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Jack and Jessie Conclusion I want to start by apologizing for the time it took me to get around to writing the conclusion. I had returned from a tour overseas, and family and career have been my primary focus. Those who have waited patiently for me to finish this story, I hope it is worth the wait. Enjoy. Morg Just to recap my last week: While my mom was out of town to handle a family emergency, got stuck with dog sitting our neighbors' Great Dane Jack.

While home alone, I was watching porn, and Jack started licking my pussy, and I ended up giving him my cherry that night. While I was fucking the dog, my best friend, Amy walked in on us. We ended up fucking, and she ended up fucking Jack as well. When Jack's owner Leanne returned home, I helped her take him home.

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Once there, she seduced me, and she and I fucked each other and Jack. Little did I know, she had told my mom to come over, baiting her into an erotic trap. My mom arrived as I was sucking Jack's doggy cock while Lee was eating my pussy. I went home and my mom and I had a heart to heart where she called me out, but not in a bad way.

We ended up making love that night, and set our own little trap to get us, Amy, Leanne, and Jack together for a big "get together". For the next week, I went to school and hung out with Amy like nothing had happened. There were a few times after gym class where I would catch her watching me while I changed, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Then Friday after school, I put the plan into action. We were walking home from school when my cell buzzed. "Hold on, Amy. Text from my mom." "Maybe she's going to be gone for the weekend again," she said and winked. "Shit." I said, trying my best to sound shocked. "What?" Amy asked. I just looked at her and handed her my phone. Mom: I know about you and Amy. And Jack. Get your asses over here. NOW! The color ran out of Amy's face, and I knew that our plan just might work.

It was so hard to hide my excitement as we trudged home from school. Amy walked in stunned silence, as if she was thinking about how we wouldn't be allowed to hang out anymore, what if my mom tells her parents, or whatever else bad that could happen. As we walked up the stairs to my front porch, she pinky xxx karla lane sara jay in orgy cock and mas let it all out.

"How did she find out? What if she tells us we can't be friends, or just bans me from ever coming over again?" "Shh. We will just see what she thinks she knows. And maybe she is way off, and doesn't know anything about the sex," I suggested, hoping to alleviate her fears. "Maybe." As we entered the house, my mom called us into the kitchen, using her pissed off voice. We looked at each other and swallowed nervously as we walked into the lion's den.

"Sit!" Mom commanded as we walked into the kitchen. In the kitchen, we were greeted by the stern faces of my mom and Leanne.

We promptly sat down at the kitchen table, not saying a word. "So girls, how long have you been fucking?" Mom asked, sounding genuinely angry. "Um. Uh." I stammered, pretending to be speechless. "Last week was the first time, ma'am," Amy answered with her head hung.

"How did you know?" "I don't know, maybe the pussy juice stains all over the house. I leave for a weekend, and you two girls turned my house into a regular love shack.

There wasn't a room in the house that didn't reek of pussy when I got home." "And when I picked up Jack, all he would do is follow me around the house and stick his nose in my crotch. And after I took a shower Sunday night, he actually tried licking my pussy!

I got on the internet, and looked up what would cause him to do that, and all the answers I found pointed to two girls teaching him to fuck a human!" Leanne scolded. My mom walked o we and leaned on the table, getting right in our faces. "And you know what? I am half tempted to tell your parents, Amy. Tell them their dotter is a dyke who loves dog cock." Tears were welling up in Amy's eyes at that threat.

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"Please, no! My parents would kill me!" she shouted. "Well, I can think of something that could make me forget this whole event never happened," my mom said. "Anything! Please, I will do anything to keep them from finding out!" "Anything?" "Yes!" "Well then, you are going to demonstrate how you damaged Jack, while eating my pussy. I would think that a dog loving lezzy wouldn't have any problems with that. And Jessie, you are going to eat out Lee, to make up for what you did to her dog." Amy was stunned!

She was being blackmailed into what she just did last week! My mom leaned over between us and whispered, "You have no idea how long I've wanted that dog to fuck me. Get him good and horny so I can enjoy him, too." My mom walked around the table, and forcefully started kissing Amy, and placed he hand right in Amy's crotch. "Wow, Amy. Your pussy is starting to leak all the way through. I think amazing girls take up with the tongue moist pussies want this more than you let on." Amy started grinding her mound against my mom's hand, "Yes.

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I want to taste your cunt while Jack plows me again," Amy all but moaned. The fear that was in her eyes had transformed to a look of hunger. I stood up and walked across the Kitchen to Leanne and started kissing her, and unbuttoning her shirt.

I was too horny now to even pretend that I was being coerced. Her pussy tasted so good, and I was ready for a second helping of it! Soon, I had her massive mammaries out, kneading them, sucking on her nipples, working Lee into a frenzy. While I was ranging her tits, I was undoing her pants and pushing them down her delectable thighs. After I pushed them down, she stepped out of her jeans, spreading her legs so I could get my face to her wonderful cunt.

When I licked he clit, she went rigid as that first jolt of sexual electricity went through her body. "Mmm, lick my pussy.

Make me cum all over that pretty face," she moaned. I was slowly licking her outer lips, then flicking her swollen bud with my tongue, then sucking on it. Then I slipped two fingers into her creamy snatch and started fingering her for all I was worth.

"Oh. That's right, Jessie, just like that. God, your fingers. Feel so good. Gonna cum soon. Fuck. Harder. Harder. Oh god. FUCK!" Open the xxx story katrinakaif sex she came, her pussy clamped down on my fingers so hard that I couldn't pull them out, and my tongue was rewarded with a river of girl cum, as she flooded me with her juices.

Behind us at the table, Mom and Amy were taking it slow. They were both topless at this point, but weren't as frenzied as I had been with Leanne. It was mesmerizing, watching my best friend licking and sucking on my hot babe anna bell peaks gets nailed and creamed tits, while she in turn, fondled an kneaded my friend's tits.

"I think we need to go to the bedroom," my mom suggested. She intertwined her fingers with Amy's and led the four of us to the master bedroom. And wouldn't you know, Jack was already there, stretched out across the mattress. Once in the room, Mom began her assault on Amy's lithe body in earnest. She pushed her down on the bed, and began ravishing my friend's tits, roughly squeezing them, biting and sucking at her nipples, causing Amy to moan with exquisite pleasure.

Mom kissed her way down Amy's body, removing we her shorts and panties as she went. Once she was presented with Amy's sweet honey pot, she took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet, musky aroma of my friend's sex. "Lee, why don't you come get Amy here good and ready for Jack's cock." "Mm, with pleasure Tiff." Sitting in a chair in the corner, I was rubbing my pussy as I watched Lee kneel down and push Amy's knees as far apart as they would go, and slowly lick from her little puckers anus, all the way to her clit.

Amy was already squirming on the bed, being so turned on. She tried to snake a hand down to rub her clit, but my mom grabbed her wrist and held it above Amy's head. "Just lay back, sweetie. Let Lee take care of you. I promise, she knows what she is doing," my mom reassured her, before sucking one of Amy's little tits back in her mouth. Lee was proving to be quite the master of pussy licking. As she sucked on Amy's clit, she slid two fingers in her gooey box.

Amy was all moans at this point, thrusting her pussy on to Lee's fingers. Then I saw Lee move her head down, and she started tonging Amy's little pucker. After a minute of licking Amy's ass, Lee inserted her finger in Amy's ass. "Oh, fuck.

My ass. Never. Don't stop. Fuck me harder. Lee, put another finger there. Fuck!" Amy moaned. Happy to oblige the writhing girl, Lee added another finger to the one already there. "God. So full. Feels so good. Fuck my ass, Lee. Oh! Gonna cum. Gonna. CUMMING!!!!!" Amy screamed and we all watched as he body went completely stiff, and a stream of pussy juice hit Lee in the face. "I think she's ready," Lee said with a smile while helping Amy onto her hands and knees. Jack, seeing his bitch getting into position, took notice and stood up.

He walked be hind her and took a quick lick of her ass and pussy, then stepped behind her. While Jack was getting in position, my mom peeled off her pants and revealed her womanly charms to Amy. "I hope you're ready, cause I have been ever since I caught Lee and Jessie fucking that beautiful dog cock," Mom told Amy. "Wait, didn't you say you found pussy stains?" Amy sexy hoe diverse stacey services taxi drivers cock. "Oh, I did.

After Jessie told me about the fuck fest you two had last weekend. We just figured you would deny it if I asked. Now get ready, cause I need my cunt licked by a doggy bitch." Amy turned to me with a smile and said, "I should have known." She looked at my mom and said, "You really could have just told us to come over and been naked.

I would have big tits whore playing with her tits tube porn right in." She then placed her lips to Mom's cunt and started eating her. With her head lowered, she was in the perfect submissive position for Jack, and he jumped on ddeep fisting elbow fisting perfect nurse anal fisting tube porn back.

As soon as he was in place, he was humping away, as his slowly protruding cock bounced off her ass cheeks. Amy rolled her hips down slightly, and the tip of Jack's cock found the center of her slicked up asshole.

Before Amy could react, he shoved is dick into her now deflowered ass. "Fuck!!!" Amy screamed at the sudden anal penetration. "He's in my ass! God it's so thick! Don't let him stop!" Jack started fucking her ass like a jackhammer, pistoning deeper and deeper into her rectum. Amy was all moans as she licked and sucked at Mom's cunt. She then stuck two fingers deep in Mom's pussy and started thrusting into her in time with Jack's thrusts into her own ass.

Meanwhile, Leanne came over to my chair and buried her face in my twat, licking and sucking up my secretions. This was so hot! Seeing my friend's ass get drilled by the large dog while she ate my mom's cunt, and my neighbor eating my dripping hole, was too much, and I came without warning on Lee's face, as wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body. Soon, Jack's knot was at the entrance to Amy's stretched hole. She was moaning like a woman possessed as his know battered he back door, and with a mighty thrust, he shoved his baseball size knot past her tight entrance.

"Shit! He knotted. My asshole. Hurts. But feels. Amazing." Amy moaned. "So. Fucking. Deep. Gonna cum. Gonna. Aargh!" Her body went stiff as her own orgasm rocked her body. Then Jack froze on her back. "Cumming. In my ass. Feels amazing." Amy cried as Jack pumped stream after stream into her tight ass. Mom, on the verge of her own orgasm grabbed Amy's head and pulled it back to her cunt. Amy latched back onto Mom's clit and sucked hard on it till mom had her own orgasm. We all just laid there in a daze as we recovered from our orgasms and waited till Jack's knot shrank to whet he could pull out of Amy's well used ass.

When he did, I went to Amy and had her kneel over my face, and I hungrily ate the buckets of dog cum that drained out of her ass.

Amy called her mom a little while later and told her that we were having legal age teenager playgirl in hardcore massage blowjob movie night, and got permission to spend the night. That Friday night, we all took turns getting fucked by Jack and eating each other's pussies till the four of us collapsed in Mom's bed. Epilogue After that night, every Friday was spent with Leanne and Jack.

Amy wasn't always able to join, but she came whenever she could. When we went off to college, we got permission. To get a small rental off campus together, where we got our own Great Dane and raised him up right.

Mom and Leanne visit us regularly, and always bring Jack along and we spend the weekend fucking and sucking.