Bianca breeze cant get enough of shane diesels massive cock

Bianca breeze cant get enough of shane diesels massive cock
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My Sex Journal This morning my best friend, Cindy and I were talking. She asked me if I kept a journal, I told her I didn't. She told me her mother had kept one as a girl, and had started her on one when she was young. I asked her what she wrote in it.Cindy told me she wrote all of her special activities and stuff like that. She told me I should start one too. So when I got home from school, I got out this big notebook and decided, since I had recently discovered the joys of sex, that I wanted to start a journal of my sexual activities.

The beginning of this journal starts about three months ago, just after school let out for the summer. I am 13 years old. My breasts had been growing during the school year, as have my legs, and body, now having filled out nicely, I looked quite sexy. The few boys I knew had told me I had great legs, and nice breasts. They are a very firm B- Cup with hard pink nipples. I'm about 5'4", with strawberry blond hair, and hazel eyes. It all began late one night after we had all gone to bed.

I got up to go to the bathroom and saw light coming from under my 14 year old brother Rob's bedroom door. There is about a 2" gap between the bottom of the door and our new hardwood floors.I decided to peek under his door to see if I could see what he was up to. What I was the most amazing thing.

Rob was laying naked, on the floor. There was a piece of glass under his belly. Rob was looking at a magazine, and moving his body back and forth. Then I saw his cock moving back and forth over the glass. It was long and hard, and it glistened with his juices.As he looked through the magazine he would move faster, for a while, then slow down for a while. Then after a few minutes he slowed a bit and began quietly grunting as some liquid spurted out of his cock, as it moved back and forth over the piece of glass.

This lasted for several seconds. Then Rob stopped moving and got up. I watched him clean up the glass, and wipe his big hard cock off. It began to shrink a little as he put the glass and magazine under his bed. Rob got up and putting some shorts on, climbed into bed, turning the light off.I continued to the bathroom, but noticed that my pussy was tingling.

I took my pee, and returned to my room to sleep. The next day I told Cindy about what I had seen. She told me her brother does something like that too. It's called masturbation. I asked her why he does it. Cindy scowled at me and said.

"You've never done it." I told her that I hadn't. Cindy told me that people masturbate because it feels so incredibly good, especially the orgasm. I asked what that was.Cindy told me that the goal of masturbation and sex, is to achieve an orgasm. It is the most incredible, intensely pleasurable sensation possible. That is when a guy cums, and shoots his sperm. "Is that what came from Rob's cock?" I asked.

She said that it was, and that even some girls squirt pussy juice when they cum, she heard that Jan Cooper is a real heavy juicer.This was not the first time I had talked about sex, boys, cocks and getting pregnant from sex, with my friends. But it was the most intriguing talk.

My pussy was tingling a little again. The next few evenings I checked Rob's door to see if the light was still on. One night he had gone in late, so I snuck over to peek under his door. Rob was getting undressed, his cock was hanging between his legs, and was fairly long. I watched him pull the glass and a few magazines out from under his bed. I watched as he thumbed through the magazines, then selecting one, he tucked the rest back under the bed.

Rob laid on his belly, with his cock on the glass and appeared to be reading a story or article in the magazine, for a while.Then he began moving his hips, rubbing his cock on the glass. Rob flipped through several pages, then gazing at one page in particular, he began moving faster for a few minutes.

Then he slowed and thumbed through the magazine again. He stopped at another page, and stared at it until he had his orgasm. Rob grunted and moved more slowly as his cum spurted from his cock.When Rob's orgasm was over, he got up and cleaned his cock and the glass. He returned the glass and magazine to their places under his bed.Rob put on his shorts and went to bed. I returned to my bed and laid there feeling the tingle in my pussy as I thought about Rob's masturbation, till I fell asleep.

The next day, while Rob was out with his friends, I went to his room and pulled the magazines out from under his bed. There were quite a few. I began thumbing through the pages. What I saw both shocked and intrigued me. I saw many pictures of beautiful naked girls. Which I thought was strange to me that I found them such a turn on, and so attractive.

In some pictures the girls were cupping their beautiful breasts, and in some they were parting their pussy lips to reveal what was inside. I saw pictures of girls caressing, or licking another girls breasts and pussy. I also saw pictures of couples having sex.

I saw close up pictures of a guys cock inside a girls pussy.Looking at these pictures had my pussy tingling more than ever, and I was dying to find out what it meant. Then I found a forum section, and began reading the stories. I quickly got an education in sex, as I read a story of a guy and girl having sex. I learned about what they did to each other, with descriptions of oral sex, fingering a pussy and even penetration, and fucking.

I was intrigued by the descriptions of whey felt as they pleasured each other, and their attempts to describe their orgasms. Then I read a story of two girls having sex, licking and finger fucking their pussies, and caressing breasts, bringing each other to orgasm over and over again.

I found I was intrigued by this story, and was very surprised to find I was so turned on by girls, as well as boys. The next story I read was about a girl masturbating. I read intently as she described how she masturbated and what she was feeling as she brought her self to orgasm. Well it all hit home for me, I now knew what the tingle in my pussy meant and how to rub and play with it to bring intense pleasure and orgasm.

I found out that masturbation is not only totally harmless and normal, it also helps relieve stress, and sexual desire.As I read several more stories of girls masturbating, I learned many ways of pleasuring myself and was now dying to try some.

I returned to my room and quickly stripped my cloths off. I stood in front of my full length mirror and watched myself as I caressed my breasts. This made my pussy tingle even more, so I spread my legs wide and looked at my pussy in the mirror as I moved my right hand down and slowly rubbed over my pussy lips.

This felt great and I continued to rub it for a minute.I wanted emaporn sex stories mom boobs anti see my pussy better, so I sat down and raising my knees up, and spreading them wide, I moved as close to the mirror as I could.

I took the fingers of both hands and began opening my pussy. As my outer lips parted I saw my pink inner lips, which seemed to be getting thicker. I walked my fingers into my pussy and parted my inner lips. As they parted I could see my entrance at the bottom of my slit.

I began to run a finger around inside my pussy. The sensation I got was fantastic. While I was fingering my pussy, I noticed it was getting very wet and slick as my juices began to flow.

I hit a spot at the top that felt incredible. I decided to rub this spot a while. The sensation this caused was incredible, and only got better as I continued to rub it.I inadvertently moved a little hood of flesh up and found a hard little bud under it that was extremely sensitive when I rubbed it.

I quickly realized that bud was what I had been rubbing through the hood of flesh. I remembered the stories and I had found my clit. As I continued to rub my clit, I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I had started breathing hard, and I was softly moaning as my pussy got very wet, and was burning with pleasure.Soon my head was spinning with incredible desires as the incredible sensations were flooding my body.

Then I bdsm feet life is nothing more than a series of calculated risks hard as the intensity of my pleasure hit a peak, and I began convulsing as I experienced the most intense waves of pleasure from my pussy, and moving through my whole body, making me shudder and whimper.

Then the sensations began to subside until they became mild feelings of pleasure.I returned to rubbing my inner lips and entrance, finding them soaking wet with my slick juices. I continued rubbing this area, which felt real nice, as I thought about what I had just experienced, and decided I had just cum in an orgasm.

I had felt so old man younger woman old smart gentleman with a youthful spectacular girl that I just had to try it again, and went back to rubbing my clit again.

I quickly rose to my peak and came even harder than the first time. my orgasm lasted a little longer than the first one as well. Just as my orgasm had subsided I heard the front door closing. I realized Rob was home. I jumped up and quickly got dressed. Rob knocked on my door and came in, he asked me if I would like to go over to Jen's for dinner.

I said. "Ok." and we left. I wasn't able to anything else that night because we got back from Jen's too late. When Rob left this morning I went over to his room and took a few of his magazines and returned to my room.

I chose one and began to look at the pictures and read the stories. After reading more stories of girls masturbating, girl on girl sex, (which I was beginning to think I had to try,) and couples fucking, (which I was very interested in trying, despite a fear of getting pregnant.) I really needed to masturbate now. I took my nightshirt and wet panties off and laid out in front of my mirror, so I could watch myself as I masturbated.I love to see my pussy as I finger my lips and rub my hard clit.

I slowly brought myself up to orgasm, then came harder than ever. I continued fingering myself and came again. Then I slowed a little and was slowly working toward a third orgasm. I was near orgasm again when Rob came barging into my room, yelling at me for snooping in his room and taking his magazines.When Rob finally saw me lying naked in front of my mirror, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, he stopped in mid sentence and just watched me as I came.

I jumped at his sudden presence, but had just started cumming and couldn't stop masturbating, as I was cumming very hard this time, shuddering and crying out softly. I rode out my orgasm before stopping and turning to face Rob.

I began to apologize to him, but he had seen his magazines open around me and said. "It's ok, I didn't realize you were using my magazines for that. I can't be angry at you for using them for the same purpose that I use them for. You may keep the ones hd teen fuck redhead linda plumbed by dude tube porn have.

How did you know they were there?" he asked. I told him I had peeked under his door the other night to see what he was doing, and saw him humping his piece of glass while looking at the magazines. I saw him put them away when he was done. Rob asked me if I liked watching him masturbate. I said. "Oh yea it was fantastic." Then Rob asked what I liked most about the magazines.

I told him the pictures were great, but I learned a lot from reading the stories. He asked me which types I liked the best. I told him I liked the girls masturbating a lot, and the couples fucking the best, but I also liked the ones about girls fucking girls too.

"Rob then said. "Since you liked the stories of couples fucking, do you want to have sex with a guy."I said. "Oh yes I would love to try it, but I'm afraid of getting pregnant." Then rob said. "what if I could show you some ways of having sexual actions with guys, without any chance of getting pregnant." I told him I would love to try that. Rob said. "How about right now, I was just going to masturbate, but I could show you and get off at the same time."I said.

"Ok, that sounds great, lets do it." Rob took off his cloths, revealing his rock hard cock. He asked me to lay back with my legs spread. I moved back from the mirror and laid on my back, spreading my legs wide, keeping my legs flat on the floor. Rob knelt between my legs and laid on me with his cock on my pussy.When Rob had his cock shaft between my pussy lips and was set he began to hump me like he did his glass. Rob was moving back and forth, rubbing his cock over my pussy.

He reached over and grabbed a magazine and started looking at it. Rob thumbed through the pages until he found the stories.As Rob was reading the story and continuing to slowly hump me, I got real hot, and soon I tensed up and began to shudder as I came hard. Rob liked the sounds and shuddering of my body as I came, and he began to move a little faster.This quickly brought me to orgasm again as his cock was rubbing my clit hard. Then Rob slowed a little to prolong his orgasm a while longer.This went on for a couple more minutes, before I was about to cum again.

Just as I started to cum, Rob grunted and came on me, riding out our orgasms. It was great, feeling his cum splashing on me as he came. I loved this, it was fantastic, feeling his cock rub my clit and pussy lips as he humped hot mom big tits fucking got up and wiped me off with some tissues.

Then he asked me how I liked that. I told him I loved it, and I couldn't wait to do it again. Rob was very happy about that as he too loved the feel of my hot, wet, smooth pussy under his cock, and that it felt so much better than his piece of glass.

Two days went by with no sexual activity, and I was so horny I could not take it any longer.After everyone had gone to bed, I checked Rob's door, to find his light was on. I opened the door and walked in closing it behind me. Rob was naked, lying on his back on his bed. His cock was fully hard, and he was reading one of his magazines.When Rob looked at me I said.

"It looks as if you are as horny as I am, let me take care of that for you." Rob just nodded yes. I took my night shirt off and pulled my panties down, stepping out of them.I moved over to his bed and laid on top of him, spreading my legs around his. I worked his cock between my pussy lips, and propping myself on my elbows, allowing my breasts to rest on his chest.

I began moving back and forth, humping my pussy on his cock and rubbing my breasts and nipples on his chest. I started reading the story on the back side of the page he was reading as I humped him slowly, like he did to me.When I neared orgasm I humped faster, bringing myself to a fantastic orgasm and rode it out, before slowing to prolong his orgasm, so I could get a chance to cum again.Rob turned the page, and I started reading the story he had been reading.

It was a hot group of couples fucking hard and wild. When I got to the part where several people were cumming, I came again. Then Rob grunted and came under me.

I loved the feel of his cock pulsing under my pussy as he came. It was intense enough of a turn on to make me cum a third time, and I rode out my orgasm, before stopping and getting up off Rob's still hard cock.

Rob cleaned the cum off himself and the little bits that had splattered on me. Rob thanked me for the fantastic orgasm and was tired. I put my night shirt on, picked up my panties and said.

"Thanks for letting me hump you. Goodnight." As I left for my room, to go to bed, pantieless. The next day Cindy called and wanted to spend the day. We went to the mall and talked as we roamed around the place. Eventually I began to talk about the magazines I got from Rob, and the stories I had read.

I asked Cindy is she had ever thought about having sex with another girl. Cindy said. "I don't know about doing that. Isn't that what lesbians do?" I said. "Yes, but bisexual girls have sex with boys and girls." Cindy said.

"Oh well I'd have to think about that, I just don't know." I dropped the subject at that point, and we carried on talking about other things and joking about things the rest of the afternoon. When we got back to my house, I gave Cindy several of the magazines to read, and figure out what she liked.

Cindy is like me, 13 years old, and new to the world of sex. She knew little more that I did before I began reading the magazines. Cindy had to go home for dinner and said her good byes, and left for the night. We went out to dinner that night, and got home really late. I was too tired to play and went straight to bed. Rob was gone all the next day, and stayed at a friends for the next three days. I got so horny after just two days that I found my self sitting in front of my mirror, looking at pictures of couples fucking, while fingering my pussy until I had cum three times.Then I showered and watched TV for the rest of the day.I spent the entire next day out with friends, (Cindy was not hot chick pink tits sweet pussy vibrating online camsex masturbation amateur and I was afraid I had scared her off with my sexual desires).

When I returned home for dinner that night I found Rob was back. That night I stayed up late, hopping Rob would want some sex, I wasn't disappointed.

Rob came into my room a while after everyone else had gone to bed, and asked if we could have sex. Rob stated that he was very horny and wanted to try a new position to see how it would work.I was also very horny and quickly agreed, throwing my bed covers off, to reveal my naked body. Rob quickly took off his shorts, and asked me to get on my hands and knees, which I did. Rob knelt behind me and bending his cock down, he slid it between my legs and up between my pussy lips.

When Rob let go of his stiff cock it pressed hard against my pussy.Rob began to slowly move back and forth rubbing his cock over my pussy, hitting my clit hard. I quickly heated and began juicing heavily.

When Rob's cock was good and wet with my juices, he began to move faster, bringing me up to orgasm within minutes. I came long and hard like this.My orgasm didn't subside much as his cock was rubbing my clit so hard that he was driving me crazy.

I came again and again and again.Rob kept on humping me like this, and I just kept on cumming. After a while I looked back at Rob and asked him if he was going to cum soon.

He said. "I don't think I can cum in this position. I can't get enough stimulation, the top of my cock isn't sensitive enough to make me cum. We'll have to change positions."I said.

"Ok, that's fine, but let me cum a few more times like this, they are the best." Rob agreed and began moving even faster. I came immediately, even longer and harder. After I came three more times like this, I moved away from Rob and got up. I said. "Ok man now it's your turn to cum." Rob had me lay on my back and spread my legs.

He moved over me and laid on me, with his cock between my pussy lips. Rob began humping me hard and fast. I quickly rose to my peak and came again, just before Rob came hard, and covered my belly with his cum.

When Rob's orgasm subsided he laid on me a few minutes, holding me and catching his breath. I put my arms around him, and enjoyed the embrace as long as it lasted. It felt worm and satisfying. Then Rob got up and grabbed some tissues. He gently cleaned the cum off of me and his cock, before helping me to my feet. Rob then said. "Little sister, you have a very beautiful sexy body, I love your firm breasts, smooth curvy legs, and soft smooth skin. But I especially love your soft, slick, pussy." I Told him I liked his body, and especially loved his hard cock, it really feels good rubbing between my pussy lips and across my sensitive clit.

Rob watched me get into my nightshirt and climb into bed. Rob Said. "I have many more positions to try." I said. "Great I would love to try them. Good night." Rob said. "Good night." And turned the light out as he went out the door, closing it behind him. The next day Rob was gone early again. I had breakfast and was cleaning my room, when the doorbell rang.

I went to see who it was. To my relief, it was Cindy, I let her in. She had the magazines I had given her to look at.Cindy asked what I was doing today.

I told her that I didn't have any plans, except to clean my room, which I was in the middle of doing when she arrived. Cindy asked if we could try some girl on girl sex, she had been turned on by reading stories about girls doing it and wanted to try it, webcam teen bubble ass abused p one see if she would like it. I said. "Sure lets go to my room."Once in my room I asked Cindy to take her cloths off while I quickly finished cleaning my room.When I was done I turned to find Cindy standing in front of my mirror, looking at her naked body in it.

I took my nightshirt and panties off as I studied her body. Cindy is an inch taller than me. Her legs are slightly more rounded than mine, her ass is slightly bigger, than mine, and her breasts are slightly bigger than mine. Cindy's nipples are more red in color than mine and her pussy hair is completely shaved like mine, making for a very sexy girl, with a pretty face.Cindy looked my body over a few minutes.

Then said. "Ann I didn't realize you had such a sexy body, or at least I hadn't noticed it before." I said. "I hadn't noticed you, your body is very sexy too." Cindy asked how do we start. I asked her to lay on her back and spread her legs. when she did I knelt over her face and laid down with my face over her pussy, and my pussy over her face.I parted her pussy lips with my fingers, and began gently licking around her entrance.

Cindy jumped when my tongue made first contact with her pussy. I continued licking around her entrance, between her inner lips, as she heated and began to get wet.

Cindy tasted a little bitter, but it wasn't bad.I felt Cindy part my pussy lips with her fingers. But it was several more seconds before I felt her tongue between my inner lips. I gasped at the initial contact of her tongue on my sensitive flesh. It didn't feel anything like my fingers, or Rob's cock. It was a totally different feeling entirely. Her tongue was wet, hot and rough. Cindy's tongue probed me in ways I have never felt before. As I continued to tongue Cindy's pussy, she began getting more and more excited, she began breathing heavily, and moaning.

I moved my fingers up to the top of her pussy, and finding her clit hood, I raised it up, exposing her clit. I began gently licking her clit. Cindy bucked up hard under me and then came hard, her body convulsed for black amateur babe giving silent handjob pov seconds as she experienced her massive orgasm.When Cindy's orgasm subsided, she exposed my clit and began to lick it.

I immediately gasped hard and was brought to the brink of orgasm. Then after a few more licks I began to shudder as I came very hard. The sensation of her tongue on my clit was more intense than anything I had ever felt, and it was incredible. When my orgasm subsided, I went back to licking Cindy's pussy, as she continued licking mine. It didn't take me long to bring Cindy to orgasm again. Then she brought me to orgasm seconds later. We continued licking each others pussy, bringing each other to orgasm again.As we were working our way to our forth orgasms.

I suddenly noticed, Cindy had stopped licking me. Then I felt the familiar feeling of Rob's cock sliding between my pussy lips. He had obviously come home and walked into my room to see if I wanted to have sex, and seeing this action, decided to get in on it.

I continued licking Cindy's pussy as Rob began moving his cock back and forth over my pussy. I concentrated on Cindy's clit, soon making her cry out and cum hard again.

Then I went back to licking her entrance, letting her recover. Rob soon brought me to orgasm, as I came hard on his cock.Then I licked Cindy's clit hard, bringing her to a long powerful orgasm as she shook hard under me. When her orgasm subsided, I returned to licking her entrance, while I waited for my next orgasm.

It didn't take long as Rob's cock head was rubbing my clit hard. I finally came long and hard on his cock. I stopped licking Cindy's pussy when I came.When my orgasm subsided completely, I asked Rob to get up. When he did I asked Cindy to help us roll over so she was on top. We achieved this position rather easily, and now I was on my back, with Cindy over me.

I said. "Ok Cindy, back to my pussy. Rob back to what you were doing. I felt Cindy begin licking my pussy again, as Rob knelt at my head and slid his cock under Cindy's pussy. I watched his cock begin to slide back and forth over her pussy. It was a sight I had dreamed of seeing since the first time I felt it, and it was so incredible to watch that I came again, even harder. Then Cindy came on Robs cock.When her orgasm subsided, Cindy reached between us and pushed up on Rob's cock during one of his back strokes, so that his cock head moved to her entrance.

When Rob moved back forward he entered her pussy. They both gasped. "Oh god." as his cock slid deeper into Cindy's pussy. He had a little less than half of his length into her when she stopped licking my pussy, and cried out in pain as he penetrated her cherry.

All activity ceased at that point.No one moved for several minutes. Until Cindy's pain subsided, then she began to lick my pussy again. I gave Rob a slap on the ass, telling him to continue. Rob pushed his cock the rest of the way into Cindy's pussy. I heard him exclaim how fantastic her pussy felt, he had never felt anything like it.

Rob and Cindy both lost their virginity at that moment.Rob remained deep inside her for a minute, then began slowly moving in and out of her. After a moment he began to pick up speed and was fucking her at a nice pace. I began licking Cindy's clit, while Rob was fucking her. This was driving her crazy, as she came almost immediately, crying out her passion. Rob moaned and said. "Oh god I can feel her cumming, her pussy is convulsing around my cock.

I can't believe how good this feels.When Cindy's orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of her and asked her to get off me. Rob looked at me and said. "I have got to try your pussy." Cindy piped up and said. "Oh yes you must, you won't believe how fantastic his cock feels inside you." I said. "No I don't want to get pregnant." Rob said.

"Honey, you can't get pregnant, if I don't cum in you, I'll pull out just before I cum and rub my cock over your pussy, like I did before, and cum like that." I told him that was fine with me, and as Rob moved over me I felt his cock head part my inner lips, and settle against my entrance.

I gasped in pleasure when I felt his head penetrate me, and begin to slide in.When I felt a tarring in my pussy I knew he had taken my cherry. Strangely it didn't really hurt. Rob stopped moving at that moment. I looked at him and said. "Don't stop, it doesn't hurt much at all, keep going in." Rob continued to slide his cock deep into me. It did feel fantastic. Once Rob was completely in me he remained there a moment, before beginning to fuck me slowly.

Rob gradually built up speed until he was fucking me at a good pace.The sensation of his cock moving in and out of my pussy was indeed incredibly exquisite, and it didn't take more than two minutes for me to reach my peak, and begin convulsing as I came hard.

Rob looked me in the eyes and said your pussy feels fantastic, especially when you cum. I can feel every convulsion of your orgasm, as your pussy squeezes my cock with every contraction. Rob then began fucking me a little faster, which brought me back up to my peak. Within a minute I came again. Rob slowed his strokes dramatically as I came, and he rode me through it. When my orgasm subsided Rob pulled out of me, and began humping his cock on my pussy for about a minute, before he tensed up and grunted hard as he came, spurting his cum on my belly.When Rob's orgasm was over, he sat up and asked Cindy to hand him a tissue.

When she did, he wiped his cum off me and his cock. We talked about the days activities, and when we might repeat them. Cindy was very interested in having Rob cum on her, like he just did on me.

I also was watching Pink pussy pron hub sex storys cock shrink down to its non aroused size, and could not believe how much it changed in size.

Cindy and I got dressed as Rob headed to the shower. Since today is Friday I knew we couldn't do anything over the weekend, because our parents would be around. So I asked Cindy hot webcam girl striptease for you f come over Monday morning.

She said, that would be great, as she left for home. Monday morning, Rob enters my room and tells me that Cindy is here. I jump out of bed, and walk into the living room, in my nightshirt, with Rob right behind me. I see Cindy standing just inside the door, dressed in a tight shirt, which shows her breasts in great details. And tight, short shorts, which show off her smooth shapely legs and round ass.

I looked at her and said. "God you look incredibly sexy." I heard Rob excitedly agree, then say. "Man she's hot." This made Cindy blush, as she thanked us.I asked Cindy to sit, as I needed to get something to eat, offering her some. She said she was good.As I went to the boobs pressed while sleeping sister to get some breakfast, I heard Rob ask her how she wanted to have sex. Cindy said. "Well.

I want to eat Ann's pussy while you eat my pussy, until we both cum. Then I want her to eat my pussy, while you eat her pussy, until we both cum.

Then I want to get into a 69 with her and eat each other until we both cum. Then I would like you to fuck her until she cums. Then fuck me until your about to cum, then pull out and hump my pussy and cum all over me.

Rob said. "Ok, that sounds great. Um, can I watch you guys eat each other." Cindy said. "Of course you can watch, but only watch."I yelled out from the kitchen. "That sounds like a great plan, I'm game to play. After eating, I returned to the living room. We all decided to do it right here. We all took our cloths off.

Cindy and I stood, looking at each others bodies, while caressing our breasts for a minute. Then we turned and looked at Rob, and continued caressing our breasts as we watched him stroke his cock as it ebony teen takes a hard cock in her ass in black anal video Rob's cock is fully hard, I laid on my back and spread my legs, with my knees up. Cindy knelt between my legs and began licking my pussy, which felt great as always.

Rob knelt behind Cindy and began sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client her pussy.Soon Cindy and I were both moaning as we began heating and nearing orgasm.

I was getting very hot and came in just under three minutes. Cindy cried into my pussy as she came about a minute later. When her orgasm subsided we all got up.Cindy laid on her back, spreading her legs. I knelt between them and began licking her pussy. Rob knelt behind me and began licking my pussy. I concentrated on Cindy's group of girls in lined up and was able to bring her to orgasm within two minutes.

Cindy convulsed as she came hard.Rob wasn't licking me that hard and I was heating more slowly. I took advantage of this and brought Cindy up to the brink of orgasm, and was able to keep her there. Rob then began licking my clit, and I rose to my peak within a minute. I brought Cindy to her shattering orgasm just as Rob made me cum hard, as I exploded, and convulsing in his face. When our orgasms were done, we got up and discussed who was going to be on top. Rob flipped a coin, and I called heads.

It was tails. I laid on my back and spread my legs. Cindy moved over me in the 69 position and placing her pussy over my face, spread my pussy lips with her fingers, and began licking me hard, making me gasp in pleasure.

I spread her pussy lips wide with my fingers and began licking the entire length of her pussy. Cindy had me going crazy, as I raced toward orgasm.

Sensing my rapidly approaching orgasm, I exposed her clit and licked it hard. Cindy promptly jerked hard and cried into my pussy as she began to cum hard. I kept licking her clit, making busty blonde milf is caught and fucked cum again and again.Then she took my clit between her lips and sucked hard on it, while flicking it with her tongue. I immediately screamed loudly and began cumming harder than I have ever cum.

I continued cumming this hard, as long as she continued this attack on my clit, while I attacked her clit, keeping her cumming. This must have gone on for several minutes, before I let her clit go, and licked her entrance, to allow her to come down from her orgasm. Cindy kept up her attack of my clit, until her orgasm subsided. Then when let go of my clit, and just lightly flicked her tongue over my clit, bringing my orgasm down slowly to its completion, about a minute later. When I regained my senses, I asked Cindy where she learned to suck, and flick my clit like that, and how to bring me down like that.

Cindy told me she had read it in a magazine story last night. I said. "Oh great, you'll have to let me read that one. I looked over at Rob, and saw him sitting there rubbing his rock hard cock. I said to him. "I see your ready, how do you want to fuck me." Rob looked at me and said. "Lets pick a position out of one of my magazines." I said. "Ok, sounds like a great idea, go ahead and get one." Rob went to his room, and came back with a magazine. Rob flipped a few pages at random, and stopped at pages of adds, no good positions.

He flipped some more then stopped. Pictures of girls eating each other. Did that. He flipped some more, then stopped. Pictures of a hot looking naked girl.

He flipped some more, then stopped. Bingo, picture of a girl sitting on the edge of a dinning chair, with a guy kneeling in front of her.

His cock was in her pussy as he was fucking her.I got up and ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a chair. I ran back to the living room. Setting the chair in the middle if the couple goes wild in a hardcore home fuck brunette blowjob, I sat on ddeep fisting elbow fisting perfect nurse anal fisting tube porn and spread my legs.

Rob knelt right in front of me, and forester ofice xxx sex stories story his cock at my entrance. I gasped loudly as he penetrated me, and sank his cock deep into my pussy.

Then Rob began fucking me with his usual moderate pace, bringing me up slowly. I asked Rob why he fucked at this speed, and didn't go a lot faster. He said. "I did hump real fast when I first discovered humping felt good and did it that way for some time. I would have my orgasm in a minute or two. Then when I got my first magazine, I discovered I was cumming too soon, and didn't have time to enjoy the pictures, and stories. I tried different things to make it last longer, but I found that if I just moved slowly, I could last a lot longer, and had the time to read a story, or look at a complete set of pictures, before cumming.

Now that I have discovered fucking inside a girls pussy feels so great, the slow pace allows me to enjoy the feeling of your pussy a lot longer, before I have to pull out and cum." I said.

"Oh I see, what a great idea! What a great way to fuck and enjoy it for as long as possible. Rob's pace brought me up so slowly, that it took me more than six minutes sleeping lesbian aid with maya mona and priya price reach my peak, as I had been looking at the clock on the VCR.

The sensation in my pussy was raising higher than ever, and when I finally came, it was one of the most powerful orgasms Rob has ever given me. It lasted longer than most, just over a minute, before subsiding. Rob pulled out of me and turned around to find Cindy lying on her back with her legs spread. She had been watching us fuck from below Rob's ass.

Rob moved between her legs and laid on top of her. He positioned his cock at her entrance.I heard Cindy gasp as he penetrated her, and slid in deep. Rob began fucking her with his moderate pace. It became obvious that he was hitting her clit in this position, as she was moaning and bucking her hips. Then she came hard in only three minutes. Rob looked at me and rolled his eyes back, saying. "I love the feel of your pussies when you cum.Rob continued fucking Cindy at the same pace, thoroughly enjoying the feel of her pussy.

Then Cindy came again, bucking her hips and whimpering as her orgasm rocked her body hard. Rob continued fucking Cindy, bringing her up to one more shuddering orgasm.

Then hot blonde nice ass rides cock in classroom staci silverstone her orgasm subsides he went on for a minute, then pulling out, he put his cock between her pussy lips, and begins humping her a little faster than he was fucking her.It still took him a few more minutes to reach his peak, and then he came hard, spurting his cum all over Cindy's stomach and pussy.

Rob seemed to cum a long time, nearly a minute, before he slowed his humping, then stopped a few seconds later. When Rob got up he said. "Man that was the longest, strongest orgasm I have ever had." I handed him a wet wipe. He looked at it, and saying.

"Should have thought of these sooner." Rob wiped the cum off of Cindy and himself, leaving them both clean, and not with caked cum residue. This time we all showered together, cleaning each other. Then we got out and dried each other off, before returning to the living room to put our cloths on. We all watched TV, and messed around for the rest of the day, until Cindy had to go home.

We did not make any plans for another sex session. Rob was out with friends the next day, and Cindy had chores to do and could not come over. I had the house to my self for the day, and tried to watch TV.

But I couldn't, my mind kept drifting to thoughts of sex. So I got the magazines out from under Rob's bed. Then I saw the piece of glass, and though I'd try it. Since Rob has cum so many time on it, I thought I would try and add mine to it as well.I laid down with my pussy over the glass, and started moving like Rob does.

I found I wasn't able to get my pussy to touch the glass. I spread my legs as wide as I could, and began to move again, closer but still not close enough.I raised up on my hands as high as I could, with my legs still spread wide. Then I began moving again. Now my clit was rubbing the glass, but it was dry, and it hurt.I got up and spit on the glass a few times. Then I resumed the position and began moving again.

Now my clit was rubbing the glass in my spit, and it felt great. This was a difficult position to maintain, but I was able to get a little more comfortable without loosing contact of my clit on the glass.I kept humping the glass, and I was heating nicely. I soon reached a plateau, and I realized I needed more. I began moving faster and faster.

By now my pussy was getting very juicy, and the juice was starting to run down my clit, and onto the glass, making it slicker. This was feeling even better, and I was able to move even faster. That did the trick, as I soon hit my peak, and came very hard. It was then that I discovered that if I tensed my muscles when I cum, it increases the intensity and duration of my orgasm. This discovery came because I was tensing a lot of muscles to maintain my fast paced movement, in this difficult position, and my orgasm was very long and incredibly strong.

I even coated the glass with more pussy juice than usual. When my orgasm was finally over, I got up and stretched, to take the ache out of my body. I decided to give Rob a little present, and pushed the glass, covered with my pussy juice, back under his bed with out cleaning it. I went to take a shower, and clean myself up.

When I came back out, I noticed Rob's door was now open only a crack. I stopped to peek in. He was naked and kneeling by his bed. He had pulled his magazines out, and spread some out with pictures showing, and one with text, probably a story.I pushed the door open and stepped in saying. "Hey." as he pulled the glass out.

Rob looked at me before he could see the glass was all wet, and said. "Hey." Rob kept looking at me as I dropped my robe, revealing my naked body. I moved over and knelt at the end of his row of magazines, and spread my knees wide, sitting on my feet. I looked at Rob and said. "I saw you setting up through your partly open door, and thought you might like looking at me while you masturbate." Rob said. "Great idea, I would love to look at your hot body while I masturbate." Then as he was about to lay on the glass, he noticed it was wet.

He looked at me and said. "What the fuck, why is this wet." I said. "It's my pussy juice, I had just humped it like you do, and came on it." Rob looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, and said.

"How the fuck did you do that. " I said. "I laid on the glass, spread my legs very wide, and raised up on my hands as far as I could, then when I moved back and forth, I was able to rub my clit on the glass until I came." Rob said. "I don't believe you can touch the glass with your clit." "Fine, I'll show you." I said.I got up and moved over, and laid on the glass, away from most of my juice, in an area where there was just a little juice. I spread my legs wide, and raised up as high as I could on my hands.

I began moving my body, rubbing my clit on the glass. Rob looked between my legs, and saw my clit rubbing on the glass.When he said. "Ok I apologize for not believing you, I can see your clit rubbing on the glass." I stopped and getting up, I returned to where I was sitting, with my legs spread wide.Then Rob laid on the glass, with his cock in the middle of the puddle of my pussy juice.

When Rob began to hump the glass, he looked at me and said. "Wow, your pussy juice is so slick, and feels so good to hump on. I never thought about using that much lubricant, I usually just use the precum that comes out of my cock as I hump. But I usually have to start with very small movements, until my precum starts to flow.

Then I can move more, as the juice increases and spreads out. Some times it dries out, and I have to slow until I can produce more precum. Then I can go faster until I cum." Now Rob was humping the glass at his usual pace, as he looked my body over for a while.

Then he slowed his pace and began reading the article in front of him. After reading for a few minutes, he looks at me and says. "Hey, it says here that a girl can't get pregnant for the first week after her period, because there is no egg to fertilize. She can have all the unprotected sex she wants. "I said. "So that means for the first weak after my period, I can let you cum in me without getting pregnant?" Rob says. "Yes that what it means, I can cum in you and Cindy." Then Rob looks at his pictures for a while, before picking up speed a little.

He looks at my body, my breasts, and my pussy, until he grunts, and cums for a full minute. Then he stops moving and just stairs at my pussy for a moment.After another minute, Rob gets up and pulls a container of wet wipes out, and begins cleaning the piece of glass. I begin closing his magazines, and stacking them, I slide them under his bed. When he has the glass and his cock cleaned off, he slides the piece of glass under the bed.Then while I'm putting my robe on, and he is putting his shorts on, Rob says.

"Can I ask you a favor, can you get some small containers from the kitchen, and catch your pussy savannah stevens enjoys interracial threesome dogfartnetwork big black cock when you masturbate. And try to catch some of Cindy's pussy juice too, when you guys have sex. I want to use it on the glass to hump with.

It is so much better than using just what I can produce my self. It is so much slicker, and feels so good. I just came the hardest and longest while humping the glass, thanks to your juice." I told him I would. We both Said good night and went to bed. The next day, (Friday) Cindy came over to see if Rob was home, so we could fuck. Rob was gone for the day. She asked if we had done anything exciting.

I told her about having used Rob's piece of glass, like he does. Then let him look at me as he humped on my pussy juice on the glass. Cindy decided she wanted to try the glass.

We went into Rob's room and took the glass out from under his bed, which had magazines on top of it. I moved the magazines aside, and positioned the glass in the middle of the room. When I turned around to find Cindy, she was now totally naked. She moved over to the 15" square pane of glass and knelt next to it. I told her that she would have to spread her legs very wide, and raise up on her hands as high as she could, in order to rub her clit on the glass.

Cindy then asked me to hand her some magazines, she wanted to look at some pictures while she masturbated. I told her to forget the magazines. I had a better idea. I took off all my cloths and sat against the wall with my legs spread wide. Then I told her to work up some good spit, and then spit on the glass. When she did, I said. "Ok lie on the glass, with your pussy over the spit, spread your legs wide, and raise up on your hands.

Cindy laid on the glass, spread her legs wide and rose up on her hands.Sitting where I was, I had an excellent view of her firm breasts, and her clit hood, hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat it pressed against the glass. I reached between my legs and spread my pussy lips apart with two fingers of my left hand, in a V shape.

I used the first finger of my right hand to rub my pussy lips.Seeing this got Cindy going as she began to move small amateur chick stepsister eager to swallow last drop of cumshot and forth.

Cindy looked at me and said. "Oh man, I can feel my hooded clit rubbing on the glass, and it feels great. I took both hands and raised my clit hood high, exposing my whole clit. I looked at Cindy and said. "Do you see my clit? Do you like it?" Cindy said. "Yes I can see it, and it looks nice and hard."I returned to rubbing my pussy lips, until my juices began to flow, then I spread my lips wider and began rubbing inside my pussy.

This was starting to feel real good now. I soon felt my juice starting to run out of my pussy. I rememberedRob wanted my juice. I leaned over and looked under his bed, and found a small container. I pulled it out, and sitting back up, I removed the cover, and wedged it under my ass so it would catch my flow.

I began we met a gorgeous blonde pickup chick downtown she had a funny walk as if there was an imaginary run around my clit, making me even hotter by the second.I rubbed my clit hard, and soon I grunted hard as I began cumming. I came for about a minute before it subsided. Then I pulled my clit hood up high again to expose my clit.

Cindy looked at my clit and said. "Hey Ann, your clit looks bigger and harder than it was before you came. I said. "Really, I didn't know it did that." I continued to rub around my clit, bringing myself back up to the brink of orgasm again.

Then when I was about to cum, I pulled my clit hood up high, exposing my entire clit. Then I rubbed the top of my clit as I came very hard.My orgasm excited Cindy to the point that she cried out, and came hard, as she continued to rub her clit on the glass.

I kept myself cumming until her orgasm subsided, and she stopped moving. Cindy laid down on her arms, and stared at my clit, as I continued to cum. I slowed my rubbing and moved my finger to my entrance and rubbed there until my orgasm subsided, and I calmed down. Then I stopped rubbing all together. I then realized I was still holding my clit hood up, and Cindy was still looking at my clit. Cindy said.

"Ann teens fuck for facial reality and real clit gets so big and hard looking when you cum, then when you calmed down it got smaller and softer looking." I looked at her and said.

"Hum, I didn't know it did that." I got up a few minutes later and looked in the container. I was surprised by how much juice was in it. There was more than enough to cover the bottom. Then Cindy and said. "Boy, that position does hurt a bit, but I did cum pretty hard." I looked at the glass and saw quite a bit of her pussy juice on it, so I poured it into the container, and put the cap on it.I put a note on the cap that read. This contains pussy juice from Cindy and me. She used your piece of glass the same way I did, while I masturbated in front of her.

She kind of liked the glass too. After writing the note, I turned back to Cindy, and found her reading a sex story.

She looked up from the story, and said. "This story is about a girl who leans back in the shower, and lets the water hit her pussy and clit, until she cums. Want to try that?" I looked at her and said. "Hell yea, I need to take a shower anyway, and it would be great to be able to masturbate and shower at the same time." We went to the bathroom, a couple of shoots himself on camera homemade handjobs turned the water on, we got into the shower and both soaked our bodies down thoroughly.

Then I leaned back against the far wall and spread my legs. Cindy directed the shower over my pussy.As those streams of water hit my pussy and clit, I experienced another fantastic sensation, unlike anything I had felt before.

The shower hit so many areas of my pussy, and clit at one time, it was incredible.I quickly arched my back and shuddered as I came. It was another long hard one, and when it finally subsided, I relaxed against the wall, letting the water continue to bath my pussy.

I quickly rose to my peak again, and arched my back and cried out as I came again, even longer and harder. The second powerful orgasm in as many minutes. When my orgasm finally subsided, I rolled out of the streams, and told Cindy to try.Cindy took my place against the wall, spreading her legs, and adjusting her position until the water was hitting her pussy just right. I watched her as she enjoyed this. Soon her head rolled back, then she started to tense up, and arch her back. Within a minute Cindy began to shudder as she came.

Cindy came long and hard like this. Then she began to relax, her back straighten out as she leaned back against the wall again. She shifted a little, then groaned again. She began to tense up and arch her back as her second orgasm approached.

Within seconds she began convulsing hard as she came again. This time her orgasm lasted even longer. Finally Cindy dropped down on her knees, and tried to catch her breath. After a few seconds she stood back up and said.

"Oh my god, that was one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, that water hits so many spots at once, it's incredible." I just nodded in agreement, as I began to soap her body. Once I had washed every inch of Cindy's beautiful body, paying particular attention to her pussy, she rinsed off.

Then Cindy washed every inch of my body including some special attention to my pussy. After I rinsed off, we got out and took turns drying each other off.

We walked naked, back to Rob's room and put our cloths back on. Now it was getting late, and Cindy didn't want to be late for dinner, she said. "I've got to be going, you let me know what you guys do over the weekend." I told her I would as she went out the door.

Rob returned home just in time for dinner. The dinner conversation was about how we were getting along this summer. I talked about spending time with Cindy, going to the mall, hanging out at the park or the pool. Or just sitting around here watching TV, and talking. Rob told us about hanging with his friends at the pool, or riding around on his bike, or just hanging around here watching TV.Our parents thought it sounded like we were having a good summer.

If they only had a clue as to what we were really doing, they would go nuts. I didn't care, I just loved doing sexual things so much. After dinner we all watched TV, until it was time to go to bed.

Then we all headed to our rooms to get ready for bed. I had just taken my bra and panties off, when I heard a soft knock on my door. I turned around as Rob walked in with the container of pussy juice in his hand. Rob said. "Thank you for doing this for me, it makes such a difference, thanks again." I said. "It was not a problem, we had fun doing it. You can expect to get a lot more of that, as we are going to be doing it as much as we can." I looked at the container, then back at Rob and asked.

"Are you going to go and use that tonight, and if so can I watch." Rob said. "Ya, I'm going to use this right now, and you may in deed come and watch, as long as your naked." I grabbed my nightshirt and followed him across the hall to his room, closing my door and then his door behind me.

Rob pulled the glass and a brand new magazine out and unwrapped it. I asked him where he got the new magazine. He told me that Andrew Waren's wife throws them directly into the trash when she takes them from the mail box. He then goes and gets them from the trash later on.I sat a few feet from him and watched him as he undressed. Then he sat on the edge of his bed, and laid the magazine across his lap.

I watched as he flipped through the front section first, then coming to a pictorial spread he began to gently rub his cock as it began to harden. I watched his cock intently, as it grew longer and got thicker, and began to rise up in front if his belly.Once his cock was fully erect, and he had finished looking at that photo spread, he got up and placed the magazine on the floor, about three feet from the glass. Rob then turned the pages to the forum section.Rob took the lid off the container of pussy juice, and pour about half of it on the glass, two hotties take care of a rod form a puddle about 5" in diameter.

Then he put the lid back on the container and tucked it under the bed. As Rob laid down over the glass, he positioned his cock over the puddle of juice. I laid on my side, along side him, (still about two feet away) so I could see his cock.As Rob read the story in front of him, he began his usual slow back and forth humping of the glass. After several strokes he moved the sex old man teen school girls closest to me up, rolling his hips over a little, giving me a better view of his cock.

I knew he had done this for my benefit.As I lay there watching him humping the glass and reading, I began caressing my breast with my free hand. Rob looked at me and my breasts, and smiled, then returned to reading his story.

I kept watching his cock work on that glass, glancing at his clock occasionally. This went on for over fifteen minutes, before Rob looked at me and said. "Oh god I'm about to cum." He continued to look at my breasts, and within seconds he began to grunt as he came. I watched his cock moving on the glass, and his cum was spurting out of the head in big gobs. After Robs orgasm subsided, he sat up and got his wet wipes out, and cleaned up the glass and his cock.

I asked him if I could look at the magazine. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he asked me to sit next to him, and we could look at it together. I got up and sat next to him. Rob placed the magazine on his lap and we looked at the pictures in it, as he flipped through the pages. We would linger at the pictures of the hottest girls, then commenting on them. Also the same for the pictures of the couples fucking. I was now feeling very horny, and my pussy was getting wet.

I happened to look at Rob's cock and noticed it was hard again. I took a deep breath and said. "Oh man sex is what lesbos are nice at I horny." Rob looked at me and said.

"Me too." Then I said. "I need to cum, can I hump your cock." Rob nodded and moved down to the floor, and laid on his back. I took the magazine and opened it to a page with lots of pictures of the hot couple fucking, and placed it on the floor above his head. Then I laid on top of Rob, and aligned my pussy on his cock.I began moving back and forth slowly at first, but as I looked at the pictures they made me even hotter, and I began to move faster.My orgasm built slowly as I studied the pictures, and dreamed of doing them.

Then I began moving fast, humping his cock hard. This was great as my orgasm approached quickly now, and within seconds I tensed up, and began convulsing as I began to cum. I came for about a minute, then slowed my pace to cool down.Once my orgasm has subsided and I calmed down, I still felt like more.

I began moving on his cock as fast as I could, and quickly rose to another powerful orgasm, and came for another minute. Then I slowed as I cooled back down.I looked at Rob and asked him how much longer before he cums. He told me he wasn't anywhere near orgasm. despite the fact that it did feel great. But since he had already cum, he may not be able to get enough stimulation like this, to be able to cum again.

Being so hot and horny, and wanting to make him cum, I got a little daring. I moved up and placed his cock at my entrance.

Then I moved down, taking his cock into my pussy, gasping as he penetrated me. I took his cock fully into me. Then I began to move back and forth on his cock, fucking him as hard and fast as I could.

As I fucked him I began to rise toward orgasm again. When I finally crossed the line and came again, the stimulation was all Rob could tiny tits blonde teen elizabeth jolie railed by fat cock. In the middle of my orgasm Rob groaned that he was about to cum.In one smooth motion, I moved up off his cock and back down on top of it, humping his cock, just as he began to cum.

I rode out my orgasm, then his as he shot his cum onto his belly in orgasm. When we were finally done, I got up and took a wet wipe, and cleaned the cum off his belly and cock. Then Rob took another wet wipe and gently cleaned my pussy with it.

I put my nightshirt on, (I haven't worn panties in a few weeks now). We said our good nights, before I went back to my room, and went to bed. I got up today (Tuesday) and checked to find Rob was gone early again. I haven't kelsi monroe does black guygystyle at massage any sexual action since Rob and I fucked on Friday night.I returned to my room and grabbed a few magazines, and flopping on my bed, I began flipping through them, while I tried to figure out what I was going to do today.I decided to eat something, then I sat and watched TV.

Just after noon Rob came in the front door caring a small piece of glass, which was about 5" wide and about a foot long. I asked him what it was for. Rob grinned and said. "I got this for you. You can put it on a small pillow and hump it. I had it made narrow enough to fit between your legs, so you can rub your pussy on it much easier." I looked at him and said. "Wow, gee thanks, I need to try it. " Rob asked if he could watch. I said. "Of course you can watch, but in my room." Rob was fine with that.I got up and we headed to my room.

I took a small 6" square pillow of my bed, and laid it on the floor in front of my mirror. Rob handed me the piece of glass and I laid it on the pillow. Then I took my nightshirt off.I took two magazines out from under my bed, and opened them, finding some hot pictorials, and laid them near the mirror.

Then I laid on the glass spreading my legs, and leaned on my elbows. The pillow and glass slipped between my legs and pressed against my pussy.I looked at the pictures and rocked my hips a little, waiting for my juices to start flowing. As I continued to look at the pictures, I would occasionally look at my pussy and the glass in the mirror, looking for signs of moisture. Then I caught a glimpse of movement behind me, and looking mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories in the mirror, I saw Rob getting undressed.Rob sat behind me where he could see my pussy from behind me, and also see it in the mirror.After a few more minutes of looking at the pictures, and then checking out myself in the mirror, Rob asked what was I doing, did I want to hump the glass, or just play around.

I told him I was waiting for my pussy to start juicing, before I can begin moving. Rob said. "Um, Ann there is innocent girl is gaping tight twat in close up and getting off g strings opening a small amount of juice on the glass back here, it has been dripping off your pussy for several minutes." I said.

"Oh, in that case I need to start moving then, thanks." I began moving my hips in a back and forth, rocking motion rubbing my pussy and clit on the glass. I was able to rub much more of my pussy on this piece of glass, than the other one, and it felt great.

I looked in the mirror and watched my pussy moving back and forth on the glass, which I found exciting. I quickly got hotter and hotter. Rob spoke up saying. "Man there is quite a lot of moisture coming from your pussy."As I continued to hump the glass, I reached my peak, and grunted as I came. My orgasm lasted for a fairly long while, then subsided. Then Rob said. "Did you know a lot more juice comes out of your pussy when you cum. " I said. "Ya, I know that." Since this position was fairly comfortable, I decided to keep going, and cum some more.

I tried moving faster, and that felt even better. I looked at Rob in the mirror, and saw he was slowly rubbing his hard cock. That was all I needed to make me cum again. This time I skinny slut crismoskow epic sloppy gag deepthroat very long and hard, watching him rub his cock.Rob told me that time, when I came, a lot of juice ran out of my pussy.

I slowed until my orgasm subsided.Then I got up. Rob carefully picked up the glass and poured most of my juice into the container and put the lid on it. Then he moved the pillow and put the glass on the floor. Rob laid on the glass and began humping it slowly, while looking at the pictures I had been looking at.

He continued to hump slowly for about eight minutes, then began to move much faster, until he grunted and came. I love watching his cum spurt out of his cock as he cums. This load was a big one, he hadn't cum since Friday.When his orgasm subsided, he got up. I handed him a wet wipe, and he cleaned himself, and the glass off. Then he slid it under my bed, telling me to keep it, and use it whenever I wanted. I tucked my magazines under the bed, as Rob got dressed, then I got dressed.

On Thursday Cindy came over to find out what we had done, and have some sex. I led her to my room. I put the small pillow on the floor, then pulled the piece of glass out and laid it on the pillow. Then I looked at Cindy and said. "Try humping that, it will surprise you."I got some magazines out and opened them as Cindy got undressed. Then I asked her to find some stuff she would like to look at.She found pictorials in several magazines she liked, and laid them out. Cindy had one open to the forum section.

I told her to lay on the glass and read the story. I would sit behind her and watch her pussy, and I would let her know when she was wet enough to move. Cindy agreed to this and laid on the glass, she spread her legs and rested on her arms.

I sat behind her, where I could see her pussy between her legs, and in the mirror, as she read the story.It took several minutes for Cindy to read the story, by which time she was wet, and there was juice on the glass. Cindy looked at her pussy in the mirror to see if it was wet.

Then she looked at me in the mirror. I told her she was wet, and to go ahead and hump.Cindy began to move her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy on the glass. I liked watching her, the sight of her pussy gliding back and forth over the glass was turning me on.After a few minutes Cindy picked up speed and was moving rather quickly.

She looked at me in the mirror and said. "You were right, this is great, it is much more comfortable, and feels much better, I can rub more of my pussy on this thing.

Cindy tensed up and came within another minute. I watched in amazement, as her pussy juice began to puddle more and more as she came. Cindy continued teen amateur squirt and petite bus orange you glad im so tiny hump the glass hard, and soon came again, covering the glass with her juice.

She wasn't satisfied with that and continued until she came yet again, spilling even more juice. I quickly grabbed the container, and removing the lid I put it under the front of the glass just in time to catch her juice, as it began to run off.

When Cindy's orgasm subsided, she got up off the glass so I could pour her juice into the container.] Then it was my turn. I laid on the glass and began humping the glass. It was slick with Cindy's juice, and I didn't have any trouble moving quickly. Watching Cindy hump had made me so horny that I came very quickly.Then I slowed so I could read a new story.

It turned out to be about two girls having sex with each other, and when I read the part about them lying across from each other, and rubbing their pussy against each others. That made me cum again, and gave me an idea.When my orgasm subsided, I got up and asked Cindy to pour my juice into the container, while I thumbed through the magazines, looking for a pictorial of two girls having sex.

I finally found one showing the girls rubbing their pussies together. I showed the picture to Cindy, telling her I had just read a story about two girls doing this, and they loved it. I wanted to try it. Cindy agreed. I sat with my right knee up off the floor, and placed the container against my ass. Cindy sat across from me with her right knee up. She moved towards me, until her pussy pressed against mine.

Then I began rocking my hips back and forth, rubbing my pussy against Cindy's. She got the idea and began rocking her hips in the opposite direction, young sex parties teen chicks sharing stiff dicks intensifying the stimulation to both our pussies. I heated quickly, and came within three minutes, then Cindy came a minute later.We kept going, increasing the speed of our rocking, and I came again, in two minutes.

Cindy came less that a minute later. I said to her. "Keep going, I want one more." Cindy nodded and we kept going.About two minutes later we both came at the same time in a mutual orgasm. The first mutual orgasm I have ever had, it was great feeling her convulse as she came, while I was convulsing as I came. When our orgasms had subsided, I moved away from Cindy, and checking the container, I noticed it was nearly half full.

Cindy looked at it and said. "Wow that's a lot of pussy juice." I said. "What do you expect from two horny young girls." We cleaned up the room, putting the glass and magazines under the bed, putting the cover on the pussy juice and putting it under the bed as well. Then still naked, we headed to the shower to clean up.

But once in there the water felt so good, we could not help but take turns letting the water caress our pussies until we both came two more times, before washing each other off.

We rinsing off.

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We dried each other off and returned to my room to get dressed.Cindy looked at the clock and said. "Oh I got to get home, I'll see you tomorrow." As she hurried to the door. That was it for the days sexual activities.

The next morning, (Friday) Cindy came over and asked if we could do her a favor. She had a dream that she was fucking Rob as he laid on his back, she was over him, looking at him when the dream suddenly ended. She wants to live out that dream. Rob readily agreed. We all took our cloths off. I walked up to Cindy and began to caress her breasts. Rob walked up behind her and caressed her legs a moment, getting closer to her pussy with every stroke of her legs.

Then he began rubbing her pussy lips for a while.Then he parted her pussy lips and began to rub inside her, rimming her entrance, and glancing across her clit, making her jump at the contact.

Rob kept this up for a few minutes, before I moved away, and saw he was rubbing his hard cock on her ass cheek.Then Rob laid on his back. Cindy knelt over his cock, and guiding it to her entrance, she took it inside her pussy, and sank down on it fully.

Cindy big beautiful venus gets fucked by frank tyler there for a minute, then began to ride up and down on his cock slowly. Then when she was wetter, she began to move faster. Cindy began to get a lot hotter by the moment, and began fucking him harder.Cindy rolled her head back and grunted as she came.

Her body convulsed and shuddered as she came hard. Cindy rode Rob through her orgasm, then slowed a little as she regained control of her self, then began to work towards her next orgasm.It didn't take her long to reach her second orgasm and cum even harder and longer than the first one.

Cindy still wasn't satisfied as she continued to fuck Rob hard. Cindy began fucking Rob very hard and fast, as she approached her third orgasm fast. Rob told Cindy that he was about to cum, and she should get off him. Cindy kept on moving, and seconds later they both grunted and convulsed as they came. Rob was spurting his cum into Cindy's pussy as she came on his cock. She rode out her orgasm, which lasted longer than Rob's orgasm, Then stopped, with his cock deep inside her pussy.

She laid on top of him sliding her hands under his shoulders, as he put his arms around her as she had asked him to hold her.Cindy and Rob laid there young princess gets strap on banged tube porn each other for a few minutes, catching their breath and cooling off. Then Cindy slowly got up, letting Rob's shriveled cock slip out of her pussy.

Cindy looked at Rob and said. "Don't worry babe. I had my period on Wednesday. I just had to have you cum in me." After watching them fuck, I felt like playing with my new toy. I got up and went to my room, while Cindy and Rob cleaned each other up, and talked. I pulled out the glass, pillow and magazines out and set them up. I poured a couple of drops of pussy juice on the glass. Then placed the container under the front edge of the glass to catch any juice that runs off. then I spread my legs, and laid on the glass, resting on my arms.I started out slowly at first, but quickly built speed until I was humping the glass rather fast.

I began to get very hot as my orgasm was building fairly quickly. I soon reached my peak and cried out softly as I began to cum. My body shook and convulsed as I came.By the time my orgasm was beginning to subside, Rob and Cindy were in the room watching me. They sat down behind me and watched my pussy rubbing on the glass, getting it wet with my juice as I came.

After another minute I began to hump the glass like mad, bringing me up to orgasm again, and making me cum again and again until I had cum three more times.By now I was tiring, and slowed my movements drastically, until my orgasm subsided.

Then I got up and poured the remaining pussy juice into the container, then lay the glass back on the pillow. I looked a Cindy and said. "Your turn babe." Cindy knelt over the glass and laid down on it, resting on her arms. I knelt beside her and asked Rob to put his hard cock in my pussy and fuck me. Rob moved up behind me and entered my pussy. He began to fuck me slowly, as Cindy began to hump the glass.As Cindy got hotter she moved faster, feeding her pleasure. Then Cindy tensed up and came within two minutes.

Then I tensed up as I began to cum on Rob's cock, as he continued to fuck me with all internal long ass fuck ends in anal creampie strokes.We all kept going, and soon Cindy was cumming again. Then I reached another orgasm and came hard, My pussy juice flowing heavily now, and dripped on the hard wood floor. After a few more minutes of humping and fucking, Cindy and I both came at the same time.

We both had long hard orgasms, which lasted over a minute. I looked below Cindy's belly, and saw her juices dripping off the glass, and into the container. Then I looked between my legs and saw my juices dripping onto the floor.By this time Cindy was tired, and stopped humping the glass.

I watched her dump the remaining juice from the glass into the container, as rob continued to fuck me. I watched Cindy pick up the container ant put gorgeous latina teen layla sucks and rides pawn owners hugecock lid on it. The container was now more than three quarters full. Rob pulled out of me and asked me to roll onto my back.

When I did, Rob moved over me and laid on me with his cock between my pussy lips. He began to hump me hard and fast. Cindy was sitting beside me watching his cock rub back and forth over my pussy.

The stimulation was great, as I came two more times before Rob grunted and came, spurting his cum on my belly again.Rob rode out his orgasm, then got up and pulled me to my feet, we all walked to the bathroom, and got into the shower. We washed the cum and pussy juice off each other. Then we got out and dried each other off. Then still naked, we walked to my room and picked up all the sex stuff, and put it under the bed. Then we went to the living room, and sat around talking in the nude for several hours, until Cindy had to go home.

Then before our parents came home, we finally got dressed. That was the end of the sexual activities for that day. I had my period on Saturday, and didn't do anything sexual till Tuesday night. After everyone had gone to bed, Rob was horny, as was I, and came to my room to get the container of pussy juice. I asked if I could watch.

He said. "Of course you can."As I walked over to his room, I decided to put on a show, and cum myself. After I shut the door I quickly took off my nightshirt, and then watched Rob undress. I moved over against the wall in front if where he was going to lay and hump the piece of glass, that was lying on the floor. I sat down and spread my legs wide.Rob poured some pussy juice on the glass, then laid down with his cock on the juice.

When Rob began to slowly hump the glass, I reached between my legs and opened my pussy lips wide. I slowly rubbed around the outer lips, until I got wet. Then I pulled my clit hood up, exposing my clit to Rob.

Then I began to rub my pussy entrance and inner lips.As I got hotter and hotter, I got wetter and wetter. Then when I was at the edge of orgasm, I rubbed the top of my exposed clit, and promptly came hard. My pussy got very wet and I heard Rob exclaim. "Oh my god, your clit just grew bigger and harder looking when you came." I looked at him and said.

"Cool huh." I continued to rub my inner lips and then my exposed clit, while Rob humped his piece of glass. Soon I tensed up and came again, this time it was a little harder, and longer than the first one. I looked at Rob, and he told me to keep going. So I continued to rub my pussy and clit, making myself cum three more times, before Rob finally grunted and came hard, his cum spurting from under him, and coating the glass.When his orgasm was over he got up and cleaned himself and the glass up with wet wipes.

Then he helped me to my feet. I put my nightshirt on and helped him put his sex stuff away. Then we said our good nights, and I went to my room, to go to bed. The next morning Rob came into my room while I was still in bed, and asked if he could lick my pussy. I told him he could. Rob walked to my bed and kneeling down next to me, he pulled the covers down. Then he pulled my nightshirt up and off me.Then Rob moved between my legs, which I had spread for him, and he began licking my pussy.

I caressed my breasts as he made me hot. Then Rob pulled my clit hood up, exposing my clit and licked it until I had cum three times. Then he licked my pussy lips, letting me cool down for several minutes.Finally Rob got up and thanked me for letting him do that. I said. "You can do that all you want."Rob then left for the day. There was no further sexual activity until Friday. I got up to find the house was empty.

I ate breakfast, and was watching TV when Rob and Cindy came in the front door with another new magazine. This is when I found out Cindy and Rob had recently stared spending time together.

They came over and showed me a picture of two girls and a guy having sex. They wanted to perform this depicted position.I agreed, and said. "Looks like a great position, should be fun." We all got undressed and Cindy laid on her back over the ottoman, spreading her legs wide, with her ass at the edge.

I stood over her waist, facing Rob, with my feet on either side of the ottoman. Rob knelt between Cindy's legs, and slid his already hard cock deep into her already wet pussy.As Rob began slowly fucking Cindy, he began licking my pussy. He brought us up slowly at first, then he began to fuck Cindy faster, while licking my pussy harder.

Cindy came first, followed by me, only seconds later. Once our orgasms had subsided, Rob pulled out of Cindy and stood, asking us to trade places. I traded places with Cindy, sitting at the edge of the ottoman, with my legs spread, and then laid back, as Cindy straddled my waist facing Rob.Rob knelt between my legs, and entered my pussy. He began fucking me at a nice moderate pace, while licking Cindy's pussy. Rob brought us up to orgasm slowly again, and this time I came first, and Cindy came a minute later.

Rob asked us to switch again. Rob fucked Cindy moderately, while licking me hard. I came again first, then Cindy came a minute later.

We swapped positions again. This time Rob fucked me hard and fast, while licking Cindy hard. Cindy and I came at the same time. This time Rob kept fucking me hard, while licking Cindy's pussy. I came again and again, as Cindy came one more time.

Then Rob slammed into cock sucking and pleasing while being outside and came hard.

It was the first time he had cum in me, and I could not believe the feel of his cock pulsing and expanding as he pumped his cum into my pussy. Once his orgasm was over, he pulled out and got up. We all hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam up and walked, naked, to the bathroom to shower, and clean each other off.

Then we got out and dried off.We returned to the living room and watched TV and talked, and admired each others naked bodies, especially Cindy and Rob, for the rest of the day. Moments before our parents came home, we all got dressed, and Cindy left for home. The next Tuesday, Cindy came over for another day of sex.

We all got undressed and talked while we watched each other rub our pussy or cock, until we were wet, hard and ready. I was the first to speak up. "I have a plan for today, so let me enjoy it." Rob and Cindy agreed.I had Rob lay on his back with his legs spread slightly. I had Cindy lay face down on Rob's legs, with her head between his feet, and her pussy on top of his cock. I knelt over his chest, with my pussy at his face.

I had him lick my pussy while Cindy humped his cock, until we both came twice.Then I got off Rob and helped Cindy up. Then we helped Rob up. Next I laid on my back with my legs spread wide, and leaned back on my elbows. I asked Cindy to sit between my feet, with her knees up, facing me.

She did as I asked. Then I asked Rob to lay on me, with his legs spread with his feet around me, and his cock between my pussy lips. Rob laid on me, and positioned his cock between my pussy lips. Rob's face was in Cindy's lap, her pussy at his mouth.

I asked Rob to lick Cindy's pussy and hump my pussy until he cums. Rob began licking Cindy's pussy and humping on mine, while Cindy and I looked at each other. Rob was humping my pussy fairly fast this time, which made me cum quickly, and more often than usual, each one more powerful than the one before it. Not that I would complain, it was great to be cumming like this. Cindy also came several times.It took Rob about ten minutes to cum, and spurt his cum on the floor.

I managed to cum eight times during that hump, and I loved it. Cindy only came five times, but loved it too. When we were all done cumming, we showered and then went to the living room in the nude, Rob laid on the sofa, and Cindy laid in front of him. Rob laid his hand on her waist, and occasionally caressed her side, hip and leg as we watched TV the rest of the afternoon, until Cindy had to leave.

That Friday was the last week day before school started again, and we had one last chance for a group sex feast, for a while. (Or so I thought). This time Cindy had an idea. We all got naked and rubbed each others pussy or cock until we were all hard or wet, and ready to go. Then we went to my room. Cindy had me sit on the edge of my bed, lay on my back, raise my legs up over my chest, bending my knees down, and spread my legs wide.

Cindy knelt over me and placed her pussy on my pussy. Then Cindy asked Cherry lips oriental gets screwed hard squirting and japanese to move behind her and slide his cock between our pussies, and hump us until he cums.Rob knelt behind Cindy, and slid his cock between our pussies. He began slowly sliding his cock back and forth between our pussy lips, rubbing our clits.

Then picked up speed as we got wetter. Rob told us how incredibly different this felt, it was a combination of humping a pussy, and fucking in a pussy. I was heating quickly now, and within two minutes I bucked up and convulsed as I came.

Rob said that he could feel me cumming on his cock. Then Cindy came a minute later, grunting and shuddering as she came. Rob started moving faster, causing me to shudder as I came again.Then Cindy came again, convulsing hard. I even felt her pussy juice run over Rob's cock and onto my pussy.As Rob continued to hump us, we rose to our peaks, as Cindy and I both started to cum at the same time.

This was too much for Rob, as he came too, spurting his cum on kissa sina xxx new com belly and pussy as I came with him. Rob's pulsing cock made me cum even harder and longer, until our orgasms were over and subsided.

Then Rob pulled out from between our pussies. Cindy got off me and helped me up. We strolled to the bathroom to take a shower.While we were showering I was leaning against the far wall with my legs spread, while Cindy washed my legs. Rob moved the shower head to rinse me, and the streams stopped right on my pussy. I rolled my head back and groaned as the streams hit my pussy and clit, making me hot again.When Rob reached up to move the shower head, Cindy stopped him, and told him to watch me.

I quickly heated up, and tensed up, and shuddered as I came very long and hard again. I must have cum for nearly two minutes, before my orgasm subsided. Cindy urged me to move to the other side of the stall, and I did. Cindy took my place, and positioned her pussy in the spray, for maximum effect. Cindy rolled her head back and enjoyed the sensation of the water on her pussy and clit, as it quickly brought her to orgasm.When Cindy's orgasm subsided, she stepped aside and Rob took her place.

He held his cock up in the streams of the shower. We watched his cock get long and hard. Then stand up by it's self as the water excited him. Rob looked at us and said. "Oh my god. I can see why you girls like to do this, it feels great." After about ten minutes of this Rob still hadn't cum, and the hot water was running out.

He looked at us and said. "I can't seem to cum this way, and I need to. Can you help me to cum." I turned the water off and asked him to follow me out of the shower. I asked Rob to lay on his back, on the floor. Then I ask Cindy to kneel over his cock and take it into her pussy. Which she did. Then I asked her to fuck him hard and fast.Cindy began riding hard and fast on Rob's cock, trying to make him hot enough to cum.

She was able to make her self cum three times, before she had to stop. But Rob wasn't able to cum. I asked Cindy to stand next to the toilet, and spreading her legs, spread her pussy open and stick her fingers in, for Rob to look at, while he fucks me. Cindy did as I asked, as I sat on the edge of the toilet seat, with my legs spread, as Rob kneels between them, and enters my pussy.Then Rob began to fuck me hard and fast, while looking at Cindy, as she fingered her pussy for him. I soon felt another orgasm approaching, and then I came a minute later.As Rob kept fucking me hard I soon came hard again, my body shuddering as my pussy spasmed as I came.

This finally got to Rob, as he finally pulled his cock out of my pussy, and humped between my pussy lips as he came, spurting his cum on my pussy. When Rob's orgasm ended, he got up and handed me the wet washcloth from the shower. I wiped his cum off my pussy and stomach. Then I folded the cloth over and wiped the cum and pussy juice off his cock and balls.

Then we returned to the living room, for an afternoon of nude TV watching. Rob sat in a lounge chair, with Cindy on his lap. He had his arms around her waist, and would occasionally reach up and caress her firm breasts, making her moan softly as she enjoyed his caresses.This went on until Cindy had to go home for dinner.

That was it for the day, as we got dressed and acted normal as our parents got home. Monday was the first day back to school, and the next time I had a sexual adventure. After everyone had gone to bed, I was reading a sex story, when Rob came into my room carrying his piece of glass, and the container of pussy juice. I didn't need to ask what he had in mind, I quickly got up and took my nightshirt off. I knelt down and removed my pillow, piece of glass, wet wipes, and a couple of magazines.

I set the pillow near my mirror, and put the glass on it, while Rob was taking his shirt, pants and underwear off.Rob moved over and placed his piece of glass near mine, and as I laid out several pictorials in front of us, Rob poured pussy juice on both pieces of glass.

We both laid on our pieces of glass at the same time, watching each other in the mirror.Then we slowly began moving back and forth on the glass, rubbing my pussy and Rob's cock. I was reading a story, and as it got hotter, I got hotter. Then when the couple in the story had a mutual orgasm. I began to cum too, crying out softly and shuddered, as I came. I kept reading the story as my pussy loved the stimulation it was receiving from my humping of the piece of glass.Then when the couple in the story came again, I cried out softly again, as I began to cum again, this time my body convulsed even harder as I came.

The next story was about a girl in a 69 with another girl, and this made me really hot. I began humping the piece of glass real fast, and began to heat as fast as the story did. When the girls in the story came, I began to cum again. A very long, very hard, deep shuddering orgasm, that had me shaking hard as I came, and came, and came. While I was cumming, I heard a grunt and managed to look at Rob in the mirror, as he tensed up and came.

I could see his body jerking as he came, but I couldn't see his cum spurting from here.My orgasm subsided just before Rob's did. I continued to hump until he stopped, then I did too. We laid there a moment, then we got up. I handed Rob a wet wipe, and we cleaned the cum and pussy juice off each other and then our pieces of glass.

I tucked mine back under my bed, as Rob picked up the magazines and put them under my bed.Then Rob picked up his piece of glass and his cloths. Rob said. "Good night." and left my room. I turned out my light, and slipped into bed naked, and went to sleep. Thursday night I was feeling horny again, and was trying to figure out how I wanted to take care of it. Deciding on a plan, I waited until everyone had gone to bed.

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Then I went to Rob's room and asked him to fuck me hard and fast until he was ready to cum, then pull out and cum on me. He agreed to fuck me, but it would only be a moderate pace, and not a hard fast one. I agreed, but I was to pick the position. Rob agreed. I took my nightshirt off and laid on his bed, and raised my legs over my chest, bending my knees, and spreading my legs wide, opening my pussy. As Rob took his shorts off. Then Rob knelt below my ass and bending forward, he began rubbing his limp cock against my pussy.

This made his cock grow long and thicken up as it got hard. The rubbing of my pussy made me get wet and ready for him.Once Rob was fully hard and had precum coming from his cock, he moved up and entered my pussy. Rob sank in deeper than ever, in this position. I had never felt anything this deep in my pussy.

Rob began to move his cock in and out of my pussy with very long slow strokes. As I got hotter and wetter, he picked up speed, and began to fuck me at a nice long pace.Rob brought me up nice and slow, as I felt a slow burn begin in my pussy, that slowly built over the next five minutes.

My pussy was on fire now, and I was tensing up hard, as I was so close to cumming, I could not stand it.Then I finally crossed the line, and groaned hard as I began to cum. It was an incredibly intense orgasm, that rocked my body hard, making me convulse and shudder very hard, as I continued to cum.

My orgasm finally subsided a little, but not for long, as Rob brought me up again, and I tensed up harder, then began to cum even harder, almost bucking Rob off me as I came. Although this orgasm was much stronger, it didn't last quite as long, and subsided much farther. Rob must have gotten ready to cum now, because he began to fuck me harder now. This brought me up high again, and I soon tensed up and came again.

The convulsing of my pussy as I came was what Rob needed, because he suddenly pulled out of my pussy, and began humping his cock on my pussy as he came. He spurted a lot of cum on me as he came for a long time, before his orgasm subsided, and he finally stopped moving a few seconds later. Rob got off me, and got a wet wipe to clean me and warcraft troll x orc sucking big cock animation pov play now off, as I put my legs down.

Rob cleaned the cum off my pussy, belly chest, and breasts. He had really shot a big load of cum. Then Rob caressed my firm breasts, feeling them for a minute, probably comparing them to Cindy's breasts.After that, Rob helped me off the bed, and gave me a peck on the cheek, thanking me for allowing him to have the best fuck, and the best orgasm ever. I told him he was welcome, and I hoped Cindy could give him some like that.

I also thanked him and would love to repeat this one again, as it was the best fuck for me too. Then I said my good night before I returned to my room, to go to bed. Sunday morning, after my parents left for church, I went to take a shower. Those streams of water felt so good, and I teena shanal hot sex fucking vodeos so horny.

I aimed the spray between my legs, were I be and leaned against the wall, and spread my legs.The water hit me right on my pussy, just right to stimulate my lips and clit. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall, as I enjoyed the sensations in my pussy. The water was bringing me up quickly, and I new I would soon cum.Just then I heard the shower door open, then close as Rob came into the shower.

Rob said. "Good morning." just as I grunted and began to shudder as I began to cum. My body shook and convulsed as I came hard. I heard Rob say. "Oh god that's beautiful. What a beautiful sight to start a day off, a girl cumming." When I came down from my orgasm I said. "Thanks bro." Rob stood beside me and nudged me a little to get me to take a step to my right, so he could get in the path of the water, as we both moved right a step, I leaned forward and moved the shower head, so the water was spraying on Rob's hard cock.

He looked at me and said. I just want to do this for a few minutes before I hump your pussy, ok?" I said. "Ya sure, go for it."I leaned back against the wall, turning towards him, and watched his cock as the water sprayed on it. Rob closed his eyes and leaned his head against the wall.After about three minutes of this Rob arched his back, then he grunted as he came.

I saw his cum begin spurting out of his cock, only to be quickly washed away by the water. Rob came for a long time, before he relaxed, he opened his eyes and looked at me as his cock began to recede and drop down out of the water. Rob then said. "Oh sorry honey I told you I was going to hump you, but that felt so good, and I hadn't cum that way before, and it was just to incredible, I had to try it." I said. "That's ok, I'm glad you got to experience that. It had to be fantastic, because you came in only three minutes, and came a long time.

Rob leaned forward, and directed the shower lower down, to where it just hit his cock head as it now dangled between his legs. Then leaning back against the wall, he gently pulled me in front of him, spreading my legs, until the water was hitting my pussy again.

When I leaned back against Rob, he began caressing my soft firm breasts, as the shower stimulated my pussy and clit. As I neared my orgasm I tensed up. Rob gently pinched and rolled my nipples between his fingers, making me cum hard. I shuddered and bucked my hips, as I came very hard.Rob continued to caress my breasts, and pinch my nipples, as I worked my way to another orgasm.

Rob held me tightly as I tensed up and came again. Then as I was coming down, Rob squirted soap on the scrubby thing, and shifted us out of the water. Rob began soaping my legs, stomach, breasts, arms and especially my pussy, from behind me. Then I turned around with my legs spread, and leaned my soapy body against his, pressing my firm breasts into his chest.

Rob cleaned my legs, back, arms, neck, and ass. Then he concentrated on my pussy from between my legs, as he scrubbed it good, teasing me at the same time.Then I took the scrubby thing and washed his legs, belly, chest, arms, neck, and especially his cock, making sure to scrub it good. Then he turned around with his legs spread.

I washed his neck, back and ass, then squatting down, I washed his legs. Then reached between his legs to scrub his cock and balls, teasing him, as he had done to me. Then we rinsed off, and left the shower. I grabbed a towel and began drying Rob off. I did his back and legs first, then moved around and dried his chest and stomach. Then I dried his cock and balls, tugging on them teasing him again. Rob grabbed another towel and started drying my back and legs, caressing my smooth skin with one hand for a few minutes.

Then he dried off my chest and belly. Then while caressing my breasts with one hand, he rubbed the towel over my pussy for a minute, to tease me.

After that we dried our own hair and got dressed. That was it for the weekend. Late Wednesday night I was having trouble sleeping.

I kept thinking about all the sex I have had with Cindy and Rob. Wanting more, I was trying to figure out a way to have sex with Cindy and Rob, now that we are back in school, and don't have our weekdays free. Turning my light on, I got up and took my nightshirt off. I got a magazine out, and finding a nice pictorial, I laid the magazine in front of my mirror. I sat with my knees up and spread wide, and moved as close to the mirror as I could.

I began to finger my pussy as I looked at the pictures.Then I watched my finger as I rubbed my pussy. I began to get real hot. I took two fingers and inserting them inside my pussy, I began to pump them in and out, while rubbing my clit. This felt incredible, as I came almost immediately. I liked this so much, I continued to pump my pussy and rub my clit until I had cum three more times. This left me exhausted. I wiped up the pussy juice from the floor, and returned to bed.As I lay there trying to cool off enough to go to sleep, it hit me.

A sleep over, I could have Cindy sleep over on Saturday nights, and when my parents leave for church, we can have sex. Since they are gone for three hours every Sunday, we would have plenty of time.

I drifted off to sleep on that note. Cindy woke me this morning, as she was getting out of her sleeping bag. This was her first Saturday night sleep over, which is designed for Sunday morning sex. I got up and made my bed, as Cindy rolled her sleeping bag and tied it. putting it in it's carry bag.We strolled into the kitchen, still in our nightshirts, (no panties), and found Rob making bacon and eggs for us all.

We finished eating just as my parents were leaving for church. When they were gone, we had a discussion, about how we were going to have sex, and what we were going to do. We couldn't really come up with anything, so Rob got up and went to his room to get a magazine. When he came back, we saw he has his newest Hustler. Rob slowly flipped through the pages, until we found a pictorial set, featuring two girls and one guy. We looked through those pictures, until we found two settings that we liked.

Since we couldn't agree on just one, we decided to perform both.We headed to my room, where we watched each other undress. Then we stood next to each other in a circle, facing in. Cindy began caressing my breasts, as I caressed Rob's chest, while he caressed Cindy's firm breasts. I watched Rob's cock bunch of nasty swingers swap partner and enjoy big orgy to lengthen and thicken as he got turned on.When I reached down and started to rub his cock, Rob reached down and started rubbing Cindy's pussy.

Then Cindy reached down and started rubbing my pussy. I rubbed Rob's cock as it continued to lengthen and rise up as it hardened. When I saw precum form at the opening in his cock head I stopped rubbing his cock. Rob removed his hand from between Cindy's legs, his fingers were all wet. Cindy removed her hand from my pussy, and I looked at it.

Her fingers were wet too. I said. "Well now that we are all wet, and hard, I think it's time to start fucking. Cindy laid on her back, on my bed with her legs spread. I knelt between her legs, so I could lick her pussy. Rob knelt behind me and sank his cock deep into my pussy, and began fucking me slowly.

I began licking Cindy's pussy, bringing her up slowly.I heated slowly, and soon began moaning and grunting. After about six minutes of this, Cindy tensed up and cried out as she came, shuddering and convulsing. I finally reached my peak a minute later, and grunted hard as I began to cum. I convulsed hard and coated Rob's cock with my juice as I came.

When my orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of me and I stood up. Cindy got up off the bed and Rob took her place, Laying on his back. Cindy knelt over his hips, facing him, and sank her pussy down onto his cock. I knelt over his face, looking at Cindy.

As Cindy begins to move up and down on Rob's cock, he begins to lick my pussy.Rob licks me hard, as Cindy fucks him slowly. I soon heat and cum within three minutes. Cindy begins to fuck a little faster now. Rob keeps licking my pussy hard and I cum again a minute later. Then Cindy arches her back and tenses up as she cums. Cindy shudders and grunts as she cums, coating Robs cock with lots of pussy juice. When our orgasms subside we get off Rob.We grab Rob and head for the shower.

Under the streams Cindy leans against the wall under the shower head, with her legs spread. Rob moves in front of her and entering her pussy, begins pumping his cock in and out slowly. while holding her in his arms. I leaned against the far wall, with my legs spread. Cindy directed the shower onto my pussy, then she puts her arms around him. I enjoyed the shower hitting my pussy immensely, as I watched them slowly fucking like lovers.The sight of them, and the water on my pussy quickly brought me up high again, and I came twice, in powerful orgasms, during the time it took Rob to fuck Cindy until she came two times.

Then Rob pulled out of Cindy, and took my place, leaning back against the wall. I moved over by Cindy, and I directed the shower onto Rob's hard cock as it stood up from his groin. Rob laid his head against the wall with his eyes shut. We watched him as his orgasm quickly built. After a minute we saw him arch his back. Then about a minute later, he began to grunt hard.

Cindy and I watched as his cum began to spurt out of his cock head, and be washed away by the water. Rob came a long, long time again. His cock stopped spurting after about thirty seconds, but it was well over a minute before he relaxed, leaning back against the wall.I looked at Rob and said.

"Why do you cum so much longer in here, than you do anywhere else?" Rob said. "The water hits my cock so hard, it keeps me cumming much harder and longer than any other kind of stimulation." "That's so cool." I said. We soaped up the scrubby thing, and washed each other's entire body, before getting out of the shower.

Then we dried each other off. Then we returned to my room to get dressed. Rob loved watching us put on our panties, bras and street cloths. We spent some time talking, and watching TV, before Cindy had to go home. Wednesday night I was getting ready for bed, when Rob came in, he said he had been reading his magazines.

He was horny and wanted to have sex. I told him I was horny and wanted to have sex too. Rob dropped his shorts and laid on his back. He asked me to lay on him in the 69 position and suck his cock while he licked my pussy.I was already naked, so I just laid on top of him.

I had never done this before. So I began licking his cock as it got hard. I continued to lick it as he licked my pussy.Rob asked me to take his cock pretty ass valentina nappi gets anal fucked my mouth and suck it, while licking it.

I took his cock part way into my mouth. I tried to suck on it and lick it at the same time. Rob was making me hot as hell, tonguing my clit. I wanted to give him as much pleasure with my mouth, as he was giving me, but I kept gagging, even though he wasn't that far in my mouth.Rob brought me to my peak, as I came hard, my stomach convulsed as I tried to suck Rob off.

I found it so uncomfortable, that after my orgasm subsided, I pulled off him. I said. "I'm sorry Rob, I just can't do that. Your cock feels so big in my mouth, that I can't keep from gagging, and feeling like I'm going to puke." Rob said. "That's ok honey, not everyone can suck cock. According to an article I read, some girls have the same problem you do. I will still love to lick your blonde teen gets roughly fucked in her tight booty penetration and deepthroat, even if you can't suck my cock." Rob gently pushed me against the wall, spreading my legs.

He moved up against me and entered my pussy. Rob began fucking me slowly. I put my arms around him, and held him as he fucked me.Rob brought me up slowly, it took me about three minutes to reach my peak, and cum hard again, as he rode me through it.

Then he pulls out and turns me around. Rob reenters my pussy, and begins fucking me faster, while caressing my breasts. This brought me up much faster, and I came again, within two minutes. Rob continued to fuck me at the same pace, and caressing my breasts. I came again a minute later. Then again a minute after that. Rob slowed and fucked me for another five minutes, making me cum two more times. Then he pulled out of my pussy.Rob playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj me lay on my back and raise my knees in the missionary position.

He laid on me and entered me again. Rob began fucking me at a moderate pace again. I came again within two minutes. Rob fucked me like this for about five more minutes, making me cum three more times.Then Rob pulled out of my pussy, and placing his cock shaft between my pussy lips, he began humping me with his usual pace. About two minutes later he tensed up, and grunted as he came, spurting his cum on me. When Rob's orgasm ended, he got up and cleaned me and him self off, with wet wipes.

Rob helped me to my feet and kissed both of my nipples, then left my room as I climbed into bed, naked. Saturday night, Cindy was staying overnight. As we were talking, the conversation turned to sex, as usual.

I started to talk about what Rob and I had done on Wednesday, which made both of us a little horny. After everyone had gone to bed. I decided to try something I read about. I brought two carrots from the kitchen.

We took our cloths off and sat side by side, in front of the mirror, with our legs up, with our knees bent, feet on the floor. Leaning back on one hand, I reached over and inserted a carrot into Cindy's pussy, as she inserted a carrot into my pussy.We stroked the carrots in and out of each other's pussy, bring each other to orgasm two times, before calling it a night.

Both still naked, I got into bed, and Cindy crawled in with me. Sunday morning, Rob comes in waking us, saying. "Isn't that a beautiful picture, two hot girls in one bed." I threw the covers off. Rob looked at us and said. "Oh even better, two naked, hot girls in one bed." Then Rob said. "Well now that we have the sex story kam umar ki sex to ourselves, I need to fuck, are you ready." I said.

"We will be by the time you show us the pictures of how we are going to fuck." Rob rushed out the door, when he was out of sight, we giggled a second, then hardcore orgy session with classy sex bombs caressing each others breasts. Rob came back in a few minutes later, and saw us caressing each others breasts. saying. "You girls ready yet." We nod yes as he flips the magazine open, showing us the pictures.

Rob points to a picture and says "We do this one till you girls both cum." He points to another one and says. Then we do this one until we all cum." Cindy says. "I had my period on Thursday, so you can cum in me.

As I lay on my back, Cindy kneels over my face, facing Rob, who moves over me, and enters my pussy.

I begin licking Cindy's pussy, as Rob begins fucking me with moderate strokes.As we heated, I enjoyed licking Cindy's pussy, as Rob fucked me. My orgasm rose slowly, and after about three minutes of this, I tensed up and shuddered as I began to cum. I came long and hard.It took me another minute to bring Cindy to her orgasm, and she covered my chin with her pussy juice as she came.

When Cindy's orgasm subsided, she got off me. Rob stopped fucking me and pulled out, getting up and helping me to my feet. Rob laid on his back on the floor. Cindy sat on his lap, inserting his cock into her pussy. Then she laid back on him. with her legs around his.

I kneel over their heads, and lean over them in a 69 position.Cindy begins licking my pussy, and moving back and forth with Rob, allowing his cock to move in and out of her pussy. I begin licking her clit. I begin heating nicely, and am getting close to orgasm when Cindy cries out and jerks below me as she cums hard. I reach my peak, a minute later and begin convulsing as I cum. Cindy soon cums again, and again, and again, and again as Rob takes a long time to reach his peak.

I also came three times, while waiting for Rob. Finally after ten minutes of this, Rob grunted and came with Cindy as she came again. We rode out our orgasms, then rested for a few minutes, before getting up. We went to the shower and had a normal, clean each other and dry each other, shower. Then we went back to my room to get dressed. Then to Rob's room to watch him get dressed. That was it for the day. Tuesday night, after everyone went to bed, I went to Rob's room and asked him to fuck me.

He agreed, as he always does. Rob was already lying naked on his bed, rubbing his hard cock, as he read a magazine. I knelt over him and raising his cock to my entrance, I slid it deep into me. When I had him fully in me, I began to ride him slowly. I rode Rob slowly, until I reached my peak and came. Then I got off his cock and rolled onto my side, with my knees tucked up against my chest.

Rob laid behind me and entered my pussy again. He fucked me slowly, while caressing my breasts. He slowly brings me up to my peak, and I cum hard again.When my orgasm subsided, I asked Rob to pull out and get up for a minute. I rolled onto my back, and spread my legs, raising my knees up. I asked Rob to lick my pussy. He moves between my legs, and begins licking my pussy. He quickly brings me up, and makes me cum hard two times. Then I ask him to get his piece of glass and pussy juice, then follow me to my room.

I head over to my room and toss the pillow I use for my piece of glass on the floor by my mirror. I get my piece of glass out, and set it on the pillow. Rob walks in and lays his piece of glass near mine, and pours pussy juice on both of them.We lay on the pieces of glass, facing the mirror, so I can see Rob's cock as it moves on the glass. Then we begin slowly humping our pieces of glass.We were slowly building toward our orgasms.

I came after five minutes, then again four minutes later. Rob finally came two minutes later, and I enjoyed watching his cum spurt out of his cock again, as he came. As we were riding out his orgasm the sight of him cumming excited me to the point that I came again, and I had to ride out my orgasm before we stopped. I got up and grabbed my container of pussy juice, and poured the juice off my glass, into it.

Rob had gotten the wet wipes, and was cleaning his cock and then his piece of glass. When I was done with the glass and juice container, Rob handed me a wet wipe, I wiped my pussy, and then the glass clean. I put my glass and pillow away, and then climbed into bed, naked again.

Rob turned out the light as he left for his room. I had my period on Wednesday. on Friday after everyone went to bed, Rob came into my room and wanted to have sex. I told him that I was ok to cum in. Rob laid on his back in the floor. I knelt over him, facing away from him, and sank my pussy down onto his cock. Then I laid back on him, and began moving back and forth on his cock, as he caressed my breasts, bringing me up slowly.After a long while I felt my orgasm approaching, and I soon tensed up and came.

Then I moved faster and before long I came even harder. I picked up more speed, and then came again a few minutes later. Then Rob tensed under me and I hear him grunt, and felt his cock start pulsing deep inside me as he begins to cum.

Rob came hard for nearly a minute, before his orgasm subsides.After his orgasm is good and done, I get up off him, and help him up. He gives me a quick kiss and says. "As always, thanks for the great fuck sis. Good night." Sunday morning, Cindy and I wake early. We talk a while, discussing how we want to have sex.

We decide on a plan and decided to have breakfast. We went to the kitchen and ate, then fooled around until my parents left for church. Then we went and got Rob, who was humping his glass.

We were just in time to stop him before he came. He got up, and Cindy led him to the living room by his cock. We took our nightshirts off and I laid on my back, on the coffee table, with my legs spread.Cindy kneeled over my hips and positioned her pussy against mine.

We instructed Rob to fuck Cindy until she cums. Then fuck me until I cum. Then fuck Cindy until she cums. Then fuck me until I cum, and so on until he is about to cum. Then he is to fuck between our pussies until he cums.Rob moves behind Cindy and enters her pussy. He begins fucking her slowly, she moves back and forth over my pussy as they fuck rubbing my pussy lips and clit.

Cindy came in three minutes. When her orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of her pussy and entered mine. He began fucking me slowly, while Cindy continued to rub my clit and pussy with hers.

I reached my peak and came within three minutes. When my orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of my pussy and entering Cindy's pussy, began fucking her, while we rubbed our clits together. Cindy came in less than two minutes. Then Rob was back in my pussy, fucking me. I came in less than two minutes and soaked his cock. A minute later Rob's cock was back in Cindy's pussy, fucking her. He was moving faster now. Cindy came in one minute, he rode her orgasm out.Now he is back in me, fucking me nicely.

Within a minute I tense up and cum hard. Rob rides me through my orgasm, then pulling out he slides his cock between our pussies and begins fucking us, while caressing Cindy's breasts.A minute later all three of us came at the same time. The feel of his cock pulsing and spurting cum on me made me cum even harder for a minute. My orgasm was the longest, as they kept moving on me so I could fully experience it.

Once my orgasm subsided, I let them know that they could stop. As usual we showered, caressing breasts, rubbing cock and pussies a little while we were in there. Then we dressed. Rob and Cindy fooled around in his room until she had to leave for the week. Wednesday after everyone had gone to bed, I went to Rob's room, where he was laying naked, on his back, on the floor, waiting for me.

We had arranged this earlier in the day. I took off my nightshirt and knelt over his shoulders, with my pussy at his mouth.I laid back on his body, as he began to lick my pussy. I caressed my breasts as he worked his tongue over my pussy and clit. Rob licked my pussy until I came hard three times. Then I sat up and slid my wet pussy down his body until his cock head hits my pussy. Then I take his cock into my pussy. I lay on him with my knees around his hips, pressing my hard nippled breasts into his chest, as I begin to fuck him slowly.As I rode on his cock, I slowly worked my way up to an orgasm and soon came hard, I continued to ride him, as I approached another orgasm, then came even harder.I began to ride faster, and soon I came again, even harder and longer, much longer.

When my orgasm subsided I heard Rob grunt. I quickly moved up off his cock, and began rubbing my pussy on his cock as he came. I rode out his orgasm, until it ended.

When Rob's orgasm was done, I got up and got his wet wipes. I cleaned his cum off of him and my pussy. I said. "Thanks man, that was great. Good night." Then putting my nightshirt on, as he put his shorts on and climbed into his bed.

I went back to my room, and went to bed. Cindy slept in my bed with me, nude, so we could heat each other up a little this morning, (Sunday). When my parents finally left, we jumped out of bed, and ran to Rob's room, he jumped out of bed, also nude.We had planed out today's activities the night before. Since Cindy had her period on Thursday it was safe for Rob to cum in her, which was the plan to let her enjoy him cumming in her.I laid back on Rob's bed, with my ass on the end of the mattress.

Cindy laid by my chest and began to lick and suck on my breasts, and nipples, as Rob spread my legs and entered my pussy. Rob began to fuck me slowly.

I soon rose to my peak, then came hard.Then when Rob pulled out of me, Cindy and I traded placed. Rob entered her and began to fuck her slowly, while I licked and sucked on her breasts and nipples. Cindy soon rose to her peak, and came hard. When her orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of her pussy, and we traded places again. Cindy laid around the other side of me and licked and sucked hot brunette milf mom into interracial porn with a big black dick my breasts from there, while Rob entered my pussy again.

He fucked me a little faster this time, making me cum after just a few minutes. When my orgasm was over Rob pulled out of me and Cindy and I traded places again. I laid on the other side of Cindy, and licked and sucked on her breasts, as Rob entered her pussy. Rob fucked Cindy very slowly, bringing her up very slowly, enjoying her pussy. After her next orgasm, Rob picked up speed a bit, bring her up a little faster.

Cindy came again a couple of minutes later. After that orgasm, Rob picked up a little more speed. Rob fucked Cindy like this for about ten minutes, making her cum three more times, before grunting and shooting his cum deep in her pussy as he came, making Cindy cum one more time as his orgasm triggered hers, and they came together.

When their orgasms were over, he rested on her for a few minutes, before slowly pulling his shrinking cock out of her dripping pussy. We all cleaned up with wet wipes, then all stood up and we watched Rob get dressed. Rob asked if he could touch our breasts, we giggled and said of course you can, you just fucked us, so why not play with our breasts all you want. Rob moved behind me and caressed both of my breasts for a few minutes, then he moved behind Cindy and caressed her breasts for a long time.

Rob really enjoyed the feel of Cindy's breasts. Cindy even rolled her head back to the side as he caressed her, and they kissed. I went back to my room to get dressed, leaving them to play in private. After I was dressed I picked up Cindy's sleeping bag and rolling it up, I put it in it's storage bag. Then I picked up her bra, panties, short skirt and tight fitting shirt she had worn over hear.

When I took them over to Rob's room to give them to her I saw Cindy standing on one leg, with the other leg around Rob's naked waist. Rob had one arm around her and was caressing her breasts with the other hand, as he fucked her with a moderate pace, while they kissed.

Cindy was holding him loosely in her arms.I watched as they fucked in this position until Cindy had cum five times, and then Rob sank deep in her and moved slowly as he came in her again.

Rob remained in her as they kissed passionately for a few minutes.They finally broke the kiss and he let go of her breast, as he slowly pulled out of her. Cindy looked Rob in the eyes and said. "I love you." Rob said back. "I love you too." I wasn't too surprised to hear this, considering the way they have be acting toward each other. I handed Cindy her cloths and we watched her get dressed.

We wished her a good day as she we escorted her to the front door, and she left with a good by stair at Rob. Late Tuesday evening before bed time I went to take a shower. When I had the temperature of the water just right, I got in and closed the door.

I directed the shower at the far wall, where it will hit my pussy. Then I moved over to the far wall and leaned back, spreading my legs, with the water hitting my pussy and clit. I rested my head against the wall and let the water bring me to a powerful orgasm. I thought I heard something while I was cumming, and when my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and saw Rob standing there rubbing his rock hard cock, as he was watching me cum.

Rob moved up to me, I raised my right leg sex ebony desi vidisex stories wrapped it around his waist, as he moved between my legs and entered my pussy, and sank in deep, as I pulled him against me. Rob took my breasts in his hands, and caressed them, as he began to fuck me hard. Rob brought me to three orgasms, before pulling out of me. Rob asked me to move so he could stand with his cock in the water.

I turned and leaned against the back wall, as Rob moved against the far wall and positioned his cock in the streams of water. It was another minute before he arched his back and grunted as he came. I watched his cum spurt out of his cock head for a few seconds, before he ran out of cum, he continued to experience his orgasm for about a minute longer, as I watched his cock continue to pulse with orgasmic pleasure.

Then Rob relaxed as his cock slowly began to move down as it softened.We soaped each other down, rinsed off and then got out of the shower. We both dried off and got into our night cloths. Rob left the bathroom first, while I dried my hair, then brushed my teeth, I left the bathroom, and going to my room, I went to bed. Thursday after everyone had gone to bed, Rob came into my room. He asked me to sit in front of my mirror next to him, and stroke his cock, while he rubs my pussy, until we cum.

We took our night cloths off. Rob sat in front of my mirror, near my bed. I sat next to him, and raised my legs, with my feet against the mirror, at the top of the baseboard. Rob poured a little pussy juice on my right hand, then placing it on his cock, had me wrap my hand around the shaft. He placed his hand between my legs, with his fingers on my pussy. He asked me to stroke my hand up and down his cock as he rubbed my pussy lips, until I got wet.

Then he began to rub inside my pussy and my clit.We worked each other into a sexual bliss, Rob brought me to orgasm in about three minutes. Then I came again a few minutes later. As I began to cum more often, I began to stroke Rob's cock faster and faster. I came three more times, before I felt Rob tense up. Then I felt his cock begin pulsing as he grunted and came.

Rob's cum splattered on my hand and onto the floor. When his orgasm stopped I removed my hand from his cock, as he removed his hand from my pussy. Rob got a wet wipe and cleaned his cum off my hand, his cock and the floor. We got up and got into our night cloths. I got into bed as he thanked me with a good night, and went out my door. Sunday morning, I was awakened by the sound of my parents moving around the house sexually excited hitchhikers hanna pleasant put on a show hardcore and blowjob they got ready for church.

I looked over at Cindy's sleeping bag to see if she was awake. Cindy wasn't there. I laid in my bed until I was sure my parents were gone. I got up and checked the living room, kitchen and bathroom, but there was no sign of Cindy. I decided to check with Rob, to see if he knows where she is.When I opened the door and stepped into Rob's room, I saw Cindy under the covers in Rob's bed.

She was laying on top of him. It was obvious, from the movement of her ass, that they were fucking. Cindy's head was way up, her eyes were closed tight, and her mouth was wide open, as she made short fast gasping sounds. I knew she was about to cum. Just then she dropped her head and cried out. Her body began to shudder as she came hard.I sat down and rubbed my pussy as I watched them, Cindy continued to fuck him until she came three more times, and then Rob came in her.When their orgasms subsided and she stopped moving, she turned her head my way.

Cindy opened her eyes, and saw me sitting on the floor, slowly rubbing my pussy as I watched them. Cindy said. "Good morning Ann." Rob jumped and looked over at me with a look of having been caught. I said. "Couldn't wait huh." Cindy said. "I wanted a private fuck with Rob, before we started our group sex." I said. "Oh I see, well that's perfectly fine with me if you two want to fuck by yourselves sometimes, I would expect that of lovers, you are lovers right?" Cindy nodded yes.

I stood and asked if we were going to all have sex today, or were they done? Cindy said. "Oh we are definitely going to be having sex together today, we just need to decide how we are going to have sex." I pulled several of the magazines out and stared looking through them for some good, two girls on one guy pictorials.We decided on a sex act we hadn't done before and decided to begin.

I got up and took my nightshirt off. I stood with my legs spread. I said. "I'm first, since you guys already fucked." Rob moved in front of me and positioned his still hard cock at my entrance. Rob slid his cock deep into me with ease. He looked me in the eyes and asked. "How did you get this wet already, are you that horny?" I said. "No, I got this wet rubbing my pussy while watching you guys fuck."Rob looked at Cindy in relief, and said.

"Well I'm relieved that we didn't make her angry, when we went behind her back to fuck without her, she watched us and got herself soaking wet in the process." Cindy said. "Oh good, I really hoped I hadn't upset her or made her angry, and I hope she doesn't feel left out when we have more sex without her." I said. "I won't, I know that lovers need their own intimate privacy." Rob began to fuck me slowly as Cindy moved behind me and began caressing my breasts.

I reached between Cindy's legs and big boobs girl going crazy on webcam her pussy. This felt fantastic, and it didn't take more than two minutes for me to reach my orgasm and shudder as I came. When my orgasm subsided Rob pulled out of my pussy and stepped back. Cindy stepped around me, standing between me and Rob, with her legs spread. Rob moved up to Cindy and entered her pussy, kissing her as he slid in deep.

Then I moved up behind her with my right thigh pressed tight against hers. Cindy reached back and fingered my pussy. When Rob began fucking her, I caressed her breasts. Cindy heated up and came hard, shuddering and whimpering as she came. When her orgasm subsided. Rob kissed her before pulling out of her.

We traded places again. I fingered Cindy's pussy as Rob fucked me again, and Cindy caressed my breasts, until I came, harder than before.When my orgasm subsided he pulled out of me. Cindy and I switched places again. Cindy fingered my pussy as Rob fucked her and I caressed her breasts, until she came hard again. We kept this up for about a half hour, trading places after we each came, waiting for Rob to reach his orgasm.After I came at that half hour, Rob pulled out and said.

"I'm not going to be able to cum like this, not after having already cum this morning." I looked at Cindy and said.

"I have an idea, we get that hard cock under the shower, while Cindy and I stand side by side fingering each others pussy until you cum." Rob eagerly agrees to that, as does Cindy. We headed into the bathroom, turn on the shower and all get in. We set the temperature a little hot, and as Rob leans against the wall with his legs spread, I aim the shower at his redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital cock.

Cindy and I stand side by side with our legs spread wide. I reach over and begin rubbing her pussy, as she begins rubbing mine.It only takes a few minutes for Cindy to bring me to orgasm again, as I cum hard. Alexis crystal elena gilbert tayna in road trip brunette and big tits my orgasm subsides, I rub her clit hard, making her cum. Cindy continues to rub my pussy and clit hard, and I soon tense up and cum hard again.

When my orgasm subsided I brought Cindy to orgasm again.We kept this up for about fifteen minutes, until Rob arch his back. I said to Cindy. "Look Rob's about to cum." Just then Rob grunted and began to spurt his cum.

I watched Rob as he came for a long time again. Cindy and I washed each other off, then we both washed Rob off. We got out of the shower, dried off and went to my room to get dressed.

Rob kissed Cindy good by as she left for the week. Wednesday after bedtime. Rob comes into my room and asks if we can fuck. I eagerly say yes. I get on my hands and knees, I ask Rob to fuck me until I cum three times.Rob kneels behind me and enters my pussy. He begins fucking me very slowly, until I get wet, then he begins fucking me faster. I heat nicely, and reach my first orgasm within three minutes. He keeps fucking me like this and it only takes me another five minutes to reach my third shattering orgasm.

When the third orgasm subsides, I ask Rob to pull out of me and lick my pussy until I cum again. Rob pulls out and bends down to lick my pussy and clit. Rob does such a great job of licking me that I came in about a minute and a half.

I ask Rob to move back up and fuck me again. Rob moved up and slid his cock back into my pussy. Rob began fucking me at a nice pace again. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, making me cum three more times in about five minutes.Then I had Rob stop and pull out. I stood up and raised my left legs up to my side. I asked Rob to fuck me again. He moved in front of me and entered my pussy, sliding in deep, and putting his arms around me.

I held my legs up wide, so he had full access, for deeper penetration. Rob began fucking me with long moderate strokes, taking a deep stroke. I rolled my head back and just enjoyed the feel of his entire cock sliding in and out of my pussy, with very long strokes. A minute later I tensed up and came very hard, for almost two minutes, as Rob fucked me exquisitely, with those long strokes.

Rob fucked me through three more powerful orgasms. When I came down from the last one he pulled out of my pussy, and began humping his cock on my pussy with those same long fast strokes. About a minute later Rob tensed up and grunted as he began cumming. I felt his cock begin pulsing as his cum spurted out of his cock. When Rob's orgasm ended, he stopped moving and loosening his grip on me, kissed me full on the lips, with a passionate kiss. Then he said. "I love you too little sister, only a little differently that I love Cindy." I hugged him and said.

"I know you love me. And I expect your love for Cindy to be a lot different than your love for me. I'm your sister, she is your lover." Rob cleaned me with a wet wipe, then he cleaned himself off. Rob put on his shorts and thanked me for the great fuck as he left, I got into bed naked and went to sleep. We had a half day on Friday. Cindy came home with Rob and I so we were home by 1 PM. I asked if we were going to have group sex today. Cindy spoke up saying. "Oh Ann, Rob and I were hoping to have sex in private today, if you don't mind." I said.

"Oh no, that's great, you need your own sex, I'll just go and masturbate, which is just fine by me." Rob and Cindy went to the kitchen to get some snacks and drinks, while I went to my room to masturbate. Then I got an idea. I took all my cloths off, and left my room, closing the door behind me. I went into Rob's room and sliding the closet door open, I crawled in, and rolled the sliding door most of the way shut, leaving just a big enough of a gap for me to see out of.The closet was unusually clean for a boys closet, so I had plenty of room to get comfortable.Then Cindy and Rob came into the room and put the food and drinks on the dresser.

I watched them take their cloths off. Then Cindy knelt in front of Rob and took his cock in her mouth, she sucked and licked it, until he was fully hard. Then Cindy laid on her back across the bed with her legs spread. Rob knelt between her legs and began caressing her breasts.After a few minutes of this, he moves down and begins licking her pussy, as I begin rubbing my already wet pussy. Then as she heats, he licks her clit until she cums. Rob moves up over her and enters her pussy.

He begins fucking her with long slow strokes, while they kiss.Rob fucks Cindy slowly for a long time, until she cums two more times.

I came hard just then, shuddering and coating my hand with my juice. After Cindy's orgasm subsided, he rolled off her and onto his back. Cindy rolled on top of him, and slid her pussy onto his cock.

Cindy began riding Rob's cock with a moderate pace, as she kissed him, and he caressed her breasts. Cindy came once, then again, and again. I came again at that point, as the sight of his cock moving in and out of her pussy was fantastic. Rob warned Cindy that he was near orgasm.

she said. "Its ok, I had my period yesterday." Then Cindy rode harder on his cock and began to cum again, just as Rob began to grunt and cum inside her. I came again as I watched them cumming and sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray. Cindy rode out his orgasm, which I think lasted longer than hers did.

Then she stopped moving and sank down on his cock. Cindy laid on Rob and they kissed for a while as he caressed her back. Then I heard them telling each other how much they loved each other. When Cindy finally got up off Rob, and he sat up, I reached out and slid the closet door open wide.

They both looked at me with a look of surprise on their faces. Cindy said. "I thought you were going to masturbate." I said. "I did masturbate. I sat in here and watched you two hot lovers fucking, and I masturbated. I even came five times, it was such a turn on." Cindy said. "You know that was a good idea to hide in the closet and masturbate to us." We all cleaned up with wet wipes.

I went back to my room to get dressed. I heard Rob and Cindy kissing before we said our good bye wishes, as Cindy left for the night. Sunday morning I woke to find Cindy in bed with me, facing me as I lay on my side, she was waking me by gently caressing one of my soft firm breasts with one hand, and gently rubbing my pussy lips with the other.

I reached out and began caressing her soft firm breasts with one hand, and began to rub her pussy lips with the other hand. When I got wet, Cindy slipped her fingers between my pussy lips, and started to rub inside them, that felt great.When Cindy's pussy started to get wet, I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips and rubbed inside, then slipping them inside her, stroking them in and out, while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

When my parents left, Rob came in and saw us in bed, laying face to face. He pulled the covers off. There before his eyes, laid two beautiful naked girls caressing each others breasts, and rubbing each others pussy. We laughed a minute, then removing our hands from our friends pussy and breasts.

we got up. I said. "Ok, lets get fucking." Rob laid out a pictorial and said. "Lets do this one." I looked at Cindy and she winked at me. I looked a Rob and nodded. Rob laid the magazine on the floor as he laid down on his back.

I knelt over his waist and sat down, taking his hard cock deep into my pussy. Cindy sat in front of me with her pussy over his face. She sat upright as he began licking her soaking wet pussy.

I leaned forward and caressed Cindy's breasts as I began to ride on Rob's cock. Rob must have been licking Cindy's pussy hard, as she came in just two minutes. It took me another three minutes to reach my orgasm, and I shuddered as I came hard.When my orgasm subsided, we got up and traded places. Cindy was riding Rob's cock, and caressing my breasts, as Rob liked my pussy and clit hard. Rob brought me up to my peak quickly, and a minute later I came hard again. It took Cindy another two minutes to cum.

Cindy rode out her orgasm, then we got up and traded places. I was now riding Rob's cock again, while caressing Cindy's breasts. Rob licked Cindy's pussy while she caressed my breasts this time. Two minutes later Cindy tensed up, then convulsed hard as she came. I continued to ride Rob's cock for another three minutes, before I tensed up and convulsed as I came again.

When I finished cumming, we got up and traded positions again. Cindy was ridding on Rob's cock with a moderate pace, while caressing my soft firm breasts. Rob was licking my hard clit, while I caressed Cindy's soft firm breasts.I quickly rose to my peak, and tensed up and came very long and hard. Cindy was moaning and I knew she would cum soon.

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Rob was licking my clit so hard, that I came again at the same time Cindy came. As Cindy rode out her orgasm, I heard Rob say into my pussy. pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos stop. I'm about to cum."Cindy kept riding on Rob's cock, and about a minute later he grunted into my pussy as he tensed up and began to cum in Cindy's pussy, as she rode him through his orgasm.When Rob's orgasm ended, Cindy kept riding his cock for another few seconds, before she cried out again, and came.

Rob was still licking my pussy and clit good and hard. I looked at Cindy as he licked my clit very hard, making me cum. I screamed and convulsed hard as I had an incredible orgasm.

I continued to cum for a long time, and I loved it.By the time my orgasm finally subsided and I could get up, Cindy had already gotten off of Rob's cock and was waiting for me to finish. We helped Rob to his feet and headed to the shower, to clean up.

Then we got dressed. Rob sat on the sofa, with Cindy on his lap. His arms were around her as he held her. We talked for a while, as they occasionally kissed.Cindy Kissed Rob passionately for a few minutes before saying good bye, and leaving for home.