Sex is what lesbos are nice at

Sex is what lesbos are nice at
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Husband has to watch as wife became the entertainment for a mafia group. "Darling, get yourself dolled up and ready, we are going somewhere nice tonight. Get the babysitter to look after the kids." I told her ebony fat hairy pussy close up the phone.

I am Zach Andrews and I have been married to Beth, my college sweetheart, for 10 years now. We are in our early thirties and have 2 beautiful kids. As my job pays well, Beth was able to stay home and look after the kids and the household.

As our wedding anniversary was just a week away, I booked us a table at a nice restaurant, which was recommended by a friend, to celebrate it. I big boos big tits full sex stories home early that day and got ready first for the evening and spend some time with the kids as Beth got ready.

Beth, at 32, is a stunning 5; 8 brunette with a nice firm ass and a lovely pair of 36B breast. Our sex lives presently is normal at best with kids and my work commitments. We would make love at least twice a week since the kids came along. Before that, we make love almost daily and explored most sexual acts bar swinging.

30 minutes later, Beth came out from the master bedroom looking stunning. The kids and I complimented Beth as she smiled. She was wearing a lovely tight fitting halter neck dress that stopped a few inches below her ass and showcases her slender and toned figure. The dressed had few buttons in front and she left the top two undone and her pink lacy bandeau bra could be seen. Her hair was combed and fell nicely down on her breast as she put on a pearl chocker necklace and to top it off, she wore a lacy black stocking and matched it with a 6in heels.

We waited for 10 minutes until the babysitter came and kissed the kids goodbye and left. I was beginning to regret taking her out as she was stunning. I was in a nice stripe shirt and pants. We drove to the restaurant at the riverside just in time for our reservation. We got seated and ordered wine and our courses. "This is a lovely place honey. Thank you for bringing me here." She said smiling and sipping the wine.

Over dinner, we chatted about our dating days and she mentioned that it's been a while since we went on a family holiday. I agreed and told her to choose a destination and see when the kids are free. We had a lovely dinner with her having the fish while I had steak. I ordered a bottle of red wine and we enjoyed it.

In between the courses, I had used my feet and stroke her lovely legs under the table. She smiled and said: "You're a naughty boy." We finished dinner at about 9pm and she took my arm as we strolled out of the restaurant.

It was a lovely evening as the weather was cool and we strolled down the river. As we walked, I slowly place my right hand on Beth's ass and was squeezing her ass cheeks. She smiled and rested her head on my shoulders as we walked.

Then we passed by a night club and Beth whispered in my ears: "Darling shall we go in and dance?

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It has been a while since we partied." I replied: "Well with you in this outfit, I bet the guys there are all eager to get into your panties." "Well, they can't as I am not wearing any." She kissed me and smiled seductively.

I smiled as we headed to the club's entrance. The bouncer let us in and it was crowded with people dancing. Beth took my hand and led me towards the dance floor and we started dancing.

Beth was a good dancer and she was soon grinding me as a couple of guys came up and tried to dance with her. She moved away from them and after a while, we left the dance floor to get some drinks. We drank more alcohol and my face was turning red. As we drank, a guy came up and started a conversation with us. We chatted for a while as he ordered us another round of drinks.

I noticed that he has been starring at Beth for a while now and his eyes never left her body. Beth was engrossed in the conversation and did not notice it. After my second drink, I felt a little tipsy and excused myself to go to the toilet.

I took a nice long piss in the toilet and as I was about to leave, two guys came into the toilet and blocked my way. One guy then spoke: "Well dickhead, you can either cooperate or watch quietly or you will suffer the pain. You girl has been chosen by our boss to entertain him and his guest." I was stunned and told the guy to "fuck off" and tried to leave but the guys then punched me and as I slumber backwards, continued to rain punches on me.

I was too tipsy and beaten to fight back and they noticed it and stop. Both guys then helped me up and took me by the arms out. We moved across the main floor and went into another room which was guarded by two black guys. When we got in, I noticed that it hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law a different area as there were girls dancing naked in cages, guys feeling girls and some were fucking them.

It was kind of a whorehouse. I was then taken to another room which was large and guarded by 4 guys. There, I was pushed onto a chair and had my hands cuffed behind my back.

In the meantime, a guy went up to Beth and told her that something had happened to me and she had better follow him or else it could be worse.

Worried, Beth followed him into the same room and was taken to the same room as I was held in. She saw me in the chair cuffed and ran over to me shocked. A big Italian guy, who seems to be the leader, spoke: "My name is Antonio and I noticed how pretty your wife is and we would like to have her entertain us.

We enjoy screwing MILFs rather than the whores here. You have two choices; namely to accept it, get paid and maybe a chance to join blonde with glasses anal fucked watch part on ulacamcom or watch and get beaten as we rape her." I surveyed the room and noticed that there were 8 large guys and 4 other girls who were skimpily dressed.

In my opinion, Beth was the prettiest among the ladies present. I replied: "Get your hands off me and do not touch my wife if not I will call the police." Antonio laughed and two guys send two punches at me as Beth screamed. She was now crying and begging for them to stop: "Please&hellip.

Please &hellip. Stop it. I will do what you want can I have some words with my husband?" Antonio smiled and agreed. "Zach I have to do this if not they will kill you darling. Please forgive me and say that you would still love me even after all this." Beth told me with tears flowing from her eyes.

She kissed me as I said: "I love you baby." I watched as my beautiful wife stood up and walked towards Antonio. The guys all laughed at our predicament and some guys ravishing samantha has her beaver rammed hard abusing the whores.

Antonio got up and started dancing with Beth as he ran his hands all over her body. He kissed her and said: "stop crying bitch and start to look like you enjoy it or your husband will be beaten." Beth wiped her tears and was acting like she enjoyed Antonio's touch and mouth. It wasn't long before he untied her halter top and tore at the buttons. He ripped her dressed out as buttons started to fly and she stood in front of him in just her bra and stockings.

He slowly undid her bra and smiled at her exposed breasts. Antonio then had Beth help strip him as some of the guys cheered while some were already stripping. Once Antonio got naked, I saw his 11"boner and was worried for Beth as she only had my 8" dick in her.

I was rock hard as the other guys were getting blowjobs from the whores while Antonio was pinching Beth's nipples. She resisted a scream as he pulled her nipples and twisted it.

They continued to sway with the music as he pulled her stockings off her. Once Beth was just in her heels, he pulled her hair and made her kneel in front of him and made her suck him off.

He forced fucked her mouth and cummed in her as she almost got choke on his dick. After that, he had Beth sit on the table with her pussy facing him and legs spread. He then took an open bottle of beer and sticks the bottle in her pussy. She screamed as Antonio bottle fucked her pussy and beer dripping out of it. There were other screams as the other 4 girls were getting pounded by the men. Beth was fucked with the bottle until the bottle was drained of beer. He then sticks his fingers into her wet pussy and started fingering it.

Beth moaned as Antonio increased his rhythm. Beth cummed as Antonio took his fingers out and had her lick them. As she licked, Antonio positioned his hard dick at her pussy entrance and thrust in.

"Noooo&hellip. Please take it out… Please do not cum in me!" Beth begged as Antonio started fucking her unprotected cunt. We have been trying for a third baby and recently Beth just went off the pill. I watched in horror as Antonio ignored Beth's cries and was fucking her forcefully.

He shot a load into her pussy and pulled out his huge dick. Beth was crying as Antonio slapped her and mauled her tits. He then flipped her over and made her bend with her ass facing him. He slapped Beth's ass and without warning, inserted his 10" dick into her rectum. She screamed loudly as he pushed his whole dick all the way in. I watched as it was the first time Beth took a large dick in her ass without any lube.

The most I could get in was 6" before she said it hurt. Antonio grabs a fistful of her hair and pulled as he fucked her anally. Before he cummed, he pulled out and shot his load all over Beth's crying face.

Once done, he made Beth suck him clean and she gagged at his dick. At first she refused to obey and was slapped on her tits by Antonio until she finally opened her mouth. She sucked in disgust and swallowed another of Antonio's load. After Antonio was done, he said: "Well guy lets swap, I am going to taste the whores and you can have her.

Enjoy!" The 4 naked girls crawled over to Antonio and started sucking him while the guys enclosed on my wife. Soon she was on her knees sucking a guy off while another guy was fucking her ass or pussy. By the time the 4th guy fucked her; she was too tired to scream and was starting to moan in pleasure. She just lay there like a well fucked whore as the guys took turns with her body. Some waiting guys went and tit fucked her as she was getting fucked in her three holes. They also beat her, pulled her hair and abused her tits.

At one time, one guy took his belt and renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat Beth's ass a few whips as she screamed in pain. Antonio came back for a second round in between as Beth smiled and happily accepted his dick in her ass.

"Fuck me guys… Fuck this slut…" Beth screamed as the guys satisfied her lust. I watched all this with my dick never going soft and if my hands were free, I would have cummed many times.

A few hours later, when each guy took turns with the girls and Beth, they made the girls sit together and watched as the four girls performed a lesbian show with Beth. Beth ate the 4 girl's pussy at least once and had hers eaten by each girl as the guys jerked themselves. The shot their load at the girls an when they finished, they continued fucking them.

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They also took turns putting items like; beer and wine bottles, spoons, the guards nightstick into their pussy and ass. It was almost 4 in the morning when Antonio decided he was done. He then had the 5 girls kneel in the middle and he and the guys formed a circle around them.

To my horror, the guys started pissing on the girls and most guys aimed their piss at Beth as she took the piss in her mouth and body. She had stopped crying and given in to their humiliation and was starting to enjoy it. Once they finished, Antonio and the guys got dressed and took the naked whores with them. Before they left one guy un-cuffed and handed me an envelope.

I went up to my naked, cum and pissed soaked wife and hugged her tired and abused body. She looked at me with her lifeless eyes as I kissed her and told her: "I am sorry baby and I love you." She hugged me back and we kissed.

"Now let me help you with your boner. I hope you still love me and I love you very much." She said as she unzips my pants and took my dick out. She sucked it like a whore now and swallowed my cum. She then spread her legs and said: "Fuck me darling. I want you to fuck your whore of a wife." I obeyed and fucked her for the next10 minutes before cumming in her.

I kissed her and said: "Let's go home baby." Epilogue I escorted Beth out of the club in just her heels and bandeau top as her dress and stockings were pov clip of a hottie pleasing him. I gave her my shirt to girls period show in pad her nakedness and it barely covered her ass. Her pussy and ass were dripping cum as we walked back to our car.

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Several homeless men were eyeing and whistling Beth as we walked by. When we got home, the kids and the sitter were soundly in bed and I showered Beth before laying her on our bed. I kissed her as she slumped into bed. I opened the enveloped and found $50,000 cash and a number of Polaroid pictures of Beth getting used and a note stating that she would be used more often or they would circulate the pictures.

2 months later, Beth found out she was pregnant and 7 months later she gave birth to a cute boy with Italian descent whom we named Antonio. In that time, Beth was regularly visited by Antonio and his crew and had to service them and their business associates.