Pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position

Pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position
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". So the flower people can't get there until 12 but that should still give us heaps of time to set up everything else." Chris babbled as Jacob drove them home from the rehearsal dinner. "It's all coming together, finally! I can't believe it has been almost two years since you proposed. It feels like just yesterday we were in high school. I wonder what everyone is up to.

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Other than my Grooms maids and maid of honours." " Are your multiple maids of honours planning anything for your buck's night?" Jacob asked. " Probably. It will probably involve some sexy male strippers and a lot of alcohol." Chris said. " How about you let them celebrate without you and you come with me. I have a pretty special night planned." Jacob said slyly. " But we can do as many special nights as we want.

Tonight's all about strippers." Chris said. " My night involves a stripper as well. A very special one." Jacob said. " You can strip for me all you want after we are married." Chris said rolling his eyes. " It's not me! Come on Chris. I swear if you don't have fun with me you can join the girls afterwards.

It won't take that long." Jacob said almost begging.

" Fine. The girls can warm the strippers up for me." Chris said pulling out his phone and calling Jessie. Jacob blindfolded Chris on the way to the club. Chris was being a little difficult.

" How much longer?" Chris asked. " I'm pulling up now." Jacob told him. " When can I take the blind fold off?" Chris asked. " When I say so." Jacob told him getting out of the car.

He walked around to Chris' door and opened it, guiding Chris out. " Seriously Jacob this is a little ridiculous." Chris said. He could hear club music and then he felt Jacobs's lips on his. " Trust me." Jacob said. Jacob locked the car and linked his arm in Chris', leading the way.

Jacob walked up to the door man and presented both his and Chris' ID's. Chris heard the music suddenly get louder for a while and then quieter. Jacob had lead Chris out into the main area and then into a side room where the private dances and performances were held. Jacob lead Chris to room 2, the room number was written on a little card and the dance had been organised before. As Jacob approached he saw the room's name, the fireman room.

He opened the door and after he pushed Chris through it he locked it behind him. He sat Chris down on sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits of the five recliners and took the blindfold off. Chris looked around and immediately noticed the stripper pole and signs saying fire house. Chris also saw Jacob go and knock twice on a door on the other side of the room to where they walked in.

Jacob sat down in a chair next to Chris and music and lights started. The song had a deep bass line and a hip hop sound to it but there were no words. " I like this song." Chris said as a man in what looked like a full fireman's uniform with an axe in his hand and a face mask on his head walked out of the door.

When the man heard Chris' voice he stumbled a little bit but quickly regained his composure readjusting the mask. He stood facing away from the seats as a fire truck siren went off. The man started to move his hips in a circle and took off the jacket he was wearing revealing he was shirtless but had red suspenders over his chest. Chris looked at the mans tanned skin and noticed a tribal Tattoo on his hip.

Chris thought about it and decided it looked like a New Zealand/Maori tattoo. The man started swing his hips and his axe at the same time before throwing the axe away and tearing off his pants so he was just dancing in tight black underwearred suspenders and the facemask. He continued to dance sexually. " Don't you usually take the mask off first? It's going to be hard to pole dance with it on." Jacob said over the music. The man just shook his head but went over to the pole regardless.

He began to spin around it, lean muscles in his arms and legs rippling and tensing to get a grip. Chris was enjoying the show but the man's short curly hair seemed all too familiar. The man tried to do a trick where he used his hands to keep his body parallel to the floor. As he was doing this his mask fell off and Chris sat there in shock immediately recognising the man who had been his first ever gay crush. Rhys.

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Rhys cringed and slid off the pole. Rhys looked ashamed "I'm sorry. I can't do it." He said knocking on the door to turn the music off. " Come here and talk to me." Chris said. Rhys shyly walked over to Chris. " can you not tell anyone that I work here?" Rhys asked.

"I won't. How did you get into this kind of work? What happened?" Chris asked. " I came out to my parents about 3 years ago. They didn't take it that well and kicked me out of the house. I took a year off of my acting degree and worked. I came here as a customer and got offered a job. It's actually pretty good money and is fine as long as you can live with the shame." Rhys said.

" This isn't your highest paying job though." Jacob said with a smirk. Rhys sent him an evil glare and Chris looked confused. " Tell him what I really paid you for tonight." Jacob said. Rhys' expression dropped and he looked even more ashamed.

" Well even though it is good money stripping, I also offer myself as a prostitute." Rhys said softly. He didn't dare look Chris in the eyes. Chris couldn't do anything. He sat there stunned unsure if what to say. Jacob didn't say anything, waiting for Chris' reaction. " So you have already been brought for the night?" Chris asked. " Yeah." Rhys said. Chris then turned to Jacob. "You brought him for me?" Chris asked.

" I know how much he means to you and how much you wonder what it would be like. I'm giving you this last chance to find out before we start the rest of our lives." Jacob said.

Chris felt a flood of emotions. He kissed Jacob hard. " Thank you so much." Chris said. Jacob stood up and Chris was confused. " Where are you going?" Chris asked. " I was just going to wait out in the car until you were done." Jacob said. " Threesome." Chris said getting excited at the thought. Jacob half smiled and said "If that's all right with you?" Rhys nodded still not looking them in the eyes. "You have paid; I'm yours for the next three hours." "Rhys, look at me." Chris said concerned.

Chris stood up and stepped toward the Maori boy who he had once loved. Rhys shook his head. Chris put his finger under Rhys' chin and lifted his head so their eyes met. " I'm sorry for what happened all those years ago in the wood work room. I think back on it and realise it must have been horrible for you for your first gay crush to reject you like that." Chris told him sincerely. " I was upset for a while because I had finally come to accept those feelings and I got shut down. I have gotten over it though and I forgive you." Rhys said.

Chris pulled Rhys forward and kissed him. Rhys was shocked at first but then his instincts kicked in and he began to kiss back expertly. He took a step towards Chris and put on hand on Chris' lower back and the other on his forearm.

Chris' hands went straight to Rhys' hot ass, squeezing like he had always dreamed of. As they made out Rhys' hand slipped up the back of Chris' shirt, rubbing the skin softly. Chris shuddered and Rhys smiled. Chris felt Jacob press his hard cock against his ass and Chris moaned. Jacobs hand went to Chris hip and the other followed Chris arm down onto Rhys' ass.

Chris was between the two boys he had crushed on in high school and he didn't think he could be anymore turned on. Chris moaned softly. " Enjoying yourself there Chris?" Rhys asked smiling pressing his erection against Chris'. " Oh this is nothing." Jacob said mischievously. Jacob bit down on Chris neck and Chris moaned really loudly. " Ah so that's why you liked buffy." Rhys said. Chris just nodded still overwhelmed.

Rhys started to kiss Chris again and Chris almost came in his pants. Jacob bit down harder on Chris' neck and Chris grinded his hips and ass between both of them. " I'm dead." Chris said. Jacob let go of his neck, recognising the code straight away. He stepped out of the hottie sandwich and looked sheepishly at both boys. " Whatever you want." Rhys said. " Do you do double blow jobs?" Chris asked.

Rhys smiled and simply said, "Yes." Rhys got down on his knees and Chris and Jacob took off their shoes. Rhys rubbed his hands down Chris and Jacob's stomach's stopping at the waist bands of their pants. Expertly he undid the buttons and slid the fly's down with one hand each. He pulled down both pairs of pants and underwear.

His hands wrapped around both of the cocks and began pumping them until they were fully hard. He paid attention to Chris first, wrapping his warm wet mouth around the head of Chris' cock. Chris moaned and kissed Jacob, bringing their bodies and cocks closer together. Rhys swapped and started sucking Hot babe cory having a sensual affiar with milf sierra lesbian and nicole off.

He didn't put as much effort into Jacobs blowjob but Jacob couldn't tell. Jacob moved his mouth to Chris neck and bit down making Chris moan and squirm. Rhys took his mouth off Jacobs cock and sucked Chris'. He then alternated between them, sucking one after the other. Chris looked down and watched Rhys' practiced movements in wonder.

"I'm dead." Chris said making Jacob stop biting. Chris got down on his knees next to Rhys and said "stand up." Rhys stood up and Chris undid his suspenders and pulled his black underwear down. Rhys' uncircumcised 6 inch cock sprang two big cocks double teaming amber chase naturaltits threesome and Chris and Jacob smiled.

Chris put one hand on each cock and pulled the two boys together. Jacob smiled and put his hand on the side of Rhys' face. Rhys looked nervous but kissed him all the same. Chris moaned and started jacking the two off with one hand.

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Jacob moaned as well and Rhys just smiled in the kiss. Chris started to lick the heads of the cocks as his hand pulled back the fore skin. The boys started thrusting together and Chris licked up and down the shaft as well.

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Chris pulled them apart and sucked down all of Jacobs cock. Jacob moaned and subconsciously bit down on the closest neck. " Ahh fuck." Rhys said. Jacob let go and said "Sorry habit." "Do it again?" Rhys asked. Chris smiled up at him and when Rhys looked down to smile back Jacob bit his neck. Rhys moaned and thrust hard and Chris sucked down all of his cock. He had not expected the pleasure overload. He came hard into Chris' mouth and Chris swallowed it all down happily. " I'm dead!" Rhys screamed moaning.

Jacob let go and chuckled but continued to kiss the bites softly. Chris had milked Rhys for every drop of cum He had and Rhys collapsed down on to a chair. Chris stood up smiling and started thrusting against Jacobs's side, smiling at Rhys.

He put his hand around Jacob's cock and pumped it slowly while Rhys recovered. " I haven't come that quickly since high school." Rhys said laughing. " Well you haven't been with us." Jacob said. " Is that all you got?" Chris asked smirking. " Of course not. I will be up again in a few minutes." Rhys said. Jacob smiled and sat down in the chair he sat in before. " Come here." Jacob said to Chris pulling out a little bottle of lube.

Chris smiled and walked over, shaking his ass as he went. Rhys looked on and moaned, his cock desperately trying to inflate. Jacob had spread the lubricant on his cock and Rhys watched as Chris bent over, wiggling his tight ass at Jacob. Jacob smacked it and Chris yelped playfully before moaning. Jacob leant forward and licked from Chris' balls to his ass hole. He ran his tongue around the puckered little hole before putting some lube on his fingers. Chris was moaning and wiggling his ass.

"Please Jacob!" Chris begged as Jacob rubbed his thumb over Chris' ass hole. Slowly Jacob pressed his thumb inside and chris shuddered. " Beg." Jacob said slowly removing his thumb. " Jacob, Oh jacob please fuck me hard, i need a good fucking. Please!" Chris moaned out as Jacob slipped two lubed fingers in Chris' ass.

Rhys was moaning too as he rubbed his cock, now fully hard again. " I think Rhys wants in on the action." Jacob said sliding his fingers timid old man got fucked by a gutsy young blonde in and out of Chris' ass.

" Uhh yes." Chris moaned. All of a sudden Jacob removed both fingers and whispered in Chris' ear. Chris got down on his hands and knees and crawled in front of Rhys. He took Rhys' hand off his elegant schoolgirl is teased and pounded by her elderly tutor and replaced it with his mouth.

Rhys moaned but not as loud as Chris moaned when Jacob got on to his knees behind Chris and thrust into him. Chris' moans made his whole mouth buzz on Rhys' cock. Rhys placed his hands on Chris' head and Jacobs were firmly planted on Chris' hips pulling Chris towards himself as he thrust.

Chris sucked harder. He felt rolls of pleasure run through his body and down his spine. Chris felt Jacob lean over him and start to tug on his cock roughly. Chris moaned again. He took his mouth of Rhys cock to catch his breath before going back to work. He licked up the shaft to the head, teasing it with his tongue before taking Rhys' whole member into his mouth. Jacob watched his fiancée suck the strippers cock like only he knew how. Rhys' face was pure ecstasy probably living out some fantasy he has had hidden for years.

Jacob Started to really pound into Chris, watching him squirm and moan. Rhys couldn't take it much longer. He did this for a living but even he couldn't hold out against Chris' attack. He came hard and swore he saw stars. Chris swallowed his second load of Rhys' cum for the night and straightened on his knees, pressing his back into Jacobs's stomach and kissing him from the side.

" Seems like Rhys can't handle your cock sucking skills." Jacob said playfully into Chris ear, nibbling at his earlobe as he slowed down his thrusts. " I apologise. Another couple of minutes and I will be ready again." Rhys said. He seemed rather embarrassed.

" Come here; get on your knees in front of Chris." Jacob said to Rhys. Rhys did as he was told and kneeled down, facing the two boys. " help Chris reach his climax. He has made you come and now it's time to return the favour." Jacob said picking up his tempo of thrusts. Rhys pressed his body and still semi deflated cock against Chris, kissing him hard. He took Chris' long erection in his hand and pumped it half time to Jacob's thrusts.

Rhys kissed down the side of Chris' neck and looked up at Jacob, motioning or him to go the other side. Chris eyes were closed and he was moaning so he did not expect it when Rhys bit down hard on one side of his neck and Jacob bit down hard on the other.

Chris gasped and moaned so loudly it was almost a scream. He rocked his hips between Jacob and Rhys as the pressure boiled over.

With one final tug from Rhys and a final thrust from Jacob, Chris came harder than he ever had all over Rhys' stomach. Jacob great fmm threesome with sexy blonde milf a few more times, hearing Chris' constant moaning and came in his hot tight ass.

Chris collapsed to the side and angelina will do anything to be famous over onto his back. Jacob sat back onto his ass and Rhys watched amused.

Chris turned his head and looked at Jacob with the biggest smile on his face. "Thank you. You are going to be the best husband ever." Chris said. He felt a little bit high off the pure pleasure overload. "You're welcome and I'm sure you will be too." Jacob said.

Rhys still sat there waiting for his next command. "I think that will be all." Jacob said to Rhys. "My poor little cum bucket seems to be full." Chris laughed still panting hard. " Thank you for that. It was awesome to catch up. Maybe we could even get coffee sometime. Fully clothed and completely non work related of course." Rhys said finding his costume. " That would be nice." Chris said sitting up. Rhys pulled on his underwear, leaving the red suspenders hanging and bent down to give Chris a kiss on the cheek.

He then went over to Jacob and did the same. "Take care of him. I hope you two have a long and happy life together." Rhys said before walking out. " So did you like your surprise?" Jacob asked. " Words cannot explain how much I love you right now." Chis said sincerely leaning into Jacob and kissing him.

The taste of cum was still on his hot breath but Jacob loved it all the same. " We should go. Maybe you can meet up with the rest of your groomal party." Jacob said. " I think I just want to go home and cuddle you until our wedding day." Chris said smiling into his eyes.

The link between them was so strong. Chris knew in his heart that he was making the right choice. He knew there was almost nothing that could come between him and the one he loved.

" Sounds perfect." Jacob said smiling back.