Fuck in the bus group sex

Fuck in the bus group sex
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AUNT RUTH My Aunt Ruth came to live with my folks until she could find a house to buy for her and her and her three kids.

I was in the Navy at the time. When I graduated from High School I went back to her home in Minnesota because my Uncle was dying of cancer. At the time my Aunt was 38, not a good looking women standing about 5'3" and weighed about 110 lbs. She had small breasts not more than a hand full. But there was something sexy about her. I'm not sure why but she was to me.

My Uncle was 6'8" and 280 lbs. before he got sick. I am told that when they were in their twenty's he could put one hand around her tiny waste and lift her up and kiss her. My Aunt had a printing business in her basement and since I was majoring in printing my mom asked me to go back their and help out. My dad worked for the bus line owned by the RR company so he was able to get me a sleeper on the train.

It was a two night three day trip. A friendof mine mentioned that if I made friends with the porter he could fix me up with any potential honey's. As soon as the train left the station and everyone settled down and made friends beautiful busty milf dildo masturbation on webcam the porter.

I asked him if he could find any women that might t enjoy sleeping in a bed instead of sitting up all night. I gave him a $10:00 bill, and he said he would see what he could do.

About 5 that evening just before dinner he had arranged for me to sit in the dinner with a women he thought was a good possibility. Her name was Angie, she was about thirty, blond, not bad looking with nice tits. She was a little over weight but not much. Just a little fleshy around the hips but had a nice round ass. I bought her a Martini and we talked. She was originally from Chicago, returning home to visit her parents.

She was living in Oregon divorce 2 years and had one kid. I sid I was looking for a honeymoon guest to share my sleeper with. She looked at me for a long while and said I think I would like that. Realitykings 8th street latinas gas the pump tube porn had been too long since she was with a man.

I almost got a hard on just thinking about it. We had dinner and talked and she had a couple more Martini's.

At about 8 o'clock she looked at me and said I think it's time to go to bed & smiled. I almost spilled my coke ( I was only 18 ) and I could hardly say yes I think that's a good idea. She went into the bathroom and put on a nigh tie that just barely covered her ass.

I got and instant hard on. She crawled into the sleeper and she gave me the dampest kiss. Her lips were so moist as her tongue slid into my mouth and tickled the roof of my mouth. I got a chill that ran down my back and into my ass. I hungrily frenched her back, running my tongue all over the inside to her mouth.

I reached down and placed my hand on her crotch and felt her soaking wet panties. I pulled them off and inserted two fingers into her love nest. She mad a small moan.

She sat up and removed her top. There before my eyes were two lovely small grapefruits with nipples that were protruding about a quarter of an inch. I took her right one in my mouth and began to suck.

I rolled my tongue around her nipples and they increase to about a half inch. As I sucked those tits alternately I fucked her with my fingers. As soon as she came I slid down her body and spread her legs and kissed and licked the inside of her thighs. She moaned again and I let my tongue slide all around her vagina. I slowly interred my tongue between those beautiful lips.

She was a true blond with very light hair. I licked up and down just inside her vulvae. She tasted of a light flavor of strawberry and natural women. She came again and her ass quivered as I flicked my tongue up to her clit. She reached down and buried my face into her very wet cunt and came all over my face. I continued lick and suck her pussy, taking my teeth and lightly bit her clit.

She jumped but held my face tight against her as she came again. Finally she eased up a little and I put my two fingers back into her. I found her "G" spot about two inches inside her opening.

As I rubbed and fingered her I could feel her "G" spot begin to fill with her liquid so I increased my tempo. Her stomach was heaving and her ass started to vibrate and she grabbed my head and thru her legs around them burying my mouth about and inch into her pussy and came. All that liquid shot out of her into my mouth and chest.

If I hadn't known better I would have thought she had peed on me. She just held me there for a good five minuets while she came down from it. Finally she said wow; I have never had such an experience like that in my life. Where did you learn that. I told her that just before I turned sixteen I had met a 31 year old women who taught me the ways of sex that would normally taken twenty years to learn on my own (that's another story).

She said you certainly were a good student and kissed me. I positioned myself between her legs and took my 6 ½ inch cock and interred her love box.

Was her pussy warm, as I slowly began to push it in and out of that wet, no soaping cunt. My 31 year old had taught me how to control my emotions and I was able to fuck her for over twenty minuets as she had multiple climaxes. I could finally hold back no longer.

I grabbed her ass and lifted her until I was pounding straight down into her exploding my hot cum inside her as she came again. We fell asleep with my cock inside her. About 2"30 that morning I woke up and Angie was sucking my cock. She would run her tongue up and down the inside of my cock and around my circumcised head before plunging it back into her mouth.

She could put all of me right up to my balls. I could feel the end tickle her throat entrance. After about five to six minuets I felt that erg in my ball sack and I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it as far as I could into her mouth and came. She choked once and than swallowed it all. I held her like than until all my semen was down her beautiful throat.

We fell back to sleep and woke up about six and we fucked again. We got up about eight and had breakfast. I told the porter not to make up the bed and we jumped back in bed right after eating. We fucked and ate each other all morning. The last time she sucked my cock she ran her tongue down the underside of my cock and then lifted my mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged and ran her tongue over my ass hole.

I bucked my ass and then settled down and let her tongue my ass hole. I had never had any one do that to me and it was exciting. I new we were getting close to Chicago so I took her one more time. I fucked her real nice and slow. She sat on me while and even though it was a little cramped she managed to move me inside her in a rotating motion.

I heard the porter say Chicago thirty minuets, so I rolled her over and lifted her legs to my shoulders and began to slam that beautiful but swollen pussy as hard and fast as I could. I was surprised I had any fluid left but I did and I could feel it shoot deep into her. She grabbed my head pulling it to her tits and came with me. She hardly had time to dress and gather her bags. I kissed her long and hard as she whispered in my ear that I was the best she ever had or expected to have.

As she left she slipped me a piece of paper with her Oregon rough first time anal crying babysitters enjoy rock hard cock & phone number. I went back to the club car and ordered a root beer. I fell asleep I was so exhausted. The Porter woke me about three that afternoon. He said that he located two women that indicated they would be willing to share my sleeper. I wasn't sure if I was up to it but said I would take a look.

He told me which seats in the passenger cars they were in. Luckily they were in two different cars. The first car was an older women about in her mid forties, very slender with small breasts about the size of a big orange.

A narrow face with a long straight nose. I walked by and sat down in a chair a couple of rows up facing her. I smiled at her as I picked up a paper to read. She didn't smile back. I got up and Iwent to the other car where the other woman was.

To my surprise it she was a girl about my own age or younger. She could have been as young as thirteen or as old as me. She wasn't pretty but was as cute as a bug's ear. She looked like any Midwestern cheer leader you ever saw. She had a cute upturned nose with long blond hair. She wore no makeup just some lipstick. She was the all American girl. I sat down next to her and smiled, she gave me this great big smile that could light up a room. I said are you going far? She said she was going to Minnesota to visit her aunt.

I said that was quite a coincidence so was I. She was going to Minneapolis and I to St Paul. I said, aren't you kind of young to traveling alone? She sat up a little taller and said I'm eighteen and will be nineteen next month. I smiled at her. She said she was from Phoenix Arizona and was going to the Arizona State in the fall, and her name was Barbara or Bobbie which was what everyone called her. I asked her to have dinner with me. She asked if she could let me know later that she might be tied up that evening.

I said sure. I saw the porter and said I liked the young girl but she said she might be tied up this evening. He smiled and said he would take care of it. He went to her and spoke to her and then nodded his head toward me. She gave me this big shit eating grin and nodded yes to me. I went back to the seat beside her and was shocked when she said she was glad it was me that wanted a sleeping companion.

And then uncle fucks niece in car blew my mind was what she said next. She said, I hope you don't mind I told the porter to fix the sleeper early. She looked right at me and said, I like you, and I haven't been fucked for over two months and am quite horny. I said we alysha loves to be ass fucked un plugged fix that and I got up and got a blanket out of the storage compartment and brought it back spreading it over our laps.

She was wearing shorts and a halter top. I looked around and undid her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. I slid my hand between her legs feeling her crotch.

Her panties were just now beginning to get wet. I pulled her panties to the side and inserted two fingers into her vagina and let my thumb slide up her lips to her clit.

She leaned into my neck and sighed, Oh that feels so good. I began to work my fingers in and out of her pussy and my thumb worked on her little clit. It took only about five minuets and she came.

If you want you will get!

She snuggled up even closer and whispered I'm looking forward to tonight. We had dinner at the early time and hurried to our sleeper. The porter had it all ready for us and I slipped him another ten spot. She jumped in the sack and took off her shorts & panty's, I could see they were pretty wet at the dakota bondage fuck my ass plow my head extreme, and halter.

I was surprised she didn't have a bra on because her tits stood right out with her bright red nipples pointing up. She was bigger than I thought. I thought maybe she had had a tit job, but no, they were the real thing, soft but firm. I could hardly get my pants off before she jumped on top of me and planted a big wet kiss on me.

We laid like that for about ten minuets just French kissing. When we finally broke away I reached down and began to rub her pussy lips. I bent over and kissed her tit and ran my tongue over the nipple. She shuddered a bit. I inserted my same two fingers and used my thumb the same way as before. Bobbie spread her legs as wide as she could in the limited space we had. My fingers reached up into her vagina searching for her "G" spot. My middle finger found it a little further in than Angie's was.

As my thumb rubbed her clit and my finger rubbed that special spot Bobbie said, Oh my god, what is happening to me? She started wiggling her ass all over the place. I could hardly keep my thumb & finger on the "G" spot and clit as her "G" spot began to fill with that special fluid like it did with Angie. She was moaning and panting and crying out Oh my god, Oh my god and she began to sob as she let loose that torrent of juices that can only come from the "G" spot.

She said Oh I'm so sorry I peed on you. I said no you didn't, it came from your "G" spot a natural thing for a women. I took my hand that was soaked with it and let her lick it.

She said it tasted slightly salty but had no real taste. I smiled. How did you do that she said, I have never had anything like that before. I felt like my whole inside's came poring out of my pussy. I said every one has that cap ability if her lover learns how to find her spot.

I scooted down and began to kiss her lovely young pussy. I ran my tongue in between her pussy lips and up the length of her ending on her small clit. I tickled her clit with my tongue and inserted my fingers into her extremely wet vagina. She said I don't know if I can handle another one like that last one.

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I grinned. And said, Oh yes you can and many after that. She leaned her head back on the bed saying Oh my god. I was now fingering her pussy pretty good. It was tight and when I tried three it became uncomfortable to her so I went back to two.

As soon as she came I took my fingers out and pulled my mouth to her sucking the new juices running from her lips. My tongue scooted in and out and I sucked her clit ever so gently because when I did it harder she started to jerk away. Then I took her legs and lifted them over he head and exposed her real white varjan girl first time sexxx. I ran my tongue over her crack and around her moon.

She said what are you doing, don't, that's my ass. I ignored her and kept on licking. She said, you shouldn't by Oh it does feel good. I than tried inserting my tongue into her bung holt. It was as tight as a drum because she had tightened her ass. I said, relax, relax and enjoy. She did and I was able to get into her about an inch and I rimed that tight ass, finally I was able to get my whole tongue in about three inches.

I fucked her tight ass hole, in and out it went. She moaned I can't believe it I'm about to come please don't stopped she whispered and came. Her juice ran down the crack of her ass and I tasted it as my tongue kept penetrating that hole. I went back to her pussy and sucked on her clit and then moved up to suck on her titties. I inserted my cock and I felt her suck in her breath because she was real tight even for me.

I wondered what would happen if she ever got a guy with a real big cock. I moved in and out and as wet as she was it only took about a minuet before I slid all the way in.

I fucked slow and easy, because of the night before I wasn't sure if I could cum again. I would build her up and then make several faster thrust until she came and then slow down again. I kept that up for almost two hours. I don't know how many times she came but when I finally got that feeling in my ball sack the bed sheets were soaping wet. I plunged into her like a jackhammer and she grunted with every thrust of my cock. She came again just as I unloaded my hot sperm into her waiting pussy, I felt her cervix and shot directly in her.

We fell asleep and didn't wake up until eight the next morning. We had a full breakfast and sat talking for awhile. We were due to arrive in Minneapolis at 12:30. Bobbie whispered do you think we could get back into the sleeper for awhile and smiled a very sexy smile. I said let me ask the porter. I called him over and said do you think you could make up our sleeper for a little while and showed him another ten spot. He laughed and said no all the sleepers were made up and put away, he paused and said Oh what the hell, I can let you in one of the vacant private state rooms but you have to be out by 11 so I can have it ready when we get to the Minneapolis.

I thanked him and gave him another five. He ushered us into the room and said be sure and lock the door and only answer to me. My name is William. We scrambled getting the lower bed open.

He gave us a sheet to cover the mattress. We locked the door and were out of our clothes in seconds. She laid down and I dove between her legs and began to kiss and suck on her pussy lips.

She said no fair; I want to suck your cock. I repositioned us and she started licking and suck my cock. I continued my onslaught of her pussy. My tongue would go as deep as I could get it and then I would lick up and out across her clit. She came within a minuet and she tried to ram her cunt into my face. She got so hot she could hardly pay attention to sucking my dick. She came again and I again inserted two fingers while continuing ravaging her clit.

I found her "G" spot and began to rub it. After a short time I could feel it filling up with her special liquid. This time it swelled even more than that first time and new I was in for a torrent. Suddenly she grabbed a pillow and shoved it into her face as she reared up her ass and hot sex with my big boobs girlfriend hardcore and fingered. Just as she blew I opened my mouth over her whole pussy and that juice shot right into me.

I couldn't swallow it fast enough and it ran down my chin and chest. She just laid there not moving, she was shaking all over. After a few minuets she resumed sucking me but I took myself out of her and turned her over and entered that very wet pussy. I went back to the same thing I had done the night before.

Very slow a tomboy lesbian and girly girl strokes. When I would feel her getting close I would increase my speed and send her over the top. She came four or five times more and said I can't stand much more I feel like I'm so hi I may never stop coming. So I let my mind go and started fucking her deep and hard. She said, Oh hurry I'm almost there again, and as she came again I unloaded my sperm into her. She gave me her address and phone number as well as her Mothers number and said if you're ever going to be in Phoenix please, please call me.

Even if I'm married I will always find time for you. You have given me pleasure I never thought possible. I kissed her long and hard and said good bye.

I could see from the window a women & man meeting her and I guest it was her Aunt. As she walked away she turned waved and gave me a thumbs up. I felt really good about myself. Well back to my Aunt (Continued.)