Beautiful girly lesbians loving with erotic toys pantyhose erotica

Beautiful girly lesbians loving with erotic toys pantyhose erotica
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Estelle was sitting alone at the bar as she studied her surroundings, the soft beat of a 90's pop song thumping in the background. Her attire consisted of an extremely low-cut, black dress and a pair of black stilettos adorning her feet. Acrid smoke filled the air as her gaze grazed over the numerous clusters on the dance floor before landing on the lone man in the corner who was staring at her intently. His cold gray eyes surrounded by crow's feet and graying locks instantly reminded her of her father.

With just the idea of someone looking familiar to her father, Estelle felt a warmth beginning in the belly of her being, a soft tingle resonating in her body.

Her father was definitely not a looker, but she had always had a significant crush on her father. In fact, she couldn't remember a time when she didn't want to have her father's hot cock pummeling her young, tight pussy. Beneath her dress, Estelle could feel her large nipples hardening on her small breasts.

The stranger from across the room could see the small shadows of her hard nubs. His body responded by making his semi-erect cock twitch. The strange gentleman stood from his cramped table and made his way to the black-haired Estelle with confidence. "Good evening pretty lady," he began when he settled his bottom in the chair next to his new female companion.

"Do you mind sharing the night together?" Such a straight forward approach made Estelle's eyes bulge, her lids pulling back fully in shock. He didn't want to know about her past? She didn't have to talk about her job? No grilling about why she was wearing such revealing clothes? Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Estelle agreed to his suggestion.

".but don't you want to know my name? Or tell me yours?" The gentleman shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly then turned to the barmaid and ordered another round of vodka for Estelle. "I'm Charlie by the way," he said while his eyes looked up and down her body from up close, his eyes pausing over her deep cleavage, the sides of her tits bulging out of the arm hole.

The big pussy shaving bbw ssbbw obese chubby squirt orgasm staring, along with his unusual resemblance to her father, made Estelle's nipples tingle. "Estelle," she answered pertly before sipping her drink. Interesting, she thought as he drew a gulp from his now-full glass. "I'm in town visiting a couple friends, so I have a very nice hotel room," Charlie proposed simply.

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"I have toys and a video to add to the fun. If those aren't enough to keep us entertained, I'm sure you wouldn't mind being a slut in front of a camera." His blunt words plunged her into a silence, a throaty cough clearing the shock from her brain.

If this stranger was going to be so blunt, so was she. "To be honest," she started impishly, "I have no need for any of that as long as I have the ability to role play. I wouldn't mind having a porno rolling as I'm teasing or sucking your cock to get you ready for sex, but that's only if you want it." Charlie's brow curled up with interest, lazily begging her for what sort of role play she had in mind.

So she continued, "I have a great interest in father/daughter role play, though I promise you that I have never done it." With the last word falling off the tip of her tongue, Estelle drained the remains of her glass and asked her companion if he was ready to go. Their clicking footsteps left Charlie's glass of vodka on the bar top. Broken mirrors glinted in the night as the couple traveled down an alleyway, Charlie's hand softly squeezing and slapping her ass as they went.

Within a few minutes and a couple of blocks, the hotel he was staying at loomed before them with grand haze of gold and white. The room was neatly organized, the bed promptly made with perfection in mind. A long couch was planted in front of the suite's television set and Estelle could see that there was enough room for her to kneel in front of a sitting Charlie as she eased her head up and down his length.

Estelle excused herself to the bathroom, older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles her time to carefully remove her black dress and hang it gently on a silver hook.

As she studied her black lace sweat heart bra, with matching garter belt and panties, she thought of Charlie and her father. When Charlie smiled at her she saw a small glint in his eye that was similar to her father's and made her cunt stir with desire, Charlie's deep laugh left her nipples begging to be sucked and played with just as her father's laugh did, and Charlie had all the physical characteristics of her father: how could she not have deluded herself to believe that her father was in the suite's living room?

Her hips rocked from side-to-side as she closed her eyes and imagined that she was riding her father's cock, the dampness of her pussy becoming truly recognized.

Estelle placed her hand over her panty-covered mound and let her fingers barely graze along her slit. Wetness filmed her fingertips with every pass along her slit, her fingers pushing ever so gently one girl rides him and the other fingers herself her wanting hole.

Beneath her panties, her labia parted and swallowed her panty-covered finger. With the material kissing its way into her opening, Estelle's body tensed and shook, her white knuckles gripping the vanity's edge.

Having thoroughly drenched her panties and needing to clean her fingers, Estelle quickly cleaned her fingers before opening the door and sashaying to her father. Two girls were shyly teasing one another's thighs on the screen, Charlie's pants unzipped as he sat watching them.

Estelle watched the scene unfold to their shy touches turn into a shy kiss, which then turned into a passionate kiss with shy fondling of each others breasts. Her love tunnel softly stirred as she listened to the smacking of their lips and soft moans, Estelle's own moan deaf to the untrained ear. Seeing his one-night lover in such sexy attire made Charlie's cock twitch again with excitement, her hips wiggling suggestively as she walked to his spot on the couch. She stood in front of him with her legs open wide enough so the light showed where her garments were soaked.

The soft curve of her torso disappeared as she lowered to her knees, her hand rubbing up and down Charlie's inner thigh.

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From his knee, her honey brown eyes watched him. "Daddy, what are those girls doing to each other?" she asked with feigned innocence, her hand continuously rubbing the inner curve of his thigh. Just the act of asking in her small voice made another jolt of electricity warm her chest as the slope of her breast was interrupted by her hard tips. Charlie's chest vibrated as he moaned. Though he hadn't told her, he also loved to role play as a father. "Nothing baby," he chimed as he tried to ignore her teasing hand, "they're just being friendly with each other." "Can I be friendly with you daddy?" The simple question hardened his cock immensely, only gathering enough strength to nod his head with closed eyes.

Her hand slipped into the hole of his boxers and pulled out his hard pole. Estelle's eyes didn't see Charlie as she stroked the cock that was in front of her, she saw her daddy and his cock.

Seeing her father's cock made her greedily lick her lips. With a determination to taste her father's cum, Estelle leaned her head forward and circled his bell. The warm wetness of her young tongue on his old dick sent shivers through his body, more shivers throbbing along his spine as he felt her talented tongue slide up the shaft of his lifted cock.

By now the women on the screen had progressed from their fondling embrace to a tricky 69 position. Their moans were loud and their clothes were placed so that their bodies were revealed quite adequately.

Seeing two naked women with their cunts being eaten out while his daughter licked his cock expertly had Charlie growling with satisfaction. His growl made Estelle purr with gratitude as her lips enclosed around the girth of his iron rod. She could feel the hardness in her mouth as her tongue swirled around the top of his meat, her head bobbing down in short jabs. One of her small hands climbed onto the couch and went to hold her father's hand, the other sliding of her milk-smooth thigh to her aching crotch.

She pressed on her clit through her panties as her tongue licked the under side of his shaft, her moan of relief reverberating around his cock. The vibration of her moan made Charlie grip her hand tighter and she moaned again. Thinking her daddy was gripping her hand in such a position, Estelle forced herself to take more of his cock into her mouth, the length beginning to force its way down her throat.

Having the confines of his lovely daughter's throat squeezing around the circumference of his cock, Charlie moaned throatily and placed his free hand on Estelle's bobbing head.

Her small throat bulged as it stretched to accommodate the intruding member's girth, but the stretch wasn't enough to keep Estelle from giving chokes for air. Her nostrils flared and tears threatened to form as she swallowed his cock, the sounds of her small chokes secretly turning Charlie on even more.

Now fully erect, Charlie's cock speared into Estelle's throat with the small dilations of his thrusting hips. Unexpectedly, cum shot out of his cock tip as his shaft lodged itself into her throat. Tears rolled down her eyes softly as she vehemently choked on her daddy's large girth, her hand squeezing his with extreme force in a desperate attempt of getting him to withdraw. Charlie emptied his cock and released Estelle from his grip. One more glimpse at the television screen showed that the two women were now rubbing their sweet, tight pussies together.

The supple, youthful skin on the screen made Charlie want to run his tongue up and down their wet mounds. A soft thud brought his attention back to Estelle, who had sat back on her heels, her hand resting on her chest as she gasped for gulps of air.

Softly, Charlie pushed his daughter's shoulder until she was laying on her back. With his hands, her father parted her long legs to see the wet spot of her dented panties, the tell tale sign of her fondling while she had sucked him off.

The sight of her wet crotch made her daddy's shoulders slump with want, his head dipping forward to suck on her genitals through her panties. His tongue licked up and down her slit, the taste of her cum tingeing the taste buds on his licking muscle.

He pulled off her mound to peal back the damp material and toss them aside, her musky aroma greeting his nose. Charlie closed his eyes as he deeply breathed in his daughter's scent of arousal, a pulse beginning to pick up in his fuck organ. "Oh, daddy, yes!" cried Estelle as she felt a warm tongue sliding from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clitoris. Her hands tangled in his hair as one of his reached up to fondle her full breast, the other sliding stud stuffs his ramrod in babes pussy and down her slit.

Estelle whimpered with pleasure as she felt her father's finger slip between her folds with the help of her juices, a yelp of excited surprise filling the room when she felt his finger enter into her wanting hole. Her entire body shivered like a leaf as Charlie worked his finger in and out of her velvet walls, his tongue bathing her clit.

Charlie's other hand was busy pinching and pulling the hard tips of his daughter's sweet nipples. "Mmm daddy," she purred and sighed as her orgasm worked up as Charlie slid another finger into her waiting hole. "Oooh—just like that!" she screamed at having his fingers thrust into her depths harder. She thrusted her hips up, wanting his fingers to pound into her open cunt harder, her clit smashing into Charlie's face. Feeling her wetness and knowing that she was so close to giving a torrent of her sweet nectar, he sucked her clit hard and batted his tongue wildly against her bud while his fingers curled up and mercilessly pounded her canal.

"I'm gonna co—Oh fuck, I'm coming. Oh daddy, I'm coming on your fingers and all over your face! Oh, oh, oh, oh!!" Estelle cried, her mind losing for those with a foot fetish ultraporncamscom of her body as she exploded and girl cum mome and son first time out around Charlie's fingers and onto his face. Her tense body shook, her arms jerked in different directions as her makeshift father continued to work his curled fingers into her pussy, his fingers hitting her g spot with ease, and her mind was blank as she tried to think a coherent thought.

Incoherent screams turned into incoherent mumbles before Estelle lost consciousness.