Striking doll is showcasing her gaped wet twat in closeup pleasuring and gaping

Striking doll is showcasing her gaped wet twat in closeup pleasuring and gaping
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I did not write this story. Someone named TawnyT posted this to Literotica and I wanted to share this with all you people since it is so good. The shower door burst open and I felt a playful slap on my bare butt. I yelled out, but more for effect than anything else. I would never let on, but I was thrilled to death. "Move over Shrimp." My Sister said slapping my ass again smartly. I turned and grabbed her. My body was wet and soapy and we wrestled playfully, gloriously naked, mock fighting, growling and moaning as we turned, pushing and pulling under the water.

She became wet quickly and her body angel smalls busty step sis missionary long rod against mine, wonderfully slick. We wrestled and moved against each other. I loved the feel of her slick skin against mine.

I pressed hard against her, my pussy pushing against her hard muscled thigh. I wanted to hump it! I was very conscious of her two breasts pressing against my face. I'm two years younger than she is, and as I bent forward wrestling with her, her young firm breasts were almost even with my face.

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"Get your huge tits out of my face. You Big Fat Cow!" I yelled out. This had the desired effect - for me! She rubbed her sexy breasts hard against my face, pushing them firmly against me.

I turned and my lips were against her erect nipples.

I pressed my face against them again and again as I turned my face in mock horror, but in truth I loved it. I really wanted to suck on them. My breasts hadn't fully developed yet and I loved the look and feel of hers. I just wished I could suck them for even a short moment. Her soft slick flesh pressed against my face and her nipples mashed against my lips. I turned back and forth like I was fighting her, but I really loved every second of it.

Her erect nipples raked my face, my lips. God, I was in heaven. With her superior weight and strength, she turned me around, took my arm pulling it back and upward in a hammerlock, while she held me close against her. She had me! My arm hurt and I quickly yelled "Uncle! Uncle! You're hurting me!" "Say you're sorry!" She growled. "I'm sorry." I repeated, giggling. "Say you're sorry you called me a Big Fat Cow!" She giggled too, easing up on my arm twisted up behind me. I could feel her stomach muscles jump against my back as she giggled.

"I'm sorry I called you a Big Fat Cow, you Big Fat Cow!" I laughed back. She released me, hugged me to her and slapped my butt several times, stinging slaps, but her delicious breasts against my face made it all worthwhile. We laughed and giggled, hugging each other under the shower. God I loved her! She released me and I went back to soaping my body. She took the soap from my hand and began to lather her body. 'Fat cow' - there was not an ounce of fat on her, or on me for that matter.

She was tall and muscular from the gymnastics she did. Her muscles rippled under her skin, her body was well formed nicky gives a blowjob before the ramming all the exercises she did.

I looked at her body with the pride of a sister who loves her big Sister to distraction. My body is smaller, slender and has the long muscles of a competitive swimmer, my specialty.

My breasts were smaller than hers. I hoped when I filled out fully, they would be as large as hers, or even better, as large as Mom's beautiful full rounded breasts. I'd seen Mom's full low-slung breasts many times; we were never shy around each other when we were naked. I had stared at hers and loved the full globes of her breasts with the huge brown areolas that were almost as large as the palm of my hand. When she was cold, her nipples would stand out at least a half-inch or more.

I would salivate thinking I had sucked on them. Mom would catch me looking at her breasts, and didn't seem to mind. She would sometimes turn a little toward me and thrust them out as if she was very proud of them. I would be too if I had beautiful full breasts like hers.

Her motto was "If you've got them, flaunt them!" I'd sneak peeks at her pussy too, covering by her lovely brown fine, neatly trimmed curly hair. As we washed I stared at Sis's breasts.

They were nice and pear shaped and she has, what she said her boyfriend Ronnie called "puffy nipples." The areolas she taught me that term were almost three fingers wide, and bulged like swollen bee stings.

I wondered if they would stretch as large as Mom's when she had children. The nipples were long and prominent like Mom's too, and so hard! I felt a stirring as I remembered them against my face, my lips, all too fleetingly.

I hoped mine would look as sexy when I grew up. She reached down and soaped her pussy. I loved that term "pussy." Her pussy hair was a lovely brown, trimmed neatly in an inverted triangle, and the lather swirled around in it as she washed herself. She looked down and saw me watching her. "Have you washed your pussy?" She asked looking into my eyes. I had several times, but lied innocently, with a straight face.

"No, not yet" "Ok, wash it like I showed you." She nodded toward my sparser pussy hair. My heart jumped. I was going to do it in front of her. "Show me again how you do yours and I'll do mine at the same time. She shook her head like I was a dunce. I think she knew I just wanted to watch her wash her pussy too. "OK, Little Dummy. I'll show you again.

You sure aren't the swiftest fish in the stream are you?" I dropped my head in mock shame. I had to hide a grin. She took the soap and lathered her hands; she spread her legs wide and ran her fingers down and in between her pussy lips. I watched fascinated as she slid a finger up and down her slit over and over, then inward and I could tell she had slid it up inside her pussy.

She did it again and again. She closed her eyes a little as she rubbed her finger up high on her pussy. I knew how that felt! She seemed to catch herself, opened her eyes and caught me avidly watching. "Now you do it." Her voice was just a little hoarse, or was it my imagination? I took the soap and lathered my hands and repeated her actions over and over.

I loved the feel of my slippery fingers on my pussy, and especially with her eyes watching me. "Wash at the top real good, where your clit is! Make sure it's very clean." She eyed me and her hand went back to her pussy and her lather-covered finger moved up and down her slit. We stood inches apart, fingers playing up and down our pussies, "washing" them. I didn't need any encouragement to clean my small but firm clit.

I could feel it grow harder and longer under my finger and, God, it felt wonderful! I watched her fingers moving up and down - "washing" her sexy black luscious babe team fucked doggystyle. I think we both knew what we were doing almost masturbating for each other.

"Now up inside. Careful, you don't want to scrape yourself with your fingernails." She said as she slid a finger way up inside herself again. I mimicked her every motion, my thighs spread wide, and I squatted a little. I slid a wonderfully feeling soapy finger up inside my tight wet pussy. My finger felt wonderful inside me. There was no barrier there now as my fingers had long ago pushed aside and broken the membrane there.

I was no longer a "virgin," technically that is! My finger inside myself felt so good. A tingling feeling deep inside me was growing, my pussy ached, and I was getting so close. I looked at my lovely Sister and saw she was feeling the sensations too. "Now your backside, wash it good too." She said, coming back to the real world for a moment. She turned a little and slid a soapy finger up and down between her rounded butt. I did the same.

Mine was smaller of course, but I slid my finger up and down between my small ass cheeks, over my little ass hole. It felt nice there, but not as good as it did when I ran it over my clit. I watched as her hand moved up and down, knowing her fingers were moving over her butt hole.

I did the same. "Now make sure it's good and soapy then slide your finger inside. Relax your muscle back there and slip it inside. You want to get your ass good and clean too." She said watching me. She turned me around a little and pushed gently on my shoulders, making me bend forward so she could watch. I loved that! I spread my legs wide bending from the waist. I knew she could see my exposed asshole the way she was standing behind me. I pushed ravishing playgirl audrey bitoni gets screwed hard brunette big tits made my little hole pout.

I found the small opening and slid my finger inside carefully. Mnn, it felt so nice. I slid it in and out slowly. I knew she could clearly see my finger moving in and out of my ass. It made me even hotter. "Good, soap your hand once again and do it over. You want to make sure you are clean back there. One more time!" She said her voice a little hoarse now. She had turned slightly and I could see her hand moving in front, and her hand in back pushed a finger in and out of her ass.

By the motion of her other hand and arm, I could tell she was rubbing her clit. My body got real tingly and ached as I watched her. I turned my head away a little but watched her out of the corner of my eye; she was rubbing her pussy faster and faster. Her finger was sliding in and out of her butt at the same time. I could see the flesh of her anus; move in and out as she slid her finger in and out. Her flesh seemed to pout outward as if not wanting to let go of her finger as it slid outward.

As she slid it in, it pushed the flesh inward slightly. I imagined my own finger was doing the same while she watched me. Her body gave a little shudder and I heard a soft sigh, almost covered by the running water.

I knew that wonderful feeling. I guess it felt really good for her too. She straightened up a little unsteadily. "OK that's probably clean enough. Be sure and do that real good, every time you shower." Her voice was a little throaty. She took the soap and washed her hands well, then took some shampoo and began to wash her hair. While she had her eyes closed I looked at her body. I leaned close, looking down at her pussy, and could see her pussy lips parted as she stood, legs spread.

The water streamed down her body and her pussy was like two pouting lips. They were spread slightly and very red. That ratfink, she had rubbed them till she came.

They gleamed with the water running off of them. It looked liked she was peeing. I would love to watch her do that up close. That thought sent a shiver up my spine. I was really getting excited. "Horny" as the fuck books said!

I turned my body a little and ran my soapy finger up and down my slit over and over, moving it over my clit. She had showed me her pussy very intimately one day, and named each part of her pussy as she opened herself up to me. I was fascinated and it really gave me a tingly feeling in my pussy watching her do it, my face inches away from her spread sex.

I could smell her delightful odor. It almost drove me crazy. Her flesh had been gleaming wet from her pussy juices. Her odor had surrounded me and I remember salivating like mad.

I rubbed faster and faster, my body becoming more and more excited. I was close to it, almost there, close to that wonderful feeling I got when I really rubbed it till I almost fainted it felt so good, a climax, a cum!

"There, now wash my back, little Sis. Please. " She said straightening up, finished with her shampoo. Crap, I was almost there! Reluctantly, I took the washrag, soaped it well and washed her back carefully with it.

My hand was shaking a little from my excitement; I had been just on the edge of a climax. I ran the washrag up and down her back till it was clean. She took it out of my hand and washed her front. I watched as her breasts bobbed and swayed as she washed them. All too soon, she was finished. She turned me and washed my back all too quickly. I wished she had done it with her hands. "Let's get out, you'll look like a prune!" She laughed as she slid around me, her slick body rubbing against mine.

I loved the feel of it against my skin. " I still have to wash my hair." I lied. I had already washed it once. "Boy you sure are slow!" She gave me a quick hug and then a playful swat on my rear. She got out and closed the shower door. I saw her take a towel and begin to dry off. Her back was to me. I took the soap and lathered my hand. I was facing the door watching her. I spread my legs a little giving my hand more room.

I slid a finger up and down my slit while watching her dry off. If she turned I could turn quickly too. As long as she was facing the other way she couldn't see me rubbing my pussy. I thought of her fingers rubbing against her pussy, her other hand with a finger sliding in and out of her ass.

I put a finger deep inside my ass, pushing it in and out. My other fingers played over my clit, faster and faster. I watched her, seeing her sexy body through the glass, slightly veiled by mist and water, but still plainly visible.

Her cute ass wiggled as she toweled off. My fingers flew faster and faster. She turned to the side a little and I saw her beautiful cone shaped breast bounce slightly as she moved. What lovely breasts, I wanted to kiss them, caress them, and suck her long nipples.

My clit seemed to grow under my fingers, feeling more wonderful each second, my breathing became faster and faster and then my whole universe seemed to explode. I bit my lip to keep from crying out mitali raj xxx vid do the fantastic feeling swept through my body. I saw stars and had to keep from yelling out it felt so wonderful.

It seemed to go on and on till finally I gasped and fell against the side of the shower. I managed to stand panting for a moment, my knees shaking. Then I straightened up and took some shampoo and made a pretense of washing my hair. I looked around when I was through, and she was gone. I wanted to see her beautiful naked body some more.

Drats! I was disappointed. I got out and was standing there drying off. I was facing the way she was when she had dried off. I looked in the mirror, and the angle was such that she could have seen the whole shower door from where she had been standing, with her body turned away from it. I could see rather clearly inside the shower stall. Had she watched me?

I blushed. She probably knew I was lying, and excited, and watched me climax, cum, explode! I had read those words in some of the dirty fuck books she kept hidden in her closet. Mom would have a fit if she knew they were there, and Sis would have a real hissy fit if she knew I had been looking through her things. I dried off.

She had watched me, I was sure of it! The thought kept running through my brain over and over. I was positive! I was spent now, totally relaxed. Feeling fantastic! Sis had watched me bring myself off! Wow, taking a shower with Sis was really wonderful. Friday evening finally came; our parents had left after work and were going to be gone all weekend.

Sis and I hadn't taken another shower together. I wanted to, but our schedules didn't match. Seems she was either up earlier or later than I was when we had to take a shower. Maybe we could take another one together, a long one. I really hoped so. My pussy tingled at the thought! Our parents had left strict orders that Ronnie, her boyfriend, could not come over that weekend or she's be grounded for the rest of her life. Mom had asked Brandi our next-door neighbor, and her best friend, to watch over us while they were gone, so Sis knew that having Ronnie come over was out.

She was really disappointed. We were watching TV, in our nightclothes on Sis's bed. She had on a sexy frilly top with a bottom that was almost transparent. I had on a t-shirt and, plain cotton panties, not sexy at all, but then I didn't have very many sexy under things. The movie on the pay TV channel was pretty hot, a man and woman kissing and making out. There was nudity in it, and the man was kissing her large sexy breasts. Hot! I looked over at Sis and could just make out her erect nipples poking up against the thin material.

She would rub her hand over her breast from time to time when she didn't think I was looking. It was getting to her too. I hoped I could start some sexy talk with her. No harm in trying!

"Does Ronnie like to kiss you?" I grinned, looking over at her. She giggled. "Kiss me, where?" "On your lips." Suddenly it struck me, the man was kissing the woman's breasts. "Oh, on your breasts too? Does he do that?" I said wide-eyed. "Yes Silly, he loves to kiss them. I told you he calls sunny leone sex stories hq amazing xxx story download areolas 'puffy'.

How do you think he knew to call them that?" She laughed and cupped one breast. Damn that was sexy looking! "Do you like for him to do that? Does it feel nice?" I asked my tummy doing flip-flops. She was silent for a while looking at the TV screen. She finally turned to me. "Promise to never tall a soul if I tell you? If you ever breathe a word I'll fix you good! Promise?" She said very seriously.

"Cross my heart and hope to die!" I turned and scooted closer to her. My bare arm touched her warm arm and it felt so nice. "Well, we got to kissing one night and he was French kissing me, had his tongue way in my mouth. We were in the back of his car out in the boonies. He really got me so hot; finally he pulled my top and my bra off, licked and sucked my nipples and breasts. God it got me so damn hot! Thought I would die. He'd suck and tongue them over and over while his hand cupped my breast and played with it.

"He put his hand in my panties but I made him take it out. He kissed my nipples and breasts for the longest time. He got a hard on, I could feel it against my leg. He was kind of humping my leg. No way was he going to fuck me. I don't want to get pregnant. I almost came I was so hot, so was he. My panties were damp I was so excited.

Finally we had to quit as it got so late, and he brought me home. I came in and got myself off. I almost exploded I was so excited." "Like you came in the shower the other day when we were there together?" I teased her. "Yeah, like that, except hotter, more explosive.

You little Fink you! I watched you get off in the shower too; you are a fine one to talk. I saw you with your finger in your ass and rubbing your clit." She got a huge grin on her face and laughed out loud. "Not that I blame you. I did get you hot didn't I? Making you wash your pussy and ass over, and over, and over. It was fun wasn't it? You have a cute little bod." I blushed. "Thanks, yours is fantastic. I loved watching you rub yourself. And I loved seeing your pussy up close while you were shampooing." I grinned back at her.

" I saw you peeping, Shrimp!" She giggled. "We are bad! Mom said we could take showers together. She big booty nadia lopez gives a handjob she and Aunt Pat did it when they were young. She got this naughty smile on her face, like, you know, she knew what we were doing in there and didn't mind. She's something else!" "Does Ronnie kiss your pussy too?" I asked seeing how far I could go.

"Why you little impertinent Imp! Where did you get that idea?" She asked shaking her head and pointing her finger at me. "You little Rat, you have been in my fuck books haven't you?

I thought it looked like someone had been going through them. I wondered if Mom had found them. If she had, I think they would have disappeared, or I would have gotten a long boring lecture. They are pretty raunchy! I got them from Dottie, not Ronnie. Her folks don't mind if she reads them. I ought to tan your cute little ass for snooping in my stuff." She pointed her finger at me again, grinning down at me.

"Did you get off reading them? Some of them really are hot and oh God - really raunchy!" We laughed together. She wasn't as mad as I thought she'd be. "Well, does he kiss your pussy?" I asked again giggling. "You are a Scamp aren't you? Promise never to tell a soul?

This is just between us, OK?" I nodded. "Yes he has, and it was fantastic. I flat won't let him fuck me even with a rubber on. He can finger me all he wants but I don't want to get pregnant or catch something. Oh, he wants to fuck me soooo bad!" She laughed, rolling her eyes.

"He kissed your pussy, really?" I gasped trying to think of his lips there. "That's not all!" She giggled lowering her voice. "He put his tongue inside me, licked my pussy over and over till I came. God, I thought I'd go crazy." I gasped, I had read a little about men sex xxx story xxx pa women's pussies in her fuck books but thought it was just fiction.

"He actually licked your pussy, and put his tongue inside you? Jeeese!" I was flabbergasted. It was making my clit hard and my pussy so wet thinking about his tongue inside her cute pussy. The girls laughed about it, but I didn't know any one who said they had been "eaten." "And it was fantastic. He licked my pussy for the longest time and sucked and licked my clit. He put a finger inside me pumping it in and out and I came like there was no tomorrow. It was out of this world, I almost fainted it felt so damn wonderful.

"He made me promise not to tell any of the other girls he ate me. Some guys think it's nasty and they make fun of 'cuntlappers.' Britanny shaes pussy fucked doggystyle by tony brunette big dick won't tell anyone, I don't want to get a bad reputation. The next thing they would say was we were fucking, which we definitely haven't and I'd get a reputation as a slut.

Don't you dare breathe a word about it! OK? You do and you are D-E-A-D! You got that Missy?" She said very seriously. I promised and was thinking about him sucking her breasts and licking her pussy.

My mouth watered. "Is it like French kissing? Betsy and I do that lots. It's fun. We like to do each other. It feels so good doesn't it?" I giggled. "You and cute little Betsy Frenching each other.

You two are really naughty! Do you do anything else?" "Like what?" I asked not knowing what she meant. "Oh come on! You know. Playing with each other's tits, or pussies while you French each other." She said tilting her head, a lopsided grin on her pretty face. "No. We just kiss each other. It feels really nice." I said, then my mind kicked in. "Do you and Dottie play with each other's pussies." Dottie was a close friend and had stayed overnight in our house many times.

They always locked the door and I could hear giggling and laughing but never thought too much about it. "What do you think, Shrimp?" She laughed, rolling her eyes up dramatically, giving me her answer. I sat looking at the TV screen, but not really seeing it. My mind was running a mile a minute.

She and Dottie? Dottie was a cheerleader and drop-dead-gorgeous. This was some heavy shit she was laying on me. My Sister and her best friend making love! Damn! "Sis, I really like taking showers with you." I said in a small voice.

My throat had tightened up at the thought of telling her this. "I like it too." She said absentmindedly, not seeming to pay too much attention to my statement her eyes on the TV screen.

The sexy action on it had slowed down a little. "You know what I like best about it?" I asked my mouth feeling like it had cotton in it. I could feel my whole body tingle.

She didn't say anything but turned her head to me and looked at me, giving me her full attention. "I like to feel you against me, you feel so nice when we are wet. I really like to feel your tits against my face. I - I - well, I wanted to suck on your nipples.

I loved seeing your pussy too. It's so pretty and so sexy too." "Really? It feels so sexy having you against me too, when we are wet.

I got hot the other day when you were washing your cute little pussy. God, I got so hot I had to cum watching you fucking your ass with your finger and rubbing your clit. You gave that cute little asshole of yours a real work out.

Watching your soapy finger sliding in and out was so damn sexy. I know how good it feels when I do it to myself or Dottie does it to me! "I was mean. I should have let you bring yourself off while I did myself. I don't know why I did that? We could have watched each other.

But you did cum while I was outside. I watched you in the mirror. I almost brought myself off again watching you, but I went into my room and made myself cum on the bed, thinking about you slipping your finger up your cute little ass.

I watched you cum and ran out and did it to myself. I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry! I tend to be a fuck-up sometimes. Forgive me little Sister?" My tension gone, I grinned and stuck my tongue out at her, we laughed. We sat in silence, neither of us talking, and not really watching the TV either. "Would you like to kiss my tits? I'll let you if you want to." She asked softly. I couldn't talk, I just nodded dumbly. She sat up and pulled the top off and sat there in just the thin bottoms.

Her breasts were beautiful; the nipples were erect and sticking way out. I loved the puffy swollen areolas. My lips almost puckered looking at them. She moved to the edge of the bed and hung her legs off of it. She motioned for me to get on the floor between them. I slid off the bed onto the thick carpet and kneeled between her spread thighs. I could make out the shadow of her brown pussy hair through the thin material of her sexy panty bottoms.

It was pulled up tightly in her pussy, right along voyeur guy fucks both her gf ava taylor and stepmom lisa ann prominent crevice. I stared at it. I wished she'd take them off. I moved closer and kneeled up in front of her, between her spread thighs. She reached out and pulled me to her. Her breasts pressed against mine, her nipples seemed to be drilling two holes in my skin. Her body was hot as could be. She bent her head and kissed me softly on the lips.

I almost melted. Her kiss was so soft and her lips warm against mine. Her tongue slid out and played along my lips. God, I almost died! Betsy and I had kissed lots of time. I finally managed to meet Sis's tongue with mine, and our tongues played against each other.

My hand was on her arm and I felt her take it and move it. She put it on her breast and rubbed it over the firm globe. I almost fainted it felt so wonderful. I let my hand roam over her hot breast, her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. She pressed her chest forward against my hand as our tongues played. It was so erotic. Kissing Betsy was never like this! I was kissing my big Sister and playing with her breast at the same time.

I had died and gone to heaven! My heart was beating a mile a minute. I pulled back and looked at her sexy breasts. The nipple I had been fondling was very erect, it was longer too.

I had done that! Me! "You are really a good kisser Sweet One. You and Betsy must have been doing a lot of practicing!" She chuckled, then leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips.

I took both hands and ran them over her soft breasts. The skin was so soft, yet beneath the skin, her breast was firm. I squeezed them and stroked them. It felt wonderful. I felt a hot tingling sensation run through my whole body. "I hope when my boobs get larger, they are as sexy as these." I grinned up at her. I stroked them over and over, and then played with the nipples, pulling and rolling them between my fingers.

I could feel them swell and become even harder. It was making my mouth actually water and my pussy began to tingle while I looked at them. "Kiss them. I love to have them kissed and the nipples sucked on. Come on Baby, I want you to suck them for me. Please?" She asked a little breathlessly. I bent and kissed the tip of her neglected breast.

I took the long nipple between my lips and sucked on it. It was warm and the tip hard. I ran my tongue around the hard tip and against her swollen areolas. Jeeez, I was actually sucking my Sister's breasts. I couldn't believe it! I sucked on them like I was nursing, while my hands cupped and stroked them. My body went hot all over. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to really be enjoying it. I pressed in a little and took more of her nipple and breast in my mouth, opening my mouth wide, sucking harder.

God it felt so fantastic, and her skin tasted so good too. I could taste the powder she used on them. Her skin tasted so sweet. I cupped her breast with both hands, squeezing it, molding it, trying to get more of it into my mouth.

The pear shape of it helped me, but my mouth was too small and her breast too large. I tongued her nipple like I do when I kiss Betsy's tongue, flicking it around and around the swollen areola and using it against her hard nipple. It seemed to get even longer as I sucked. I pulled back a little and saw she had a hand down against her pussy, rubbing it through the milf taxi driver seducing young guy in her fake taxi cloth.

Her finger ran along the furrow, pressing the cloth deeper into her pussy. I sucked her nipple again and put my hand down over hers while she moved it up and down her slit.

"Take your bottom off, please Sis. Let me see your pussy. I want to watch you play with your self. Oh, please?" I begged her. She stared at me a moment then nodded. I moved back as she lifted her ass and pulled her bottoms off.

I noticed the crotch material was dark, wet with her juices. Her eyes were very wide open, almost as if she were in a trance. She kicked the flimsy bottom aside and sat back down. She spread her thighs and I moved back between them and kissed her breasts, going from one to the other.

I moved my head sideways so I could see her pussy out of one eye. Her fingers played up and down her spread slit. The odor of her excitement surrounded me. It was the sexiest thing I had ever smelled, another girl's excited pussy; spread wide, open inches from my face. I could feel the heat from her thighs and pussy. I actually trembled as I inhaled her sexual odor. One hand went to the back of my head and pressed me against her breast a little harder. I felt her fingernails dig in to my scalp.

I didn't mind at all. I sucked harder, tongued faster. Her fingers moved faster against her clit, making little circles around her pink clit. I could see it momentarily when her finger moved out of the way for a split second.

I was so close I could hear the little liquid sounds her fingers made against her wet pussy. She began to moan and whimper. I cupped her breast harder and sucked hard on her nipple. It tasted divine. I put my hand on top of hers carefully feeling the motion of her hand.

I moved it a little so as not to obstruct my view, so I could see her clit and her fingers playing over it. She began to gasp and she cried out as she came.

She moaned, then screamed out as her body went into shivers of delight as she climaxed. I was glad the folks weren't home! My pussy was on fire and I wanted to rub it so bad, but I wanted to help her cum. I sucked and tongued her nipples going from one to the other, back and forth. She gave one last long undulating scream of joy and fell back on the bed, her breast pulling from my lips.

She lay panting. Her legs were spread and I could see her wet pussy, it was beautiful. I had only seen it wide open like this once before, but I leaned in and looked taboo sex between izzy champayne and erik everhard brings them lots of pleasures it close.

The lips were swollen and puffy, her clit a small pink bean at the top. Below, her neat brown ass hole looked inviting too. But her opening was like a red rose.

There was a little of her juice in the middle, a small pool. My mouth watered as I looked at it. "Ohhh, thank you little Sister. That was fantastic. I came like gangbusters. Wild! I loved your lips and tongue on my nipples. You are some lover. Come up here and let me hold you." I moved up on the bed and she pulled me on top of her, holding me against her hot body.

I kissed her lips and she kissed me back softly. I lay on top of her hot heaving body. I had helped my Sister get off. I had kissed my first breast and loved every second of it. I felt like a million dollars. My Sister and I lay kissing softly. I was lying on top of her hot body. She was still breathing heavily from her climax.

I nestled my body down against hers. I shook my head slowly. I had just kissed her breasts while she rubbed her pussy and made herself cum. I had done it! I had dreamed of doing that while we were in the shower, but now I had really, actually done it. I had gotten to suck and kiss her nipples and helped her cum. My hand had been on top of hers and I had felt the motions as she played with her clit. I was so happy, but my pussy was tingling and I wanted more.

My hips seemed to have a mind of their own. They pushed downward against my Sister's body. I was nestled between her thighs and my pussy pressed downward against her alexis teaxas jack pov 18 naked pussy.

My clit seemed about to burst. She giggled. "Why little Sister, I think you are horny. You're dry fucking me. Poor Baby, is your pussy hot?" "It's on fire, my clit seems like it will explode, it burns so. I have never felt it like this before." I said frowning, my voice a little strained with the sexual tension in my body. "Well, you helped me cum, now it's my turn to help you get off.

I'm glad Mom and Dad aren't here. I would have just scared them to death when I screamed out just now. You sucking my tits really got me going. Thanks. Now it's your turn to cum. Want to?" She laughed. Of course I did. She rolled on her side and dumped me on the wide bed. She took my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled my panties down and off. She did something unexpected, she took them and put them to her nose and breathed in, smelling my odor on them.

The crotch was wet! Her eyes sparkled above them. I lay on the bed beside her, totally naked, like she was. My panties flew across the room.

She began to stroke my body. God it felt so wonderful to have her hands move over me. She kissed my face, my neck, my ears; I never knew that could feel so nice. When she got to my breasts, she sucked on my nipples. I knew they were sensitive, but no one had ever sucked and licked them.

My nipples came to life and she gleefully sucked them to two hard points and nibbled on them with her teeth. It made chills run down my spine and my pussy ache like crazy. She took them between her fingers and rolled and pulled them till they really stuck way out, rock hard. She licked my breasts too, sucking on them back and forth. They are more champagne glass sized and she was able to get most of one in her mouth.

My areolas were large, but not as "puffy" as hers. Her hands were moving slowly over me. I lay on my back my thighs spread wide. My pussy felt about to explode. Finally her hand cupped my pussy mound and she squeezed it. She ran her fingers through my brown hair, twirling it around her fingers. I moaned it felt so good. "You cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs that little Sister?

It feels good to have someone else caress you. Dottie and I have done it for several years. We got to French kissing each other and it kept going further and further. You'll love what I'm going to do to you next.

Just relax and enjoy it. You have never felt anything like what I'm going to do to your little sweet box. I'm going to eat you till you cum like you have never cum in your life." She almost growled her voice had dropped so low.

She was obviously anticipating it too. I shivered wondering what she was going to do to me. I thought I knew, but it was never clear in the fuck books just what the women did to each other. They "ate" each other, but didn't really go in to much detail. Now my big Sister was going to "eat" me. She got off the bed. She took two pillows, had me lean forward, and put them behind my back and head, propping me up. "There, that's so you can watch me. It makes it so much more fun that way, you can see me eating your sweet little virgin pussy." She moved down to the foot of the bed and got on her knees.

She leaned on the bed and spread my legs wider. She was looking up at my spread pussy. My pussy tingled and I almost couldn't seem to get my breath. "Ohhh, your pussy is so pretty.

So clean and neat! Damn, Sis, why didn't we think of this before? Your little pussy is so virginal. We'll have to trim your pussy hair a little though. That can really be fun. Dottie and I trim and shave each other.

We usually wind up making love when we do. "Mnnn, I've wanted to eat you for so long. But first I want to really look at your sweet pussy, tease you a little, and make you and me both want it so bad we can taste it. Dottie and I do that to each other, and when we cum it is like the world has turned inside out." She said as she slid upward.

She took her fingers and slowly stroked my inner thighs, softly, slowly. I shivered and goose bumps popped up all over my body. I bent my head so I could see her better. My mind raced, she and Dottie eating each other! My God! Now I was going to learn what they did to each other. She parted my pussy hair, then my pussy lips gently. Her face was inches away, her breath soft against my bare flesh.

"Oh, your pussy is so beautiful, a soft pink, wet and slippery. I can see your little vaginal opening, like a pale rose. Here's your little pee hole, small and neat. I'd like to see you pee sometime.

Would you like to pee for me?" She asked looking up at me, eyes naughty and sparkling. I could hardly talk, my mouth felt as if it were full of cotton. I almost croaked out, "Oh, God, yes but I want to see you pee too. I want to see you do it too, oh yes." "It's fun to do it. Pee while someone is watching you, their face real close to your pussy. Watch the pee come out of that little hole.

We'll do it together, soon!" She said her eyes riveted to my pussy. I jumped as her finger touched me there, pressing against my pee hole. My urethra, I think she had called it; I'd have to ask her but later. It felt so strange, so good.

She rubbed it around and around. "God, your pussy is so virginal. The lips are small and so neat." I felt her fingers play over my pussy lips and spread them a little more.

Her fingers caught my inner lips and pulled them upward. I looked down and her face was almost touching my spread pussy. "Oh, there's your pretty little clit.

Mnnn, so small and pretty. It will grow. Play with small amateur chick stepsister eager to swallow last drop of cumshot a lot. I do and it will get larger. " She laughed. "Wash it very good every time you take a shower. I'll suck on it and maybe that will make it grow too. You'll have to teach Betsy to suck on it while you suck on hers." I shivered at that thought, then I cried out as her lips found my clit and she sucked on it hard.

Her cheeks bowed in and out as she sucked and released the pressure again and again. Her tongue played over the end of it.

I loved running my slippery finger over it, but her lips and tongue were so much better. She had me right on screw with hot luscious teen slut hardcore and blowjob edge. I hunched up against her mouth but she backed up and removed her mouth.

I almost went crazy I wanted it so bad. "Patience Little One, remember what I said? I want you to be wild with need when you finally cum! Ohhh, your little pussy center is so pink and pretty, like a little pink rose. Have you looked at yourself with a mirror?" I nodded. "So pink and tender. Mnn, I have to taste your center." Her head dropped slightly and her tongue came out. She cut her eyes up at me to see if I was watching. How could I not watch? I jumped as her tongue touched me.

It felt as if she had shocked me. She flattened her tongue and ran it the length of my pussy, bottom to top, flicking my clit at the top of the upstroke, giving me sensations that were beyond anything I had ever experienced. My mind whirled, my body felt like a thousand wonderful needles were pricking me all at once. "Oh, you taste delicious, your pussy is almost dripping. I'm going to love this too." She said as I felt her tongue slide from the bottom of my pussy upward.

It felt like nothing I had ever felt in my life. Over and over her hot wet tongue moved up and down my slit. Thrill after thrill shot through my body. She moved her tongue back to the bottom and I felt it press inward just a little.

I cried out as she pointed her tongue and slid it slowly inside me. She wiggled it a little and pressed it slowly inward.

Her hot breath seemed to set my pussy on fire. My fingernails bit into the sheet. I pushed my hips upward and her tongue slipped a little deeper inside me. She pushed and it tried to go deeper. Her tongue was large and my pussy so small. I felt her lips come down on my pussy and cover it. I cried out and heard her moan as she sucked hard on the opening. She was sucking my juices out!

God, my own Sister. I wanted to do the same to her. I jumped as she moved her tongue and slid a finger gently inside my pussy. She moved back a little and her lips were gleaming wet.

She pulled at my pussy lips stretching them wide and looked inside. "You naughty girl, you're not a virgin. I can't see your hymen. I'll bet you have been putting things inside here, haven't you? I don't blame you, I did the same thing. I want to put my tongue deeper inside, I'm going to stretch you a little, but stop me if it hurts." She said as she slid a finger inside me. It felt wonderful as it slid up inside. I moaned. " I don't want to hurt you, just get your cute little pussy a little wider, so I can get my tongue deeper inside you.

I love doing that. I can put my tongue as far as I possibly can inside Dottie. Her pussy tastes so sweet. You'd love it too. I really love it when she tongue fucks me. I want to have her join us and let her kiss your sweet pussy. Would you like Dottie to kiss you and suck your pussy?" Playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj grinned up at me. "Would she want to?" I asked not really knowing. She just laughed. I was a pest, the younger sister, always hanging around, they were always shooing me away.

Dottie was so beautiful, a cheerleader, so cool, so sophisticated, and so much older than I was, it seemed. I gasped as Sis carefully slid another finger inside me. She spread them slowly, opening me up. She reached across and using her other hand, put a third finger in me and spread my pussy more and more. It didn't hurt, just felt funny. I could feel her tug and watched her hands move apart a casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck trouble and money now and she had two fingers on one side, one on the other side, spreading me open.

"Damn you are so beautiful in there. So pink. I can see clear to the back of your little pussy, Hon, it's gorgeous. So nice and 'pussy pink'. There, now I think I can get my tongue inside you.

Ready, Imp?" She didn't wait for my answer. She leaned forward and her tongue slid out, long and pointed. She pressed it down into the opening while she pulled her fingers out of the way. It seemed to fill me up. I cried out it felt so fantastic. She pressed downward driving her tongue deeper inside me.

She wiggled it inside me and I cried out with joy. She pushed it in and out again and again I guess that was why it was called 'tongue fucking.' My lovely Sister, her mouth on my pussy, her tongue thrusting inside me. Tongue fucking me. Me! She wiggled and thrust her tongue still deeper inside me. I closed my eyes and just let the fantastic sensations wash over my body.

Her lips covered my pussy, sucking as she thrust her tongue in and out. With my lovely Sister's tongue buried inside me, my thoughts turned to Betsy and her sweet, pretty pussy. I wondered if I could do that to Betsy, would she want me to? I could sure find out. We had never done anything except French each other, but we had always gotten hot Frenching. We hadn't even played with each other's breasts.

I'd sure try it. I'd seen her cute pussy lots of times, we had looked at each other's pussies closely, but that had been all. Her breasts were a little larger than mine, her pussy very pretty. She had told me mine was pretty too. She was interested, I was sure of that. I moaned as Sis slid her tongue out momentarily and flicked my clit.

God it was so hard and ached so much. I had found it years before and loved to rub and caress it. I had first rubbed it against everything in sight, the stair banister, my pillow, and my stuffed animals.

Then one day I put my finger along my young slit and it got wet and slippery. I moved it up just a little and got the wonderful feeling when it ran over my clit. I experimented more and more with it. I learned to rub it and tried all sorts of lubricants to make it really slick till my natural juices got to flowing. Mom caught me masturbating one day and had a little talk with me telling me that was OK to do, but do it in only in private, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with rubbing myself.

She cautioned me about putting things inside my puss and ass though. Some years later I was snooping in Mom's lingerie drawers and found several vibrators of different sizes. I even tried one of them against my pussy and it almost made me come unglued.

I had never known anything like it. I "borrowed" it quite often when she was out, and always cleaned it off and put it back exactly as I had found it. I had never gotten the nerve up enough to put it inside my pussy.

If Mom ever found out, she never said anything about it. Did she really use it on her pussy? I never thought about her masturbating too, but if she had them, she must. Wild! Did Dad know she had them? I moaned out loud as Sis's tongue slid back inside me and she sucked my pussy hard. I was getting hotter and hotter.

I felt her wet finger play around my ass and then press inward. Super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex that felt so wonderful. Her lips moved up and she sucked my clit and began to flick it over and over with her tongue. Her finger slid deep in my ass and that felt fantastic too.

I began to cry out and moan and thresh on the bed. She had one hand holding my ass while the other slid in and out of my asshole. Her tongue flicked over and over my hard little clit and her lips sucked hard on it too. She stayed with me and her vibrating tongue flicked my clit harder and faster. I gripped her head and pressed it hard against my body, as my passion teacher and stu xxx vide to fill every fiber of my body.

I screamed out as I climaxed, came, exploded, over and over. Her lips and tongue lashed my hard clit and her fantastic finger thrust in and out of my ass, a totally new mind-blowing set of feelings for me. The sensations seemed to completely overwhelm me.

I had never imagined a climax could be this wonderfully intense, but I had never had a mouth on my clit before and a finger buried in my backside thrusting in and out either.

I don't know how many fantastic climaxes she brought me to. I seemed to go from one to the next without any let up. She sucked and tongued me till finally I went german sex and facial in public watch part on hotwebcamteensorg as my wonderful world exploded around me in a million pieces of glorious color.

I came to with her bathing my face with a cold cloth. I managed a smile. I think my eyes were crossed from all the wonderful sensation she had given me.

There was a thin sheen of perspiration over my whole body. She smiled down at me and kissed my lips lightly. "Well, there was no doubt that you enjoyed the hell out of that, little Sis!" I just shook my head and kissed her back. "God, I had no idea that a cum could feel like that." "The first one with someone can really be something you never forget. I almost came with you. I tend to get hot too when I am making love to a person I really care about." Her eyes told me she really loved me, despite her sisterly taunts.

I managed to kiss her before I fell back exhausted. "God, that was beyond fantastic. I never dreamed it could be so wonderful. I couldn't stop. Your tongue on my clit was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I have rubbed my clit, but that was way beyond just a clit climax!" I laughed at the alliteration I had inadvertently put together. She stroked my body slowly while I recovered. "Do you and Dottie make love together? I have heard you two in your room, giggling and laughing, but I had no idea you did that together." I finally managed to get out, still short of breath.

She laughed. "Well, we don't advertise. We usually kiss and caress and get each other hot and wait till we think everyone is asleep then we make love. We have to be quiet though. We did it several times at her house when no one was home and we could really let go. God, she really moans and screams when she really lets go. I do too!" I lay still a moment. "You want her to join us? Really? You aren't just teasing me, are you?" I asked incredulously, not really believing she meant it.

"When I tell Dottie you and I have made it together, I'm sure she will want to join us. We have only made love together, just the two of us, not with any other girls. We discovered we liked each other and got to kissing and feeling around. We wound up going from French kissing to kissing each other's breasts. Pussies were just one quick step away from there. It was so fantastic. We both go with boys but neither of us will let them fuck us. When we want to cum really hard we manage to get together.

We even made it in the gym one evening when everyone else had left. The thought our coach might catch us made it hotter.

We kind of think she likes girls too, from the looks we get from her. Dottie and I kind of tease her; let her see us naked, for just a moment, then cover up. You can almost see her drool!" She laughed. I lay there on the bed, my Sister's hands slowly stroking my spent body.

I looked at her beautiful naked body and thought of Dottie and my beautiful Sister making love, and that they might want me with them, made a wonderful thrill run up my spine. God, my Sister and Dottie, the drop-dead-gorgeous cheerleader wanting to make love to little ole' me. 'Fan-fucking-tastic!' It was morning and Tiny latina face jizzed tube porn awoke feeling on top of the world.

Suddenly I turned my head, remembering where I was, and my sexy older Sister's head was inches from mine. We had spent the night together in her big bed. The sheet had slipped down and her beautiful pear shaped breasts were exposed. I remembered going to sleep, both of us naked, with her snuggled up against my body, feeling her firm breasts against my back, her arm around me cupping my breast.

The memories of our lovemaking came back vividly and my pussy stirred. I thought of our shower together, then days later, of kissing her breasts while she brought herself off as I sucked her breasts. Then the glorious feeling of her making love to me, kissing and sucking my pussy till I exploded with lust. My pussy tingled remembering the erotic time we had enjoyed. I bent over and lightly kissed her nipple.

She didn't stir. I opened my mouth and sucked the beautiful nipple with its swollen "puffy" areola a little harder. It tasted wonderful. Slowly I sucked it again and again gently. It began to become erect and harden. I twirled my tongue around it, and reached down and slowly ran my finger along my slit, it was wet. My clit quickly hardened and throbbed. "Mnnn, that's a wonderful way to get me hot and awake at the same time!" She said stroking my hair sensuously.

I moved up and kissed her lips; she slid her tongue along my lips and probed it inward. We kissed for a while bodies pressed together.

I cupped her wonderful breasts. Mnnnn, I could get used to this very easily." She said squeezing me. "Too bad we can't do this all the time. Hey, lets get up and have a sexy shower together. We don't have to worry about anyone coming in on us. OK?" I was absolutely thrilled beyond words. We rolled out of bed and almost ran to the bathroom, and got in the shower. Today there was no pretense. We kissed, hugged, and fingered each other.

We let ourselves go wild, kissing, thrusting our bodies together. I sucked her gloriously wet naked breasts. She sucked mine too, which felt so hot. Our naughty fingers slipped into pussies and asses, lingering, sliding sensuously up and down and inside also.

We had a fantastic climax fingering each other standing under the water. Her slick body against mine, humping against my finger was fantastic.

We dried each other and vowed to take more showers together. We dressed in shorts and t-shirts with much giggling and horseplay. Relaxed and refreshed, we made breakfast together and ate a hearty meal. We were both famished! After breakfast Sis called Dottie and invited her to come over, but didn't tell her anything about my being there. Dottie arrived about an hour later and didn't seem too happy to see me there in the den with Sis.

I eyed her sexy body, thinking of the two of them making love together. Damn, she was drop dead gorgeous, and had a really sexy body too. "Dottie, you won't believe what we have been doing?" Sis happily told her while Dottie looked at me like she wished I would just disappear into thin air.

"Probably not. What's made you so happy?" She asked still a little miffed at my being there. "Promise never to tell?" Sis asked her. Dottie nodded and said she promised.

"Well, we made love and this little sister of mine is quite a good lover. Not as good as you, but I think she's a quick learner.

Interested?" "Wow, that is some heavy shit. You two made it together? Tess, you sure you are ready for this?" She asked, but her eyes taking my body in, said her interest in me had certainly got jumpstarted quickly. "Well, Sis certainly had no problem with it!" I giggled. That got a laugh from both of them and set the mood. "Hey, just remember we were about her age when we first started making love together." Sis said. "Want to see what a cute little bod she has? Her pussy is so sweet and virginal.

Well, she's not actually still a virgin, but her pussy looks like it. She's had her fingers and God knows what else in her cute little pussy. Come on Tess, show her." "I'm a little bashful, why don't you undress me?" I said, wanting to feel her hands on me. For Dottie, I would have stripped in a flash, but why pass up some nice caresses from my beautiful older Sister? Beside, I wanted her to undress me in front of Dottie.

The thought seemed so much more wicked. Sis stood up and pulled me to her. She kissed me and her tongue slid into my mouth. We tongue kissed for a couple of minutes while Dottie watched while I stroked and cupped Sis's breasts. Finally she turned me around facing Dottie and slowly slid my top off. Dottie watched, sitting on the edge of the couch, her lovely brown eyes taking in my bare young breasts. Sis caressed me from behind caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples and rolling them till they were erect and tingling from her touch.

She squatted down behind me unfastened my shorts and slowly, teasing Dottie, slid then down my body. She hesitated just as they would have cleared my pussy. Dottie's lovely eyes were riveted at the hidden treasure. "Now, feast your eyes on this cute little pussy." She said as she slid my shorts and panties down revealing my slit to Dottie. Dottie unconsciously licked her lips and her eyes were locked onto my pussy. Sis slid my shorts and panties off and I stepped out of them and at a touch of her hands, spread my legs apart, letting Dottie have a better look at my pussy.

I was proud of it and rotated my hips a little toward her. "Wow, you do have a beautiful pussy Tess. Nice little body too. When you fill out and get fuller breasts, you are going to be as sexy as your sister or your Mom. I'll bet your tits will be big too, like your Mom's. She has some really beautiful breasts. Your sister's are still growing a little too. Come here and let me see you closer, Sweet Thing!" Dottie said her voice a little hoarser now.

I noticed she was squeezing her thighs together. I was thrilled to death that she liked my body and was interested in it. I had always been the tagalong one, the one they always wanted to get rid of. Now I was standing in front of her completely naked and both of them were interested, very interested, in me - in my body.

It sent a delicious shiver up my spine. I moved closer to her, stopping a couple of feet from her. She looked at my body and ran her hands up and down my sides. Goose bumps popped all over my body, and they both laughed. "Doesn't take much to get her excited does it?" Dottie laughed and bent forward and kissed my breast. Her tongue slid out and licked my breast and nipple. She flicked my nipple and then took it into her mouth and sucked it.

Sis had gotten it hard and she sucked on it and it seemed to grow still more. My breasts felt fuller too, like they did when Betsy and I kissed, they always seemed to get harder, fuller. I felt her hand slide down between my thighs to cup my pussy. I spread my legs wider for her. Her fingers moved over my pussy. I moaned softly. She slid a finger along my slit, reaching under and pressing it into my slit, opening me up. I knew I was wet and her now slick finger slid effortlessly along my pussy.

Dottie's teeth nibbled on my nipple sending wonderful shock waves through me. She bit down just a little harder and I loved the delightful little pain. I felt hands on me, and Sis came up behind me and pressed her wonderfully nude body against mine. She had slipped out of her clothes and her hot breasts pressed against my back. She kissed my neck and licked behind my ear. Ohhh, these two were really getting me hot. "Why don't we get in bed and do this thing right." Sis said.

Dottie pulled back and took her gleaming wet finger, and to my astonishment put it to her mouth and sucked it. "Mnn, delicious. I love pussy juice. I'm sure ready to get in bed with this delicious looking thing. I want to explore this sweet little pussy of your sister's further." She stood up and pulled me to her and kissed my lips.

I kissed her back and felt her firm full breasts thrusting against me. She had to lean down a little to kiss me. I felt like a million as this beautiful older girl kissed me, and her tongue slid into my mouth. I fenced with her tongue, sucked it and stroked it with my tongue. They wanted me to join them; they wanted to make love to me.

Me! Dottie pulled back. "Very nice. You are a good kisser. Did your sexy older sister teach you that?" She asked smiling down at me. "Guess again. Would you believe she and little Betsy have been practicing Frenching?" Sis informed her. "Damn, that Betsy is one cute little thing.

I'll bet she would make a hot lover too. You two go any further then just kissing" Dottie asked. I shook my head. She gave me that look like she didn't really believe me. Sis took my hand and led me upstairs. I thought we would go to her bedroom, but she went to the end of the hall and into the master bedroom. "Hey, with the three of us, why don't we use the big nice king sized bed.

Mom and Dad won't mind." We all giggled at the deliciously naughty thought of making love on their bed. Sis went to Dottie and pulled her into her arms. They kissed, I watched messy some interracial sex group sex and amateur as Dottie stroked Sis and their tongues obviously were thrusting as their mouths were open wide. It was so damn sexy watching the two beautiful older girls kissing passionately.

Sis's hands moved over Dottie's still clad sexy body, stroking and fondling it. Dottie's hands moved down to Sis's ass and pulled her hips against hers, and their hips thrust and swiveled together. I watched for a minute then I moved behind Dottie and without asking unbuttoned her blouse in the back. She put her hands down so I could slide it off of her.

I unfastened the clasps of her bra and pulled it wide, then slid the straps down off her shoulders.

"Damn, you two are double teaming me. Kit, this little vixen is undressing me already. I think she's going to be a natural lover." Dottie said turning and looking at me. I moved in and took the bra and pulled it slowly forward and off of her breasts. My mouth dropped open when I saw her bare beautiful, young breasts. They were larger and fuller than Sis's, more rounded too. I wondered if they were a D cup, they were larger than Sis's, which I knew, were a C cup.

Mine were still an A cup but filling out. Her areolas were smaller, but the nipples were as long as Sis's. I couldn't help myself and leaned in and kissed the nipple and sucked on it.

My knees want weak it felt so wonderful. I cupped one breast while I sucked the nipple, pulling on it, making it harder and longer. I licked her velvet smooth skin. I loved the taste of it. Her hand went behind my head and pressed me against her sweet smelling breast. Her perfume enveloped me and my head swam. "Wow, this little lady knows her way around breasts too. I think we are going to really have a wonderful day of it. Has she kissed and licked your pussy yet, Kit?" "Boy, has she! She's a fast learner too.

She took to it naturally. I think Frenching Betsy came natural for her. They haven't really discovered each other yet, other then kissing.

We'll show her some tricks to teach Betsy, won't we?" Sis asked with a wink. While I kissed Dottie's breasts, Sis moved behind her and slipped her shorts and panties off. She moved back a little and stepped out of them. I looked her body over and whistled out loud. Her body was gorgeous. Her cheerleading had rounded her body and she was well muscled and fit as could be. She wasn't as well muscled as Sis, but her body could have graced the centerfold of any man's magazine except for her age!

Her stomach was softly rounded. Below her pussy hair was cropped close at the top, amazingly in a perfect heart shape. It was shaved below, so that no hair on the lower part of her pussy would show when she did the acrobatics while cheerleading. It was so smooth looking. I guessed Sis had trimmed and shaved her. I loved the look of it and it made my mouth water. I'd have to get Sis to trim my pussy hair like that. I hoped I would get to try to lick her pussy.

"Little Sis, like my lover's body? She is in fantastic shape isn't she? I want you to taste her too. She has the sweetest tasting pussy, and she gets so wet when we make love. I think you two will make wonderful lovers for each other." My heart jumped at that thought! Dottie moved to the bed and lay back taking my hand and pulling me on to it. She laid me back and moved over me to begin kissing my body.

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I shivered at her touch. She was so beautiful. Her shoulder length brown hair fell over me, caressing me. She stroked my body slowly and gently. Her touch was feather light. She took my nipples between her fingers and rolled them and pulled gently at first then a little harder as they grew longer and harder. She bent and took one breast in her mouth and sucked and licked it. It felt wonderful! Would they get more sensitive as they grew larger?

I stroked her shining hair and reached under and cupped and squeezed her superb breast feeling the hard nipple against the palm of my hand. God, it felt so wonderful to have her make love to me. I had been a bratty kid before, now both the older girls wanted to make love to me. I moaned as she nipped my nipple. The delightful pain seemed to go straight to my hard clit. Dottie moved upward, and she put her breasts against me and rubbed her hard nipples against mine. Damn it felt wonderful.

She rubbed her hard nipples over my chest, her full breasts pressing against my skin. I wished I had larger breasts to push back against hers! I loved the feel of her hot full firm breasts pressing down against mine. Finally she moved downward and kissed and licked my stomach and then moved between my legs. "Ohh, your pussy is so beautiful. Just like your sister's when she was your age.

I licked and sucked hers, and was the first person to ever make love to her. Beautiful, absolutely mouth watering!" Dottie said as she kissed my thighs and licked them, making me almost wild with passion.

Her tongue slid out and ran lightly along my slit parting the hair and running along the lips. Gently she pressed it downward splitting my pussy open. I spread my thighs giving her more room. Her fingers spread me even wider and she pushed her tongue down into me. I moaned out loud and Sis moved up close to me and leaned over to kiss my lips and babe in fishnets gets anal in fake taxi hand slid over my aching breast cupping it.

I was trembling it felt so wonderful, with a skillful pair of lips at my pussy and my Sister's lips and tongue playing over mine while she caressed my breast too. I had never dreamed this was possible. Never in my life had I ever thought it might happen to me! Sis tongued my mouth and one hand played with my breasts and nipples, pulling and rolling them. Below, Dottie's tongue was working its magic inside me. My pussy was on fire and when her tongue flicked my hard clit I exploded.

My hips came upward mashing against her mouth. I cried out and screamed my joy as my body went wild. Having the two of them making love to me was hotter even than just Sis making love to me.

They redoubled their efforts and I came in a long series of climaxes till I was totally exhausted and begged for them to stop. I didn't faint this time, but came close. They slowed their assault on my body. Dottie moved up beside me with Sis on the other side of me, and her lips were still wet from my pussy juices. Her eyes were shining with mischief. "Well, Little Bratty One, you have an absolutely delicious pussy. Kiss me and taste it off of my lips.

I love that." She leaned down and we kissed. I licked her lips and tasted my juices on her. I felt Sis move and her lips and tongue joined ours and we tongued, and licked each other in a frenzy of three-way kissing.

A fantastic way to end my first, and I hoped, not my last lovemaking with this gorgeous friend of Sis's. We three kissed and hugged and I caressed both their sexy bodies and wonderful breasts. Their hands roamed over me sensuously. I felt so loved and wanted between them as their bodies pressing against me. "Didn't I tell you she had a fresh little delicious pussy?" Sis said kissing Dottie. Finally Sis got off the bed and went to Mom's wardrobe.

"Hey Lover, I want us to try natkhat pari xxx story downlod really hot I found. You will never believe this! I still am not sure why she has it." She opened Mom's lingerie drawer and reaching in, ran her hands way back under Mom's frilly, sensuous underwear.

I had looked in it a number of times, even trying on some of Mom's sexy panties and used her vibrators on myself. The panties were too large for me, but I got a strange sexy feeling putting them on.

I even rubbed my pussy through them, being careful not to get the crotch wet or leave telltale stains. "Voila!" Sis said pulling out several assorted vibrators and even some fake cocks. She handed them to us and our eyes went wide, we looked and felt them, giggling and laughing. "Now the piece de resistance." She said with a little flourish pulling it from behind her back, where she had been hiding it. Our eyes really grew big as she showed us a rather large, long dildo with a vinyl panty-like attachment at the bottom to firmly hold the fake cock.

"Good Lord, your Mom has one of those? Why would a married woman want with one of those?" Dottie asked, taking it from Sis's hand and feeling of the large long dildo. "I don't know, maybe she and Dad play games and she fucks him up the ass!" Sis laughed.

"Turn sunny leone sex 2019 xnxx storys download sex stories full sex stories is fair play?" They laughed uproariously. I didn't laugh, my head rocked back in shock at the thought. Surely not! My parents? Damn, that was wild, but I remembered how shocked I was the first time I heard how babies were made no way would my parents do that nasty sounding thing, or so I thought at the time!

But I later found out they did have sex, no doubt of that. I had heard them a number of times when I was supposed to have been asleep, had heard the bedsprings creaking, the slap of flesh against flesh, the moans and groans, and Mom's long gasps and quavering sobs of what could only be ecstasy.

I had stood in the hall listening, my fingers playing over my clit as I tried to imagine in my mind exactly what they were doing. I'd have a wonderful, cum then hop back in bed. Fortunately, I never got caught. "Hey, I remember thinking that my parents would never do that dirty fucking thing, not even to make babies." I finally managed to laugh.

Dottie and Sis laughed with me. I felt the fake cock. It looked and felt like real skin, and the plastic, for some reason, even felt warm to the touch. It even had blue colored veins on the sides, a large reddish-purple head, and a scrotum at the back.

Sis took the fake cock and put it up to her mouth. "I hope she washed it the last time she used it!" She ran her tongue along the head. "Yep, tastes like plastic!" We laughed.

"Lover, you want me to fuck you, or do you want to fuck me?" She said holding the device up toward Dottie. " I don't know, neither of us has ever been actually fucked. You decide, we can sure take turns." Dottie said running her hand up and down the long cock caressing it. It looked really huge to me, and no way would that big thing go into either one of their pussies, I thought!

"OK, I'll try it. Good thing the panties are adjustable. Have to remember to wash it and put it back to the same size when we are through. Don't want Mom to find out we used it!

I just can't imagine Mom fucking Dad in the ass is all. Wild! But what else would she have one for? It looks like it's been used, it's certainly not new." Sis said as she slid the latex panties on. It had Velcro adjustable straps, and she pulled and tugged till she had it snugly fitting her hips.

We laughed as we saw her, beautiful breasts above and a long cock jutting out below. "OK, Doll, where do you want it? I'm The Big Stud, and am going to fuck the Shit out of you!" Sis said in a passable imitation of Bogart!

"How do I know? In the pussy obviously, you are not putting that in my ass, no way Jose! Let me roll over and get on my knees. You can come up behind me.

We've seen them do that a lot in the porn videos. Doggy fashion! I'll be your little Bitch." She laughed. She rolled over and got on her hands and knees. Sis got behind her and put the dildo against her pussy and pushed a little.

It didn't want to go in. "Sis, look in that bedside drawer and see if there is any lubricant there, Vaseline, or KY jelly, or whatever is in there. There's always some there." My Sister said, looking rather funny sporting this huge male cock in front of her.

I opened the drawer and found a small container. How did she know there was always some lubricant in the drawer? I guess she snooped a lot! I read the label then held it up for them to see. "Can you believe this? 'Anal lube!' I guess Mom does fuck Dad in the ass." I opened it and put some on my hand and lubed up the dildo, then put some along Dottie's pussy lips.

I loved sliding my slippery fingers along her spread pussy lips applying the lubricant. She patted my hand and winked at me. My pulse rate went way up! Sis took the dildo and slid it up and down Dottie's pussy as I watched.

She pushed a little and the large head spread her lips wider but hesitated a moment. "Wow, that is really big. Easy, Love, you stay still, and I'll push back against you. Let me do the work for a moment. Ooooh, it's really stretching me!" Dottie said as she bent her head and her lovely ass moved back just a little.

I moved very close and watched fascinated as the cudgel pressed against her gleaming pussy lips, spreading them wider then slowly began to move inward. The bulbous head slipped past the tight opening then seemed to pop inward. She gave a sigh of relief.

I took my finger and ran it around her lovely pussy and spread the excess lubricant along the shaft.

"Now Lover, fuck me slowly. I'll have to get used to this. I'm not sure how much of that thing I can take in my pussy. This is the first time for something that big. It's a lot larger and longer then my vibrator.

Go easy, please?" Dottie said looking back. That got me to thinking and I reached over and found one of the slender vibrators with a long flexible tip on it with small rubber whiskers and giant boobs and big ass emo pornstar fucked by thick cock knobby surface.

It was kind of ridiculous looking, but it had to be for the ass. I turned it on and it throbbed powerfully. Mom even kept fresh batteries in them. My eyes lit up. Little Sister was going to join the fun! I took some of the lubricant and put it along the full length, and a little more on my finger. I watched as Dottie's cute ass pushed backward making the dildo slide deeper inside her pussy. I watched in fascination shaking my head thinking surely it would never all go inside her body.

Finally I put my finger on her cute little brownish hole and ran it around in circles spreading the lubricant over it.

"Whoa, we have a novice player who knows the angles. Mnnnn, yes sweet Tess, put your finger in my ass. I love that. Damn, Kit, your sister is a real wonder. We should have gotten her in with us earlier in her young life! She's a natural." Dottie said smiling back at me. My heart soared. I was finally accepted by this gorgeous older girl. "Oh, yes, Hon, that hit bottom. God that fills me up! Wait a minute and let my pussy get used to that inside me." Dottie said as her butt hit Sis's thighs and the whole dildo was inside her.

I couldn't believe she had it all in her. I wondered how long a dildo, or vibrator I could take inside my pussy. I had just used the vibrations against my clit and that had sent me into orbit!

I'd sure have to try one of the smaller ones, and find out how deep I could take it. I'd bet Sis and Dottie would help me find out! Dottie wiggled her cute ass, a signal for Sis to fuck her. Sis didn't say anything; she was concentrated on moving the dildo in and out, slowly.

I could tell she was worried about hurting Dottie, her best friend and lover! I ran my finger around Dottie's small brownish star, and pressed downward a little. I had put my finger in Sis's ass, and now I made sure my fingernails didn't scratch Dottie. It slid inside her tight little hole. I loved the feel of her hot flesh around my finger. It was so tight. I pushed it deeper inside her and heard her moan. We both were making love to her at the same time.

I let my finger move inside her hot rear tube exploring her wonderful ass. I pushed my finger toward the front of her body and was amazed, I could feel the dildo sliding in and out through the thin membranes of her ass and pussy.

Wild! While Sis fucked Dottie, I watched the dildo slide in and out of her beautiful pussy and watched the way her pussy lips moved in and out. When the dildo slid out, it pulled her reddened lips outward, then on the inward stroke they were pushed in. Her small neat asshole did the same for my finger. I slid it as far inside her as I could. I laid my head against her shapely ass and nuzzled her soft skin.

The wonderful aroma of her aroused sex filled my nostrils. She started to move her body with each stroke now as the dildo slid ever deeper inside her. I reached over on the bed and got the vibrating slender probe and as I slid my finger out, I replaced it with the rubber probe. I slid it slowly inside her and heard her catch her breath as three, then four inches slid deep inside her backside.

I didn't turn the vibrator function on just yet. I wanted to let Sis, with my help, get her really hot. "Oh, wow, you hit bottom, Hon. Easy! That rubs against my cervix and it really feels nice.

Fuck me slowly now, let me get used to the feeling of having that so deep inside me. It's longer and larger than my vibrator and takes a little getting used to. "Wow, so this is what if feels like to get fucked! I still am not ready for some guy to fuck me. I'll wait a while. I'm like you Kit, I don't want to get pregnant or catch something.

I'll hold off a few years. But I think we should definitely get one of these. Ohh, yes, Baby, like that!" Dottie moaned loudly, as Sis must have hit an erotic part of her pussy. "Mnn, yes, love that thing. Ask your Mom where we can get one like it! Ohhh, yes Baby, fuck me slow now.

I'm getting used to it. Your little sister had something way up in my ass and I don't think it's her finger. That feels so sexy, Tess. Slide it in and out in time with your sweet sister. I looked at Sis, smiled at her, leaned up and kissed her lips then moved down a little to suck and lick her breasts. The nipples were long and hard in her excitement.

I wondered if the base of the dildo was giving her any pleasure, I'd noticed small knobs on the base of it, or it was the thought that she was fucking her gorgeous girlfriend. I timed my thrust into Dottie's bottom to coincide with Sis's slow steady, deep thrusts. I loved watching Sis's cute well-muscled ass thrusting and moving. It was a fantastic scene with Sis fucking propertysex little conniving real estate agent fucks boss from behind and the anal probe sliding in and out.

Dottie began to moan and wiggle her cute ass, as she got hotter. I moved a little and reached under with my free hand and began to rub her pussy. It only took one or two exploratory strokes till I found her very firm clit, and her gasp told me she loved it. I stroked it slowly at first till she was moaning louder. In a quick movement, I reached back and turned the vibrator on, then my hand went back to her clit.

Her head went back and her body went taut as she neared her climax. Sis saw it too and her hips thrust harder till her thighs were slapping Dottie's delectable ass, and that noise and her moans filled the room. I pumped the vibrating dildo faster and faster in and out of her ass. Dottie's body bowed forward, her head went down and she screamed out as the two of us brought her to a wonderful climax. My face was close to her ass and I watched her pussy and ass muscles contract around the two intruders.

My finger flew over her hard clit adding to her ecstasy. I think she had two long sobbing, moaning climaxes before she finally told us to stop. I turned the vibrator off and pulled it slowly out of her lovely ass. Sis pulled back and the gleaming dildo slid out. "Wow, you two, that was fantastic. Now I know how it feels to be fucked." She panted. "That was wild. And you, sexy little Tess; it was a stroke of genius to put that vibrator in my ass. We'll have to buy one of those too! Damn, we can have lots of fun, just the three of us.

My Mom never gets home till after 6 in the evening and Dad about 30 minutes later. You two can come over any day after school and we can have a roaring good time before they get home. But you know what I want to do right pinky xxx karla lane sara jay in orgy cock and mas Dottie said rolling on her side and holding out her arms toward me.

"Uh oh, little Sister, I think she wants you. I know that look, she loves more than one cum." Sis said reaching over and giving my ass a playful slap. I was thrilled beyond words. I moved into Dottie's arms and she kissed me and pulled me against her. Her hands pulled me upward and I slipped on top of her fantastic body. Her full breasts felt so wonderful against me. She slipped her hot tongue inside my mouth while she caressed my body.

Her hands went to my ass and pressed me hard against her body. She spread her thighs and I fitted down between them. She swiveled her hips and spread her thighs wider. A little pressure on my shoulders and I moved down just a little. My pubic bone rubbed against hers then I slid a little further down at her direction. I felt my pussy press downward into her very wet open pussy. My firm pussy mound nestled down into her hot wet flesh.

It felt so erotic. She wiggled her hips a little settling me down into her pussy. "Mnn, sweet Baby, yes, I can feel your pussy lips on either side of my clit. Move your ass slowly and fuck my clit." Dottie whispered against my ear. Her tongue flicked my earlobe. I was almost shaking with lust.

I experimentally thrust my hips, rotating them in little hunching movements and felt my pussy slide along her wet treasure. She moaned softly. "Ohh, yes that sweet virginal pussy feels so good against mine. More! Make your hips thrust longer. Rotate your hips a little more too." She sighed. "Ohhh, yes, sweet Baby. God, Kit, your sister is a wonderful lover. Ohhhh, shit, she's fucking my pussy so fucking good!

We'll have to teach her in all the nasty things we have learned to do to each other. Ohh, yes, yes, faster Tess, Love. Fuck my clit, Baby. Mnnn, yessss, like that! It's fucking my clit; you are fucking me so fucking good, Baby! Yessssss!" She cried out. My mind soared as I hunched my pussy against hers. I imitated the motions I had seen the men use in a fucking video I had seen once, unknown to my parents.

Her hot pussy was spread wide and I could just feel her engorged clit slip along my pussy lips. I could imagine how it felt to her. I wished my clit were longer, so it would rake along her pussy lips too, but it was receiving almost no help. My clit just wasn't long enough. Rubbing against her felt wonderful, but didn't give me enough stimulation. I bent my head and kissed her breast and sucked the nipple.

I hunched faster and her moans of joy filled the room. Her body went rigid, she screamed out, and her hips thrust hard up against mine. I bit down on her nipple as I thrust hard amateur girl fingers pussy and sucks boyfriends cock her pussy and clit. She screamed her joy over and over and I felt a hot wetness against my pussy, it was suddenly very slippery.

Had she peed? I didn't know, but loved the slick wetness. My pussy slid delightfully along her slippery gash. She gave another long scream then she fell back spent. Her arms went around me holding me close to her. Her chest was rising up and down as she panted. I kissed her breasts softly and softly sucked her erect nipples. "My God, that was fantastic. Your sweet pussy fucking mine was out of this world Tess. You have just graduated from the Bratty Little Younger Sister to a Full-fledged Lover.

Right Kit?" Dottie said between gasps as she tried to catch her breath. Lying on top of her I felt like I was on top of the world. I was finally accepted by the two beautiful older girls. I was IN! No longer 'The Brat' - the Brat to be gotten rid of! "Your pussy got real slippery when you came, I felt something wet down there, it made your pussy so slick." I said, not knowing how to say it to her.

If she had peed during her climax I didn't want to embarrass her. They started laughing and I was puzzled. Dottie rolled me off of her and grinned over at me. "Little Lover, I didn't pee, if that's what you are thinking. Your sweet sister and I both spurt sometimes when we cum. It's not urine, we just get really hot and sometimes, not every time, but sometimes when we are really excited, we shoot out a nice tasting pussy juice.

You just got me so damn excited. We have read about it on the net. Do me a favor, and lean down and lick my wet pussy.

I think you will find it rather tasty. At least your sister thinks so!" She grinned at me and winked saucily. I looked over at Sis, she grinned and nodded. I slipped down in the bed and brought my face close to Dottie's spread pussy. It was wet and gleaming, her inner and outer lips were swollen and red from the fucking and my pussy rubbing against hers.

There was a small puddle of her juice at her vaginal opening. I sniffed in her wonderful odor. Then I leaned in and ran my flattened tongue along her wonderful wet pussy. The delicious flavor flowed over my tongue. So like Sis's, but slightly different. I licked again from bottom to top, lost in the odor and the flavor of Dottie's intimate flesh. I was making love to Dottie. I looked up at her and her face was a mixture of joy and pleasure. "Ohh, yes, so nice. Keep licking.

My pussy is still hot from your fucking. Lick me again sweet little Lover." She moaned. I was only too happy to lick her delicious pussy. I would do anything for these two beautiful older girls. I licked over and over, sucked too, and tasted her sweet juices. I could get addicted to this, I thought with a grin. Would they let me? "Damn that feels wonderful, Tess. You are a wonderful lover. I want to lick you too.

I want to really make love to that sweet pussy of yours while you lick me. Want to do a 69 with me?" Dottie asked. My throat was choked with lust.

I couldn't have answered if my life depended on it. I had this feeling a little when Betsy and I kissed and Frenched each other.

But this was absolutely overwhelming, my Sister lying close beside me, and now Dottie wanting to 69 with me. I knew what that was! I only managed to nod dumbfounded. I opened my mouth but nothing came out but a croak. "I think that means a 'Yes!'" Sis laughed. She reached first time xnxxblood story xnxxx, kissed me and helped me turn in the bed. Dottie rolled onto her back and reached up and spread my legs on each side of her head.

Her face was under my pussy, my thighs spread wide. My mouth watered as I looked down at her spread pussy, just below me. The thought that she was under me, her face inches from my wet pussy made my clit tingle and burn.

I leaned down and kissed her thighs and licked them. Her hands went to my ass and pressed downward wanting me to lower my pussy to her face. I repositioned my legs and let my hips drop. I moaned as her tongue slid up and down my pussy. I couldn't believe Dottie was making love to me and her pussy was just below my eager lips. I nuzzled her sparse heart shaped pubic hair and then moved my head downward. She felt me and spread her thighs wider for me, giving me complete access to son rep moms xx oron story very wet pussy.

I saw a movement and Sis's head was close to me. "Easy, little Sister, take it slow and easy. There is all the time in the world. Go slow. Part her pussy lips with your fingers.

Lie down on top of her. That way you can use both hands on her pussy." She coached me. I let my weight settle on Dottie's superb body. Her breasts cushioned my stomach.

She smelled wonderful. I wondered what perfume she used. It, and the delightful odor of her pussy surrounded me, as my face was inches from her spread pussy. I just looked at it. Beautiful! Her pussy lips were neat and lovely; I spread them wider with my fingers and looked at the soft pink star of her vagina.

A drop of her juice slowly formed there and her whole pussy was still wet from her cum. I began to lick her softly and slowly. Her juices were slightly salty and so delicious.

I had never tasted anything so sensual, so sexual as licking another girl's pussy. I loved the taste and smell of Sis's pussy, and now Dottie's. I would definitely have to try this with Betsy. We had gotten hot together Frenching and but never went any further. Now, I wanted to go all the way with her, lick Betsy's sweet pussy and have her lick mine. A thrill went through my body at that thought, and as Dottie's tongue played along my slit slipping into my pussy, pushing up into me.

I licked up and down Dottie's pussy then wiggled down a little and let my tongue find her center. It was hot and so wet. I licked it then pointed my tongue and slid it down, down into her center. It felt heavenly to have her wet flesh against my tongue. I pushed down still more, extending my tongue as far as I could. I have a pretty long tongue and can touch the end of my nose to the delight of some, the disgust of others.

I ran it down into her.

My lips came against her pussy and I opened them wide to cover her hot wet opening. She moaned and I knew she liked it. I moved my tongue from side to side inside her while I sucked gently. I was delighted when her pussy juices spilled into my mouth. She tasted delicious. I sucked harder and thrust my tongue deeper inside her velvet-wet flesh. Her sweet juices flowed into my mouth.

Delicious! Damn first time sex and deflation was fantastic! I could hardly wait to try this with Betsy, and have her taste me too. We lay there sucking and kissing each other. This was heaven to me, to kiss and suck a pussy while having my own made love to. No wonder I heard so much whispering about 69s! Sis's face was close to mine and she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Remember her clit!" I had become so engrossed in tasting her and sliding my tongue deep inside her beautiful body, I had forgotten her clit.

She sure hadn't shoplifter zoe parker gets banged by the lp officer mine and her lips found it and sucked on it gently at first, then harder. Thrills of lust ran through my body and it begged for release. I put my fingers on her pussy and pulled upward at the top. Her erect clit slid out, reddish pink and extending out at least a quarter of an inch.

It was larger and longer than Sis's or my own small one. I licked it and she shivered and thrust her hips upward toward my mouth. I put my lips around it and sucked on her hard nubbin. I ran my tongue over and around the tip, making her writhe with pleasure and her hips press against my lips. I tried flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip and it set her wild.

I tried to see how fast I could make my tongue vibrate over her hard clit, and whatever I did send her over the edge and she screamed out against my pussy. I held on to her bucking hips and tongued her clit till her body went rigid and she screamed over and over. Then suddenly I felt the juices pour from her pussy. I moved my lips just a little and was able to keep tonguing her clit while my mouth was opened wide against her spread pussy.

I felt several pulses of her pussy juices spurt into my mouth. They were right, it was not urine. It had a wonderful salty-sweet flavor. She cried out one last scream and went limp under me.

I lapped her pussy but when it came into contact with her clit she cried out. "Don't lick her clit right now. It's always very sensitive just after a climax." Sis whispered in my ear and nibbled on my ear lobe. That felt wonderful, as I was so hot. It took a couple of minutes before Dottie was back to normal and then she started lapping at my pussy again in earnest.

She slid a finger inside me and moved it in and out as she licked me. She went back to my clit and began to lick and suck it. Wonderful waves of joy ran through my body as she made love to me. I felt a finger slip between my ass cheeks and move downward till she had found my nether hole. Her finger was wet and she gently pushed it inside me. Her mouth was on my pussy and her finger sliding deep inside my ass.

She took my clit between her lips and began to suck on it rhythmically, in and out, over and over. Then she would flick my clit with her talented tongue from moment to moment. She slid a finger into my pussy and curled it up inside and hit a place in my pussy that had never been touched.

Only much later would I learn about the G-spot. That was the key that pushed me over the edge and I screamed out my ecstasy as my body went into spasms of pure pleasure. I saw stars and a million colored lights as I climaxed. Her lips sucked, her tongue flicked and her fingers pushed deep inside my pussy and ass.

My climax seemed to go on and on. Finally I collapsed, completely spent. I was aware of Sis moving above my head. I looked up to see the well-lubricated dildo, attached to her body moving close. I grinned and managed to guide the head to Dottie's pussy. I held the head steady, and she pressed it down into Dottie. "Oh, God, yes, Lover, fuck me while your sweet sister licks my clit.

I can lick her off to another cum. This is wild, I don't know how it could get any better!" Dottie's muffled voice came from between my thighs. Her tongue probed my pussy again. I raised my head slightly to lick her clit while the dildo slid in and out.

I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and looked toward the door. My eyes went wide in horror. Then all three of us heard a loud gasp from the doorway. There, hands on her voluptuous hips stood Mrs. Mason, our next-door neighbor, and Mom's closest friend. Her big blue eyes took in the spectacle of the three of us on the bed, naked.

I hawt slut wants to be fucked japanese and hardcore lying on top of Dottie, in a 69, and Sis behind Dottie with the long gleaming dildo, the large head already buried halfway inside her spread pussy.

"My God. I would have never in the world thought this of you two kids, or you either, Dottie." She gasped. Our hearts sunk. We had completely forgotten that Mom had given her a house key and told her to check on us from time to time. We were cooked, D-E-A-D, as Sis had told me earlier. "I'm afraid I'll have to tell your Mother about this." She said shaking her head slowly.

Her face looked very grim. We were totally, completely, fucked - dead meat! "Mrs. Mason, Brandi, please don't! Please?" Sis pleaded, tears in her eyes thinking of what Mom would do to both of us, and to Dottie too. She pulled the pussy-wet dildo out of Dottie's spread sex, and rolled over facing Mrs.

Mason. "We'll do anything you ask, but please, don't tell her. Please?" It must have looked ludicrous to see Sis begging with that huge dildo poking up in front of her. Mrs. Mason's eyes dropped down to take it in.

Her lip curled. Brandi looked up at her sternly, her full bosoms rising and falling at the sight of the three of us naked before her. Dottie and I rolled apart our faces red with embarrassment, our lips still wet with pussy juices. "Anything?" She asked sternly. We all three nodded, still shocked by her sudden unexpected appearance.

Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse. Her magnificent full breasts came into view, covered by a frilly bra; her huge chocolate brown areolas were clearly visible under the sheer cloth, and her erect nipples tenting the ends were plainly visible too. I remember Mom referring to her once as zaftig! Damn, she really was! Her full breasts had to be at least a DD, my startled eyes estimated.

She slid the blouse off and let it fall to the floor. We lay there, completely puzzled by her actions. "Well, I'll think about it, but I still think Fat and huge boobed bbw wrestles in the ring really have to tell your Mom.

After all, you are using our favorite toys that we use on each other!" She said as she reached down to undo the front clasp of her bra. Her large breasts spilled out, magnificent in their fullness. They dropped just a little, large full mounds of beautiful flesh, her nipples hard, long, and erect.

Even in our puzzled terror they still looked mouth watering. "I'll sure have to tell her, or she'll never, ever, forgive me." She said with a smile slowly forming on her lips, and a wicked twinkle in her big blue eye as she let her sexy looking bra fall, and moved toward the bed. Her full breasts bounced and swayed as she walked toward us. As she reached the edge of the bed, she was unfastening the buttons on her skintight shorts. She looked down on the three of us lying there, naked and confused.

"She'll want to enjoy all three of you lovely, sexy young girls too! She'd never forgive me if I kept you three all to myself, now would she?"