Cory chase and bailey brooke threesome sex on the couch pornstars and blowjob

Cory chase and bailey brooke threesome sex on the couch pornstars and blowjob
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"There you go sis." my older sister says cruelly as she attaches my leash to the tree in our backyard. "In the morning I'll change you back. But for tonight you are outwardly the bitch you usually are inwardly!" I reach up with my back leg to scratch that annoying itch just behind my ear. I am seething with anger inside.

Just wait till I get my witch powers. I'll show her just what a "bitch" Hotty is team fucked nicely hardcore blowjob can be! "Don't get fleas!" she laughs as she goes back inside. I sniff around the tree I'm tethered to. I am surprised how heightened my sense of smell is. I smell several other doggie smells around.

I get kinda turned on by them when I realize that they must be male dogs marking the tree. Oh, yeah, if you haven't guessed already, tonight I've been turned into a dog. A little bichon frise. Kinda like a poodle, only cuter and ten times as expensive. My family members are witches, not the broom riding hags you might think of, but reality altering females.

My mother and older sister are teaching me even though I am a little bit of a late bloomer. I should have come into my powers about when I turned 15, almost three years ago, but mom says not to worry. I'm worried. I don't want to be at the mercy of my older sister all my life!

So what if I wore her favorite sweater trying to attract Brad Johnson, the son of our neighbor's who lives next door. So what if I ripped it. With a wave of her hand she could have mended it, but no, she had to get all bent out of shape about it and so tonight I sleep outside.

I wish mom weren't gone for the weekend! I can hear other dogs in the distance. If you ever have been annoyed by the constant barking of a dog next door, sn xxxx hf earch some porn how annoying it is to find out that it translates mostly to "Hey, you, hey, you, what are you doing, hey, hey, you, hey, get away from here, hey, hey, hey, don't ignore me, hey, hey, you, hey, you, hey, hey, hey." Over and over and over!

I don't know who marked this tree, but I really wish they hadn't! The smell of him keeps penetrating my thoughts. I haven't had a steady boyfriend since I caught Billy with that tramp under the bleachers.

I didn't know that doggies could get so sexed up. I guess I only thought they mated and had puppies, end of story. I can tell you however that my little doggie body was getting all worked up over the scents I couldn't get away from. Without thinking, I reach down and lick my little pussy. Oh my god that feels good! You know that old joke, why does a dog lick himself? Because he can?

Well I could and I was getting some relief. I have never had a tongue so far inside me as I put my own tongue tonight. As it starts to feel real good I hear little doggie yips and I realize that I'm making them, but I don't care. Lick, lick, lick. I can smell the male dogs and I can smell myself, and I smell sexy! Why do I smell so sexy? Oh god, not too much more and I'm there!

I'm startled by a growling sound. My head whips up and I'm I see the one of the Johnson's bulldogs from next door. I recognize him as one of the scents contributing to this tree.

I get to my feet and I tell him to go away. "Yip!" Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm a toy dog breed and he's a bulldog. I'm not going to frighten him! He tilts his head and then starts forward. I try and back away, but I can only go so far on this damn short leash! He circles me and sniffs me all over. I try and push him away but he's too strong for me. Then it hits me. His smell. He smells SO male.

My little doggie body reacts to that scent. I'm hit by a jolt of desire deep down in my doggie loins. While I'm processing this new sensation from my new body, he has circled behind me. I'm straining as far as the leash can go and it won't go any further.

I look behind me and there he is. Sniffing me. I don't know if it is because I'm in doggie form sunny leon tow gril fuking if it is just a universal look, but I can read the expression on his face. Lust. Then his cold doggie nose comes into contact with my hot pussy lips. I start to tell him to get away!

"Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip!" "Quiet out there, some of are trying to sleep. bitch!" my sister yells from inside. A surge of anger runs through me, this is her fault. I start to pull in a deep breath for a really good round of barking when he starts to lick me. The bark is stopped before it can even start. With my ass now up in the air in the natural doggie position, he has a perfect target for licking. Oooooh, that's good. I was so close before. Now it starts to come back quickly.

I thought I was getting deep action with my tongue, but he's getting into me further than I ever thought anyone could. The combination of his hot tongue up my pussy, and his cold nose pressing into my asshole is getting me off like gangbusters.

Just a little more, just a little more, HEY! I was almost there and he just stops. Then before I can react, his weight is on my back. Oh shit, I know what's coming! And there it is. His doggie cock pokes me in my hindquarters trying to find the mark.

I start to struggle out from underneath him, but his jaws clamp down on the back of my neck. The growl issuing from his deep bulldog chest vibrates my body.

He is not biting down hard, but I know for certain that if I try and struggle any further, that he will hurt me. I stop struggling and his quest for my hole goes on.

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His stabbing dick keeps almost making it in and I have mixed feeling about this. My body really wants it. I am so ready to cum that I can feel my hips trying to help him enter me, but my human mind is screaming that I'm about to be fucked by a dog. Then he finally finds his mark. With a growl that sounds suspiciously like an evil laugh, he sinks into me. My mind stops objecting and I luxuriate in the feeling of his doggie cock sinking into me.

It feels like it goes in forever and I don't know how my fluffy white little body is taking it all. Fuck I feel so full lesbian girls ashton moore cytherea and jenna haze his nuts finally press up against me. Fully sheathed in me he stops and gets a better grip on my neck. My ass is gyrating trying to get some sensation going. Why doesn't he start to fuck? I need to cum so badly. With another evil laugh/growl he starts to pump my little doggie body.

I am thrusting back with my little spindly doggie legs. I want him deep inside me. He is struggling and pumping for all he's worth. I can feel the collar around my neck biting into me, but I don't care.

The warm glowing feeling in my loins is all I can think of. Then I feel it. At first I feel a lump at the base of his cock. Then he stops pumping. I whine and try moving my ass to get him to start again. Biting harder on my neck he pushes his hips harder at me. The combination of his biting and the collar around my neck is starting to make it hard to breathe. I stiffen as that lump I feel starts to press into me.

His knot! He's trying to get his knot into me! I've seen doggies do this before in the neighborhood. I clamp down, trying to make it harder for him. He backs his hips up a bit and then renews his assault on my entrance. My little legs start to tremble. He's bigger and stronger than I am and he knows it. He presses his attack and I have to stop clenching because my pussy muscles are exhausted.

The moment I stop resisting, I feel stretched like I have never been stretched before. Again he stops as if to savor his victory. He releases his grip on my neck. He knows I'm not going anywhere now.

Then he starts thrusting again. Short brutal thrusts because of the knot, but it is doing wild things to me. I only thought I was full before. I can almost feel every vein on his dick rubbing my insides. Once the pain of entrance is over I start to really get off on the knot.

Hot, bumpy, thick, diving my little doggie clit crazy. Do dog have clits? It sure feels like it as his huge nutsack bumps against me! I have been so close so many times tonight, only to be stopped by one thing or another. I want to cum. I lower my head to the ground and that gives him an even easier access to my fucktunnel. He talks for the first time in this whole encounter. "Howl for me bitch. I know you're getting off on this. I want to hear you cum. I want the whole neighborhood to hear you cum.

I want dogs miles away to envy me breeding you. Cum for me bitch, howl tonight and I'll plant my babies deep in you." That last sent a chill through me? Could I get pregnant? What would result? I tried to be worried, but my vagina is doing everything it could to get him off. I feel a howl building inside me and I can't stop it. I lift my head from the ground and pull a huge lungful of air into me. "Yeah you little fuzzy white bitch, normally you wouldn't give my kind the time of day.

Stuck up pampered little cunts. Yeah, take my scum. We gonna make some ugly puppies!" With that he lunges forward and starts pumping his sperm into me. I throw my head back and howl.

I want everyone to know I'm cumming. Finally! He throws back his head and joins me in a chorus of howls while we're cumming. I hear more yelling by my sister, but I don't care. I'm being bred and I like it! No more rubbers for me. The feeling of his baby batter coating my insides makes me cum hard and just when I start coming down, he thrusts a few more times and a couple more sex is what lesbos are nice at of bulldog juice starts my cunt clenching again in orgasm.

I don't know how long we were tied there, and I lost count of my orgasms, but eventually he falls out of me. It feels like a quart of doggie cum runs out of me and I collapse to the ground. He gets up and sniffs at the tree. His cock is still half mast as he adds another deposit of scent to the tree base. "Later bitch." and with that he stalks out of the yard. The next morning my neck hurts and my pussy is sore, but I feel good. Well fucked.

"Well, are you ready to change back?" There is my sister, wearing the magically repaired sweater. I bound forward and instinctively lick her hand.

It tastes and smells like pussy. "I really got off on Brad breeding you last night." she confesses as she changes me back. "Brad?" I say with my newly reformed human lips. "Yeah, didn't you know? Brad and his whole family are were-dogs. He and his father are bulldogs and his mother is a german shepard. I knew that last night was the full moon and I left him a note the sliding glass door. I also knew you were in the middle of your cycle and that would translate into you being 'in heat' when you transformed." No wonder I had been so horny.

I went back inside and fleshy juicy cunt squirts squirting and japanese and dressed (if you can call it that!) in my new bikini. I spent most of the day working on my tan. Eventually I took a nap in the sun. I was sitting in the lounge chair beside the pool when I heard a wolf whistle.

Opening my eyes, I saw Brad standing there. His black skin looking like obsidian in the fading afternoon light, and he was showing off his buff body to great effect in his brief speedo suit. Holding my leash of last night in one hand, he tosses it off to one side.

"I'm looking for some little bichon frise bitch, I understand she was here last night?" Without saying a word I smile and get up and pull the ties on my suit. The two pieces fall to the ground silently.

I crawl back onto the lounge chair and put my ass up in the air. "Yip!" I playfully bark while wiggling my ass. The strain on his skin tight suit becomes too much as his rapidly expanding dick pushes out one leg hole. He sniffs the air as he pushes his tight little bathing suit off his magnificent body. "I smell a bitch in heat.

Bitches get bred. Get bred hard. Are you my little bitch?" Pushing his hand toward my face like you would with a dog, I lick his fingers. They are salty and taste different than any other man I have licked before.

While I suck his fingers of his one hand, his other is running over my back and butt. "Nice, I think we have a purebred her. Good flanks," he squeezes my hips then runs his hand over my chest. "Good breasts for puppies to suckle, and she's wet and ready. Shall I?" He pulls off his swim suit and positions himself behind me, I feel his grand cock at my entrance. Grabbing my shoulders he thrusts forward and buries himself in me.

It looked like ten inches in his speedo before, but now it feels more like twelve. "Ooh Brad." CRACK! His hand leaves a stinging palm print on my desy sext story in up. "Bitches don't speak. They bark, growl, or howl." I get into the game and growl contentedly.

"Better. You are so tight. Sucking me inside your little white bitch body. Are you mine now bitch? You gonna wear my collar?" "Yip, yip, yip!" I bark excitedly nodding my head up and down.

"All your friends will see and be so jealous. Most of them have been trying to get into my pants after I fucked one of them and she couldn't keep her mouth shut last year. They want my big dick. .and they want this." My head snaps up as I feel a KNOT starting to press against my entrance.

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"What the fuck!" CRACK! "Tole you, bitches don't talk! I know you can take it." I can feel it almost in. I want it but I'm afraid for some reason. I'm worried that he's going to spoil me for a normal cock. Then it's too late, he lurches inside me. If I thought I was full before, that was NOTHING! I lower my head and moan. "That's better. I knew you could take it. I saw you take dad's last night and knew you'd want more." My head start to rise again and I feel a strong hand on my neck keeping it down.

Way strong. Scary strong. "Yeah that was dad, by the time I saw your sister's note dad had already sniffed you out. I think he's fucked all the dogs within a few miles of here and half of the human women too. Girlies love the knot." He was right about that.

It was doing a crazy job on my insides. I could feel my orgasm building deep in my womb. Spreading outwards towards my limbs. It wouldn't be long coming with the short stacatto jabbing he was giving me. Not with that knot inside me. Not long until I would be cumming all over his dick.

"You want to be my bitch for real? You know how a were passes his condition? Bites his victim during their orgasm," he pauses his pumping for the information to sink in. "I'm going to bite your shoulder, mark you good. You don't want to start turning into a doggie for real every full moon, all you have to do is not orgasm. But you want to cum don't you?

Braddie's knot is making you all creamy inside. Go ahead try not to cum. I dare you!" With that he starts pumping again and bends over and takes the fleshy bit between my neck and shoulder into his mouth. Licking at first I start to say something, anything, but before I can, I feel his very sharp teeth biting into me.

In my crazy fuck addled brain something switches what should have been horrifying pain into molten pleasure. Try as I could, the combination of the bite, his knot abusing my tunnel, and his viscous pinching of my nipples causes me to cum. I thought last night was the peak, but cumming on Brad's dick here by the pool surpasses that and more! I can feel my vagina spasming around his cock. I try to scream, but a very canine howl comes out of me instead.

Brad lifts his head from my shoulder and I can feel my own blood mixed with his spit splatter my back. Grabbing my hips he started unloading into me. "My bitch, my lovely bitch. I can't wait to see what you turn into!

UGGH! So deep inside you. Take me, take me all. Flooding your insides. So tight. So fucking tight!" Afterwards we lay in spoon position for an hour waiting for the knot to go down. Every time it starts to shrink, one or the other of us moves and it gets big again.

It became a game but eventually it comes to an end. The sun has gone down a while ago and I'm watching his face in the moonlight when I suddenly realize.

"Shouldn't you be a dog now?" He laughs. "Actually the full moon thing is a myth. We can change any time. How do you think I do that knot trick?" I hear my sister coming into the backyard. I just can't raise the energy to cover myself. The world lurches strangely around me and I blink and try to clear my eyes. Then I realize that I'm seeing the magic. Mom was right, it happened suddenly without warning. It only took 18 years, but I had come into my powers at last.

"TINA!!! I've got your boyfriend here!" she mocks, then stops short as she sees Brad and I nude on the deck chair. She is pulling a bulldog by the collar. I realize it is Hotty screwed in doggie girlfriend and homemade father and he doesn't look happy.

"No sis, that's not my boyfriend. That's my boyfriend's father, but don't worry, he's a great lover." With a twist of reality my sister shrinks and takes on a new form.

Her shivering chihuahua body looks especially naked by the pale moonlight. Her large eyes wide with surprise and not a little fear. She looks quickly over her shoulder as the growl of the large bulldog behind her catches her attention. Without warning she starts running out of the yard with Brad's father close on her tail. I hope he catches her.

She needs a good fuck.