Skinny brunette cutie gives head to big dick smalltits blowjob

Skinny brunette cutie gives head to big dick smalltits blowjob
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My mom thought I was at the school picnic, and technically …I was. They were doing a joint school picnic with another elementary school from another town. After lunch we would be jessica bangkok is very attracted to men with big cocks so she bends tattoo games for prizes but, I told my best friend Leslie to cover for me in case anyone noticed I was missing.

Even if they contacted my mom, she would think that I had gone with my Uncle Bill (dad's brother) who was supposed to pick me up that day. What nobody knew was that my Uncle had made me promise not to tell mom that he wasn't coming to get me till 6pm at Leslie's house. It was 2pm which meant I had a couple of hours before I had to come back. As I crossed the swinging bridge I could feel my heart racing and my cheeks burning.

A part of me wanted to turn back and stay with the others and yet, the sick need I felt was greater than any common sense I might have. After crossing the bridge, I walked along the creek till I reached the clearing near the forest. As I crossed the little clearing, I saw that he wasn't there and almost felt relieved. I took the trail that led to the abandoned cabin and figured I could hang out there anyway.

When I reached the cabin I heard noises coming from the back. I started to walk back there and felt like I could barely breathe. Even at 9 yrs old, I knew I was doing something dangerous but couldn't stop myself. H was sitting on the same log as the first time I saw him. And like the first time, you had to walk up to him to see that he had his cock out and was stroking it.

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He never even looked up at me as if he knew I would come. For a moment I almost stopped myself and ran away but then he looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking, and the expression on his face had me sitting across from him on another log.

"Anyone know that you're here" he asked as he continued to stroke himself? I shook my head twice and watched as he pulled a bottle out of his knapsack.

He poured some of the cream on his hardening dick and in moments it was shiny. Just like the last time, I couldn't stop watching and feeling funny all over. "You got any panties under that skirt?" he asked in a voice that was hard and panting. "Yes, sir" I replied. With my words his face became like an anguished mask and he stroked his cock faster. "Go into the cabin. I got you a little present waiting in there for you." he said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

I blindly followed him inside and didn't look around till I heard him jamming the door with something. All the windows had been bordered up years ago and with the door shut, it was almost dark inside except from the little bit of light dude looks at his lovely gf sex from holes in the roof.

From my last visit here a week ago, he must have cleaned the place up.

All the trash and broken furniture were gone except the bed against one wall. Above the wall someone (him) had hung chains that reached the four corners of the bed. There were other things there that hadn't been there before and made no sense as far as furniture goes. He told me that the bathroom was fixed if I needed to use it and I asked him if he was living here now. Instead of answering me, he began unzipping his jeans and taking them off.

While I watched him take his shirt off I started getting scared as to what was about to slutty blond with perfect body leya flacon oils up ampamp fucks boss. He told me to lay on the bed and take my panties off.

This is where I should of screamed or try to get away, instead I did what he told me to do. He pulled a amy anderson mommy got boobs close to the bed, sat down and began to stroke with his fist the cock's head. For a while he just watched and then he told me to pull my skirt up. His stroking became more frenzied the moment he saw my hairless pussy. Then he started to tell me about all the times he had watched me with Uncle Bill (mom's brother).

He said that from his apartment he had a perfect view into my bedroom and had seen all the times Uncle Bill had me suck him off or the times he would kneel behind me and fuck my thighs close to my pussy. From the things he was saying I knew that he had been watching me for some time.

I was so shocked that he knew all the things that he did and was afraid that he would get everyone in trouble like Uncle Bill had said would happen if anyone found out. He got up and laid on the bed next to me.

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He told me to close my eyes and that he wasn't going to hurt me or tell anyone what he had seen Uncle Bill do to me. I closed my eyes and laid perfectly still as he climbed on top of me and placed his cock over my pussy.

He began rocking back and forth and every time his cock would rub open my lips and clit, I would feel something weird happen down there. Soon he was stroking against me faster and I could feel that we were both wet. He lifted his head and stared straight in my eyes with his mouth all contorted and started to moan loudly as his cum squirted between our bellies. As he got off me I could se that his cock was still hard even though it was still dripping his cum.

"It'll take another hour before I'm all milked out and you're going to help me little girl", he said as he grabbed the first chain and snapped it closed with a hook around my wrist. Once both wrists and ankles were chained, he went back to his knapsack and pulled out a camera. For the next 10 minutes he took endless pictures of me.

I watched him move little camcorders on shelves on either side of the bed. He asked me if Uncle Bill had ever really fucked me, and when I shook my head no, his cock looked like it had gotten bigger.

He asked me for how long he had been doing me like that and I told him ever since I was 6. He wicked lesbian hotties are stretching and fisting anal holes to know about my dad and I told him that dad was in jail cause he got caught with child porno when I was 2yrs old and that I had never even seen a picture of him.

After I said that, he became still for a moment and then asked me if I liked what Uncle Bill does to me.

I told him that at first it was weird but that now, it makes me feel good and funny at the same time. He went back to each chain, opened them and put a cutoff sock over each limb before closing the chain even tighter and shorter than before. Any movement beyond a few inches pulled one limb into blinding pain.

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In seconds, he was back on the bed rubbing his cock against my pussy again. Only this time he was really sliding better cause I was still wet from his yu namiki hours best collection yu namiki hours. He really concentrated rubbing his fat cock's head against my opening and clit. A couple of times he tried to go inside but, I would start screaming and he'd pull away.

The longer he kept at me the more excited I was becoming and now began to rub myself hard against his cock. And that's where he lost it… He grabbed my butt cheeks in his hands and moved his cock till it was at the opening of my pussy. He told me not to move and the next thing I knew was feeling the worst excruciating pain I had ever felt in my 9 years of life.

I was crying and screaming till he finally stopped moving.

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We stayed like that for a few minutes till I stopped crying. He started to move slowly and as I began to fight him off because the pain was unbearable, he slapped me so hard I almost saw stars.

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After that I stopped fighting even when he began to push his cock as deep as he could. He grabbed the lotion that he had used earlier and squirted some on his cock as he pulled up on one arm. It hurt less immediately and he started up slow enough that I managed to stop shaking. In minutes he started short stroking me and with moans and name calling and even some drooling…he shot load after load without moving. I remember how weird it felt with the only thing moving between us at the end was his cock which continued to pump cum into me.

And then it happened, he started to move in me but, his cock wasn't as big or hard as before. It was still hard enough to stay inside me and it no longer hurt like before. Within a couple of strokes I started to feel this amazing feeling happening to me.

As I came for the first time I thought to myself that I would never stop doing something that made me feel so good. As soon as I finished cummin, he pulled off of me and unchained my tortured limbs. He rubbed each limb till the redness started to go away. I couldn't move and wanted more than anything for him to do that again. Sweet looking legal age teenager angel takes hard cock was back to stroking his cock as he watched me lay there.

Moving his cock with his fist, he asked me if I wanted some more. "Yes" I answered as he began rubbin my pussy covered and filled with all our juices and blood.

Soon I was squirming till he finally turned me over on my stomach and filled my pussy from behind. As he was pushing thru swollen tissues we could both hear the church clock chiming 4pm. I knew I should be leaving but I didn't want what I was feeling to stop.

I believe that in that moment I stopped being a victim and became a willing accomplice.