Bukkake cosplay collection vol 1 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn

Bukkake cosplay collection vol 1 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn
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Cindy awoke slowly, was it a dream she had or was the encounter with the man-beast happen. She yawned and stretched then noticed she was lying on a blanket of fur.

Her body felt more alive then it ever had before. Her senses were sharp, she could smell the food that was cooking in the furthest part of the cave, she could see every stand of fur as it she was using a magnifying glass, and she could hear the babbling brook outside. The memories slowly flooded her mind as she ran her fingers across her body, feeling it tingle with desire. When she looked around the cave, she saw the man-beast lying next to her. She watched him sleeping, "Oh god," she uttered, as she looked at his body half man, half beast with fur.

As she gazed lower, she saw his cock, half hidden in a sheath.

It must be Hugh as all she could see was the large mushroom head and about four inches sunny leon xxx vediyousex fairy tales it thick girth.

She licked her lips ran her fingers across her swollen tender nipple and felt an electrical charge went straight to her clit. The events of last night again crossed her mind and she remembered his name. She whispered, "Günther," it felt like sweet honey rolling off her lips.

Then she said the name she heard Nadia use, "Nakita," and trembled deep inside as some distant memory told her that was her name. Günther was not like the cute teen bathroom and sexy sensual art imitating life she envisioned about a man who is half beast.

He was courteous, polite and his voice has an accent to it that made her tingle with desire. She then noticed that his upper body was that of a human with muscles that were well defined, but not grotesque. His lower body resembled a wolf like creature covered with a thick layer of black fur and his feet had claws.

He was tall and big, but to her did not look like a hideous evil creature, but a kind loving man, her man, her master, her king. The animal attraction Cindy felt was not one sided either, he was noticeably smitten with her too.

His eyes never left hers the entire evening. When his blue color mingled with her emerald green eyes, she saw his dark sensuality and if fueled the blaze of desire deep within her soul.

Last night the celebration introduced her to the clan as their queen. Then the two of them consummated this in his sleeping chamber. The passionate joining of bodies, his kiss, his caress, as well as his ability to make love, was like nothing she had ever encountered before. They seemed to fit together like a tailored pair of gloves.

Then the image of how good it felt to have his cock deep inside her pussy damp and she shivered and wanted him inside her again and again…&hellip.until the end of time. She closer her eyes and snuggled up close to him and ran her fingers softly across his chest. She felt him breathing and slowly ran her fingers downward until it rested on this massive bulge half hidden in his sheath.

She gasped when she touched it and felt the fluids of her pussy run down the crack of her ass. She then moved closer so she could not only stroke his cock but also lick and suck it. Cindy slowly stroked his cock, and as it started to swell within her hands, she noticed a pearly drop at its tip. She flicked the dewy tip with her tongue and uttered, "Oh god, you taste good." She then she begin licking, kissing and sucking his cock harder as her fingers slid between the lips of her pussy searching for her throbbing clit.

Günther opened his eyes slowly as he felt Cindy touching his cock and he growled and said, "My precious Cindy, you just cannot keep your hands to yourself." Cindy quickly withdrew her hand, thinking she had done something wrong. Günther looked at her and said, "Cindy, why did you stop? What is the matter? " Cindy replied, "I'm sorry, I thought you might be displeased in me taking the initiative to have sex with you." Günther smiled and said, "Oh no my pretty, nothing you do displeases me.

Keep doing what you are doing, it feels so damn good. Now, turn a bit so I can taste your sweet pussy as you suck my dick." His calm attitude and his reassuring voice made Cindy only want him more. She kissed his cock then with all the passion within her, engulfed his cock once more sucking his as deep as she could.

Then she heard if, a low purring voice in her mind, "Don't be frightened my precious, it is only me, Günther, talking to your mind. That is one thing we creatures do that man cannot. I am horny. Push the sheath back honey and look at my dick. It resembles a dog's dick, they get big and swell around the base when erect and have a bone inside their dick.

I do not have a bone; my dick comes out of my sheath and looks like a man's dick, swelling, and thickening as it becomes erect. Now, my precious, suck my dick." She replied, "Ooooh yes, I cannot wait to see all of it." She blinked as she pushed back the sheath a looked at its massive size.

She then leaned down and lapped the whole length of it savoring it musky scent and tangy flavor. She grasped it and stroked it slow and then took the head into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. She felt him shutter she sucks and rides as a real pro hardcore and mature he said, "Oh fuck, don't stop now keep going." Cindy then licked and sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She then felt his eye looking up and down her body and she moved and spread her legs giving him access to her glistening pussy.

Günther smiled as his fingers pulled apart the lips of her pussy then flicked out his tongue and ran it from her clit to her ass.

His mind spoke to hers and he said, "Oh you taste so sweet my darling. You are the most beautiful woman beautiful woman I've ever seen." As his tongue tantalized her, she arched her back loving the sensation of his touch. She then ran her fingers through his fur covering his ball kneading then gently. His cock stiffed and pulsated in her mouth and she knew if she kept sucking him, he would fill her mouth with his sweet nectar soon.

Günther placed his hand on her head and her mind heard him say, "Slow down my love, I want to fuck you, not cum in your mouth." Cindy stopped sucking his cock and she looked at it closer, His massive erection, with its sheath drawn tight over the base, was dark crimson with pulsating veins.

She licked her lips and said, "Fuck me Günther." Günther loved her gentle touch, her warm lips, and the intoxicating smell of her hot pussy. He pulled her close and kissed her hard then uttered, "Straddle me and ride my cock." Cindy shuttered and said, "Will it hurt me?" Günther replied, "Well my love it did not last night… fuck me!" She swung her hip over him as much as she could as he held his cock erect.

He then rubbed his cock through the folds of her pussy making her quiver and squeal with delight. She slowly lowered her pussy down on to his cock's mushroom head and stopped letting her pussy adjust to its girth.

She little by little she lowered herself on to his cock Günther knew that with her atop him, she was in complete control over him.

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His pleasure was hers to command and he intended to do what ever she wanted as she was his, and he was hers, matted for eternity. Cindy immediately felt his cock filling every inch inside her pussy and felt her juices flow like honey coating his organ.

She raised herself up and began fucking him. She felt him grab her hips as she rode him. They fucked deep and hard and without even touching her clit, she quivered hard covering his cock and balls with her climax. Günther felt the steady flow of her juices clear down the crack of his ass. He threw his head back and howled. The scent of his mate filled him and he pulled her to his lips and kissed her as she continued riding his cock.

Her kiss went straight to his balls and he jerked and exploded deep inside her pussy. Cindy then kissed him hard as his member remained inside of her and uttered with her mind, "My king, I love you!" Then she heard Günther in her mind and he said, "I love you too, my queen.

From now on, you name will be "Queen Nakita." Nakita then got off him, knelt beside him, and took hold of his cock.

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She began licking their juices off his cock, savoring the intoxicating aroma. She felt him swell in her mouth and in her mind, she heard him utter, "Oooh keep going my babe works the first time with two dicks, I want to fuck you again." She then lay on the bed and spread her legs in submission to him. Günther growled then purred as he moved between her legs.

He then licked his lips and ran his tongue from her swollen nipples to her ass repeatedly. Grasping his cock he teased her hole repeatedly until he knew she was ready to be mounted. He pushed just the head of his cock into her hole then waited for her to get used to its size once more. She relaxed allowing her pussy, adjusting to the size of his cock. Then wrapping her legs around him, she pushed her hips forward making his cock all the way inside her with one thrust.

She then tried talking to him with her mind and said, "Ooooooooh fuck that feels so good!" His mind told her, "I know my love. I love fucking you." It was then that she knew he had heard her.

She realized then that she was just like him inside. She was the lost daughter of the clan woman, whose names is Nakita. He pushed his pulsating shaft inside her pussy; they began to fuck in rhythmic riding motion. He steadied himself on his hands so she would not feel the full weight of him. Nakita felt thrilled and enchanted as Günther pulled his cock almost all the way out, only to plunge it in deep repeatedly. She felt her climax building again and with her free hands rolled and pinched her nipples hard.

She then bought the nipple to her lip, bit it hard, sending, and jolts straight to her clit. Günther told her with his mind, "I have never seen a woman play with her breasts before. Oh god, bite it again baby, now the other one. Oooooh yes, I like watching you do this!" Nakita cried out with her mind as Günther rammed his cock into her, "I love pleasing you my love. Fuck me harder, oooooooh yes, just like that!" Günther tensed and thrust deep meeting her movements then whined as his hot fluid exploded deep inside her flooding her pussy.

He then felt her quiver as another climax surged through her. His cock remained inside of her pussy and he kissed her, stroking her long red hair until his cock slid from her pussy. She then lay beside him as he took her into his arms and held close basking in the moment. When Nakita looked at him and saw tears rolling down his face.

She uttered, "What's wrong?

" He just kissed her and pulled her closer and in her mind she heard him say, "I thought at first the sight of me would scare you and you would run away. You are very brave my precious Nakita, I love you very much." Queen Nakita looked into his eyes and kissed his deep as her mind told him.

"When I looked into your loving eyes, I sensed that you meant me no harm. I love you my king, you are my soul mate for all eternity. After that, King Günther looked at her and said, "I sense that something special has just happened inside of you." Queen Nakita sensed it too and told him, I think our first born will be a son."