Male slave nipple petite tattooed and very pretty gina valentina is the kind of girl

Male slave nipple petite tattooed and very pretty gina valentina is the kind of girl
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I remember riding over with my friend, Carson, to his girlfriends house. He always used to tell me how great she was at sucking cock. I can remember him telling me that he was going to try and get her to suck my dick because he knew that she would do anything he asked.

We used to hang out at Lauren's house every once in a while, it was always in the living room, her family never bothered us because usually we were just watching tv. Carson was being pretty handsy with Lauren tonight while I was sitting on the other end of the couch. At first it was a little wierd, but it was clearly part of his plan.

Lauren was the girl next door type. She had a pretty face with soft features, very pretty eyes and a small mouth. She normally was in jeans and a low cut t-shirt, which was my favorite thing about her because she had huge tits, something like 36-DD. They werent the best, a little sag to them, but being that we were all 17 it was all that mattered at the time.

Carson was massaging Laurens tits over the shirt while they made out and she was telling him to stop because I was in the room, she was getting clearly worked up. This wasnt a big couch, it was like they were on top of each other, on top of me. Lauren sat between us. I had my hand in my pants - not jerking it to them, just because Al Bundy was a damn hero and thats how I sat. Carson made some joke about me protecting my boner.

After about an hour of sitting on the couch with Lauren and him making out on and off and me sitting around, Carson knew it was time to get going because it wasnt going to happen at her house. She sat down between us and said sorry to me for making out in front of me.

I really didnt care. Carson made another joke about me having a big dick and Lauren fed up said oh yeah haha like this thing and reached towards my thigh and grabbed at it.

What she didnt expect was that my did was hard and she just took it in her hand. Her eyes lit up. I was wearing jogging pants so its not hard to get a good feel of it, and I am no monster, but she was very surprised and apologized for grabbing it saying that it was supposed to be a joke.

Carson laughed at it and said lets all go spend the night at my place. Lauren hesistated, but she decided it would be okay. In the car on the way over Carson, being the asshole he is, played a bunch of voicemails outloud of Lauren calling him and leaving messages like "Carson, where are you, I need your cock right now. I want to suck on it until you cum down my throat." She was drunk as shit when she left them, but she was clearly embarrassed and started to cry in the car.

This was my time to shine, I began to comfort her and told her I didnt care and it wasnt like I didnt know they had sex. Told her to not be embarrassed and it would be okay and Sameera reddy nude porn suck wouldnt ever mention it again. Carson then said what great tits Lauren has and that she should show them to me.

I was telling him she didnt have to and she didnt really want to at first, but after he said "Come on Lauren you grabbed his dick already, he should at least get a show." My argument stopped there, I agreed with him and she flashed me those beautiful perky tits. She laughed as soon as I said "Well, I am hard again." We got to Carson's basement we sat on his fouton.

He lit some candles and I went to pee. He followed. "Okay man, this is the night. Be cool, just go in there and hang out, leave the rest to me and we will double team this girl tonight." I asked if he was sure, and Carson was all for it.

Always has been a little strange, but he was all about sexual experiments. I got excited and was rock hard at the thought of getting my dick sucked. I took off everything but my boxers and ran in after Carson had already gotten to his boxers and started making out with Lauren.

They both laughed and Carson said "Pitching a tent eh?" It was hard to hide the massive erection I had. My dick is probably about 6.5 inches, by no means huge, but also not a fake estimate like everyone's 8+ that are listed on here.

I have some solid girth to it too, but I cum like Peter North. I sat in my boxers looking at a Penthouse and just kept myself arroused while Carson slowly sucked her face. He began to undress her, exposing those huge tits. My cock was bleeding precum and I couldnt help but pull it out. He started to finger her and she moaned loudly.

She pulled out his dick and started stroking it. Carson had a skinny dick that was about 6 inches. She liked it though. She licked his nipples constantly and then put the head of his dick in her mouth. I started to play with my balls a little and took off the boxers altogether. She worked the shaft in one hand and he put her on her knees on the floor and she worked his dick, licking it and then swallowing as much as she could take.

Carson looked over at me playing with my balls "Just gonna play with yourself eh?" I looked back, "No one else wants to play with me, so I might as well." Lauren looked up at him and laughed a little bit.

She looked longingly at my huge cock that was already wet with anticipation. She went back to work on Carson's cock and reached out her hand again, only this time she knew exactly what she was going for. She grabbed my dick so firm and started to slowly pump it. She grabbed from the shaft and pulled all the way to the top.

Carson stood up a bit on the fouton and she followed on her knees by staying with the dick. She sucked him hard while she continued to stroke my cock.

I slid over to make it easier for her, she was loving having the two dicks. Carson looked at me and motioned with his hand to stand next to me, I hardcore interracial anal peeping tom on our asses at him like he was crazy. He wanted to have her suck my cock, that wasnt part of the plan he told me. I jumped up and she continued to suck on his dick. Carson took her head off of his dick and holding it in two hands pointed it in my cocks direction.

She put two hands to her face and smiled. I thought she was going to say no because she turned away at first, but Carson gently pushed her back.

She took my dick in her hand and stroked it twice, then swallowed it blonde milf sasha sean sucking fucking big dick blowjob and bigtits. It felt like a rush of warm water coming over my cock. She devoured it and was bobbing her head on my dick. I smiled at Carson, he went to his knees and started eating her out. "Do you like his cock babe?" "You know I do, its fucking huge, I want to keep sucking his while you lick my pussy.

Is that okay?" Carson looked up, we all knew it was okay. I was like a stallion brought in just for studding. I was thoroughly okay with it. I pulled her hair a bit and guided her up and down on student and mom teacher forest dick, she didnt need much urging, she knew what she was doing. She kept moaning - "dont stop, oh my god your tounge feels so good on my tight slit." She never lost suction of my cock as she was saying to Carson to keep going.

She shuttered and shook as she came hard on his face. He got up and told us all to go to the bed. He put her on all fours and started railing her. I put my dick in front of her and she knew exactly what to do. I couldnt belive this girl, she couldnt take the dick from her mouth. She was swallowing it as far as she could. Carson was fucking her so hard that it was shoving my dick even further. "Oh yea baby! Make me take that cock. I want it hard while I swallow your best friends." It didnt take much after that, as her tounge rubbed the shaft of my hard cock, and her mouth juices began to flow over the top of it, I popped in her mouth.

I started to pull away, unsure if she wanted it in her mouth or not. I was very sure as she would not let my dick out and kept sucking it.

She took a solid 8 streams down her throat and swallowed every drop. Carson was spent as he knew I had finished he came in her pussy at the same time.

Busting deep in her and watching it drop out of her pussy onto the bed sheets. I looked and Lauren and said "Thank you, that was amazing." She looked back and said, "No, thank you, that tasted amazing." That girl next door smile flashed and I went to sleep on the fouton. In the morning I was awoke to her sitting next to me, Carson still asleep.

"Carson had that planned didnt he?" I looked at her, unsure of what to tell her about my best friend. "Yea, sorry if you regret it." She looked back at me, "Are you serious?

Regret? I only regret that I only got to suck you off. I would have rode your dick and came all over it.

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Carson had a plan, but next time, why dont we make plans without him." She looked at my morning wood and went to work again on my cock. She swallowed a whole load, not caring this time if Carson knew or not.

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She climbed back into bed and with her breath full of my cum, she started going down on Carson to wake him up. Carson knew about the first time, but he didnt know about the second. We had a few more threesomes together, but Lauren still would call me every now and again to suck my dick. I loved every second of it and cumming on her tits and in that tight mouth.