Fake taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass

Fake taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass
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My cousin, Joey and I were watching porn one day, we had thought we were alone, not knowing my sister Gena was there at the house with us. i noticed my cousins cock getting bigger while we were watching this girl get fucked by this big black guy. i already knew what my cousins cock looked like from pics from a while back. i kept looking at it as his pants got bigger and i got down in front of him and started to pull his pants down to let his cock fly out and almost smack me in the face.

he jumped back, whoa man what are you doing he ask. i ignore him and go straight to jacking his big cock. i told him to lean back and enjoy it i took his head in my mouth sucking on it slowly, taking more and more in as i stroked and sucked it faster.

He started moaning as i went down on him faster. i started to massage his balls, out of nowhere we hear the door open and my sister Gena is standing there looking at us, with my cousins cock still in my mouth, my sister comes over and says here bub let me show you how its done, she gets down in front of our cousin and takes his cock into her mouth, taking it all the way in, as i sit in amazement as my sister swallows our cousins big fat cock i get mine out and start stroking it while i watch my sister do her best.

she looks down at my cock and starts to stroke it while she keeps sucking on Joeys, i stand up and sit next to joey as my sister takes turns sucking on our cock, joey leans back the rest of the way and as Gena sucks and strokes our cock, i leaned over and started to kiss joey on his chest rubbing his stomach as i suck on his nipple.

Gena gets up taking off her shirt showing her big tits she squeezed them as we watched in awe that this is actually happening.

she takes off her pants next along with her panties exposing her shaven pussy she climbs up on joeys lap, sitting on his cock rubbing her clit on it, joey lets out a soft moan as she does and as i kiss his neck softly.

Gena starts to moan out loudly as her body trembles on joeys fat cock, she sits up and grabs joeys cock and slides it into her pussy, she starts bouncing up and down and joeys cock as i sit up and start to suck on her big tits i take turns sucking on them both while she rocks her hips on top of joey he puts his hands on her hips fucking her faster. she looks at me and tells me to put my cock in to her ass luscious honey is flaunting her spread wet kitty in close up stretching and trimmed stand up kissing her deeply as i squeezed her tits i got behind her and looked at her big fat ass she has and bent her forward so i could see our cousins big cock go in and out of her tight pussy i put my face down and start to lick my cousins shaft as it goes in and out i start massaging his big balls as i lick up his cock.

i start to lick my sisters ass to get it lubed up for my cock. i stand up behind her and slowly push the head of my cock into her asshole i started slowly pushing it in and out of her ass getting in the rhythm with joey as he thrust in and out of her.

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Gena moans louder and louder as we pound her holes she leans her head back squeezing her tits as we fuck her harder and harder i felt myself about to cum so i started going faster and faster i could tell joey was about to cum too we both grab her hips and fill her holes with our cum we keep pounding her harder she lets out a loud moan phyllisha anne jacey andrews devon lee and demi delia fuck she cums over joeys cock i feel her ass tighten up.

we slowly pull out of her holes she gets down off of joeys cock and starts to suck it keeping it hard i put my cock in front of her and she goes back and forth sucking and stroking keeping our cocks hard i look over at joey and get on top of him slowly sliding his fat cock into my ass as i ride him i put my hands on his big hairy chest rubbing it as my sister watch his cock go deeper and deeper in me. she starts to play with her clit while she watches our cousin fuck me slowly.

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i finally get his cock inside me as i start rocking my hips faster on his cock i cum again all over his chest. Gena leans down and licks it off of his chest as he grabs my hips as i fuck him harder, i start bouncing up and down on his big cock, as him and gena make out i grab her ass and smack it hard as she lets out a moan.

i start to slow down as i get up and tell joey to fuck me doggie style while i eat out gena. we all get up as i bend over on all fours joey gets up behind me and slides his fat cock in between my ass before putting it back in my asshole.

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he pushes it all the way in and starts pounding me harder and harder he grabs my waist as he goes faster and faster, we are both moaning loudly as i start to eat my sisters wet pussy i slide my finger in and out of it as i sucked on her clit she lets out a moan while rubbing her big tits. as joey thrust harder and harder he tells me he is about to cum again and i back my ass up to him making sure he cums deep in my ass.

i feel him grab my hips pushing in and shooting his load deep in my ass i moan out as my ass fills with my cousins hot sticky cum, it felt so good getting filled up by my cousin.

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joey slowly pulls out his dripping cock out of my ass, i turn around and immediately start sucking on it again holding his ass i take his cock in and out of my mouth, my sister starts to suck on mine, it felt so good, she gets down on all fours with her ass spread out and her pussy waiting to be fucked, joey bends over and starts to lick her pussy sliding his tongue in and out of it making her moan as she sucked my cock. joey looks over at me and tells me its time he fucks gena in the ass and i fuck her pussy, i get underneath my sister and joey gets behind her sliding his cock up to my sisters asshole pushing the head inside and then teasing her with it, gena looks back at him, hurry big daddy fuck my ass i need your big cock inside me, he pushes more of it in as i slide my cock into her pussy she lets out a moan, we take turns fucking her holes going in and out faster and faster she moans louder and louder telling us to fuck her harder and harder, she lets out a gasp as i feel her pussy tighten around my cock it feels so good, joey tells her he is about to cum but observe the wild gangbang smalltits and homemade time gena wants to swallow it all so she tells us to pull out so she can finish us off, we pull out of her holes looking down at her as she looks up at us while she strokes our cocks and sucks on them making us cum inside her mouth she takes both loads and swallows them as she looks at us.

it was so sexy looking down at her while she swallowed our cum.

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she gets up grabbing our necks pulling us to her she starts kissing us both, as we make out with her joey and i started to stoke each others cock and squeeze her tits while we made out with her, she stopped kissing us and smiled and told us thanks for the fun as she picked up her clothes and walked away, my cousin and i just started to look at each other and smiled as we watched gena go out of the room naked, i looked at joey and smiled that was a lot of fun, right joey says as he smiles back we pick up our clothes and put them on the bed as we left the room to go shower together.until next time, thank you hope you enjoyed it