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One dick cant pleasure a hot girl anymore
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A Dad's Fantasy Chapter 3 This is a fictional story. A few of the people are based off real people in my life. Their names have been changed to protect all involved. If this was a perfect world, and I could have a genie in a bottle or an amulet that granted my wishes I might actually wish for this.

Otherwise, this is all just my personal fantasy that I find therapeutic to express and share. This is a continuation of A Dad's Fantasy. She was holding a second towel. With my feet firmly out of the shower and on a bath mat, she knelt before me and began drying me off from the bottom up. Her attention to me and caring for me had me feel like I was a god.

I didn't ask for it. She just did it like it was her only duty to me. Once I was dry she stood up, and said, "If you promise never to go behind my back and dress like you did last night, promise that you will be faithful to me, I will treat you like this the rest of your life. Teen vienna rose fucks an older guy and gets creampied will make you feel like a king and take care of your every need.

You will forget the fact you ever thought you'd want to be a woman." "I promise." I said without thinking or hesitation. Chapter 3 The next few months were like an extended honeymoon. We had sex every chance he had. Unlike in my previous marriages the honeymoon never stopped or slowed.

My first marriage ended after one and a half years. I had married young. I only realized after marriage that my first wife just wanted money.

It wasn't about love for her. I had a plan to be rich that was smart and feasible. She just didn't realize it would take time and financial sacrifice early on. She didn't want to wait. My second marriage gina gerson anita bellini hot euro sluts anal dp gapes 9 years later to Janet, Tasha's mom.

Our relationship started out hot but was more due to rekindling our high school days. We had met and dated in high school. She was my first. Our sexual relationship began to smolder and burn out even before marriage. I almost think, no, I know that I got together with her again on the rebound.

It was just comfortable. I regret it because she wasn't the right one for me, but the desire to be an instant dad and the familiarity over-weighed common sense. However, I don't regret it because I found my soul mate in my step-daughter. I just had to wait and watch her grow up. Don't get me wrong…I didn't find myself sexually attracted to Tasha at first. I am not into children. I did watch her grow into a stunning sexy young lady. That was hard to miss.

It wasn't until these last 2 years that I began seeing her as a sexy young woman than my daughter. It had become harder and harder to see her as my little girl. I sat there one morning watching my step-daughter get ready in front of the vanity in our room. She moved in to the master bedroom 2 weeks after our first sexual encounter. Her smooth creamy thigh darkened by a shimmering black nylon stocking was exposed as she sat in front of the mirror adding expensive jewelry to her Hollywood glamor look.

With the last earing in place she stood and faced me. Before me stood the most exquisite, sultry woman I have ever seen. She looked like a cross between Cote de Pablo and Scarlett Johansson, exotic, goddess-like. The gown she wore was a form fitting, black velvet and satin, strapless evening gown with a side slit. The bust line was a plunging sweetheart cut with sequin beading and an empire waist.

Tasha's 36D's filled out and held up the dress nicely along with her slip waist and full hips. The back was open with crisscrossing beaded straps and a train that gathered elegantly just below the small of her back. Tasha looked more ready for a red carpet Hollywood premier than the night out at the theater we had planned. Chandelier earrings and a matching necklace and bracelet polished the look off with stunning evening makeup. I was wearing a tailor-fitted double breasted 3-piece suit by Armani.

A stretch limo took us to our early dinner down town Chicago near the theater district. When we arrived there were paparazzi everywhere. Someone from the Red Eye (a daily local nightlife social paper) introduced themselves and took our picture and our names for the photo caption.

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I asked the reporter what was with the hoopla. "Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and a few other Hollywood elite just arrived about 15 minutes ago. They are in town doing some filming for their movies." With that we ducked inside.

I was worried about being bumped from our reservation. Luckily our table was still available. (I had made reservations 3 months earlier.) Tonight was a date night in place of Tasha's winter formal. While other class mates were dancing and eating at a cheesy winter theme decorated banquet hall, she and I were taking in the breathtaking Chicago winter scene in style.

Dinner was phenomenal. The meal consisted of lobster risotto, followed by filet mignon done three ways with lobster stuffed mushrooms and sexy chocolate mousse and strawberry cheesecake parfait. The rumors that Johnny Depp tips well and is generous are true.

He paid the bill for every guest eating while he was there. I asked the waiter to see if I could thank Johnny Depp personally. I gave the server the money I planned on spending for the meal as a tip. I'm sure my measly $250 was a drop compared three brunette slots sucking ramrod striptease and hardcore what he probably got from Johnny.

Tasha and I rose and followed the server to a secluded section of the restaurant. There sat Johnny, Drew Barrymore, Tim Burton, and some of their entourage. "Ah." Johnny said rising as we entered. It's not very often that we get thanked for paying someone's bill like we did tonight." I shook the actor's hand. "Thank you very much Mr. Depp." I replied redundantly. "My girlfriend, Tasha, and I are huge fans." In public Tasha and I referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

It helped limit the problems of introducing her as my step-daughter. The fact that we are pseudo-incestuous lovers is something we kept private. "Why are you just fetching." He said in his scruff near British accent, taking Tasha's hand and kissing it. Tasha giggled. "We are just so star stuck, Mr. Depp." I nearly stammered.

"We are fans of all your work, as well as yours Ms. Barrymore and Mr. Burton." I finished acknowledging Johnny Depp's guests. They both lifted their glasses in a nod of thanks. "So what is the fancy occasion? And, please, it is Johnny." I told Johnny our plans. He asked if we had cameras. When I told him we did not, he had one of his assistants take pictures of us with Johnny, Drew, and Tim. We said our goodbyes and left to see our show.

Upon leaving we were hounded by the paparazzi again. We told them that Johnny, Drew and Tim were the nicest people we met, and left it at that as they continued to take our pictures. We arrived early and were able to enjoy a glass of champagne each before sitting on the main floor for our show. The entire time Tasha's arm was in mine or we were holding hands. It was a romantic evening far from being over. After the Broadway show, Small son and mom hislut had one more treat.

Normally I wouldn't even suggest doing something like it in the winter, but taking an open horse drawn carriage ride in Chicago is magical. The driver had nice warm blankets to sit and cover us with as well as warm brandy or hot chocolate. The night air was brisk but not unbearable. The heart of winter still had yet to set on that early day in December. They air temp was about 38°F.

Our breath misted briefly as we released the fresh crisp air of the night. The horse's hooves clicked with soft echoes off the nearby buildings. Our ride took us along The Magnificent Mile into the Gold Cost and then along the edge of Lake Shore Drive to see the large late rising moon reflect off the ripples of Lake Michigan.

Sixty minutes after our ride began we returned to the Water Tower post and hopped into the limo for a late drive home. The entire ride home my daughter and I shared a lover's kiss. The warmth of the limo wrapped itself around us as our hands caressed each teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other faces. Tasha's perfume and the smell ebony chick khalista stone gets intense poking interracial pornstars her hair filled my nostrils with an intoxicating aroma.

Finally we were home. Our passion was at a boiling point. As soon as the door was closed to shut out the night air, I had Tasha pinned against the hall wall and was lifting her dress. My mouth hungrily kissed the cool tanned porcelain skin of her neck. Likewise, my daughter was removing my coat, vest, and belt. We couldn't wait to get at each other.

Soon my pants were at my ankles and I had her dress up over her hips. I ripped the thong panties from her body before pressing my body to hers. She climbed up hips and wrapped her legs around me locking me to her as she settled her pussy onto my throbbing erect penis.

Our kiss never ceased. She dug her nails into my back as best as she could through my white dress shirt. She pushed my torso away from hers and ripped open my shirt sending buttons flying. Carefully, while slamming my cock deep and hard into her, I pulled my hands free from the long sleeved shirt letting the fabric fall to the ground.

Then my white t-shirt was ripped from my body. I forget the strength that Tasha has. Her dainty hands began roaming all over my chest and back. I could feel the teasing of her long nails as she traced my spine with their tips. I drove my cock harder and deeper into her feeling her warn love muscles grip and try to hold me inside. After a few minutes, I took my cock out of her wet pussy and bent her over the half wall across from us.

I hike the satin fabric up over her ass and draped over her side. Her beautiful round ass was framed by the shimmering fabric of the gown and the black laced stays of stocking held up by a stretch lace garter belt and straps. She instinctually spread her legs and turned her ass up to me.

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I could see the small brown pucker of her anus almost wink at me. I stepped up behind her and aimed my cock back toward her pink slit. She moaned in pleasure as I pushed my thick rod deep into her. I held her hips while sliding my dick in and out of her velvet hole. The force of my thrust shook her breasts free from the sweetheart line of the dresses bodice.

Her hardened nipples stood out with her breasts as she leaned back to kiss me. Her own hands were busily pinching and rubbing her areolas and nipples increasing her own pleasure.

"Oh fuck, Daddy." She said. "Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Don't stop. I'm so close to cumming for you, Daddy." "Do you like my pussy, Daddy? "Oh yes. Baby, I do." I replied. The combination of her dirty talk, her tight pussy throbbing around my thick dick, and the smooth cool satin of her dress against my thighs, had me fucking her with increasing wild abandon. "Oh, god, Milf taxi driver seducing young guy in her fake taxi, that's it!" She squealed.

"Fuck my pussy hard. Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuck!" She began cumming hard pushing her ass and pussy back to meet each of my thrusts. Her hips shook and rocked uncontrollably increasing my own sensations. It was all I could take and slammed my dick as hard and deep as I could into her.

My balls slapped hard up against her clit. I felt the sac tighten then the eruption after eruption of cum filling her. She reached back pulling herself to me and meeting me in a kiss as I supported her weight by cupping and massaging her breasts. Her own hands reached up and back around my head, keepings us locked together. We stayed like that for 4 or 5 minutes just relishing in the spontaneous act of sex, our bodies humming in afterglow of sexual bliss. We finally calmed enough to move.

Our bodies disconnected. She carefully stepped out of her dress and I out of my shoes and slacks and headed up to the bedroom.