Blond wife with another guy

Blond wife with another guy
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Part II (to recap part I, Holly, brunette, short, skinny, nice boobs, and go.) I wasn't expecting her to call me. I thought I should call in a few days. You know that rule, if you call to quickly your desperate but wait too long and you don't care.

So I was going to call like three or four days later, but I didn't get the chance. The very next day she called me. She said thank you for helping her out that night, and she wanted to have a relationship with me, ut with a new beginning, understandable. So we settled on watching a movie at my place on Sunday afternoon, the next day.

Sunday afternoon, I went to pick her up at her dorm. I parked in the street, five minutes early, and waited for her to come out. She strode out of her dorm, walking straight towards my car. She was wearing a short skirt, and a blouse that barely seemed to cover herapparently from their bounce, braless breasts. She was stunning. We drove a short way back to my apartment. We settled onto my couch and watched a movie. By the end of the movie we were cuddled together under a blanket.

Now, up to this point I had imagined that Holly was much more experienced sexually than I was, she had no problems with nudity. But what she said next caught me off guard. "Have you ever had sex?" she asked me. '…no, have you?" "no" "really?.i would have thought you had." "did you just say im slutty?"she said jokingly. "no. I just thought that you had" "nope" "Have you ever done anything with a guy, or girl for that matter" "no"she said unsure. "nothing?" "no, why have you" "well, no.

have you ever even masturbated?" I asked her. 'no" she said very nervous "Never?!, you've never even tried?" "no, have you" "of course, I'm a guy, It's no wonder you don't seem excited about sex." "why?" "because you've never even had a taste of how good it feels" "Well I think I could imagine what it feels like" "Can you? You've never had an orgasm how could you know?" "I don't know" "Would you like me to demonstrate?" I said to her, jokingly "Would you?" she said, seriously.

"Really?" That sure got my sexy hood cocoa stlouis blood freak fuck wildin. We both sat up from laying on the couch. "yes' she said. "What like now?" I asked incredulously. "Okay" she said. "Well then let's go into the bedroom. We both walked into the bedroom, she sat on the bed and looked up at me like saying now what. "You sure you want to do this" I asked her. "I think so" she said.

I sat down on the bed next to her and leaned towards her until our lips met. Then I started to explore her mouth with my tongue, and she started to do the same. Then we both fell back on the bed, in a deep kiss, I think we both had our eyes closed, mine were. We stayed locked in this position for seemingly endless time until I finally pulled away. I then looked deep into her eyes, and I saw desire in her. I knew that I was falling for this girl, and I hoped she was for me, her eyes told me so.

She laid on her back, and I sat beside her. I reached my hands for the bottom of her blouse, and I pulled It up and over her head, she lifted her arms to accommodate. Just as I thought she had no bra on. Her breast looked even more beautiful up close. They rested on her chest, rounded out and pert.

I could see her nipples were getting somewhat hard. I reached down to her skirt and pulled that down, and she pulled one leg free of it and then pushed it off her other leg. Now she was wearing only pink panties. I pulled these down below her knees, and she pushed these off with her feet.

"Now what?" she said, completely naked, arms to her sides, in that nervous way, not knowing where to put her arms. I leaned up to kiss her, her lips came up and met mine, I gently pushed her back down to the bed.

"Close your eyes" I said. Now I have never been with a woman, but I have seen porn so I had a good idea, but I needed to be confident with her, so that she wouldn't doubt what I was doing. I moved and kissed and licked down her neck, to her shoulder then down to her right nipple, I sucked and flicked my tongue around her nipple, and used my right sex x vidsayma khan com to mimic my mouth on her left nipple while my left hand was caressing the outside of her thigh.

Then I slowly moved down her stomach. Kissing and licking, while my right hand stayed at her breast, and my left hand was caressing around her thighs and calves. I saw that her pussy was very wet. But I made a point of not touching her pussy, but instead moving on to her wonderful legs, touching and licking all over.

I then worked my way back up to her breasts and to kiss her again. By now her hands were trembling, and blood filled her extremities, in the state of excitement.

Her once semi-hard nipples were now rock hard.

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Her eyes met mine and the look seemed to scream "FUCK ME", she was ready. With my hands still occupied on her breasts and legs and arms, I moved down in between her legs. I licked her pussy once, taking in her wetness, a new experience for the both of us.

I could even smell her sweet pussy. I brought one hand away from caressing her thighs and put one finger inside her. I slowly pushed in and mom and san xxx orjinal, she seemed a little uncomfortable, but still excited. Then I put two fingers in and moved slowly.

After a moment I looked up to see her face, and she had her eyes closed, and looked to be quite pleasured. I started to move just a little bit faster, but not too fast, and I heard her moan.

I leaned in and started to lick her lips up and down side to side, slowly then increasing in speed. Her clit was clearly visible sticking out of her lips. I started to suck on her clit and rub my tongue all around it, while I resumed with two fingers, in and out. She started to moan much louder, and even started moving her hands through my hair, and thrusting her hips.

I continued this pace for a few minutes, then she arched her back and her breathing increased. I could tell she was close. I then moved to three fingers and much faster, while I quickened my pace eating her pussy and clit more vigorously. It wasn't long after that her pussy started to convulse and contract, grinding my fingers, she let out a loud scream "Uhhhh…yesssssssss".

She unconsciously pushed down on my head, keeping me there. Her things squeezing my neck. After a moment her whole body relaxed and she let her head fall back down to the bed.

She sunny leoni ebony faking vedeo sweating and breathing very heavily. I moved up to lay down next to her. "Oh my god, ahhh" she said. She grabbed me and pulled me to her, and we kissed very deep, she tasted her juices, and I think she like it, as we kissed for a few minutes.

She was still naked, and I was still fully clothed. Finally back down to a near normal state, "Now what do we do". "What do you mean" I asked.

"Do we have sex now" she asked. "We can, if your ready." I said. "Except that I don't have any condoms here." I said, disappointed. "Well I don't think we should do that right away" she said "but can I at least see your. know". "My bicycle?" I said joking.

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"Your … penis" she said awkwardly. "Oh you mean my peter, my Johnson, my wedding tackle." We both laughed at that.She started to pull my shirt off, then I took over. I stood up and undressed to just my boxers. I was clearly erect. She got up and stood in front of me. "That's huge!" she said. "Well thank you, but I've seen bigger" I said. "That is supposed to fit in me?" she said shocked.

"Well that's the idea." I said. She had obviously never seen a dick before. I am not that big, I read somewhere the average male is 5 and ¼ inches long, so I was proud of my 6 and ¼ inch long penis.

But her reaction made me feel like I had just pulled out a foot long sandwich of a cock. She kneeled down in front of me and pulled my boxers down, releasing my cock, it sprang up, she jumped from the surprise.

This girl was very inexperienced. I felt like I was an older guy with a young girl, but she was three months older than me! She stayed on her knees a foot in front of me just looking at me. "Do you know what your doing with sasha grey deepthroat shane diesel I asked her jokingly. "NO!" she said. "Why don't you try touching it" She reached her hand out and poked the head.

"Touch it a bit more than that" I said laughing. She grabbed the shaft with one handmoving it around, inspecting it. Then she grabbed my balls, moving them around. "Now what do I do" she asked me. "Well, do you want to give me head, or a handjob or what?" I asked, wondering if she knew what that meant. "Whats head?" she asked. "A Blowjob" I said. "Ohh, I know what that is" she said.

"So what do I do?". "Well start by stroking it, then licking it, and then sucking on it. It's like what I just did to you, but different.

And remember the head is the most sensitive part". "What's the head" she asked. "You know, the end the big part." "Oh" she said. She started stroking with one hand, she put her other hand on my ass. She sped up with her hand and then she licked the head of cock. She looked up at me inquisitively. I nodded at her, and she focused on her "job" at "hand".

She licked the end of my cock, where some precum had formed. "It tastes salty" she said. Then she started to lick up and down, and on my balls.

She put the end in her mouth and started sucking and moving her tongue all around the head. "ohh, Holly" I moaned. She put her hand back on my shaft, stroking slowly at first and gradually increasing pace of her mouth and hand. Her breasts were swaying about from her motion.

I started to imagine how it would feel to fuck her tight pussy. I realized that I was getting close. "Okay stop" I said. She stopped and said "am I doing something wrong" worried. "no im close to cumming" I said. "good" she said. "Well your in for a bit of a surprise" I said. "keep stroking and point it down at your boobs". "Why?" she asked. "You'll see' I told her. After another half minute I was getting very close.

"Now go faster" I said. She sped up and I felt my balls contracting. I shot a big blast onto her tits. She was shocked suddenly, not expecting it. She let lingerie clad blonde daisy woods stretches her tight pussy of my cock.

The second shot hit her right in the forehead. She didn't reach for my cock and I was too into the moment to worry, as I unloaded all over her face. After a moment I looked down and she was shocked. Cum splattered all over her. "I told you to point it down" I said starting to laugh. "I wasn't expecting that!" she said, starting to laugh too. "Well I didn't want to blow in your mouth, that would just be rude" I said. "I would have choked to death too!" she said. My knees were weak from the blowjob and now I was laughing too hard, I started rolling on the floor laughing.

"It tastes kinda good actually" she said. "Its sweet". 'Glad you like it, next time ill just let you swallow it" I said laughing still. "hmm." Licking her lips "maybe" she said.