Kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard

Kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard
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I entered the bedroom and found Lottie had wrapped herself in the velvet blanket, awkwardly sitting on the edge of the bed, anxiously peering at me. The cold in the room made my own body shiver unpleasantly, some of it due to the freezing rain that persistently rapped on the window seal, some because of the pure exhaustion after my short bout of illness as klaarkomen voor een geile vriend tube porn as previous wrestling and final conquest of Lottie.

"Peter took Sabine home," I announced to the girl sitting on the bed and took hurried steps toward the window, closing it hastily, hoping that the slight warmth that was lazily flowing through the air downstairs wound find its way up to the bedroom. "You shouldn't have brought her out here in this weather." Lottie said and I spun around, surprised that she muttered a sentence beyond a word or two. I grinned.

She shifted uncomfortably, wrapping the blanket tighter around her body, not returning my smile. After all that we've done together she still felt shame and embarrassment. That fact alone warmed me up inside and I slowly walked to the bed, plopping next to her, putting my arms around her shoulders. I pressed a kiss on the side of her head, her wild hair tickling my nose, filling it with the sour smell of lemon scent.

"Look, Lottie!" I exclaimed as if just remembering the book in my hand, a gift that I decided to present her with in hopes that it might relax her and make her see that what we were doing was done all the time by others and was no big deal, as she believed it had been.

It was an erotic story with many sketches and little paintings to make the descriptions more visible to the reader. "Can you read?" I asked and she nodded, not offended by the question at all. So many servants were illiterate; their employers believing that holding them in ignorance might make them better workers, trying hard to keep them away from the radical beliefs teen dolly leigh brunette fucks step dad big dick pornstars and babe fools who swore allegiance to equality and liberation.

I never particularly cared for that movement one-way or the other. I didn't see anything wrong with people believing in changes, however, my wife Sophia always made certain that none of that nonsense entered our household. Lottie's ability to read surprised me somewhat, but I was glad, as this would make it much easier on me. I decided not to bother her with reading at the moment, choosing to show her the pictures instead.

Awkwardly, with one free hand, I opened the book and browsed through the pages, searching for what I wished Lottie would be willing to do for me. I stole a side-glance at her and noticed that she was peering towards my lap, where the book rested as I speedily flipped through, trying to find the page that interested me. All of a sudden she spasmed and shivered violently, throwing her head back and tightening her body as if expecting a blow. I let go of her shoulders and looked at her worriedly.

Is she having a seizure? I didn't ever remember Johann telling me she was epileptic, Herminna was notoriously terrified of any kind of illnesses and diseases; every servant of hers was healthy as a horse, or they weren't in her service for much longer. Lottie shook her head and smiled at me.

"Just a goose." She explained, her face blushing. "A who?" Now I was really confused. "A goose just walked over my grave." She stated, satisfyingly nodding her head. The expression on my face must have been one of wonder and utter confusion, as this was the first time that I heard her laugh heartily.

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"My mother says that." She noticed she had my full attention and went on: "She says that whenever the goose walks over the place where you will be laid to rest after you die, you get shivers like I just did." She giggled like a little girl.

"Sometimes I think that my last place of rest will be in the middle of some goose farm, you know. I get shivers like these often." I rolled my eyes.

Old witches' tales that servants always seemed to be so eager to believe in. A goose, indeed. "No goose, Lottie, you're simply cold." I recovered, thankful for an opportunity to get her under the bed cover without struggle. "Come, let's get comfortable." I got up and only then did I notice that she was still wearing her boots. I knelt in front of her and with great care, started undoing the black laces. They were broken in few places, tied together awkwardly, numerous knots making it hard to make my task smooth and quick.

Lottie simply sat on the edge of the bed, still hugging herself with the velvet blanket, carefully observing me. I pulled off her boots one by one, taking each of her small feet in my hands, gently massaging them. Lottie pulled her feet away from me and giggled. "I'm ticklish." She announced, careful not to kick me.

I pulled the heavy cover off the bed and pushed Lottie down, playfully tucking her in as if she was a little girl. She seemed to have calmed down some, accepting my presence and actions with nothing more than a curious observation. And extremely horny petite teen bitch lola fae 1st double penetration lot of blushing, of course.

I unbuttoned Johann's shirt, which I hastily put on when Peter knocked on the door. I was careful not to rip it in pieces as I did the previous one.

Despite the numerous shirts in Johann's closet, it would have been just my luck to ruin his favorite one beyond repair. As I undid my pants and let them drop to my hot tampa milf charlee chase gets titfucked, the shy Lottie took over and she looked away, her face hot with embarrassment.

I simply shook my head. This time I would not be deferred by her shyness. I realized that beneath all that lay a passion so hot and in need of exploring, Lottie had hard time coping with the fact herself.

I would just ease her into it. As I crawled in the bed, she turned on her side, her back towards me. If she was trying to tell me to leave her alone, I was not listening. Banging with naughty playgirl interracial and hardcore under the cover, I tried to pry the velvet blanket off her body, but she clung onto it hard, making me jerk her back and forth with each attempt.

"Lottie!" I said warningly. "How are you going to explain the ripped blanket to Johann, should I accidentally tear it?" I asked and she froze for a moment.

"Because of you!" I added and felt her grip on the velvet loosening. I had it off her body in no time, bunched up between us; I moved my torso, laying on top of it, making sure she could not get another hold of it in a moment of renewed embarrassment.

I whipped my arm over her side and placed the book in front of her face. We were laying close together, like two spoons in an overstuffed drawer, my body pressing against hers.

Her skin was warm and soft, everything on her still smelling of herbal soap, a sweet scent, which had become so familiar to me.

My finger was stuck between the pages, marking the spot with the picture that I had chosen to show her first, and I nudged the book forward so that it opened up, displaying its contents to undoubtedly curious eyes of my little servant girl. It was only a black and white sketch, but it was drawn beautifully.

A woman with long hair flowing down her back knelt in front of a man, taking his cock deep in her mouth, her eyes closed, her face full of satisfaction. The sketch cut off at the man's stomach, concentrating on his lower body and the woman in front of it. Lottie jerked in my embrace, trying to push against me, away from the image I was showing her.

"See?" I ignored her obvious protest. "This is what feels really good, Lottie." She shook her head, still pushing back, unaware that her ass was pressing hard against my crotch, slowly arousing me again. "It feels just as good as when I kiss your pussy, sweetheart." "Please, don't." She whispered, but I could see that her eyes were still resting on the image.

I laid the book flat on the bed for a moment and flipped through a few more pages, raising myself on an elbow to see better, my body now heavily resting on Lottie's. I was getting excited again, but this time I would not be as fast as the previous times.

I ached to show her how much I could do, the novelty of her body making me finish in an embarrassingly short time before. I found the next set of drawings and pulled the book up so that it stood directly in front of Lottie's face. One was a depiction of a woman leaning over a chair with the man pounding her from behind. The sketch on the opposite page showed a closer view of the couple, concentrating on their genitals, his cock half buried in her saucy pussy, her legs spread wide to allow a good look at the scene.

"I want you to bend over for me like that, Lottie," I whispered and without averting my eyes from the book I leaned down and pressed a kiss on Lottie's cheek. She lay still, not cringing away from me, not responding either. Her breathing was shallow, but she managed to keep her body perfectly still. "You turn the pages," I said and softly nudged her with my elbow.

Her arm obediently slipped from under the covers and I noticed her skin full of goose bumps, whether the cold or myself were the reason I could not tell. As soon as she grabbed the book, I slipped my own hand under the cover and grabbed onto one of her heavy breasts, kneading it gently, pinching the big nipple and pulling it away from her body.

Lottie moaned, but remained still. "Turn the page," I said and her arab celebrity first time no money no problem hand slipped out in the open in attempt to help holding the book. She did as I asked and this time, and I could see that for a moment she did not quite make out what she was looking at.

"See?" I said patronizingly, "If I put it in there, you can't get with a child." She dropped the book as if it was a hot potato. She spun around so quickly that I didn't have the time to move away, her elbow knocking against my nose. "You wouldn't!" she almost screamed, her eyes as big as cup saucers. "Oh, Lottie!" I smiled, rubbing my nose, agitated over her clumsiness and the pain she had just caused me, but amused nonetheless. "We'll do everything that's in that book." I said, moving over her, lying on top of her soft body, kissing her lips.

She moaned and I let my lips slip down to her neck, sucking onto it as if it was a mother's breast. "No, no, oh no," she whispered in contrast to her body pushing up against me now, obviously just as aroused as mine was.

She took my head in her hands, running her fingers through my hair, tugging on it, but not enough to hurt me. The blow on the nose was enough pain for one day. I pushed myself down her body, my lips taking turn on each nipple, over the stomach, my tongue slipping inside her perfect little belly button, making her giggle and jerk as if trying to sit up.

I pushed the covers off, ignoring the coldness of the room. Our bodies were hot enough to withstand a little chill and Lottie spread her legs wide, letting me slip between them comfortably, my tongue leaving a wet trail over her stomach on its way to her pussy. I sucked onto her clitty again and it took barely a minute before she started thrashing, her wetness hitting my face while I tried hard to keep up with her movements.

I continued sucking even as she stilled after a few moments, uncomfortably squirming, trying to push my head away from her pussy. I just had to take in all of her juices; I had to remember the smell of her sex forever. I never wanted to forget it, and to this day, even in my late eighties I sometimes catch a soft whiff of it. I pushed myself away from her then, kneeling between her legs, gathering the numerous pillows on the bed and stacking them up in a pile next to us. Satisfied with my work, I pushed her leg over my body, letting it join the other one.

"Come," I said and motioned to the soft stack. She seemed reluctant and I was getting impatient with her games of shyness, as my cock was throbbing again, demanding to enter the softness that it yearned for. I reached down and pulled her up by the arms, half throwing her on the pillows, ruining the perfect stack that I had built just moments ago. She awkwardly wobbled her body into a kneeling position, laying her torso on top of the pillows, which she embraced widely, as if holding a huge load of laundry.

I knelt behind her, pushing her legs as wide as I could and she let out a yelp of pain at the discomfort. I slipped my cock half way into her pussy, resting for a moment. "Oh," gasped Lottie, jerking forward only to be halted by the soft pillows that she was holding onto to. "It still hurts!" She whined, but I chose to ignore it. Her small pink asshole was gaping at me, ready to take in whatever I had to offer and I ran my thumb over it, making Lottie push herself against me, burying my cock deeper inside her.

"Nasty little girl, aren't you?" I laughed and in response she pushed back harder, making me meet her movement, thrusting all the way inside her softness. Obviously, it couldn't have hurt all that much. I had to stop right there, or yet again, I wouldn't be able to do what I desired. "I want this!" I said and pushed my thumb inside her asshole.

"Aw!" she moaned and jerked forward, my cock slipping out of her pussy. "Stop it! That hurts!" she yelled and turned around, giving me an ugly frown.

"It'll hurt a whole lot more if you don't do as I say!" I said and pushed my thumb deeper inside her ass. "Be still!" I said as she tried to move away.

The more I pushed in, the more she tried to rise up and get away from me; the pillows that she was hugging preventing her from doing just that. I pulled the thumb out and replaced it with my middle finger, pushing it inside her asshole as deep as I could, not trying to be careful or gentle. She was so tight! I could feel my cock throbbing with anticipation of where it was to end up.

"Aw, please!" she screamed. "Stop, aw!" I was so turned on by now that all I wanted was to bury myself deep inside her ass and pound her until she screamed on top of her lungs, but I still had a trace of conscience left.

Time enough for everything! I moved away from her and jumped off the bed, pushing her shoulders back on the pillows as she tried to take the opportunity and get up.

"Don't move!" I said warningly. "Do not move, Lottie!" I repeated and looked wildly around the room. I wondered where Johann kept any sort of lubricant.

Not that he would need any in his own house. I doubted Herminna would ever go for anything more than my Sophia did, which was practically nothing more than a couple of minutes of heavy breathing and rushed thrusting.

I knew Lottie would hurt with or without it, but I might just try and make it a little easier on her. So, despite the odds I searched. I stumbled to the nightstand next to the bed, opened the drawer and hastily rummaged through it.

Nothing! I ran to the closet and browsed for anything that might ease my task, but again, I found nothing. In desperation, I thought of one thing that I had never used before, but was certain it would do the job just as well. "Don't move, Lottie!" I exclaimed and ran for the door. "If you move,&hellip." I yelled and stumbled out of the room.

I ran down the staircase, stark naked, not worried that anyone might see me, as the hallway had no true windows. I found the door under the staircase that led to the cellar underneath the house, which served as a cooling space for food and wine. I carefully descended the wooden staircase, peering into the darkness and was grateful for the small window, or rather a slit in the corner, which allowed enough light to pour in so that I could see my way around.

The cold cement against the soles of my feet froze my body to a spot for a moment. How foolish was I! I let my eyes search the cellar, running over numerous bottles of wine and oil, baskets of fruit and vegetables; there were neatly stacked cases by the wall that held god knows what.

Finally, I found was I was looking for and hopped to the shelf in the corner, trying to ignore the cold, which was biting all the way to my bones, it seemed. Packets of butter wrapped in a soft cloth were resting in a soldierly row made my heart leap with delight. Big ass mom victoria banxxxx doubted I could ever persuade Lottie to come down here and find it for me. In my haste to get away from the cold I ran up the stairs and stubbed my toe on the last step so violently, white flash danced in front of my eyes momentarily.

"God damn it!" I yelled and sat down in the hallway, rubbing my toe, while still carefully cradling the packet of cold butter. "Sweet mother of Jesus!" I wanted to cry like a baby. "Oh, Heavens!" "Herr Konrad?" I heard Lottie's sweet voice calling from the top of the stairs, full of worry. Now, I was really getting angry. I told her to stay put and she obviously disobeyed. "Didn't I tell you not to move?" I screamed back up, unable to see where she stood as it was out of my view. "You better be back on the bed when I come upstairs!" I yelled and furiously pounded my fist on the carpeted floor.

The pain in the toe persisted and it hurt like hell. To my utter amazement, I heard shuffling footsteps creeping down the stairs. The girl had guts, I had to give her that. Her little feet came into view, accompanied by the velvet blanket that I began hating so much, making her look like a bride descending the staircase to her own wedding. She was descending all right, but it wasn't the wedding she would be getting, I thought. "Oh, Herr Konrad!" she exclaimed when she reached the foot of the stairs and turned the sex xnx english story com, seeing me so unceremoniously sprawled on the floor, still holding onto my toe that seemed to throb more with each heartbeat.

I only hoped I hadn't broken the damn thing. As she came all the way up to me and squatted down to take a better look, I could not hold my anger off any longer.

The frustration of the pain and the delay in what I wanted due to being kind to Lottie boiled over. My hand that was cradling my toe shot out and I slapped her cheek so hard she awkwardly fell onto her side, yelping in horror.

"I told you to stay up there!" I screamed, not caring that this was taking place in the vicinity of the front door and someone might hear us. I threw the packet of butter over the railing and it landed on the third step with a soft thud. I jumped up, ignoring the pain. "If this is how you want it," I yelping hysterically and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her around the pillar of the staircase, "then this is what you will get." She was a heavy girl and her thrashing did not make it any easier on me, but I managed to pull her after me all the way to the staircase.

Surprisingly, she did not scream as I anticipated she would. Her face was purple now, she was horrified over my outburst, but still, no noise came out of her mouth, which was opened in a silent scream. She kicked her legs violently and I was grateful not to be on that side of her, as she would probably send me flying, such was two ravishing blondes and one stiff member strength.

Finally managing to reach the foot of the stairs, I dropped her, not minding that I might hurt her doing so. I turned her around making her kneel and pushed her body up a little, placing wacky czech cutie spreads her juicy quim to the peculiar hands on the third step, next to where a packet of butter sat.

In her struggle, the velvet blanket had fallen off and she knelt there, bent over the stairs naked, her white body glistening in the light that was pouring in through the narrow, tainted window above the front door.

As she tried to get up, I placed my hand on the small of her back, leaning my weight against it and smacked her ass cheek so hard, I actually sent her climbing another stair.

"Stop it!" she finally managed to scream, which only provoked me to land a series of hard smacks on her soft skin, some of them missing the target and hitting her thighs and hips. "Please, stop!" Even in the poor light, I could see her ass turning angry red, my hand imprints visible.

"I will keep beating you until you shut up!" I yelled this sugar told us that our cock had nowhere to go miraculously, the flood of words from her mouth seized. She still whimpered and yelped every time I hit her, but that was it. I stopped beating her and leaned over her back, roughly grabbing her face and spinning it round towards me as if trying to break her neck.

My own face was just an inch or two away from hers. "If you say another word, I'll beat you until you're unconscious and bleeding." I whispered furiously.

"Understand?" I shook her head in demand for a response. A vigorous nod followed and I could see fear in her eyes. This wasn't a game any longer and she did not know whether it was really her concern that provoked my fury or was it coming anyway, just under different circumstances.

I did not care where it happened; anywhere was fine with me. Well, maybe not in the cellar; I was sure my balls would have frozen right off my body in there.

I grabbed the packet of butter and kicked Lottie's legs apart. She took the hint and spread them wide, letting me drop to my knees behind her. I placed the packet on the small of her back and with trembling hands tore the soft cloth off. I didn't care if I stained anything at this point.

I returned the soft yellow cube on the carpeted stair, which served as our support and dug my big ass booty and boons deep in it, pulling off a good chunk, slapping it on top of her ass, which now served me as a makeshift table. I broke off a smaller piece of butter and rubbed it over her asshole, making her shift uncomfortably, not uttering a word. My previous threats obviously hit the target and she quietly suffered in anticipation of the dreaded moment.

I slipped my greasy finger deep inside her ass, trying to lubricate her as well as was possible. I pulled out and slid off another piece of butter, inserting it in her ass, pushing my finger in and out, making her shiver each time the finger was buried all the way inside her.

She whimpered each time my finger entered her. The little chunk of butter that remained sitting on top of her ass, which thinking of it now was a very comical sight, I rubbed all over my cock, making sure that I myself would not get hurt either. Finally the job done, I took a closer step on my knees towards her, grabbing her hip with one hand, the other positioning my cock on her asshole. "Be still!" I commanded and carefully pushed forward, my cock's head popping in easily.

"Oh, God! Oh, no, please, no!" screamed Lottie and I stilled for a moment, letting her get used to the intruder. Her breathing was very shallow now; her arms were trembling as if she would not be able to support her weight for much longer. "It'll get better," I whispered and pushed farther, another scream from Lottie greeting my success.

My wide cock was stretching her hole, presenting me with a rather bizarre view. I tried to be careful and go slow, but she was so tight and warm pantyhose cam show more videos on sexycamsorg drove me crazy.

Every time I stuck my cock inside of her, heck, every time I simply had it in her vicinity I was ready to cum. My cock was throbbing again and it was not even half way in. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself a bit. This one I wanted to last, this time I will show her that I'm not some eighteen-year old stable boy who cannot hold his own to the fullest.

I pushed in another inch and she jerked forward, the stairs preventing her from escaping. She tried not to scream out loud, perhaps becoming aware of how close to the main street we were, pavement undoubtedly full of people running home through the pouring rain. Someone might pause at the door long enough to hear her scream.

She clasped her lips together and each scream as I pushed deeper came out as an "mmmmm". "That's a good girl!" I gasped. I leaned over her body and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling myself up and burying the second half of my cock deep inside her. "Aauu!" she screamed this time, unable to hold it in any longer. "Please, no!" she continued yelling, but I ignored it. The moaning, yelling and screaming only seemed to fire me up more and I was ready to fuck her hard like I had wanted to for a long time now.

"It's all in now," I said and pulled out a bit, only to slide back in again. "Au, au, au!" yelled Lottie. "It'll get better, you'll see," I gasped. Even I didn't believe that, but I could not stop now. I started pumping inside of her; gently at first, pulling out just a bit and carefully pushing back inside. She seemed to hurt just as much every time though, each of my movements causing her to scream and yell with her body jerking as if trying to get away from me, blocked by the stairs and weighed down by my own body.

"Oh, Lottie!" I whispered as I sped up the pace a bit. "You're so beautiful, sweetheart." I said, however, this time sweet words did not have the same effect as before. She continued crying and screaming. I let go of one shoulder and brought my hand down towards her stomach, slipping over it, placing my fingers on her clitty.

I wanted her to enjoy this at least a little bit. I knew I was hurting her and was well aware that when this was over I would probably feel a pang of regret for doing this to her. But at this particular moment, there was no going back for me. As my fingers started drumming against her pussy, she violently pushed it away. "Don't do that!" she screamed, which was followed by a long howl of pain. "Not now!" she added and I did not refuse her. She wanted it over and the least I could do was grant her the wish.

For despite the forceful way I was taking her now, I did believe that had she truly put her mind to it, she could have fought me off.

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She was certainly strong enough. To this day I cannot understand the effect that Lottie had on me. I could never last long with her, no matter how hard I tried. She was beautiful, yes. However, I have known and fucked many a women who were absolutely stunning compared to her. She was naïve and shy, but no other woman that I had, even virgins, and those were numerous, too, has had that effect on me.

It was just something about her cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs made my body burn with desire. Making me lose my head and rush towards the ultimate moment of bliss, not caring for anything around me.

I started pumping faster, my strokes becoming more powerful, her pudgy, white body wobbling with each of my thrusts. The stronger I fucked her, the more she screamed and each scream seemed to bring me closer to the inevitable and desired moment of orgasm.

"Oh, Lottie," I whispered urgently. "Here we go, baby!" I squeezed her shoulders in an iron grip and started grinding into her with all my might. I have never imagined she could let out a scream as loud as she did. The whole street must have heard her. She actually squealed like a stabbed pig! To my utter amazement, her body seemed to respond to my assault and I could not swear on it, but I do believe she pushed back to meet my cock each time I thrust inside.

Despite the chill in the house, my body was covered in sweat and so was Lottie's. Cold beads of perspiration slid down the side of my face and I could feel Lottie's skin becoming slippery, some due to the butter that by now I had managed to accidentally smear all over her body.

I joined her screams with deep groans, almost growls as I pushed inside of her soft body. Her hands finally gave way and she awkwardly let her upper body rest against the stairs, her ass still high up in the air, which gave me an even better access. I pounded her from behind, the way I always liked it the most. I was like a mad man set loose and poor Lottie had to take it all, which I have to add, she did very well.

I noticed that her head was hitting the stair now, but at that moment, I could've cared less. My balls were tingling; my moment was coming and was getting ready to shoot my entire load deep inside her. "Oh, Lottie!" I whispered for the umpteenth time, and felt my cock throbbing, spasming with my hot sperm spraying the well-oiled insides of her ass.

"Lottie, Lottie, Lottie!" I repeated with each shot, finally slowing my pumping down. I could feel my cock going limp inside her, but I wanted to keep myself in the warm place as long as I possibly could. I slumped over her body, my face cheek to cheek with hers, rubbing against her tear-stained skin. Lottie's screaming seized and she simply half knelt, half weading first night fucking sex there, crying openly now, and trembling under my weight.

As if from a great distance, I heard a knock on the door, but neither one of us budged for a few moments. I was exhausted beyond belief.

I dare say the same went for Lottie. At the persistence of knocking I finally moved and let my limp cock slip out of her ass, which was followed by a rich fart. Never seizing to amuse me, Lottie's hand shot to her ass covering it, as if not believing that the sound just came from her. I got up, my knees and ankles popping as if I was an old man. The pain in my toe returned with a vengeance, sending throbbing discomfort all the way up my leg. I picked up the velvet blanket that was now stained with butter and some of my spunk, which dripped out of her ass, mixed with her own blood.

The assault was more brutal than I wanted it to be. I didn't care. I wrapped myself in it and walked to the door, carefully cracking it open just an inch, preventing the intruder to see inside. To my great relief, it was Peter, my coachman.

A faithful servant, no doubt on an errand at the orders of my wife. He nodded, ignoring my attire and I returned a nod without a word.

I closed the door and walked up the stairs where I slowly dressed myself. I was too tired to bother with Lottie now and as I finally descended the stairs, she was still at the same spot where I left her, kneeling at the bottom of the stairs now, an odd image of a girl in prayer. When I reached her, I bent down, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her face toward me. I kissed her softly on the lips, all passion that I felt a little while ago now gone, overtaken by exhaustion.

"I'll be back." I said and she simply closed her eyes. "Read the book."