Brazzrs pron story in bathroom

Brazzrs pron story in bathroom
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Chapter 7 I looked at my watch and realized it was still early. I decided I should go out and maybe see some of Port de Paul's night life. I proceeded to put on a button up shirt, dress shorts and some loafers. As I was heading over the table to get my wallet and room key card I noticed the hotels binder.

I decided to look at it to see if there where any bars the hotel recommends. As I opened it to the index I notice there was a section for in room services. I flipped to that section and started to read. The section covered your typical in room services. Then it listed additional services. One additional service that I noticed was personnel maid and listed their services which included oral pleasure. I noticed a notation at the bottom of the page restating personnel maids provide oral pleasure only and if additional services are required an outside service provider can be arranged by the concierge.

After reading this I realized Isabel was providing me with a service. With a better understanding of Isabel and I's "relationship" I flip to the section on night life, which listed mostly high end clubs. I rvina tandan xxx ful movis decide to just go out on my own and find a spot.

Upon my exiting of the hotel I turned left and crossed the street to look at the establishments that were on the beach. After walking a couple of blocks I see a beach side bar. I walked in and grabbed an empty stool at the bar and ordered a beer. As I sat there drinking my beer I stated scanning around to see if there was anyone one worth chatting with. I noticed there was an attractive women sitting alone at the bar that's on the patio.

I finished my beer and headed over to take the empty stool next to her. My seatmate was a women I'm guessing around late 20's about 5'4 with a beautiful hour glass figure and long blonde hair.

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She was a women with great curves and proportionate weight. She was wearing a flower print sun dress and platform sandals which displayed her generous breast size well. I ordered another beer and broke the ice with my seatmate by asked her for a coaster. She then ordered another cocktail and proceed to discuss the the full moon that was in clear view from our seats. The topic of the moon then turned to ourselves.

"Are you a tourist or a resident", she questioned. "A little bit of both I guess, I am in the process of moving here", I explained. She introduced herself as Olivia and went on to ask me about my previous life and my relocation from the Silicon Valley to King Togo Island.

I asked her about herself and she said she is a nurse at a hospital just outside of the city. She was originally from Australia but moved here after convincing from her fiance who wanted a change of pace.

She then went on to tell me how he knocked up a local bar tender and fled the country to avoid having to support the girl. After his indiscretions she decided to leave him but stay due to her fondness of the area.

I said that I have seen little of the area but I have enjoyed ebony banged till she cracks tori taylor interracial and pornstars beauty and am excited to move here. "So now that I know you are a former tech executive what brings you to this bar this evening", she asked. "Just getting some fresh air what about you", I inquired. "I am actually here waiting for my a date", she said with a laughter. "I guess I better move so your date has a seat", I said.

She then pulled out her phone and proceeded to type. "I have a better idea, why don't we get out of here and go to another bar", she asked with a big smile. "What about your date", I questioned. "I just canceled it" she said showing me an email she sent.

She then stood up and grab my hand and pulled me out of the bar. As we left the bar I had chance to xxx sax mom and son sliping behind her and get a view of her curvy ass. Now having a better view I could really see Olivia 's curvy hour glass body. She reminded me of a shorter thinner Naomi which added to my lust for her. We walked down a stud is fucking cute beauteous gal hardcore blowjob of blocks down the beach to another bar with dancing and live music.

We went to the bar and ordered some drinks and proceeded to the dance floor. Once we were on the floor we started dancing with one another. She started to grind her ass against my crotch. Then she grabbed my hand and put them on the lower hips and pulled me in close to her.

She took advantage of our proximity by turning her head and kissing me. The kiss was followed by the brushing of her hand over my groin which was started to hardened from the stimulation. Following her prompts I turned her around so we where face to face and pulled her in close by her neck and gave her a long kiss during this kiss I grabbed her ass and pulled her in closure to me.

She broke the kiss and whispered into my ear "I like a man that takes charge but tonight I will be in charge". Following that comment she grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar. She then asked where I was staying. I told her it was the King Togo Hotel and we proceed to walk in its direction. During our walk to the hotel I couldn't take my mind off her comments about how she was going to be in charge. I was wondering if this is going to be like a reverse "Fifty Shades of Grey" evening.

Once we made it to the hotel we stop our touching and proceeded to look professional until we made it up to the room. In the room Olivia took charge and told me to go open a bottle of champagne and she went into the bathroom. After several minutes Olivia emerged from the bathroom wearing one of the hotel robes. Olivia pointed for me to leave the bedroom and go to the living room area and sit on the couch.

I proceed to do so with champagne in hand. She walked over to the couch where she proceeded to sit and cuddle up against me. As we sat there and sipped champagne I placed my hand on her thigh and gently moved it upward and tried to sneak it up her and under her robe. Right as I was about to put my hand under the robe Olivia swatted my it away and whispered in my ear to be patient. She then kissed me and grabbed the remote and turned on the dance music channel.

She leaned back into me and we started to make out. After some minutes of kissing and gentle caressing she broke the kiss and whispered into my ear to get up and dance for her.

I stood up and started to do my best not to look like a fool. The combination of alcohol and arousal led me to get into the dancing. As I was getting into the moment Olivia shouts for me to take off my shirt. I start to get close to her and place her thighs between my legs and leaned in closer as I unbutton my shirt. Once I had my shirt unbutton, Olivia sits up and starts to swirl her tongue around my nipples.

The sensation she was giving started to get me hard which became noticeable to Olivia. She grabbed my belt and pulled me into her where she started to rub my crouch as I danced for her. I started to undo my belt when she stopped me and motioned her finger for me to kiss her. During our kiss she once again broke it. "Get on you knees", she whispered in my ear with a devilish grin.

Once I was on my knees she opened her robe and pulled her violet lace panties aside and motioned for me to come closure and please her pussy. I placed my head between her legs where I proceeded to spread her labia lips apart and started to kiss and tongue her. After several minutes of kissing and tonguing her fragrant pussy, Olivia began to moan and grabbed the back of my head and press it into her pussy. A couple more minutes of intense pussy eating went by before Olivia released her grip and let out a loud moan.

I am guessing by her behavior she had an orgasm. As my mind was wandering in euphoria she reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled me up to her. Now back onto the couch she kissed me and whispered into my ear how great that felt. She then kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one up and led me to the bedroom. In the room she removed her robe.

I finally had a full view of Olivia body. She had an curvy hour glass shape with firm C cup breast which were still hidden by her violet bra. Once she was finished with the robe Olivia pushed me backwards on to the bed.

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She then knelt down and started to yank my shorts off and underwear. Now that my pants were off she grabbed my hard cock began to lick it softy. The she put my cock in her mouth and started to fiercely suck it. As I was close to cumming she abruptly stopped. "I hoped you enjoyed that, but you will need to earn your release", Olivia said as she stood up. Olivia then proceeded to remove her bra which and debut her breast to me. She slid down her lace panties where I once again became entranced in her well groomed pussy.

Olivia got onto the bed and crawled towards me where we proceeded to make out while caressing each other bodies. I broke the kiss and moved my head to her breast and started to suck on them. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy where I inserted a finger into her. Olivia broke the titty sucking and started kissing me as her vagina started to clamp down on my fingers. I suspected she had another orgasm. Once she was finished with her orgasm me she thanked me and slid her body down until head was parallel with my hard cock.

She lowered her mouth onto my cock and started to bob up and down. The blow job continued for several minutes until I started to moan, where it then came to an abrupt ending. "You don't finish until I say so", she whispered into my ear.

Before I could speak she hot girl on girl action with two naughty babes off the bed and went out of the room.

After about a minute she returned with a condom in her hand. She unwrapped the condom and started to roll it down my throbbing cock. After the condom was she she climb back on to the bed and lowered her wet pussy onto the head of my penis. My penis entering into her wet pussy caused an intense sensation rushed through my body which lead me to grab Olivia's hips and pull her body further onto my cock.

Now that I was fully inside of her she started to grind and ride me. She eventually removed my hands and pinned them above my head. Where she proceed to remind me who was in charge. After what seemed like a lifetime of grinding and riding Olivia told me that I would now be allowed to orgasm, but we had to do it at the same time.

As her body started to quiver I released my load into the condom. Her body was glistening time stop beggar with four girl sweat then collapsed onto mine. We eventually fell asleep a spooning position.

Chapter 8 I awoke to the sun starting to peak through the half closed curtains. I looked onto the floor and saw women's lingerie and champagne glasses scattered about.

I looked over to my right and saw Olivia still asleep. I moved closer to her and started to hug her. As we were hugging I felt her hand reach back between her legs and start feeling up my body until it reached my cock.

She starts slowly jerking it.

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She then turned her head to lock her lips to mine. As we kiss she continued to to jerk me off. Eventual we broke the kiss and told me we have to get up. "Why do we need to get up", I questioned. "Because I need to shower and go to an appointment", she said.

"What do I have to do with you showering", I playfully argued. "So I can give head while I wash", she said with a naughty smile. After little convincing I followed her to the bathroom where we proceeded to turn on the shower and get under the water.

Once under the water Olivia and I start to rub our bodies against one another and were once again enter into a lip lock. Several minutes of kissing and soaping went by before she sat on the bench and engulfed my cock into her mouth. She vigorously sucks my penis which sends me into a deep mom cory chase bangs with lily rader and her bf. I grab the back of her head and forced more of my cock in her mouth.

Just as I was about to orgasm she removed my dick from her mouth and started to jerk my cock toward her tits. After a couple of strokes my penis erupts on to her wet tits. She continued to stroke my cock until all my fluid was released. After she was finished I grabbed her hand and pulled her up and pulled her in close to kiss her.

Once our kiss was completed she proceeded to wash herself off. After are shower we exited the shower where Olivia started to hunt around the suite for her clothes. I enjoyed the view of her naked body walking around. During our process of dressing cleaning up we started discussion of when we will be able to see each other again.

"Are you free tonight", I asked. "No I am on the night shift, but I am free the next several days after that. I will text you when I get off work", she said with a smile. "I look forward to it", I replied. After discussing our next meeting and exchanging numbers Olivia was finished getting ready and needed to leave.

I walked her to the door where I kissed her goodbye. As she walked out the door I peaked down the hallway and saw Naomi walking up it. As they walked by one another Naomi causally said hi and smiled to Olivia as Olivia smiled back. I left he door ajar knowing Naomi would be entering in the next couple seconds. Chapter 9 "I see your not afraid of a women with curves", Naomi said as she walked in. "No.but she was gentle to me," I said with a laugh. "Well you still have a ways to go before your ready for this", she said as she grabbed my hand and placed it on her large but firm ass.

"I will start training so I will be ready for it", I said as I gave her ass a light squeeze. After our friendly but sexually charged banter, we started to get down to the business of finishing my new life. We sat at the table that overlooks the ocean and she opened a binder which laid out a decorating concepts for my house. The decorating concept was a lot of grays and light colors with modern straight line furniture. Naomi said she would email me proofs once they have a set concept.

After we finished deciding on the decorating we moved on to my transportation. I told Naomi I want a fully loaded silver Hardcore interracial anal peeping tom on our asses Q7 suv.

It was the car I had prior to moving here. She emailed the information off to her office to get the paperwork going.

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In addition to the car I filled out paperwork about moving the little of my belongings I had left in the states, and some banking and legal paperwork my lawyers had sent her. Isabel brought us lunch while I was filling all of the forms out. "Whats the last thing we need to stickyasian compilation girl teens love big cock in mouth blowjob and thai, I questioned.

"We need to staff your house", she said. "Staff.its not that big of house", I said. "Well you will need at least a maid who can cook and clean for you", she said "Will she have a one of those bracelets", I asked. "Yes but that is the island culture", she said.

She started to pack up her things and we left out the door. She said we would go to Home Resources Inc. where they would explain the the options and polices for in home employment. After leaving the hotel and getting into Naomi's convertible the conversation went from in home help to the girl in the hallway. "So whats here name", Naomi asked. "I assume you mean Olivia", I said. "Yes, but where did you meet her", she asked. I began to tell her about the bar and then kind of left it there.

Naomi kept pressing for more details but had to give up once we arrived at our destination which was a couple miles from the hotel. We parked our car on the cobble stone street.

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The office was located in the historic part of the city. As we walk into the building we were quickly greeted by an eastern European women. "You must be Marcus, my name is Daria", she said in a eastern European accent.

"Its nice to meet you", I replied. After our introductions I was led in a back conference room. She went on to describe how I will be selecting in home staff. She said the staff are paid servants but are under the care and custody of her agency and I am just hiring their services. She made it very clear to me that they are not slaves but servants who are working to help their families back home raise money.

As she was given me this prepared speech I was just think how they were most likely sold into to it by some family member. She then went on to talk about how it is my digression on what types of work they do for me. She also said that their sole purpose is to please my every need and if that is not being done then I will have the right to punish them by the means of paddling them on there ass which is the only physical punishment the island condones.

After about 15 minutes of the rights and wrongs of "slave" ownership. I signed a form acknowledging that she explained this all to me. Part of mind was extremely aroused. During my trip around the world I spent some time in Thailand where I dated a very submissive female named Malee. I quite enjoyed her submissiveness and her will to please me. I extended my stay in Thailand in order to be with her longer. She made an effort every night have sex with me or at the least give me a blow job.

On some occasions she would even let me fuck her ass which was super tight. I knew it was painful for her at first but she did it because she knew it made me happy.

The memories of Malee made my arousal grow stronger. But it ended with Daria refocusing me. Once the paperwork was signed she said it was time to pick my servant. At this time she also excused Naomi who wasn't even paying attention during her speech. Naomi said she would meet me for drink a couple amateur babe goes wild with her toys and cums blocks from here when I was finished.

Once Naomi was busty chick goes wild during hot sex Daria who by my guess was late forties and moderately attractive but not really my type started to dig out an IPAD which had a survey on it.

She asked that I fill out the questionnaire for them to determine the best servant to fit my needs. She said the servants are priced based on age, appearance, education, language skills, and other items.

She said some of them that come here are trained in cooking and massage before they are sent to a home which increases the cost. She said she would excuse herself while I filled out the questionnaire and would be back in a couple of minutes to see if I had any questions. The survey reminded me of a online dating search filter. Gender: Female Age: 18 25 Height: 5'0" - 5'3" Weight: Thin/Athletic Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian Last Completed Level of Education: Secondary Education (High School) Competency in English Language: Strong Skills: Cooking, Massage, Basic House Chores I had a certain girl in mind.

I wanted a girl that would speak intelligently, cook preform massages like Isabel did. But I also want a short more ethnic girl as well. Shortly after I was done with the survey Daria entered to room. She saw I was finished and went onto her computer and pulled up my answers.

She said based on my answer they will narrow down the available women to ones that match my taste. After a couple minutes of her on the computer she pulled up a list of about 20 women who match or closely match my answers. She then pulled up a page with 5 head shots on it.

The first girl on the page was a a Latin girl who was short but had quite large breast. I told Daria to click on her profile. When she did it pulled up all her information including home country, weight, her virginity status, and much more. The profile said she has D cup breast. Daria then started cycling through more pictures of her the girl. Some of the pictures of her showed her in just her underwear. In those pictures I noticed that she had large amounts of tattoos which was a turn off for me.

The next girl I took sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits attention was an Asian girl but she was to flat chested for my liking. After going through about two pages of girls I had Daria click on an Indian girls profile.

Her name was Asha. She was 21 years old, 5'3" in height, 128lbs in weight, and measuring 34-26-35 with B cup breasts. She was from India and had no children and is not a virgin. It said Asha spoke strong English, had some college and trained in both cooking was in the process of learning massage.

She had a natural look and appeared to be very sexy based on her pictures. I told Daira that I would like to select Asha. Amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade said good choice and proceeded to type on the computer. She said Asha is currently housed in a dorm on the other side of the city. She went on to say the procedure is for Asha to move in the day before I do.

She said I also need to select her dress. I apparently had the choice of what Asha will wear while she was under my employment. I noticed Asha has a great looking ass so I told Daria to have her wear tight shorts and tank tops while working. She also asked if I want to have lingerie and higher end underwear for Asha. I said that would be nice. She said that would also provide me with a paddle and some toys for us to use.

Daria had me wrote down some of the cuisines I enjoyed and the particulars of mine that would given to Asha for her to learn. She said that is all she needed from me and they would send the rest of the paperwork over to Naomi's office. After that I walked out the office feeling excitement to meet Asha in about a month. Chapter 10 Once I was out of the office I texted Naomi that I was headed towards the lounge she mentioned. It took me about a 10 minutes to reach the lounge.

When I arrived I went into the lounge and grab a seat at the bar and order a vodka tonic while I waited for Naomi. After about 20 minute and 2 vodka tonics Naomi walks in the same tight blue dress she had on earlier. I left the bar and got up to greet Naomi. We hugged and she kissed me on the cheek. She engaged in small talk with the hostess and who escorts us through the lounge to an secluded area where we were sat at a couch. Once seated Naomi ordered a martini and I continued on my vodka tonic.

While she was waiting for her drink she started question me about my choice in maid. I told her about Asha and she immediately went to the physical appearance. I told her Asha stats and I was quickly judged how it was skinny girl.

"What do have against me being with thin girls", I playfully asked. "Nothing against it, I just don't think have the assets you desire", She said. "How do you know what assets I desire", I asked.

"Because I have seen the way you first time dp casting bbc at want a women with real curves", Naomi said with a smile.

"Then why don't you show me what I'm missing", I said. "I'm not that easy", Naomi replied while brushing her hand over my groin. She removed her hand and changed quickly changed the subject to my plans while I wait for my house to be ready. I told her that I plan on staying on the island for a couple of weeks then take a quick trip back to the states.

She said she would arrange for me to have a loaner while my car was being delivered to the island.

I told Naomi I wanted to move out of the hotel and move into a beach bungalow. She said she could arrange for one of those bffs wild best friend sex party compilation Crest View Resort Complex.

I told her that would be great. After we got some more business out of the way we each ordered another drink and the conversation once again turned personnel. "Are you going to see Olivia again", Naomi questioned. "Maybe, nothing has really been planned", I replied. "Well I guess you will have to rely on Isabel to relive your pressure tonight", Naomi said with a laugh.

"Yeah but her massages just leave you wanting more", I said then realized that the alcohol is starting sink in and cause me to reveal more than I may wanted to. "Well I guess you will have to find someone else to insure your satisfaction", she said with a wink. "What about you, how do you get your satisfaction", I asked. "I have a certain gentleman who takes care of my needs regularly" She replied with a smile.

"Do tell more about this gentlemen of yours", I asked in curiosity. I could tell the alcohol was getting to her also because she was sitting closer to me on the couch and had her hand back on my thigh. She went on to tell me about her gentlemen who is in his mid forties. She says he is an official for a foreign government. The alcohol was getting to her as well because she went on to tell me that the married back in his country.

During our conversation on Naomi's sexual proclivities Naomi continued to move her hand on my thigh. Once our conversation went into a loll, Naomi stood up from the couch and and proceeded to straddle her body over my legs. She then sat down on my lap facing me. I grabbed her waist to give her more support. Now that Naomi had planted her voluptuous body on my lap I had full access to glance at her large breast that were overflowing form her dress.

Her dress was bunched up which allowed me to see her black panties. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips, then inserted her tongue into my mouth. We started to passionately make out. During our kissing she started to grind her body on my crouch. I moved my hands from her waist and placed them on her hips, where I slowly work their way down to her ass which was exposed by her dress being bunched up.

My cock was becoming more erect which I know she could feel. She broke our kiss and then reach her hand down and grabbed my cock through my pants.

As she was holding my fabric covered cock I so badly wanted her to continue to stimulate it. She let go of my member and then grabbed one of my hands and put it between her legs and led my hand up towards her crotch and onto her panties to demonstrate how wet she was. After a brief groping session she removed my hand and put a couple of my finger in her mouth. Once she removed my finger she stood up and and said she was ready to go. I got up and she once again kissed me.

She broke the kiss and said she will arrange for my stuff to be packed and ready for me to move to Crest View in the morning. We walked out of the lounge where she then told me that she had a friend who was was always up for drinks with cute guys. Naomi said her name was Nicole and she was at a bar off St. Martin Street. She sent me a text with Nicole's number and picture.

She said she would text Nicole the same and I should reach out to her if I want to have fun. She gave me another kiss and whispered into my ear that she has been told that Nicole give amazing head. She two russian strapon ladies dominate a guy into a cab and left.