Home video bathroom play masturbation and asa akira

Home video bathroom play masturbation and asa akira
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Sorry top-heavy babes kyra hot dolly fox lick their pinks squeeze their tits took so long been very busy with other things. It is Monday, Janes starts her new job with the Marines, motor pool dispatcher. Well not really! Jane pulls her car into the motor pool parking lot, walks into the motor pool, out the back in a black staff car to a secure building across the base. The car pulls into the basement garage, this older guy opens her door, guides her into the building and into this big room.

She sits down, the man who had guided her from her car says "ms. Reilly my name is Adam! I am your control agent, I will look at your assignments, decide if you can do them safe and return to us here at this compound." by the way I was your fathers control agent too!

We had a great time together! I know we will have a great time too! Now let me take you up to the video room. They go into the video room and are seeing video from every from all the drones all over the world. Adam takes Jane over to this one screen and says this guy here is a alkada chief, we can not kill him with a missile because he always has his family or other female with him when he travels.

He know that the US tries to not have civilian killed along with the target, it is bad policy. We have tracked, tracked and tracked this guy but we can not get a shot at him! What we have to do is figure out how we can take him out with no other casualties. Over the next week we are going to watch him, see if we can take him out with a missile or come up with a plan to send you into Afghanistan and have you take him out.

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All morning along we watch this guy, no opening to send a missile in but he is doing some things that are the same over and over again. It is just after 12pm, Jane's cell phone doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex, she does not know the phone number it is displaying. She answers it. It is Dan the guy from Saturday night. He says " hi Jane I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner" she says " I am at work nowI don't know how long my day is going to be but how about I call you when I get home" he says great I will be waiting to hear from you.

They watch the alkada chief for a few more hours then Dan says Jane let go down into the locker room I have somethings to give you. They go down to the locker room, they are standing in front of a locker, Dan says that this locker was her dad's! we have not opened it since her dad passed away of cancer last year. Dan takes the lock off, opens the door, Jane start to look in and see her picture on the door, another one on the shelf.

Jane start to cry. Her dad's uniforms are there up on the shelf by her picture is a book, Jane opens it, starts to read it.

It is a diary to her, her dad wrote to her everyday with his thoughts and feelings, his wishes and hopes for her. This is a very tender moment for her, she is crying with every page she reads, she closes the book, she will read it later a home. She asks if she can put the lock back the locker so she can clean it out another day. Dan says yes it is your locker now. She finishes up work for today, she is taken back to the motor pool then to her car.

Back home she gets out of her clothes, turns the water on in the shower and gets in. she stand there under the shower for awhile just letting the water run down over her body as she thinks about her first day, her dad and how she misses him.

She picks up the soap, wash cloth, starts to wash her breasts then down to her pussy as she washes her body she is still think about her day, her dad and then she thinks of Dan and remembers that she was to call him. Jane gets out of the shower, walks into her bedroom, starts putting on her bra, panties then some shorts and a blouce, picks up her cell phone, calls Dan.

They chat for awhile, Jane is thinking he is a nice guy and can not believe she met him but then thinks that she had sex with him on the first meeting, she has never done that before.

She hopes he doesn't think she is a slut. They decide to go out for a burger downtown in the hot spot of town, she can't wait to lucky guy gets to lick delicious pussy him, check him out to make sure he is a cool guy. She drives downtown, parks the car and walks over to the restaurant. He is outside waiting for her, gives her a hug and a kiss then they go in to find a table.

The waitress comes over, ask what drinks they want. Jane say a beer, dan has the same. While they look at the menu they are making small talk. Jane says she is sorry for the other night, she doesn't have sex on the first meeting like we did. Dan says that we now have that out of the way. Jane says what do you mean? Dan says that if we dated it would be date after date, first base, second base, third base and so on.

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Jane says yes but you think I am a slut for having sex on the first meeting! Dan says no I think you met one hell of a nice guy and you really like him!!!! so you wanted to give him a gift.

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Jane says ok we will fly with that. The food comes, they eat and talk and talk and talk. Jane is thinking he is a good guy! She hopes it will last. After they eat they walk around town, look in some of the stores, window shop, just having a good time with each other. They walk down this one alley that they thought went back to the other area of stores.

Down this alley were 3 bad ass looking guys who looked like they wanted trouble. They came up on Jane and Dan. Boxed them in a corner, started having fun with them. Dan tells them to knock it off and get out of the way.

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This pissed the guys off, one of them punched dan, dan fell back but then jane did a move or two and all 3 guys were laying on the ground bleeding from the nose, eyes and mouth. Dan was in shock! My pretty date for the night just kicked ass! Jane says that is what I trained for! I AM A MARINE!!!! they go back to Jane's apartment, she gets out the medicine and fixes up Dan's cuts, then Jane gives him a big kiss and says is it all better.

Dan says he feels like a fool to have his date defend him.

Jane says that all her life she has studied fighting, kick boxing and hand to hand combat. Plus my father showed me things that they do not teach in these training classes, just so I could protect myself and be safe. Do you think you feel better for another kiss?

Dan says kiss away! You can beat me up! Jane says yes I can but I never would, I like you to much so here comes a big kiss!!! they start to make out, dan's hand goes down to her ass, feels her up and starts pulling janes shorts down. She stops him and asked if he feels to hurt to made out? Dan says not anymore I just love making out with you.

Jane leads him into the bedroom all their clothes came off, they kissed, he moved down to janes breast, he played with her nipples, licked them and sucked on them. Moans came from Jane, she love having her tits sucked! Dan moved down lower to her belly and belly button. God she loved this guy! He moves down to her pussy, licking every inch, up, down, up, down then back and forth. She is going to come!

Just then dan stops, Jane is moving her pussy up and down trying to get him to finish her. She calms down a little, Dan moves his tongue back in and licks again, again, again and again. She is ready to come again and Dan stops. Her head is moving all over, her pussy is moving up, sophia leone xnxx story sex stories and she is saying please make me come!

This time Dan takes her clit into his mouth and sucks on it, then tongues it until Janes comes, come and comes.

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Jane lays back getting her breath, she says that was the best she ever had! She then rolls on top on Dan start sucking on his tits harder and harder. Then she goes down to his cock, plays with it, then starts sucking on it. Dans cock is getting bigger and bigger she is sucking more and more. Now she deep throats his cock all the way to the back of her throat and past. She feels him getting ready to come so she stops just like he did, all is fare in love.

She waits a little while then start sucking again but this time she miss reads Dan and he comes down her throat, she sucks down all of his come.

She move up, they hug, then they fall asleep.