he spoke to her. "A maid inside said you had some clothes for me." Charles said peeling her off of his shoulder. Erika looked as if she was shocked by electricity and turned around to pick up a bundle of clothes she had brought with her.

"They are the same size as your own clothes." Charles looked at what she was carrying. In her hands she held a pair of tan slacks and a blue polo shirt. "I hope you like them!" Erika said handing them to Charles. Charles was about to speak when Lilly walked up to him and slapped him across the face.

"That's for taking my little sisters virginity!" She slapped him across the face again saying "That's for becoming immortal!" Lilly then took his face into her hands and kissed him on the lips. "And that's for being mine." Charles was still shocked when he was bowled over by Madison. "I can't wait any longer, give me blood!" She went to bite into his neck when Lilly and Erika heaved her up and off of Charles. "NO! Give me the blood!" Madison screamed with a crazed look in her eyes as she was dragged off of Charles.

"What the fuck"? Charles said sitting up on his elbows. "Why is she all crazy?" "I think it's due to the amount of dragon fluids in your body, that and the petrified blood they gave to you." Lilly said as she and Erika wrestled Madison her knees. "Vampires are like dogs to a steak when they sense petrified blood and fresh dragon fluids near." Madison wrenched her arm free from Lilly's grip and threw Erika across the floor.

She lunged at Charles with a hungry look in her eyes, Charles rolled to his left as she was about to land on him. Madison hit the ground in a turn and lunged at Charles again, Charles threw the sheet he had covering himself at her making her fall to the ground in confusion trying to tear it off. He then leapt onto her back and pinned her to the ground with her hands held behind her back. "I am tired of you trying to eat me!" Charles said as Madison tried to wriggle her way free. Charles put his right hand on the back of her neck and pressed huge ass busty lesbian blonde anal fucked thumb and middle finger behind her ears right behind her jaw.

Madison instantly stopped wriggling around and froze in place as Charles pressed into her pressure points. "Now I'm going to get up and you aren't going to attack me." Charles said keeping his hand firmly pressed into the back of her jaw. He let go of her arms and released her head from his grasp, he then stood up and walked over to where the sheet was on the ground. When he looked back he saw that Madison was still on the ground and was sobbing slightly.

Charles feeling sorry for her went over to her and picked her up in his arms. "I'm sorry." Madison said as she felt Charles pick her up. "I couldn't control myself that time." She put her arms around Charles's neck and kissed him on the cheek. "Lilly, what's with her?" Charles asked walking over to Erika and Lilly with Madison sleeping in his arms.

"She was bit by a vampire when she was just 4 years old, so every time she comes out of a crazed state that's what her mind reverts to." Lilly said as they all walked down a hallway. "Once your body fully absorbed the dragon fluids and petrified blood her body no longer sensed any, so it came out of its high and let her take control of herself again. She'll be alright in a couple of hours though, so doctor sex big bob nurse worry." They were all talking when they came to the door leading into the maids room, when they walked through Charles was met by applause and cheers.

As he looked around he saw all of the maids clapping and looking at him, a one spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend with lusty far away looks in their eyes but mostly the maids were weeping.

"Sir Charles," Erika said turning to him. "All of the maids, including myself, have agreed that you are welcome anytime in the girl's tower." Charles looked at Lilly who was just shaking her head. "We also wish to inform you that you are welcome at anytime to the servant's area you are in now." At this Erika blushed a little bit but joined the maids in their applause.

"Alright ladies, that's enough." Lilly said after a couple of minutes. "Erika, send those clothes up to my room along with Charles others when they are clean." Lilly grabbed Charles arm and led him through the crowd of maids to the door that lead out of the servant's area. As Charles walked into the main area of the girl's tower he was met with even more applause. Girls filled the first floor and were crowded on the balconies overlooking the central area. Charles looked over at Lilly whose mouth was open and looked to be in just as much shock as he was.

Ellen came forward and walked up to Charles who was still holding Madison in his arms. "Welcome back Charles!" Ellen said kissing him on the cheek. "All of the girls are happy to have you here with us in our tower." "Ellen!" Lilly said snapping out of her trance and looking at her little sister. "What the hell is all of this about!?" "Well when all of the girls heard that Charles was now an immortal we thought it best to just welcome him instead isis love to be there to fuck you tube porn be constantly afraid of him." As Ellen talked to her sister the girls in the tower formed two lines and walked up to Charles and kissed him, one girl on each cheek.

"We can't wait for every girl to kiss him, we would be her for days!" Charles heard Lilly say to her sister. "Don't worry, only a few dozen girls get to do it, we had a drawing for it." After the final set of girls kissed him on his cheeks Charles saw Lilly grab his arm and drag him off to the side and up a set of stairs and into her room.

"Put her on the bed." Lilly said walking into the bathroom not even looking at Charles. "I'm going to take a shower, if she wakes up send her in." Charles peeled Madison off of him making her groan in displeasure like a little girl. "Come on, get on the bed." Charles told her soothingly. Madison, still half asleep, put her hands under her shirt and pulled it off. Charles saw her breasts contained in a bra that looked a bit small for her, but was more shocked when she fell on her back onto the bed and raised her legs towards him.

He had a clear view up her skirt and stared directly at her panties. Madison kicked and groaned saying "Help me!" in a little girl voice, Charles took his queue and helped her out of her skirt.

Madison then laid there sprawled out on the bed in just her bra and panties in front of Charles, who like any male in that situation started to get hard. A maid walked in at that moment with her arms full of clothes. "Oh!" She said looking at Charles still only wearing a sheet around his waist and Madison passed out on the bed.

"Sorry for disturbing you." She said with a smirk on her face as she saw the tent beginning to form in front of the sheet. "It's not like that!" Charles started but never got passed the second word when the maid put her finger to his lips. "It's alright, Miss Hellsing is a very lucky lady to get what you have, I know I was!" The maid smirked again and left Charles standing at the foot of a bed with a mostly naked babe on it and semi erect.

"Is that for me?" Charles turned around and saw Madison sitting up and looking at his crotch. "Or do you just like to show off what you got." "Madison" Charles began but was cut off by Madison standing up and hugging him. "I'm sorry about before, both times actually, and I would like to make it up to you." "Madison, Lilly said for you to go to her when you woke up." Charles said slipping out of her hug.

"She's taking a shower right now but she said for you to just go in." "Ok, but I'm still going to make up for the things I did to you later." Madison then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and slid her panties down.

Charles gazed at her full C cup tits and hairless pussy as she stepped out of her panties, his erection went from half to full mast in blonde babe nicole aniston and housewife fucking matter of nanoseconds.

"Looks like I'm not the only one getting excited about paying you back!" Madison then turned and walked through the door leading into the bathroom and walked through it.

10 minutes later Charles was dressed and was looking at the paintings around the room when he heard Madison and Lilly talking as they walked out of the bathroom.

"Fine Mandy, I give you permission." Lilly said as she walked across her room over to her bed. Both girls were stark naked and climbed on the bed. Lilly looked over at Charles and saw him dressed in his slacks and dress shirt. "Do they go to sleep wearing clothes from where you come from?" She asked with a straight face. "No, I just figured it would be better for me to get dressed then stand around with a sheet wrapped around me." "Well we're going to sleep; you get the chair over there." Lilly said pointing at one of the chairs situated around the coffee table.

Charles nodded at her and took went over to the chair and sat down in it.

"Extra blankets are next to the dresser if you want one." With that the girls went under the covers, Lilly flicked her wand at the chandelier and all the candles in it were instantly blown out. Charles looked around the room one more time then slouched down in the chair and closed his eyes to go to sleep.