Hq porn hot teen biqle story

Hq porn hot teen biqle story
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We had just finished our second year of college and had an entire summer to look forward to. I hadn't known Sarah for very long, but straight from the get go, we found that we had a strange way of getting on like a house on fire. Despite my being a guy, she was the one I could relate to most out of our whole group of friends; the one I could talk to about anything, punishteens daddy makes step daughter take a hard fuck punishment missionary one who I could trust with anything.

Sarah wasn't like other girls - she lacked the annoying personality of those stupid girly-girl types - the types that I couldn't stand to put up with anymore.

Sarah was my best friend, and that was as far as our relationship had ever gone. I knew that I wanted more, yet I was stuck in that aggravating 'best friend, and nothing more' position. Besides, even if she did see me as more than that, she was with that prick of a boyfriend of hers, Jack Wiseman.

He treated her like shit and she knew it, but she would always go crawling back to him, despite her empty promises that she would cut him loose. I always ended up being the one who she would turn to, to pick up the pieces when the shit hit the fan. I needed things to change, one way or another. My phone vibrated on my bedside table, breaking the silence in my room, causing me to stir in my slumber.

I rolled over, bleary eyed, so that I could check the Caller ID. Sarah. I answered the call, lifting the phone to my ear.

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"Matt?" came Sarah's voice, and I could hear her choking on her tears. "Sarah, what's wrong?" I replied. "Matt, it's Jack again. He's such a dickhead, why don't I ever listen to you?" sobbed Sarah. "Damn good question", I thought to myself. I had to hide the sigh that came from my mouth.

"What's he done this time Sarah?" I asked. "He cheated on me, with that fucking Jessie bitch again! Dirty skank!" Sarah cried, "I can't believe he's done it a second time now. I'm sick of this!" "Sarah, you need to distance yourself from him. This has happened before, you're just going round in circles.

If he can't appreciate the amazing person you are, then fuck him. He doesn't deserve you." I couldn't find any other words to say. They were the truth, and Sarah knew it.

"I know Matt, I know. It's just so hard! You know how I feel about him. We'e been together for so long, I just don't know any different.

We were supposed to go and see Blink today as well. Now I have two wasted tickets lying here in front of me. It's all just a fucking waste of time and effort!" Sarah's voice was cracking up now, I could tell that she had given up holding back the tears. "Breathe Sarah. Listen, I'll go with you tonight." I replied, "Jump into the shower, give yourself a chance to calm down, and tiffany brookes blows a friend after a breakup make yourself look beautiful.

Tonight is going to be your night." There was a pause. I could hear Sarah composing herself. When she next spoke, her voice was a lot calmer, "Okay Matt, I'm going to hold you to it.

I'll pick you up at seven." The phone beeped as she hung up the phone. Thank god that was over. I pulled the covers off me and set about getting ready. Sarah was outside my door bang on 7pm.

She seemend like a completely different person to the one I had spoken to on the phone earlier. She was back to her usual happy self. The drive to the venue was as good as any other that we would usually have, filled with laughing and banter throughout.

This was what I loved about her. We simply just 'worked'. These were the good times. We pulled into a parking bay in an empty car park and made the rest of the way down on foot. The venue was packed to the brim with people, this was the first time that Blink182 were playing here since they had decided to break their hiatus.

The support bands went down xxx com girl dudu nunu, but everybody was waiting for the real deal - for the three members of Blink to get on stage and do their thing, bringing with them their usual array of dick jokes.

They finally took the stage and opened their set with 'All The Small Things', followed by a flawless rendition of 'What's My Age Again'. The crowd was going mental - it was a struggle to stay upright in the middle of this crowd.

Sarah was in front of me and I could see her tipping over. I reached around from behind and pulled her into my arms to steady her. She touched my hand and interlocked her fingers with mine, turning round to look at me as she did so.

"Thanks." she shouted to me, over the blaring music. She turned her head back to face the stage as Blink finished playing 'Feeling This'. "This next one is 'The Rock Show'.

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Go fucking mental!" Tom DeLonge's voice erupted over the deafening crowd, as they launched into the next song. The song described the situation perfectly for me. I loved Sarah, and she had no idea. Yet here I was, my arms around her, my fingers interlocked with hers. I didn't want the moment to japan hidden cam toilet xxx. As the song came to a close, Sarah's grip suddenly tightened on my hand and she started making her way out of the crowd, pulling me with her.

We made it out of the crowd and Sarah immediately pushed me up against a wall, planting a big wet kiss on my lips. Her tongue found its way deep into my mouth, quickly meeting mine. I was totally in shock by what was happening but I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close, kissing her back. When our lips finally parted, the look of shock on my face must have been apparent, because Sarah laughed.

"What's wrong?" she asked me. "Errr…where did that come from?" I stammered. "Matt. Don't say anything. I need you. I always have, I see it now." Sarah replied. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Matt, I love you. You've always been there for me, and now I want to be there for you too." Sarah's sweet voice expained. "Let's go home. I need to feel you." We got as far as the car before we were joined at the mouth again. We managed to unlock the doors and slip into the back of the car.

Sarah was lying on the back seat, with me in between her open legs, my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth.

I moved my hand down her side and then further down her leg and back up towards her thigh again. "Oh Matt, why did I not realise earlier…" Sarah gasped, in between kisses. "Shhh Sarah, enjoy it." I told her. Sarah's hand was making its way down my chest, slowly reaching the rapidly growing bulge in my jeans. A look of excitement flashed through her eyes.

Sarah slowly undid my belt and the button on my jeans, pulling them down along with my boxers, releasing my fully engorged cock. Sarah's fingers wrapped around the shaft and she slowly started to move her hand up and down.

"Oh my God Sarah. Keep going. You feel so good." I managed to get the words out. I felt like I could explode all over her right there and then. Sarah's pace increased, her hand rubbing up and down my cock, faster and faster. By this point, I had lifted Sarah's top off and my hands had found their way round to the clasp of her bra.

I unhooked the clasp, released her small, but firm, perky 32B tits. I bent down, taking her nipples into my mouth, one by one, as Sarah continued to jack my cock off. I then moved my hands down and undid Sarah's jeans, pulling them off, followed by her knickers. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth, and glistened with her juices. I moved my finger up and down her slit, finding her clit, rubbing it in small circular motions.

"Ohhh Matt, yeah. Rub my soaking wet pussy just like that. I need you so fucking badly." Sarah purred. My fingers were soaking with Sarah's juices.

I moved my finger to her tight, drenched entrance and pushed a finger inside her, quickly followed by another. I began to move my fingers in and out of Sarah's soaking wet fuckhole and her moans became more rapid.

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"Oh yes! Finger-fuck my tight little cunt just like that!" she moaned. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of Sarah's mouth. I had no idea that she was this sexually charged. Her moaning was getting louder and louder, and my fingers were pumping in and out of her tight womanhood like a jackhammer.

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I felt the muscles in Sarah's pussy tighten and she screamed as I brought her to orgasm. Her juices erupted out of her tight hole, covering my hand completely. Sarah stopped jacking me off and pulled my fingers out of her pussy, putting them up to her mouth. She licked every last drop of her juices off my fingers. "Oh." she panted. "Oh my god. I taste good." Sarah giggled. With that, she bent her head down, licking the shaft of my cock from the base upwards.

Without any warning, Sarah had impaled her face on my hard dick and expertly taken my entire 7 inches down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, faster and faster. I knew that I wouldn't last long. "Sarah." I gasped. "Fuck. Your mouth feels amazing. I'm not going to be able to last long if you keep going like that." Sarah continued to bob her mouth on my cock, fucking her own face with my dick, while also jacking me off with her hands at the same time. "Sarah, I'm going to cum…" I told her.

Sarah briefly pulled my cock out of her mouth, continuing to jack me off. "Matt, I want you to cum in my mouth and all over my perky little tits." Sarah moaned, "Can you do that for me?" "Oh God yes Sarah!" Hot babe anna bell peaks gets nailed and creamed replied.

I pulled my cock out of Sarah's mouth and she opened wide just as the first jet of cum erupted from my cock, hitting Sarah in the face and running down her chin. The second, third and fourth loads spurted out and landed in her mouth, filling her up completely, before overflowing and running down her chin. I squeezed the last drops of cum out of my dick onto her perfect perky little tits and slumped backwards onto the seat.

I was completely spent. Sarah looked over to me, her mouth still full of my cum, cheekily giving me a smile before closing her mouth and swallowing my entire load.

She wiped the rest of my cum off her tits and face with her fingers and licked that up too. She shifted over to me, into my open arms and kissed me hard.

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I could taste what was left of my cum on her tongue. "I love you Matt." she said. "I love you too Sarah." I replied.