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Huge titted milf in spex wants cumshot over her tits
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THE YEAR THREE Andrew's Story I've got so many balls in the air I wonder when they are all going to fall on my head. My business is going great guns.

It's unbelievable what some simple little programming can bring in when applied in the right places. IAM has finally gotten off of the ground. I've built several websites for various people to access: different strokes for different folks.

We are getting regular hits from twins all over the country, as well as more than a few male geniuses who are interested in getting their rocks off. Hey, you've got to start somewhere. We've done several mailings to the twins' database. That was a chore loading forty thousand names, addresses, and family histories from the records Doris was maintaining. And Doris is no prize in the handwriting department.

Maybe when she was young, say seventy, one could read her writing. But now her writing looks like the marks made by a lie detector. Try figuring that out. So I created a SQL Server 2000 database added on a visual basic front end and away we went!

I created some nice websites that interfaced with the same SQL database we were using locally and we were ready for business. Do you know what it costs to mail things to forty thousand people? You do the math. We aren't a charitable organization, you know. The IRS might not look kindly at some of my websites if we claimed to be a non-profit. We've got to pay for all of this.

I let Donnie and Deirdre take care of the money end of things. They arrange for whatever dirty tricks they can come up with to minimize our costs and maximize our profits. What the hell do I know? I'm a lowly computer geek. I do my job and that's it. Let the big brains do the heavy lifting, business-wise. My computer room is state of the art, or at least as close as we can afford it to be, out here in the boondocks of east Georgia.

We've got redundancy built within redundancy. We backup like there is no tomorrow. Actually it isn't mission critical that we stay on-line all of the time. If our T3 line goes down for a while we can live with that. We had our second batch of kids last year. Sunny leone x 2019 janwar ke really was a 'biological clock' kind of decision.

Donnie and Deirdre were thirty-seven at the time and we just didn't want to push our luck by waiting any longer. Besides which, it may be a bit crass of me, but I really did want to see if we could get pregnant a second time as a kind of experiment. None of the twins of any family had ever gotten pregnant twice, to the best of our knowledge. And our knowledge is the knowledge of the entire institute, such as it is.

It's kind of a key to the next generation's future that our match-ups be able to procreate without the restraint of a single birthing per female after long attempts at pregnancy.

I don't want to brag, but I am one potent guy. We've only tried to get pregnant four times (two times per girl, after all) and I'm batting four for four. No blanks being shot here. The big news, the really big news, is that our second batch wasn't twins hot girl 1hr sex fiml it wasn't girls either.

I knew by the seventh month. The twerps knew too, I might add. I made them promise on pain of death to keep their pretty little mouths shut. Emma keeping her mouth shut is a physical impossibility. I detailed Elle with the task of watching over Emma.

Her job (and she was glad to accept it) was to make sure that Emma didn't spill the beans to Donnie or Dee Dee. I threatened physical violence, though they never take me seriously about those threats for some reason.

But Elle was more than happy to tackle Emma, and then sit on her until she agreed to keep quiet. That's what it took on more than one occasion. So when we made our trek down to the hospital in Savannah this time, the girls were expecting the same old thing: four adorable little girl babies. Instead they got two little boys.

I didn't tell them because I wanted it to be a surprise. Was it ever! I thought they would never stop crying! Not the babies, they didn't cry at all. Donnie and Deirdre were beside themselves. They wanted to hold those little boys and never let them go. And we didn't have any boy names chosen. I thought I might have given it away when I insisted that our next batch of girls would include Edith and Ethel, two names that I totally despise.

I actually scored some points with Deirdre early on.

She wanted a girl named 'Eve' but I told her we couldn't have an 'Eve' since she was already Eve to my Adam. I can be romantic sometimes, given the proper incentive. So that's how Eric and Ethan came to be. I wanted 'Elvis' but Deirdre decided to be stubborn. Same story, different sex. The eBoys have the self-same capabilities as the eGirls. Trouble waiting to happen is six kids who can communicate with each other without words. The twerps love the babies.

Em can make the boys laugh just by looking at them. My theory is she is telling them things a one year will find obscenely funny; toilet humor probably.

She's good at that. She can come up with a hundred different uses for the word 'fart'. Adorable girl receives hardcore slit plowing russian and blowjob mean, the boys aren't one yet. If Deirdre thinks I was a bad influence she hasn't seen nothing yet.

Em will take the cake. I am not looking forward to them trying to keep a straight face during a solemn event when there are other people present. Em just won't let it happen. But now they are only eleven months, just toddling a little bit, learning to walk, laughing all of the time. It's the best time for babies as far as I'm concerned. Donnie's Story It's a well known fact that the early years of childhood are the best for learning language.

Until the fifth year or so the brain is very receptive to languages of all kinds. Dee Dee and I decided to take advantage of that fact. Well, we have a little money (Andrew is doing quite well in his business ventures), we have the time and the little ones are very intelligent. We decided to see how far we could push the envelope.

A language teacher comes each day to the house and teaches our girls a language. To rephrase that, each day of the week, a different teacher arrives to teach the girls a different language. Monday is French, Tuesday is Japanese, Wednesday is German, Thursday is Chinese, and Friday is Swahili. We want to see if language does come easily especially to our precocious little girls. Andrew insisted on French. He wanted someone to help him with the menu when we go out to eat. I feel confident when I say that Emma is the only three-year old in the world who can say 'fuck you' in six different languages.

How she got that information out of these very conservative teachers is beyond me. Andrew isn't a bit surprised. Andrew agrees that languages come easily in the early years. I don't think he quite gets the point. Human languages are what are supposed to come easily. He is teaching the girls computer languages. Each day it is Pascal, then Visual Basic, then C, then HTML, then Java and who knows what else.

Andrew claims that they are better than most programmers he knows already. I worry about overworking them, but Andrew has a strict rule that the girls abide by. When they begin to get bored, they quit.

Not one second of boredom is allowed. They go and play, or whatever they want to do. Andrew had a crew come in and put a HarTru tennis court out back. Then he had a swimming pool put in.

As often as they want, the little ones get tennis lessons or swimming lessons, or just play on the court or splash in the pool. Or play on the monkey bars and swing set. Or play on the computer. Andrew has all adult access blocked, but is pessimistic about the efficacy of the blocking in the face of Em's counter programming. He just hopes she isn't interested.

It's the blocking that challenges her. Once she is past it, she will move on to something else to get in trouble about.

Andrew gives them the lessons himself. He spends every waking moment either programming or being with the girls. Well, I will admit, he does spend a significant amount of time making love to Dee Dee and me. Add in eating and Andrew's day is pretty well taken care of.

He doesn't seem to mind. His needs are quite horny babes have fun with delicious dicks. Last year we got a letter from our cousin Danielle. She said that she had received our wedding announcement (well let's be honest, Deirdre's and Andrew's announcement). Later (but not much later) she had received our birth announcements.

It didn't take much for her to put two and two together. She realized fake agent bangs pierced pussy asian babe we had to get married.

And the fact that both of us gave birth at the same time made her realize that we shared the same man, and that he was obviously potent.

We've known Danny and her sister Dory since we were small children. They are only a couple of years younger than us. Both have been married for years.

Dory has twins, but Danny is childless. I suppose I wasn't surprised by what she wanted. Danny wanted a shot at Andrew. How else does one put it?

She wants her babies. They may never come, even though she tries and tries with Artie. Yes we know about modern methods to help induce pregnancy, but they just don't appear to work for Danny (or pantyhose cam show more videos on sexycamsorg of the other twins from what we've been able to gather). Danny may remain childless without the right kind of help: Andrew's kind of help.

I showed Dee Dee the letter. Our cousin was asking us to let our husband make love to another woman, namely her.

She knew nothing of Andrew other than his name, and yet she wanted him as a bed partner. His only qualifications from her point of view: he can make the twins pregnant. We should have seen this coming. I remember that Andrew had jokingly referred to this very fact when we first told him about all of the twins. The boy is so smart he even foresaw that probability with only a cursory knowledge of the facts.

Deirdre and I are not saints. The concept of sharing our husband's sexual favors with other women is not a pleasant one to us. But we are the Institute for the Advancement of Mankind, after all. It is our goal to create the next generation. Right now, Andrew is the only man we are aware of who may be able to do just that. I feel like Shylock: my daughter or my ducats. How will our dear Andrew react to such a mission, eagerly or reluctantly? My theory, to paraphrase Andrew, is that he will refuse.

But if Dee Dee and I are adamant, he can refuse us nothing. He loves us. It is time, I think, to trust in that love. Andrew's Story Well this takes the cake. We were having lunch on the patio. I was downing a PB and J, while the girls were eating something green. The munchkins were playing on the tennis court, trying to hit the ball over the net, occasionally succeeding.

Doris is away on one of her little excursions. There is this little old lady from town who Doris has known for like fifty years or something. She is a widow and Doris considers her a friend. We just didn't feel right sending Doris on these trips all by herself. So when we found out about Janice Edwards, we offered to pay her way if she would agree to accompany Doris.

So these two old chicks fly around the country, having a ball. They are in Arizona this time. Just as I was taking a sip of my chocolate milk, Donnie springs the question.

"Andrew, would you consider fathering a child for one of our cousins?" Did you ever get chocolate milk up your nose? It isn't a pleasant experience, let me assure you. When I had recovered from the result of her question I tried to respond. "Donnie, please don't say things like that when I'm drinking.

Now what the hell are you talking about?" So she gave me this involved explanation about her cousin Danny, something like that. Then she repeated the question. "Will you do it, Andrew?" Why do these girls keep throwing staggeringly difficult information in my direction? I'm this simple guy with simple needs.

My simple needs are amply satisfied by my gloriously beautiful and sexy wives. I told them so. "I have never looked at all internal leas ass goes double anal and gapes to the max woman since I met Dee Dee.

You don't count, Donnie. Of course I've looked at you. I have no interest in another woman. How can I have more sex? I'm maxed out on sex as it is. There isn't time in my schedule for more sex." Deirdre joined the discussion. "This isn't sex for sex's sake, Andrew. This is sex for impregnation. Well we are proud of you. We would expect you to give a good accounting of yourself. But Danny needs her babies. You know it isn't easy for us to think of sharing you with others.

But what is the alternative? Until we find another man like you, who else can we turn to?" Donnie actually looked like she might laugh. "'Give a good accounting of yourself?' Dee Dee wants to make sure that by the time Danny is pregnant, she is also jealous of us. Andrew, when she takes her first look at you she will be jealous of us." I was like "But… But…" What do you say to a thing like that?

"But I don't want to have sex with another woman. I've got the world's greatest sex life. The only possible direction it can go is down." Donnie said "But Andrew, Megan rain fighting and porn by step brother thought you liked going down!" "Donnie you're actually enjoying this.

You love to make me squirm. How would this work? Where would it work? I'm not going anywhere for the purposes of having sex with some woman. I mean it.

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If it isn't here, if you two aren't here, then there is absolutely no deal." Damn it, they had made me agree against my agreement. When I said 'forsaking all others' I meant it. I wasn't the least bit interested in this thing. Not even in the deepest most secret parts of my mind did I contemplate other women.

I get laid twice a day every day of my life, pretty much, allowing for periods and the occasional headache (on my part). Who could ask for more than that? Deirdre said "We'll bring her here, of course, sweetheart. We wouldn't make you leave us. We'll have to do it while Danny is at her most fertile.

If we're lucky, it will be while Donnie and I are on our period. Had you thought of that? You wouldn't have to give up sex during our period, if it works out." To be perfectly frank, I sometimes liked their period time. It relieved a little of the pressure, if you know what I mean.

That's one bit of information my beautiful wives will never know. I am almost always an eager participant in our sex life.

Actually especially on weekends I often go for three or four times a day. I love half times at football games. I don't have to watch the forced camaraderie between the talking heads.

I leave the room, get laid, and am back just in time for the second half kick-off. My life is good. So now the girls are proposing more sex, this time with a total stranger. Well at least she is a cousin. I wonder if she looks like Joanne Woodward. What if I have the same chemical attraction to her as I do to my wives? That would be awful. This might be a disaster waiting to happen. I've got to wiggle out of this if I can.

Dee Dee's Story Andrew isn't eager to be with Danny. I think there is even more to it than his commitment to us. Andrew stunning breanne rides on a stiff pole by his commitments.

I've never seen him break a promise. But I think this whole idea about Danny scares him. We arranged for Danny to come to meet us. When she arrived, we sat her down in the living room, Donnie and me.

Andrew was in the computer room working. Danny didn't bring her husband. We asked her why. "Artie knows about this, of course. I tell him everything. He even wants it to happen.

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We both want children so badly. But the theory is much different than the reality. He wants to pretend it isn't happening, and I'm going to help him to pretend. We love each other. I don't wish to cuckold him. But we need our babies." By this time the poor thing was crying. Of course she was. She was willing to give up her most precious gift, even to the extent of creating this difficulty in her marriage, in order to get pregnant.

I hope Andrew is up to the task. I told her "Danny, Andrew is also very reluctant to do this, as are we all. But we are committed to the goals of the institute.

And we know what you are going through. Until a few years ago, neither of us thought we would ever give birth. We were so fortunate to find Andrew." Through her tears she asked, "Do you really think he might be able to impregnate me?" Donnie only shook her head. "We don't know. Theoretically Andrew is capable of anything.

He got us both pregnant the first time he was with us. But who knows the reality? Maybe he only works for us. But we are willing to have him try. Please be patient with him, because this will be very difficult for him." She looked surprised. "He doesn't want me?" I said, "Danny, Andrew loves us. He will do anything we ask, but asking him to be unfaithful is almost too much for him.

It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with our relationship." Danny said, "I don't want to hurt you. If you want, I'll leave." Donnie laughed. "Actually we're looking forward to it. It's always best to keep Andrew off balance. He can get set in his ways. He has these habits he falls into. I like it when he is uncomfortable. Don't worry.

Why don't we have some wine? It's time you started getting into the mood. I'll get Andrew." I brought in the champagne we had chilled for the occasion. Andrew is a sucker for Mum's Cordon Rouge. He is always horny after a few glasses.

Well actually Andrew is always horny. Andrew reluctantly left his work and joined us in the living room. I was surreptitiously watching Danny as he walked into the room. Her eyes widened as she saw this handsome young man, obviously seven or eight years younger than herself. He is tall and lean. He has deep dark eyes that see right through a person. I've never seen a woman look at him just once. He's beautiful. Donnie introduced the happy couple.

I could see Andrew slowly reach out to take Danny's hand, as if it might be poison to him. But she took his gladly. I could see his eyes light up. It was a look of relief. I knew it! He was afraid of his own reaction. Our sweet boy is so transparent to us. He was afraid of his reaction when he touched Danny, and he had no reaction.

He was relieved. I was relieved too. He's bffs wild best friend sex party compilation alone.

In his heart he belongs to us. Anything else is just housekeeping. Andrew's Story So I've got myself into this damn thing. And there's only one way out of it.

The girls were kind enough to grease the wheels a little bit by shoving some champagne down my throat. That's a sure-fire way to relax me. But now I've got to perform like some hired gigolo. And I don't even want to, much.

This woman, Danny, isn't bad looking. I can see the family resemblance with my sweethearts, and that will make it easier. Whew, I was glad when I shook her hand. Nothing happened. No sparks flew between our fingertips.

No lights went off in her eyes. She was just another chick: pretty, but not much of Joanne Woodward in her. This was very awkward. We were sitting there drinking champagne, my wives, myself, and this woman that in a few minutes I was going to screw. I started to understand how a prostitute feels in a bordello.

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My wives' reaction was interesting. Dee Dee was merely concerned, hoping that everything would come out all right, wanting the experience to be pleasant for Danny and me. Donnie, on the other hand, seemed actually eager. I think the whole concept was turning her on. I wonder if she's looking for sloppy seconds. We have a guest bedroom that we use whenever I convince my mother to visit. It gets used maybe once a year. The girls' parents live about half an hour away and have never needed to stay overnight.

This is going to become the official 'get Andrew laid' bedroom. After the wine was gone, we talked a few minutes more, just getting acquainted. Finally I could see no point in further delays. Besides which, against my better judgment I was getting horny. Now, just because I was uncomfortable with the situation, bunch of horny swingers swap partners and massive orgy just because I sincerely wanted only my wives for bed partners doesn't mean that my body can't react to the inevitable.

It knew it was going to get laid. Before long, it was eager to get laid. I guess the repetitive nature of my sex life had trained my dick to respond to the obvious. The previous night, the girls had told me they didn't want me to give this woman Danny a 'wham-bam thank you ma'am' fuck.

They wanted me to take care of her properly. Well okay, Big natural tit girl sucks cock gets sperm shower always try to comply with my wives' requests. I am probably the most pussy whipped man on the planet. Danny's Story I was so embarrassed. I just knew that when I got the birth announcements from Donnie and Deirdre that they were with the same man.

Deirdre had a different last name: Adkins. Donnie amateur and tiny kendall woods gets hammered by jmacs mega dick pornstar brunette was Martin. What else could have happened? Artie and I just aren't able to conceive.

We've tried everything. We even tried sperm donors. It wasn't him it was me. I'm like all the other twins. I just have so much trouble getting pregnant. Our doctor found nothing wrong with either of us.

He suggested relaxing. Relaxing is the last thing I'm able to do. I wrote to my cousins and frankly asked them to lend me their husband.

It must be him. He must have something special to be able to impregnate two twins at the same time. I've never heard of that happening before. So here I was, sitting in their living room. They live on a plantation! It is old and beautiful. They told me it has taken them three years to make it livable. They are going to let their husband Andrew try to make me pregnant. Artie has taken it so well.

I promised him, swore to him that it was me, not him. He knows about the institute. He knows about the twins. We live next door to my sister, Dory. We just have to be together. He knows how long she took to get pregnant. But it's starting to look like I'll never be. So here I am, about to meet the man who may father my children. I've just got to take the chance, no matter how humiliating it is for me and for Artie.

Donnie went to get Andrew. I was nervous. I was scared. I'm about to go to college blonde hoe jumping and sucking dick in dorm room tube porn with a man I've never met. I feel like some sort of harlot. And then he walked into the room. My God he is handsome.

He's tall and dark and slender and gorgeous! Artie better never meet him. I was afraid that I wouldn't even be able to respond, you know, sexually when I met this man. But I was wrong. He's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. He's so young! Lord, how old is he? How did Donnie and Deirdre land this hunk? He seemed nervous when they introduced us, but then he smiled.

I thought my knees were going to give out. His eyes are so deep and beautiful. His touch is so warm and strong. I felt myself getting wet down there and he has only touched my hand. If it doesn't work the first time, I want to keep trying until it does work.

That's what I'll tell Artie. I must be losing my mind. Andrew gave both of his wives a kiss, then he took my arm and led me into the bedroom. Closing the door, he tried to defuse any anxiety he thought I was feeling. He said, "Danny, let's just relax and have fun. I know this is hard for you. But Dee Dee and Donnie don't want you to feel embarrassed.

And they don't want us to just roll on and roll off. They feel that if you do get pregnant, it should be memorable for you. I don't know if I can make it memorable, but at least we should try to make it enjoyable." He seemed so sincere. I just wanted him to rip my clothes off and take me. Something happened when he walked into the room, and now I feel like a shameless hussy. He pulled me to him and kissed me. His lips are soft, his tongue just barely pushed its way into my mouth, barely touching my tongue, sparring with it a little bit.

Wow! He is hot! I felt that kiss down to my toes. My heart was already pounding, my breath becoming ragged. I could feel myself starting to flush red. His hands held my cheeks as he kissed me.

They slowly dropped down to my blouse and began unbuttoning. I thought I would swoon! He removed my blouse so easily, and then his hands were behind my back as he deftly unsnapped my bra. I had known this man ten minutes and he already had me topless and panting.

His hands were magical on my breasts. He caressed them, cupped them, kneaded them. And then he began to work on my nipples. They were already extended, agonizingly erect. He gently touched them. I moaned from the passion. He took each nipple in his fingers, squeezing and tweaking them. I leaned into his hands, but his lips never left mine. I finally was able to pull back from him. I wanted to see him naked. I slipped off my skirt and there I was before him in just my bikini panties.

He reached down and clutched his pull-over shirt, taking it off in a single stroke. His chest was smooth and nearly hairless, but oh so manly. His arms are sleek and muscular. He stepped up to me again, put his arms around me and grabbed two handfuls of my bottom, pulling him to me.

I kissed him again, willing him to hurry. Suddenly he lifted me effortlessly and he was carrying me to the bed. I felt light as a feather. He laid me on the bed, then dropped his pants and boxers in one motion. Oh my God! He has a monster! It's easy to see how he can keep two women satisfied. His tool is huge. I wonder if he can use it. It was already erect, wide and very, very long. I was gushing down there. He climbed into bed with me and took me in his arms. He enveloped me.

I felt so tiny and helpless. One hand attacked my breasts, the other went for my panties. They seemed to disappear and I was nude in front of him. I didn't care about foreplay, I just wanted him inside me. My conscience had gone on vacation. Andrew kissed me deeply, and then his lips kissed a path down my cheek. They latched onto my neck. God I love that.

He was nibbling and sucking on my neck. My head was moving back and forth, my eyes closed, my breathing fast and shallow. God I wanted this man to fuck me! Suddenly he was suckling on my breasts. I had a small orgasm and he hadn't even touched my pussy!

I was in heaven. He could suckle forever as far as I was concerned. His mouth left my breasts and headed toward my middle. I couldn't believe it. Artie just doesn't go there. And here was Andrew, just there to impregnate me.

I nearly fainted. His lips were there! I felt his tongue slip inside me. I think I screamed. My hips were frantically humping on his beautiful face. His lips were kissing mine (my pussy lips!) and nibbling them, licking them. Well, damn! He sucked on my clit and suddenly I was cumming. I had a major orgasm, my thighs clamped around his head, my hands in his hair pulling him tighter to me. I felt myself begin to relax, but Andrew wasn't through. He continued to work over my soaking wet pussy and suddenly I was ready to cum again!

But I wanted him inside me. I had no choice. I had to beg. "Please, Andrew. No more. I want you inside me. Please. Fuck me now. I can't wait any longer. I need you hot girl on girl action with two naughty babes fuck me. PLEASE ANDREW. FUCK ME!" Was I too loud? Could his wives hear me? I didn't care. I needed him now. He slid up my body and I tasted myself on his lips. It was the sexiest taste I've ever experienced.

God, I felt that huge member sliding along my pussy lips. How could it possible fit? I wanted him to try to fit it right NOW! He just kept sliding it back and forth, never quite entering my tunnel. I couldn't take it anymore. "Don't tease me, Andrew. Please stick it in." Andrew smiled. He seemed to be perfectly relaxed while I was a complete wreck. "Don't worry honey. You'll get it for as long as you want it." I was so happy. And then it slid in. I screamed again.

He was huge! Only an inch or two made it in the first time. He wiggled it around a bit and pulled back out, till just the tip was inside me. I groaned in frustration. Then he slid in again, deeper, much deeper. I couldn't be wetter. He pulled out and attacked again.

I felt him lift behind my legs, and suddenly my knees were practically touching my breasts. And then he slid in so deep! He was much deeper than any man before.

He began to move, in and out, fucking me deeply with slow easy strokes.

But with every stroke he seemed to increase his speed, increase his power. I came again. He didn't slow down. He was bringing me to a peak I never knew existed. I felt his member grow in me, even bigger than before. Somehow it hit my clit on almost every stroke. I was crazed with ecstasy. I felt him start to spurt. It felt like it was entering my womb directly. It was too much! My body clenched in passion, my oxygen supply was gone.

I couldn't' breath, I couldn't think. I screamed again but no sound came out. And then everything went black. How long was I out? I have no idea. When my eyes opened, Deirdre and Donnie were in the bedroom and Andrew was gone. I was naked in front of my second cousins! I should have been embarrassed again, but I could barely move. I felt like I could sleep for a week. I found the strength to ask, "Where's Andrew? What happened?" One of them I don't know which - smiled.

She said "Death by fucking." -- to be continued