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Slut milf gangbang and casting threesome xxx suspect told us that it was tts place
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My eyes started to open. Light pouring in from my window, I stretched, yawned, and turned my head to my clock which read 11:15. I thought about it, but couldn't remember what day it was. Then, moving my hands, I felt a body near mine. Jay. I smiled to myself and watched her sleep. She had always gotten up before me, so I figured all the magic she had used the night before must have really drained her.

I got up ever so softly so as to not wake her up and walked to the bathroom quietly. I wasn't sure if my parents were home, but I remembered that they should have been. After relieving myself, I walked back into my room and saw Jay just standing up. She stretched, her back towards me, and I gazed helplessly at her body, covered by a baggy t-shirt and panties which were clearly visible, her butt sticking out under her shirt. "Morning, sleepy," I said, walking in.

She turned around. "Wow, you up before me. Who knew?" she said sarcastically. "Well I guess you couldn't handle last night as well as me, you know&hellip." I said, backing away and pretending to defend myself.

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"Haha, well if that's how you feel maybe I won't do it anymore…" she said, turning her head, but then returning her eyes to me. I looked at her and ran over to her, hugging her. "Actually Jay, what day is it? And do you know if my parents are home?" I asked, feeling confused. "It's Monday, and yup, your parents are home. Your sister too," she said nonchalantly. "M—Monday!?

I have to be in school by now!" I said, rushing over to my closet. "Silly, I, you know, remember, am a genie? Hello? Poof, everyone thinks you were at school today now," she said, waving her finger. "That's crazy Jay…you're nuts," I said, amazed at how it seemed she could do anything. "Could you…wait this will be nice. Could you, just for today, make my parents remember me spending the day with them, without me, you know, actually doing it?" I asked, hopeful.

"Sure," she said, snapping her fingers. "There." I went over to lay down on my bed again. Sitting on the corner of the bed, I grabbed the TV remote and turned the TV on. Jay crawled onto the bed and slunk behind me, putting her arms on my shoulders and giving me a massage.

"Oh…yea that feels good Jay…" I said, her magic flowing through my tense shoulders. Slowly, her hands moved down to my boxers, and, rubbing my stomach lightly, she reached for my dick, which was already hard.

I laughed. "Morning wood, you know?" I told her, still looking at the TV, trying to not think about what she was doing. "Yup, I see. I'll fix that for you," she said, magically 'poof'-ing my boxers away. From behind me she grabbed my shaft and began stroking it with her fingers. Using her trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars, she began to pump my cock with two hands, my dick being just long enough for her to do so.

I felt her tits pushed against my back, her legs slowly curling around me, her pussy still covered by her panties against my lower back, and her cool, smooth, now wet hands jerking me off. She continued this for around 5 minutes. "Hey Jay, see how long I can last now? Just the other day I couldn't last more than a minute!" I said, feeling proud of myself. "Don't get cocky, I can make you bust whenever I want," she said, giggling.

"Okay, okay, whatever you say baby," I said, with much sarcasm. She seemed not to notice and kept going with the handjob. I was feeling really good, my cock as hard as ever and her hands giving my entire body pleasing sensations by pumping my shaft and rubbing my head. She increased the speed, and I suddenly felt myself over the edge.

"Jay oh&hellip." I moaned and she continued to rapidly jerk my dick. Cum began to shoot, as it poured out onto my rug. Still jerking, her hand wet and sticky with cum, she spun around me onto the floor in front of me. She continued pumping, my cum spraying all over her chest and face.

With one hand she rubbed her tits, still making me cum. Her magic kept my orgasm going for at least a minute, and by that time there was cum everywhere. I panted hard with my eyes closed, as my ejaculation slowed down. Laying back, I felt my last shot dribble out with a last movement of her hand, and she stood up and proceeded to lay on top of me.

"Feel good?" she asked, kissing me. "You know it…" I managed, still out of it. "So what are we doing today?" she asked, resting her head on my chest. "Well I was supposed to play football with some friends today, you wanna come?" I asked her, just remembering. "Sure, sounds fun," she said, slowly getting up. As she stood, her hand slid over my now soft cock and sent a wave of pleasure through me.

"Magic, what it can do," she said, smiling. I laughed as she asked me what she should wear. "Jeez, wear anything. I mean, you know you're gonna look hot no matter what you wear," I said, sitting up. She snapped her fingers and appeared in outfit #1. She had on tight jeans and a pink tank top, a pierced belly showing.

"Look good?" she asked. My eyes moved up slowly, from her long legs, accentuated ass, tight stomach, big chest, and finally beautiful face. "Perfect," I said. A few hours later, arriving at the park, my friends and I were throwing the ball around before the kids we were playing against showed up.

Cute brunette poses in her outfit before touching herself masturbate homemade was there, and he seemed to have never opened his closet from when we were last there, not getting the surprise Jay had left him. All of my other friends had a hard time not being distracted by her sitting on the sidelines, looking as hot as she did.

"You know we're all gonna be playing a lot better now, right Chris? That was a good idea you had, bringing her here," my friend Matt said. "Dayyyyyyum, she's hot." Eventually, the game got under way. We played well, and I was our leading receiver with 2 TD's and around 18 receptions.

Towards the end of the game, while getting some water, Jay walked over to me and whispered in my ear. "Hey Chris. How about if I do some of my crazy magic stuff and give a little prize to the winning team?" she asked, smiling coyly. "What did you have in mind?" I asked, draining my water bottle.

"Well, I could poof some girl here, or a few, and they could, I mean you guys, you know, they'd be willing to do anything with you guys," she said, not looking right into my eyes. "Wow, that would be great," I said. As she slowly looked up I added, "For them of course. You're the only one for me," I said, touching her cheek with my hand. "Okay then, it's done," she said, skipping back to her seat. I smiled and jogged back to the field.

"Guys, when you see what's planned for you if we win, I know we're gonna win," I said, pointing to Jay…and her two new friends. "They're willing to do shit with all of us. Right here if we win," I said, smiling. My friends' eyes widened. "Shit yo, that's the game," four of them said at once. After our decisive victory, we walked over to Jay and the girls, who she introduced as Jenna and Krystle. Jenna was around 5'3", brown hair, chest size B, tight ass, athletic, and was wearing an outfit very similar to Jay's.

Krystle was 5'4", blonde, chest a bit bigger than Jen's, same ass, and wearing shorts and a bikini top. My five friends all introduced themselves, and looked around shyly at the empty field. Without warning, the girls got on their knees and began to rub themselves.

"We love winners," they said in unison. Jenna reached for my shorts. I gave a quick look at Jay and she nodded, sending me some kind of psychic message saying "No, let them.

I want you to see how good they are". My friends asked if it was okay that Jay was here, but she walked off a few yards and began to throw the football up to herself. Jenna's smooth hands reached my shorts and pulled them down. Moving gently through the slit in my boxers, she pulled out my dick and began to rub it, making it slowly elongate. Krystle moved close to me too, but then grabbed Ryan and, pulling him close to her, pulled both his shorts and boxers down and began to stroke his already hard dick.

"Guys, just take them out. It's a lot easier than if we have to do it for each of you," Jenna said, focused pretty intensely on my dick at the moment. She looked up at me, smiled, and lowered her head onto me, closing her mouth around the tip of my cock and sucking. My hands moved to the back of her head as I pushed her further onto me, she taking my now fully erect 8 inches with no trouble.

By now all of my friends had their cocks out, and Krystle was busy with them, stroking and sucking. Jenna had to divert one of her hands to Ryan and the other to my friend Nick. Three guys for each girl, they each used a hand for two guys and their mouths for the third. We slowly rotated between the girls, each of us taking turns big natural tit girl sucks cock gets sperm shower blowjob and handjob.

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After two minutes, my friend Mark was the first one to cum. As Krystle sucked him off, deepthroating him nicely, he gave a low moan and bucked his hips. Krystle backed off and began jerking him very quickly, pointing his cock onto her face. He came quickly, letting out 2 slow shots of cum. The first shot with some force, getting onto her forehead and some into her hair.

The next dribbled onto her chin. She continued to jerk him and suck his head for around 20 seconds, and then focused on the other two that she had at the time. He backed off and got his shorts back on, breathing hard. Meanwhile, as Ryan moved over to Krystle, Jenna was sucking me.

It felt good, but she wasn't as good as Jay. I could feel her tongue rubbing the underside of my cock as she sucked my entire shaft, making my dick very wet and slippery with her saliva. Jerking my friend Nick off, he let out a chicks pound boyfriends anal with oversized strap dildos and ejaculate as he stepped up to her face and busted.

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His eyes closed he shot right into Jenna's eye, which she didn't seem to mind at all, amazingly. Jerking him even harder, he dribbled out onto the side of her face what remained of his load. After a short while, my cock still in her mouth, he back off and joined Mark. I looked over at Krystle, sucking Ryan and jerking my friends Matt and Justin. Almost instantaneously, Matt and Justin stepped up and began to shoot on her face.

They each had quite big loads, and shot at least three spurts before their dicks began to soften. Krystle's face was now very wet and slippery, while Jenna's seemed only slightly moist, with just Nick's cum. It was kinky milf stretching pussy giving birth to ice at the end to me and Ryan, Krystle on him and Jenna on me.

We looked at each other and I whispered, "I got you beat kid." He said nothing and focused on Krystle sucking him. The girls moved closer so that we were standing side by side. My hands moved down to fondle Jenna's tits, and she didn't slow down in the least. Ryan saw me, tried to do the same, and mistakenly popped Krystle's bikini top off of one of her tits. He looked a bit startled, then gazed at her perfectly formed breast, quickly glanced down at her sucking him slowly, and lost it.

He shot inside her mouth first, and as she backed off, jerking him, he let out the rest on her face, coating it even more. She was drenched. As Ryan backed off, Krystle moved over to me. Now both she and Jenna began to lick the sides of my cock furiously, kissing it and getting my friends' cum on it also, making it slippery. I closed my eyes and began to focus on controlling my breathing.

I looked over at Jay, who was staring at me, and motioned to her, begging her to come over. She smiled and obliged. As my friends watched in jealousy, she got down in the middle of the other two girls.

"This is gonna be different than anything else we've done," she told me, caressing my balls gently. "Go for it, baby," I said, very much in pleasure.

She lowered her head onto my dick, and instantly swallowed my 8 inch meat. She sucked hard and fast, and I could tell she wanted me to cum. Krystle, removing her bikini top, stood up and began to kiss me. She grabbed my hands and put them on her chest, moving them slowly. I rubbed her breasts, and slowly touched her stiffening nipples. Jenna moved behind me and stood up. Removing her shirt, she rubbed her chest on my back while using her hands to push Jay's head further down on my dick.

I couldn't believe three girls were doing this to me. And I hadn't cum yet! I was getting extremely hot, and I felt all three girls rubbing and touching me in different places.

Jenna's hands alternated from pushing Jay down to rubbing under my ass and playing with my balls. Slowly, I dropped to my knees as Jay lay down under me, my cock still in her mouth. She stroked and sucked as my hands caressed her chest lovingly. Krystle and Jenna rubbed my balls and groin area as Jay worked my cock hard. I felt all of them a good while before I lost myself. I leaned back, my hands gripping Jay's ass tightly, and exploded. A continuous stream of jizz from my dick hit Jay, and she continued to jerk me.

Krystle and Jenna lowered their heads and licked my cock as it blasted them. Still stroking me fast and hard, I could feel Jay causing me to keep cumming. My hips thrust without my consent and cum continued to shoot out of me. As I began to exquisite czech nympho gets seduced in the mall and nailed in pov down, I leaned forward, my hands on the ground in front of Jay's head, and I pushed my still stiff dick into her mouth one last time.

She swallowed, and her throat caused my to shoot a bit more into her, which she easily took. "Good enough?" she asked, licking her hand. I fell down backwards, panting. After my friends had thanked Jay and her friends, they walked off, as Jay and I walked the other way.

"You know Jay, all this sex is gonna like make me into a porn star or something. I mean like, you just gave me some porn-quality stuff right there, probably even better!" I said. "Porn? Chris, I just want to ask you, do you like me only because I'm a genie? And because of the stuff I do for you sexually?" she asked, stopping. I saw that she was very serious.

"Jay, no. I mean, at least I think I don't. I mean, I'd like you even if you didn't do all this stuff. You're cool," Savita bhabhi in white shalwar suit seducing ashok s said, smiling at her.

She looked at me. "I guess," she said, and we continued walking. I forget how we got on the topic, but later on, back at my house, I remember asking her if I was actually good at sex. She kinda laughed a bit, and then made herself stop. "Well, you're okay Chris.

I mean, you know, if my magic wasn't stopping you, you'd be cumming in like a minute…" she said, stifling a giggle. "Ugh, cmon Jay that's not nice," I said, playfully punching her shoulder.

"Hey, wanna go in the pool? I don't think you've seen it, right?" I said, just thinking of it. "Ohh I love swimming," she said, clapping her hands childishly. I laughed. "Okay then, follow me," I said.

Reaching the backyard with our large in-ground pool, I threw off my shirt and dove in. Rising to the surface, I called out to her, "Jay come in or I'll splash you!" I said, readying my hands. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" she said.

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She poofed on a bikini, which flaunted her body off extremely well, and stepped in. Feeling cold she went up on her tiptoes as I swam over to her. We played around, enjoying the cool water. After a few minutes, I was leaning Jay up against the pool wall, kissing her. Pulling away slowly after a while, she asked softly, "In the pool?

That sound's really good…" I looked at her and smiled. I pulled her close and began to fondle her breasts as we kissed again. I pulled her top off softly and gently rubbed her. I saw a spark in her eyes as the pool water instantly became quite warm. I lifted her up softly onto the edge of the pool and looked huge tits latina anal fucked in backyard her eyes. "Allow me," I said, grinning. "I sure will," she said, pulling down her bottom slowly.

I gaped for a while at her pussy, not having had much chance to see it, Jay just pleasing me most of the time. I felt bad that I hadn't been returning the favor for her, so I began to. I lowered my head and licked her quickly. As she gasped I felt her hands move to the back of my head, applying a bit of pressure. I didn't push back, and put my tongue deeper inside her, flicking quickly. I had seen guys in porn do this, so I quickly filed through my memories and began to make it wet.

I began to kiss her pussy aggressively, enjoying her juices beginning to flow onto my mouth. I moved my hands slowly to her back, making sure to gingerly feel her thighs as I got there, and began to pull her towards me. I kept eating her out as she began to reel, leaning back far but still pulling my head into her. I rubbed her ass as I worked my mouth even faster. Her moans got louder and I could tell she was about to cum.

Gripping my head so tightly that she pulled my hair, she moaned "Ohh…Ah, Chris, cumming!" Her juices flowed, not shooting out but flowing nicely, and I lapped it up, continuing to please her.

My tongue did not miss a beat, and as her orgasm passed she sat back up, panting. I picked my head up. She looked at me and said, "Chris, that was…yea, you know." She smiled. I lifted myself up on the edge of the pool and kissed her. At that moment, I saw the fence door swing open, and I pulling Jay into the pool with me. Shocked by the cold she let out a startled cry, and I told her that someone was coming.

As I looked out I saw…Amber? Amber from school? Hot Amber? "Uh…hey Amber?" I said, lifting myself on the edge of the pool. "Chris! Sorry to come her unexpected and all but Ryan gave me your address and I just had to ask you if you'd like to be my partner for that science project we have to do…" "Science…oh yea!

Sure, I'll work with you Amber," I said, nodding my head. Just then Jay popped up out of the water. Looking around she waved hi to Amber.

"Amber, this is Jay, Jay, Amber," I introduced them. "Hi Jay, do you go to our school?" Amber asked. Jay thought for a second, then nodded and said "Yup, same school." There was a pause. Amber looked at me and began to say bye, when Jay climbed out of the pool and went to whisper something in Amber's ear.

She must have used some magic because Amber's eyes sparkled and she looked at me, quite lustfully. "That sounds good to me," she said, her hands working to untie Jay's bikini top. Amber was about 5'7", tan body, athletic, B chest, tight ass, and long, straight brown hair. She looked good really good. I'd had a crush on her for quite a few years now. I walked out of the pool to the big bean-bag seat under my canopy. Laying down on that in my bathing suit, I watched and smiled as both girls walked towards me.

One on each side of me, I blinked a few times to make sure this was real. It was. Slowly, gently, Amber moved her hands to my bathing suit and pulled it down to my knees, then pulled it off completely.

My cock lay softly against mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories stomach. Amber seductively moved her hand, her fingernails long and polished a light blue, to my cock.

Grabbing my soft shaft, she squeezed gently and began to jerk her hand. I closed my eyes and tried to hold off on getting hard right away. I held for around 20 seconds. She then leaned over me and drooled all over my cock, greasing it in with her hand. Jay looked on from my other side as Amber worked her magic. Stroking my now lubed up cock, she used her left hand to massage my chest and rub my face. I sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking her hand when it passed over my mouth as I focused on keeping my breathing steady and not paying too much attention to what was happening to my dick.

She kept jerking, and I lost my inhibitions. Turning my head, I whispered, "Amber, suck it," nodding my head towards my dick. She smiled and happily complied.

I knew it was Jay's magic doing this, but damn this girl was good. She took my hardening cock into her mouth slowly at first. I felt the warm wetness of her tongue and she licked the underside of my dick a few times, slow, long licks from the base of my shaft to the head.

I relaxed in my bean bag seat as she began to put me in her mouth. Moving her legs over mine and sitting between my legs, she sucked on around 4 inches of my 8 inch meat at a time. Focusing primarily on the head, she licked and sucked, building up saliva. Meanwhile, Jay had removed her top and was leaning over my head, chest in my face. I gently licked her perfect nipples as my hands found their way to Amber's head and pushed her down ever so gently. She began to go a bit deeper, but she couldn't take the whole thing like Jay could.

I held her head down on me deep for a few seconds, lavishing in the feeling of the head of my cock rubbing the back of her throat, then stopped applying pressure. I did this a few times, pushing a bit more each time. My cock was throbbing down her throat as she sucked and used her tongue to make my shaft slick.

Jay massaged my chest as her tits pressed on my face. Slowly I began to sit up, and Jay stood. Amber, not missing a beat, kept bobbing her head up and down. I looked for a while and just focused on enjoying her mouth on my cock. I put both of my hands on the sides of her head and guided her down each way, rubbing my hands through her hair and pulling it out of her eyes. Jay, walking around Amber, suddenly poofed Amber's clothes off, making my eyes widen for a second.

I stared at her body, and rested my head back, laughing. "Jeez Jay what did you do to this girl," I said quickly. She laughed and knelt down by Amber. Jay traced her fingers along Amber's curvy body, ending with her hands on the back of Amber's head, pushing her head down on me.

I gasped and sat up. Still pushing, she had my whole cock down her throat now, and it felt good. Pulling off, I saw my extremely hard, wet cock and my hand instinctively moved to stroke it a few times. Jay coolly slid under Amber, her head down low, and began to lick my balls. Amber, her pussy rubbing Jay's back, went back to sucking me off. Two girls was a bit much for me to handle twice in a day.

I pushed Amber's head down, jerked up as Jay licked almost to my ass, and began to cum. I raised Amber's head as I began to shoot, cum instantly shooting all over her face. Jay kept sucking my balls as I kept shooting, some going into Amber's open mouth and dripping onto Jay, the rest going all over Amber's face and chest. My orgasm subsiding, Amber quickly got her head back down and sucked me gently, cleaning cum off my cock.

Jay, pausing her ball-sucking, smiled at me and said, "So, I just refilled you. What do you wanna do now?" I lay my head back and laughed. "Uh…I don't know really," I said, unsure. "Then this'll do," she said, standing up and pulling Amber with her.

Whispering in Amber's ear again, I was curious as to what she was saying. Without hesitation Amber stood over me, spread her legs, and began to guide my cock into her pussy. I got up and began to say something but Jay shushed me and, a hand on my chest, gently made me lay back down. She used a hand to stroke my cock a few times, making it nice and wet, and motioning for Amber to get on it.

As my cock entered Amber, I was in ecstasy. She was really tight, and I felt her contracting along my cock. Only around 3 or 4 inches of my cock was in her, but it was more than enough to send waves of pleasure through me. As she slowly began to rock her hips back and forth, she slid further and further down, eventually getting around 6 inches in. Resting her hands on my chest she began to move her hips back and forth on my cock, really riding it deep.

I used my hands to feel her tits, her nipples hard by now. Jay, still standing, seemed to be watching Amber intently. Me still being new to actual sex, my cock was already about to explode. I was about to tell Amber that she should get off since I was about to cum, but she began riding me faster, so that I had to chance to warn her before I started cumming.

I shot inside her, and she moaned with the feeling of my cum in her pussy. I shot a lot of cum, and as she slowed, Jay pulled her off. Bending down, she popped my cock into her mouth and sucked hard, making me shoot inside her mouth. Jay made the warm, wet feeling of her mouth tight, just like Amber's pussy. As my cum stopped erupting, Jay deepthroated me, cleaning off my entire shaft.

I just laid back and sighed. I said nothing, but relaxed on my bean-bag chair and watched as Jay led Amber over in front of me. Both of them naked, I marveled at their perfect, young bodies. Jay looked at me sucky fucky session with an asian hottie brunette and cumshot winked, then poofed a purple strap-on dildo into her hand.

I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn't say anything. Jay slowly, sensually, strapped the dildo on. Her hand grazed Amber's back, and Amber got on her knees, sticking her ass out at Jay.

Jay shook her head 'no', and began stroking the dildo, using some brunette in red lingerie dana dearmond gets ass fucked to get it wet.

Amber turned around and began giving Jay the hottest blowjob I have ever watched. She spit on Jay's "dick", stroking it quickly before slipping the head into her mouth. The dildo was a little smaller than my cock, around 7 inches long. Amber sucked the head a few times, and went as far down on Jay as she could. Jay, clearly a great actress, moaned and leaned back, shoving out her hips, pushing her cock further into Amber's mouth.

I wondered to myself if she somehow was using her magic to actually feel the blowjob. I began to stroke my once-again hard cock, and Jay saw me and seemed satisfied. She motioned for Amber to lay on her back, which she did, saying nothing. Jay crawled onto Amber's stomach, her legs on each side of her, and began stroking her "dick" again. She told Amber to open her mouth, and, leaning far over Amber's head, straight towards me, she began to fuck Amber's mouth. My cock was throbbing in my hand as I watched Jay, her hips thrusting her "cock" in and out of Amber's mouth, her tits bouncing nicely, and Amber, taking the cock down her throat with no problems.

She must have lost her gag reflex, I thought. Jay, sighing and panting with apparent pleasure, motioned with her finger for me to go over. I sprang up and, still jerking my cock, walked over to her, still making Amber deepthroat her. When I got close enough she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, my cock disappearing into her mouth.

She had a great rhythm going; suck my head and thrust into Amber, then pull up and deepthroat me, then repeat. After a short while, Amber now fingering Jay's exposed pussy and ass as she continued thrusting, Jay let out a loud moan as her orgasm came. Stretching a taut anal opening hardcore blowjob backed off of me and, to my astonishment, the dildo was cumming.

'So it was connected to her!' I thought. She wasn't cumming how she made me cum, but a good amount of her jizz splashed on Amber's face and into her mouth, Jay still thrusting, involuntarily now.

After she calmed down, she let Amber get up and they both got to work on me for the third time today. As Jay sucked my cock Amber licked my balls, and they switched. Eventually, when I felt close to cumming, Jay stopped for a second.

She then got up high on her knees, Amber doing the same, and began to tit fuck me. I switched between the two, jerking my dick with their soft, perfect tits, Jay's being a bit bigger and more preferable.

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When I felt as if I couldn't possibly hold back anymore, Jay grabbed my shaft and rapidly jerked my entire shaft, begging for my cum. Amber, rubbing her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other, also pleaded for it. I decided to comply and began blasting them. Easily my strongest cumshot of the day, I rained down my jizz on them, Jay still stoking my entire shaft with fervor.

I didn't stop, and my stream rained down on their faces, chests, and bodies, covering them. I wanted to fall back, and I did, right onto the bean-bag chair. Jay, momentarily losing her grip, kneeled over me and continued making me shoot. When she was satisfied that I had been clearly emptied, she kissed me with her cum filled mouth. "Love you," she said.