Chicks pound boyfriends anal with oversized strap dildos and ejaculate

Chicks pound boyfriends anal with oversized strap dildos and ejaculate
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***Due to some publishing denials I cut two sections, sorry I guess. Maybe I'm wrong in the head*** First off, I haven't written anything in years, something possessed me this last week and all I did was work on this. Very strange behavior, don't expect anything else for a while, if ever. The following is a fantasy (as in porn fantasy) story about an abnormally well hung teenager and a MILF.

The major theme here is mother/boy. Contrary to my older written works, this is not a xxx story filled with fucking, this is more sensual and erotic.

Romantic even. ******* Nicole the MILF and Her Morally Questionable Actions ******* (Author note; this section was left as it establishes too much setting and I'm a lazy writer, nothing sexual happens) A young boy's scream caused Nicole Sawyer to look up from her paperwork. Looking out from her deck she could see the lakeshore and two young boys playing in the water. The scream was not of distress and Nicole relaxed.

The boys were her son, Daniel, and his new friend, Manny. Nicole was happy Daniel had made a few new friends already. She was worried that moving across state right before he was to start middleschool was bad timing. Her divorce, and settlement of, allowed her to buy some lakefront property in a small mountainous town, away from the mess. The lake was no doubt also a boon to Daniels new friendships. The biggest issue for Nicole was the commute to her job of head nurse at the state hospital, although it was a manageable issue.

Tied of paperwork, she laid down on her pool chair. The boys were playing in the water, while she was up on the deck getting some sun in her one piece suit. Not that she needed the tan. Her license claimed she was 38, but her slender tight body persuaded people she was in her early thirties.

Nicole was blessed with a fast metabolism and a cooperative body. The little exercise and working-out she did, kept her body fit and healthy. Her breasts, a modest C, were still firm enough to go braless on occasion, her hips, wider from childbirth, only accentuated her also still firm round ass. She was ready to get back out into the dating world with or without the tan.

INCIDENT #1- Discovery *** INCIDENT #2 - Contraband *** INCIDENT #3 - Pandora's Boxer-Briefs (Author note; this is years past the granny licking her lovers asshole cock sucking and hairy pussy and the boys are now teenagers) The night was hot and humid, probably one of the hottest on record.

The small lake house had every fan running but Nicole held off on turning the AC. They would manage. Earlier in the day Daniel and friends enjoyed the lake, but now only three teens remained, and would so for the night.

Nicole was in the kitchen sipping wine, reading, leaving the teens alone. Suddenly she heard her son call out to her. Nicole begrudgingly made her way to the den. "Hey mom, can we get a pizza?" "You just ate, like literally twenty minutes ago." "Yeah, like twenty minutes ago." Daniel replied sarcastically. "Ugh, fine. What do you all want? Where's Manny?" "Pepperoni, obviously, Tim wants peppers, Manny is upstairs." "Right." Nicole sighed and turned back to the kitchen.

Just as she did Manny came barreling down the stairs in a tshirt and pair of jogging shorts. The jostling of the movement made Manny's bulge sway and throw its weight around. She glued her eyes to the bouncing pendulum. "Uh…excuse me Ms, Sawyer." Manny said sliding past her into the living room.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I thought…I saw a centipede." Nicole lied. "I put out I bug traps today, I swear!" Daniel bemoaned from afar. "Okay…" She replied from a fog. Nicole waited for the pizza, the pizza came, the boys ate, then the boys passed out from all the food. The entire time Nicole drank wine. ******* It was late night now and still hot. Nicole was awake laying spread eagle on her bed in only an old tshirt and pair of blue stripped panties. The room was vibrating only slightly.

Or maybe that was her head. She had hoped the wine would allow her mind to drift elsewhere but it was exclusively repeating a montage of Manny's bulge swaying and bouncing down the stairs. She had attempted to masturbate several times, but guilt and disgust would creep back into her head. Suddenly a small electric shock rippled through her pussy and Nicole become very aware of the fact Manny was below her, not more than twelve feet away.

He was asleep… asleep…in those shorts…very easy…very easy to peak…nobody would know&hellip.nobody…and NEVER again…i am a nurse after all&hellip.its just…medical curiosity&hellip. Nicole rose off the bed and quietly made for the door and hallway. Her drunken singular goal pushed her out the door and down the stairs without putting on any more clothes.

It was no sexy lingerie but the tight panties on Nicole's firm curves would be more than enough to obliterate the little teenager's minds if she were caught. Nicole tiptoed through the dark into the den, careful to avoid the known creaking floorboards. She was surprised at her own muteness. Maybe she would make a good thief?

Nah, she hated leather. The den was pitch black from a moonless night. The only lights came from various electronics and the kitchen night-lite.

Waiting, her eyes adjusted enough to make out shapes. Daniel was a dark lump on the big chair and the other teen, Tim, was on the floor. Nicole froze nervously while she tried to make out which way Tim was facing. After a minute in the dark, she determined he was facing away, and that all three boys were indeed sound asleep. She tiptoed and kneeled down in front of Manny who busty latina milf sophia lomeli fucked hard on bed on the couch.

She couldn't see the bulge but knew it was there. All she had to do…was reach for it. Looking back on this incident, Nicole would not be able to admit if sobriety would have changed her decision.

She reached out softly, bumping into his still smooth legs. Her hands moved up searching. Her fingers curled as they touched the fabric to his shorts. Nicole pushed onwards, running over the jogging shorts, and reaching the waistband. Her drunken mind was focused with almost medical precision as she hooked the waistband and slipped the the thankfully smooth material downwards.

After what seemed like eternity she knew the shorts were clear. Without anymore hesitation Nicole reached out and sealed her fate. It was warm. It was prominent. It was huge. She ran her hand over the boxer-brief covered cock ending at the tip and running back up to the base. He was five inches soft, she was sure of it now. And the thickness! Probably another five in circumference! All fucked from the back than sucks it, warm, and muscular.

There was no way this teen could be so massive, and still growing! She continued softly running her hands back and forth over the concealed member, lightly tugging on the end. Her pussy was dripping from the covert action. The alcohol told her to find out how big it could really get.

Gently, but firmly Nicole squeezed Manny's dick. Ever so slightly she pulled down stretching him, pulling at the underwear. It was time to feel it…skin to skin… Just as she was about to hook the material of his boxer-briefs, Tim coughed. Nicole almost jumped out of her skin. She shot straight to her feet, throwing her hands up as if were the cops who had caught her.

It took every ounce of drunken strength to keep from screaming. The moment passed and nobody amazing schoolgirl teaches her lusty classmate a lesson tube porn stirred. Nicole, wide awake now, knew it was time cash-out.

She quickly and less carefully slipped Manny's shorts up, gave the bulge one last pat, and speed back up to her bedroom. In her room she masturbated furiously climaxing several times, screaming into her pillow, and praying the boys couldn't hear her. Nicole was now visualizing Manny, and she acknowledged it. Yet, didn't care. Tonight she acted on inappropriate urges, but never again.

She would keep her perverted thoughts and actions to herself now. Nobody would ever know. INCIDENT #4 - Exposure or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the MILF Two years had past and everybody had moved on.

Daniel and Manny grew more mature, were busy with preparing for senior year, and had girlfriends now. Manny had also appeared to have found better ways of hiding his growing bulge. Nicole had dated a couple men herself, bought a new car, and started taking yoga. Most importantly she had accepted her perverted tendencies.

She liked sex. She liked dildos. She liked masturbating. At her age she expected her libido to have dipped down, but her nightly activities said otherwise. The once modest collection of a couple tiny vibrators had expanded to a drawer filled with toys. Vibrators, lubes, and dildos. Sizes from a few inches to her new 10" purple monster. Nicole had sexual outlets now, and had put the past indiscretions behind her. Although she would on occasion 'accidentally' wear somewhat less conservative clothing around Daniel's teenage friends.

From shadows she could overhear the term 'MILF' thrown around. She didn't mind. Not at all. Today was her son's 17th birthday. Summer had just started in earnest and the weather demanded a lake party. The Sawyer household was buzzing with activity. Nicole and a few other mothers congregated in the den, trading pleasantries. Loud music euro hotties get plowed at a party on the lake shore competing with the vocals from teenage boys and girls.

Manny and Tim casually walked in through the screen door. Tim moved to go further in the house, but Manny stopped at the den. "Hello Ms. Dillion, Ms. Marten, Ms Sawyer." He greeted politely. "Hi Manny. Daniel is already in the lake, and I think your girlfriend Jaci is already here too. She's nice." Nicole replied jovially.

"Yeah, she's alright…" Manny blushed causing the mothers to giggle. Tim turned to Manny. "Come on Big D. We need to change and get out there!" "Big D? Whats that mean?" One of the mother's curiously asked. The boys froze, Nicole choked on her milf aux gros seins sodomisee par son mec dans lamaisondusex tube porn. "Err… Big…Big Daniel. We call Manny big Daniel on account of him being taller and best friends with Daniel…" Tim stumbled through the explanation.

They boys did not wait for a response before disappearing into the house. Several of the mother's moved on in conversation accepting the statement, Nicole and couple others remained tightlipped. A few moments later Tim reemerged in his swim trunks, waved at the parents and bolted outside. Manny followed shortly after. Nicole glanced up from her drink in time to see the fit teenage body sail past.

Manny was indeed more athletic, taller, and tanner than Daniel. Nicole resumed her drink when the unthinkable happened. "Jesus, that kid could make a living in porn if you know what I mean." Said one of the mothers, cheekily.

The ladies nervously laughed and moved to hush her playfully. "Shut it, Jen! Christ." One of the mothers joked. "I'm just saying, that Jaci is a lucky girl. Lucky if she can still walk." Jen laughed uproariously. The mothers, including a very nervous Nicole joined in. "Jen! You are sooo bad!" "I know, I know, I'll shut up. Its probably just an illusion anyway." The mothers continued to drink and talk, the topic of Manny drifting away.

Nicole however felt strange. Looking at Jen, Nicole grew hot. She grew…angry?

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Jealous? ******* The other parents had all left leaving Nicole alone with the teenage pretty kimmie gets banged in the kitchen. Giving them space, she retreated to her bedroom. Her window overlooked the scenic lake. It was a beautiful sight almost every day, even on the rainy ones. Down below teenage boys horsed around in the lake, while most of the bikini clad girls sat on the shore talking.

This was not the time…not at all…very inappropriate timing…but&hellip. Nicole opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out the 10" long, 6" girth purple dildo. It was of solid construction and covered in tiny little bumps for added stimulation. Nicole had, at most, taken maybe 7" of it in, but used it mainly for the thick girth. She hastily stripped out of her tight jeans and panties, throwing them across the room.

Nicole fell on her bed and with simple guidance penetrated her wet pussy. The sudden stretching expansion of her walls caused Nicole to arch and moan in ecstasy. Like a car going from 0-60 she started thrusting. Eventually in an almost manic state she reached under her shirt and torn away at her bra freeing her heaving breasts. Without thinking she tossed the bright green bra at her window.

It landed on the sill, half in and half outside. Nicole finger and sex toy barrage on oriental too deep to notice.

She was fast approaching her first orgasm when the music outside abruptly cutout. The laughter too was absent. Nicole, still a mother, opened her eyes and slowed her penetrating pace. Something other than sexual bliss was happening. On cue her son called out. "Mom! Jaci got hurt! Mom!" Daniel called from the shore with slight panic. Nicole jumped up from her bed, and rather than remove the dildo from inside her, she decided to hold it in. The sexual perversion of talking to her son and teenage friends with a large dildo occupying her wet cunt excited her.

She made her way to the window and peered out from the wall keeping her lower portion hidden. "What is it? Uh.What happened?" She yelled, her voice jumped like a car changing gears. "Jaci got cut on her arm! She's bleeding." Down below Manny guided Jaci up towards the house. "Okay, I'll be right there." Nicole called out. Looking down she noticed the exposed green bra on the windowsill. No doubt the teenage boys also noticed, Nicole did not grab it. Better not to address it she thought.

Turning back into her room, Nicole made some very bad decisions. She grabbed the matching pair of green panties off the ground and slipped them back on. Pulling them up tight, they held the dildo inside of her.

Looking into a mirror, the dildo extended two or three inches out of her, with the green panties straining to hold the position. It was obscene looking, and Nicole loved it. She tapped the end of the dildo with her fingers, like a hammer on nails.

The sensations almost dropped her to the floor. Pants wouldn't work, so Nicole quickly slipped on one of her short pleated skirts and hobbled downstairs.

Walking was effort. She clenched her pussy down tightly on the dildo for fear of it dropping out but she managed to grab the first aid kit and met Jaci and Manny at the deck door. The emergency was again overhyped. Jaci had a noticeable bleeding two inch cut on her arm, but neither teenager showed signs of pain or discomfort.

"What happened?" Nicole asked inspecting the small cut. "Nick, that asshole, hit her with a stick." Manny blurted. "Language please, are you okay? She asked Jaci. "Yeah, I think it was just a mistake." "Well I'm going to go kick his ass!" Manny said energetically. Both women sighed from the overabundance of masculinity.

Manny took off back outside and down the stairs. The music had also resumed. Jaci was the stereotypical hometown girl. A tiny frame, wavy blonde hair, and nice long tan legs. She had elected to wear cutoff shorts and a bikini top, both of which showed off her still developing bubble butt and B cup breasts. Nicole went to work cleaning and bandaging her cut. The dildo was constantly shifting with every movement, making concentration hard.

big boobs girl going crazy on webcam for the help nurse Sawyer." Jaci said quietly. "Ha. Just Ms. Sawyer, thank you." Nicole smiled. "Can I…can I ask you a question…" Jaci nervously shifted. "A doctor question…" "Well…uh…you should probably ask your own doctor, your parents can make you an appointment and-" "NO!

I mean, no. I don't want to go to a doctor…Forget it." Jaci recoiled. Nicole knew something was up. "Uh.okay. I'll see what I can do. What is sex xxx story xxx pa Nicole asked bracing for any number of teenage girl issues. "Confidentiality, right?" Jaci smiled sheepishly. "Ha. Yes. I won't tell anyone…" Nicole was now extremely nervous, this could be bad. Pregnancy bad.

It was killing her arousal. "How…how big can a vagina get?" Jaci couldn't look Nicole in the eyes. "Uh, what do you mean hun?" "Well, how big of things can go in…" Nicole knew now what this was about. Manny and Jaci had started to get physical and no doubt the massive cock scared the young girl. The memories of grasping Manny's bulge in the dark returned. Her pussy twitched around the large dildo and her appetite returned.

"Well. The vagina is really strong and amazing. Babies come out of there right? So they can take a lot of…punishment." Nicole instantly regretted the word choice.

"But you are still young and growing. You shouldn't be trying to fit anything that makes you uncomfortable. Boy's penis' are all different sizes, you don't have to be able to take all of them. Sometimes…sometimes they are too big and it could hurt you." Jaci was bright red but remained rooted in place. "Thanks Ms. Sawyer…" She said softly. "Its no problem hun.

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And if you have any other concerns feel free to ask me. You can trust me." Jaci nodded with a smile of approval. The dildo in Nicole's cunt made her ask the next question. "But out of curiosity Jaci…just how big are we talking?" Jaci looked up but before a response of any kind, Manny burst in through the door. "So I didn't beat him up.

Guess it was a mistake. You okay?" Manny huffed. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm all good. Ms. Sawyer cleaned me up." Jaci smiled then quickly left them for the party. "Alright I guess. Thanks Ms. Sawyer." Manny said moving to follow Jaci. Nicole absentmindedly followed as well. She stopped at the top of the stairs and called down to Manny, who was halfway down. "Be more careful okay. You're almost adults. And…and be careful with Jaci. She's a small girl so don't…force her to do anything she doesn't want to." Nicole spouted aimlessly.

Manny's eye's were not looking into Nicole's. He was trying to look under her skirt. "Shit." She thought, but the realization came too late.

A strong breeze rolled off the lake and the skirt lifted like a kite. Nicole moved like lightening but for Manny, time almost halted. Ten feet away and a few stairs down he stared up directly at Nicole's bright green panties as they strained to contain the protruding purple dildo in her pussy.

Nicole slapped her skirt down with too much force, jabbing the protruding dildo. The shock weakened her legs and she stumbled while backing up to retreat inside. Manny remained fixated on the spot where she was standing, he did not speak, he did no blink. Nicole crashed through the screen door and hobbled past the den. She made it to the hallway before collapsing onto the wood floor with her ass up into the air in clear visibility for any guest entering the hallway.

With all rational thought overtaken by carnal desire she reached and grabbed at the dildo. With a furious intent she rammed the whole 10" inside of her. Nicole's eyes and mouth shot open in a silent scream. Pain radiated through her body but the orgasm that followed erased the agony.

She couldn't see. Everything was white. An hour passed. A week passed. A decade passed. Nicole opened her eyes. She was curled in fetal position on the wood floor. Drool from her mouth had formed a small puddle on the ground around her face. Slowly she reached into her pussy and pulled the purple cock free from inside her.

Every bump sent waves of shocks as it slid out. To an uninformed observer they might mistake the tremors for a seizure. With a slick pop the dildo fell to the ground and Nicole had one last hit of ecstasy. After a minute she righted herself and wiped the spit from her face. "Oh my god! Are you okay Ms. Sawyer? Why are you on the ground?" One of the teenage girls had walked into the hall.

Nicole, dazed and confused, looked over at the girl's presence. Oh yeah.Daniel's party… "Yeah…I…I slipped. I'm good. I'm really good." Nicole said while remaining on the ground. "What…what do you need?" "Uh…the bathroom.

Are you sure you are okay?" The girl asked nervously. "Yeah. I'm really really brazzers layla london wants some office cock Nicole beamed. INCIDENT #5 - Proportions Shortly after his birthday, Daniel left home to attend a summer college program.

He was thrilled to get away and Nicole was relieved to not have to deal with any more teenagers for the summer. It was barely a week after Daniel left before Nicole became very comfortable with the empty house. Clothing was now optional, and she elected for walking around in panties and tshirts. Masturbation could happen anywhere at any volume. She did it in the kitchen, the den, the car, but the basement proved too musty and dark.

Nicole even drank a bottle of wine one night and vigorously masturbated in her son's bed before passing out.

Eventually she grew bolder and began to sunbath nude on the deck. With thick tree-lines on either side of the house her only worry was visitors coming up the stairs. Well, also anyone with binoculars across the lake, but she figured that was improbable.

Only twice was she almost caught, once by a delivery man, who didn't appear phased by the attractive shapely women wrapped in only a towel (this miffed her), and a second time by one of Daniel's friends who had come looking for him. The boy left shell shocked and Nicole was worried he would get hit by a car in his daze. The thought was purely humorous. Nicole sat at her kitchen table one evening as the summer sun was setting. She had finished eating a while ago and was now just browsing social media.

Her plan was to work-out next. Her attire was fit for a porn set in a gym though. Her wide round ass strained tight black booty shorts which were doing a better at being panties than the stringy thong she had on underneath. Her neon pink sport bra cupped and held her C cup tits firm.

The doorbell rang. With a slight panic and exhibitionist excitement she glam beauty jizzed on pussy after banging glided to the den and grabbed the large T shirt she had left there.

Nicole ignored the more modest exercise shorts, figuring the tshirt was coverage enough. At this hour she didn't know who to expect, certainly no services or mail. Nicole unabashedly opened the door. Manny stood there, alone, wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a loose fitting band t-shirt. He was now equal in height to Nicole but still retained some boyish traits. "Uh, hi Ms. Sawyer. I know Daniel's not here but I uhh… I needed to ask you some things." Nicole's mind went on high alert and she immediately regretted not putting on the bigger shorts.

"Um, okay. But its getting late." Nicole led the way into the kitchen, she could feel Manny's gaze on her ass. Maybe the shirt wasn't as big as she thought? They sat down at the dinner table. Manny took a big breath. "I can't really go to my grandparents - and I don't want to see a doctor - i don't need a doctor- my friends are tired of hearing about it - but I trust you - and I think that-" "What is it Manny?" Nicole cut into his ramble. "Well…Jaci says my penis is too big.

She's says maybe I have some disorder…maybe…I…I dunno…maybe there is something wrong with me…" Manny trailed off. "Manny, this is a discussion for your sex-ed teacher or a doctor or-" "Yeah, I already asked the football coach and sex ed, and they were no help. They just said to masturbate often and that I was lucky. But Jaci doesn't like it. We.we tried to have sex a couple times but I couldn't get it in her.

She said it hurt too much." Nicole was sweating. Her pussy had awoken and was beginning to yearn. Her mind however was still in control. "I really think you should see a doctor for this. Why are you even here?" She asked. "Well, you're nurse and I think you know about sex stuff…because of…because of at…Daniel's birthday party…" Both people at the kitchen table were sweating and burning red in the face, neither making eye contact.

A moment of time passed before Nicole spoke first. "That was a mistake. I should not have been… It was a mistake. Not that its wrong to…Its perfectly normal to…to masturbate. Everyone does it, I'm sure you do…" Nicole stumbled. "You cannot tell ANYONE about that day! JESUS, HAVE YOU ALREADY TOLD ANYONE!?" The sudden accusation made Manny jump.

"Wha…NO!…no… I haven't told anyone! I swear!" "Okay…okay. I'm sorry. Its just, you shouldn't have seen me like that…" Nicole buried herself into her hands.

"Its okay Ms Sawyer. It can be our secret. I'll get out of here." Manny stood up to leave. "No! No. Its okay…Jaci. Jaci says you… you are too big." Nicole tried to recompose herself. "Thats normal. She's a small girl and her first few times will be painful, but it will get better. But DO NOT force her into sex!" "I'm not! She wants it!" Manny defended.

"Well…you could try using lube…its a slippery substance that helps with…tight situations." "Yeah, we tried that already. Made a big mess, but it still wouldn't go in." "Oh…are…are you sure you are… hard enough? Its completely normal if you are too nervous and-" "Its not that! I can get hard…I mean I think so.

In sex ed, he says the penis should point up when its hard. Mine…mine mostly hangs down. Could&hellip.could…could I just show you?" Manny asked fearfully.

Nicole's head was filled with klaxons, whistles, and warning alarms. "I uh…I uh…uh, yeah…but this is strictly medical! I'm a nurse after all&hellip.but you still shouldn't tell anyone about this, okay?" "Okay." Manny agreed, and without a further order began to unzip his pants. Nicole's heart was going to beat straight out of her chest and her pussy was probably going to leave a puddle on the chair. Manny let his jeans drop to the floor then looked up to see Nicole's reaction.

She was transfixed on his crotch. He was wearing a pair of black and blue boxer-briefs, the kind with a pouch for his junk. The pouch was filled, bulging out, and Nicole was slack-jawed. "Okay." She anxiously motioned to the underwear. Manny without hesitation grabbed the waistband and dropped them to the floor as well. Nicole frequented pornography. From that she learned that most big penis' are fake, an illusion, or a true rarity, something most women would never experience in sunny leone fucking story call. Hanging in arms reach in front of her, however, was a real, thick, 17 year old, 8" soft cock.

It was completely disproportionate to his thin young body. Manny pulled up his shirt a bit revealing his tight athletic stomach and small patch of pubic hair. "Holy shit." Nicole accidentally exclaimed.

Manny smiled but did not respond. "You are…huge! Jaci is probably terrified of it! Yes…yes…" Nicole slid from her chair and fell to her knees directly in front of his the final fuck denise sky vs skinny, never once looking away from the fat member.

Slowly she brought her hand up, but stopped in a moment of restraint. Her mind knew better but her body was going to win this fight. Gently she wrapped her hand around Manny's cock. It was so very warm. Her pussy was on fire, her entire body tingling. "Ms. Sawyer!" Manny exclaimed but did not move. "Its fine…I'm just…examining…" She responded from a distant place while lifting his dick up to beautiful girls have lesbian fun college amateur an equally massive ballsack.

Big dicks were one thing, but his testicles genuinely frightened her. The amount of jizz in there… Manny looked down at Nicole while she studied him.

As she leaned in closer to his dick, Manny could start to see the neon pink sports bra beneath her t-shirt. That and the gentle squeeze of her hand started to have an effect, small at first, but when Nicole reached out with her other hand and cupped his balls, there was no turning back.

Nicole felt it. His dick was expanding, thickening, lengthening. She could feel his heartbeat in his dick, and it was beating just as fast as hers. The room was starting to fill with the smell of sweat. The point of no return had past and now she had to see this through.

Rather than release his dick, she slowly began to stroke it. This drove Manny wild, he slammed his hand down on the table to steady himself. "MS. SAwYEr, I…I…I…" "Its okay. I'm checking…to see if everything works. Don't worry…I know what I'm doing…" Nicole hummed. It only took a few more strokes but he was now solid. Nicole breathed heavily, her body was out of control. He was 10" long maybe more, but his girth! He had to be 7"! It was obscene.

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It wasn't a penis it was another appendage. Maybe the same girth as a a can of soda!? Nicole squeezed her hand hard and Manny's eyes rolled. The cock was solid, no give, and true to his word, it hung out and down.

There was no way something this heavy could fight gravity. Completely forgetting who the cock was attached to Nicole leaned in getting closer and closer until his cock was barely an inch away from her face.

The smell was driving her mad, fresh, young, virgin cock must. Tattoo blonde cum swallow and hardcore anal gape fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy head was spinning. He had drank alcohol, he had smoked pot, he had fooled around with Jaci, but this was an intense feeling of ecstasy like nothing before.

He could feel Nicole's breath on his penis. Looking down he saw the moment of hesitation in Nicole. She had his cock in front of her beautiful open mouth. Then she went for it. The second his penis touched her warm wet mouth, his mind went black. He was certain his dick had never been harder, it hurt. Nicole had to open wide for his massive mushroom head to get in her mouth.

She gently kissed and licked around it. Her free hand fell to her pussy, rubbing hard against her soaking shorts.

Nicole was curious to see just how much she could take down her throat and planned to- "GHAAAA!" A deep primal yell escaped Manny. He flung his left hand down clenching Nicole's hair holding her head steady. Her eyes went wide in surprise at the sudden forcefulness of the teen. She could feel his penis pumping up like a hose and suddenly her mouth was flooded instantly.

Nicole pushed back forcefully, cum leaking from her mouth. "SPLAT!" A second pump flew out of the massive dick and splattered her in her eye. Nicole sat up straight as shot after shot of cum splattered her face and body.

A few made it down her shirt and dripped down her chest. She had never let a man come on her body before, now she was getting drenched. After a minute, Manny finally collapsed into his chair, cum still leaking from his softening cock. The room was filled with the sound of heavy breathing. Nicole remained on her knees.

Cum dripped off her cheeks and nose. She hadn't yet swallowed and that cum dribbled out of her mouth. "Impossible…" She muttered through a mouthful of cum. It tasted good too. Sweet. She finally swallowed it and cleaned her lips. Even though Nicole's pussy screamed for action, her mind was regaining control. "That was…so much.

I…I can't believe it." Nicole said scraping cum off her face.

"I'm so sorry Ms. Sawyer. I didn't mean to get it all over you. I.I couldn't help it." Manny replied exhausted. "Its okay. Everything is okay. I mean, its extraordinary…" Nicole stood up and proceeded to find towels. "So…I'm normal?" Manny asked. "Normal? No.

No, you are special, but japan romantis threesomeher in law works. You are too big for Jaci though. Probably too big for all the girls your age.

You could really hurt them." "Shit. Everyone says having a big dick is going to be awesome." "Oh it will be! When you are older and with more mature women that can handle…" Nicole cut herself off. "You can still practice blowjobs and handjobs with Jaci, but you are both young and it will take time to figure things out." Manny blushed and averted his eyes.

Nicole grinned. "Manny, there is no need to be embarrassed. Sex is a completely normal subject and everyone experiences it. You will one day too, I promise." They shared a smile while Manny put his pants back on and headed for the door. "Thanks for uh, everything, Ms. Sawyer." "Hey, Manny. What happened here was…medical. I was just making sure everything worked.

Don't tell ANYONE about this though. Okay? We could get into a lot of trouble. Just tell Jaci you went to a doctor or something." "Oh I know Ms.

Sawyer. I won't say anything." Manny gave Nicole one last innocent grin before skipping off. Nicole wiped some cum off her breasts and licked the fingers. That night the Sawyer household shuttered with screams and vibration as Nicole experienced an almost endless wave of orgasms. ***The second collection of incidents is on my page.***