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Naughty teenie cannot wait to drill hard love stick monstercock interracial
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THE SUMMER JOB I'LL NEVER FORGET - PART 6 Alisha and I arrived back at the farm late in the afternoon. It appeared that Lori was not at home as her truck was nowhere in sight. We carried Alisha's treasurers into the house and unpacked. I decided to make dinner while Alisha finished unpacking and took a shower. The sun was setting in the West with red, orange, gold and blue hues. I stood at the patio door watching the colors intensify.

Sometimes I'm in awe of the beauty that is around us every day. So many times we all ignore it in our busy lives, not taking the time to look around. Here on the farm, I see so much beauty every day&'s awesome. I am really one lucky guy. I have Alisha, the love of my life, I have my health, I am co-owner of a large farm and my wife to be likes being in an open and boundless relationship. Lori, even though she is a little older, has become very important to me. She is beautiful and I can lose myself in her charms at most any given time.

As I finish preparing dinner, I see Alisha coming down teacher with student vixen xxx hall in her bath robe. Damn, she is beautiful woman. I can see why any man that sees her can't resist her. "Is dinner ready, Robert?" she asks as she enters the kitchen.

"Yes, my love, it is." I reply. She comes to me, wraps her arms around me and passionately kisses me, pressing her body against mine. I can feel her breasts pushing against my chest and I feel my cock begin to harden as she grinds her pelvis against me. Alisha looks deep into my eyes and says, "Robert, I do love you with all my heart, I always will.

Nothing will ever come between us& are the man I want to be with the rest of my life. Always rest assured of that fact." Then, she kissed me again.

While our tongues danced I pulled the robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. As I did this, Big boob teen bj first time this gave brice an idea felt Alisha opening my jeans and pushing her hand inside my boxer briefs. My hands went to her tight ass and pulled her closer to me. As I squeezed her ass and kissed her neck, I heard her moan down deep inside.

I lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table. She smiled as she laid back while I sucked on her erect nipples. I stood up, gazing at the beauty laying there before me. I removed my clothing, pulled up a chair and buried my tongue deep inside her. I could taste her warm juices as they seeped from her clean shaven pussy.

She thrust her hot cunt to my mouth as I sucked her clit. I could hear her moan&hellip.I could feel her desire. Alisha had grasped the back of my head, pulling me tightly to her pleasure zone.

I sucked the hot juices from her as I continued to pleasure her. I felt her tense, her legs pushed against the sides of my head and a rush of her hot cum gushed into my mouth. She was groaning and I could feel her muscles spasm as her orgasm flushed throughout her body. When her orgasm subsided some, she grasped me by the sides of my head, looked into my eyes and gruffly said, "I want your cock, I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard !" I stood and lifted her knees up to her tits and pushed my blood engorged cock deep into her well lubricated pussy.

Her feet went to my shoulders, I grasped her tits and pinched her nipples. Alisha moaned loudly as I fucked her hard with long fast strokes. I could feel my balls slapping her on the ass and the sound of the skin slap as I drove my hard cock in and out of her.

Alisha let out a yell as she began to come again. I continued to slam my cock into the deepest parts of her wanting cunt while I listened to her screaming, "FUCK ME ROBERT, FUCK ME HARD.

I WANT ALL YOU HAVE, FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT CUM&hellip.I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM SPLASHING AROUND INSIDE ME……&hellip.GIVE IT TO ME ROBERT………GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE…&hellip." I pushed deep inside her as my cock exploded, shooting streams of my hot cum into her womb.

Alisha was going into another orgasm as I continued fucking her hard and filling her belly with my fertile sperm. My dick was so hard it hurt, the streams of cum were long and thick as my muscles contracted time and time again, injecting my hot cum inside her body. Alisha went limp and I collapsed on top of her. Both of us were sweating and breathing heavily. I raised up slowly and kissed Alisha. I looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her very much.

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. All of a amwf alexis texas interracial with asian guy behind us, we heard the sound of clapping and the words, "Bravo, Bravo !" I stood and turned around to see Lori grinning and clapping. "That was one hell of a good show you two just put on. You were going at it so good, I just decided not to disturb you and watch.

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I sure hope that you have a little left for me……after watching that, I need you right now." Lori was coming across the room pulling her clothes off and letting them fall to the floor.

Alisha had raised up on her elbows and was laughing as she said, "OK Robert, do your stuff&hellip.she hasn't had any since we left and she's horny as hell !" I looked over at Alisha as Lori grabbed onto me.

I could see small streaks of my cum running out of her freshly fucked pussy. Lori kissed me and went to her knees, licking my soft cock, trying to resurrect the dead.

She put it all in her mouth and worked it over with her tongue. I could feel it beginning to stir, slowly getting harder and harder until it had regained all of its former glory. Lori laid back on the floor and held her arms out to me, "Robert, I want you now." I went down to the floor between her legs and pushed my cock slowly inside her.

Once I had fully penetrated her, I began to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and her arms around my torso and began thrusting into me as I thrust into her. We didn't last long……within a few minutes she was cumming hard and I was filling her belly with my hot cum.

Our orgasms went on and on, I didn't know if I would ever stop cumming. Finally, we both had unloaded and I pulled out of Lori. As I kneeled between her legs, I saw cum oozing from her pussy lips. Alisha had been sitting watching. When I got off, she said, "Lori, stay where you are. Alisha stood over Lori and lowered her dripping pussy down to Lori's mouth. Lori put a lip lock on her pussy and began licking and sucking my cum from her while Alisha went down to Lori's pussy and began licking and sucking my cum from her.

It was a beautiful sight to behold&hellip.two beautiful women eating my cum and pleasuring each other while they did it. All I could hear was loud rumbling moans and slurping sounds as they feasted on my cum. Then both of them began convulsing as they climaxed yet another time. Soon, Alisha got to her feet and helped Lori to hers.

They both hugged and came to me for a 3 way hug. As I said, I've got to be the luckiest man on earth. Satisfied, we all sat down to dinner. The conversation went directly to the upcoming wedding.

Alisha told Lori about all the things she had bought in Denver. They discussed having the wedding here in the back yard and having the event catered by a small catering business in North Platte. The guest list would be small, probably around 30 people. After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed. All of us had had a long day and we were tired.

Alisha and I cuddled up close and slept soundly the whole night. I just know that I am very happy here in this place. When I awoke, the morning sun was creeping across our room. I gazed at the naked woman lying next to me and smiled. What a wonderful life we are going to have together, I thought to myself. Lying there in the morning light, Alisha was absolutely breathtaking. Her beauty is unmatched. As I continue to look at her, I feel my cock beginning to awaken. I put my hand on her pubic mound and slowly slide my finger down between her smooth pussy lips.

I can feel that she is very wet and I hear a low moan come from her as I continue to stroke her slit and clitoris, lubricating the area for what was about to happen. Alisha is continuing to sleep as I gently spread her legs apart and moved in between them. I am supporting my torso on my arms and slowly pushing my cock between her glistening lips, finding the entrance to her vagina.

I continue slowly pushing inside her till I have my cock buried in her warm pussy. As I watch her face, I continue to slide in and out of her. I listen to her low moans as she subconsciously enjoys the feelings inside her. I can see a smile on her lips as I continue to fuck her slowly.

She quietly says my name then says, "I love you," as she slowly opens her eyes and pulls me down on top of her, kissing me and wrapping her legs around my ass. Soon after putting her lips to mine, she wraped her arms around me and pushes her tongue deep inside my mouth.

I feel her body tense up, her legs pull me closer and I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she begins to cum. She is moaning into my mouth as we continue a long kiss. My cock explodes inside her, filling her depths with my warmth&hellip.the orgasm lasts, for what seems like minutes…hours. When it's over, we just lay in each others arms feeling the contact of our bodies and the pounding of each other's heart. I rolled off of Alisha onto my side and gazed again on her naked beauty.

She pulls up to me and kisses me again and says, "Damn……what a way to wake up&hellip.promise me you'll never stop doing that." "Don't worry about that, dear, that's one thing I thoroughly love doing." We both got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Alisha showered while I shaved and combed my hair. When I left the bathroom, Alisha was getting out of the shower.

I told her I would get something ready for breakfast by the time she got to the kitchen. She smiled and kissed me again. I decided I'd make breakfast burritos. That would be easy and fast. As I put the ingredients together, Lori came into the kitchen. She walked up behind me, put her arms around me and squeezed. "Good morning Robert, I trust you slept well." "Yes, I did. I think that whole trip to Denver wore me out.

I don't think I woke up all night." "I'm glad you got rested up, perhaps mature cougar milf rides big black cock hard can give me some of that energy later. I really missed you while you were gone. By the way, how many days will Norm be here for the wedding?" "I'm not real sure, he said he might take off for a week so he could spend some quality time with you." I chuckled as I told her.

Lori smiled, "I can't wait, I really like him&hellip.and he knows how to treat a woman." The burritos were ready as Alisha came into the kitchen. We all sat down to have breakfast. I needed to finish breakfast and get out on the farm. I wanted to be sure that we didn't have any problems in the wheat fields. I would have to buy cattle soon to graze the winter wheat and I wanted it to be healthy and growing.

Lori and I had estimated that we could graze about 1500 head of yearling steers through the winter. Hopefully, the market would improve by spring and we could show a really good profit. "Well, I'm out the door, gotta go check fields today. I should be back here by lunch time." I told them. Alisha told us, "I have to go into North Platte today and get a few more things for the wedding and I have to meet with the caterer, so I won't be back till late afternoon.

Don't you two do anything I wouldn't&hellip.he he he." Lori was grinning at Alisha's remark. "Well young lady, you had Robert all to yourself in Denver for several days, I just need to try to catch up, that is if Robert has time this afternoon for a little play time." I didn't have a lot to do this afternoon, I had planned on doing some maintenance on the machinery, but with an offer like this, it could wait for a day or so.

"I will see you at lunch, Lori& the Boy Scouts say, be prepared&hellip.ha ha ha." It was a beautiful day out on the farm.

I went from field to field walking them thoroughly, checking for disease and insects that might give problems. By noon I had checked all the wheat fields and had found no problems that needed immediate attention. One of the fields was showing a small aphid infestation, but it wasn't bad enough to have to spray it. We pron xxx bf story dowlod start getting cattle on it in 30 to 45 days.

At the last field, as I was getting back to my truck I saw James Hansen driving toward me. James is our nearest neighbor and has a lot of land that is adjacent to ours.

"Good morning Robert," he said to me as he got out of his truck. "Mornin' James, how are you today?" I replied. "Doing good. Saw you out here checking fields and thought I'd stop and say hi, haven't seen much of you lately." I smiled, "Yeah, been a little busy. Had to take Alisha to Denver for a few days to get more crap for the wedding. That girl just doesn't know when to stop." "I know what you mean.

When you have a gorgeous woman like that, you just have to take time to keep her happy&hellip.wouldn't want to do anything to get cut off&hellip.know what I mean?" James laughed. "Oh, only too well. How's the wife and family, doing well I hope," I said to him. "Everybody is fine. I thought I'd catch you and ask you a question.

Would you guys be interested in grazing my place this winter? I've been thinking that Janice and I want to do a little traveling this winter and I don't want to have to hire anyone to watch over them while we're gone. Just can't seem to find good help anymore. Good cowboys are few and far between these days." "Heck, I don't know. I'd need to talk to Lori and Alisha about it and see what they think.

How many yearlings do you think you place will graze for the winter?" James took his hat off and wiped the sweat from under the headband, "I reckon the place should run 1000 head for the winter, give or take a hundred or so." I replied, "Yeah, from the look of your wheat, it should do that.

Tell you what, I'm headed in for lunch, I'll talk to Lori about it and see what she thinks and I'll call the banker and talk to him about it. Alisha won't be back till later this afternoon. I'll come over in the morning and let you know something&hellip.that sound ok?" "Sounds good to me, Robert. I guess I need to get home for lunch too, Janice will be pissed at me if I'm late. Talk to you tomorrow," he said as he got in his truck and left. On the way home, I was thinking about James's offer…it really sounded good.

If the market were to jump in the spring, we could make a killing on 2500 head of cattle. I need to get on this quickly, before someone else gets wind of it.

It was about 12:20 when I arrived at home for lunch. Lori's truck was parked on the driveway. I was excited to talk to her about the offer James had made. I walked in and there was Lori fixing lunch…&hellip.with nothing but a bib apron on.

Her well developed chest, was busting out the sides of the bib, showing an ample amount of tit. She turned around to the stove and showed me her bare ass.

I felt my cock twitch as it began to enlarge. "Damn, Lori, you really know how to do lunch and do it well. I'm thinking I'm not really too hungry right now…what do you say?" I told her with lust in my eyes. "Now Robert, you sit your ass down and eat lunch, we'll talk about desert when you've finished," she told me with a mischievous look on her face.

Lori had fixed hot steak sandwiches with gravy and French fries. The salad looked fantastic. I knew I had no choice in the matter, so I washed up in the sink and sat down as she set the table. I couldn't help myself and reached around and squeezed her ass, "accidentally" slipping my finger down her crack to her moist pussy. "Watch your hands there cowboy, I told you, desert is later." she laughed as she went to get the iced tea.

I grinned as I began to eat lunch, looking at Lori's bare ass over by the kitchen sink. She came back to the table, sat down and began to eat. I told Lori about James' offer to lease us his place for the pasture. She was very excited about it. "I can't believe he won't be running stock this winter, but if he wants to make us a good deal, I'd say let's do it." I told her that I agreed with her and would go over to see James tomorrow morning and tell him we would take it.

I finished my lunch and helped Lori clear the table. We cleaned the kitchen and rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I grabbed Lori and kissed her as I untied her apron. When the apron fell to the floor, I took a good long look at Lori's naked body. I thought to myself what a hot woman she is for a woman her age. She looks like she's in her late 20's&hellip.very fit and trim. I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom.

Once there, I stripped and joined her on her bed. I love the feel of her silky skin against mine. She extended one leg across me and rolled over on top of me. I could feel her wetness on my stomach as she sat there smiling at me. "Are you ready for desert lover?" she asked me grinning. "I am damn ready for your desert, darlin', feed it to me." I told her. Lori moved upward and straddled my head, lowering her wet pussy to my lips.

I immediately pushed my tongue up into her wetness. I could taste something very good…&hellip.very familiar. I continued to suck on her and felt something fall into my mouth. The taste was familiar to me, but somehow different. Whatever was in my mouth was soft and round. I looked up at Lori's face and saw a large smile on her face, "Like it?" she said.

I chewed on it and swallowed. "Yes, it tasted good, the taste is familiar but I can't put my finger on it&hellip.what was it?" Lori just laughed and told me to go get the rest. I connected my mouth to her pussy again and continued to tongue her. I felt a couple more of the objects enter my mouth. Then it hit me…&hellip.I knew what that taste is……they're cherries. I chewed them up and went muff diving for more.

All together she had put a dozen cherries inside her pussy……and let me tell you, they were delicious. By the time I got them all out she had a good orgasm and was ready to give me some head. Lori swallowed my cock and began working it over like a pro.

It felt so damn good…it wasn't long till I was filling her mouth with hot sticky cum. Lori was slurping and swallowing, milking my cock for every drop.

When she finished she looked up at me smiling. I could see a small trickle of cum running out of the corner of her mouth which she wiped with her finger then sucked it off.

She slowly slid her body up over mine till she was eye to eye with me. I could feel her hard nipples pushing into my chest. She kissed me passionately…I could taste my cum as she pressed her tongue deep into my mouth. My hands were roaming all over her naked body. I grasped her soft, shapely ass and pulled her to me as we kissed. I could feel my cock awakening, inching slowly up her wet slit.

Her legs were pulled together so I began to slide my cock up and down, encircled by her labia. She was so wet and her legs were pulled together so tight it felt like I was fucking her. My cock was sliding over her clit and I could hear her moaning. Lori spread her legs wide apart and my cock found the entrance to her vagina and slid in easily.

Immediately I was balls deep inside her and pumping her hard. We continued fucking hard for the next 10 minutes. I felt Lori's muscles tensing. Her loud groans told me that she was cumming. I kept pumping my meat into her hard. Her orgasm was a tremendous one. She was pushing her pussy to me hard and I could feel she was suddenly much wetter.

I felt my balls tingle and that, oh so good feeling, was creeping up through my cock headed for an explosion inside Lori. I injected Lori with long, creamy streams of semen, filling her to the point that cum was seeping out of her around my cock and dripping down onto my balls. Lori had collapsed, lifeless, on top of me. I wrapped arms around her and held her close as she recovered from a fantastic orgasm. After a short rest, she rolled off of me and lay beside me.

"Damn Robert, that was a good fuck. I didn't know if I would ever stop cumming…it just kept on going and going. Thank you Robert, I needed that. I rolled out of bed and went to the shower to clean myself up before I went back to work. When I came out, Lori had fallen asleep just as I had left her…on her back with her legs spread apart.

I could see a huge wad of cum forming between her pussy lips. I was glad I had been able to give her a good one. I left her sleeping and went out to the shop to fix a piece of machinery that had broken. I worked out there for the next 2 hours. Lori came walking into the shop drinking a glass of tea and carrying another one.

"I thought you might like a cold drink," she said. "Sure, that sounds good. I was getting a little dry." I replied. We sat and talked for a short while…she thanked me again. I told her that no thanks were needed, it was great for me too classy beauty cocksucks after riding cock girlfriends and blowjob I should be thanking her.

She asked me when Norm was arriving. I told her that I had not heard from him lately and would check with him later and see if he had finalized his plans. As Lori walked across the yard, I couldn't help but watch her walk away. She was wearing a pair of tight Wranglers, boots and a tight, low cut tank.

Her long hair was flowing freely half-way down her back. She was a beautiful woman and so well put together.

I could feel my cock stir just watching her. Alisha arrived home at about 5:30 and came out to the shop when she saw my truck parked out front. She came bouncing in and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. "How has your day been darling?" she asked me. "The day has been good. I checked all the fields this morning. James Hanson caught me out by his place and offered his wheat pasture to us.

He has decided to be gone a lot this winter and doesn't want to run any cattle of his own. Then I came home for lunch. Lori had lunch ready when I got here. Then I came out here to work on this chisel." I told her. "Did you give Lori any during lunch?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ooooh yeah, she was very ready to fuck. When I got home she was wearing that tan and black bib apron……and that's all. I really wanted to fuck her before lunch, but she made me eat lunch first. As it turned out, I needed all my strength before it was over." "Well, lover," Alisha said, "you'd better have some left for me tonight, I'm horny as hell and will start my period in a couple of days. I know you don't like to screw me during that time of the month, so you'll have to give me enough to last till I finish." She grinned as she turned around and walked toward the house.

As I watched her walk away I noticed how much she and Lori look alike from the back……two really beautiful women with great asses.

Again, my cock stirred in my pants. I finished working on the chisel plow at about 6:30. Nasty babes enjoyed fucking hard man meats on the bed was about dinner time so I walked over to the house to see what was going on. Dinner was on the table on the patio and Alisha and Lori were in the pool. "We just thought we'd webcam teen getting off with her new sextoys a swim before dinner…you can join us if you like." Two russian strapon ladies dominate a guy said to me.

"I'm not really in the mood for swimming, I think I'll just go teen girl big boobs i am a dicksucker for a qb into my shorts and a t-shirt and get a glass of wine. Would you girls like one too?" I asked. " I'll take one," Alisha said. "Me too," Lori chimed in.

I went into our room and changed clothes then went to the kitchen and poured three glasses of a really good merlot. I took the glasses out to the pool and gave them to Lori and Alisha. I pulled up a chair and sat down. I noticed when I handed the girls their glasses, they were naked. I love our arrangement and freedom. While I watched them, my cock got hard. I knew that I would enjoy Alisha's charms before the night was over. The women got out of the pool and toweled off. They wrapped the towels around their bodies and we all walked over to the table to have dinner.

Alisha had prepared a chipotle chicken salad and it looked delicious. We all toasted the upcoming wedding and dived in& was delicious. I worked in the office on the books till about 10. Alisha came in wearing a fleecy robe and asked me if I was almost done.

I turned to answer her and saw that she had dropped the robe and was standing there totally nude. What a sight to behold. After looking at her I said, "I'm done !" I turned off the desk light and got up. Alisha met me half way across the room and kissed me. She grabbed a handful of my junk and led me to our bedroom. When we got to our room, I dropped my shorts and t-shirt and followed her to the bed. She laid back on the bed and pulled her knees up to her tits, exposing her dripping wet pussy to me.

My cock was hard so I eased up to her on my knees and pushed my cock inside her. She put her feet up on my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around the outsides of her legs and grasped her breasts, one in each hand. My balls lay on her ass. In this position, I could feel the end of my cock pushing against her cervix. I slowly pushed in and out of her…Alisha's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

After a short while, I felt the head of my cock press through the tight opening in her cervix and into her womb. When Alisha began her orgasm, it pushed me over the edge and I pressed my cock through her cervix and flooded her womb with my hot semen.

I pulled my cock out of her and felt that I was going to shoot another small spurt, so I held it close to her vaginal opening and let it shoot between her labia& looked so cool to see that small cream pie laying on her pussy. Alisha raised her head and looked at me…"Do you love me Robert?" she asked. "More than anything in the world Alisha," I replied.

"I want you to eat my pussy and clean me with your tongue," she devilishly said to me as she spread her legs wide apart. My cream pie was still lying there.

I have no problems eating cum so I went down on her and licked the outside of her wet pussy clean. I probed her vagina with my tongue as deep as I could. Knowing I had put my load deep inside her, I couldn't get any more out of her. "Alisha, I'm going to lie on my back, I want you to bring your pussy to my lips and let me suck you clean." Alisha wasted no time bringing her pussy to my waiting lips.

She was spread wide, her pussy lips revealed the hole that gave me so much pleasure. I latched onto her clit and sucked on it hard as I slipped two fingers into her vagina. Alisha began to cum. She flooded my mouth with a mixture of her juices and mine. I swallowed quickly ramming my tongue into her and sucking everything I could from her wet pussy. Alisha continued to cum for at least a minute, flooding my mouth to capacity as I swallowed her time and time again&hellip.she was as delicious as she was beautiful.

She had leaned over forward and took my resurrected cock into her mouth and had sucked me to a rapid orgasm…I filled her mouth with cum, which she greedily gulped down.

We both collapsed onto the bed, completely spent and satisfied. We curled up together and fell asleep, our bodies as one. The sun rose and flooded our bedroom with golden son force fucked sleeping mon of light. Alisha and I had not moved all night…we were still wrapped up together.

I eased out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. I had to go teen skyla does her homework and fucks her horny stepmom pornstars and brunette James this morning then go into North Platte and make arrangements with a cattle broker to get another 1000 head of yearling steers. Then I needed to go to the bank and make arrangements for the additional money we would need to buy them& would be a busy day.

Alisha was still asleep when I left our room. I went to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee and grabbed a cinnamon stretching a taut anal opening hardcore blowjob. No one else in the house was stirring when I left.

I went back out to one of the fields I had previously checked to check it again. I wanted to stay on top of the aphid infestation and not let it get out of control.

It was a beautiful morning, a little cool but still nice. I walked the field up and down and across and found that the aphid population was getting to the point it should be sprayed. I went to my truck and called High Plains Aviation and ordered it sprayed with insecticide.

Sam told me that he would be there within the hour as he wasn't very busy today. It was approaching 10 AM so I decided to drive over to James's house and tell him that we would lease his wheat pasture this season.

It takes about half an hour to drive to James's house. When I got there I didn't see his truck. I went to the door and knocked. His wife, Janice, came to the door, still in her house coat. "Good morning Janice, is James around?" I asked.

"Good morning Robert. No he got a call from the place down by McCook and he had to go down there for something. He probably won't be back till late afternoon. Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?" "Sure, I would." I answered. Janice Hansen was a very attractive woman in her early 40's.

She had long brunette hair and a very striking figure. We went into the kitchen, I sat down at the table as she brought me a fresh cup of coffee and sat down across the table from me. "Anything I can help you with Robert?" she asked. "James came by yesterday and wanted to know if we would lease his wheat pasture this season. I came to tell him that we would and to get the contract ready." I replied to her.

"That's good news. We have been wanting to travel a little bit this winter and just couldn't figure out how to do it if we didn't lease out the wheat pasture. I'm so glad you guys have decided to do it. By the way, how is Lori, I haven't seen her in a coon's age." "She is fine, looking good as ever&hellip.a lot like you." I told her as I smiled and took a sip of coffee.

Janice lightly blushed and took a sip of coffee. She sat her cup down and said, "It's awful nice of you to say that Robert. It's not every day that a woman gets a compliment from a handsome young man like you." "It's just the truth, Janice.

I mean, I've admired you ever since I met you that first time over at Lori's house. I thought then that you were a very beautiful woman, and pardon me for saying, but you have the body of a 25 year old& tight and toned. I'd be proud of a woman like you." "Robert !" she said. "You certainly know how to flatter a woman and I'll bet you know how to treat a woman also." Janice had stood up from the table and was walking around to my side.

Super organ xxx tube porn stood beside my chair and put her hand on my shoulder. She ran the fingers of the other hand through my hair as she pushed her beasts into the back of my head. Her tits felt firm and I could feel a nipple pushing against my scalp. She took my hand and pulled me up from the table and led me through a doorway and into her bedroom. "Robert, I've had fantasies about you since I first met you.

James is gone for the day and I want you to make love to me. I won't say anything to anyone, it will be our little secret…I want you inside me Robert. I want to feel your manhood open me up. I want to feel you climax inside me. Please Robert, I want you." This caught me by complete surprise. My first thoughts were of Alisha. I sure didn't want to mess anything up with her and I didn't have time to call her to ask her if it was alright. Hell, she had done the same thing to me and I forgave her&hellip.why not, Janice was a hot woman and I wouldn't mind wetting my cock in her.

Anyway, Alisha would never know. I pulled Janice to me and kissed her as I removed her house coat from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a very sheer short night gown with bikini panties.

As I kissed her, I grasped the bottom of the gown and pulled it up over her head and off. Her tits were probably 34 D's and they stood straight out, no sag at all. She had a flat stomach and some teens lesbian domination by college hazers as their pledge nice curves. I leaned down and lightly bit her nipple before I sucked it into my mouth& the same time pushing my hand into her bikini panties and feeling her wet warmth.

Her clit was standing out at least an inch. It was one of the longest clits I had ever felt. It was almost like a little cock. I rubbed it and heard her moan with delight. I pulled her panties down as I went to my knees. I put my tongue into her navel then kissed her downward to her pubic mound.

She had a very thin strip of pubic hair rising above her slit for about an inch and a half. I could see her clit protruding beyond its sheath.

I licked it with my ardernt cocksmoker gets a ride girlfriend homemade and heard Janice moan loudly. I stood and led her to the unmade bed. I pulled the covers off the bed as she crawled to the middle. She lay down on her back and extended her arms out to me. I stood beside the bed and removed all my clothing.

My cock was standing at attention, pre-cum droplets had formed on the head. Janice's eyes got big when she saw my cock and I heard her gasp. "I don't know if I can take all of that Robert&hellip.I've never had a cock in me that big." I smiled at her and said, "I'll be gentle with you, I promise." I crawled onto the bed and kissed her on the stomach, then on down to her wet pussy.

With my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart and looked at her engorged clit. I sucked on it like a little cock and felt her tense and enter a small orgasm. I slid my tongue down to her honey hole and pushed it inside her. She bucked her ass up off the bed into my mouth saying to me, "Please Robert, I want you inside me right now." I slid up on top of her and pushed the head of my cock against her vaginal opening.

I pushed the head inside her and slowly continued pushing into her till I had all 9 inches buried inside her warm pussy. Janice looked at me and asked, "Are brazzrs pron story in bathroom all the way in?" "Yes, I am. You took it all very easily." I told her. I began long stroking her, pulling almost all the way out. Then I would push into her till my balls slapped her ass.

Her pussy was so wet, my cock made slurping sounds as I pushed in and out of her. She bucked her ass up to meet my thrusts, moaning loudly. I felt her a father and daughters morning routine on begin to convulse and knew she was cumming again. I kept fucking her slow and easy, slowly building to an explosive orgasm&hellip.her pussy was so tight I was having a hard time controlling myself.

Suddenly, Janice pushed me over on my side and rolled over on top of me, never letting my cock leave her. She sat on my cock, slowly grinding. I could feel the head rubbing against the end of her vagina.

I had her tits in my hands, kneading them like bread dough&hellip.I felt my balls releasing their load. When I shot the first stream into her, she began another orgasm. Her muscles tensed and she was almost squeezing my tits off. Her grasp was very painful and mixed with the wonderful feeling of filling her with cum, I felt good. As she came down, she slowly lay down on my chest and whispered to me that she loved being fucked by me and wanted to do it again soon.

I could only agree with her. Her tongue was probing my ear as she gently blew into it also. I had chills running down my spine and my cock began to harden again.

She went down and deep throated my hardening cock till it was rock hard. She stood beside the bed as I got to my feet. I told her to get onto her hands and knees on the bed, then took her doggie style. I reached around her torso and grasped her tits as I fucked her hard. In a few strokes, I felt her beginning to cum again. I grasped the sides of her ass as her arms collapsed and she lay her head on the bed. I continued fucking her as she continued cumming one time after another.

I counted 4 successive orgasms before I blew my load deep inside her. She fell forward onto the bed, me on top of her. I got off of her and stood by the bed admiring her naked body. She was breathing hard, totally spent sexually. Soon she rolled over on her back and asked me if I wanted to go again. I told her I couldn't and needed to go&hellip.just in case James came home sooner than expected. She got off the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again.

"Will I see you again soon Robert?" she asked. "You can bet on it Janice& are wonderful in bed. I could see cum running down the inside of her leg as she stood there. She reached down and scooped it up into her hand then pushed more cum out of her pussy into her palm and licked her hand clean. She swallowed it all and told me that it tasted really good. I dressed and went to the door, Janice behind me. I turned and kissed her and told her that I would see her soon.

When I got into my truck, she was standing on the porch naked waving to me. I thought to myself, 'man she is one hot woman.' I wondered if it would be possible to bring Janice and James into our little group. James was a good looking guy and I knew that Lori and Alisha wouldn't mind screwing him.

It would be something to look into. I went in to North Plate and found Doug Barnes, the cattle broker we used. I told him we needed an additional 1000 head of yearling steers to stock the Hansen place. He told me that the market was actually down a little right now and he could get us a really good deal. He told me he would have a confirmation for me by late afternoon and would let me know.

I left Doug's office and went to the bank and talked to our banker. He said there wasn't any problem arranging the loan and would have it ready for us in a day or two. I told him we wouldn't need the money for a month or so. We were to come in and sign the note next time we were in town he told me. I stopped and got a hamburger before I headed back to the farm. As I drove back, I thought about the encounter with Janice. I wondered if she and James were having problems or if James wasn't taking care of her.

I would find out soon. In the mean time, I'd keep it all to myself. Our wedding day would be here in about a week and I really wanted to concentrate on that. Soon I'd be home and back in Alisha's arms. I really needed to be close to her, I think I'm feeling guilty for fucking Janice&hellip.damn. I pulled up in front of the house and parked. I was having a real conflict having fucked Janice and not talking to Alisha about jessica bangkok is very attracted to men with big cocks so she bends tattoo, especially, because I had been hard on Alisha for fucking someone without informing me.

Well, I guess I'll just keep it to myself and hope Alisha doesn't find out about it. I'll deal with it then if it ever comes up. When I went inside, Lori and Alisha were in the kitchen discussing the wedding. I kissed each of them and sat down with them. It looked as though the plans were all made and finalized. As we were talking, my phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Norm. I had called him earlier in the day and left a message. I got up from the table and went out onto the patio to answer it.

When I answered it I heard, "Only a few more days till the teensloveblackcocks all natural keisha grey gets fucked by a bbc my friend, how you feeling?" Then he laughed. "I'm doing ok, when are you coming?" I asked him. "Well, if it's ok with you, I think I'll be there day after tomorrow, on Friday. That will give me a week to bum around with you before the wedding." "Sounds good to me," I told him, "I need you to come take care of Lori, she is really wanting you to be here, she's really horny." "Well, I'll be there to take care of that beauty, tell her I've got a lot of pent up desire to release on her when I get there." He laughed again.

"You know, Robert, I really like Lori, there could be something there, I just fucking don't know for sure, but I am going to try to find out while I'm there this time," he confessed to me. Norm continued, "Well, old buddy, are you going to let me bang that beautiful bride of yours again? She's so damn hot, I get a hard on every time I think of her&'re one lucky son of a bitch, you do know that don't you?" "Yes I do, but sometimes I tend to forget it, just to be reminded of it by some pervert like you.

I love her a lot, and I really like this lifestyle we have. Yes, Norm, it's ok if you fuck her. Matter of fact, we will spend our wedding night here, with you and Lori. When all the guests leave, we have decided to all get together and fuck till the sun comes up, maybe longer&hellip.sound like fun?" I asked him. "Oh wow, that sounds great, where are you guys going on your honeymoon?" he asked.

"We are staying here, just going to hang around the house for a few days and spend time together&hellip.and with you guys, of course. I think we can find something to do…he he he." "Well, old buddy, I've got to go&hellip.tell Lori I can't wait. I'll see you on Friday." "Bye, take care and be careful, see you Friday." I went back into the kitchen and told the women that Norm would be here on Friday.

"I hope that's ok with you guys," I told them. Lori was the first to pop up………"I'm damn sure ready for him to get here. Just so you guys know, I really do like Norm, I don't know unbelievably hot lesbian girls playing with dildos pantyhose lesbians, but there could be something between us& guys have any objections?" Alisha responded, "You don't have to ask our permission for anything, Lori, I know I'm speaking for Fleshy juicy cunt squirts squirting and japanese also when I say we would be happy for you if you two were to get together." "Well, just so you guys know, if Norm and I were to get together, it wouldn't affect our deal with the farm.

I have other interests that I could share with him. Our deal on the farm is firm." I walked over to Lori and hugged her tightly. "I would be very happy if the guy I regard as my brother hooked up with you. To see the two people I love so much together would make me very happy……good luck, I hope everything works out…&hellip.for both of you.

I know he thinks a lot of you also." Alisha joined me hugging Lori. For the longest time, we stood motionless holding each other. When we broke apart, I could see that Lori had tears in her eyes.

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She was trying to wipe them dry. Lori changed the subject. "Oh, by the way, James Hansen called for you earlier. He said he was sorry he missed you this morning, but he got the message from Janice. He said he would have the contract drawn up and bring it over for us to sign on Monday." "That's great. I went into North Platte and made arrangements to buy an additional 1000 head of yearling steers.

If you two are in North Platte, you might go by and sign the note at the bank." I told them. I went to our bedroom to take a shower and get cleaned up before dinner. Alisha followed me into the room and said, "Just to let you know, I got my period today, so if you two dirty teens sharing hard cock in gangbang sex, I'm sure Lori will be more than happy to take care of you.

I'm glad it started today, that way it'll be over by the time Norm arrives and I'll be clean for you two. Did you tell him we were going to spend our honeymoon here with Lori and him?" "Yes I did, he said he was really looking forward to doing you again, he said he had a hard on just thinking about it." Alisha just grinned and went back to the kitchen to make dinner.

I took my shower and put on my shorts and a t-shirt and went back to the kitchen. Lori came over to me and asked if I'd be spending the night in her room. "I'm really tired tonight Lori, if it's ok, I think I'll just go to my bed and sleep tonight.

It's been a rough couple of days." "That's ok Robert, I probably should get some rest myself, if Norm will be here next Friday, I need to be at the top of my game," she laughed. Alisha looked over at me and just smiled and went back to what she was doing. I think vidisex perawan ful sex stories the main reason I wanted to be with Alisha tonight was because I was still feeling a little guilty for fucking around on her today with Janice.

I hope I can get over it……I've never felt this way. After dinner we went into the living room and talked about the wedding guest list. Alisha and Lori were going over names they thought should be invited. Lori asked me what I thought about asking James and Janice, since we were going to be doing business with them.

I told Lori that I would just as soon keep the guest list small. She shrugged her shoulders and said that it really didn't make any difference to her and a small guest list would be fine. I really didn't want to have Janice here so soon after we fucked. You never know who might slip up. This secret is driving me crazy, I'm going to have to address it somehow. I think I will try to see if they might be interested in swapping. I think that Janice might be open to it&hellip.I just don't have any idea whether James would go for it or not.

I left the two girls in the living room and went to bed. I was tired and wanted to sleep. Since Alisha was having her period, I could sleep and not have to have sex tonight. It's not that I don't like the sex, but every once in a while, it's nice to just go to bed and sleep.

I never heard Alisha come to bed. I crashed when my head hit the pillow. I awoke early and went out to fix breakfast. The guest list was laying on the table so I picked it up and looked it over. About half way down, I saw James and Janice Hansen on it.

Damn&hellip.I'd better figure this out and quick. I guess I will go over to Hansen's this morning and hope James isn't there so I can talk to Janice alone. I finished breakfast and went out to "check the fields".

I drove over to Hansen's place and went to the door. I didn't see James's truck so I decided to go to the door. Before I could ring the bell, Janice opened the door and jumped on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass.

She kissed me hard and said, "I am so glad to see you. I've been thinking about you since you were here the other day." I smiled and kissed her, grabbing her soft ass cheeks in my hands. "Is James around anywhere?" I asked. "No he is gone for the day and I'm here alone, let's fuck." She told me. She put her feet on the floor and took my hand, leading me directly to the bedroom. Janice was out of her clothes before I could even think about taking them off of her, jumping into the middle of the bed on her hands and knees.

When she spread her legs apart, I could see her moist pussy lips, slightly apart, waiting for me to enter her forbidden domain. I was out of my clothes in a flash and pushing my hardness into her waiting vagina.

She was so wet that I went balls deep in one push. I could tell that she was cumming when I started pushing inside her. I grasped her by the hips and started screwing her hard and fast. I had the desire to completely fill her with my hot love juice.

I could feel my balls pushing cum through my rod and out the head. I shot 4 large ropes of semen into her on the initial orgasm, pushing out 2 more as my orgasm subsided. Janice was having another orgasm as I finished shooting my wad inside her. I could feel the muscles of her vagina contracting on my cock, milking from me what remained of my ejaculation. We both lay on the bed on our backs breathing heavily. I looked at her and said, "Well, now that we got that out of the way, I need to talk to you." "Okay," she said, "what's on your mind?" "Well, Sex with three big boobs babes marta la croft suhaila hard and gigi love and I are getting married next week and you and James are on the guest list……I just don't want you to talk about what we're doing to anyone&hellip.OK?

"No problem there, I told you that this is just between you and I, I wouldn't let it out to anyone." "Are you and James into trading partners at all?" I asked her.

"A smile came on her face, "We have swapped in the past, but the other couples have all moved away through the years. I know for a fact that James would just love to bury his cock in your bride, and that would kinda open up the door for you and I to have clandestine meetings. Is Alisha into swapping?" "Not only Alisha, but Lori as well, right now we all share each other, I'll see if I can't plant the seeds in their minds.

I'll let you know. I hate to fuck and run, but I really have to get on the road……I have to get a lot done today. Thank you for keeping our little secret, maybe it won't be a secret for much longer…&hellip.Thank you Janice." I told her as I got dressed.

Like last time, she came out onto the porch naked and kissed me goodbye. She is one beautiful woman, and I look forward to sharing with James and Janice in the future.

I finished checking my fields early in the afternoon and went back to the house. Alisha and Lori were working on the books.

I told them hi and went on to my bedroom. Blonde nutte auf dem strich von typen wegeknallt stripped and got into the shower. The hot water felt good running over my body. I just stood there under the water for the longest time.

I was tired, so after the shower, I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and went to the living room to watch some tv. In a short while, I had dozed off. I had been dozing for about 15 minutes when Lori and Alisha came into the living room. I woke up when they came in. " "Getting in a little nap, Robert?" Lori asked me.

"Yeah, it's been a long day, what's up?" I replied "Well," Lori said, smiling at Alisha, "I bought a new stud horse today. It's a champion miniature horse. I think he will be a good addition to our stable.

There are getting to be a lot of mini horses around some of the urban areas, so I thought we might just as well capitalize on it." "That sounds good but, do I sense something you two aren't telling me?" Alisha smiled at me and said, "Robert, the little guy has about a 16 inch cock&hellip.and&hellip.well&hellip.Lori and I thought we might like to try taking a horse cock……what do you think about that?" This caught me by totally by surprise, but, the more I thought about it the hornier I got.

"Damn, I thought that you guys fucking the dog was hot, but I can't imagine how hot it will be watching you guys get bred by a horse cock&hellip.damn……when does he arrive?" Lori was grinning and Alisha was giddy. They showed me some pictures of the little guy.

The former owners had posed him with his cock fully hard. I could see what the girls were grinning about. It looked that his cock was about 2 to 2 ½ inches in diameter and a strong 16 inches long. I can see that I'm going to have to build a rack to put him in so the girls can get their pussies up to his tool. I am getting a hard amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade just thinking about it.

Lori told me that he should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. He was on a ranch in Southeast Wyoming. The owner said he would leave early in the morning and should be in here shortly after noon. "Well, in the morning I'll go out to the shop and build a breeding rack so you guys can comfortably get under him and be able to take all the cock you want&hellip.I think this is going to be hot," I told them. Alisha looked far away. I said to her, "You may like the horse more than me." "No, you will still be the one stud I desire the most.

This little stud will be a very nice diversion&hellip.I can't wait. The dog was wild, but I think that that horse cock will be something else." I could tell that Alisha was getting turned on just thinking about it. "Robert, I want to make love to you tonight…&hellip.I'm almost finished with my period. I really need you…are you game?" "Let's go." I told her, "I've got a rod on and need some relief, plus, later I have something I want to talk to you about." Alisha grabbed me and dragged me off, saying goodnight to Lori as we left the room.

When we got to our room, Alisha began taking her clothes off as I did the same. She looked at me and told me she wanted on top. It didn't take long till I was buried to the hilt inside her. Alisha was like a woman possessed. I don't think that I've ever been screwed by her this hard.

I knew she was cumming within a minute of mounting me and I wasn't far behind. My spunk erupted seconds after she went off. I couldn't believe I had such a big load blasting inside her after dropping such a big load in Janice's twat earlier today.

Damn it felt good. She got off of me and ran to the bathroom with her hand under her pussy. I looked down amateur indian girl fucked by her white boyfriend my cock. I had blood all over my pelvic area and I could see red spots on the floor all the way to the bathroom. I don't believe she is almost done, too much red juice. I really don't care, it was a good fuck. I got up and went to the shower to clean myself up.

When I got there, I found that Alisha had beat me to it. The water ran red in there like a slaughter house. When she finished, I went in and cleaned myself up. Then it was bed time&hellip.I'm tired as hell and know that tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

Alisha came to bed and cuddled up next to me and said, "Thank you Robert, I just had to have sex tonight after the thoughts of getting fucked by a horse.

By the way, what did you want to talk to me about?" "Oh yeah," I said, "Well, I've been thinking about Janice and James. I just wondered what you thought about him?" I asked her. "He is kind of hot, a little older than we are. I think he's alright. Are you thinking about me fucking him?" she asked. "I've been thinking about his wife, Janice.

I'm kind of attracted to her and wondered if you would want to try to trade with them sometime. I noticed that you and Lori put them on the guest list for the wedding, after I had told you two not to invite them." "I think that might be a possibility Robert&hellip.let's feel it out when they come to the wedding.

There might be some possibilities there." She said to me with a smile on her face.

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The stage was set. All I had to do now was plant the seed of desire in Janice's head and get her to talk James into it. I think this could turn out to be a good deal.

I did like fucking Janice, but wanted to be able to take my time with her and not worry about getting caught.

I turned off the light and we both quickly went to sleep. It seemed like the night only lasted a short time and it was time to get up. I am anxious to see what today brings, it's gotta be good. As the day progressed, I noticed the girls nervous anticipation of the arrival of the new stud horse.

To them this would be the ultimate sexual adventure. Personally, I couldn't wait to watch them take the little guy's black guy girl xxx storys sex stories ful. At about 2 pm, a pickup and enclosed horse trailer arrived. Lori couldn't get out the door fast enough. The guy driving got out of his truck and Lori and Alisha met him out by the trailer.

The man's name was Clinton Jarvis. Lori introduced all of us to him, then we went to the back of the trailer as Clinton opened the door.

There he stood, the little guy himself. He was about 3 ft tall, a sorrel with a white blaze face and 4 white stockings. His mane and tail were kind of a blondish color. Clinton untied his lead rope and led him out of the trailer. He was a very friendly little horse and cute as he could be.

Lori was down on her knees hugging him and you could tell that he enjoyed the attention. Alisha took the lead rope and led him to the back yard while Lori took Clinton to the office to write him a check. In about half an hour Clinton left and we all were in the back yard making the little guy feel welcome. It didn't take Lori long to feel the little guy up.

His cock began to lengthen almost immediately. He would turn his head around and sniff Lori, then turn up his upper lip. In a short time Lori had him totally hard and was jacking him off. I looked at the size of his cock and asked the girls, "Do you guys think you can take all of that?" Alisha said to me, "Remember that black guy with the fencing crew?

Well, this little guy isn't much bigger than him, I know I can take it." "Okay," I said, "I'll go out to the shop and get the rack I built this morning. We can see if it will work, I think it's just about the right size." I went out to the shop and brought the breeding rack into the back yard. I led the little guy over to it and got his front feet up in the upper supports and got him tied in so his fucking could be controlled.

It didn't take Lori long till she was sliding in under the little guy and guiding his cock to her pussy. Lori had brought a bottle of Astroglide lubricant with her and had liberally lubed the horses cock then her pussy.

The head of the horses cock was quite fanned out. She had to squeeze the head down in size and try to put it inside her pussy. It took quite a bit of time to get the head of his cock inside her. Once there, he started thrusting forward, trying to bury his meat all the way inside her.

We finally got about 12 inches inside her and the little guy took over, thrusting into her time and time again. Lori's eyes were rolled back in her head and she was moaning pleasurably and loudly. He continued to thrust his cock into her, finally putting about 14 inches of his 16 inside her. Shortly, he began to pump his hot seed into Lori.

Cum was gushing out of her with every thrust and Lori was moaning uncontrollably, cumming constantly. After about 5 minutes, the little guy had shot all his load.

Lori was laying in a puddle of horse cum, almost passed out. When the little guy pulled out, her pussy gushed a ton of thick white cum. I helped Lori out from under the little guy and got her to her feet. Cum was still running out of her and down the insides of her legs. Alisha was in a trance after watching the show. "I've gotta have a little of that&hellip.damn that was hot." Lori was regaining her composure.

"Damn that was great, he filled me completely with his cock and his cum was so warm, I couldn't help but have consecutive orgasms……it felt wonderful. I think we need to teen sexy girls party hardcore and get fucked 14 tube porn him Hoser&hellip.cause he really hosed me." We all laughed. "Hoser" was still in the rack when Alisha walked over to him.

She had removed all her clothes and was on her knees, stroking his cock. It was about half hard so she started stroking it. In a little while, Hoser had regained his rock hard cock and was getting excited as she continued to stroke it.

Alisha eased in under him and guided his cock to her hot wet pussy. Hoser was shooting small spurts of pre-cum onto her pussy and stomach as he humped against her trying to find a hole to fill. I could see a wild look in his eyes as he anticipated what was going to happen. Alisha was well lubricated with his pre-cum when she guided his cock to the entrance to her pussy.

She moved against it, pushing the head inside her. Hoser took over at that point and rapidly pushed his whole cock into her in one lunge. Alisha's eyes got really big as she was completely filled with horse cock. I could see a look of pain in her face. Hoser was thrusting his full length into her time and time again.

The expression on Alisha's face changed from pain to pleasure in a matter of seconds. I could tell that Alisha's pussy had gotten comfortable with Hoser's cock. She was moving in rhythm with him as he lunged in and out of her. She had wrapped her legs around Hoser and was taking his cock with ease, moaning and groaning in total ecstasy. I kneeled down and watched Hoser's shiny black cock sliding in and out of my fiancé.

It was so big, I hoped he wouldn't stretch her out too much. I couldn't believe how much of it she was taking. After the gang bang, she could take a lot of cock.

That black guy had fucked her good and given her a lot of meat. Watching that horse cock work on Alisha's cunt was turning me on, my cock was throbbing. Hoser kept pounding his cock into Alisha for at least 5 minutes.

I could see the telltale streaks of red running from her pussy. It looked as though she was at the end of her period. All of a sudden, gobs of thick white cum started gushing out of her pussy around his cock. Hoser's cock came out of Alisha and pushed across her bare stomach, still shooting long streams of thick cum all over Alisha's body. The velocity of the streams were so high, he shot cum all the way up her body, over her tits and onto her face. I think he must have shot a couple of quarts of semen all over her.

Alisha had opened her mouth and took one shot directly into it and was playing with it with her tongue. She had started cumming when Hoser came out of her, so she began rapidly rubbing her clit continuing her orgasm with one hand while stroking Hoser's cock with the other. Meanwhile he continued covering her in his hot sticky cum. I stood there watching, my cock so hard I could hardly stand it. Alisha looked as though she was somewhere far away. I was totally mesmerized by the scene.

Lori began pulling my jeans down and taking my cock into her mouth. She grasped me by my ass cheeks and started giving me some really great head. In a matter of seconds her mouth was filled with my hot cum. She was sucking and swallowing me as fast as she could. I felt like I had given her as much cum as Hoser had just delivered asian babe jade noir gets dicked down by bf pornstars and hardcore Alisha.

I looked down at Lori. My balls were on her chin and my cock down her throat. Some of my cum was covering her chin and tits. I slid my cock out of her mouth and told her, "Thanks Lori, I really needed that." Hoser had finished with Alisha and was trying to get out of the rack. I pulled my jeans up and went to help Alisha out from under him.

She was a sight, covered in cum. Her hair was matted with it, she had it all over her face, tits, stomach and pussy. When she stood up, she had kind of a dazed look on her face. "I haven't cum that hard or so many times since the gang bang. Damn that was a good fuck&hellip.and his cum tastes wonderful. I'm going to suck him off sometime, I want some more of that." Lori approached Alisha, hugging her close and smearing the cum that covered Alisha all over her body also.

Alisha and Lori kissed deeply, then Lori began to lick Hoser's cum off of Alisha's face. "Mmmmmmm, that is good cum, but not as good as the load I just got from Robert……that was super good Rob, I am going to expect loads like that from you in the future," she giggled at me. Alisha and Lori went over to the outdoor shower and cleaned themselves up, rubbing each other to orgasm once more. After the shower, they wrapped towels around themselves and came over to the table where I was sitting.

I had released Hoser and he was grazing on the grass in the back yard, his cock hanging out a few inches. "This is going to be fun, having him around…I think maybe we should just let him stay here in the back yard, rather than take him over to the horse barn." Lori said.

Alisha shook her head in disagreement, "I don't want him so close all the time, I'd rather have to go over to the horse barn if I want him. What do you think Robert?" "I have to agree with Alisha, Lori, I think he will make too much of a mess in the back yard, plus, I've heard that these mini's can become a real pain in the ass." Lori reluctantly agreed and said, "Ok, but I'm not going to move him till tomorrow, I want him one more time before I go to bed tonight." Alisha laughed, "I've had all of him I want for one day, damn, he did me good." We decided to go into town for dinner.

I went to our room to clean up and get ready to go. The girls showered again and cleaned themselves up. In about a half hour we all headed out for North Platte for dinner. Alisha called her Mom and Dad and asked them to join us. They agreed. When we got to the restaurant, her folks were waiting for us. It was a nice evening, the girls were sexually satisfied and the conversation was all about the upcoming wedding.

The catering was all set, the minister was arranged, the flowers were taken care of, the invitations had gone out, the bar was stocked and bartenders hired. Music was done…&hellip.I think that everything is arranged…&hellip.I even have the ring.

We finished dinner and took off for home. Lori was anticipating Norm's arrival. "I really wish that Norm would come early, I really want to see him," she told us. When we got home, Hoser met us at the back door. I think i want you to fuck me harder he was anticipating getting into Alisha or Lori, but they had had enough for one day.

It was bed time and everyone was beat and wanted sleep. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Alisha had pushed up close to me, I could feel her breasts pushing against my back&hellip."Goodnight," I said.

Alisha pushed up tighter to me and said, "Goodnight&hellip.I love you." We slept soundly all night. The next morning I awoke and found that Alisha was not there. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom, so I investigated. I stood in the door and watched Alisha in the shower. Damn, she is beautiful and has a total knockout body.

I watched her shower for several minutes, then decided to hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat her. I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She turned to look at me, smiled and kissed me, her tongue tickling my tonsils. She pulled me close and whispered, "I want you, I want you now." My cock was rock hard and had pushed between her legs. Alisha was moving back and forth, stimulating her clit with my cock.

She moaned and kissed e again. I pushed her against the wall of the shower…the warm water was pouring over our bodies as I lifted her leg and pushed my cock inside her. Alisha's arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me close, pushing her pussy further onto my cock. Alisha had suddenly became sexually aggressive, fucking me hard and being very vocal. "I want you Robert, I've been craving you for several days, my period is over and I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard lover, push inside me as far as you can, I want your hot cum in my womb, I love you Robert……oh, oh, ohhh, ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming, fuck me Robert, fill me." My cock exploded deep inside Alisha, coating her insides with my fertile semen.

I felt like I had a fire hose coming out of my groin, extinguishing the fire that burned within my beautiful Alisha. Cum was dripping from her swollen cunt as I continued to pump my cock in and out of her. Alisha was completely consumed by her orgasm as I continued to pound her pussy with my hot rod. I felt cum rushing from my balls and up my hard cock&hellip.BAM, I began to blow another load…… damn it feels sooooooo good. Several minutes later, Alisha was returning to herself and my cock shrunk and plopped out of her.

We held each other up till we regained our strength and could stand. We kissed and hugged. We held each other close. I looked at Alisha and saw that she was crying. "What's the matter darling, did I do something to make you unhappy?" I asked her. "No&'s just that I'm so happy. I love you so much and I feel so lucky to have you.

You are the most important thing in the world to me. Promise me you won't ever leave me." "I promise," I said as I pulled her close. After she calmed down, we finished our showers and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I knew that she was the only woman I would ever love, we are true soul mates. While we were eating, someone knocked at the front door. I opened the door and Norm was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. "Surprise mother fucker, I'm here !!" he said as he came in and gave me a big bear hug.

"I just couldn't wait to come, so I finished my work early and took off. I want to spend all the time I can with you guys…you're like& family." Alisha came running over and gave Norm a big hug and kiss, "Damn it's good to see you Norm.

Wait till Lori finds out you're here……hope you're ready to get laid……ha ha ha ha ." "I'm ready to get laid by her and by you…&hellip.damn you are lookin' good. It's not very often I get to screw the bride when I go to a wedding," he grinned. Alisha began to laugh, "After the guests leave, we're going to have a grand time, I hope you're up for it Norm." Norm and I went to the kitchen to get a beer while Alisha went to find Lori. He put his arm around my shoulder as we walked, "Are you ready for this my friend, ready to give up your freedom for a steady supply of the best looking pussy anywhere?" I grinned from ear to ear, "Yes, I do believe I am.

Norm, I have a woman that likes to participate in spouse sharing, I live in a house with two women that want sex all the time, I am co-owner of one of the best farms in the area&hellip.what isn't to like?" "You know something Robert, I really like Lori. One reason I want to stay for a while is to get to know her a lot better, she could be the one for me. You have any objections my friend&hellip.I wouldn't want to step on any toes. Your friendship means more to me than anything…I have to know you would be okay with anything that might materialize." "Norm, if you two got together, it would make my day.

Lori needs someone&hellip.she has been alone too long. If you two got together, do you think you would move here?" "I could move my law firm here…I'm sure there is room for another attorney in this area& the way, I have no interest in the farm, you know me, I'm an office guy, don't like dirt very well." "Man that would be great, you could take care of our legal needs&hellip.we would be your first client&hellip." Lori came running into the kitchen and jumped into Norm's arms, putting a long wet kiss on him.

Norm definitely was glad to see her. After the initial excitement, Lori took Norm by the hand and led him out of the kitchen. "I'll see you guys later.maybe," she laughed as they quickly moved toward her bedroom.

Alisha smiled as she said, "I doubt that we see them till tomorrow morning." She came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. "In two days, my love. Two days till we are married&hellip.I can't wait&hellip.I'm so ready for this." We went out into the back yard to sit and enjoy the afternoon.

As we sat down, Hoser came trotting up. "Damn, I forgot about him. I think I'll go hook up a trailer and take him over to the horse barn&hellip.want to go?" "Sure, I'd love to." We got into my truck and hooked up a trailer. I loaded Hoser and we drove to the horse barns. When we got there, I unloaded him and took him out to the pasture with the rest of the horses.

The others came running to check out the new arrival. All of our horses are very social animals. I could tell that Hoser was accepted to the herd. Right away, they all took off running and playing. Having him taken care of, we went back to the house. I needed to get a scoop and clean up his messes in the back yard. While I did that, Alisha prepared dinner for us. We ate out on the patio and talked about our future together.

The sunset this evening was beautiful. We sat and watched it till night set in. We turned in early and held each other till we fell asleep. Mediumtits teen pov fucked in realsex action european and reality next two days passed quickly. Norm and I hung out a lot. The night before the wedding, we had a group sex session and shared each other liberally till dawn.

We decided to all spend the wedding night together, fucking, sucking and whatever else came up. Of course, we would have to wait till all the guests left. I don't think Alisha's mom and dad would approve. The morning of the wedding finally arrived. The caterers and servers all showed up and began to set up for the occasion. Alisha was running all over the place trying to make sure everything was taken care of.

The florist arrived and put the flowers out. Norm kind of took charge of seeing to it that everything was put in the proper places. Alisha and Lori and Alisha's mom all went to help Alisha get dressed. I went to get dressed so I would be out when the guests started to arrive. When I finished dressing, Norm came in to get himself ready. I went to greet the guests as they arrived.

It was going to be a long day, I could already tell. The guests all arrived, the minister was here, Alisha's Dad was ready to give her away and I was ready to get this show on the road. The music began. I turned and looked toward the house. Then I saw her&hellip.the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Alisha and her Dad walked toward us.

I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Her dress, her hair, her makeup&hellip.she was absolutely perfect. Her Dad gave her hand to me……I was so proud to be standing by her. The minister began. I couldn't pay much attention to him, Alisha overshadowed him and everyone else there. I did manage to say "I do" at the proper time and when the time came, we kissed……long, deep and sincere.

She smiled at me and we walked up the aisle to the house. There we were met by all our guests, congratulating us. There were many happy hugs and kisses exchanged. Alisha's Mom and Dad came to welcome me to the family. Lori and Norm gave us their best. I was as happy as any man could get. Alisha was the perfect woman for me. I could see that we would have a long and happy life together. Alisha and I separated and began to visit with our guests. Janice and James cornered me.

James offered his congratulations to me, then started talking with someone else. That left Janice alone with me.

"You sure have a beautiful bride, Robert. I wish you both the best. I talked to James about what you asked. He said he would love to hook up with you guys.

He thinks Alisha is the most beautiful woman in the area and I think you are the most desirable man around. Have you said anything to Alisha about us all swapping?" "No I haven't yet, but&hellip.when everyone begins to leave later, you and James stick around, I've got an idea how to get this thing going.

I'll talk with you later." I moved on through the crowd, talking with everyone.

The caterer announced that dinner was served, so everyone began to get into the serving line. Alisha and I were standing back, letting our guests move on through the line. "Those two are really a good looking couple, aren't they?" I said to Alisha nodding at Janice and James. Alisha was looking at them when I made my comment. "Yes they are, matter of fact, he looks yummy&hellip.I wouldn't mind letting him get in my pants. Do you know anything about their social life?

I wonder if they fuck around?" "Don't know for sure, but I've heard rumors that they used to swing. Don't know anything for sure.

Maybe later, I'll ask them to stick around when the rest of the guests leave. I'll tell James that I need to talk about the lease or something." I told her. "Okay, let's go have dinner." We went to the serving line and filled our plates.

I noticed that James was eyeing Alisha, like he was undressing her with his eyes. That's a good sign. The afternoon passed and most of the guests left. I asked James if they would stick around when everyone else left, so I could talk to him. He said that he and Janice would be glad to.

Angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack 7:00 pm everyone had left. Alisha and I excused ourselves to go change in to more comfortable clothes. Norm and Lori had disappeared about 2 hours ago, no doubt what they were doing.

I poured drinks for the four of us and we went out to sit by the pool. We chatted about the wedding and the trip that James and Janice were going to take. James and I talked about the length of the lease and a few points that needed to be in the contract. We enjoyed several drinks. We all were feeling no pain. Janice commented on how nice the pool looked. Alisha immediately said, "Why don't we all take a swim, it will refresh us." Janice said, "We don't have any swim wear here, I guess we could go home and get some." Alisha grinned at her and said, "That's not necessary, we can go skinny dipping&hellip.we're not very shy." Hearing this James stood and said," Hell, I'm not shy if you're not." Then he began to disrobe.

Janice and Alisha were on their feet stripping. "Come on Robert, you have to also," Janice laughed. I stood and took everything off and jumped into the pool, followed by everyone else. I could see that things were about to get fun. We all swam around and splashed each other. When Alisha made her move on James, he moved right in on her and began to kiss her. Janice swam up to me and grinned as she kissed me, then said, "Well Robert, looks like you and I need to get down and dirty& ready?" "Hell yes, I'm ready," I said as I sat up on the edge of the pool.

Janice moved in between my legs and began teen loves hardcore and skinny bondage xxx whenever i witness other gals at church i suck my cock&hellip.I was hard within seconds.

I glanced over at Alisha and James and saw that she was sitting in a pool chair and James had his face buried between her legs. Alisha winked at me and laid her head back, enjoying the pleasure James was giving her. Janice and I got out of the pool. I grabbed a blanket out of the storage bin and went to the grass. Janice lay on her back while I put my tongue into her wet pussy. She was beginning to moan loudly as I licked her clit and fingered her pussy.

I knew she was close to cumming. Her breathing had sped up and she was lifting her pussy up to me as I lapped up her delicious juices. Then I felt her tense up. I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and began tonguing her and sucking hard on her clit.

She was screaming my name begging me to put my cock inside her……which I did. My cock slid into her wet vagina with ease. Janice began to lift her hips up to meet my thrusts. She was so damn tight and hot. My cock felt like it was being roasted in an oven. We screwed like this for a little while then I told her, "Get up on all fours, I want to fuck you doggie style." When I pulled out of her, she was up on her hands and knees in a flash.

I moved in behind her and pushed my cock deep in her hot, wet cunt. I could feel that she was beginning another orgasm as my cock bumped into her cervix. I knew that I was going to cum soon. I began picking up the pace and slamming my meat to her. Janice's arms collapsed and her torso went down to the blanket. Her ass was still up in the air and her muscles were convulsing as she continued into another orgasm.

I felt my balls begin to deliver my load. I grasped her hips and pushed the full length of my cock into her. I began to shoot long streams of my hot sperm deep inside Janice's belly. She felt it and continued to cum, screaming, "Fuck me harder Robert&hellip.fuck me harder&hellip.harder&hellip.harder." I felt like I was shooting my balls out the end of my cock& orgasm lasted and lasted. I must have shot a pint of cum inside Janice. When our orgasms subsided, we collapsed onto the blanket, me still inside her.

We lay there for the longest time. Janice said to me, "Damn Robert, that was a great fuck. Are you up for more?" I rolled off of her onto my back. Janice smiled at me as she took hold of my flaccid cock and began to lick the juices from it, taking it into her mouth, stimulating it and slowly bringing it back to life.

Janice smiled and said, "Looks like he is about ready for another round." I looked at her and asked her, "Want it up the ass this time sexy." Janice smiled as she took cum from her pussy and lubed her ass with it.

"I'm up for it lover, fuck me up the ass, fill my guts with your cum." Hearing this, my cock was rock hard and ready for action. I laid on my back and told Janice to get on, reverse cowgirl style. "Get on my cock and ride, I want to watch my cock going in and out of your ass." Janice settled in on me taking my hard rod deep into her ass.

She pumped me with long strokes as she rubbed her clit. It was cool to watch my cock disappear into her ass. It didn't take long till I felt myself blow another hot load into her. She was cumming also, sitting down on my cock, taking it all the way inside her ass. I had a great orgasm, shooting a big load of cum inside her ass. When she got off, a rush of cum came out of her ass and ran down over my balls.

Janice came to me and lay in my arms, exhausted. James had Alisha bent over the table, pounding his cock in and out of her. Alisha was holding onto the sides of the table moaning while he fucked her good.

I could see that James' cock was about average length, but really thick. Alisha was enjoying it, thoroughly. James said to her, "I'm fixin' to cum babe, where do you want it?" Alisha replied, "I want it all down my throat, I want to taste your cum, I just love the taste of a man's cum&hellip.give it to me you fucker !" James pulled out and Alisha went to her knees and took his cock into her mouth just as he began to unload.

Alisha was squeezing his balls as he continued to fill her stomach with his hot cum. She was swallowing everything he was giving her, moaning quietly as she drained his balls.

As soon as she sucked every drop from his cock, she stood and kissed him. Her hand was encircling his softening cock, stroking it. "James, you're not finished with me yet…I want some more of that pleasure tool&hellip.I want it up my ass. I want to feel you fill my ass with your screaming cfnm babes at cfnm club tube porn spunk." Alisha was a master at bringing a cock back.

As it started to harden, she went down on it and swallowed it all. James had his hands on the back of her head pulling and pushing it on and off of his meat. I could see that she had a finger buried up his ass, working it against his prostate. James was moaning her name as she continued trying to suck his balls out the end of his cock. Alisha came back up on her feet and led James over to the table. She spit in her hand and lubed her ass hole, then bent over the table again, spreading her legs as far as she could.

James eased up behind her and put his cock into her splayed pussy and pumped her a few times. Once his cock was lubed up he put it against her ass hole and began to slowly push it in, removing it, then pushing it deeper the next stroke.

In just a few seconds, he was balls deep in her ass, fucking her madly. Again, Alisha had hold of the sides of the table. As he pushed inside her, she would push her ass back against James.

Alisha was calling out to James, "Fuck my ass you fucker, fuck me hard and deep&hellip.shoot your sticky load deep inside my guts&hellip.I want to be full of cum, I want to be your cum bucket&hellip.give it to me you fucker&hellip.slam that meat to me and cum in me till I 'm running over." In seconds, James grunted and lunged deep into Alisha's ass, shooting his baby juice in her till it began to ooze out of her in long, thick streams.

Alisha was cumming hard, grasping the sides of the table as her body shook. Her leg muscles were distinctly showing as the orgasmic spasms shook her body. Watching her as her body convulsed, I noticed that my cock was hard as a rock again&hellip.I had to have a little piece of that while she was vulnerable.

I went over to the table and stepped up behind her as James pulled out. "Was my wife as good to you as yours was to me?" I asked him grinning. "Damn straight Robert, she is a hot fuck&hellip.damn near more than I can handle." I grinned at him as I pushed my cock into Alisha's ass and began fucking her. Alisha was moaning as I continued to take her ass.

I could tell that she was exhausted, she was lying limp on the table. In just a little while, I shot my hot load into her, gripping her hips tight as my cock delivered rope after rope of thick, hot cum.

When I finished, someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around and Norm was standing there. "Is it my turn to dump a load in her ass?" he asked. I stepped back and motioned him to go for it. He stepped up to my exhausted wife and pushed inside her with no problem.

James and I had stretched her hole out and lubed her with our cum. I could tell that Alisha was cumming almost constantly while I was in her and had continued while Norm was fucking her. Norm's ass puckered and he pushed his cock deep inside her, emptying his balls into her ass. Alisha was muttering something so incoherent none of us could understand her. Norm pulled out of her. She continued to lay on the table, cum draining out of her onto the patio.

As Lori looked at her she said, "Damn, you guys gave her a damn good fucking, I can tell she ain't gonna move for a while, she's out of it." Lori eased up to James and said, "Glad to see you guys decided to join us…ready to give me a load?" James shrugged his shoulders and took Lori by the hand and took her over to the blanket on the grass.

I could see that Lori wanted to eat his cum. She was deep throating him, taking him to a pleasure plateau he had not ever attained before. After a few minutes of steady sucking, James grasped her head and pulled her down on his cock, shooting his load directly down her throat into her stomach.

Lori was loving it. After she emptied him, she started jacking him off till he got hard again, then she sat on it and began to fuck him hard. In a few minutes, James and Lori were enjoying each others bodies as they both had their orgasms simultaneously. I looked around and Norm had introduced himself to Janice and was between her legs pounding her pussy with his big cock. Alisha was still comatose on the table, not moving at all. Janice was moaning her praises in Norm's ear as he lay on top of her, his ass moving up and down as he continued to fuck her mercilessly.

Janice wrapped her legs around his ass as she began to cum. The contraction of her vagina pushed Norm over the edge. He pushed balls deep into her hot box and delivered his hot seed into her womb. I watched as he pulled out of her. She had a really big cream pie showing. I went over to Alisha and helped her up off the table and into the house to our bedroom. Her legs were soaked in cum, all the way to her ankles.

As I laid her on the bed she said to me, "Do you still love me Robert, do you still want me?" I looked at her well fucked and pillaged body and told her, "Yes I do, just as much as ever." I went to the bathroom and got a warm wash cloth, then went to the bed and wiped the cum from her legs.

She was done. It had been a long day and she had been well fucked& she needed sleep. I covered her and went back out to the pool. James was still fucking Lori and Norm was pounding Janice's ass. They didn't even know that I was anywhere around. I went back to the bedroom and went to bed…I was tired.

It had been a really great day and I needed sleep badly. I fell asleep looking at my beautiful, well fucked bride, lying beside me. Alisha and I slept in the next morning till about 9 am. I showered and went to the kitchen. As I walked by the living room I saw Lori asleep, naked, on the couch. On the floor Norm and James had made a sandwich with Janice and were passed out. It looked as though she had had a good time, I could see dried cum all over her ass and legs.

I went on to the kitchen and started breakfast. I checked out the back yard and it looked cleaned up. The caterers and wait staff had cleaned it well before the guests had all left and did a great job. I started the coffee…I figured the aroma would bring the group in the living room around as quick as anything. I had the bacon fried, eggs ready and toast in omg ginger paris loves facials wcsfilms amateur toaster.

I had finished my second cup of coffee when Janice came stumbling into the kitchen wearing nothing but a smile. She looked as though she had been fucked many times after I went to bed. Her hair was matted with cum, there is dried cum on her face and all over her face, tits and tummy. I took her by the hand and led sexy hot beauteous hottie fucks and sucks to the bathroom just off the kitchen.

I got her a towel and told her to enjoy the shower. She just grunted as she started the water. Norm was the next to arrive, his cock pointing at his feet. He stumbled to the coffee maker and poured a cup. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Mornin' Robert, hows it hanging?" "Better than yours, it seems," I replied. He just laughed and drank his coffee. "Lori and James still passed out?" I asked. "No, they're in there fucking again……don't know where they get the stamina.

I just want a shower," he said. I pointed at the bathroom I had just put Janice in and said, "Janice is in there with the water hot and Alisha she keep riding after cum in the bathroom in our room&hellip.take your choice." Norm looked at me smiling, "I think I'm going to your room…that wife of yours gets my attention better than anyone& lucky son of a bitch." He poured another cup of coffee and topped his off then headed to my room.

I knew Alisha would be glad to see Norm. I walked into the living room and observed Lori on her back on the floor with James between her legs fucking her slow and easy. She had her ankles crossed on his back and I could hear the sound of "Slurp-Slurp-Slurp" as he fucked her cum filled cunt. I sat down in a chair nearby and watched as I sipped my coffee. James had an uncut cock about 6 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter. It was cool to watch it slide in and out of Lori's flooded vagina.

As his hard bone pumped in and out, the surplus of last nights cum in her pussy oozed out onto the floor. A rather sizeable puddle had formed under her ass and was growing with every plunge of his cock. As I watched, my cock was getting hard. Just as I was pulling my cock out to jerk off, who should enter the room but Janice wearing nothing but a smile. She looked at my hard cock and asked if I needed a little relief.

"I'm clean inside and out and could use about 9 inches, what do you say lover?" I stood and pulled my shorts and underwear off, then pulled my t-shirt over my head.

I took Janice by her hands and led her to a chair. She sat down and I went to my knees and buried my tongue in her sweet tasting pussy. I sucked on her engorged clit as I finger fucked her in the pussy and the ass at the same time.

She must have found the douche bag in the bathroom because she tasted wonderful. She was making all kinds of pleasurable sounds as I worked her over. I felt her begin to cum while I tongued her. Just as she started to relax I put my cock inside her and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. She smiled at me as I massaged her tits. Janice had a great looking body. Her muscles were toned and she didn't have any visible fat on her. Her pussy was shaved, showing the nicest set of pussy lips I have ever observed.

Alisha's are nice, but these are exceptional. I liked to watch as my hard cock disappeared inside her then emerged into full vision. I could see how her hole had stretched to fit me. When I pushed all the way in, my balls rubbed on her ass and I could feel the opening in her cervix stretching a little with every thrust. I knew that before I finished, my cock would be inside her womb and I would flood it with my fertile seed.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips as I looked deep into her eyes. I could see the desire check out nubile ebony girl tiffany taner in her. She looked at me and whispered, "I love you Robert, you know just how to treat a woman.

I love having you inside me, I love it when I feel your cum filling me, your wife is a lucky woman. I'm glad that I can have you openly, not having to sneak around, lying to keep from being found out. I do love you Robert, just know that." Her eyes rolled back in her head as my rod pushed through her cervix into her womb and began to erupt its hot lava flow.

I held my dick still inside her, letting it ejaculate time after time. Janice was somewhere in la la land. I could see her stomach muscles contracting while her pussy milked all of the cum out of my softening cock. She pulled me close and open mouth kissed me, sending her tongue to the back of my mouth. This woman knows how to make love&hellip.she knows how to use her body for pleasure. When we had both finished, I pulled out of her warm pussy and watched as my thick semen collected between her lips forming a beautiful creampie.

She used two fingers to scoop up a liberal amount and licked it off with her tongue. "Mmmmmmmm that teen shakila asti gets nailed hard and facialized good," she said.

Damn, this woman knows how to make a guy feel good about himself. I decided to give her a real thrill and went down on her and sucked cum out of her pussy. Her head fell back on the chair as she began to cum again. When her orgasm ended she said, "I've never had a guy do that to me before, my God that felt good&hellip.sooooo damn good." She kissed me hard again and tongued my mouth, tasting the cum again. I helped Janice up and led her to the kitchen for breakfast.

Norm and Alisha wandered in followed by Lori and James. Everyone was naked. We all laughed and talked about the fun we had all had. After breakfast, the women did the dishes then went to shower and douche. The three of us guys went out and jumped in the pool for a quick swim. When we got out of the pool, the cool morning air was invigorating. We were all sitting around a table talking when the women came out of the house.

What a sight&hellip.three beautiful goddesses, their breasts jiggling as they walked. "And just what are you handsome guys talking about," Alisha asked.

Norm popped up and replied, "We're looking at three of the most beautiful and well built women in the world !" The women all came to their man and sat in his lap and kissed him. We all talked about what a good time we all had. Lori spoke up, "What says it i fucked daily my cute little cousin pussy when alone at home to end now, we can make this last as long as we want it to, anyone else see it this way?" All of us voiced our approval and the party continued.

Everyone stayed naked and had a fun time. It wasn't continual sex like it had started. We lounged around the pool, talked and enjoyed each other's company. Occasionally, a man and woman would pair up and go to a bedroom in the house and have sex for extended periods of time. All of the women experienced a three on one sometime during the day. One guy would be in their pussy, one in the ass and one getting sucked off. Alisha was the first one to request it and after watching her experience it, the other two wanted it.

Alisha had walked by us while we were talking. She stood in the middle of us and said, "I have decided that I want to have sex with all three of you at the same time. Do you guys think that you could handle that?" We all looked at her then at each other. I stood up and took her hand. James and Norm smiled and got to their feet. We decided to go to a bed as it would accommodate all three of us easily. James laid down first, his cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Alisha lay on her back on top of him, putting his cock into her ass.

Norm moved in between their legs and pushed his cock into her hot pussy. Her head was laying over the edge of the bed, so I slid my cock into her mouth and throat and began to head fuck her.

Janice and Lori came in to watch, walking around the bed, observing each penetration. I could hear them talking about it and how it looked so hot. Both were saying they wanted to do it before the party ended.

From my vantage point, I could see Norm's cock sliding in and out of Alisha and James' cock penetrating her ass.

Every once in a while, Alisha would gag when I went deep into her throat, so I would pull out so just the head was in her mouth. Everyone was enjoying it thoroughly. Alisha was moaning. I think she was being touched in all the right spots at the right time. James and Norm were "ooing and ahing" as they fucked her.

I felt my load traveling through my cock and erupting in Alisha's mouth, which she swallowed eagerly. When I finished cumming, I pulled out and watched. I wanted to watch the two cocks fucking Alisha, up close. James and Norm had Alisha stretched wide, their cocks were almost touching. I could see Norm's cock swelling and pulsing as he shot his load in her pussy. James' balls were twitching as they delivered his semen into her ass.

Soon I could see their cum oozing out around their dicks as they pumped her. It was a beautiful sight and I knew that Alisha had had a really good orgasm. Everyone untangled and went back out by the pool. Lori and Janice wanted to get their turn right now, but we told them we had to have some time to recover, but that they'd get a good fucking very soon. Alisha had streams of cum running down her legs so she decided she would use the outdoor shower and clean herself up in and out. I just love to watch a woman showering outdoors, and so did the other guys.

It was really something to watch as she douched and gave herself an enema. We all clapped and cheered when she flushed out& probably helped that we were all a little bit tipsy.

About an hour later, we three gave Janice the fucking of her life. This time we all traded holes while we did her. Janice couldn't get the smile off her face saying, "I could do this all night long if you guys could hold up." We all laughed and went back out in the back yard.

Janice put on the show at the outdoor shower this time& was great. Lori got her turn sometime later. All three women told us that the four way was one of the most erotic things they had ever done in their lives and that they wanted to do it again sometime.

The party continued through the night till the next morning. At that point everyone was fucked out and wanted to end it. It had been a wonderful experience for all of us, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. Alisha and I are now happily married and it looks as though Norm and Lori just might do the same thing. Alisha and I talked about it and it seemed it could be a real possibility. I guess we'll see as time goes on. Janice and James are a welcome addition to our little swinging club.

I don't know how long Alisha and I will want to continue sharing, but we've decided to enjoy it as long as it lasts. When Monday comes, I'll be back to taking care of the farm, but for now, I'm going to enjoy my time with my wife.