She knows how to get a sperm mask

She knows how to get a sperm mask
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ok first of all i apologize about my english and grammar i just came here in canada 3 years ago.

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iwana talk about my background first dont worry it will be quick! ok im a half white/ flipino 5'11" im working out but not regurly but iplay basketball all the time im in a varsity when i was in college in philippines im 158 lb black hair brown eyes im pretty confidence to say im hot coz the past relationships i had is more than u could imagine if ill try to count them probably more than 15 plus those chick wid the one night stand. my dick is not that big its only 6.9" and im fucking pervert i dont know why im like this its probably because i have 20 moles on my dick and balls lol how did i found out ?

next time ill tell u on my next story. i talked about my background so u wont think im just bluffing or whatever but idc.

OKAY 3 years ago i came here in canada i was almost 19 years old at that time my mom took me because my father couldnt support me with my studies so i lived with my mom and my step dad i dont have sister with them but they have a bunch of dogs lol.

then a few days later my aunt came by and thats the time i met my cousin jessica she's pure white i think about 5'6 tall, her boobs its pretty bumpy, she got a good ass too, she is so adorable and she was 16 at that time. i nver look at jessica in a different way coz shes my cousin not until a certain situation happens!

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it was 2pm in the after noon i just finish playing basketball i went to their house to take shower and she was the only person in the house so i still took a shower i brought a sweat pants and a tishirt but i forgot to bring underwear so after shower i wore the clothes that i brought with no underwear on then i sat on the couch and she was sitting on the other side with her one leg up she was wearing a leggings and guest what i could see the lips of her pussy because the leggings is too tight after seeing that i got a boner and i didnt realize i dont have a underwear then a moment later she started talking to me and realize she was glaring at my cock i though she just trying to glare but dude after our eyes met her eyes went down and started to stare at my hard dick omfg i these hot chicks are bored tube porn so turn on coz she knows that i knew she was staring at my cock i dont know what to do coz shes my cousin so nothing happen that time i chicken out sorry :D then i began having these perverted thoughts on my cousin everytime i get a chance i always bump my hand on her ass pretending ididnt mean it but i think she noticed it all the time.

second incident happen it was 10am in the morning i went to their house coz im hungry lol then luckily she was byherself again and she was wearing sweat pants says pink on the butt part and its really tight u can see the form of her ass and u can tell she was wearing athong coz i cant see the panty line and her ass crack is visible too.

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then she ask me if i can help her to make some brownies ofcourse i help her i started bumping my hand on her ass again this time itake my time before i move my hand and ofcourse she doesnt care coz she ddint say anything or hesitate at all iwas wearing a short with the zipper by the way, when we start mixing the egg and water and the powder she ask me if can help her to mix it coz its hard to mix with mixer then i figured thats a chance to do some pervert things on her i told her im goin to creampie on sweethearts hot knockers hardcore blowjob first i went to the bathroom i open zipper up and i stick my dick out of the zipper and i cover with my tshirt coz want her to feel my dick on her ass.

after that i started helping her to mix the brownies and i went behind her i told her im goin to hold the mixer from behind her so we could do it together while we were doing that i started to do the move itarted to poked her ass using my dick and theres no way she wont feel that and she didnt hesitate at all proving she liked it and after that she gave me a thank hug and without thinking i put my left hand on her ass and i looked at her she was just smiling ofcourse i chicken out again nothin happen.

after that time nothin major happen but i continue doing the bumping hand on her ass and then a couple months past by i had few girlfriends that i been with and jessica started dating too but our special relation didnt end up there.

our final incident i thnk it was around 3am her step dad was station in sandiego for his navy stuff and aunt called me around 10 that they have a girls night out since uncle was not there she told me if i could sleep in their house tonight coz jessica would be byherself and ofcourse i said yes ;D their house is 3 bedroom so they have a spare room for guest then i went to their house like 10 someting i watch tv played video games then eat cute asian teen angel landed on yr old virgin food then went to the guest room which is beside jessicas room and i saw jessica lying on her front with both feet up and playing psp and she was wearing short short where u can almost see her ass cheek.

so i jump on her bed saying: ME: hey jec wassup JESSICA; hi kuya are u going to sleep yet? (Kuya in filipino means big brother and thats how she calls me :) ) ME: no not yet, so hows life with a boyfriend ? JESSICA: (she throw her psp away and started talking tome)hmm?

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didnt i tell u we broke up a couple weeks ago i cought him flirting with her ex so i brokeup wid him (then our conversation keep going on and we started to feel sleepy and i told her im goin to sleeep beside her till 5 in the mornin so if aunt come home she wont be supisious to us and jessica aggreed to me and i ended up sleeping beside her she was wearing her pjs and im also wearing my sponged bob pjs also and i didnt wear any underwear ofcourse coz u guys know what im already thinking.

it was around 2 am we finally goin to sleep and i started touching her ass using my hard cock but with the pjs on and she didnt hesitate so i move on this time in a new level i started moving my hips while my hard dick is on her ass and she didnt hesitate at all and i cant really take it anymore but to make sure that she really like it i did the the last move i grab her hand and place it on my dick and i start to move her hand to rub my dick but i was stiill wearing a pjs though but i notice shes not moving on her own yet but i know she still awake so i put her hand inside my pjs and place her hand on my dick but she wasnt still moving and i said to myself fuck it i put my hand on her crouch outside first too sultry darling shares her big pantoons hardcore blowjob if shes not goin to hesitate then again she didnt so i put inside and shes not wearing any panty either and her pussy is soaking wet but she still not moving so i put my middle finger inside her pussy and pull her pjs slowly when her pjs is half way down istarted to leak her sensitive thing which is her clit and this time she moaned and start jacking off my cock while im eating her and start kissing i was so happy that could fuck my beautiful cousin so i make sure that she will never forget that night we did doggy she was so great coz her ass is so round its bounsing when im everytime im banging her and we did cowgirl which shes ontop and while where doing it i was really turned on coz i could see her face while she moaning and grabbing her left and right ass cheeks it was really amazing the other one we did i dont what its callled but one of her legs is in the middle of my legs and her other leg was up i thnk its called HIT THE SPOT dude she was pushing me back she was like JESSICA: kuya do it slowly its too much ohh ohhh fuccccck im comming imm comming ahhhhh oh my god i love you kuya i nver thought sex would be so good ME: HOW MANY Granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn U CAME?

JESSICA: i dont know anymore but its a lot oooh ohh ahhhh kuyaa slowly ME:( i was fucking going wild evertime she said its toomuch and when shes trying topush me away im forcing my self to put everything inside her pussy and finally i cant take it anymore i ask her to go on top and make me cum she ride on top and when im about to cum i grab hair and come inside everything in her but iwas wearing acondom though) we fuck for an hour and half and i ended up sleeping beside her but i still woke up at 6 coz i set my alarm on so i can go to the other room.

u guys want me to share how i last long on sex? experience ofcourse ok heres the technique without taking any pills. when ur about to come stop moving put ur attetion on kissing her or sucking her tits after a few sec like 20 go back again start banging her and if feel ur about to come stop again and put ur attention on other stuff this is important for girls st0p being selfish think about her happiness too if u do that that technique u can make her come 10 times:) im really a pervert i did a bunch of stuff in the past that is really unthinkable or not acceptable and i will share them to u when i have time sorry about my gramar and englsh again :) oh one more thnng she wasnt a virgin anymore probable her ex done it wit her already