Unusual nympho is brought in ass hole asylum for awkward therapy

Unusual nympho is brought in ass hole asylum for awkward therapy
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Three months passed and I was down to see Emily once a week, then Halloween was fast coming up, Emily asked about the party, I thought it was a good idea and said I would get every thing we needed, it took me a few days to get the decorations and sort out the drink and food, I went early on the Friday I was a little disappointed because Wendy wanted to come with me, Sue was having to work and she didn't want to spend Halloween on her own, we arrived about mid day and took every thing in, Wendy then made some cake's and helped with the rest of the food, we put up the decorations and put lower wattage bulbs in all the light's to only give ambient light.

Emily's friends got home and changed into their costumes, I was GRAND WIZZARD, they were witches and goblins, the night started off with music and dancing and of course the drink was flowing, for once Wendy drank. Then the lap dance was suggested as a thank you to me, Wendy was up first being the younger, I had seen her dance and knew she was flexible and could hold her own against any one of them, the music started and she moved about, jigging and wriggling her hips and shaking her shoulders, making her tits shake in front of me, she turned and swayed her hips in my face and brushed against my legs a few time's, she then pushed my legs open and stood between them, then bent her knees and swung her ass, I was getting so turned on watching her my cock tented up, as I was wearing a smock and no underwear it was obvious for all to see, except Wendy as her back was to me, she rocked and gyrated and inched lower and then she did it, she was a little too low and brushed my cock, she turned and looked down and blushed, well I think she did as the light was so low I couldn't tell, Emily asked what was wrong, "It's daddy, he's got a hard on" "I'm not surprised with how you were dancing, I think the Pope would be hard after your show", Wendy moved away and looked embarrassed at what she had done to me, "Jody asked what she was going to do" "I don't know what you mean" "Well you've given him a hard on, so what are you going to do about it"?

Wendy shrugged her shoulders "I don't know" "Well in that case let me at him" Jody knelt between my legs and pulled the smock up, my cock was right before her, she leaned in and kissed up and down my length before taking me in her mouth, she sucked and bobbed for a few minutes then started to gag as my warm spunk shot to xxx sexcy vides for sunny leone back of her throat. Covering me she stood and started to dance in front of me, after a few minutes Jenny danced for me, then the others in turn, Emily was as erotic as before and I was solid as when Wendy danced for me, seeing this Sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful said "Look daddy's hard again" "Yes I know" the dancing stopped for a time and more drink was consumed by all of us, then Emily got up and pulled hot babes show off their round titties skirt up to her waist and took her knickers off, Wendy looked on in surprise, Emily then started dancing again this time doing hand stands and opening her legs wide, naturally her skirt dropped over her head and her pussy was on show, after a few minutes she did a hand stand right between my legs, she dropped her legs over my shoulders and clamped them around my neck, I bent my head and kissed her pussy a few times, she then dropped back to her feet and continued dancing, Jody came up next and she did hands stands and put her legs over my shoulders, and I kissed her pussy, Wendy had another rum and coke, but I saw her put more rum in than coke.

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The others took their turn and they each did a hand stand and I kissed their pussies, Emily moved in front of me to dance again when Wendy pushed her out of the way saying it was her turn, she danced and moved as she had before but no hand stands, when I thought this was all she was going to do she pushed my legs apart and did a hand stand, she too dropped her legs over my shoulder and there right before me was her naked pussy, I didn't have time to take it in, lovely teen beauty sucks and fucks on camera all it's glory as she pulled back with her legs forcing my face to her sex, my tongue slipped out to lick and lap at her, she pulled a little harder and I clamped my mouth over her and went to work, my tongue was in heaven, she was so sweet and was coming in a very short time.

I couldn't see what the others were doing, being trapped between Wendy's legs but I could hear words of encouragement, after about five minutes I felt my smock being pushed up, then a pair of hands came around Wendy, she put up a little resistance in being removed from my mouth, but seconds later she was sat on my lap with my cock deep in her pussy, she looked me in the eye and I saw a tear run down her cheek, "Are you alright" I asked, she dropped her head on my shoulder and said she was.

We didn't move, just sitting there as we were, I looked around the room, there was only Emily and Jody there, Emily said the others had gone to bed, for ten minutes Wendy nor I made a move, Jody came over and kissed me good night.

Now with only Emily left I asked Wendy if she wanted to go to bed, "Oh yes daddy, take me to bed and fuck me long and hard" as I stood she wrapped her legs around me and I remained buried in her, reaching Emily's room I went to the bed and lay Wendy down, we didn't japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub undressing and I just fucked her as we were, she squealed and groaned and told me to fuck my cock hungry little girl, I didn't need her to tell me this but it was something different, Emily didn't talk dirty as we fucked, so having Wendy do it turned me on a little more, "Come on daddy, fuck me, I want you cock stuffed up my cunt, I want your spunk filling my womb, I want your babies" as I was pounding into her I felt a weight get on the bed, Emily had stripped and got beside us, she leaned over me and kissed my neck, "That's it daddy, fuck her and make her cum, fill her with spunk you dirty man, that's it fuck your little girl" I didn't think Emily understood about dirty talk while we fucked but now she was adding to Wendy's and I was being turned on more and more, "Come on daddy, this little fuck hole wants you spunk, give it her, come on give her your spunk" Wendy could take no more and her muscles gripped me tight, this was my signal and I came, soft squelching noises filled the room as I continued fucking her threw our orgasm.

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I dropped beside her, we both panting for air, Emily dropped her hand to my cock and slowly pumped it, keeping me hard, after a few minutes she asked Wendy if she wanted some more, still panting she said "Not yet" "Good now I can have some too" rolling on top of me she was soon rocking her hips and making soft groaning noises.

She had a couple of orgasms before she brought me off, dropping on my chest she fell asleep, as Wendy had done so moments earlier.

I woke early in the morning and both my girls breast nude massage in story gone, I got up and washed then saw a note, 'dad had to go to work, Wendy has gone shopping, the girls say thanks for the party, sorry they left early, Wendy will be back about half ten' the writing changed then I read 'be naked in bed when I get back this pussy wants more cock before we go home', I did as was told and Wendy and I fucked for a couple of hours, we cleaned up and returned home.

I continued visiting Emily, Wendy went to collage near home so she stayed with Sue and I, we fucked when we had the opportunity, as much as Sue wouldn't have objected, at least I didn't think she would, I didn't want to do it in front of her.

Emily started courting and eventually married, but this didn't stop her wanting and having daddy's cock. Six months after marrying she told us she was pregnant, she had a daughter.

Wendy too married and she too came home to daddy's bed, almost a year after Emily, she also had a daughter. Ten year later and I'm baby sitting Diane, and Chloe, my grand daughters, they are tom boys, thinking nothing of running around kicking a foot ball or climbing trees, dolls are for sissy's they say, they had been over the fields playing and came home covered in mud, thinking nothing more other than washing them I took them up to the bathroom and ran the bath for them, they stripped off and climbed in, standing up Chloe said "Come on granddad, wash me" as I was Diane had a wicked look on her face and she splashed me, I told her off but she did it again and again, I was soaking wet, "Look at me you've soaked my clothes" "Well take them off granddad" I didn't answer and continued to wash Chloe, again Diane splashed me then Chloe joined in, they were laughing and giggling and Diane said again "Take your wet clothes off granddad" not giving it any more thought I removed booby tattooed woman railed by pawn dude clothes, moving one each end of the bath they said "Come on Granddad, get in" I climbed in and they hugged me, they stood and I washed them both, "Your turn granddad, stand up so we can wash you" "No I'm ok" with a stern voice Diane said "Stand up granddad, we want to wash you" I stood and they looked right at my semi hard cock, they giggled and soaped up their hands, they started on my legs then stood to wash my chest and back, then looking into my eyes I felt a hand on my cock, I moved it away, "No you don't" I was still holding this hand when another touched my cock, I looked down, Chloe was the culprit, I took her hand, "No" they now had a free hand while I didn't and together they took hold of my cock, "Were only going to wash you granddad" then they started soaping me up, ok they were washing me, but also jacking me off, relenting I stood there as they played with my cock, as it grew they gasped and giggled, having such little hands they couldn't reach all around me but working together they had this covered, it wasn't long before I had that feeling, "Girls I'm going to cum in a bit" "What's that granddad" "Keep up doing what you are and you'll find out" minutes later my cock swelled and erupted.

My spunk splashed all over them both, they looked on in amazement, looking down their bodies they saw it running down their stomach and between their legs, Diane reached down and ran her finger threw it, "It's gooey" Chloe did the same, I was shocked when I saw Diane drop her hand between her legs and start rubbing my spunk all over her young virgin pussy.

Looking up Diane saw I was still hard and asked if I could do that again, I nodded, she smiled and together they played with me again, I shot another load over them minutes later, this too Diane rubbed over her pussy, Chloe saw what her cousin was doing and followed suit.

I had to wash them again then I dried them off, they got into their night dress and settled down on the settee watching the TV while made us something to eat, Sue came home some time later and asked how their day had been, they talked about playing down the park and getting covered in mud then Diane told her I had put them in the bath and washed them.

They sat with me on the settee until bed time, they kissed us and went up on their own, when they had gone I told Sue they were growing up fast, "I know, the little devils will be wanting to get you naked soon" "What make's you say that"? she smiled and said "I've heard them saying after we've took them to the sea side, about the hot suuny leone porn story you have in your bathers and were wondering what was causing it" I was going to tell her they already had when she saw the look on my face, "They have, haven't they, the little devils, they've got you naked"?

I nodded then told her about them splashing me while I bathed them, did you let them play with you"? "Not exactly let them, they tricked me, I had hold of one hand they naturally had a free hand", "Well it looks like the old man's still got it" "Less of the old man" we laughed and she suggested we turn in for the night.

The following day they were playing out again and got dirty, I heard them walk into the kitchen and Sue say "Bath now", then Diane asked if I could wash them, Sue called me, I went to the kitchen, "What"? "Take the girls up and bath them, and don't wet the floor like yesterday" "We won't if granddad gets in the bath with us" Sue looked at me, "You heard them" "But" "Go, tea will be done in fifteen minutes".

I followed the girls up to the bath room and they stripped off while I ran the water, when they were naked they said "Come on granddad, take your clothes off" I stripped and got in with them, like yesterday they stood while I washed them then I stood and they washed me, only today I didn't try stopping them from playing with my cock.

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We dried and they got their night dress's on and I put my T shirt and sweat pants on, we had tea and they cuddled up in my arms until bed time. they went home the next day, I mentioned to Emily and Wendy about their daughters fun and game's, I was asked not to do more until they were teenagers, I said I wasn't shore I would be able to hold back, the two of them worked together and I couldn't fend of them both, so they had to be told to cool it until they were older.

Don't tell me to go for it, I want to respect my daughters wish's, and let their daughters have a childhood, but they are maturing faster than their mothers, so their knowledge is greater than when my girls were their age. They are coming next week end, and Sue will be away, I hope I'm strong enough to resist any advance's they might throw busty indian girl roshni with mature customer me.