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Spandex girls jada stevens capri cavanni amirah adara kevin moore
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I'm Kirk Soloman; I'm 39 years old, single and by choice, 6'2" tall 180lbs and in excellent shape being in my profession you have to be, you see I'm a high profile body guard and in those instances that I actually do have to do something an out of shape man wouldn't cut it.

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I have seven others under me and we are Protection Inc. Now I was part of the President's Secret Service team but after a lengthy stint with them I decided to go out on my own seeing the need for trained people to protect high level personal all over the world and have made a good living for myself and my elite team of both men and women.

Every year just before Christmas it slows down being that most higher up personal are with their families or the people they do business with are with their families so it's a down time for us and we get together and compare notes and ideas for one day and then go off and relax in our own ways.

Mitch he goes and blows off steam by taking a cruise every year and goes somewhere where it's different than he's been that year. Frank goes and spends time with his elderly folks in upper Wisconsin during this time and he likes that. Then the others go to their families and get to kick back and relax.

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We're headquartered in DC of course and handle small boy and girl hard six dignitaries and other such people so me, I go where there aren't any people, I go to the mountains in upper Georgia and lower Kentucky and live off the land for that two week period and the only one thing I do carry with me is a solar panel and my Sat Phone in case there is a problem they can always get hold of me and the phone's GPS is always turned on to find me and pick me up.

Well I throw all my gear into my refurbished Dodge Power Wagon and head to the hills literally. It takes me a day to get there and one more to get into the woods far enough to set up camp and enjoy the cold weather that is there which is normally 10 to 15 degrees warmer than DC.

I check in with the park rangers and now all they do is wave to me and shake their head and I can imagine they're saying there he goes again the nut job camping in this weather.

I have a small water barrel that I fill right away from the small river that I camp at, there is fish and some little wild game to kill and eat and I relax and enjoy the solitude being there.

On the third day I was sitting there and this lady shows up out of nowhere with only a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt on and shivering and half wet. She startled me and that's hard to do right there because of my training it's hard to come up on me at all. She says excuse me and instincts kicked in and I draw my weapon my Smith and Wesson 40cal hand gun and she says no please I'm lost and cold can you help me?

I looked around as she goes for the fire and sitting there looks at me as I scanned my perimeter and coming back saying where did you come from? She says a friend of mine and I were camping near here and he got lost and didn't come back after a day so I tried to follow his foot prints but got lost myself. I said how long you been roaming around out here and where's your coat? She says well I slid down a hill back somewhere as she pointed towards the large outcropping of hills and when I landed at the bottom my coat had taken all it could and it was shredded and not protecting me anymore so I took it off hoping I could find someone or something to stay in until it got light.

I said here and I handed her a cup of coffee and she choked some drinking it and smiling saying thanks this is hottest brunette in stcokings getting fucked amateur and couple but hot, thanks again.

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I laughed saying well I like it strong. She tells me her name is Jennifer and she's worried about her boyfriend being out her a day longer and not coming back for her. She again points to the hills and I grab my Sat Phone and calling the rangers they immediately start a search for him.

I tell them my location when they find him and to bring him here for her. Well I offer her some food and she eats it and starts feeling better now. We talk and night comes and I tell her to sleep in the tent and I'll stay out here near the fire and she says oh no you can't sleep out here sleep in there with me we'll be fine I assure you and with some hesitation well ok no hesitation I accepted because she is lovely to look at and with her tits poking threw her tailor shop aunty lasiban sex shirt like they are I was ready for some hot sex for sure.

I opened a blanket I had in the truck and opening the sleeping blanket up that afforded us a larger area to sleep to keep the cold off our bodies.

We crawled into the tent and zipping it up she lays down on her back and smiling up at me says thanks again for helping me. I said well it's odd that you are out here because there isn't anyone normally out here this time of year.

She goes on to tell me her boyfriend is into hiking and camping and when we got their tent and all set up he went off to gather fire wood and that's when he never came back to me. I said damn. She lays there allowing mr 18 tony duncan cumshot Coleman Lantern to shine across her body and seeing her in the light, lying there smiling up at me she says Kirk can I ask one more favor from you?

I said you can ask? She says I'm still cold, would you please hold me close and get me warm, I'm cold all over and she puts my hand on her stomach and it is cold. I said sure thing and she smiles up at me and turns to the other side and when I came up behind her and snuggled next to her she cooed saying umm you're nice and warm thank you for being out here.

I said you're welcome and soon with my arm over her holding her around her stomach she takes and places her hand atop mine and slowly she's rubbing my hand and then she slide my hand up under her shirt and places it on her tit and moans some more.

I cupped her tit and caressing it then to her nipple which is rock hard she moans and quivers some in my arm. She starts turning to face me and she says Kirk will you make me really warm and make love to me please, I need a sunny leone sex stories hq amazing xxx story download inside me and making love to me. I looked into eyes and smiled, she sits up and taking off her flannel shirt I find she's naked now and then she wiggles out of her jeans and panties and lies back waiting for me to do the same and I in a flash strip and come atop her.

She smiles saying fill me with you hot cum Kirk, I need it to get warm ok? I said with pleasure and I slid my cock into her cold body and we fucked for the longest time before I pumped my load into her cold body.

She came with me and shook under me, she says again Kirk, fuck me again please and that night I put all I had three loads of hot cum into her body. We laid there and she finally got warm next to me and we slept holding one another.

The next morning she was still asleep and when she woke she says fuck me again will you and I smiled and slid back over her and sliding my hard shaft into her once more I pumped one load into her as she giggles saying wow you are a wonderful lover thank you so much Kirk for helping me. I smiled saying well I'm glad to be of service. That weekend we fucked all the time, I checked in with the rangers and when they said they couldn't find anyone and was going to come and pick her up she shakes her head no and I said no need rangers I'll bring her out with me and she smiled.

They said roger that and how much longer are you going to be out there Mr.

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Soloman? I said two more days ok? They said roger that, and what's her name and we'll start the paper work, I told them and they said wait one minute please and I said ok. They came back like two minutes later and said Mr. Soloman that's impossible on that name. I said why's that? They said she went missing in the woods nearly fifteen years ago and we found her remains three years ago, that woman is playing you whoever she is. I said can you give me a description please on woman lost. They read it off the report and I said guys this woman matches her perfectly, something is off here and come immediately.

They said on you signal now heading to you. When I got back to the camp she was gone, no trace of her at all, her clothes were gone, the sleeping bag was zipped back up and there wasn't even any foot print of her being there. When the rangers got to me I told them the story and what happened, they told me that she appears to campers and she has little thai girls anal porn xxcccxc young with them all and even a couple once had sex with her and then when they contact us she disappears into thin air just like now.

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We all her the lady of the woods is the legend around these parts. I said but if she was a ghost of sorts where did all the semen I put inside her go, wouldn't it have been all over my sleeping bag? They said that the other's have asked the same thing and we don't have the answers to give any of them. The only consolation is that no one has ever been hurt other than their hearts for falling for her or caring for her and she then disappears and no one has seen her twice ever. I packed up and went back to work, the following year I went back there and she never showed up, I even moved my camp to the last place their camp was and still nothing, she never showed up to me again.

I've moved on to other places since then but still that weekend even though I've never ever told anyone about and asked the rangers to now say anything also and they assured me bbw turky fit boy semail was a private time and they would honor my request.

I have since Goggled the incident and sure enough the woman that came to me was that woman that perished all those years ago and is coming to people to get warm and have sex but that's it, she hasn't hurt anyone and maybe never will but she certainly made an impression on me for sure and that two and a half days we had sex was some of the best I've ever had that's for sure even if it was with a ghost or whatever you want to call what she is.