Nika noire scene it starts with a kiss

Nika noire scene it starts with a kiss
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It is ten-o'clock in the morning when Melissa's text came through on my cell phone. I had just arrived at my office. " I need to come see you immediately," was all her text message said.

I had a second date with her yesterday. Melissa left sore and bleeding from rough sex including first time anal, she indicated she needed to recover before seeing me again. " What's up?" I text back. Her reply is instantaneous: " I said I NEED to come see you now." I text back: " Meet me at this address." Melissa arrived at the motel and knocked on the door.

I open the door letting her in. Melissa had decided she would let me have a few thrusts then stop and leave. I can't resist checking out Melissa again sexy 5'2" dark haired single 35 year old. She is very attractive. Melissa has a beautiful slender petite body and she kept it that way from working girlsdoporn teen girl riding it like crazy. She weighs around 120 pounds.

It i her firm, well-toned body with nice medium tits that caught my eye the first time I saw her picture.

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She has a great heart shaped tight virgin ass, the kind you want to grab every time you walk by her and her legs are toned. Melissa is wearing a tight pair of jeans with a tight, silky, white button up blouse that is a little too tight, which made her blouse gap open between some of the buttons exposing some cleavage.

Melissa looks at me giving me a knowing smile. I smiled. " Hmmm," Melissa thought, " John is checking me out again." " Can I have something to drink before you get started?" Melissa asked. As she busty lovely gals get drilled pornstar and hardcore with me, Melissa found she is mentally undressing me, it is so embarrassing, yet she can't help herself.

It has been just one day since our second date when I brutally fucked her pussy and ass leaving her sore and bleeding. eTo her embarrassment, her eyes keep drifting to my enticing monster bulge in the crotch of my pants.

I took two long necks out of the small fridge and popped them open handing one to Melissa. " Let's talk on the bed, Melissa". We sat down on the end of the bed, drank our beer and made small talk. I asked Melissa, " Something's on your mind Melissa. What is it?" " What's what? " Melissa replied, blushing.

" Aha," I grinned, " I knew it! There is something on your mind. You're blushing. What are you blushing about?" Oh, no, she can't. How could she tell this stranger that she'd been constantly horny for him the past twenty four hours and it is getting worse? " Thanks, John," she sighs, " but it's private. Personal. I don't think I'd be comfortable discussing it with you." " Remember what I told you after our second date, you will be wanting my monster cock again." " Yes, right." Melissa replied nervously.

I said gently, " I know you're horny, Melissa. Your pussy is still sensitive and sore but not bleeding and your ass is sore but not bleeding." " John!" Melissa gasped, " You shouldn't be talking to me like that. I don't know you." " No, oh. John, we have to stop." she said unconvincingly, " I shouldn't be doing this.

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It's not right. I should not have text you." Suddenly I removed her clothes and the flimsy fabric of her panties is nudged aside and I shove three fingers deep into her semi sore sensitive sex-deprived cunt.

The penetration did her in. I then slip my free hand down inside her moist panties. Now I cup her naked pussy, squeezing and releasing in a deliciously satisfying rhythm. Melissa's quivering cunt filling my palm with thick molten cunt-juice. She simply can't resist the pleasure. Digging her nails into the bed, she begins to pump her hips up at me in a helpless, needful fucking motion. " I figured you'd like that better, Melissa!" I grin lewdly. " Ohhhhhh, God, yessss!" Melissa moans. I'm fingering her hot, juicy cunt faster and faster, working her into a frenzy of lust.

Her hips are heaving and writhing, she is clawing the bed. Her pretty features are contorted with lust. She is close to forgetting all about the brutal fucking last night, and maybe that is why she didn't protest when I use my free hand to slip off her panties and toss them away out of reach. " OHHHH, God!", she cries as she bucks, writhes and jerks her naked hips in a helpless fucking motion, her luscious tits jiggling enticingly.

Wantonly, she heaves her horny little cunt up and down on my fingers grinding her clit against my hand, desperate for more delicious sensations. I thrust my thick fingers hard and deep in her steaming cream-filled pussy, feeling the inside of her cunt, scalding hot, slick with juice, and velvety smooth. Her cunt is really tight, gripping and squeezing greedily at my fingers. Melissa is wildly horny at this point.

She considers the situation she is in and rationalizes a bit further. She is only letting me finger-fuck her cunt. Surely she will be able to stop lurid jamming with wild lovely babe hardcore and blowjob before anything really naste happens.

Just a little while longer large dick enters taut pussy hole hardcore massage she will stop me. She can't get over how wonderful it feels having my fingers cramming her starved little pussy, pistoning inside her. Just a little while longer until I make her come. She will let me finger her horny cunt to orgasm and then end this, she can't never allow me to fuck her again, no matter how much she secretly desires having my hard monster cock stretching out her pussy and soothing her fire.

She just needs release! " Now here's something I know you'll love, Melissa," I said. My thick my middle finger plunging it into the little hole at the very center of her pussy. I then bent it into a hook and begin rubbing her G-spot. I twirl my fingertip around teasingly, as Melissa groans with need. She jerks her hips up at my frantically, trying to impale herself on my finger.

" Oh, god, oh, please, please," she whimpers. " Yes, Melissa, I'll do whatever you want," I replied with a leer, " only you gotta tell me. Tell me exactly what you want me to do." Melissa reddened. It is so outrageous for her to be telling a strange man, in graphic terms, how to get her off. Yet she has to cum, or she'd go crazy with lust.

She swallows her pride and forgot her principles. Nothing matters except the urgently needed orgasm. She has to have it, no matter what the consequences! " Stick your finger in me deep, John." she whimpers, " deep in my pussy! Give me all of it!" " You got it, baby," I smile. " Unnnnhhhh, yesssss!" Melissa moans.

She arches her back to take it, wanting my hard thick finger as deep as she can get it. She soaks it with thick hot cream, and the pearly liquid overflows her cunt and runs down the crack of her ass onto the mattress.

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That thick hard presence feels so good in her fever-hot cunt. She whimpers with bliss as I shoved my finger all the way into her grinding my palm against her sensitive clit.

" You got it now, Melissa," I said hoarsely, " you got it all. Now what do you want?" I know perfectly well, Melissa realized, but I wanted to hear her say it. She has no choice. She has to have this orgasm. She is going out of her mind with lust and need. " Fuck me with it, baby," she sobs. " Make me come with your nice hard thick finger." " I will, babe," I replied with a triumphant grin.

I start pistoning my thick finger hard and deep into her juice-drenched pussy. With each thrust of my finger my palm slaps up against her hungry, protruding clit sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Melissa claws the bed and wails with its amazing satisfaction. This is the sensation she'd been craving ever since last night, a nice thick hard object pistoning in her cunt, cramming and reaming.

She feels herself hurtling effortlessly towards orgasm. " Ohhhhh, yes, baby, that's it," she moans, " Keep doing that, don't stop. Make me cum!" I leer down at her as I work my finger fast and deep into her tight, hot little buttery pussy. I'm fantasizing that she is taking my cock, not my finger again.

As I imagined her wailing, moaning and writhing in ecstasy from my monster cock, my cock growing harder. In seconds it is rock hard, fully engorged and painfully ready for action. Melissa has her head back, eyes closed, enjoying the finger-fucking.

She is getting very close to her impending orgasm. As I continue to finger-fuck her, I reach down with my free hand and undid my pants and pushing them down freeing my monster pulsating cock. She is hot and ready now, last night she was not hot and ready when I brutally fucked her.

My cock is hard as steel, and I'm running out of patience. Suddenly I pull my soaked finger out of her cunt and roll on top of her. " J.John, w.what." Melissa opens her eyes gasping. " Ohhhhh, noooooo! John, stop! is to soon." By the time she recovers from her surprise, it is too late. Suddenly, I'm naked on the bed with her and I'm on top of her, my monster cock is engorged and throbbing angrily between her legs.

I'm between her wide spread thighs, and my big cock head is sliding up her wet cunt. My cock looks about a foot long and Melissa gasps as she feels the huge, hot head touching her aching sore pussy lips.

She looks down helplessly as I push forward positioning the tip at the entrance of her tiny, drooling tight busty babe carmen croft nylon tights fetish pussy. She watches with a mixture of fear and lust as I position myself between her wide spread thighs preparing to thrust my cock into her drooling pink slit again. The hard purple cock knob pops into her gooey pussy. My face is red, my voice hoarse, as I slam my hard cock into her tight bruised little pussy again so soon.

Melissa's head spins as she realized I'm going to be fucking her again. She also realized that she is taking a monster cock in her horny bruised cunt for the second time in twenty four hours, and it feels so damn good!

Yet she still tries to tell me to be gentle, but when she opens her mouth, nothing came asian teen girlfriend gives outstanding pov deepthroat blowjob to her boyfriend but a moan.

She glances up at me. My rugged features are a cruel mask of lust as I triumphantly grin lewdly down at her. She threw back her head moaning in ecstasy. I'm in heaven.

Her cunt is as deliciously tight around my cock as it had been around my finger. It feels silk-lined, slippery, and hot as a furnace. As I sink into her, those satiny walls tugging and sucking at my long, thick shaft like a hot little mouth as I slam my cock to the hilt in Melissa's famished cunt.

I grunt, coming down hard, nailing my immense cock all the way into the vise like grip of her cunt. For a moment I lay still on the small petite sexy woman, enjoying the pressure of her pussy walls as they cling needfully to my cock. I feel her grip me with her cunt muscles as if she is trying to milk my huge cock. Melissa has lost control of the situation but she believes she can control me.

She is sure I will pull out at the last minute. But the ramming of my cock, the thrusting and grinding in her pussy and the stretching of its lips like before, the slapping of my balls, and the sheer indecency of getting fucked like a whore in a motel by a stranger is turning her into a slut.

" Ohhhhh, God, yessss! Fuck me!" Melissa wails. " Fuck me with your monster cock, baby!" She has tried to contain her wild excitement as I slam my rock-hard cock into her and begin fucking her in rough hard thrusts, but it is no use. She needs to be fucked so badly, needs to feel my cock as deep thrusts into her cunt. She needs this again, no matter how painful it is. She needs to feel the satisfyingly monster cock rubbing the inner walls of her creaming, horny cunt.

She loves the feeling of having my painfully hard thick cock driving into her savagely reaming, and scraping the walls of her pussy. She is proud of her small petite body and knew that it would make me horny again to give her the savage fucking she needed again.

Melissa gave up and went with her horny instincts, arching her body up to take my long, pretty stickam teens stickam omegle vichatter etc cock as deep as she can get it, bucking her hips up to my rapid hard rhythm.

I relentlessly spear my monster hard thick shaft into the gushing depths of her pussy. Her frantic sucking rhythm spurred me on. I'm ramming her pussy as fast and deep as I can, stretching her tight channel. Her tightness sheathing and unsheathing my skewering cock. Her wet, bald pussy pulsing and quivering, gushing juice onto my cock, milking the belly-probing hardness of my cock.

" Fuck my pussy, fuck my tight pussy!" Melissa groans. I look down, watching my cock thrusting in and out of her hot cunt. My cock is covered with her pearly cunt cream and blood.

Her cunt is pulsing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the throbbing shaft of satisfying cock meat. Again and again the monster cock slams into her, stretching her bald buttery slit every time I ram my huge cock into the hilt.

Melissa's cunt now clings to my stroking cock with vise like tightness, nursing every inch of the steel hard shaft. Her pussy is so horny and twitching that she can't think of anything else but getting fucked. She needed a long, savage fucking now, so she can cum on my huge cock. She threw her arms around me clinging to me, slamming her hips up against mine, keeping her thighs wide open. She wants to be fucked as deep and hard as possible. She wants to be crammed full with cock, fucked till she can't take another stroke.

She is totally starved for my cock, so starved that she is prepared to forget the horror of her last time with me, in order to enjoy the fucking she so desperately craves. Her body is writhing and bucking in perfect rhythm with me, and she is wailing her delight as I hammer my hard cock into the depths of her hot, grasping pussy. " Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oooooooohhhhh, baby, fuck meeeeeeee!" she amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car. She wraps her legs around my back, bucking up fast and hard.

" Fuck my wet pussy, fuck me!" Melissa locks her arms around my shoulders, hugging me tight, gasping and squealing, raising her ass off the bed in a frenzy of passion. " Harder! You've got me so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I'm going to cum! Fuck me God damn it! Fuck my pussy hard! I'm cumming! Yes! I'm fucking cumming!" I slide my enormous cock out of her stretched, creamy cunt slit with a lurid plopping sound leaving a very wet gapping pink hole behind. " NNNOOOOO!" Melissa screams. " John!

What . what are you doing that for, John? Unggh! Unnggh! Put it back in! Hurry! Oh please put it back in and fuck me! Please John, I really need to cum bad! I'm so fucking horny!" She spreads her legs wider and is thrusting her swollen, wet pussy hole at my cock trying in vain to get it back into her horny cunt. Her pussy is so wet and she wants to be fucked so badly! " I don't know Melissa. I'm not sure that you really want my big cock." " Don't tease me John! Oh God yes I want your big cock!

I love having my horny cunt stretched around it! Fuck my pussy John, fuck my tight, wet pussy with that big, hard cock! Please, oh please fuck my horny, juicy cunt!" Melissa whimpers putting her hands on her steaming pussy, desperately finger-fucking her wet cunt and rubbing her fat little clit. She rubs her clit fast making little slapping sounds as her fingers fly across her it. Her pussy is screaming to be fucked by my hard cock.

Shamelessly, Melissa keeps finger- fucking, beating off her horny fuck hole as she thrust her abused, aching pussy at my cock. " My, my Melissa. You are such a little slut." I said as I begin jacking on my cock, watching her hands between her thighs, as she rubs and fingers her wet pussy. Her fingers are going in and out fast making little slurping noises as they slip between her slippery pussy lips, I smell her need.

" You little whore, I'll bet you don't think about anything but cocks all day long. Look at me you little slut, look at me and tell me what you need." My words made her feel like even more of a slut looking up at me as shamelessly, she finger fucks her juicy little cunt. She lay beneath me with her legs wide apart; her cunt is obscenely exposed as she works her messy wet cunt with uncontrolled lust. Melissa finger-fucks her pussy in a frenzy; sex vedios teacher student in school classroom or teachers room is alternating between strumming her swollen clit and darting her fingers in and out of her cunt.

She is, going out of her mind with the need to be fucked. " Do you want it slut, do you want to feel my cock back inside you? Tell me slut! Tell me what you'll do to get my cock back into your horny fucking hole!" My words excited the normally reserved woman.

" I'll do anything! I need you. I really need you to fuck me now, John, please, fuck me." She begs. " I wanna be used, I'm your little slut, esta chava monta a su novio con mucha clase little fuck whore!

Fuck me John! Do whatever you want to do to me! Please John, I'm on fire! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me!" " You want my big cock you dirty whore, you little slut! You like this, you little slut, don't you?

You like begging for my cock, don't you slut! Here it is slut, if you want me to fuck you then put it in." She'd fantasized about this several times while masturbating alone, about being treated like the slut she really was.

Impatiently Melissa reaches down, grasping my cock directing my cock knob to her pussy. With one hand she guides my cock to her wet, slippery pussy fitting the spongy tip of my steel hard thick cock between the pouting petals of her very tight buttery cunt. She feels the thick meaty cock boring into her, spreading open her pouting pussy lips around the invading thickness of my cock.

I watch her wet pussy lips as they suck my cock in deeper and deeper, pulling my cock blissfully deeper into her juicy little cunt. " Oh my god John, please, fuck me now, do me hard," Melissa said, breathing rapidly, wrathing and bucking, fucking her horny, itchy pussy onto the satisfying hardness of my cock. She whimpers with pleasure as my long throbbing cock gradually stretches and fills hot romance brzar sex story cunt, her tight pussy soaking my hard shaft with her hot juices.

I'm all the way inside her, buried to my balls in her cunt. Melissa felt this stuffed with my hard cock on our second date. Then I pull out, withdrawing until only the crown of my bloated, dripping hard-on distended Melissa's pussy lips. She whimpers in frustration. Then she shudders as I come down hard, spearing every inch of my huge pole into her pussy. Melissa screams and is bucking up like the sex-starved woman she is, her tits bouncing and quivering as she fucks her pussy onto my cock.

I met her rhythm, relentlessly I work my hips between her thighs, grunting as I rammed my giant, arrow-like cock into the gooey depths of her sucking pussy, slamming my cock deeply into her buttery, sucking cunt.

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" Fuck me," she pants. " Hurry. Fuck my cunt! Oh, god, do it harder, fuck my ravashed cunt as hard as you can! I'm a slut for your cock! Fuck my wet cunt." Her words are driving me to slam my cock into her tight juicy cunt. Taking a tight grip on her hips, I'm slamming into her harder and faster.

Melissa responds with wails of delight. I feel her clasping cunt soaking my pistoning cock with spurts of pussy-juice. Melissa moans and bucks her pussy up onto my cock with eager thrusts.

I'm nailing my immense cock into her clinging, throbbing pussy and she is wrathing and kinky gf tries out anal sex on the bed while being filmed pornstars hardcore like a bitch in heat, frantically slaming her tight, wet pussy onto my thrusting cock.

" That's it slut, slam your pussy onto my cock!" " Unnnnhhhh, yes, baby, fuck me hard," she moans, " fuck my slut pussy, John! I'm so fucking horny now! Fuck me, fuck me!" Melissa's eyes rolled, then close tightly, as she feels herself rocketing toward an intense orgasm. Melissa wants to go on feeling this steel-hard cock slamming in her cunt forever. She felt a massive climax starting in the quivering depths of her pussy and it radiated out to shake her whole body. Her pulsating cunt gripped and sucked at my hard cock, soaking it with hotly gushing cream.

She is so highly aroused, it seeps out of her tightly crammed pussy and ran down her inner thighs. " Ooooooh, John, I'm coming, baby! Oooooooh, Yeeesss, cummmmmiiinnngggg! " she squeals. I stare down at her as I feel her tight cunt convulse around my pistoning cock.

Her curvy little body bucking and shuddering as the hot orgasmic spasms rip through her. Her cream bubbles up around my cock and her cunt went into contractions, squeezing me hard, the narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around my huge cock. I didn't come with her.

My staying power is longer. This is soo good! As Melissa came down from her intense climax, she is shocked to feel my cock as hard as ever in her cunt. Her hot little pussy still isn't satisfied. She is greedy for more, and I'm ready to give it to her. She writhes her pussy on the impaling hardness of my thrusting cock. " Mmmmmm, yessss" she moans, " fuck that big fat prick into me, baby! Give your cock whore every inch of your long, hard cock." To make sure she got every inch of it, Melissa threw her legs up over my shoulders, completely opening herself to me, and then she pushes her legs up higher, completely opening her gooey pussy for the womb-reaching thrusts of my cock.

My primal rage is unleashed after watching her cum on my cock again. I slam into her savagely, thrusting my cock into her like there is no tomorrow. My balls slapping loudly against her ass, and the impact of my brutal thrusts rocks her body, slamming her blushing little ass into the bed.

Melissa claws the bed sheets and held on tight, gasping and moaning with pleasure. I'm slamming into like a pile driver, my cock throbbing inside her, my cock head battering her cervix with every stroke.

" Ooooooh, honey, yesssss," she cries, " I love it, don't stop. fuck me like that. Yeahhhh, real hard! Pound my cunt, baby. fuck it in there! Uhhhhhhh, Goddd I want to be fucked like this forever!" " Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt!" She wraps her thighs together high across my back, holding me close, shuddering as my cock impaled her hard and deep. She has never felt so desperate for the feel of a cock inside her in her life, she desperately wants every inch of my nine inch cock ramming into her, filling her cunt to bursting.

Her cunt is throbbing uncontrollably, sheathing and unsheathing the skewering shaft. I slide my hands down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. I'm laying on top of her sweat-glistening blonde big ass layla london auditions and pounds lexingtons bbc, ramming my cock into her punishing her with the steely hardness of my cock.

She grimaced, her face contorting with raw passion, twisting her head dazedly from side to side on the bed. Her pussy is sucking and throbbing, and she knew she is on the verge of a massive orgasm.

Then she is bucking up in a frenzy abandoning all control as she feverishly pistons her pussy onto the steely hard shaft.

Her ravished slit, the bare lips throbbing with pain as the hard in and out thrusts continue. Melissa can tell I'm close to cumming. I'm grunting as my cock is swelling bigger, getting harder as it buries itself all the way in her.

She looks up at my lust-contorted face realizing that I'm about to shoot my load into her unprotected womb. take it out," she pants, " don't come inside me," she adds quickly, " I'm not on the pill. Take it out John!" Stream after white stream of cum fills Melissa's pussy. It splatters against walls and her cervix.

Melissa looks up at me, " Oh God" We lay there gasping for breath.