Playgirl suggests cunt for hammering hardcore and blowjob

Playgirl suggests cunt for hammering hardcore and blowjob
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Shawna: She had been a Daddy's girl since she could remember. She thought he was the strongest, most handsome man imaginable. They had always been physically affectionate, and even as she grew older, she'd sit on his lap and cuddle.

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She wasn't a large girl. She was slightly built for her age and had begun to wonder when she'd fill out like everyone else was doing. One night Shawna and her dad were watching TV. He was sitting on the floor with his back resting on the ottoman. She was on his lap straddling his legs with her back to his chest. During a commercial, Shawna started bumping and nudging him playfully. He put his arms around her to hold her while he rubbed his stubble on her cheek, an old game of theirs.

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This time, somehow his mouth brushed against her neck. The touch felt different than their game, sending tingles down her belly, between her legs and down to her toes. They both froze momentarily. Without thinking about it, she eased her head back and to the side. He slowly lowered his mouth to her neck, kissing, gently nibbling. She exhaled a quiet sigh while his mouth worked its magic. She felt wetness pouring out of her and a fullness and hardness at her crotch. It felt wonderful!

He anus fun with my girlfriend erotica movies his arms around her in a tight hug and then moved his hand to her small breast.

He rubbed and squeezed her breast gently. Shawna heard him groan softly as she felt her nipple harden. In a tight voice she had never heard before, he said, "Time for bed, Sweetie. School tomorrow." She didn't want to move, but woodenly slid off his lap and went to her room. As she got ready for bed, she noticed that her panties were sopping wet. The fullness between her legs kept her awake long after midnight.

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She kept touching her breast and her wetness with restless wonder. Her last thoughts before drifting off were of Daddy.

Daddy: What just happened? His daughter had been sitting on his lap as always, and he had been enjoying her body in the determinedly acceptable way he had always managed. As her body ripened, he petite flexible blonde bangs all around home petitefuck and hugedick he was fantasizing, but as long as fantasy wasn't reality, what did it hurt? The things he pictured--her lying stretched out for him, legs wide while he watched her sweet young cunt swell and juice up for him, sucking her, fucking her.

As long as those were only pictures in his mind, everything would be okay. Then tonight Shawna started squirming while she was on his lap, and he got hard. Really hard.

He put his arms around her to keep her from feeling the nudge of his insistent cock, and his eyes found the pulse above her collar bone. It was so beautiful that his mouth was tasting that spot before his brain registered the action.

He froze at the shock of what he had done, ready to distract her with their usual playful stubble-on-the-cheek game, when she tilted her head back and offered that beautiful neck to him. The taste of her skin on his tongue was almost his undoing. He kissed that pulse point again and then worked his way up to right below her earlobe. Moving lower on her neck again he gently bit down. His arms drew her closer, and then his hand closed around her budding breast.

He kneaded it gently, warming it with the heat of his fingers.

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Her nipple hardened instantly and he understood finally that she was loving this. Hearing his own groan brought him back to reality. "Time for bed," he managed to say as he let go of her. After she climbed off his lap, he looked down at his pants where she had rested her weight on his leg.

There was a wet spot left by the cream of her arousal. He had done that to her.

His cock suddenly exploded with hot cum inside his pants, touched only by the realization that he could really have her. Shawna: In the middle of the night when she woke up, she got up and went to Daddy's bedroom to talk about what had happened. He was lying naked, uncovered on the bed. His penis (cock?) was sticking up away from his body. She stood there watching for a while until it got soft. She wanted to get into bed with him and press against him, but went back to her cold bed.

The next morning, her focus was still stubbornly centered between her legs as it had been all night, on her "pussy", her "cunt". Those words had seemed silly until last night, when Daddy's mouth and fingers had given them new meaning. "Cunt" seemed better suited.

"Pussy" was still too ridiculous. Whatever name she used, it was still wet and tingly and impossible to ignore. Daddy came into the kitchen and hesitated before giving her a quick one-armed hug and kiss on the forehead. He didn't even look at her. She hurried out the door before he could see her tears of embarrassment and disappointment, and before she begged him to somehow make the throbbing need go away.

Daddy: He had thought about it all night. He replayed the feel of Shawna's body as she leaned her head back and gave herself to him. He realized in the night, as I pulled himself off for the second time that she had given herself over to him, pressing her cunt on his leg.

She had rocked back and forth ever so slightly as he kissed her neck. He jerked off a third time before falling into a fitful sleep. He kept the sheets off his body and off his sore, abused cock. Coming into the kitchen in the morning, the sight of his girl made him hard again. "How is that euro women are all about gang bang he wondered. He wanted her. He was thirsty for her. His wife, Beth, would be back in town that night and wouldn't be flying out again until Friday.

Three days to fuck the shit out of her and slacken this need for his daughter. Then he'd have the weekend alone with Shawna. He was hard again.