Turkish wife swallow hot cum

Turkish wife swallow hot cum
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VIETNAM -PART 2 GOING HOME The plane ride home was terrible. I had never felt so unclean, tired and in a worse mood. The boy sitting beside me didn't stop shaking the entire flight. He didn't sleep and made it a personal task to insure I didn't sleep either.

By the end of the trip I wanted to blow a hole right through my head. As the plane came onto the airstrip of California I could see the bright sunshine and the un touched landscape. There were no craters, no limbs, no blood stains on the scenery, just quite green landscape. I got off the aircraft and looked to grab my bags. I swung them over cougar boss is going to ride this interns big shoulder and had a look at the area.

The airfield was small. There were only 3 other planes and 1 of them looked like a wreck. I felt the heat on my face. It didn't feel good at all. I just spent the last 8 months in a place where it was never cold. The last think I wanted was heat. I turned my head to see them empting the body bags of those who had fallen.

My heart went out to those men's families, if they had any. I walked out of the base. No one was aware I had younger guy with two older busty mature amateurs home early so no one was waiting for me. I saw a diner right across the road. I could use the pay phone in there and get a half good meal. I walked in and sat down on a stool. The waitress was young, maybe only 17. On her name tag was the name Mel.

She looked at me smiling. I didn't return it. Nothing in the world could make me smile right now. I just got a simple 3 eggs and toast. I didn't have much money on me and I needed to make a call. The waitress brought my food and gave me a wink. I ignored her and walked to a pay phone. I put the quarter in and dialled home. My mom was thrilled to hear I was home.

She insisted she come pick me up but I told her I needed to stay in California for last minute business. She understood and offered to send me some money to pay for a hotel and necessities. Normally I never took money from my mother but what choice did I have. She said she would make the transfer into my account right away. Good thing I didn't lose my wallet. I sat down to finish my breakfast. After gulping down a glass of water I felt the need to take a leak. THE WAITRESS I walked in to use the restrooms.

I unzipped and did my business. I didn't even notice that the waitress had been watching me. She had slipped in and locked the door. I turned as I was zipping up and saw her. "Can I help you?" I asked. She only shrugged and looked down to the ground. I made my way to the door but she blocked me. "Excuse me" I muttered but she didn't budge. "I have a favour to ask you" she said in a shy tone. "What?" I snapped back bitterly.

"I have never, well, you know - done it before" she mumbled softly. I could barely make out what she said. "Why does that concern me?" I asked. I was getting a bit anxious just to leave. "I always wanted my first to be with a soldier. This is how we would meet. He would take advantage of me but of course I want it" she told me.

This girl sure was open. "Sorry miss, I don't really have time to be playing these kind of games right now" I told her. She seemed very hurt and very embarrassed.

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Now I couldn't help but feel bad. I sighed and nodded my head. She looked to me with a huge smile and leapt into my arms kissing me hard, almost violently. She ripped my uniform off in seconds. This girl really was anxious for a good fucking. He pinned me up against the wall pressing herself against me.

Her soft tongue licked my shoulder. She would switch between licking and sucking on my upper body. I felt pretty warmed up. My cock was pretty hot brunette bessi fucks a dick like a champ big dick and blowjob showing weakness. She had a warm smile on her face when she paused to look at me. "You sure this is your first time?" I asked. She nodded. I found it hard to believe. She seemed to know what she was doing.

"Will you screw me?" She pleaded. "Yeah" I responded. I took off her clothes and was about to enter her soaking, dripping pussy when she stopped me. "Not there" she spat. She bent down getting on her hands and knees raising her tight ass into the air for me to view. "here" she corrected me. I felt much better now as I rubbed my cock around her ass.

Her own fluids had lubricated her ass hole enough for me to slip into her. She wanted to scream but covered her own mouth. "your&hellip. your so big" she groaned. I was feeling better already. I pumped into her lightly picking up speed with every thrust. With every thrust she would gasp, yelp or moan. Her fingers worked their way around her clit. She was fingering herself while I fucked her virgin ass. Mel cam right on cue. She nearly fell onto her stomach if my hands hadn't been there holding her.

I wasn't done so I wasn't about to stop. She didn't want me to go un attended so she just let me keep on going. My prick began to swell as it filled with my own fluids.

I pulled out and cummed on her. I let her go and she lay on the floor. I got dressed and un locked the door. "Not bad girl" I told her as I walked out. I paid for my meal and left the diner. JIM GALERBAN I walked to the bus stop to take me to the base where I had left to go to Nam. Thought it best to maybe find Fox there. This other man was waiting for the bus as well.

He offered me a cigarette which I declined. I sat down thinking about Mel for a second but Fox quickly entered my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about our first night together.

The way she moaned when I entered her. How she would look at me while we pleasured one another. How she would whisper things in my ear. She would act so tough but in bed she was a women.

A damn fine one. As I finished my remembrance of Fox I looked down seeing that I was now hard once more. The man beside me couldn't help but laugh. "Thinking about some one?" He asked me. I laughed as well. "A hot romance brzar sex story I answered. Why not tell the guy. He seemed alright. He nodded smiling looked down the highway.

It was deserted so it seemed. "My daughter just came in. Working a campaign out in Nam. Going to see her now" he told me with a look of happiness but also sadness. "You must be very proud" I said kindly. He looked at me smiling. "Believe me, I am" he replied. "You just come in as well?" he added. I nodded "8 months in that hell" I joked. He laughed. "I have heard some funny stories from the boys back home who came back. Lots of pretty girls out there" he joked. I laughed and nodded "There were" I said.

"Tell me about the one who is on your mind" he asked. I remembered my erection and laughed. "She really was something. Gorgeous and way out of my league but she came down for me. I am actually on my way to find her" I said. He looked at me. "Lucky girl" he said. He pulled out his wallet and held out a picture. "This is my little girl" he told me. I took the picture. The girl was very pretty. Blonde hair tied back tightly. Bright green eyes.

Very nice body, well tanned. She was sitting on a rock with a Dalmatian looking towards the camera but giving the dog a kiss on the cheek. "She is very pretty, the dog of course" I joked.

He laughed. "That's her dog, boy though." I smirked. I turned the picture over and saw in bold letters 'Fox'. I froze up turning it back over and studying the face. No way, it couldn't be. This girl looked like she was well taken care of, in a well brought up family. How can this be Fox? I looked up at the man. Fox's dad. It must be. They have the same eyes. I smiled. "She really is something" I muttered. Just then the bus came and we both got on.

I got on the bus and sat brother you sister private story a window seat towards the back. I didn't notice the man who was Fox's father took the seat next to me. "Might as well sit next to some one I know rather than a stranger" he told me.

I would have done the same if I was in his situation. I couldn't look at him. How could I face the man whose daughter is on trial and it's all my fault? Of course there was also the fact that I had fucked her in more ways than one. I smiled politely and remained glued to my window. He seemed not to need to talk anymore which I was thankful for so we just kept to ourselves as a good hour passed on our way to the base.

I pushed my bag out of the way so my feet would have a bit more room. He looked down at my bag with a some what shocked look. "Your with Alpha Company?" He asked. I turned to him not knowing what to say.

He was getting warm. "Yeah" I muttered trying not to bring in to much detail. "1st platoon?" He added. I only nodded. A bead of sweat dripped down my face. "You were with my daughter. I knew it. She sent me a picture of her boys way back, damn I can't remember. I knew I saw you face before." He had figured me out. My bags clearly showed my identity in black ink right on the strap. "You daughter was Fox? Lieutenant Fox? Wow I didn't even think about it" I decided to play dumb and deny all further questions.

"So you must have seen it all" he mumbled looking quite upset. I didn't have the strength to tell him in full detail about how his daughter was trying to protect me and got her self busted in the process. "I was sleeping when it happened sir" I responded with a low tone.

He looked quite disappointed with my response but he accepted it. "This is a big mess huh? I know Fox would never do a thing to anyone. She didn't do it I am sure." he said. He seemed quite sure that his daughter was not the killer the telegram made her out to be.

He was wrong but not completely. "I believed her side" I told him. He seemed much happier now that I was on his side. "Can you do me a favour?" He asked.

I wasn't sure what this could be but I nodded. "Will you come and sit in at her trial, maybe even testify?" I looked to him. If I did this he would find out I was lying all along since I would have to tell the truth on the stand. Plus I wouldn't be able to spare out any details. All would know about the LT and I. I had to do it.

It would be my only chance to save her. I looked at him "Sure" I muttered and looked out the window. A huge smile grew on his face, I could see it in the reflection of the window.

I was about to be busted. THE WAITING ROOM We just continued small talk all the way to the base. When we pulled to a stop across the street from the court house. I grabbed my bag and followed him off the bus. I looked up at the white building with the American Eagle emblem on the gates and above the doors. A massive American flag blew in the wind in the yard and people were walking in and out constantly.

"This is the place. I will see if I can see her now. Her court date is in 2 days" he told me. "Would you like me to come with you?" I asked. He smiled. "I am sure she could really appreciate seeing some of her buddies here to support her" he said. I hope he was right. "Let's get set up in a hotel first. Some women at the diner suggested a place about 2 blocks north. Cheap." That sounded like a good idea so we walked to 2 blocks to a run down hotel and both got separate rooms.

Me on the 2nd floor him on the 1st. I walked to my room agreeing to meet him down here in about 15 minutes. I opened my door and through the stuff down on a single bed. It was like being in heaven. A room for myself with carpet, windows and a proper bed. Shit I even had a TV and bathroom. No more trees for me. I just emptied my stuff on a chair and grabbed a shower really quickly.

I got dressed in the best clothes I had with me and walked into the lobby. He was there waiting for me and the 2 of us went back to the court house. We walked in. It was just as flashy as the outside. He seemed to know where he was going so I followed. "Wait here" he told me as he walked to a man behind a desk. I didn't hear what he said but he motioned me to follow and the 3 of us walked to a room and sat down at a table in soft chairs.

"They will be with you shortly" said the man whom I did not know. He left the room and left Fox's dad and I. "By the way, my name is Jim" I just realized we didn't introduce one another at all.

"Norrik" I replied. Just then a man in a black and white suite walked in. "Mr. Galerban my name is Edward Dean, I am your daughters attorney. Fox will be here shortly." he said. I guess Fox took her mothers last name because everyone called her Fox not Jim's last name.

He looked to me with slight confusion. "Are you a sibling?" he asked. I shook my head about to speak but Jim butt in. "This is a man who was in my daughters platoon. He is going to testify to prove she is innocent." he sounded proud to have me there. Mr. Dean looked me over. "I don't want to sound mean but I think it's best we think about striking a deal rather than try and prove her innocence.

There is just to much against us" he told us. Jim didn't seem to care what this man had to say. The door opened once more. Fox walked angelina will do anything to be famous accompanied by an officer.

She sat down not looking up to see us at first. When she did she noticed her father first. I thought I saw a tear in Jim's eye. "Oh Fox are you ok?" he asked. She nodded "Yeah dad." She then saw me.

She went white in the face and a look of shook in her expression. "NORRIK!" she shouted and stood up in her seat. I looked at her and smiled. Jim looked to me. "I thought he could help out. I met him at a bus stop. Found out he was in your platoon and thought he could help." She looked to Jim then me.

"What does he know?" she asked me. "I was in your platoon, what else is there to say?" I responded. She smirked. "Glad to see you" she muttered sounded not nearly as shocked and sat down. "Good idea, dad." We began to talk about what was going to be said. We went over my testimony and that was that.

We all stood up and Fox looked to me. "Can I talk with him for a moment?" she asked. The lawyer looked to her. "I must be here." he spat. "No, you don't. I just need to talk with him" she spat right back. Fox hadn't changed at all. Jim looked to me "Want me to wait?" he asked. I shook my head "I will see you back at the hotel, no worries" I said. The 2 gentlemen left and Fox looked to me. "I don't know how the hell you got here and I don't mom and son japan fucking care.

I am just glad to see you" she seemed serious. She really was happy to see me. I smiled and sat down. "I wont let them take you away, it's not your fault" I assured her. She sat on the table facing me. "I don't think you have a choice. The officers will find me guilty, there's no doubt about it." Her tone didn't sound to optimistic.

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I stood up and took her in my arms. "They can't have you" I whispered in her ear. She looked me in the eye. A sunny leone jabardasti bf sex story sex stories smile on her face as she raised my arms into the air and slid my shirt over my head. She kissed the side of my mouth and began to nibble on my ear. My hands found the zipper of her pants and those slipped off with ease.

I felt her tongue on my ear in between a couple little nips. My hands ripped her shirt over her head. I needed her know. I felt very aggressive and my desire to have her grow and intensify. I pushed her down onto the table with a harsh thud. Thankfully it didn't break under our weight. She struggled with my pants to get them off and they slid down to my ankles then fell onto the floor.

I took off my boxers myself while her hands groped my chest. I sucked on her nipple while she ran her fingers through my hair. "I missed you so much. You have no idea what it has been like. I have thought about you everyday. I need you" She managed to moan those words out as one of my fingers slid around the lips of her moist pussy. I stopped sucking and raised my face to hers. "I am in love with you" I told her as I kissed her.

It was the most passionate kiss I have ever performed. Now was not a time of light passion however.

We needed each other and badly. Things began to get a little more rough. Her nails dug into my arms and my finger was finding its way just outside her cunt. I felt up her thighs caressing her legs while sucking on her tits. My finger slid into her pussy and popped in and out bazaar sex stories xxx sexy storys school teacher. She began to hump my finger feeling it push against her clit.

She needed me in her so bad but now was my turn to control the fuck. Her humping began to speed up. She was desperately trying to reach her max but my finger wasn't going to do it.

I withdrew my finger and licked down her chest. Her back rose slightly as she feeling shot through her body like electricity. I spread her legs very wide and sucked on her thighs.

She giggled a bit trying to sit up but I forced her back to lie down. I buried my face into her cunt and sucked hard on the lips of her pussy. She nearly exploded right then and there. Her first orgasm but definitely not the last. My tongue slid in and out and played with her clit. I flicked it a few times with the end of my tongue then licked back up her stomach.

I kissed her in the mouth letting her taste herself and she took me in the arms. I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I needed to be in her as much as she wanted me in her if not more. I positioned it just outside and pushed hard in the first push. She shivered and twisted her body a bit. She was so tight. I found myself in a bit of pain as well. Pain quickly went to extreme pleasure as our bodies locked and I began to hump her harder and faster than I had done to anyone. Thrusting, pushing, humping.

Harder faster, rougher. Finally this position grew dull with us and I pulled her off the table. I kept my cock inside her as I pushed her against the wall off the room. I lifted her legs off the ground so she was wrapped around my waist. I pushed and trust with all I had. She was breathing heavily and unable to speak clearly. Her tits bounced every kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard I pushed up into her.

Her hands were above her head then around my neck. Her eyes closed and her head titled back. She looked hotter than anything I had ever seen before. She orgasmed again as I felt her body shutter. I set her down. "you done?" I asked. She looked at me and shook her head. "I am not about to lose you. This may be our last time together." She told me. I smiled and kissed her. She then bent her knees and went down on me taking my prick in her mouth.

She really did give great head. Her mouth was very warm and her tongue did wonders on the head and shaft. She cupped my balls as she sucked on my member. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to experience one of my intense orgasms. She stopped and turned around.

I was thrilled to see what she wanted me to do. Her ass up in the air and her on all fours. I put my hands on her ass and spread her very firm buttocks apart. Her ass had already been well softened by her own juices and getting in there would not be a problem. I slid in slowly letting her get used to the size. She gasped and clenched her fists.

I paused but she begged me to keep going. I wasn't going to stop. I pushed in further and further until I was completely in her. I took another small break. She looked back at me. She looked exhausted and covered in sweat. Her long blonde hair down in gorgeous girlie with beautiful hairy pussy h spicygirlcam covering half her face. I slid out but not all the way and back in again. My pace quickening. She looked back to the floor and began to rock back and forth on me cock.

It only took less than a minute before we were going strong and fast. I was humping her ass. I couldn't hold it anymore and she knew it. She tried to pull away from me not wanting me to cum yet but I had to. I couldn't handle it anymore. She tried to crawl but I wouldn't let her. "I - I can't, take it. It hurts." She begged me but I knew Fox was tough, she could take it. I pumped harder into her.

She began to yelp. "please-" she pleaded but I denied her her freedom. Suddenly I felt all let lose as my cum shot up into her ass. My head was thrown back. I had never blown like that before. She was panting hard couldn't move. I pulled out slowly. A stream of hot sticky cum followed my cock as it withdrew from her ass. I tool her arm and pulled her to her feet to face me and kissed her in the mouth.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and mine around her waist as our lips locked. We both got dressed and kissed our final kiss before parting out the door. No one had heard us because all seemed like it was before. The officer who had been waiting outside didn't even hear a thing. He took her and lead her away from me.

I watched as she turned a corner. I looked away and walked out of the court house. I made it back to the hotel alright and flopped down on my bed. I closed my eyes to drift of to sleep and spend this night alone, I didn't know I wouldn't be spending the night alone after all. HOTEL ROOM I woke at about 2 am. I couldn't sleep. All I could do was think about Fox and her trial in a couple days.

I got up to get a glass of water. I began to drink and nearly threw it up. The water was so warm. The ice machine was downstairs but I needed a drink so I walked down the stairs to the ice machine that was just outside. I heard a scream and looked towards the parking lot My eyes caught a glimpse of 2 people struggling.

I ignored it at first but I couldn't ignore the call for help that followed.

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I ran over seeing behind a large dumpster clothing scattered along the ground and a man holding a women to the ground while he assaulted her. She was down to nothing but her fishnet stockings and large red high heels. Her bra had been ripped in the middle and dangled off her shoulder.

Her red hair was down and her hands bound behind her back. Something wasn't right about this. The man who was holding her looked about in his mid 30's. He was stocky and looked like he could be a football player for a stepbro ike doesnt mind and had quinn on her knees back home.

He was on top of her forcefully holding her down against the asphalt. I immediately yanked him off the women and pushed him back. He seemed shocked at first but the expression quickly changed to rage. He swung at me. I wasn't expecting a reaction so quickly so I wasn't fast enough. His blow got me right in the side of the face which caused me to fall right away. He then booted me in the ribs a few times. I lay there on the ground tasting the blood in my mouth and looked up at him.

The women he had once held was now quivering against the side of the dumpster trying not to draw attention to herself. I thought he was done with me so I staggered to my feet but clearly he wasn't. I got hit once more in the side of the face.

This whole situation reminded me of Fox. How Dirty had her at his mercy and how I did nothing to help. I looked the girl in the eye for a brief second turned and punched the guy in the face. I don't know where all the energy came from but I began to land my hits on his face. He figured this must not be worth it because he ran off into his car and drove off as quickly as he could.

I didn't have the strength to pursue anymore. I looked to the women. She looked at me. I held out my hand to help her but remembered she was bound so I grabbed her arm and helped her to her feet. I untied her hands and she struggled to get her clothes back on. "You alright?" I asked not looking at her as she changed.

"Yes thank you" she replied shakily. I glanced back to the hotel. "You want to get cleaned up?" I offered seeing the shape she was in. "Would you mind?" she asked. I shook my head "Come on." I lead her to my room and to the bathroom and sat down on my bed and turned on the TV. I took a damp washcloth and pressed it to my lip. She came in a towel and asked if I had any extra shirts. All I had was a ratty old shirt that I hadn't cleaned since the day before I left for the Nam but she took it gratefully and came back out.

"You going to be ok?" She asked. I nodded "How about you?" She nodded as well. I couldn't help but look at her firm breasts through my shirt. Her nipples poking through. She sat down on the bed beside me. "I guess I owe you" he told me. I shook my head disagreeing. "Don't think of it. Cute young teen redhead army boy meets busty stepmom glad your alright" I responded.

She smiled warmly and took me in her arms kissing my neck. She slid her hands down my pants and began to feel my huge erection bulging in my pants. My eyes locked with hers as she undid my zipper and removed my pants. She was still pretty used from her last encounter with other man but I could tell she longed to be finished off.

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She mounted me as I lay on the bed. I thought at first she may be wearing something under my huge shirt but I was wrong. She hiked up the XL shirt and lowered herself onto my prick. She began to hump me bouncing up and down letting my cock slide in and out at her lose pussy. She rocked and grinded me letting me feel her from all sides. Her hands played with her tits while she bounced. I came in an instant. Filling her with my seed.

She wasn't going to let me go until she was down so she moved up to my face and I dug my tongue into used twat. Her moans filled the room and the person next door even banged a few times and told us to shut up. After she came we both flopped on the bed and fell asleep beside each other. FOX'S BOYFRIEND I woke up the next morning around 9:30 and noticed she had left.

I didn't care much. I just did her a favour and she re paid me. I was kind of glad she was gone. I hopped in the shower and got dressed. I walked out breast nude massage in story the room and down to the lobby where Jim was waiting for me to get some breakfast. We agreed on a restaurant rather close by and walked over.

We walked in and all I could smell was bacon eggs and sweaty trucker guys. I was used to that smell. It reminded me of the long days out in the bush and sleeping on the wet ground next to all the other grunts who, like me, hadn't bathed in over a week.

We took a booth table and ordered our meals. Jim seemed a little un easy. I could tell he was nervous. Tomorrow we would be in a court room defended his daughter. "I am glad you decided to tag along with me Norrik" he told me. I smiled. "I am just glad I can help you sir." Jim laughed, I didn't know why. "You called me sir. Your not in the Nam boy." I now saw the humour in it. His smile went away and he took out that picture of Fox. "She never could control her temper" He said.

I could tell what he was about to say could be important. "Fox's mother ran out on us when she was 13. Ran out with her boss from work. I don't know how long the affair was going on but one night, while I was out on a business trip her mother brought this man into our house. Fox came home for lunch during school and caught them on the counter humping like animals. The next day, I got home and my wife slaps divorce papers in my face and goes off with the prick.

I could tell Fox felt it was all her fault and at age 13 she was more smart than me. She stopped going to school and got a job at the lumber yard to yelp pay the bills. I hated relying on my daughter to help get us through but she was such a hard worker and wouldn't stop to go back for school even when I got my promotion. Then that bloody war started and she started talking about how she wanted to go over.

I had to let her go. She left a lot of good things back here. Her friends, family, boyfriend. We all missed her." He told me. There it was.

The word I had been dreading. 'Boyfriend.' I looked to him with a blank sort of face. "Where is her boyfriend?" I asked. "On his way. He is coming for the trial. I know Fox will be grateful to have him there. He proposed to her before she left.

He used to live in our town. Now he lives all the way in New York in some law firm." I didn't ask anymore questions. This guy had me beat on just about everything. I felt a little angry to know Fox was most likely just using me the whole time. She probably didn't care for me at all. I was just a toy for her back in Nam. I offered to pay for our bill and we went to the hotel to rest.

I watched TV the entire day. When Jim rang to ask if I wanted dinner I politely declined saying I was going to sleep. I whatsapp desi girl gang rape storys downloading11 up falling asleep around 8.

My lack of sleep the night before must have had something to do with it. THE TRIAL I woke up nice and early and got dressed and showered. I met Jim in the lobby and together we went to the court hose for Fox's trial. We were put into the same room where Fox and I went at it and waited for Fox and the lawyer.

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The knob turned and in came a young man around my age in a nice black suite with well groomed hair and shined shoes with white teeth and blue eyes. He was the tall dark and handsome type. "Jim!" he said. Jim got up and shook his hand. "Trey, good to see you" Jim replied. So this was the boyfriend I thought.

Shit. Jim introduced me to him and we exchanged the polite greeting. It took a lot to fake a smile. Fox walked in a few minutes after. Trey got up and gave her a huge hug. "Trey, what are you doing here?" she asked as Trey still had her in his arms. Her eyes were glued to mine. "I had to make sure you get out of this ok. I could never let them lock you up" he responded.

He seemed to feel just as awkward as I did being in saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde room. The lawyer went over the last few things with us including my testimony. Fox looked to me while Jim asked the lawyer a few question but looked away. Trey was smiling at Fox the whole time while he held her hand in his. Some guy in a suite walked in an asked us to enter the courtroom.

The room was small. The Judge was an elderly gentle loving with a cute all natural sweetheart. He was in his military uniform with all sorts of stripes and badges. Colonel Busty blonde woman gets her pussy railed by pawn guy, who had court-martialled Fox in the first place would be testifying against her. Jim, Trey and I sat behind Fox while her lawyer pleaded her case.

With every defence there was a hard offence brought by Carter. It seemed Fox was being dug a grave. Then it was my turn. I went to the stand and said what I had seen while in the Nam.

Fox had asked me not to mention anything about out relationship and the rape from Dirty so I left out a good 2 minutes of the story. Carter asked me a few questions that were not very relevant but that was it, or so I thought. I was asked to step down but Carter turned to me with a cold smile. "You said you didn't know Fox that well am I right?" he asked.

I didn't like where this was going. "Yes sir" I replied. "You never engaged in any sexual activity with her?" I went all white in the face. "No sir" I said. "Well that's not what Staff Sergeant Frig said. He said you had been on R7R when they caught Fox in a hot tub with a soldier.

Can you tell me who that soldier was?" His grin made me want to be sick. He had me. "Me" I muttered. "Sorry can you speak more clearly" he snapped. "ME" I spat at him. "But you just said Fox and you never engaged in any sexual activity." He was ripping me apart. I wanted to hear the words objection but I think everyone in the courtroom wanted to hear all this. Even Jim was sitting with his mouth gapping. Fox had her head in her hands.

"We may have fooled around a couple times." I muttered. "How many?" "I don't know really, a few times. She seemed as into me as I was into her" I said "Did you have sex with her?" "Yes" I snapped. "Is it possible you may be covering up for Fox because your in love with her?" He had me just where he wanted me.

"DIRTY RAPED HER!" I shouted out. The courtroom acted up and the judge had to call order. "Excuse me?" Carted snapped. I now had no choice. I told them everything. Everything about the rape, the murder. Hot lovely girl gets screwed in various positions they needed to hear. Carter was not expecting this.

It seemed the jury didn't know what to pregnant wife cheats with bbc what a slut of this new information. The Judge called a recess while he made his decision. We were all brought back into the room to discuss what had just happened. It seemed a little tense because Trey was swearing at me while Jim held him back from wanting to kick my ass.

Fox was silent looking to me. Jim even looked at me coldly. "Maybe I should go" I asked. Jim sat Trey down and looked to me.

"Your not going anywhere until we sort this all out!" he yelled. Fox looked to her father. "Dad please, don't get mad at Norrik. This is all my fault. I just dragged him into it. He was a soldier in the Nam and I manipulated him." She was actually defending me but she was taking all the blame. Jim was about to say something when we were all called back in. The jury came back in and everyone was silent. The judge looked to Fox. "I don't know what you must have gone through over there.

Believe me some of the matters brought up will be looked into. I find the decision fairly hard to make. Your military career can not be over looked. Private Norrik Rugget put his head in the lions mouth to clear you.

I will not let his efforts be in vain. I find you not guilty however your demoted to sergeant and will take a leave for a good 2 years. I hope you can forget all this" he said. It was the best that could have ever happened. Jim had a tear in his eye while Fox just stood there stunned.

Trey hopped the bench and took her in his arms. I got out of my seat and left the court-room. I didn't want to see anymore. ONE LAST VISITOR I went back to the hotel and packed my things. I was in the shower when I heard a knock at the door. I got out of the shower and answered in a towel. Standing there looking me right in the face was Fox. "I came to say thank you. If it wasn't for you I would be serving my time as we speak." I was about to say something but she cut me off.

"I just want you to know that Trey has gone back to New York on my request and that I really do want you with me and that I can't stand the thought of you just leaving-" I had to shut her up. Her ranting was getting a bit annoying and I wasn't about to deny my self the one women I loved more than anything.

I kissed her softly on the mouth and she threw her arms around me. Things got the hottest they had ever been. The towel dropped right away and she seemed eager to let me finish my shower with a little company. I helped her undress and we both got in the shower.

Nothing was hotter then seeing her on her knees taking my cock in her mouth while water splashed her body. I combed her hair with my fingers while she sucked me good.

I came in her mouth but she just swallowed and let the rest be washed away down the drain. She rose back to her feet and pressed my body against hers. I drove my pecker into her wanting cunt and thrust into her hard while she was pressed against the side of the shower.

"Fuck me dammit. Fuck me" she begged. One hand held her tight against me while the other was pressed against the shower. She screamed in pleasure and melted in my arms as the orgasm shot through her. I held her in my arms for a few minutes and carried her to the bed. We were both still soaking wet but I lay her down anyways.

I figured she was done and lay beside her but I was wrong. She wasn't even close to being down. She mounted me in the 69 position and took me in her mouth once more.

Her hands stroked my legs while her tongue licked my balls then my shaft. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and licked up her hot cum flicking her clit with my tongue.

I could feel her muscles pulsing with every lick and her legs quivering. I slid a finger into her and she tensed right up. She kept going on my dick while I pulled in and out with my finger letting another one get up inside her. Pretty soon I had 3 fingers inside her, fucking her pussy violently.

She couldn't take it anymore. My fingers weren't doing enough. She forced her way to be on top and moved my prick wither her hands so it was going to enter her needy pussy. She lowered her self on it rather quickly and like my other girl began to bounce up and down on my cock. I had already had this way and needed something better. I sat up and lay her down on her stomach on the bed with her legs coming off the sides. I stood up getting off the bed at her feet and spread her legs and pushed myself between them.

I lifted her up slightly causing her back to arch a bit and fucked her hard. With every thrust she slid back and forth on the bed. I filled her with more cum and paused to collect my breath. She turned over and looked over the bed seeing my belt in the bag I had just packed.

She pulled it out and came up behind me pushing me down on the bed and using the belt, strapped me to the frame of the bed with my hands over my head. She spread my legs and sat on my cock so I was facing her back. She bounced on my cock. The feeling of having no control and being bound made me so hot. She turned around and humped me that way as well. Her nails dragged lightly down the side of my chest.

I was about to come and she knew it so she pulled out and let me come in her mouth. "Untie me. Its your turn" I ordered and she did as I said. "Its your fucking turn to be bound and beg for me" I whispered as I tied her hands to the bed frame.

She was lying on her stomach however and knew my intentions. "Not like this, no" she pleaded but I was in no position to negotiate.

I spread her legs and she squirmed a bit to stop me but I spread her ass to get a full view of he longing asshole. I slid a finger into her cunt and dragged it down to her ass and slid it in slowly. She turned her head to see but couldn't quite get a good glimpse. She tried to bring her knees to her chest but I held her tightly as I let the head of my cock glide around her ass sliding in only a tiny bit.

"No, this will hurt to much, stop" I ignored her and kept on going. I then pushed my cock into her. The muscle stretching to accumulate the size of my prick.

She winced and cried in pain as I pushed it all the way up into her. She was much tighter this way then in doggy-style. I fucked her ass harder then I had ever before. Thrusting and pumping violently. Eventually she did get used to it and was begging me for more. I came on her ass and untied her. She turned over and lay on her back and I lay beside her. Our breath was cut short and we looked to each other. "Marry me" I asked.

She leaned forward and kissed me. ENDING Fox and I got married and moved to Canada together. She and I are now working in the RCAF. We have 2 kids and live in a house on a lake in Alberta. Neither of us can put aside the things that happened not to long ago.

When the shell shock gets to me she always finds a way to make me forget it. I do the same for her. Her father is proud of us and It didn't take him long to forgive me. As for the sex. Nothing has changed there. I can still make her scream my name and forget everything.

She still gives the best head I've