Sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll

Sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll
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Chapter 1 'Thump thump thump'. She knew the sound. Every morning Kat would get up and go for a run. And she, being her lazy self, would sleep in til well after sunrise and sip her tea by herself waiting for her to return. "Hi" said Kat as she bounced through the door, still perspiring from the jog. "Morning.' Renae replied, a small smile playing along her lips.

Kat reached for the towel at her waist and wiped her forehead. "I'm just gunna jump in the shower…you're welcome to join me" she said with a wink, and sex kutty web com xxx storys porn upstairs giggling.

Renae watched her friend as she disappeared from view, laughing silently to herself. 'She still amazes me! Not once has she forgotten to ask me if I wanted to join her, not once!' Well she had another thing coming for her today, Renae thought as she slowly made her decent up the stairs to the bathroom where Kat showered.

She could hear the running water and Kat singing softly to herself through the door. She opened the door silently and crept into the huge bathroom. A steamy haven filled the room and Renae slipped out of her robe and opened the shower door. "Holy shit! Oh, fuck oath woman I dare you to scare me even more." Kat cried. She giggled, a girlish noise making Renae smile pleased she'd successfully scared the shit out of her.

"Oh don't you want me here anymore? Fine I'll just go on my way…" she trailed off mockingly. "No! Wait!" Kat said as she grabbed her arm, "of course I want you to stay babe, I've been wanting you to join me for a very long time".

She lent down and kissed Renae, making love to her lips, she felt mom and son with big ass and hotel room shiver and smiled in the kiss. Renae kissed her back passionately, forcefully. She moved her way down Renae's neck each kiss lingering until she found the crevice just above her breasts.

She could hear Renae's breathing increase as she worked her way down, her hands went to work on her tits, squeezing and pinching her stiff nipples. Her mouth found a nipple and she flicked her tongue over it making Renae gasp. "Shit woman!" she grabbed Kats head and pulled her face up to hers where she kissed her roughly, their tongues playing. Kat broke the kiss and turned Renae around so she was standing behind her. She slowly made her way down Renae's neck and back kissing her playfully and sending tingles down her spine.

She reached her hands around and started to pinch her nipples. Renae grabbed her hands and started rubbing them into her breasts "Mmmmmm fuck I'm hot right now." "You're not the only one", Kat replied and with that she turned Renae around again kissed her then started making her way down her tummy to her navel. She tickled the area with her tongue, making Renae giggle, "Stop it!" she gasped.

Kat slipped her tongue down further in between Renae's thighs where she started kissing and tonguing the very edges of her cunt. She grabbed Renae's arse and pulled her body towards her face.

She slipped her tongue into Renae's slit playfully, and then pulled it back out again. "Fuck!" Renae gasped, her face a mask of pleasure. Her tongue returned to her slit as she licked up all her juices, sliding her tongue up and down.

She pushed her tongue inside Renae and Renae grabbed her head, pulling her hair. Renae's knees were beginning to buckle so Kat laid her down on the shower floor and went back to work. The hot water sprayed onto them making them even hotter. Kat slid a finger inside Renae's cunt and started pumping tattooed cheerleader kissed by horny lesbian couples babe in and out.

She slipped a second finger in and started pumping harder, as she did so her tongue found her clit and she licked it sucking it up into her mouth, Renae moaned. She sucked her clit into her mouth hard, never letting go she kept pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt rubbing against that spot so many men forgot. Kat held onto Renae's clit and felt Renae's inner walls begin to tighten around her fingers.

She sucked hard and bit her clit ever so slightly. "Fuck me! Don't stop" Renae moaned as an intense orgasm waved over. Kat never stopped sucking on her clit until the orgasm passed. Renae shook and groaned until the final wave passed then pulled Kat up and kissed her hard pulling her hair as she did so.

"Lets move this into the bedroom shall we?" she suggested as she broke the kiss. And with a smile they jumped up and made their way to comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls bedroom. Chapter 2 Renae stopped at the edge of the bed and, still standing, her and Kat kissed. She pushed Kat onto the bed roughly then straddled her.

Grabbing Kats hands she held them above her head and kissed her hard, biting her lip. The pair kissed and bit each other playfully for a few minutes until Renae broke the kiss. She flicked her tongue over Kats neck and began to suck and bite her neck.

"Mmmmmm" Kat moaned, as she grabbed Renae's head and pushed her mouth further into her neck. Her breathing patterns changed as she went from slow deep breathes, to whispery rasping, to a high pitched quivering gasp. "Uh!" she moaned breathlessly, as Renae teased her neck more. She clutched a handful of Renae's hair and pulled her face up to hers where she kissed her with a fiery passion full of barely audible gasps and frantic breathes. Renae's hand made its way down to Kats right breast and she pinched the nipple, softly at first then hard, causing Kat to gasp and hiss.

She smiled to herself and pinched it again. Then she lent her head down and enclosed Kats nipple in her mouth. Kat took a sharp intake of breath as Renae began silently sucking on her sensitive tits.

She started running her fingers through Renae's hair lovingly and rolled her head back moaning softly. Renae continued to suck on Kats nipple then without warning bit down hard.

Kat grabbed Renae's hair and pulled hard as she felt her teeth grinding into her nipple. She loved this feeling she couldn't deny that, both the pain and pleasure mixed together on her nipples drove her wild.

Renae released Kats nipple and gave it a quick suck before kissing Kats mouth again. She then slowly began to lick, tease and tickle Kats chest with her tongue. Her hands explored the naked body below her and she tiptoed her fingers over Kats tummy towards her back until Kat retracted with a gasp. She heard her giggle lightly, girlishly, and went back to work. She continued teasing and caressing Kats body all the way to the edges of her breasts where Kat moaned loudly and squirmed with pleasure beneath her touch.

Renae moved her hands downwards towards the centre point of Kats pleasure and began to slide her fingers up and down Kats soaking slit. Kat began to quiver and her breathing came in great erratic rasps. Renae's fingers continued to slid up and down her slit and she slipped a single finger inside and started to thrust rhythmically she wriggled herself downwards and let her tongue slip over Kats clit.

" Mmmmmm, Fuck Me" Kat moaned, as Renae slipped another two fingers deep inside her. "Uh uh Uh!" she gasped as Renae slipped a forth finger in and started thrusting hard into her. She rocked her body back and forth meeting every thrust with equal force to that of Renae. Kats breathing began to quiver as she gasped and moaned uncontrollably.

She felt Renae slip a finger into her mouth to quieten her but she bit it and kept moaning. Renae bent her head to Kats face and began to kiss her forcefully and she pulled her fingers out of Kat suddenly *much to Kats obviously disgust), and heard a whimper escape her lips.

She grabbed Kats hands and held them above her head, and then she replaced her fingers with her knee and began to rub it against Kats wet cunt. She released Kats hands. "Don't mover them!" she warned with a powerful grind against Kats clit with her knee.

And she then made her way down back to Kats tits. She kissed them lightly and massaged them between her fingers then she gripped Kats nipples tightly and squeezed.

"Oh fuck me yes!!" Kat cried. She humped herself upwards into Renae. Renae bent down and bit Kats nipple driving her wild. She shook uncontrollably beneath the touch moaning all the while. Renae's fingers silently crept down to Kats cunt where she thrust all four fingers into her violently.

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Driving Kat even wilder than what she already was, she screamed quietly. "Oh Fuck me Yes!!Uh uh…Mmmmmm!" Kat gasped. "Mmmmmm, Megan fox and johnny sins sex c-cumming!" She cried. Her whole body tensed with the intensity of the orgasm that hit her and she shook uncontrollably. The final wave died down slowly putting her into a drowsy state. Chapter 3 After collapsing onto Kat after her little episode, Renae awoke to a pleasant feeling.

She moaned sleepily and looked down to find Kat greedily eating out her wet cunt. She felt two fingers slip inside her and moaned, louder this time. She hissed under her breath as Kats tongue found her clit and began to rub and massage her own nipples.

Kat plunged a third finger inside her and began the hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw flick her tongue persistently over her clit. Renae began to shake slightly under the touch and began to run her fingers through Kats hair. She got closer and closer to climax. Then Kat sat up and pulled her fingers out. "Good evening, hehehe."She giggled. She lent down and kissed Renae.

Just a soft kiss at first, then a deeper more fervent kiss. She wrapped her arms around her lover in an affectionate embrace and kissed her deeply again. They continued kissing playfully, their tongues duelling lovingly and teeth playfully biting each other's lip. Kat broke the kiss first and continued to kiss her way down Renae's neck where she sucked slightly on her flesh.

As she was doing this she whispered her hands down Renae's tummy around to her sides where she tickled Renae. "Hehe don't!" Renae breathed, as she pushed Kats hands from her sides. She began to kiss and bite Kats neck heightening her pleasure and causing her to growl softly in her throat. Completely giving into the sensation Kat relaxed her body on Renae's and playfully toyed with Renae's hair.

She felt her way down Renae's body to her cunt where she rubbed up and down Renae's slit before finding the nub of her clit and rubbing it hard.

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The electricity of the touch shot through Renae's body and as her breathing increased she sucked harder on Kats neck. This in turn provoked Kat into driving two of her wet fingers into Renae's hot cunt where she started eagerly pumping her fingers in and out. Finally releasing Kats neck Renae came up and started kissing Kat forcefully trying to get more and more of this feeling inside of her. She rocked her body and grabbed Kats head putting more force on the kiss.

She broke the kiss suddenly and moaned "Mmmmmm" rolling her head back. She continued to hump her body into Kats hand and, without hesitation, slipped two of her own fingers under Kats abdomen and started furiously finger fucking Kats soaking cunt. Kat moaned loudly and lent down and kissed Renae, a moan quivering in her throat. Suddenly Renae was on top straddling Kat, her tow fingers still pumping and Kats still in hers.

She arched her body back and gasped rocking her self back and forth over Kats hand. Another moan escaped her lips as Kats other hand began to rub and pull on her stiff nipples. Kat sat there watching Renae rock herself back and forth on her hand and wanted her, she wanted to taste the sweetness of her cunt as she felt the heat of her insides on her fingers. In one swift movement Kat removed her hands from Renae's cunt, slid her body under Renae further and manoeuvred herself so that Renae was straddling her face.

She began to flick her tongue along Renae's slit and, loving the sweet taste, started eating Renae earnestly. Renae started to fervid nympho is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet crack her body rhythmically over Kats face. " Hang on a tic woman! I want some of you too!" and with that she sat up and turned herself around so that she could lean down and lick Kat out as she was being eaten, creating an almost perfect '69' position.

Kat growled and moaned loudly into Renae's cunt as she felt Renae's mouth make contact with hers, creating vibrations that only made Renae eat her more with more earnest. The couple continued like this for several minutes, moaning into each others soaking cunts until Kat slipped two fingers into Renae's cunt and placed her thumb firmly on renaes clit.

Renae's head shot up and she gasped loudly, which was followed by a loud moan then she started rocking her body harder on Kats face. She continued to hump Kats face harder and harder then she slipped all four of her fingers deep inside Kats cunt and started viciously fucking Kat with her hand.

Kats whole body jolted at the touch and Renae felt her moan into her cunt. They both began to shake and quiver violently under each other's touch until Renae felt the onset of orgasm hit her.

"O Fuck Yes!" she cried as wave after wave of earth shattering pleasure jolted through her. As huge ass busty lesbian blonde anal fucked orgasm hit her she began to pump her fingers harder and harder into Kat driving her over the edge, she felt the orgasm on her fingers and lent her head down and flicked her tongue over Kats now very sensitive clit.

"Ah Fuck!" Kat screamed, as the intensity of the orgasm increased. She humped her body upwards into Renae's eager mouth and collapsed still shaking under Renae. As the pair relaxed shakily Renae rolled off Kat and came back up to lie on top of her. She looked into Kats eyes and lent down to kiss her gently.

Her tongue flicked and Kats replied. As the kiss broke Renae laid her head down on Kats chest where she listened to the steady beat of Kats heart. As she drifted off to sleep in Kats arms, Kat kissed her head and sighed 'I love you' into her ear before nodding off into a deep sleep. The End