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Busty redhead emo girl gets her pussy railed by black man interracial stockings
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Alternative Reality 2 In our last story Becky and her new friend Sherry where hanging out while wasting time so they didn't have to go home. Becky had just told Sherry how her dad raped her at the age of ten.

Then as she had finished sherry started to talk about her dad doing the same thing. Disclaimer: The author does not indorse or condone the use of any illegal drugs nor is the author responsible for any dumbasses who tries said illegal drugs because of this story.

This story is a work of fiction. Disclaimer 2: if I made any mistake at how a woman body may work, my apology to all I have offend Personal note: I hope I don't offend anyone with my story and hope that you will see it as not more than a sad story.

Also I know I'm not the world best writer and I ask that you not comment on that as it well know to me. Sherry kicked the lid of the cooler shut and put her feet up. "Well my first time I was a little younger then you.

My mother died while giving birth to me. The way my dad tells the story when they gave him the news he had busty amateur milf sucking and fucking hardcore and big tits momentarily breakdown and resented me as the doctor hand me to him." Becky was surprised by how much Sherry had let down her armor.

When they first meet she thought this girl was upbeat and happy. Yet as she watch and listened to this girl she could see the pain in her eyes. She reached back in her bag and pulled out a pill bottle.

"Here" She said as she held out two pills. Without even asking what they where Sherry down them with a shot of a Boone's Farm.

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She laid her head back and closed her eyes for a moment then continued with her story. "Then he said that my grandma took me into her arms and marched across the room cornering my dad by the wall. 'Losing a partner is hard but it not far to take it out on a young girl who had just lost her mother." Becky felt respect for Sherry grandmother and smile as a tear slowly ran down her cheek. "Since that moment dad and I have been close. He knew all my secrets and I knew his. It was the perfect daddy daughter relationship.

On my eighth birthday my dad threw a party for just the two of us. I remember eating a piece of cake and I got a little of the frosting that stuck at the corner of my mouth. Daddy finger slowly slid under my chin and turned me to look at him. 'Have I told you lately how beautiful you are to me?' I shook my head watching as he leaned towards me until his lips touched me and he kissed me.

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I know that it was wrong but it was so nice that I just enjoyed it." "As he pulled away he licked the frosting off and smiled at me. 'You no long a little girl, sweet now you're my big girl.' Why do they call us big girls?" He question caught Becky off guard as she was so into her story. For the first time today she heard anger in Sherry voice. "I mean why make a ashlee loves pleasing big white rod hardcore filipina damn deal out of us being big girls.

No girl is ready at that age." She was livid and a little scary. "I think it so they want feel bad about doing it if they say that we big girls like it something that big girls do for them." Becky looked down at her watch and smiled.

"You want to come over to my house my dad is leave to go to work as of right now." Sherry agreed and they started off toward Becky's. "So what happen after the kiss?" Becky asked as they made it to the road. "He said that I was old enough to make him happy.

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He then leaned me to his bed room where he took off his cloths and I saw him naked for the first. He took a sit on the edge of the bed and called me over.

He took my hand and placed it on his dick and I watch as it jumped. He started to moan and he smiled down at. 'Wrap your fingers around it and slowly run you hand up and down it.

Oh yes that a good big girl.'" Again her anger flared when she said big girl. By this time they had reach Becky's house and she started to feel unease because Sherry looked to have come from money. She was glad when she didn't see her foster dad's car. She led Sherry inside and offered her a drink. They then head up to Becky's room. "Into music are we." Becky laughed as Sherry started point to her Godsmack poster to her Avril Lavigne t-shirt. The she asked Becky who here favorites.

"I don't have favorites bands I have songs. I just play a song over and over and let my mind wonder." She made her way over to the stereo and Godsmack's Serenity filled the room with his hunting melody. She pulled another joint from her metal can and lit it. "Well I sure you story didn't end there so what happen next." Becky said as she passed her the lit joint.

"Yea you're right about that. Once I had a good rhythm he grabbed my face and pulled me gently toward his lap. 'Come rough fuck makes ebon cum hardcore blowjob my girl open wide for daddy.' I didn't know any better so I just went with it.

Then to my horror he grabbed the back of my head and held me so I could not pull away. He slowly started to push on my head and I felt more of his dick slid into my mouth. He kept this up for a while then I started choking as he cum even though I didn't know it at the time. He pulled out he lifted me up and onto the table and start to work my clothes off." She had to stop to catch her breath and Becky felt her pain as to what she know was next. "Then I felt his fingers in between my legs and I was scared at first but then I slowly started to feel good and I started moaning and groaning until I felt this intense presser and I felt like I pissed myself." She open her drink and took a large drafted before she looked at Becky and smiled.

"My father reaction was a little different from mind.

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He eyes widen and he smiled at me. 'You're a little squirted my big, big girl.' I didn't know what he meant. He stood up and got between my legs and I saw where his dick was at. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at him pleading for him not to. 'It time you got to be the girl I want you to be.' He said as I felt a hard stabbing between my legs. Then I felt new pain as he finally managed to get into me and my crying grew worst. Then I felt him stop and he stared right into my eyes and said 'baby this is going to hurt.' The he pulled back and slammed into me and I screamed as I felt a ripping pain as my little hole got stretched wider than I ever know possibly.

He worked into me and gorgeous chick is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt pain grown and grown then when I couldn't take it anymore he finally cum inside of me." Becky was sitting with her leg up and a wide eyes scared look.

"How do you act so different and managed to make it look like nothing wrong?" She shrugged as she leaned back into her sit. Becky heard a noise downstairs and froze then she heard his voice calling as he ran up the stair. "Damn it bitch how many time do I have to tell you to call me when you get home?" She jumped to her feet right as the door flung open and he walked in. He started at Sherry for a moment before turning back to her. "Well slut how many time?" When she didn't answer quickly enough he hauled off and slapped her across her face knocking her on to the bed.

"Well bitch this will teach you to call. Did you think just because that cunt is sitting her I would hurt you." Then to her horror he grabbed her by the hair pulling her to the floor until she was on her knee before him. He made quick work with his zipper and had his hard dick out and he jerked her hair casing her to scream.

It was cut off when he forced his dick down her throat and she was so ashamed to be like this in front of Sherry. Sherry for her part was terrified at what was happing before her. When she and her dad did this he was gently and treated her more like a lover then what Becky was going through. She watched frozen as Becky cried and was force to take his whole dick.

Sherry was even more horrified when he pulled out and threw her to the floor. She watched as Becky's head bounced hard on it and she laid there crying. "Bitch you better call me next time." He finished with a few well place kicks to her ribs and then nodded to Sherry before leaving. The door closed and the sound of an engine coming to life then fade and Becky never moved for the floor.

Her eyes where closed but her breathing was out of control. He ribs felt like a puzzled and her head was ringing from hitting the floor. Sherry finally managed to pull herself together and managed to kneel next to Becky. "Oh my god, are you ok." Becky didn't answer for a moment then she said "get that bottle out of my bag and hand me two pills." Sherry did what she asked and it few more minutes on the floor before Becky pushed to her feet and made her way over to the mirror.

She took a sit in front of it and opened a drawer.

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She pulled out some cotton and carefully cleaned herself up. He lip was busted up and she was bleeding. Once she had everything cleaned up, she open another drawer and took two more pills.

"What are those?" Sherry asked as she watched all this. "It's anti-bioethics." To be continued.