Unbelievable gang bang sex with big tits

Unbelievable gang bang sex with big tits
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Bet My Ass I was invited over to my master and his boyfriend's house for poker night. I'd never been before. I know it's a guy's night of poker playing and beer-drinking--typical stuff. Still, I was surprised to have been invited given my subordinate status to my Master and now to his boyfriend. Perhaps this is a purely social occasion and so the sexual status I've been given will be ignored.

Of course I hope not. I arrive at around 7pm. Jesse greets me and takes me into his upstairs apartment. Though I'm not usually like this, I've lately been dying to suck cock. Things have been a little strange since Jesse's boyfriend moved in.

He's been extra careful to show Tom that he's the boyfriend and I'm the "help". In fact, since Tom moved in I haven't been properly fucked.

In any case, Tom wasn't in evidence so I kneeled on the floor in my Master's bedroom and asked if I could please suck his cock.

He looked a little annoyed but relented and came to stand in front of me. I lowered his zipper and carefully pulled out his slowly stiffening cock and looked up at him as I began to lick his cockhead. I didn't waste much time though. Generally, the only way I can get that whole cock in my mouth is when it's still semi-flaccid.

It's quite the lunker. While that might be cheating I really like trying to swallow it and feel it stiffen deep in my throat. Anyway.knowing I probably didn't have much time to blow my Master, I went to work in earnest. I deep throated and swallowed until he was just too hard and too big. Then I began to jack his still stiffening shaft with one hand and gently massage his swollen balls with the other. He'd undone his pants by this time and dropped them to his thighs.

I'm not sure if he was being over-stimulated but he told me to put my hands behind my back. Then he grabbed my face and began slowly fucking my mouth.

He likes it when I try to look at him while he does this. It's difficult because the cock driving into the back of my throat makes my eyes water.

I guess he got tired of the angle because before long he sat on the edge of a dressing bench at the foot of his bed and had sexy tranny fucked big titted blonde shemale on the bed tube porn get on all fours--still fully-clothed, with my face in his crotch.

This seemed to achieve the angle he wanted. He gently rocked my body back and forth gradually working his cock farther and farther down my throat. Almost immediately, he started making the noises that warn me when he's about to blow his load. He's pivoting me back and forth and sliding his cock from about an inch in my mouth to all nine inches in. His swelling glans expand the back of my throat with every thrust.

His well-trimmed pubic hair tickles my nose but not enough to throw off my concentration.

Though I can't see his face, I know his eyes are closed and he's concentrating on getting off. For some reason this turns me on even more. My now raging hard-on is painful and obvious in my shorts. Suddenly, he squeezes my head even harder and begins to stroke his cock with my mouth faster and faster. He pulls my face all the way down on his cock, impaling my head when I feel the first jet of cum squeezing into the back of my throat. He backs off a little and I can feel it shoot.

He starts to shudder and pulls back to where he has just an inch in my mouth and shoots another jet. His cum tastes salty as it splashes my tongue and teeth. But I don't have long to savor it. Straightaway he drives his jetting cock back into my head to finishing pumping his come into me.

He holds his cockhead against the back of my throat for his last spurts. After heaving a sigh of relief, with his cock still as far in my face as he can get it, he pats me on the head.

Directly he pulls out of my mouth and stands before me. Then he laughs and squeezes the final drop of cum onto the end of my nose and pats me on the head again. "Good job", he says. I start licking his balls and shaft because he likes to be "cleaned up" after blowing his load. I've just worked my way back up to the head of his softening cock when we look up to see the door opening and Tom walking in.

He stops suddenly when he sees us and storms off into the bathroom area--obviously in a huff. With his dick still in my mouth, Jesse tells Tom that it's just sex--"a blow-job for chrissakes" and that I'm certainly no threat to their relationship. I certainly have no gripe with that.

I know what I'm there for and it's certainly not love or to get in their way. Jesse and Tom move into the living room to talk. I can still hear them. "How do I know you aren't fucking other people? How do I know you're not going to fall in love with someone else?" Jesse: "I'm not fucking anyone else. He came over for the poker game--you knew that--and practically begged to give me a blowjob. That's hard to refuse." Tom: "Are you saying I'm not enough?" Jesse: "No.

I'm a man. You're a man. You should understand about the need for physical variety.

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Why be jealous of someone I'm just putting the wood to? He's just physical porn. In fact, since he's my little fuck bitch, he has to do what I say--you can feel free to fuck him too." Listening in the other room, I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't getting a little hard at that point.

For some reason, the thought of being loaned out like a whore to Jesse's boyfriend was a turn-on. I didn't even really take exception to being called a "fuckbitch". When in Rome. Tom: "Well, send him in here." Jesse (to me): "Strip and come in here". school boy and madam xnxx

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"On your knees." I crawl into the room with a semi-hard on and quite a bit of trepidation. Jesse tells me that Tom wants to watch him fuck me to prove that it's purely sexual and that I mean nothing to him.

I know better than to say anything. Instead, I just kneel down and put my shoulders on the floor and stick my ass out. Jesse says "Good boy" and laughs a little. "See Tom, he does what he's told".

But then I hear drawers opening and closing. Curious, I look up to see Jesse getting out his collection of "torture" implements--dildos and butt plugs ranging from reasonable to voluptuous babe luna star gets her hole ruined pornstars and hardcore. Out of the corner of my eye I see Tom take off his shirt and unbutton his pants.

As he sits down in a chair he says "O.K. if you can prove to me that he's just a servant, I'll consider allowing it. But it can't just be you and he screwing.

He'll have to be used by other men as well. And you can bet your ass that I'll be taking out some frustrations on him. Actually you can bet his ass." Jesse was lying naked on the bed propped on the headboard. Tom was sitting in the chair stripped to the waist and I was kneeling on the floor between them in a pose of abject supplication. Tom says, "We'll see how he performs. If he doesn't meet your standards, he's out. Simple as that. He's just a fuckbitch to me.

Fuckbitch, come up here and get to work." I wasn't quite sure what to think about all of this. I was still reeling a bit from having been discovered in flagrante by Tom. I liked the little arrangement I'd had with Jesse before. In the space of ten minutes I found it expanded to include whatever swinging dicks walked in their door--not to mention Tom himself.

Plus, who knew what "other duties" they had in mind. All of this ran through my mind as I crawled up on the bed to lie between Jesse's legs. The feeling of his spent dick in my mouth was comforting. It was still leaking the dregs of his come down my chin. I suppose it was a little ominous too. I could feel it shake as he chuckled at my ministrations. Jesse and Tom talked a little while as I sucked Jesse's cock back to life.

When I got it about halfway hard I got up on all fours so I could get the shaft in my mouth and practice swallowing it. Soon after I got up on all fours I felt Tom's hand close around my cock and pull it back between my legs. Then I felt Tom's other hand slap my ass. I wasn't sure Tom was ever a top but he proceeded to spank me as though born to it. It was a job keeping the spanking from affecting the head I was giving Jesse.

I knew he'd punish me if I missed a stroke. Tom's experienced hand dry-milked me to blond pretty cutie dani desire fucks a complete stranger in his car hardcore and blowjob. He reached for some lube that he'd tossed beside me on the bed.

He dribbled it onto my asshole and let it run down my cock which he was still milking. It felt so intense--the lube and his stroking that I had to beg him to stop so I didn't come.

I guess that watching Tom prepare my ass turned Jesse on because he was again hard as a rock. He got up and went around to my ass. I obediently put my head back down on the bed to wait. I was expecting to be assaulted by a toy of some sort as that was usually Jesse's pattern. But he pulled me by the hips to the edge of the bed and then had me kneel over it so that my thighs and torso were in contact with the bed.

My ass was stuck out and my knees were just barely on the floor. I felt Tom's slick hands spread my cheeks and then felt a finger slide in to distribute the lubricant. Then I felt his hand slide between me and the bed. His rough hand found my now raging hard-on and pulled it smartly from between me and the bed. He positioned it so that it was pointing straight and somewhat painfully down the side of the bed and slapped it a few times for good measure.

He then sat on the bed beside me and slipped his middle finger in my ass. I could hear him laughing a little as I waited for the toy. I had lost track of Jesse by this point. That is until I felt something pushing gently at the opening to my ass. Assuming it was a toy to get me started, I tried to relax into it. Jesse gets upset when I take too long to loosen up. By the time I realized that the hands on my hips weren't Tom's it was too late.

Jesse slowly but inexorably drove the entire length of his cock--about 9 inches if I'm doing my job right--into my ass. For the first four I think I tried to moved away but I'd been expertly positioned so that I couldn't. For the final five I felt the deep pain of being opened up in the most base and humiliating way possible by another man's cock and solely for his pleasure.

As my humiliation deepened at hearing Tom's amusement, Jesse's hands left my hips and grabbed my shoulders. He then drove his cock the rest of the way in until I could feel his pubic bone in contact with my tailbone.

I knew I was about to be well and truly fucked. He leaned fully into me and just jacked his shaft in and out of my spasming ass about two inches. Each time he hit bottom I could feel a new section of my rectum opening. I'd only just begun to realize that I'd survived being mounted by Jesse when I began to register the width of his cock. Every time my asshole tried to relax and accept being so suddenly stretched, Jesse's cock seemed to expand to take nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut the slack.

Not only was I being impaled all at once by one man with a huge cock but his boyfriend was witnessing me being turned into his woman. Jesse was showing off by fucking me in my ass. Jesse said, "nice" and I moaned in acceptance. With his cock still buried in me he moved his left foot onto the bed and picked up and held my feet. I realized just in time that he was preparing to start his long strokes.

I hadn't been thus abused by many men but I'd taken enough cock by this point to know that each man has a certain style about it. Jesse's was to go in (not usually all at once like this), work the innermost two or three inches for a minute, then settle back for long, deep fucking.

He grabbed my feet to put my weight fully on my stomach. I knew that this would make the innermost parts of my channel tighter for the head of his cock.

He then pulled his cock almost all the way out--until just the head was still in my ass. I could feel the ridge between his shaft and the head as though it were a cock plug. In a way it was. Then, awesomely, painfully though mother id like to fuck acquires tenacious fucking pornstar hardcore was subsiding somewhat, he rammed the entire thing back in.

In resignation, I exhaled involuntarily and settled into my fate. Each time his shaft hit bottom in my ass he pushed me into the corner of the bed so that my painfully swollen cock was bent further back between my legs. It's as though his cock was reminding mine which was on top. My ass certainly didn't need to be reminded. Being gored out by Jesse's enormous member left little in the way of doubt.

He stroked in and almost all the way out for a while as Tom stared and laughed in amazement. I hear Jesse say, "watch this" and then damn if Jesse didn't swivel his hips in some way that he was able to get another half an inch of cock into me. to be continued.