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Very small tits brunette teen shane blair boned by nasty man deepthroat smalltits
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(Chapter 1) Character Description: Andy Wiliams: A 18 year old soccer player with shaggy dirty dark blonde hair He has crystal blue colored eyes. Andy also has a pretty boy face.

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His body is completely smooth except for very light amounts of hair on his legs and arms. He also has a nicely trimed area of pubes that match his naturally dark blonde hair color. To couple this he has a 2 2/3 inches wide penis with a length of 6 1/2 inches soft. When fully hard his penis is 3 inches wide and 8 in length.


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Which includes a nice 6 pack of abs and a outee belly ecuatoriana amateur vagina rica peluda vecina por el culo mamona culiada. Amazlingly defined legs and arms he has as well. He wears a shoe size 10. He is very extremely popular especially with the girls. He is a real player with lots of swagger. His race would be white but with a nice medium tan. Cupid: The God of Love and Desire looks like he is 27 years old.

He has a football player muscular body with a 12 pack of abs and no pubes. His penis can reach any length though he does have a natural length when he chooses not to change it. In his natural form his penis is 4 inches wide and 13 inches long when hard.

When soft in his natural form his penis is 9 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide He wears a natural shoe size of 13 if he wore shoes which he does not usually. He is 100 percent smooth except for the short black hair on his head. His eyes are a nice shade of pale green. He is easily considered a pretty boy. Dark olive skinned and is also white in his true form.

Powers: (UNLIMITED POWERS THEY CAN DO ANYTHING) EXCEPT: Make people fall out of love, make people dislike each other, murder any person or living creature also they can't over power any Gods or Goddeses that out rank them.

This type of rule goes for Andy who can't over power his father with his powerful abilitites not even if he tried.

It just wouldn't be possible. My name is Andy to give you a brief description about me I am 18 years old. I am on my high school soccer team. I live in Bakerstown, GA population 1,851. I was born here also I live with my mom and step dad. They both are good to me.

We live in a 2 floor 4 bedroom house all white with green shutters with a back yard the size of 5 football stadiums with a pool and hot tub. Not to mention the patio and basketball court. Its a pretty wealthy neighborhood I live in. My mom wasn't always well off not to long ago we struggled. Until she fell in love with my step dad jim. He is a big lawyer and makes amazing money. I have never known who my father was.

My mom said "to be truthful I don't know". Which really hasn't bothered me to much. I look amazing and yeah I am cocky and don't care. I am a good fighter maybe to good at least that's how my mom feels cause she doesn't like me fighting. I lost my virginity at 13 years old and have banged every girl I could find since. Except for a small selection of a handfull of girls I stayed faithful too only for a month or two hell I tried.

I found out I am technically a god in early June of this year. I was walking home from playing backyard soccer at a park with some of my buddies. I went into my room took off azusa ayano asian milf pussy cover in man goo sweaty clothes and took a shower. After my shower I dried off and put some baggy short jeans and a red abercrombie t shirt on. Then I went and sat down on my couch and put on mtv. All of a sudden somebody from a few feet behind the couch said hello "Andy".

I knew it couldn't be my mom or step dad they were on vacation in New York for 3 weeks. I had decided to stay and chill with friends. I immediately jumped up off the couch and turned around to see this half naked dude in what looked like a cupid costume. He was practically naked. I yelled to him yo man what the fuck are you doing in my house!!!

He responded I am your father Cupid. My face went into a shocked look. Me thinking to myself this is a dumbass. It took everything in me to hold back to stop from busting out laughing. I said "Cupid doesn't exist you idiot and I don't know who the fuck you are but I'm gonna punch you in the face if you don't get the fuck out". Cupid then said "ok ill prove it to you". Then all of a sudden out of thin air a bow and arrow appeared in his hand.

Then 2 seconds after it appeared it disappeared. After seeing that I believed him. I mean I was right there and things don't just appear and disappear like that. It was like there was some equipment he could have installed in my gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock to project things or something. I said "so you are really my dad"?

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He shook his head yes. Then went on to say "he met mom looking like an ordinary guy at party they long porn storys page 1 up and you were born". Then he said "I am only given sperm capable of making a baby whenever Zeus sees fit". I only have you and your sister but we will talk about her another day".

He then went on to explain that the exact powers he had and I had. Cupid told me that he had been blocking them because he wanted to inform me of my power and God like state when he felt I was ready to take on my God role.

He then smiled and said "son I believe your ready to perform your role". He explained to me that his role as God of Love and Desire was to what he called sexually bliss peoples.

Which is use his powers on them. He said "your and my goal was to give people amazing and impossible erotica out of there wildest dreams". "Wheather or not they wanted us to that is our role to do this for men and women." However he said "I already know that your are bisexual and so am I". I wasn't really embarassed when he said it. Ironically I had never done anything with a guy anyway plus nobody knew and he group of girls in lined up my dad so I don't care.

Plus I'm a God now so why should I care? He then went on to explain all of my powers and the small handful of limitations I have. Then my dad said to me "time to ask you 2 important questions". "What shall be your God name"?

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I stood there and wondered for a second. Sure as hell I wasn't gonna sound ancient. After much debating in my head I decided since I always thought the name Nick was cool.

I told my dad I chose Orgasnick. He shook his head and said "to cool for an ancient name huh"? "Well alright I will inform Zeus you have choosen your name". He then hugged me latest 2019 xxx n x story com I somewhat hugged back cause to me he was still a stranger. He then turned to me and said "I will see you again soon very soon but I know you must want to try out your power and I want you too I will no longer block them".

"Remember what I have told you about your powers and what your role is". With those last words uttered he disappeared or truthfully turned invisible and walked threw the wall and left. I gave a huge grin and yelled hell yeah!!!!

Now who to practice my sexual blissings on first. I thought to himself. TO BE CONTINUED