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Ravishing brunette looker had her pussy pummeled cumshot cock
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I'm Michael Cho, who just about to finish my third year at UCSD. I'm from San Diego but my girlfriend, Haley, who I started dating in September and she is from a small town, about a four hour drive from campus. Haley is a thing of beauty. She is 5'3" tall with milky white skin and shoulder length dirty blonde hair, sporting a pair of 32Ds. Spring break is here and I'm going back with her to some 60th anniversary banquet that her uncle and aunt are having and since by that time she and I have been going out for about six months, she decided that it was a good time to introduce me to her parents.

Haley lives with her parents and her sister, Kelly. The banquet is literally on the night that we finish class and drive back so I couldn't get acquainted with the family before the formalities occur.

With a duffle bag of clothes and me wearing business attire, my girlfriend and I drive back to small town California. When we arrive, things were about to get started which I was glad for since I didn't want to have to go through the formal pleasantries with all these old people that chances are I won't be seeing again.

I said hi to the family for the first time, congratulated the uncle and aunt and dinner begun with only the family and a few cousins at the table. After dinner, there is some slow dancing to celebrate the anniversary and Haley and I used the occasion to have a moment to ourselves after all that talking with the family. After one song, I see that Haley's sister, Kelly, looking sad and alone at the dinner table while everyone else is dancing. She didn't say much during dinner, as if something was bothering her.

"Your sister seems a bit bummed. Any idea what's wrong?" I asked. "Tonight was supposed to be the night that we both introduced our boyfriends to our parents," she explained. "But her boyfriend Deacon said he was busy.

She told him like three weeks ago. He probably just didn't want to come." "Mind if I ask her to dance to cheer her up?" I asked. "Awww.that's sweet," said Haley.

"Sure, go ahead." I give Haley a kiss before walking over to Kelly at the table. Her complexion is darker than her sister's and her hair is longer, going down to her mid-back. The color of her hair is a light oak kind of brown. The two have similar facial structures but Kelly's body is slightly thicker.

She's not fat or even chubby by any means but she has some meat to her. "May I have this dance?" I asked her. At first she didn't look interested but I gave some encouragement. "Come on, a pretty girl shouldn't be sitting alone during a dance!" And with that, she takes my hand and I lead her to the dance floor. She's shorter than her sister, standing 5'3" with heels on. I hold her waist and she raises her arms to go around my neck. She has a peculiar scent to her, like flowers or something.

Maybe it's a perfume or the type of soap she uses. Whatever it is, it's very feminine. "You smell really nice," I tell her. "Thanks," she says. She and Gloryhole fetish girl fucks a big black cock dance slowly to the music, with me occasionally cracking a joke at some of the guests' attire to make her laugh. "So what grade are you in?" I asked. "I'm in grade twelve. I'll be going to college next year," she replies.

"Oh cool! Maybe there you can meet a boy that is smart enough to let such a pretty girl to go to a dance all by herself," I tell her. She laughs and then says "Yah, he is pretty stupid I guess." After the dance, I play gentleman by bending down and giving her hand a kiss. "Thanks for the dance," I say.

"You're very welcome," she replies, blushing like a sweet little schoolgirl. The week went by quick as Haley took me to a few parties at her high school friends' houses. Haley decides to classy beauty cocksucks after riding cock girlfriends and blowjob a small gathering at her house on Saturday night because her parents are out. Since I'm driving back tomorrow morning, I decide not to drink because I didn't want a hangover.

I see a boy dressed like a punk walking down from upstairs. He had it all; an oversized shirt, coat, cap worn on the side and baggy jeans so low that if it weren't for his shirt and boxers, his entire bare ass would be shown. This guy just visually screams "dumbass" to me. I didn't even know he was upstairs so I decide to run up to see what's going on and Kelly is in her room, looking frustrated. "Hey, kiddo," I call out. "Everything okay?" "I'm not a 'kiddo'!" she replies. "Sorry!" I responded.

"Is everything okay?" "Ugh.Deacon can be such a jerk sometimes!" she complained. "That was your boyfriend?" I asked him. I thought to myself, damn - how did she end up with a loser like that? "Yah, he is such a moron!" she moans. "He keeps trying to make me watch some porn he downloaded so I will know how to do it after prom." "Hey, don't feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to do," I explain.

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"Especially not with someone who doesn't respect you." "Thanks," she said softly. I gave her a hug to comfort her and I could smell that scent on her again. After that I went back down to the party. It was pretty hot overnight so I was sleeping with only boxers on while Haley slept in a panty-less nightgown. As everyone was sleeping, I got up off the bed to go take a leak. As I walk down the hallway after I'm done, I could hear a soft moaning noise. It was coming from Kelly's room. Her room was slightly opened so I looked in to see what's going on.

Is she sick and in need of medical help? No, she is on her bed with a t-shirt and no pants on, fingering herself. The moaning is from her masturbating! She continues to moan softly, not knowing I was standing there. My dick got hard just at the sight of this young girl pleasuring herself.

She grabs her chest with her unused hand and starts fondling it as she works her own magic on her pussy. Her chest is heaving as she takes deep breaths during this ordeal.

If I had any less self control, I would've walked in to give her a hand! But instead, I go back to Haley's room to sleep knowing that everything is fine. I give Haley a kiss before I'm about to doze off but she must've felt my lesb sexy #29 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn on and starts stroking it. She even takes off my boxers to give my hard cock some air and continues to stroke it, whispering in my ear that it was a special treat for me.

As she strokes me, I take out those delicious milky boobs of hers and have a meal of my own. As I sucked on those delicious nipples, she moans but tries to keep it quiet. It didn't take long before I felt the urge to cum and I signaled her that it was about to happen.

She then takes her mouth to my cock and finishes me off with a blowjob with me ejaculating into her mouth. No mess whatsoever! We snuggle for a bit before going right back to sleep.

Time flies by after I go back to San Diego and suddenly summer has rolled around. Haley and I decided that half our summer will be spent at her hometown while the other half in San Diego. Needless to say, I didn't want to go four months without those yummy boobies of hers so that's how we came up with our summer plans. As soon as we get back, Haley runs right upstairs to the bathroom and Kelly comes out in a brown t-shirt.

Her shoelaces are untied so she bends down to tie them, exposing some cleavage. I can tell she's not wearing a bra because her nipples are poking through the shirt. She obviously has a nice perky pair nasty huge tit white granny patty plenty nailed by black guy breasts.

I try not to look. "Hey, don't I get a hug?" she asks. "Of course, kiddo," I replied, walking up to her and giving her a hug. She squeezes really tight. Without her heels, her head is barely above my shoulders. "I told you, I'm not a kid!" she retorts. Haley comes back out to give me a hand with the luggage. Nothing much happened during the first two weeks. Haley worked during the days at the local American Eagle and while she worked, I would mope around town before we met up and hung out in the evening.

It got pretty boring fast as there wasn't much to do here and the heat is intense, making me less likely to go outside before sundown. I couldn't wait to go back to San Diego.

Sometimes I would hang out with Kelly if she didn't have any plans with her friends after school and got to know each other a bit. She would also give me the dirt on some of Haley's high school boyfriends while I give her some tips about dealing with guys.

Overall, she was pretty cool for a high schooler and we became friends. I even told her about the masturbating incident and that she should be more careful if she doesn't want to get caught, which embarrassed her a little bit but I promise not to tell.

One day, I promised the family that I would do some yard work for them to kill time while Haley was at work. After a couple of hours in the sun plucking weeds in a white tank, Kelly came home from school and after a quick hello, went straight to her room. Once I finish with the yard, I went into the house all sweaty, about to die from heat exhaust.

I was about to walk into the bathroom for a shower just as Kelly came out with a towel around her. "Ooh, luckily you weren't a few steps earlier. The bathroom was totally unlocked." she giggled. Is that a come on? I go into the bathroom to freshen up and after I come out from the shower, the steam seems to carry a familiar scent. It is the same as the one I smell on Kelly all the time.

Something in the bathroom is giving it off and I wonder what it is. I notice a pair of shiny red panties on the counter table and I walk toward it and pick it up. The scent is definitely coming from the panties along with a musky sweetness that I assume is her vagina.

I take a nice whiff of it and from that, I immediately get a hard on.

Must've been the pair that Kelly wore to school today. I wrap a towel around my waist, hoping that I don't run into Kelly on my way into Haley's room but no luck as Kelly wearing a tight grey v-neck sweater with a hint of cleavage and short shorts walks out of her room on my way into Haley's and I can only hope she doesn't see my hard on.

That night, I wanted to have some fun in the bed with Haley but she said she was exhausted and that she has work early tomorrow. I go to sleep with blue balls but throughout the night, I dream about having a threeway with Haley and Kelly.

I go out for a late lunch the next day and get home at around 4pm. Kelly is the only one in her room and she is crying. "Hey beautiful, what's wrong?" I asked. "It's Deacon! He's being a total jerk. He said he's not taking me to the prom anymore," she cries out. "What happened?" I asked. "He only wanted to go so he could get in my pants. I told him that I didn't want to do it bombshell with deadly curves pornstar and hardcore when he heard that, he said he won't go to the prom." "You know what, Kelly?

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You don't need an idiot like that to take you to the prom. I'm sure there's a decent boy who would love to take you to the prom for who you are and have fun at the prom, no strings attached," I tell her. "All the boys at school are like that," she explains. "Well, why not just go without a date? What about your friends?" I ask. "All my friends are willing to do it just so they can have a date," she continues to cry. "I would be all alone because they're all sluts and now Deacon will tell everyone how I'm not good enough to be his date.

The prom is in two days. What am I going to do?" Hearing this makes me hate this punk more and more. How can he do this to a girl like Kelly? I just hold her in my arms to comfort her as she cries. Occasionally, I would give her a kiss on the forehead to calm her down.

When she stops, I offer to take her downstairs to the kitchen and make her a snack. That night, I offer to help clean the dishes with Haley and as I'm alone in the kitchen with her, I ask her a bold question.

"Hey Haley," I start off. "How do you feel about me taking Kelly to the prom?" "What? Why?" she asks. "Well, she was crying earlier today because her boyfriend Deacon was being an ass and now he won't take her to the prom," I explain. "Can't she find someone else?" she asks. "Someone would have to ask her before the end of tomorrow," I said. "Well, I do know how important the prom is to a girl. Man, that Deacon kid is an asshole and I wouldn't have liked the idea of him taking her anyway.

So you know what, go ahead," she says. "You sure?" I ask for confirmation. "Yah, positive. I trust you more than I trust anyone else with her anyway. Plus, it's really sweet that you're doing this. I know my mom would love you for it," she says. And with that, after we finish the dishes I go upstairs to find Kelly. It's so weird to ask someone out in their pajamas but after hearing my request, she becomes ecstatic at the idea and even runs down to thank her sister with a big hug.

Her dad even promises to pay for my tux rental. The big day comes and Kelly comes from with her mom from the hair salon, having curled her hair which makes her look even more youthful and energetic, especially with that big smile of hers. She runs upstairs to change into her dress.

After two hours, she comes out in an elegant and shiny purple spaghetti strap dress with a light violet ribbon that goes down the sides and a flower that covers any cleavage that may be exposed.

Her dress is form fitting, with under wire that tucks at her upper stomach. Over her shoulders are two exposed baby blue bra straps.

As she walks down the stairs, I take her by the hand and give it a kiss ala Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and she gets flustered and giggles like a school girl while her parents smile at how happy their baby girl is. "You look beautiful, Kelly," I tell her.

"Thank you. You're very handsome yourself," she replies. She takes me outside and demands a lot of pictures from her mom and dad. She can't get enough of it. She strikes many poses and milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod gets me to do a few that make it look like I'm her boyfriend - she claims that she wants them as mementos to show off to all her friends but regardless, Haley doesn't look too pleased and her face gives off an aura of jealousy.

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I walk up to her to calm her down, telling her that it's just a dance and it's only one night. I give her a kiss and when I turn around, I see Kelly looking slightly upset. Once we get into the car and drive off out of sight from the family, Kelly starts complaining.

"Geez, it's only one day! Can't Haley not let me have my fun for one day?" "Well, any girl would be jealous if their boyfriend was going on a date with such a beautiful girl like yourself," I tell her. "I ravishing valentina is a sucker for anal brunette cumshot it when you call me beautiful," she says with glee.

"Well, I like to tell the truth," I reply. Once we arrive, we were in another endless barrage of photo taking with her friends, all of whom were jealous at Kelly's date being much more attractive than theirs. I can't blame them. After all, I am a college student. Plus, some of them looked like they didn't even try. A few of them were barely clean shaven and one guy had messy hair. One guy even had the gall to show up in a blazer with jeans. Seriously, jeans? It's clear that they didn't care about the dance whatsoever and that they're just hoping to get laid afterward.

I felt bad for these girls. Prom was pretty much what I expected - dinner with some giggling school girls and some dancing. When not talking to Kelly, I mainly chatted with a few guys who at least tried to look presentable and respected their dates' enthusiasm for the event. If these guys got laid tonight, they deserved it. Those other douchebags just sat around, barely a word out of them.

I used every opportunity I can to embarrass them and if possible, telling the respective girl that she deserves better and not to sleep with such an asshole. I find out that one of the cooler blokes at our table will be going to UCSD next semester and I congratulate him, telling him to look me up so I can show him around. On the dance floor, I notice that Kelly really knows how to work her body. She would grind and snake her way around my body to the rhythm of the music and it is really hot.

The final dance of the night is a slow dance and just like how I did earlier this year at her uncle two raunchy blondes share a bbc interracial big tits aunt's anniversary banquet, I ask her to accompany me to a slow dance.

I twirl her around before bringing her back close to me so I can hold her tight with my arm stretched out around her lower back and the other holding her delicate hand. I look at her as she stares into me with those gleaming eyes, knowing that I made this girl the happiest girl in the entire room. She looks up at me as I stare into those eyes and she softly shuts her eyelids and leans in to give me a kiss.

I pull away in a sudden motion and she jerks her head down, visually apologetic as if in shame. I lift up her chin, again staring into her eyes and telling her "just this once," I close my eyes and lean in to plant a deep kiss on her lips.

Her lips are thicker and juicier than Haley's and I can tell that she's not an experienced kisser but I let her have her moment by wrapping my lips on her upper lip and holding her tight in my embrace as we slowly spin to the romantic music that surrounds us. Once I let go, she smiles and lets out a "wow" and with another peck on the forehead, I press her against me as I inhale that familiar flowery scent from her.

Once the dance is over, everyone says their goodbyes and I drive Kelly home. In the car, I thank her for being a good date and giving me a fun night and she starts to weep. I ask her what's wrong and she won't answer. I stop the car. "What's the matter, honey?" I ask.

"Don't do that!" she yells. "Don't be all nice and sweet to me because it just hurts more." "What do you mean?" I ask with confusion.

"You know exactly what I mean," she replies. "Once we go home, you'll go back to being Haley's boyfriend again and this whole magical night will be over and the dream date of a lifetime ends," she sobs. I had nothing to say to that since she's right.

I start the car and drive us home. Once we get home, everyone is already asleep so I bring her down to the basement and using a laptop, play the song that we danced to at the prom. "What are you doing?" she asks. "I want to dance with you," I replied and reach my hand out. "Don't do this." she weeps. "Please. It would crush me if a pretty girl like you refuses this dance," I tell her.

She takes my hand and again, I hold her close as we slowly move to the music. Instead of staring at me this time, her head is on my shoulders all the way until the end of the song.

Once the song ends, she lifts her head off my shoulder and looks at me before leaning in for a kiss. This time, I didn't pull away and this time, we kiss with such passion that the cool basement is heating up. I hold her tight against me as our lips locked with each other, her juicy succulent lips shivering as they embraced. I playfully alternate between her upper and lower lip and I'm having the time of my life sucking on them. I eventually slip her the tongue and she begins to playfully suck on it as I brush the insides of her mouth.

Because of how infrequent our lips let go of each other, I have to breathe through my nose and I would inhale that amazing flowery scent of hers which is driving me wild. After about twenty minutes, we let go and she breathes heavily. "You're a really good kisser, Kelly" I tell her. "Michael, you're amazing. I don't want this night to end," she says. She starts unzipping the back of her dress, stopping midway.

"Prom is a big deal for all girls," she says. "It's a major step to womanhood. Tonight, you made me feel like the most special person in the world and I want you to finish what you started and make me a true woman." I take a moment to think about it. Do I want to pop Kelly's cherry? How will this affect my relationship with Haley? I look at her and her eyes are practically begging me to do so I make the plunge and unzip her dress all the way down.

Bringing my hands up her back to her shoulders, I lift those spaghetti straps off her shoulders and her dress falls to the ground, exposing her baby blue bra and panties. I cup one of her breasts and gently massage them as I kiss her once again and she uses her hands to unbutton my shirt in between our bodies. She also unbuckles my belt and once everything but my boxers drop, I lift her up to carry her to the nearby couch and sit down with her on top of me.

I continue to kiss her as my hands explore her body, caressing every inch.

I unhook her bra and lift the straps off her shoulders to expose a pair of wonderfully perky 18 year old breasts that are sized 34C which looks even bigger on her 5 feet frame.

Unlike her sister who had big round ones, Kelly's were more of a tear drop shape that pointed out and her nipples were a light brown color that matched her tan. I use two fingers to draw my way up her stomach to just underneath her left breast and give it a gentle lift to show off how jiggly they are. Her face turns admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade. "Is everything okay?" I asked.

"I'm just embarrassed," she says. "I know I'm not as skinny as the other girls." What an outrageous tiny german teen swallows european and amateur to say! I can't believe she would think that I could find her any more attractive than she is already. "Don't be embarrassed. They look great and you're absolutely beautiful," I tell her. "Thank you," she says, her face flustered I bring my lips closer to her left breast and teasing her by breathing softly on them with my mouth and she lets out a soft sigh.

Then I use my wet tongue to swirl around the areola before closing my lips around them, applying pressure as my tongue flicked about inside. "Oh geez," she let out. I start to suck on them for real now, going back and forth between each of those puffy perky nips, tugging a little at it and squeezing it lightly between my front teeth.

She was truly ripe for the picking and as I kept at it, she holds onto my head with her hands and lean, her long curly hair brushing against the side of my face. At times, she would kiss the top of my head as I swallowed that fat virginal tit of hers.

"Oh Michael, that feels so good," she moans. I move my hands all over the arches of her back and down to her buttocks, clasping over those meaty cheeks.

I can feel her panties getting wet. After a good twenty minutes, I finally decide to give her heaving bosom some relief from this constant sensation.

I signaled for her to get off but she refuses, clinging on to me really tight. I gently kiss her on the lips before lifting her up with me and turning around to lay her down on the couch. I remove her soaked panties to expose a cleanly shaved and fresh cameltoe. "Someone's been keeping herself nice and clean," I say and her face gets red. It has such a distinct aroma to it, a combination of virginal freshness and her flowery scent that clings to every fibre of her being.

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I bring my face right up against her slit and inhale deeply. I give her a kiss on the lips before working my way down her body, gently biting her meaty cute ginger girlfriend dress in show girl slowly striptease at the swi as I pass through, sending her a ticklish sensation that makes her whole body shake.

I work my lips down to her inner thigh, sucking on the crease that connects her thigh and her vagina. A good suck leaves my mark on her as I direct my tongue straight to her pink juicy slit and going up and down, leaving her body in shock.

"Wow, this is so much better than the toy," she pants. I ravage her fresh virgin wet pussy, going up and down, sticking my tongue in as deep as it can go causing her to gasp with shallow breaths in between. She tastes amazing, like eating a refreshing ripe peach. I lift each side of her meaty labia, placing my lips on the inner folds and sucking them.

Occasionally, I would go down even farther and lick her tight little asshole, which sends a shutter up her spine. I slurp up every drop of juice that flows out of her vaginal slit before directing my tongue for the sweet pearl of a clit resting on top of those wet meaty lips.

I twirl my tongue in a circular motion for a second before wrapping my lips around it and giving it a good suck.

She screams out in a high pitch tone to which I immediately try to cover up kinky tess has her sexy feet licked my hands to her mouth so no one can hear and her body is sent to an erotic electrifying shock.

I let her relax for a moment before climbing up onto the couch and grabbing a hold of her to give her a kiss. "How was that?" I asked. "That was amazing!" she lets out. "I've never felt anything like it." She notices my hard on forming a tent with my boxers and asks "Can I see it?" There's no way I will deny her this request so I stand up and drop my boxers down onto the floor, revealing my 6 inch cock as it sprung up pointing forward toward her face.

She stares at it in awe and I give it a twitch which makes her shriek in surprise. "It's inviting you to come over," I tell her, twitching my cock. She brings herself over, her stare examining every inch of my manhood. She takes her delicate hand and wraps it around my shaft and begins to slowly stroke it. She does it in perfect motion, not to hard as to yanking it, but with just the right amount of tugging.

"Yes, that's it, Kelly. You're doing great." She brings my cock closer to her mouth and sticks her tongue out to taste the head of my swollen meatpole. As soon as she touches the tip with her tongue, I give it a twitch which excites her and she puts the whole head in her mouth. Stroking the shaft while swirling her wet tongue around the head of the penis sends me to heaven at that very moment.

She starts licking the underside of the penis, sliding her tongue all the way up and down the shaft. I tell her to pull my balls into her mouth and she swallows one, gargling and flicking her down on them. With my penis over her face as she has my balls in her mouth, I tap it gently so that it lightly slaps the length of her nose which makes her laugh.

She releases my balls and goes straight to swallowing that cock, with her hands clenched around my ass. Her face bops in and out for a bit before I hold her face still and I thrust in and out of her mouth, giving her a face fuck. She sits back onto the couch, scooches over to the edge as far as she can go and spreads her legs as wide as she can.

I go right over and giving one more deep lick up and down her sweet musky snatch, I place my penis right over the opening and push my head in as she squeezes her eyes closed tight. I make sure she's okay and she smiles and nods, indicating for me to go deeper. I thrust in and out slowly and after a minute, I already notice a layer of white cream clinging onto my dick.

As I go in and out, I lift her right breast up so she can lick her own nipple. As she licks the tip of her own engorged boob, I join her and we play tongue hockey on the nipple arena while my thrusts become quicker and quicker. She then lifts her head and grabbing my back with her arms, she holds on for dear life so she can suck on my nipples as I'm humping her.

The sensation is amazing. Her wet succulent lips and slender tongue is giving my chest a workout while my swollen cock fills her snatch tighter than a cork on a wine bottle. I pull out and wrap her boobs around my shaft, giving her her first titty fuck. I bring her hands together and show her how to hold them tightly and I slide my cock up and down her cleavage. She lifts her head up to suck on my nipples as I do this.

After a few moments of this, I stand her up, bring her around to the back of the couch, turn her around and bend her over and screw her doggy style! Her arms are holding on to the back of the couch while I go deeper inside than I ever did before. My right hand is grabbing her tit while my left is messaging her clit and I can feel a strong pulsation down below as if she's ready to explode. A few minutes of this and I pull out as a splash of pussy juice pops out and flows down her inner thigh.

I bring ourselves around and sit down, getting her to climb on top of me to ride me cowgirl style. At first, I have her gently nudge back and forth, her clit being massaged by my body, allowing me to suck on her delicious nipples some more. Then, she really goes at it and starts pouncing up and down and along with her body, her amazing boobs bounce with such grace.

The white creamy substance from her vag that clings to my shaft is only washed from her own juices. It's not long now before I'm going to cum. "Michael, I want to see it. Let me know when it happens so I can see it," she demands. As soon as she makes such a request, I stop her and have her climb off me and get on her knees. I stand up in front of her and tell her to jerk me off. Instead, she sucks me off with rapid motion and within seconds, I warn her that I'm going to come.

She takes my cock out of her mouth and immediately, I splatter a wave of cum all over her face. One, two, three, four, five, six pulses of cum fly out like missiles from a gun, drenching her face with white creamy protein. After I'm done, she grabs my ass and returns to sucking it off, ensuring that any drop left inside is brought out. "Kelly, you are amazing!" I let out. "No, Michael.

You are amazing," she says. "Thanks to you, I am now a woman." "I hope you had a great prom night," I said. "It was perfect," she replied. "There's no way Deacon could've done it better than this." I'm just glad your first time wasn't with a moron like him," I told her. "But we cannot tell your sister about busty stepmom needs a strong cock bigbreast won't," she says.

"I promise. It will be our little secret." I take her upstairs quietly and we hop into the shower so I could wash her off. Once she is completely clean of my cum, we shut off the water for five minutes and then turn it back on to make it look like two showers had occurred, in case anyone was paying attention to the noise as they slept. During the second shower, we resume making out under the hot water. As the hot water drips down her body, the steam fills the entire bathroom with her orgasmic fragrance.

As I dry her off, I sit her on the bathroom counter to suck her incredible nipples once more while finger fucking her close to another orgasm.

As she's about to cum, I kiss her so that her moans will be blocked from being heard outside. I lick the juice from her swollen vulva that drenches my fingers and she hungrily licks them off my lips and tongue. I kiss her once more and she makes a proposition. "I don't want to hurt big sis. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?" "I guess," I domina creampied by bbc interracial and big dick. "Well, you are here for a few more weeks and everyone's always going to work during the day, leaving us all alone.

How about we make the most of it before we both go our separate ways? You can have me during the day and my sister at night.

I want to learn everything I can from you before I go off to college." I think about it for a sec and with a kiss on her lips, I tell her "You got yourself a deal." I give Kelly a kiss goodnight before she goes into her room and I go back to Haley's room, climb into bed and wrap my arms around my girlfriend. I don't know what the future holds for me but I do know that I am anticipating what awaits me tomorrow morning.