We have a very close relationships with my stepmom

We have a very close relationships with my stepmom
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When I went to my mom's wedding, little did I know that I would be getting more than just a new family.I would be getting a new experience.

My mom decided to get married out at the state park, and we would all have cabins in the woods where we would sleep and eat. The cabins were nice, complete with electricity, stoves, and a fireplace. It was a six hour drive and I got there about an hour before the ceremony. My mom called be over to meet my new step brothers and one step sister. Now, I haven't been a teenager in a while so meeting my steps wasn't that big of a deal. Boy was I wrong. My new stepsister's name was Addie and she was hot.

I don't mean your average "oh she's good looking" kind of hot.

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I mean "oh my fuck, she's a supermodel" hot. Her breasts were tight and firm. Her skin was tan and subtle.

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Her hair covered enough of her eyes to add mystery to her appearance. She was wearing a tight miniskirt dress and I could see the top of her red thong. I am not sure but I wife caught cheating with this neighbor french she wanted me to notice her.

Her lips where red and I noticed an erection grow in my pants. Damn, I wish I would have wore tighter boxers. She smiled at me when Mom made the introductions. Now, of course, I didn't just gain new stepbrothers and Addie, the amazingly hot stepsister. I also gained new step uncles, aunts and cousins. They're were a lot of new names to learn but two of them I will never forget: Liza and Brittney.

They were sisters, about 18 and 22, and they were fucking beautiful. They were close sisters, always touching each other, holding hands and through out the wedding, I kept staring at their perfect breasts, their supple lips and their kick ass abs. i noticed they kept looking over at me. The wedding went fine, and after a long reception i decided to head back to the cabins for a night of well deserved rest.

Little did i know that rest was going to be the last thing I would get. I got to the cabin and unpacked and made the area more lively. I put on some inscence, sandelwood, my favorite. I was about ready to make my bed when there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it"? I asked. "It's your new sister, Addie" she responded. I was surprised. i wondered what she was doing at my cabin so late in the evening.

I opened the door for her. She had changed from the wedding clothes she had on earlier.

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She was not wearing a very short mini-skirt dress, and a flannel shirt. I noticed right away that she wasn't wearing anything under her flannel. no undershirt, no tee-shirt, no bra.

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My dick sprang to attention, desprate to get out. "Oh. Hi. Come in, Addie." i sounded like an idiot. She came in. "What can I do you for?" I asked. Shit, who talks like that. I was such a dork. Addie looked around the cabin. "Nice place.

Ever sleep in a cabin before?" "No" I said. "Oh it's fun. I love sleeping out in the woods. The quiet. The peace. And the mystery. You never know who's lurking outside the door." "I suppose" I said.

I wondered what she meant by that. "Well, I just wanted to come over and officially say hi to my new brother." I smiled. "Hi." I said. I couldn't stop staring at her tits. Her flannel was unbuttoned a few and her cleavage was showing. It took all my energy to not want to stick my face in her tits and suck on her nipples right real slutty girlfriend cum facial amp cute busty babe always swallowing and big boobs and there.

I was beginning to salvate. My cock was rubbing against the waistband of my boxers. She must have noticed. "My my" she said "Do you normally get this excited when meeting your relatives? She laughed.

I was embaressed. i didn't know what to say. she walked. no, not walked. she floated over to me."I think it's only fitting that as siblings we share everything." "Everything?" I managed to utter. "Everything!" She said seductivly. She was right in front of me, smiling.

I could smell her perfume. She looked straight into my eyes. "Everything" she whispered. She started to go down to her knees. This couldn't be happening. Nothing like this ever happens in real life, much alone a hot supermodel sister. She leaned forward and started to unzip me. I closed my eyes.

I could feel her slipping my jeans and boxers down to the floor. I breathed in antisapation. First, she just kissed the head of my cock. My penis jumped up and down, bouncing like an excited kid. Then she slowly, so slowly, entered my dick into her mouth. It was so warm, so wet, so moist and so tight.

I slid into her lips, pushing my cock down her throat. She could take it all. She pressed her lips tightly against my member, her tongue licking my shaft like a lollipop. My balls tighened up against me. She moved her head back and forth, at times slowly, at times quickly, treating her mouth like a tight cunt. I grabbed the wall behind me. My knees began to buckle. She took my cock out and grabbed her hand around my member.

She started to jack me off, quicker than I have ever done to myself. It felt amazing. The spit glistened off my cock, acting like a lube. She would jack for a while then shove me back into her mouth, her tongue rolling around. Once, she tightened her lips like a vaccum and then flicked the head of my dick with her tongue.

When she did this, her hand were all around my buttocks, carassing me. I started to mouth fuck her. Whenever I thrusted in, she would send her head towards my belly, creating the most wonderful senstation. As she was sucking me, she started to take off her flannel shirt. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear that were wrapped around my ankles.

When she got her shirt of I got a good look at her tits. They were amazing. Round, supple, tight, firm.

Her nipples were hard, pointing out at me. Her hands slowly went up my legs. She finally gently grasped my balls, rolling them around in her hands.With her fingernail, she gently tickled them. Her mouth would soon be filled with cum, I knew it. It wouldn't be long now. I felt myself about ready to explode. Then there was a knock on the door. "Can we come in?" It was the sisters Liza and Brittney. "Come in" I said. . to continue