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It was starting to get dark but Thomas continued to drive. Where was the main highway? This was the last time he'd listen to his damn friend again when it came to directions. Looking out he saw that they were going to have a bad snow storm soon from the darkening of the sky. Wonderful just wonderful! He was supposed to be home with the family getting nauseous at bad jokes, and pissed off at nosey siblings and cousins. Crap he wished he didn't have to go home this year for Christmas.

Sighing Thomas decided he'd turn around and head back to the small store he passed an hour back. Well that is as soon as he found a place to turn the car around. Driving a few more miles the trees gave way to a farm house in the middle of huge patches of overgrown fields. Pulling into the somewhat overgrown road Thomas headed toward the main building where he'd seen smoke. Pulling up to the front of the building Thomas saw another car there in the driveway also.

Then his eyes opened wide as he saw the college parking sticker, from the same school he went to! Damn Thomas thought small world. Stepping out of his small car Thomas rose to his full 6 foot and stretched his athletic body. Straightening his short cropped light brown hair Thomas walked to the front my girlfriend fucked me with her charming tongue lesbian and teen. Just as he was about to busty teen in the pool big tits the door opened and a rather short woman looked up at him.

Looking back into the house she yelled, "Pa we got another one! Come on in young man the weathers 'bout to turn nasty. Good thing ya found the farm, nothing much round here for miles." Thomas looked around swearing he could smell apples, god a glass of apple cider would be great right now. "Yes Ma'am," Thomas started as the short woman hustled him into the front room. Making him sit she disappeared and reappeared a moment later with a full glass of.? Thomas sniffed at whatever it was.

To his surprise it was apple cider! Damn he thought it was almost as if she read his mind he'd just been thinking about a glass of it. "If ya wan' more just let me or pa know we got plenty" The short woman bustled about the room as Thomas watched her thinking of his mother. Shaking his head Thomas asked, "Ma'am? Do you have a phone? My cell isn't getting any signal here. Actually not for miles Ma'am?" Thomas was perplexed as the woman seemed to be avoiding him or just plain ignoring him.

"Ma'am I asked." Thomas said as he reached out to touch the woman's arm. "I heard ya young man. I just thought not ta waste breath tellin ya we have none as ya can well see. Now then excuse me I hav work ta finish." Thomas just sat there with his mouth open. Getting up he headed for the door but found he couldn't seem to open it when he pulled or pushed on it. Then there was that, the door was freezing cold. Putting his shoulder into it he smiled when it started to move, then it flew open and he found his self tumbling out on the porch into the snow!

Thomas shook his head as he shut the door then headed to his car. A small male face appeared at the window and shook its head. Thomas put his key in and turned teen roxxxy rush and milf stephanie double team a thick cock, his mouth hung agape when nothing happened!

What in the hell was going on? This was an almost brand new car! There shouldn't be a damn thing wrong with it! Shaking his head he started to laugh, well he got his wish he guessed. He wasn't going home this year that was for sure!

Trudging back to the house he was about to knock when the same short woman opened the door. "Ay get in here! Ya be catching cold out there in the snow with no coat or boots. Hav ya lost ya mind?" She asked him. "No Ma'am, I just want to go home ok?" Thomas could only shake his head as he started to shiver crap he was colder than he thought! Doing a double take there was a roaring fire in the fire place. What was going on? There hadn't been time for them to build that!

Thomas knew also that the fireplace had been empty when he went out. The old short woman left and an even older looking, short man appeared.

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"Ah! Hello son. Might as well make yaself at home. Trixie is of a mindset fer ya to keep us company 'til the storms blows over.

Sides I know the boss won't mind at t'all as he likes young folks around the house." "Yes sir, not to be impolite but I really have to get home.

My family will have half the state out looking for me when I don't show up." Thomas said as he looked closer at the man. Strange but Thomas could swear the man reminded him of the old pictures he'd seen of Santa's Elves. Shaking his head Thomas thought, 'Get ahold of yourself!

They are just the indoor staff of the owner. Probably live in maid and housekeeper.' The old man's eyes opened wide and he smirked but did nothing else. "Now then young man, ya need some rest afore the boss gets home since no one can stay fer free he'll talk to ya about payment.

Now up ta bed wit ya! Git! We'll see ya in the morn. It's the first mom and her teen sons on the right. Night!" With that he'd already pushed Thomas up the stairs and in front of the door. Thomas's mouth hung open how in the hell had he gotten here?

Grasping the door handle he noticed another door not two feet away from almost next to his. Suddenly realizing he was far more tired than he thought he was Thomas went in. Looking at the bed he climbed in far too tired to notice much of anything.

Laying back his eyes closed as soon as his head hit the pillow. It was a few hours later, when half asleep Thomas thought he felt the bed move. It was more like a person getting up and leaving the bed. Maybe twenty minutes later Thomas was almost asleep again when he felt the bed move again. God he thought this was a nice dream as he felt a soft body snuggle up to his back. Ummm he thought again she feels so nice.

Falling back to sleep Thomas started to have several ideas invade his mind. He didn't have a girlfriend, hadn't for most of this school year. Most fat girls dominated girls tied xxxx storys his friends had thought he'd gone gay on them. Many would hardly talk to him 'til several of them found out he was staying in his room every night studying. After several attempts to drag him out, they finally left him alone.

Thomas sighed it wasn't that he didn't like women hell far from it. It was just that after the extra special break up that Bitney had done to him and in public, one could say he was afraid. Afraid he snorted in his sleep, more like terrified of them all! Used to, he'd look at a woman and see a soft, loving tender hearted female. Now all he could see was a hateful, vindictive, greed driven creature that loved to torture. No thank you sir, he thought! He'd much rather be alone than have his heart mashed, stomped on, and then shredded.

Thomas was so out of it he didn't even hear the door open as an older man with a white beard and old fashioned spectacles looked in.

Moving his huge stomach gingerly the older man whispered saying, "You're sure neither of them is aware of the other?" "No sir, we took all precautions to ensure that they didn't have a premature meeting just as you ordered sir." The older short man said then smiled.

"I had Trixie remove all of his outer apparel. As she did to the other one. Sir, I don't mean to question you, but do you think this is wise; I mean they both are bare. I have found that almost all humans are repelled at this with strangers." "I know Chincey I have thought of that also. When they do realize, where are they going to go? There are no other rooms here and the front room and kitchen are horribly cold.

Neither of the vehicles will start, plus the storm nature has whipped up, should keep them inside form a while. No I think it might take a few days but I know this will work.

As I have seen, this may be the last chance for either one of them." The old short man nodded as they shut the door, sighing he said, "We will continue as we have though Santa sir, I really hate to lower my intelligence for this." Then the door was closed cutting off the rest of the conversation.

Again it was several hours later as the sun or rather what of it there was rose. As it got higher it brought a little light and even less warmth into the room. Thomas's hand was resting on something so soft; god it felt good reminded him of when he and Bitney were naked.? Springing upright the covers were pulled from the naked female body beside him. She was petite with light brown hair. His hand was square on her at least, 34 - b breast. Shaking a bit he slowly withdrew his hand as her brown eyes snapped open!

What followed in the next few minutes was confusion and pandemonium. Far be it that he had his hand on her breast, or her hand was around his morning 'wood'. They both looked up and down each other's body, and then the woman started to scream! Thomas tried to back away after she slapped his hand away from her and wrenched her hand from his sex. Thomas fell out of the bed as the woman went to the other side with the blanket hiding under it. A moment later Trixie walked in stark naked herself, "Ah!

Ya are awake! Come now the boss is waiting." "You put a rapist in here with me! He had his hands on me! How dare you!" The woman was still screaming. "I am not a." Thomas started. "SHUT up this doesn't concern you!" The woman was screaming pointing a finger at Thomas.

"WHAT!? Wait a damn minute if you didn't notice I am naked too without clothes!" Thomas yelled back at the woman. "Beside I saw you looking at me! I felt your hand locked around me!" Thomas suddenly shouted out. "Yeah I was making sure you weren't trying to take advantage of me!" She shouted back. "Ha!" Thomas said. "As fucking if!" "Yeah I know you'd like to wouldn't you? You pervert!" She started again. Thomas sneered at her, "I could say the same about you!

Where are my clothes? You took them and got into bed with me to trap me didn't you? " "You!? Really? You sound damn sure full of yourself!" The woman yelled back. There was a sound of heavy footsteps and suddenly an older man with a sex kitten eva lovia shows off her amazing booty smalltits pornstars beard was standing at the door.

"Oh, now ya done it! That's the boss, made him come up here ya did!" Trixie bbw wife raped and creampied by black thugs. "What is with all this yelling? You are guests in this house I suggest you remember that." When neither of the youths said a word the man nodded.

"Now then let's start over. My name is Nick, I am the owner of this farm." With that Nick looked at the woman. "I'm.," she swallowed hard as she was staring at the older man who was naked also! That plus he had a club almost as long as the guy she woke up next to.

I'm.," shaking her head femdom forced a guy gang rape sissy felt a tingling between her legs damn it! Her body was betraying her again. "Violet, I am violet!" She almost shouted. "I am a third year student at the university upstate." Nick nodded good she was starting to open a little obviously the fight had awakened something in both of them.

Looking over at Thomas, Nick nodded. "Oh yeah, right. I am Thomas I am also a third year student at the university upstate. I don't mean to be a downer but I really need to get home for Christmas.

My family is expecting me." This last was said almost with a venom like quality in his voice. "I take it you don't like being at home? Nick asked. "No, I mean yes, well no not a lot of the time.

They are always on me to find a woman, as if. They are all cold hearted, vindictive bitches. I am a hell of a lot happier being alone!" Thomas spit at the older man. "Hmmm ok, I see, and you Miss Violet? Do you also want to leave to go home?" Nick asked a smile lighting up his face and the room. Violet had clamped her mouth shut but the old man's smile did something to her.

"No, not really. Why would I want to go home to a drunk of a mother? I was glad to get the hell out of there. It was a cess pool and I was drowning in all the shit there.

So no Mr. Nick, I am not in a hurry to go home though I have to, She may be a drunken whore but she is still my mother, such as she is." Nick nodded to both of them, hmm this was going to be slightly harder than he thought but it could be done. "Alright here are the rules. As guests, unbelievably hot lesbian girls playing with dildos pantyhose lesbians present living in this house, rule one, no clothes at any time.

Number two; there will be no copulating in the main room, the kitchen, or any room other than this one for you two." "Copulating? You mean sex? Ha! You have to be kidding old man, with that skinny broomstick? Please give me a little more credit that that!" Thomas laughed. Violet was staring at Thomas with a murderous look while she was mumbling, "Yeah right as if you could ever have sex with that club you freak of nature!" This time it was Thomas who was staring at Violet with a murderous look.

"Freak! You bitch! What can't get a boyfriend?" "A hell of a lot easier than you can get a girlfriend, freak!" Violet yelled back. "Ah! Youth so wasted!" Nick said suddenly making them both quiet. "Those are the main rules, there are a few others but they are of no concern as none of us can leave the house for a bit." This last comment brought several groans from both of them.

"As I said this is your room, and that is the only bed, so I suggest you both learn to share. You do know what sharing is, don't you? To freely give something of one's self to another without expecting anything back. In fact doing so brings you joy. Now then you are free to move about the house, help if you like, don't if you don't feel like it." With that, Nick left to let them both to think about what he'd just said.

Good he thought, at least they are thinking about it and not trying to figure a way out of it. An hour later Thomas made his way down the stairs. He had to get away from Violet, her cowering was really starting to annoy him. Though he'd put on a big front, Violet's comments had cut him deeply. He thought back to Bitney the day they broke up, she'd called him a meat pole and a freak.

Almost every foul thing she could think of. There were so many times over the last year that he'd almost given up. Alienated from almost all his friends he was almost completely alone now. Sighing he started to look for the one called Chincey. Maybe there was something he could do to help and get his mind off all this crap.

As if by magic the man appeared, "I take it ya wish ta help?" When Thomas only nodded the short man took his arm and led him into the back of the house. Damn Thomas thought, the house hadn't look that large when he came in. Violet watched as Thomas walked out of the door. Finally she thought!

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Getting up she ran to the bathroom with no door. Sitting, she released all of the pee she'd been holding with a long deep groan.

God she thought he'd never leave. He might not be modest peeing in front of her this morning, though she had to admit, it had been interesting to watch, she was. Shaking her head she started to wipe and almost had an orgasm! What was going on with her body? She didn't find him attractive at all! Uh. did she? Getting up she thought 'I ought to find Trixie and see if she needs help.' "Oh! Hello young one, did ya wanna help today?

I've plenty ta do if ya care ta hep." Trixie said as soon as she walked in the door. Violet could only stare at the short woman with her mouth hanging open but she'd just thought, and then Trixie and.and. "Yes ma'am I'd like to help." "Ah! So polite ya had good parents did ya not?" Trixie said.

"No ma'am." Violet said as a wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob tears fell from her brown eyes.

"I didn't have good ones. I just think it is better to be this way is all." "Oh my dear I'm sorry. Didn't me ta bring up bad thoughts," the short woman said. "It's ok, I'm not fragile like everyone thinks," Violet replied. "Good then come with me we have much ta do!" Trixie said as she started to drag Violet out of the door. That night both of them dragged their selves up the stairs, neither of them had ever worked that hard.

Violet was so tired she didn't even care if Thomas looked at her. As if he could he was fighting to keep his eyes open. They'd hardly been able to bathe or eat, as it was Thomas fell asleep in his food twice. Climbing into bed Violet was out within seconds. Thomas was aching all over his body and was having a hard time relaxing.

Sighing he tried several times to relax his body, finally he felt his shoulders relax as did his back. Finally he thought then he felt a movement under the covers as Violet rolled over and cuddled against his back.

God she feels so good he thought as he drifted off. Each day for the next two days Thomas awoke with his hand on her breast, she with her hand firmly grasped around his morning hard on. Though those two days he'd removed his hand, and had to wait 'til she awoke and let him go.

True in her sleep the third day she'd almost stimulated him to orgasm, still he was having a hard time relating to her at all. This morning they were introduced to an older woman named Mary. She'd been at the farm next door and had come over when the storm abated some. Thomas could only stare at the older woman, for as old as he thought she was she was in great shape.

The older woman smiled and kissed Thomas thanking him for thinking she was still busty milf boss fucks big geek cockangel wicky 02 story 09 good shape.

Giggling she watched as Thomas's member rose to its full length. "Oh dear," Taming a wicked poon tang hardcore and blowjob said. "Did I cause that? I am so sorry young man.

It is unfortunate that there is no one to help you with this problem." With that Mary looked straight at Violet and winked. "If you did poor boy, they might blonde milf sasha sean sucking fucking big dick blowjob and bigtits that it isn't half as bad as it looks." Violet blushed a deep blood red, hell it was a major accomplishment for her to be here in front of all of them naked.

Looking at Nick she could see that he was excited to see her. Well parts of him were excited that was for sure. Then again as she looked at Thomas she had to admit Thomas was bigger, and hard! God he was harder this morning than usual!

Had she done that to him? My god she thought, they are both hung like bulls!She wasn't sure but her body was starting to betray her again. She was wetter and wetter each morning when she awoke. Sighing she couldn't say anything, she knew that Thomas was a confirmed woman hater, hell people in general. Smiling she remembered hearing that, that slut Bitney had been found beaten up a few days later.

Then she had withdrawn going to another school. Violet knew Thomas was as far out of her league as anyone could get. Here she was 22 and had only been with one man. She'd been out with numerous guys but after the first had taken her without her consent, she was hundreds of times more wary of men. Walking away from the main room she wished there was some way that she and Thomas could be together but she was far too afraid.

Sighing, she followed a smiling Trixie into the kitchen. Thomas was trying to hear what Nick was trying to say as he watched first Violet, then Mary as their bouncing butts walked into the kitchen. 'Damn,' he thought, 'wish I could hit that, hell both of them. Problem is Violet hates me, my fault I guess,' as he sighed. Thomas followed Nick to the back of the house, who wore a huge smile on his lips. It was starting to get interesting; perhaps now that Mary was here they could get things done.

The day ended and after eating they headed to bed. They were about to lay down when they heard a groaning on the other side of the hall way. Fearing something bad had happened they both went out into the hallway. Following the sound they stopped at a partially open door. Looking in they both saw Mary spread eagled on the bed with Nick between her legs plowing into her at a rapid speed. Thomas immediately grew to his full length; Violet felt her vagina start to leak like faucet. They stood there transfixed 'til fifteen minutes later the older couple finished with deep satisfied groans.

Leaving the two voyeurs crept back to their room both dumbfounded at the raw sex they had just witnessed. In their room both sat on the bed with a thud, both surprised that they hadn't been caught. Thomas opened his mouth to ask Violet if she was ok. She leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. As what seemed like shock waves went through her she smiled.

Launching herself at him she pulled him to her as she started to kiss with force. His eyes wide Thomas put his arms around her and deepened his end of the kiss as a groan escaped her throat. Holy shit! Thomas thought she is hotter than I thought!

Oh my god! I could do this all day with her. God what an idiot I've been! Violet could feel her stomach flutter! What was this?

When he started to kiss her back everything changed a groan escaped her throat, oh god! Her body was on fire! I have to stop before he hurts me like they all have. Remember he hates women, he hates women. Screw that! He obviously loves to kiss me! Thomas was panting he couldn't believe he was sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt a woman again, not after Bitney.

God she felt so good, she felt so perfect in his arms! Thomas stopped all of a sudden as he looked at Violet, really looked at her. Deeply into her eyes, then a smile lit up his face there was no disgust, no condescension, no ridicule my god he thought.

Kissing her again, he looked one more time, it was still there a look he thought to never see. Love, plain and simple and it was for him and him only! Violet looked at Thomas when he stopped with concern, had she done something wrong?

She'd finally found someone who wanted her and not what she could do. Now she'd messed that up and he was pulling away! She started to cry this was it! The ultimate humiliation! She started to rise, to leave, when a simple question stopped her. "Violet? Do. do you love me?" He asked. Turning she started to deny, "Love you I." hanging her head she said. "I'm not sure Thomas I do have feelings for you." She kept her head down waiting for the rejection she knew was coming and probably his scorn also.

"I." he started taking a big gulp. "I have feelings for you. I tried to deny them but they are there. I know that we can never be together though. I would hurt you, I couldn't do that, ever.

I'm so sorry that I'm a freak Violet." With tears falling from her eyes Violet told him, "There has to be a way Thomas. If Mary can take Nick there has to be a way." They both walked to the doorway and were surprised when they found Nick and Mary outside waiting on them. "See, told you they'd be along shortly. So what can we do for you? Ah! I see you need me to stretch Violet for you, ok but it's only fair that you entertain my Mary while I do this for you Thomas.

So what do you say?" Thomas's member rose to its full length causing Mary to laugh. "It appears that part of him is ready!" Grabbing Thomas she lead him into his and Violet's room as did Nick, Violet. For the next few hours Mary taught Thomas all that she could about pleasuring a woman. Nick had grabbed a copious amount of lubrication using quite a bit on Violet's vagina and his penis.

For the next couple of hours he worked on slowly stretching Mary's opening 'til it could accommodate his large intruder. Exhausted both Thomas and Violet snuggled up face to face and fell asleep. The next morning Violet was slow to get out of bed though not hurting, she was sore. She was grateful that Nick had been as gentle as he had, though with a smile she thought she couldn't wait 'til it was Thomas's turn!

This was the fourth day, Nick sighed, nature had, had to move on with the storm which meant they had to leave soon. He hated to let them go they had helped far more than they thought. Thomas had actually got the hang of things and they were a little ahead of schedule.

Shaking his head Nick was surprised even with the stoppage last night they were still ahead. Today both Thomas and Violet moved with an energy that Mary knew all too well. Though she was sore Violet was a beast in the kitchen even making Trixie back away at times.

"Ah child! Ta have that energy again! Och!" Mary laughed she remembered the first time that Trixie had done the deed. It had taken all of the staff to get her to calm down. well that and her husband Chincey. After that she wasn't allowed sex except a few days after the season.

Shaking her head that wasn't that good either but it was a lot safer. That night they both climbed the stairs to their room. Closing the door Violet climbed into the bed and waited for Thomas. "I don't want to hurt you, I know you are sore. we can wait if you want." Thomas told her. "No, I want you now!

We have to I have been feeling something all day. I am afraid that we are going to have to leave soon." Violet told Thomas. "Yeah I know, I was feeling it too. It was weird in the way that all of the guys kept looking at me. Nick had this sad look in his eyes also. I really don't want to hurt you. I'm going to go easy ok?" Thomas asked her. Violet nodded and hot babes show off their round titties as Thomas lined up and gently pressed forward.

Violet's eyes went wide! Oh my god, She thought it feels so damn good! When she felt no pain, she decided that Thomas was going Wayyyy too slow. Wrapping her legs around his waist she pulled as hard as she could. With an oomph! She felt him slide all the way in. Oh! Heaven she thought as Thomas looked at her closed eyes with concern. "OH MY GOD! Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry Violet." Thomas said as tears fell from his eyes.

"Oh, you didn't hurt me you stud." he heard her say. "It just feels too damn good for words. I am so full of you I'm floating I never want this to end!" Thomas's eyes went wide, he wasn't hurting her? Then a smile crossed his lips, he wasn't hurting her! Thomas started to move in a rhythm, each time he withdrew he heard her little whine, 'til he exclusive best friends hot mommy alexis fawx back in to her grunts. Finally five minutes later at her urging he was thrusting in and out with more force.

She felt it starting to build up within her as she screamed geeky teen likes to suck and fuck her first orgasm. She couldn't believe that this was what love was supposed to be no pain, no humiliation. Just love, yes, she could say that after only 4 days she loved him!

Thomas could see the love shining in her eyes again. It made him smile if he hadn't been sure before, he was now, he was falling for her but hard! Finally he felt his orgasm building, "I can't stop Violet, I can't, oh my god! I going to ugh!" Violet's eyes went huge as she felt his hot seed as it poured into her.

Both of them kissed neither could move, tired as hell but happier than either had ever been. Kissing her again they both separated and went to the bathroom to clean up. Back in bed they kissed again. "What is your last name?" Violet asked. "Oh, in all the excitement I forgot it's Trill, I have to take you home with me." He told her smiling, god finally things were going his way.

They both awoke happy the next morning that was 'til they came down the stairs. Everyone was there including Nick and Mary. "So it's time for you both to go." Nick told them both. "Yeah I figured that after yesterday. Heck we both did." Thomas said then looked at all those around them they were all sad. "Did I say something wrong?" "No." Nick said. "What is it you both want more than anything?" Nick asked ,though he thought he knew their answer.

"We already have it, each other, we are the best presents to each other." Violet stated. Many in the room started to cry, "I am sorry you two." Here Nick touched both of their foreheads and said remember. Suddenly the door opened and the wind swirled in around them.

As it started to pull them apart Violet started to scream "NO!" Then was all was quiet. Thomas was in his car heading to his parents he'd stopped miles outside the city to get gas. Suddenly a thought hit him them another. "Oh shit! He yelled. Looking at his watch he could see that the main office was closed, Damn it! Sighing he knew he'd have to wait 'til after Christmas break to find her as tears started to fall from his eyes. Pulling up to the front of his parents Mansion he sighed and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Two weeks 'til he could hold her again, finding a dark corner he let the tears fall. Several of his cousins found him and started to make fun of him. He'd never fought back, never had a reason to, this time his ire rose to monumental heights as he punched his way out of the corner knocking all five of them out. His mother and father walked up a few minutes later their mouths hanging open. "Damn son," his father said "she must be a hell of a girl to get your dander up like this. When can we meet her?

Any woman that can make you react like this, I have to shake the hand of." More tears started to fall as Thomas shook his head. "I don't know Dad, I really don't, I only know she lives on the other side of the city and her name is Violet." "That's all? My god son! We have to find her and soon you are a wreck!' His father said as his mother hugged him.

Nodding to both of them he pulled his cell and called a few of his friends. Each and every one of them had never heard of a woman named violet. Calling one of his last two friends, the man told him that there was a woman like he described that worked in the records room. "I think they all left for the holidays early today, huh? Her name, hmmm, let me think I think it was Rosewood.

Ok later buddy see you after the holidays." His friend said as he hung up. Thomas sat around the rest of the day, after beating up on his cousins, everyone pretty much left him alone.

Moping he threw his arms up and sat out by the pool not really caring what was going on around him. Once again he'd screwed up sighing he took the unopened bottle of liquor opened it all the way and turned it up.

As the fiery liquid burned down his throat he thought this will work. I'll just stay drunk 'til I go back. Getting up he slightly stumbled into the now almost dark house and raided the liquor cabinet grabbing four more bottles he nodded yup that ought to do.

He'd just started on the second full bottle when he heard a car out front. Great more late relatives, trying to get up he fell back in the chair and chuckled hell with it! A voice caught his attention, "Son, there's a woman by the name of Violet Rosewood at the front door." His mother said.

"Let her in," A slurred voiced Thomas said. Trying to stand Thomas took an unsteady step toward the house and fell back into the pool! Sinking down he thought well this sucks!

His mother screamed as Thomas hit the frigid water. A body came flying through the house and jumped in next to him. Pulling him out She didn't hear any breath or feel a heartbeat. Immediately she started CPR. Finally getting the water out of his lungs Thomas started to breathe. "Damn it Thomas, are you drunk?" His rescuer asked.

When he only nodded she sighed. Helping him up she got him into bed and stayed there with him all night. Later that night Thomas awoke with a headache plus the room was spinning a little. Looking around his room he spotted someone in the far chair against the wall. "Violet?" He whispered. She got up and came to him kissing him.

"I remembered you telling me your name. I looked it up before I left and got your address. After I saw mother, I drove all the way across the city it took hours though, traffic was terrible." Leaning close she said. "You have to keep me stretched out Thomas, at least that's what Nick said. By the way did he look familiar to you?" "Yeah he did kind of looked like." Thomas started. It was just then that they heard sleigh bells over head. Turning Thomas smiled, "looks like it's going to be a Merry Christmas after all!" "I agree; I love you!" Violet said.