Masturbating in thigh high lingerie and high heels

Masturbating in thigh high lingerie and high heels
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Note: The following names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the inividuals involved in them. Volume 2 Conor opened the door to find John on the other side.

John was fully dressed, walking around the room. He was checking out some of the posters, trophies, etc. For some reason however, he wasn't surprised to see someone enter the room.

JOHN Oh hey, whats up? Conor tried to act like he wasn't ecstatic to see John in the room. CONOR Uh nothing. I justuh, wanted to check out the house a little. JOHN Yea. Nolan's parents are fucking loaded.

This house is gorgeous. CONOR Haha yea. I didn't think people actually had trophy rooms. Conor adjusts his posture to hide his hard on, but there is no way he can hide this one. JOHN Exactly.

CONOR Why was the door closed? JOHN Oh, I just had to call my mom, she doesn't know I'm here and it's loud so I had to close it. Conor takes a few steps around the room, especially closer to John. CONOR Oh alright. So I guess your not drinkin tonight? JOHN Nah I gotta get up early for wrestling. CONOR Nice, nice. When are you leavin? JOHN My mom's picking me up in about 20 minutes.

CONOR Alright. At this point Conor and John are about an arms length apart. Both staring around the room, and eventually they interlock eyes. Conor can feel even more blood flowing into his already rock hard cock.

Its almost to the point of hurting from the pressure the pants are putting on his dick. A bulge grows in John's pants as well. All this happening as they begin to make eye contact, and finally, step towards each other. They each pause for a brief second, as if they're making sure the other one didn't just accidently move forward.

Just two teenage boys, terrified of exposing their feelings to another in the chance that the other doesn't feel it back. But both so utterly horny and hot for each other that their lust outweighs any consequences. They hesistate their heads again, and then then each boy tilts his head to the side as they move in for the kiss.

As they move in, Conors hands rise from below his waist handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob go under John's armpits and around his back. They're mouths finally touch as their tongues simultaneously enter begin wildly flailing about inside each other. Their tongues just start wrapping around each other and twisting blonde housewife swings outside with a stranger turning in a circular motion.

They're mouths open wide like each one is trying to 'out kiss' the other. Both of the boys have their eyes closed as they make out in the middle of a room with no bed. Conor's hands frantically run up and down John's back as he finally catches his bearings and reaches under John's back to un-tuck the shirt.

They each open their eyes as their lust grows and Conor takes John's shirt and undershirt off. They continue to kiss until John gets so hot he must take Conor's shirt off.

After he gets it of f in just as wild a fashion as previously, they calm for a second, realizing they haven't said a word to each other in minutes. Their hands rest on each others hips as Conor speaks. CONOR I've been thinking about this for so long. JOHN Ughh God so have I. You're so fucking hot.

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CONOR Ugh you're so hot. Conor runs his hands up and down John's smooth, muscular back as they slowly make out now. He brings his hands down and pushes them under John's belt and onto his bare ass.

It's too uncomfortable at first, so he stops kissing, and moves down. Conor begins to unbuckle John's belt in the front as his kisses his midsection ever so slightly.

He slides it off and tries pulling the pants down. John has such a hard on that the pants stop, and John must adjust his dick so he can pull the pants down. They finally fall to the floor as Conor sees what he has been imagining for over a month. John's dick is bigger than Conors.

It's about 7 1/2 inches with his pubic hair neatly shaved. It's not completely smooth by any means, but not a messy patch of hair either. Conor is able to start right away due to the saliva thats been building up in his mouth the past few minutes. He spits all over John's rock hard cock, and jerks him off so it can spread everywhere.

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JOHN Ooooooohhh yeaa. He moans. Conor then begins his first blowjob. He opens his soaking wet mouth and puts in over the tip of John's cock, completely engulfing it.

He places his soft lips and the shaft and slowly sucks in.

Next time he goes further down the shaft, this time with his lips sliding down the whole way. He leaves it there for a few seconds, then slowly sucks back up.

He gets more spit going, spits in on, and contintues. JOHN Jesus.Oooooh.god. John's stomach curls inward due to all the sensation he's feeling. He slowly steps back to lean against the wall as Conor follows stride.

On his knees, Conor contintues to suck John's dick. After another thrity seconds or so, Conor takes his hands off the base of John's cock and brings them around his body and onto his bare butt. This is what Conor has really been waiting for. As he slides his mouth up and down the dick, his hands glide across every inch of John's firm, smooth ass.

Every now and then Conor would grab a handful of flesh and squeeze his ass, only to have the skin bounce back quickly into place. Conors hands run below John's ass and cup his cheecks. He runs them down the inside of his theighs and up his grown, tickles John's now solid balls and brings them back to his ass.

All the while John is flinching against the wall, trying to remain still in spite of all the pleasure he's feeling rocketing through his body.

Conor has gotten his mouth down about 5 inches or so and is really picking up speed on John's cock. Up and down and up and down and up and down and John's ass jiggles and bounces and tightens as Conor rubs it endlessly. JOHN Ooh. Ahhhhh. Ahh!! John can no longer contain his load as his entire body begins to seize. He ass cheeks tighten up into a bun as his balls contract even more sending a blast of cum out of his now almost '8 cock. The load comes shooting out at first straight onto Conor's hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed cheeks.

John slowly slides down the wall as he continues blowing his load all over a kid he just met, but has thought about so many times. The rest of his load drools out and Conor's hands cup the cum from John's dick.

John involuntarily just collapses to the carpeted floor, his ass bouncing off the ground. Conor takes the cum in his hands and rubs it up and down John's six pack abs like its sun tan lotion. After he's rubbed it all onto John he put his arms on the ground, now on all fours like a dog, and begins licking his stomach.

From this moment on its just a blur on licking and kissing John's stomach and chest, which are covering his quickly expanding/contracting lungs as John tries catching his breath. Conor finally licks John's chest clean and moves his mouth up, once again, to Johns.

The two engage in one last kiss, this one much calmer then the original. A kiss of exhaustion. Conor moves on to lick at John's neck, while John looks at his cell phone to see that it's time for him to meet his mom outside.

JOHN Hey. I gotta go. CONOR Alright.

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JOHN I'll talk to you online tonight. CONOR Yea totally. I'll be on. John has stood up by now, and puts on his shirt.

Conor does the same. The two stand face to face again, both fully dressed now, and Conor pushes John against the wall and kisses him one last time. A kiss that, to anyone shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off would seem a satisfying kiss, would make them lust for each other even more. Neither one of the two teenage boys was satisfied.

Not yet. Conor withdrew his tongue from John's mouth, rubbed his hands along his sides one more time. Then he back away. JOHN I'll talk to you later. CONOR Yea. I'll be online. JOHN Cya CONOR Later John walks out of the room, down the stairs, out the front door and waits on the sidewalk for his mom's car.

Conor exits the room as well, walks into the bathroom and begins washing his hands. He puts his mouth in the sink and runs it under the faucet, washes out his mouth and stands straight up and looks into the mirror. He stood there looking at himself, trying to figure out who he was.

He still didn't know. Is he gay? Is he bi? He wasn't sure. But he wanted more. That [/i]was[i] for sure. END OF VOLUME 2