Peculiar czech teenie spreads her narrow vagina to the strange

Peculiar czech teenie spreads her narrow vagina to the strange
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Michael was in Bristol. He had a house clearance job to do in a high-rise block of apartments in the centre of town. A dumpster had been delivered that morning to put all the rubbish in, but it was already half full with someone else's unwanted items. It was going to be a long and exhausting job, he thought, working on the thirteenth floor and with none of the elevators working, he would have to transport everything down the never-ending, narrow stairwells to the ground floor.

Michael began the long steep climb up the apartment block, stopping at every third level to catch his breath. By the time he reached the tenth floor, Michael was completely exhausted. I don't half pick 'em', he thought, sitting on a cold stone tread to rest.

There must be an easier way to make a living? Two girls ascended the stairs, barging into him clumsily while giggling their heads off.

"Excuse me!" said Michael, angrily, "you almost knocked my shoulder out with your fat knees." "Who are you calling fat? I'll smack you in the mouth, WANKER!" "I didn't say you were fat, I said&hellip., oh, forget it. I don't have the energy for an argument." She assumed the cocky stance, one leg in front of the other with her foot tapping double time, with her hands tucked firmly on hips and her head moving from side to side like a Thai dancer. dad tricked daughter sucking cock not even from around here, are you?

Because I know all the guys in this area!" Her friend giggled wildly as she took a draw of the marijuana joint she was holding. "Yeah, Lucy should know, she's fucked most of 'em'." Lucy slapped her friend, playfully. "Andrea, you make me sound like an whore. You've some need to talk, you've had more prick than a second hand pin cushion!" Michael burst into hysterical laughter.

"Do you know something, girls, you'd make a great double act!" "You dirty bastard! We're only sixteen!" Michael was shocked, and yet quite assumed at her implications. "I didn't mean what you're thinking. I was referring to a comedy double act, you know, Laurel n Hardy, Abbott and Costello!" "Oh, sorry, I thought you were suggesting a threesome." Michael stood up and brushed the dirt from the seat of his pants.

"Well, girls, it's been nice meeting you. I have to get this house clearance done, time is money!" "Old Mr. Johnson's place on the thirteenth floor! You've got your work cut out there, it's a right shit hole." european teen outdoor young zorah gets her smoothshaven cunny fucked "That bad, eh?" The door was wide open when Michael arrived at the apartment.

It looked like a tornado had passed through it. The carpet had been pulled back and several floor boards were missing. Paint had been thrown indiscriminately around the walls and the stuffing from the sofa was all over the place.

"What the fuck happened here?" he mumbled. Unknown to him, the two girls had followed him and gave him quite a start as he turned around.

"Word got around that old MR. Johnson hid his pension money in the house. Everyone and their grandma searched for it. Poor old guy didn't have any relatives and the place was trashed within minutes of him being carted away." Explained Lucy.

Michael stood the two- seater sofa on end, crouched his back underneath it and carried it down the stairwells to the ground floor.

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By the time he got to the dumpster, he'd barely got the strength left to toss it inside. There's got to be an easier way than this, he thought, looking upwards. When he returned to the apartment, Lucy and Andrea were sprawled on the old man's bed smoking another joint.

"Girls, how would you like to help me out? I give you something in return." "What do we have to do?" The girls said in unison. "Just stand near the entrance, so I don't drop the rubbish I'm going to throw over the balcony on to someone's head." The girls agreed and quickly exited the apartment. Michael emptied the rooms in double quick time, except for the double bed, because the dumpster was filled to capacity. Michael took a ten pound notes from his wallet and offer it to the girls.

"This should buy you a few lagers!" The girls shook their heads. "We don't want your money, we want you! We've never met anyone like you before, you're hot." Lucy unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra and her small, pear shaped breasts held firm as she walked over to Michael and planted a soft, delicate kiss on to his lips. "Do you like what u see?" she said, invitingly. Andrea wasted no time either, and quickly unzipped Michael's jeans and pulled out his erect cock.

A firm hand gripped the base as she wrapped her lips around his swollen orb. Lucy continued her little striptease, slipping her skirt down to her ankles, before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She gave a sexy wiggle as she slowly manipulated them to the floor. Michael gasped at the sight before him. Lucy had the hairiest pussy he had ever seen. Her pubic hair grew wild like the main of a lion, which continued around to her anal passage.

Lucy ran her hand through the glistening black mass, forcing two of her fingers into her pink wet slit. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!" she cried. Lucy knelt on the bed, lowered her head to the mattress and swayed her ass seductive in the air. "That's not fair," muffled Andrea, with the cock still in her mouth. "You always have first go." "Don't worry," said Michael, reassuringly, "There's plenty for both of you." Andrea gagged as she tried to take the full length of Michael's cock into her mouth, and tears welled in her eyes as she tried for a second time.

The alluring sight of Lucy masturbating and the two juicy fingers disappearing into her tight pussy was to much to bear.

Michael pulled his cock from Andrea's mouth, brushed Lucy's fingers away from her tight little hole and forced his cock deep inside her. Michael gripped her slender hips and pulled Lucy backwards to meet his forward thrusts. By now, Andrea had stripped naked and was cupping his balls as her pounded Lucy's wet pussy, and with her sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking hand, she masturbated herself into a sexual frenzy as her pussy squirted her hot juices down her inner thigh.

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Andrea laid on the bed breathless, massaging her hot sticky cum into pubic hair. Michael reach over and caressed her huge breasts, tweaking her erect nipples between finger and thumb.

Lucy reach back between her legs, pulled Michael's cock from her dripping pussy and forced it into her tight ass. She began trashed and curse like she suffered from Tourettes as he drove it deep inside her. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!" she cried. "Shoot that hot cum inside me, Michael!" Michael had a job just to stay on. It's like riding a bucking Bronco, he thought.

Suddenly, Michael's face contorted as he was about to orgasm, but before he could pump his hot cum into Lucy's tight little ass, Andrea grabbed hold his erection, pointed it towards her and wanked his cock till he exploded onto her face. Hot sticky come dripped from her hair and nose sexy hoe diverse stacey services taxi drivers cock trickled down to her awaiting tongue.

Andrea smiled like the cat that had gotten the cream as she lapped the salty semen from her lips. "Yes, yes, see how you like it having to have the last dregs," yelled, Andrea.

"You fucking bitch!" screamed Lucy, snatching her hand from Michael's cock. "I always get first choice, you know that!" "Well, things are about to change!" The two girl went at it hammer and tong, screaming abuse and trying to rag each others hair out. Michael zipped up his jeans and made a quick exit from the apartment. Never had two girls fighting over me before, he thought, God, I must be good!