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Sameera reddy nude porn suck
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Bus Stop Delight Written by Stifflittlepoints This took place a few years back. I still find it exciting, so I will share it with you. My apartment is very close to a bus stop. People of all ages get on and off daily. So let's flash back to where the fun began. . Slowly I moved the curtain back and glanced at the clock. There were 2 minutes to go, and looking out, I saw an old couple standing at the stop.

They were there every morning, and got on the 6:58 bus to go downtown. Putting them out of my mind for a minute. . a movement caught my eye, moving up the lane. I saw her, and my heart skipped a beat.

Running to the basement I closed the door behind me. I was alone but I wanted the room to remain dark. Climbing up the platform I had made a few days earlier, I looked out the small window that looked out onto the lane.

It was hidden between 2 laurel bushes cut so I had a clear vision without being seen. She was there waiting. I watched the green bus pull up, and the old couple got on and the bus pulled away leaving the sweet and very "naughty" girl sitting on the bench in a small shelter.

Lifting the telescope into position, I focused on the bench opposite. There she was. . my heart pounding, slowly I moved the telescope to her head, and I noticed her sweet face was surrounded by a mass of ginger curls, blowing gently in the breeze. Her lips were cherry red, her tongue glided over her lips leaving a sheen of moisture. Her eyes were sparkling in the warm sunrays; she was looking around as if searching for someone. Her school blazer was open showing her white school blouse; it was stretched tightly over her delicate frame, showing the small rise of her newly formed breasts.

As I moved down I saw the short skirt that only just covered her thighs. I knew soon my eyes would be treated to the sight I have been seeing since she moved into the old farmhouse 3 weeks ago. As if on cue her thighs parted slightly, and I could see her inner thigh but not her panties.

I felt myself getting harder knowing what lies in the shadows under that skirt. She started to look around, and I knew no-one would be disturbing her as there are only three buildings for a mile each way, mine was the last on in the line.

On school days, she walked to the bus stop which is half a mile away from her farm. Suddenly a warm smile crept over her face, and walking towards her was Tony.

He lived in the first house. She stood as he got closer, moving out of the shelter. She moved towards him and flung her arms charming idol is flaunting her gaped spread hole in close up his shoulders, as their lips met in a long kiss. They moved inside the shelter and sat holding hands, their heads were close and they were smiling as they kissed each other with small kisses. Tony stood up and looked outside the shelter both ways.

He seemed satisfied they were alone, moving inside again he pulled the girl to her feet and held her close as they kissed again. I felt myself getting fully erect as they pressed themselves closely against each other. Soon his hands cupped her tight little ass and pulled it hard against himself. It was time to get myself ready for the next part of the show, since I saw the hot previews the day before.

I slowly took my cock out. Leisurely. . I stroked my six inches, feeling the moisture seeping from the tip as I watched Tony lifting her skirt so his hands were on her panty clad ass. I could see the young girl swaying across his front with her hips, knowing for sure she must be feeling his hardness grinding into her pelvic region.

They slowly separated and I lowered the telescope and watched Tony's trousers tenting with his hardness. The girl put her hand to her mouth as she stifled a giggle pointing to his hard cock. The young girl looked outside the shelter to make sure no one was coming and satisfied, she returned to stand in front of Tony. Her hand grasped the shape of his hard cock, and she slowly rubbed the length of it while she kissed him.

I could feel myself getting fully aroused and I knew I would be blowing my load real soon. She knelt in front of him and slowly pulled down the zipper. Next, her hand snaked inside and withdrew his naked and extremely hard cock out into the open. That size was one a young high school student should be proud of. Being the voyeur that I am.

. I was now pumping much faster on my own organ. Soon, Tony had his hands on top of her head carefully guiding her towards his hard cock. She kissed the tip and then her tongue slipped out and licked the entire length of his shaft several times making it very slippery with her saliva. I was still surprised with the size of his cock, since he had at least five or more inches sticking out of his trousers.

Slowly her mouth engulfed his hardness, and I could see by the expression on his face that he was getting hot and ready to blow. With some effort, she pushed his shaft deeper into her mouth as mom son fuck at late night at moms bedroom began to bob up and down causing him possibly more sexual satisfaction than ever before.

I couldn't hold back any more as spunk flew against the wall in my room as I increased the speed of my hand.

She was now bobbing much faster, and I knew he would soon be coming just like I was. . his hands pulling her head deeper onto his cock.

And then he came to a complete stop except for a very slight movement of his ass and I knew he was gushing his load deep into her mouth. To my surprise, her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked him dry as his hips slowly thrusted forward as he finished his unbelievable orgasm.

The young girl stood up and they kissed, I could imagine him tasting himself as their tongues fenced deep in each other's mouths.

Suddenly they broke apart with urgency, as Tony zipped himself up and they moved outside of the bus stop. As if it was a scene out of a movie, the bus slowed down and I saw them get on and move to the back of the bus.

I sat back as the bus headed towards the high school, and my hard cock was bursting for release once again. I had no idea that Tony knew the new girl, as I stroked my cock. Having watched the sizzling scene, I had just experienced, I knew I had to find a way of getting a much closer look at these two. . during tomorrow's session. Looking at the bus shelter I had an idea.

I could bug it. . and the thought of listening to these lovers made me cum hard, spurting all over the wall once again. I cleaned up the wall and myself and got dressed. I was going into town to buy a wireless mic since it was pretty close to my window and I had a clear view so there would be no problem with reception.

As I wondered through the store, I was amazed at all the new gadgets on display, even wireless cameras. . everything I needed was here. I bought a mic and two cameras, and the appropriate amplifier and backup equipment. In the middle of the day, there were no busses so I was quite certain I could hook things up without any interference or suspicion. Just to make sure, I walked over to the bus stop with my dog, a good excuse if anyone came by.

The walls of the shelter were double slats with pieces of 2x4 as a frame. Horny kitten cannot wait to drill monster cock monstercock and interracial noticed lots of old knot holes all over which was perfect for my mission. I noticed a broken slat halfway across the shelter in the back. . a perfect place for the mic. Using double sided clear tape, I completed my mission, concealing my new voyeuristic toys.

I rushed back to the basement and loaded up the new software. Once everything was set I pressed the power button, and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of traffic going past, and then the song of the birds broke the silence.

Now for a test of the cameras but I saw only a dark image on the screen. After tweaking with the controls, I got so the picture on the first camera was perfect, and Russian mom hair hot milf fucked delivery guy was looking down at the middle of the shelter, just where they stood this morning.

I did the same thing with the other one, and soon I could observe the whole shelter with both cameras'. Putting the controls on to detect movement I went upstairs to get some food.

After I ate I went down and saw the cameras had been triggered, I went into the file and played back the saved results. On the screen was Mrs. Frazer, who was married with two kids, and probably going into town to shop. The camera had worked perfect. . now to try the sound. I could hear her humming a song to herself, which meant excellent sound levels.

I was ready for new a.m. action! The night went by very slow since I was so excited. Finally, I drifted off about 4 am. I woke up on the first sound of the alarm, rushing downstairs I booted up the computer.

. I had fed the live feed into, and waited. I could hear footsteps breaking the sound of silence. Moving to the screen I waited. The clock said 7:20 and someone was early. I saw her move into the shelter, and realized the camera angle was perfect. She filled the screen from her knees to her head.

She kept looking out, obviously looking for Tony. Suddenly she took off her blazer, quickly undid her blouse and immediately removed her bra. I had a fleeting look at her breasts, nice firm boobs with stiff pointed nipples. It was too brief a look as she did up her blouse again, putting her bra in her small purse.

Like clockwork, Tony appeared in the shelter, and they quickly moved together and kissed. I could see their hands were everywhere, touching, and caressing each other's bodies. . with no hesitation. "I missed you so much," she murmured, "Me too. . Sarah", said Tony as he cupped her ass and pulled her close. "I have a present for you," Sarah said moving away from him, Tony stood and watched as she undid her blouse. "Oh my god," he said as she exposed her bare breasts to him.

He swiftly bent down, looked over her teenage chest and slowly licked her nearby stiff nipple. Soon the other one was covered by his mouth and I watched his teeth gently seize her erect bud and heard her gasp as his tongue grated across her sensitive nip.

She held his head as he began to suck on it. Soon his hands had traveled up her skirt, and I watched her panties fall to her knees. She slowly lifted a leg to step out of them and pushed them into her bag. She turned to him and raised her skirt and I could see her bare pussy clearly outlined against her thighs. Someone must have done some meticulous manicuring. . because it was as bald as the day she was born. Tony moved closer. . his hand cupping her naked mons.

I unzipped my pants and found my naked cock that was thankfully not covered by any shorts whatsoever. I quickly grasped the shaft and began to slowly work my cock. Tony's hand was caressing her nakedness, causing her breathing to be sporadic. I watched his fingers moving back and forth across her moist slit. "Oh my god I wish we had somewhere to go after school.

I need to feel you all naked against me," Sarah gasped out. "I know, my place is out and so is yours. But for now. . this guy is ready to do some serious squiggling." Tony quickly took his cock out and began to rub it against the folds of her pussy. . but it was too much for him. He shot a huge glob of sperm onto her pussy, and everywhere else. I could see it dripping to the floor as he wanked himself off even more and watched as he covered her pussy the final fuck denise sky vs skinny his thick rich sperm.

Sarah was panting as she felt his cock rubbing between her lips, and as she felt the first spurt. . she gripped his arms to steady herself as she came along with him. They clung together as they got their breath back, their lips sealed in a kiss of passion.

Pulling herself away, she reached into her bag and pulled out her panties. Lifting her skirt, I could see the cum dripping from her pussy, as she gently wiped herself but put the panties back in her purse.

Looks like someone will be going commando throughout the day. "Oh damn here comes the bus," said Tony. They kissed quickly and then parted as the bus drew up and they got on. I fantasized about Sarah not wearing any underwear all day long in school. Wonder how many guys would get off on seeing her nipples against the soft fabric of her thin white blouse? And what if her skirt rose up, providing the show of a lifetime to whomever was watching.

I sat for hours looking at the saved file, running it in slow motion to savor every shot. I went to the bathroom to shower, and I remembered their conversation about needing a place. . and suddenly my nearby cabin came to mind. Could I be so forward as to make that suggestion to them? It was very close by and nestled in the trees far from the two lane dirt road you had to navigate lea nadia hot hitchhiking babes fuck for cash part cumshots and creampie order to get there.

I suddenly realized that was a marvelous idea as I watched my steel pipe-like cock rise upwards in my pants. I waited until I knew it was just about time for the school bus to arrive and ran from my place just as Tony fervid girl opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated Sarah jumped off. "Hi Mr. Thomas. . how's things?" asked Tony. "Oh hello Tony, doing great thank you, and who is this gorgeous young lady"?

"This is Sarah, she moved into the old Slater farm up the road." "Well I'm VERY pleased to meet you. . young lady," I said extending my hand in such a way that her still braless (from this morning) breasts were up against her blouse. She noticed where my eyes were traveling and immediately turned red with embarrassment as she watched my eyes take in both stiff nipples that were growing with excitement.

"The reason why I am here. . is that I am curious whether you both want to earn some money?" The two lovers looked surprised and Sarah remained silent but Tony said: "Sure money is my very best friend," he said smiling. "Well I need my old cabin cleaned out, you know the one off of the Fourth back in the woods, if you're up for it. It's just sitting there doing nothing and needs a good clean-up." "Great, I can do it tomorrow if you like, and maybe work on Sunday as well," he said enthusiastically.

"Fantastic, you can bring your young lady friend along too if you like. I will pay you both for your services. Check with your parents and let me know in the morning." They both agreed to be at my house at eight if their parents were accepting of the idea. After they left, I quickly dis-attached the cameras and the mic inside the bus stop, got in the car and reattached everything in the cabin. I made arrangements for the Wi-Fi to be active and soon after some adjustments made all of the feeds live before leaving.

The most difficult part was hiding the cameras and making sure the power lights were covered with duct tape so that they wouldn't advertise what I was doing. At eight a.m. sharp they rang the doorbell. I invited them in and made them some breakfast snacks while I explained what I wanted.

Sarah was wearing a tube top, and I could see there was no bra underneath, and once again, her stiff nipples were raised to a point that had my mouth watering. Her shorts were so tight.

. I could see her hidden lips briefly as she sat down. I watched her blush as she watched me looking at her breasts, and I smiled at her letting her know I had noticed she had seen me looking at her. When they finished their drinks and bagels, I let them have the keys to the cabin and told Tony to lock the door when they got inside, as the wind sometimes blows it open. I said that. . to let them be relaxed about me barging in on them. Soon they took off on their bikes, since Tony didn't have a car yet, and the cabin was close.

I sat by the computer and watched them quickly satisfy my small list of things to do. Soon Tony was pulling Sarah into the only bedroom. "Wow if only we could use this place all of the time, to satisfy my lust for this long pole," she said moving her hand to his waist and then slowly over his crotch.

"You mean like now," said Tony. "Now would be perfect, but what if he comes over and catches us?" Sarah said. "Relax. . we got the key. . remember. You can actually lock someone out from entering, and he reminded us about the wind blowing open the door, so regardless. . we have things covered," pressing her hand more urgently up against his rigid cock. "Mmmmmmm, someone is VERY hard. Get closer and kiss me Tony," said Sarah with a giggle. "I remembered the rope and the other things you wanted me to bring along.

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They're in the cooler. Do you really want to do that stuff you emailed me about last night?

It's kinda kinky but as long as you are into it. . and you tell me if I go too far. . I am more than ready to role-play what you wanted. "I would love it. . you nasty boy!" she said with enthusiasm. What they were sharing with each other, more than got my curiosity up sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll..

. not to mention my trusty cock that was now free and pulsing. So as not to spoil what you are about to enjoy. . I will be silently rubbing Vaseline all over my shaft and slowing wanking along to what we will watch together.

Fortunately, one of the cameras was aiming towards the bed that Sarah decided to lay down on.

The door had been closed to the room and suddenly there was a rapid knocking on the door. "Susie. . you got chores to do, and I want you out here right away," said Tony somewhat disguising his voice. "Daddy, it's my day off from school and I want to be by myself." "Ain't happening, and I already reminded you what I would do the next time you didn't do what I asked. Don't you remember?" "Come on. . Daddy.

. you wouldn't do that stuff again like last time. I'm a big girl now.

I shouldn't be done like that." "Last big booty nadia lopez gives a handjob he warned. There was silence for several minutes and suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Tony entered carrying a rope and a bag full of other things.

"I warned you," said Tony remaining in his character. He looked up and since the cabin had an unfinished ceiling, and the ceiling joists were still visible. With some effort, he tossed the rope over the joist and quickly tied it off onto a nearby piece of furniture. Sarah was surprised at how professional Tony was acting, but attempted to remain calm and in character.

"Not the rope again," she said regretfully. "Yup and this time you must wear the blindfold too, and don't even think about sassing me about not wearing it." Tony pulled Sarah off of the single bed, moved her in front of it and quickly placed a black blindfold over her head and secured it in the back.

Next he forced her to wear a pair of long gloves and then he circled the rope around her wrists, tied it firmly, and then slowly pulled her up.

. up. . up. . until she was almost on her tiptoes. Secretly Sarah was on fire loving all of the attention and stern commands he was giving her. "You must behave Susie. Cuz if you don't then I must do very naughty things to you. . like this." Tony circled his fingers inside of her tube top and gradually began to pull the top downwards.

Soon her pink twin nipples appeared and then her teenage breasts came into full view. He leaned forward and began to suck and her stiff buds responded by doubling in size.

"Yessssss. . kiss my nipples, suck them for me, Daddy." Tony had moved her tube top to the girls' waist and her topless young body added kannada actress shruti xxx story her helplessness and to Tony's excitement. Sarah's voice could be heard moaning as he sucked her nipples into his mouth. He backed away and found the small zipper on the side of her skirt and slowly pulled it down.

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"PLEASE. . Don't make me naked. . PLEASE!" Tony had to grin as he pulled her skirt past her knees and down to her white athletic shoes. With some effort he worked the skirt past her shoes leaving only her panties on as her only remaining garment. Up until now, his raging cock was hidden inside his pants but it only took seconds for that to be remedied. Soon the boy was naked and his bobbing cock was raging to be satisfied. But he had other plans. He went back to his cooler and took out several sections of red ribbon he had cut out at home.

Normally they were used to rap presents at Christmas, but for today, they would aide him further in satisfying her fantasy and wrapping up his present. "What are you doing now?" asked the girl. "Gotta keep you in place, for what's coming next," he said. He moved one of her limbs over towards the leg of the bed and tied it securely.

She was now bound by both hands and one leg. What happened next was very unexpected and it caught her by surprise. He moved closer to the girl and began to rub his cock all over her stomach and with the assistance of the chairs height he rubbed his shaft over the tips of her breasts and nipples.

Soon his shaft was buried in between her small breasts. Again and again, he moved his dripping rod all over her chest exciting both of them. "This will teach you to behave!" he shouted. Standing up a bit more, he ran his cock all over her lips and face.

Sarah stuck out her tongue in hopes of finding his shaft but for now that wasn't part of his plan as he got down. He began to pull her other leg over, causing her to become spread eagled, but her panties were in the way.

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He reached into his cooler once again and took out a pair of scissors that were near freezing. Very carefully he pulled out the leg hole of her panties and began to cut the fabric upwards towards the waistband. With his other hand he began to gently rub her moist pussy, in hopes of finding her beautiful russian girls fuck storys. A couple of times he let the edge of the scissors touch her skin, causing her to scream but the combination of what he was doing to her pussy and the temperature of the metal actually caused her to be even more excited.

Once the fabric was cut aside, he gently inserted his finger inside her virgin hole. Her moaning was now almost deafening.

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Next, he placed the scissors under the other leg hole and completed the task of making her completely naked. She felt a second section of ribbon being circled around her other ankle and soon the girl was fully spread-eagled in all of her naked beauty. Tony wanted her to be super aroused so he knelt down in front of her and gently let his tongue follow the outside lips of her aroused pussy.

"Yessssss baby use your tongue on me, push it deep inside,", Sarah screamed, almost crying out with passion as she got so very close to cumming. She was certainly impressed at his technique as he drove his long tongue up into her steaming hole of lust. Again and again he pretended to mimic what he wanted his cock to do later and she was the beneficiary of his efforts. Her breathing became ragged as she reached her first orgasm, as his tongue began to make love to her clit, causing her body to shake.

Finally, he backed away and getting out of character, Sarah said, "That was so good. . thank you. I am now totally hooked on us acting out our fantasies." Tony chuckled, "I wonder what Mr. Thomas would say if he knew what we were doing in his cabin." "I caught him looking at my titties as we teenyplayground horny blonde babysitter taste cum after fuck in his front room, it made me all wet thinking he would love to see them naked.

He even had a HUGE boner in his pants." "Well I don't blame him, these tits are beautiful baby. Maybe if you got your nipples all hard and went to see him. . he might let us use the cabin more often," Tony giggled. "Wow I might try that. " "One of my fantasies is watching you with another guy.

I'd love to watch you handle another cock," said Tony getting aroused. "How about me handling both cocks at the same time?" she whispered. "Gotta take a leak. Be right back," he said abruptly and left the room.

Sarah would have liked to have had a picture of her stretched out in her present position. Couldn't get much cute blonde czech babe haley reed banged outdoors for cash hardcore and flashing helpless than being spread out with ropes and ribbons, she said.

What neither of them realized, once they started talking about Mr. Thomas, was his desire to join them and as Tony was peeing in the bathroom he looked outside and saw the wicked voyeur waving to be she has a tight asshole but she doesnt quit in, but putting a finger to his lips wanting it to be done quietly. Soon Tony opened the door and Mr. Thomas (Mike) held onto Tony's shoulder and pulled him outside.

"We're going to continue your performance, but I will quietly first time sex and deflation on the bed behind her and you will slowly lower that eager pussy right onto my hard COCK." "Wow!" exclaimed Tony. "Sound good, huh? Let's make this a day to remember for all of us!" "Far fucking out!" said Tony.

Both guys quietly came into the shack and then Tony got right back into his role. "How are you feeling Sarah," he asked moving to her spread-eagled naked body. "Ready for more of your hot fun," she said. As soon as he heard those words, Mike moved in front of Tony and his fingertips grazed Sarah's nipples, causing her to gasp as the thrill went throughout her body. Soon he found himself scraping his long fingernails over her stiff buds, causing her even more excitement.

He lowered his head and flicked her nipple with his slippery tongue, watching her hard sprout grow with excitement. His mission though was to feel his long cock enter this girl's warm young pussy and it was time to begin that part of the show. He signaled to Tony to let him know (via signals) Tony was going to slowly drop her down onto the edge of the bed.

Currently she was about 2 feet in front of the bed, which allowed Mike to quickly strip naked and carefully sit himself on the edge of the bed.

"Time to lower you down. . just a bit. . so that you can feel something VERY long. . and special Sarah. Are you ready?" he asked, examining Mike's adult size cock that was inches longer than his. "Can't wait Daddy. . ." she began as Tony untied the side ropes slowly, lowering the girl a few inches at a time.

Mike reached out and guided her hips so that her pussy would be centered onto his waiting shaft. Once he felt her moist lips surround his organ, he reached up and cupped her breasts. Slowly twisting and gently pulling her taut nipples she felt his cock enter her pussy inch by inch. Soon Sarah was moaning and at the same time very thankful she had months earlier utilized her mother's dildo to make this entrance much easier. But suddenly Sarah felt unfamiliar somewhat coarse pubic hair dusting her ass cheeks and she began to realize this extremely long cock wasn't her boyfriends.

As she was about to object, Tony interrupted. "Remember the part about you handling two cocks at the same time, your fantasy is about to cum true," said Tony as he pulled over a nearby chair, standing up on it. . with his cock waging in front of Sarah's face, and then untying her blindfold, he said: "It's time to suck and fuck girl sex stories story 4xxx porn story..

. ENJOY!" Tony moved his cock in between her lips and began to feed his shaft into her waiting mouth. Sarah looked down at the length of the cock that was about to be swallowed up inside her, and almost had an immediate orgasm as Mike began to move his hips up and down to match Tony's similar movements into her mouth. For the next several minutes the girl enjoyed sensations she never knew possible. With Mike's fingers rubbing her clit, he titillated her again and again for even more enjoyment.

The rest of the afternoon, she tasted and received both guy's cocks over and over.