Curvy boss emma butt gets humped and jizzed on

Curvy boss emma butt gets humped and jizzed on
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Hello, just so you know this is my first ever story and I have spent a while getting it to this stage. The story isn't finished, probably only half way, however as its now quite long I wanted to have some feedback as to what people like and if I should finish this off, before backfilling the character stories. If you want to give me feedback, know more or want to contact me please do at [email protected]

Thanks GingerGirlLover. x And so. Dawn sat thinking 'that was that'. 8 years of marriage come to nothing apart from her 7 year old gorgeous daughter upstairs playing in her room. The final divorce papers laid out on her coffee table. Dawn stood and looked in the room mirror regarding herself. At 32 she now showed a little age with a few lines here and there.

Nothing a little hard work at the gym or a little tweak by a surgeon couldn't fix quickly. Standing at 5ft 3 with a lustrous sheen of ginger golden hair which came just down past her shoulders and rested on the tops of her still budding and huge 36GG breasts.

A massive wide smile of straight white teeth with ruby red lips and eyes of blue. High full cheek bones framed her mouth and nose. A rounded face and a cheeky lookshe thought she had always been attractive however she had never been as popular or as attractive to the boys as her twin sister Emma.

She was a size 14 with a short torso, full round ass and long slender legs ending in size 6 feet. She had always wanted to be a size 10-12 however she loved her curves and the cream and chocolate cakes were too hard to resist.

She unlike her now ex husband Peter never regarded herself as fat just curvy as a woman should be. She knew that Peter never had the best of her as she had hidden depths and needs which he never grasped. Her most attractive feature she thought was her mouth and smile which had beautiful straight teeth and large dimples at each side. As she was a natural redhead her upper body and breasts were covered in tiny freckles that would appear with the slightest hint of sunshine in the day.

She was also never afraid to put on some make up. To highlight the red lips and high cheeks. She always knew she had a little bit of slut in her and sometimes showed it with a little too much rouge and lipstick with blue and green eye shadow.

When her now ex husband Peter had filed for divorce he stated she was a 'cheating frigid overweight bitch' on the papers. Not much could be further from the truth. However she had always given him everything and she knew he loved her tits it was what had drawn him to her wen she was just 22 and he was 41.

At a 36GG she knew they were first time sex and deflation, however they weren't saggy and had never drooped. They were full and large and stood upright web she laid down. She could and would go braless and she would have a magnificent full bouncy cleavage, covered in blonde milf sasha sean sucking fucking big dick blowjob and bigtits brown and golden freckles, one which she loved spraying in her favourite Vera Wang Princess perfume.

It always made her cunt twitch and moist when she was showing off her tits when out with a few girlfriends. Her breasts had kept growing way past when her sisters had stopped and they accentuated her curves. At just 13 she was a full 32C making her the envy of the girls and lusted after by the boys and men at school.

Dude looks at his lovely gf sex

(A story for another time). They themselves were draped in tiny freckles all the way down the bikini strap lines, underneath and round to her huge aereola. Her aereola were a full 8cm wide and were bright pink, she was unsure why they were so bright but they were a ruby pink rouge and she had never seen any others like them apart from her twins.

She always had trouble wearing low cut dresses as her aereola could clearly be seen in half cup bras. Not to mention her huge erect sensitive nipples. These were 1.5cm wide and stood 3cm long when she was mildly aroused growing bigger when they were flicked and tugged and pulled. Another thing that made her pussy wet and dripping into her sopping thong when it happened. Being looked at by any man made her butterfly lips twitch and sometimes had her rushing into the nearest public toilets to plunge her fingers into her cunt and making herself cum with a few moans and grunts which she knew that any else in there could hear.

Sometimes even with Molly with her she needed that release. (Again a story for another time). Her ex Peter was a Major in the army and had often spent months and months on end away from home on tour. She knew that he had had more than one affair in their time together. Last year Peter arrived home and rubbed Dawns face in it as he had brought his latest girl Zoe home to stay with Her and their daughter Molly. Peter arriving home and stating 'I own the house I tell you who lives in it' and so Zoe had accompanied him home from tour to stay with them.

Zoe was only 20 blonde, tall and thin everything Dawn wasn't. Dawn soon found herself doing everything for the both of them whilst they were home from tour. Even watching Peter and Zoe taking Molly out for days away. Leaving Dawn at home to feel unwanted depressed and unloved. She needed to find a release for herself and to feel wanted. She craved that feeling. This arrangement lasted for 4 months before Peter was deployed away again. But not before Zoe was pregnant and showing with Peters baby.

It was hardly surprising as she could hear the two of them fucking all night every night in Dawns marital bedroom as they had moved her into Molly's room. The sounds of love making always made her heart skip and thrumm fast even if it were her own husband cheating on her in the next room. More than once she had woken to find that her vibrator was covered in her pussy cream and she had left it on the bedside where Molly could easily have found it and played with it.

As she was now sleeping in Molly's bed being able to spread her pussy and make herself cum was dangerous as there was always the chance Molly could wake and see her legs spread and her fingers clitting her pussy and driving down hard onto her vibrator.

She had once been caught masturbating by Peter and Zoe with one hand with a glass to the wall. She was embarrassed and bloomed red to cheeks but the sounds of sex had made her butterfly lips engorged and her clit grow.

It had been hard to stop herself even though she knew it was wrong. She had even allowed Peter to fuck her red butterfly cunt on the day before he went away again knowing that he was just using her but she just as much using him.

The slaps she had taken and what she displayed on her body and face showed some sign of what an inner slut she was. (Its another story the life of Dawn and Zoe and Peter). When Peter had gone back on tour it allowed Dawn to try to get her life back to some sense of normality. With Zoe going with him. Leaving Her and Molly to try and carry on as normal.

However she was alone and in desperate need of feeling wanted and loved, whoever it may be. The hate from Peter could only last so long and after 7 years of marriage he filed for divorce leaving Dawn and Molly in the house. Now the divorce papers had been finalised and Peter was out of her life in terms of a partner and friend. She had come out of the divorce fairly well managing to keep the house but little money.

She also didn't have a job as she had always relied on Peter to look after the house and bills. Now she sat thinking how do I start again from here. Alone with Molly but with the house and car she knew she was doing ok if not great. However she was lonely and alone. She always knew that she had a small amount of slutty ness and whoreishness inside of her which she had never shown to anyone except a boyfriend when she was just 13. (A story for another time). Whilst her now ex husband was away she would often find time to sit on the laptop and drop into a chat room or two displaying a frankly revealing picture of herself with her golden freckled breasts exposed a little to try and gain some acceptance and to fulfill the need of being wanted from some guy.

No matter who he was. Now she sat in her room and again pulled the laptop out and logged into her favourite chat room. The one which she was well known on for speaking with a little slutty mouth and more often than once go on cam for some man or lad to wank to.

She was merely fulfilling her need. Now She logged on and an immediately one of her male friends 'MidlandsDom' was there saying 'hi'. Almost immediately she replied 'hey there' along with a bright red flush of colour to her face and lips and a rush of blood to her beautiful butterfly pussy. She had always known that her pussy was pretty. With slender lips that were tight and slim, a pair of slim tight inner lips erupting from her depths to form a perfect butterfly when they were pushed apart.

At the top she has her gorgeous yet large clitoris which was just under an inch when aroused. Shiny and lustrous she knew exactly how to touch it to make her moan and grunt to orgasm. Now that her favourite guy MidlandsDom had said hi her arousal was instant with a flushing of her skin and wetness between her butterfly lips. 'So how are you' he replied. 'To be honest pretty lonely and upset she replied and explained that her divorce was final and now she was truly on her own.

He replied 'aw hunni you need someone to come and comfort you and to also come and fuck you senseless and own you just like me' I will make you feel wanted promise'. He had spoken to her like this before, though all her false promises had led to nothing. Now all she could think was 'I would do anything right now to feel wanted and needed'.

She replied 'I wish it would happen today of all days'. All she could think of was that she was so alone now blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed she needed to feel wanted.

The reply was 'well why don't you let me into you just once even if its just to say hello and for a drink to talk things over'. She knew she shouldn't but said 'only if you promise not to hurt newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering like all the times we have spoken'.

A reply of 'of course I won't hurt you without your consent and asking' came through. She didn't want to stop talking to this man even blair williams pussy fucked hard by mr crew pornstars big dick at this point she usually logged off before plunging her fingers deep into her Butterfly vagina and bringing herself to a grunting moaning orgasm ending with her splashing the bathroom tiles or bed covers with her squirting orgasm, thinking of all the things that they had talked about.

Which included some deep Domination/Submissive games. This time however she said 'I want it to be true and I want it to be you'.

'Now that's the response I have always wanted' he replied. It was a Friday early evening and there was all evening and night to arrange a meeting and he most desperately wanted this little ginger Princess he had lusted after for months now.

All he then said was 'Address and time'. Panic flooded through her body knowing that Molly was upstairs and she would never get a sitter at this late time in the day'. She did however so badly need the feeling of want and need that she craved. She slowly replied with her address and 8pm knowing that gave him enough time to travel to her. 'Knock on the door and I will open it i promise' she said with her heart almost bursting through her chest, 'Wear what I always tell you to wear please' was all he put.

Then logged off. Not giving her the chance to back out of anything. Dawn sat there knowing she had just allowed some stranger to know her address and he would be setting off soon to make the 8pm time. She stood and knew that she had taken her first step into being the little slut that she knew she always had been. However she knew that right now she had about 2 and half hours to get herself ready for the arrival of MidlandsDom.

Christ she never even knew his fucking name. Yet when she took her jeans off she found her black thong was literally soaking and dripping as she had involuntary orgasmed when she had given her address to him.

Jesus I can't believe I have done this she thought as her hand again involuntarily touched her budding clitoris. She was already engorged and shiny and her butterfly lips were red and dripping. She could smell her cunt too. It was always the way when she was completely aroused and in need of being taken. Tonight she could smell her pussy was in a rapture and the stink of her cunt made her orgasm hard on her hairbrush as it was the closest thing to hand in her bedroom.

She lay there thinking for a few minutes afterward about what would happen tonight. Thinking it could be a massive mistake. After all he had brought Molly into his fantasies more and more over the months as they talked.

Getting herself together she swiftly changed the purple sheets on the bed to her black silk and satin sheets she kept for best. Before stripping off her thong and laying out the clothes which she knew he wanted breathtaking czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov to wear.

She just knew what look he wanted and had over the months bought each little item hoping that one night it would be her chance to dress for him. Firstly she took out her new ivory and silk balconette bra in a 36G.

Slightly too small for her huge breasts but would push them further up towards her neck. Secondly a tiny g string, again too small but only one size too small. She had worn it once when she bought it and knew it gripped her cunt tight in its embrace before cutting deep between her pink and brown starfish.

It made her feel like a slut and she had quickly put it away again. Then she took out the black fully fashioned seemed stockings and the ivory and silk suspended belt which had cost a fortune. It had 8 thin delicate straps which had little golden clasps. Then she brought out the dress which he had shown her online. It was a size 14 but it was tight on her frame as her breasts stretched the material.

It was a single piece dress with straps which hugged her tits and ass like no other. The thin straps would hide her bra. The neck line plunged deep into her cleavage and she knew her aereola would be exposed when she was dressed.

Then there were the shoes, thin platform silver and white stilettos with a sharp 5 inch metal heel with golden soles. He had explained or showed her each item and she now hoped he approved of them. A white gold heart necklace which she slipped her wedding ring and engagement ring on to. A pair of white gold earrings would dangle from her perfect ears along with a white gold bracelet.

She looked at the bed with her clothes spread out and she knew he would like her dressed like this. Before she plunged into a steaming hot bath she checked on Molly hoping she would be tired xx vedios of suuny leone maybe go to sleep early.

She usually went to bed about 10pm. However she was wide awake playing in her room. She made sure she was ok and said 'Molly i have a friend coming around tonight, he might want to say hi to you if thats ok'. Molly gave a beaming smile before going back to play. Dawn then poured herself a small glass of red wine knowing that it would give her confidence, a little too much would make her tipsy and a few glasses she would be drunk.

So half a glass whilst she took a deep sensual bath with lavender bubbles stroking her skin. All she had to do now was relax and cleanse and then to trim her pubic mound into what he had described and asked for. As Dawn had not felt a man for months she had allowed her pubic hair to grow out. Now she had a full natural bush of ginger golden straight hair covering her pussy and all of her bikini line.

She gently took her scissors and razor and trimmed it into a ginger Brazilian strip 6cm high with half inch long hairs with her lips and clit fully exposed and clean of hair. She had only ever been clean shaven once before on her wedding night, doing it as a present to Peter but he had immediately said he didn't like it so she wasn't to feel his cock on that most important of nights.

Now without the need to shave she had let it grow. Allowing her to meet his requirements. She stepped out of the bath at 7pm and dried her steaming red body and admired her best features and her breasts.

Thinking 'I hope he turns up'. Her fingers touched her pussy lips and came away slick with her cream which she then touched to her lips and licked clean. She then dried and straightened her long ginger golden hair until it shone with lustre and sheen before tying it back to allow her to apply what would be a lot of make up. He had always stated he loved her pale skin which she now made further white and pale with a base layer of white blusher making her face paler than her body. She then applied a pink and red rouge to highlight her cheekbones.

Then it was her eyes. Bright blue and clear they always shone when she was in the sun. Now she applied dark heavy and long black mascara to her curved lashes making them stand out clear and big. Then she took time to apply layer after layer of dark black eye make up, covering her upper lids with black and grey and finally silver glitter, lining them and stretching them out winging her eyes to elongate them. Under her eyes she applied a thick line of white and then black and glitter eye liner to further make them appear larger.

Her eye make up completed she moved on to her lips. A bright scarlet base layer was applied with a single darker ruby line on the outside giving her mouth the desired effect of being wide and beautiful. She pouted and looked at herself now. Thinking she looked exactly how he had asked.

She had her hair tied back when it would be down when he arrived. Right now she looked like a very expensive hooker with perfect make up, she smiled at her herself showing her straight perfectly white teeth and knew that she would make him proud of her tonight. She then touched her huge areola and nipples with a light pink glitter dust and sprayed her Princess perfume between her engorged breasts.

She quickly made her way into her bedroom and dressed in the clothes he had described and which she had laid out in front of her.

The lingerie felt gorgeously soft on her skin which she had dusted in perfumed golden glitter. The bra fitted tight lifting her ruby pink nipples and breasts up to underneath her chin. The thong was tight between her already wet stinking cunt.

The stockings pulled up and straightened on her slender calves and thighs before they were attached to the ivory and gold clasped suspender belt. She then took the dress and stepped into it. It was a clingy satin material in a mainly silver but multicoloured swirl of colour. It was tight and the material clung to her in all the right places, thighs, ass and tits. The plunging neckline exposed as she knew it would a good portion of her areola on both sides.

The dress clung to her stocking clad thighs just below her stocking tops. She then placed the heart necklace which held her engagement and wedding rings around her neck. Put her dangling earrings in and placed the gold bracelet on. Finally she placed each of her feet in the perfectly slim stiletto shoes. Standing in her mirror she looked like she done everything that was required of her and she smiled knowing that she had tried her best to please.

It was this feeling that she craved above all others.

She quickly dressed her hair down straightening it and brushing it into a sheen of ginger gold down her back and off of her shoulders. A quick brush of her perfectly straight fringe put the final touch to her face. A liberal spray of perfume over her entire dress and body and she sexy redhead babe lola gets slammed hard by her hunk partner she was done.

A few sips from her wine glass she steadied herself knowing she had little time and then walked into Molly's room which was adjoining hers. 'Time to get rest for bed Angel' she said to Molly who was showing the first signs of tiredness. Molly turned and looked at Dawn and smiled and said 'you look lovely mummy' I hope your friend likes you. I've never seen you look so beautiful'. This made Dawn feel so happy she smiled and also felt a rush of blood to her heart and her butterfly pussy nestled in its too tight thong.

After a few minutes making sure Molly was ready for bed with a kiss and a huge cuddle she left her in her room to go downstairs and wait for MidlandsDom to arrive. It was nearly 10 to 8 and her heart was in a rage beating faster and faster as she knew that he would be here soon and that above all she was craving his acceptance.

She sat on the arm of the sofa but was unable to sit comfortably in her dress and heels, knowing her ivory and silk knickers would easily be showing to anyone else if there was anyone there. She could still smell her butterfly lipped cunt from beneath the perfume as her stink emanated from between her stocking clad legs. She then stood and walked into the kitchen catching her heels more sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray once on the floor.

She stood waiting at the kitchen counter glass in hand when she heard the doorbell chime. An immediate explosion like a hammer in her chest went off as she knew this was the moment that she had dreamed and fantasised of for months whilst chatting to this man on her laptop. She placed the glass on the counter and tiptoed across the kitchen and in to the hallway. Took more than one deep breath and opened the door.

There he was in front of her. 'Fuck me' she thought as her knees almost gave way as she looked at him. He really was a tall good looking Man just as she had hoped but the pictures could always have been fake. Someone she could only have dreamed of.

The fact that he was a kinky fucker made him all the more attractive. He stood 6ft 2 tall with an athletic figure. Short linda plays with her pink for you hair and dark features made him oh so attractive to her.

And most importantly he must have only been late 20s instead of some old married guy looking for a quick fix. She stood there mouth open and said quickly 'Hello please come in'.

He replied 'Wow Ornelia get ass fuked tube porn your all I ever dreamed you would be' as he looked at her silhouetted against the hallway, her curves clearly prominent in the tightest dress he had ever seen. He stepped into the hallway past her in all her glory catching her princess perfume in his nostrils, immediately arousing him.

Dawn closed and locked the door behind him and stood there tottering in her silver stiletto heels. She could hear her heart pounding in her chest, her cheeks were burning she knew, her breath was short and she was breathing so hard her massive cleavage was bouncing up and down with each breath. Pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper looked her up and down and then placed a small travel case down in the hallway.

He then took 2 steps closer to Her and he towered over her. Dawn immediately knew she would do anything to please and feel accepted by him. 'My name is Jack, Dawn'. He had taken those steps towards her and now she had her back to the hallway wall. she felt a presence and dominance emanating from him. She looked up into a kind yet dark face and replied 'Hello Jack, sorry I am nervous as hell, but I will try my best to be what you want me to be'.

'Thats all i expect for now'. At this he placed his hand behind her neck and drew her into his embrace and kissed her passionately. Her tongue darted inside his mouth and devoured his taste as he held her tight. 'Dawn I expect you to want all I want and to accept what we are to become' he said. Dawn nodded gently and then said 'Yes, I want you and i want this so much'.

At this he placed his left hand on her back and pulled her towards him. With his right hand he immediately plunged his fingers to her hemline lifting one side of her ever tightening dress over her peachy hip and ass, revealing her white and golden tiny thong.

With no regard for subtleness he pulled the sopping wet thong to one side and thrust 2 thick hard fingers deep into her dripping cunt. This took the wind right out of Dawn and she felt her knees buckle and she had to brace herself against him and the wall. She stood there helpless yet needing and wanting this moment so much. Tottering on her heels she stood there and grabbed him around the shoulders to steady herself.

He had 2 fingers deep in her aching tinyk redhead get fucked in every holes pungent cunt which he slowly began to finger fuck. 'Listen Carefully' he started. 'This is what you have wanted and dreamed of, you look amazing and beautiful and believe me you are wanted right here and now by me'.

He could tell she was trembling and her knees buckled each time he thrust inside her. She felt like velvet inside and god she was tight. He immediately thought that she would need some severe stretching in time.

'We are going to be amazing for each other, you will do as I ask and I will reward you with love and patience and joy'. 'It will be hard at times to understand what is best for you but just believe that I want you, which I know you crave the most'. His fingers were slick with her pussy cream which was thick and hot making his penetration easy and swift. As he fingered that tight pink fuck hole he reached and touched her g spot inside, a feeling she had rarely ever felt.

She knew then that he was in control of her and that she did not want him to stop or to leave. 'Just promise to love me and I am yours forever' Dawn panting into his neck as he thrust again into her slick fuck hole. 'I will slut' he said. At this she grunted and ground down on to his thick fingers, she then climaxed all over his fingers and hand before flooding her cum down her shiny stocking clad thighs.

She then collapsed into him as he held her tight to his beating chest. She held him for a couple of minutes as her orgasm subsided and she could stand on her glitter heels. 'Do you like how I look?' Dawn asked as he brought his hot tampa milf charlee chase gets titfucked to his mouth, devouring her cunt cream and her pungent scent in his mouth.

'You look beautiful and exactly how we talked about, your tits and aereola are magnificent as I can see how pink and engorged they are'.

'Thank you for trusting me to come and see you'. 'You know we have talked for so long and you are all that has kept me going whilst I have been on my own, I am so glad you are here'. She then took his hand and led him into the white shiny floor tiled kitchen, her metal spiked heels catching and clipping on them as she walked to the counter.

She pouted and asked if he would like a drink and then poured him and her a liberal glass of red wine. 'I assume you would like to stay tonight' to which he just nodded. He had removed his dark jacket to reveal a white full collared shirt and expensive blue jeans. He now stood and admired her. 'Turn' he said as she stood apart from him.

Dawn proceeded to slowly turn in front of him wishing that he approved of her dress and heels and especially her make up. 'Stick your tits out more' he demanded and then 'arch your back and put your ass in the air'.

She did as he instructed her. As she turned and showed him her full peachy ass he asked her to lean and touch her shoes. She did this exposing her stocking clad fully fashioned straight stockings to him clasped with 2 golden straps at each side that he could see. 'Spread your legs wider' he said, which she then immediately did shuffling her stiletto heels apart, allowing him to look at her sopping gusset which encased her pussy and ass, there was no thought of disobeying him.

He then moved up behind her and gently stroked her labia through the material. 'You are sopping Dawn and your cunt stinks like a whore, do you know that?' As he continued to stroke her lips. 'I am sorry Jack I have always had a strong smell, a few of my ex's have called me all sorts because of it''.

At this He suddenly spanked her panty clad ass cheek harder than she had ever felt, it almost knocked her from her feet but his left hand caught her as she tottered over. A sharp 'FUCK' escaped her glossed painted lips as he struck her and her eyes welled and glazed as the pain registered in her body.

'Never ever apologise Dawn, unless you disappoint me or anger me, I am here to protect you and make you feel secure and happy like you have never been, understand?' 'Yes, sorry' she said it before she even realised she had, just as a further thunderous smack hit her bright pink ass cheek which already burned.

She blinked and again winced 'FUCK' as her first tear betrayed her and rolled down her perfect made up cheek. 'Now stand, turn and face me' he said as she turned and wiped the tear from her cheek. 'Dawn you need to learn to trust me ok'. He then stood and seductively removed his white crisp shirt and placed it on the kitchen chair. This was followed by the black shoes and jeans he had been wearing.

Dawn looked at him and saw a beautifully well looked after toned tanned body in front of her which had several tattoos and marks around it. She quickly noted three distinct names with lines through them were scribed on his left upper breast.

He was now stood in a pair of perfect white hugging cotton boxer shorts. Within those she could see the outline of his engorged penis which was stuffed inside them. A small wet patch betrayed his arousal at her.

'Now it's your turn to please me. I know that you crave my approval and want it, don't you?' 'Yes' was all he needed to hear. He then slowly slid his boxer shorts down to reveal a fully shaven tanned cock. It was truly beautiful she thought, fully cut he was easily 8 inches long, deeply lined with huge blue veins down its length and around its engorged width.

The head was vivid purple, wider and huger than the shaft as it erupted from his boxer shorts. She stood open mouthed as the cock stood proud in front of her, daring herself to take him in her hand but awaiting his permission to do so.

'Do not make me wait Slut' he quietly said into her ear, whilst gently tapping her cheek. He then gently placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pressured her to her knees. At once his cock grew further gently exposing the enraged veins closer to her mouth.

It was her mouth which had intrigued him over the months they had chatted. It was perfectly formed and wide with straight white teeth, he thought that Dawn was one of the few women who may be able to not only take him in her mouth but work his cock as well with her tongue, something he had known only a few solitary times.

Now he watched as she exhaled then to his surprise spat on his cock lubricating it so that she would be able to stroke him back and forth in her mouth as she wanked him off with her hand. She felt wonderful at that moment sat on her knees in front of him with him fully erect and aroused in front of her. She alone had made him like that and that was what she loved. Knowing she could make someone excited happy and aroused was the ultimate horny feeling to her.

She looked up at him with her painted black and silver eyes as for the first time she opened her red lipped glossed mouth and took him inside her. She initially thought it wouldn't fit but she arched her mouths corners and slowly inched his cock inside her mouth gently licking the underneath.

He was bigger than she had ever known, she knew that as she tried to reach forwards and his cock forced its way in. At all times she kept constant eye contact with his as he looked down on her. He could see his cock smoothly and swiftly enter her luscious lips and below that her swelling engorged breasts heaving under her dress. They looked huge, mounds of gorgeous freckled flesh, he could also clearly see her stud nipples forcing themselves prominently out into her dress.

She slowly started to move him back and forth in her mouth, feeling the ridges on her mouths roof and with her tongue, god he was big and she could feel her pussy dripping through lust and need for it to be inside it. 'Its too big for me though' she thought.

Dawn then quickened her pace as he took her golden hair in his right hand and pulled on it tight and hard forcing her gently backwards, her mouth drawn fully off of his cock, she looked up at him with her mouth wide and lips open, in a little fear as she was held off of having him in her mouth. Then with one forceful pull he brought her back down on to his cock, forcing her mouth wider, her tongue inching her way to the base of his dick.

She had never felt anything so big in her life and she had certainly never felt anything touch the back of her throat like the purple monster now forcing its way past her tonsils. She looked up at him in exasperation and a little shake of her head as he kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside. Then with a quick relief, he withdrew from her mouth allowing her to breathe just once before he quickly plunged his massive cock deep down into her throat, this time easily passing her tonsils and driving his cock forcibly into her throat.

She thought she would not be able to breathe now that he was driving down her throat yet her tongue was able to caress the underside of his penis as he passed through her gaping throat. She had never felt at the mercy of a man as much as this, no one had opened her up coochbehar lokal magi xxx story com in he already had, even though it was barely 20 minutes after she had allowed him to enter her home and world.

He held the back of her head as he kept his cock embedded deep in her throat for ten then twenty then thirty seconds, with a swift motion his left hand suddenly encircled her throat and began to squeeze gently and contract.

She could feel his cock swelling in her mouth even more, as he looked down on her, he could see tears finding their way down the outside of her cheeks as she allowed each one to trickle from her eyes.

Her make up once perfect was streaked a little down her cheeks allowing her to look even more vulnerable than she was already. Then with a small grunt Jack froze, his erect swollen cock becoming ever more engorged in Dawns throat. She tasted and scented a small amount of Jacks cum in her mouth as he pulled himself from her perfectly formed mouth and throat, passed her now smeared red glossed lips and placed his huge bell end on her chin.

He hesitated and tensed before shooting 3 heavy streams of thick scented cum all over her painted face. The first smacked her straight in her left eye, making her blink rapidly causing it to be rolled it into her eyeball, the second streamed over her forehead and into her golden glossy ginger fringe, the third went straight onto her closing mouth, settling on her glossed pink lips.

A shudder ran through her as each jet thrust it's way onto her face. She grabbed his calves and opened her mouth to allow the cum to enter her. He tasted devine, like strawberry cream mixed with salt. It was like nothing she had ever tasted before and there was so much of it.

Her mouth felt full even though that was the third jet of spunk he had released onto her. He gently reached down and smeared his cum out of her eye allowing her to see him stood towering over her. She began to smile and laugh as he stood there shuddering in a joyous release. His upper body was covered in beads of sweat that he now smeared over his chest and midriff. 'FUCK DAWN' he said that was amazing, no one has ever throated me before, I knew you could take me from the first picture I saw of you, your beautiful mouth was made for my cock to be in, are you ok'.

She laughed, her sopping wet thong was embedded between her butterfly lips, her legs trembled and buckled as she stood. 'I am wonderful Master' she replied and came to him for an embrace. 'Fuck I am so so lucky to have found you' she whispered into his ear.

She was stood with his thick strawberry cum in her fringe and his taste deep in her mouth but all she could feel was a sense of satisfaction, a need fulfilled and satiated. She beamed a smile at him as he took a step away from her and downed a full glass of the wine he had not touched until now. She also stepped to the kitchen side and took a drink of the wine, her head beginning to swim a little with lust sex cum and want. She knew that allowing Jack to come tonight of all nights would change her life from now on.

She stood content as he stood, right there in front of her. All she said was 'thank you Jack' and suddenly burst into a flood of tears and grasped for his shoulder. 'Shhhh Dawn this is merely the first step in our relationship, I will always be here for you if you allow me into you'. 'I am yours from now on' she sobbed as he held her tight into him.

Now came the moment that Dawn knew would come. She knew that Jack had wanted to meet and know Molly her daughter too, from the chats they had had.

She knew it gave her a great thrill of excitement and also trepidation in bringing Molly into this new world. 'I hope I can fulfill your dreams and you can fulfill mine, we have spoken of so much Dawn, I want everything we have talked about'. 'So do I' she said. He then said 'now where is your gorgeous daughter Molly, is she here, she looks so very much like you and we have spoken of her a lot, of her beauty and innocence, I would love to meet her if that's ok' I don't want to be a stranger to her'.

Dawn looked at him and said 'she is upstairs Jack, do you want to meet her ?' 'Yes I would love to meet her' he replied. 'Firstly though I want to see you lose your dress and heels'. Dawn slowly unzipped the dress at the side, becoming a little more accustomed to her heels.

She hitched it up over her thighs and loosened it around her giant tits framed in her balconette bra. She then swiftly dropped her dress on to her kitchen floor. Leaving her standing in her ivory and silver gold lingerie. She then swiftly kicked off her heels with a wooosh of relief as her toes had been squeezed into them. She gave a flick of her head and stood as tall as she could, Jacks cum still emblazoned in her fringe and looked at him.

He was so much taller now she didn't have the heels on. 'Now lose your bra Dawn'. At that she reached round and unclipped the 3 bra hooks and brought her hands to cup her boobs. 'Are you ready Sir' she asked as he stood watching her. 'I don't like waiting as you know, slut!!' 'With a slow expectancy she brought her hands down releasing her glistening breasts. Her huge aereola were the first thing that Jack noticed as they were a vivid pink, huge, and centred with huge dark pink nipples which stood erect from her budding breasts.

'I hope you like them Sir' she mouthed. 'Your amazing Dawn I can't wait for all we are to become' he said 'as long as you want this to last forever'.

'I do' she said. 'Now shall we meet Molly?' 'Ok' as she stood in front of him and ttl models bikini dance latina him knowing that she was beginning to see the start of another erection between Jacks legs as she also felt it on her stocking tops. She then took his hand and brought him into the hallway again where he picked up his small travel case and followed her upstairs.

Watching her size 14 ass in front of him he was wondering how much more perfect Dawn could get. Her ass was slightly dimpled but not heavy, just the right size to take some slaps and smacks. At the top of the landing Dawn said 'leave your things in my room which is this first door' as Jack then placed them into her heavily perfumed bedroom, admiring the black silk sheets she had put on for tonight. He then joined her on the landing. Dawns heart was beating harder than ever at that moment, stood with her huge breasts fully exposed, Jacks potent cum smeared in her fringe, wearing expensive fuck me lingerie.

She didn't know what Molly would think, not only that she was about to introduce Jack to her, who was a compete stranger and was also fully naked with a once again huge erect cock between his legs. 'Molly' Dawn called before knocking and entering her room to find Her daughter dozing on her double bed reading a children's book.

'I have brought my friend to meet you, he's called Jack'. She watched as Molly sat upright and gently yawned as Jack went and sat beside her on Molly's bed. Jack immediately kissed her cheek, then grabbed and lifted her and swung her on to his knee by placing his left hand straight between her tiny thighs and pressing mom and son sex sister clutching her tiny gusset and lifting her on to his right knee.

Hey girls ill be joining you today michael kahn

Dawns legs once again buckled at this, leaving her leaning against the door frame watching Jack clearly place his fingers between her tiny legs. Dawn knew Mollys pussy lips matched her own, after all she was her mum and they had touched and washed each other since she was a baby. Now she could see Jack begin gently massaging Mollys pussy with only the thinest of gussets of her tiny baby blue kitten knickers between her little pussy and his fingers.

It sent wave after wave of excitement flooding to her already sodden cunt and she couldn't help but put her right hand over her own mound, slipping her thong down a little, spread her butterfly and start to play with her clit. 'Say hello to Jack Molly, don't be shy' she managed to say between quick breaths. Molly straight away beamed a smile and kissed Jack on his lips throwing her arms around his neck.

It was a baby girls kiss yet Jacks kiss lingered on her lips and then brought his lips to her neck with a lick and kiss making little Mollu giggle. She looked at him and said 'it tickles, I like it Jack do it some more' as Jack went again to kiss her neck with what looked to be a long pink magnificent tongue, giving swift tender kisses on her unblemished pale skin. She really does look like a miniature Dawn he thought, which caused his cock to twitch and grow.

It was then that Molly saw his purple headed dick standing rigid between his legs, she couldn't help but reach out to touch it with her tiny hand. 'Whats this mummy' she said and looked to her mummy who was too busy clitting her stinking cunt to notice that her daughters hand was already encircling Jacks cock.

At that she looked up to see Jack had worked his fingers into Molly's cotton knickers and was clearly stroking her naked bare budding labia back and forth whilst his middle finger rested on her tiny cunts opening. Jack was kissing and lapping Mollys neck who was giggling with joy.

Molly's right hand was trying its best to encircle the veiny purple monster that was right in front of her. At this sight Dawn grunted deep, loud and long like she always did when she orgasmed, her second orgasm suddenly flooded over her fingers and again down her thighs. It was a feeling she kimberly brinks tease amp masturbation kimdoll trailer pornstar bigass only ever dreamed of but one that had taken over many a dream of late.

Which was of giving not only herself to Jack but Molly as well, to someone who would care for them both and make them both happy and secure. Now it was reality as Jacks cock was becoming engorged again just as it had been downstairs. 'Molly that's part of a game we are playing tonight, me and Jack.

Do what I do and come and kneel in front of Him. He is going to perform a magic trick and spray us with some cream'. It was the best she could think of right at that moment as she crawled on her knees next to Molly and Jack. Jack lifted her from his faketaxi babe in heels with big natural tits and stood her right in front of him, though not before lifting her up and placing her baby blue knicker clad gusset enticingly over the tip of his purple veiny cock and pressing down making her tiny pussy lips spread slightly, Jack whispered 'not this time Dawn ok, but soon I want you to spread this little girl for me' to which Dawn just nodded.

'Now Molly you need to kneel up and put your face next to mine, keep your eyes open and mouth wide open whilst Jack does his trick' 'yes Mummy' she replied. Dawn was feeling a million things at that moment, one of which was that she wanted to play with Molly as Jack had been doing. Her left hand quickly reached around underneath and between Mollys legs where She knelt next to her and she started gently stroking Molly's pussy through her knickers, which she found to be slightly moist, she then gently clitted her own pussy with her other hand.

'What Jack must think' she wondered at that moment. As Jack looked down stroking his 8 inch engorged dick he could see Dawn clearly driven in wanton ecstasy frigging her butterfly lips staring up at him begging for his cum.

He could also see Molly smiling and giggling right next to Dawns face, the two clearly matching images of mother and daughter. he now watched as Dawn gently stroked Molly's pussy lips, he felt the last twitches of his orgasm about to erupt from his cock.

At that moment Dawn almost reached up to encircle his cock head with her mouth as his first thick rope of cum exploded from deep within him. His first thrust of hot strawberry cum arched up glancing and glistening her rising lips but flew straight onto Molly's face covering her childlike mouth, into her button nose and over her eyes, there was so much it struck her and bounced into her ginger curls.

His second jet followed instantly however Dawns luscious glossed lips had encircled his head and it fired directly down her mouth into her throat. A third followed that however there was so much it flowed from her lips as she struggled to breathe from his hot eruption. Jack groaned loudly and long, enough that Molly rose to him and without a moments hesitation took his cock in her hands and began to fusion sex stories pron story school girl downloadcom him oozing the last of his cum from his softening cock.

Jack young chick sucks and rides old rod eye contact with Dawn who had quickly brought her hand up to guide the leaking cum back into her mouth. A large glob of his cum had spurted onto her still lingerie encased breasts which were now glistening in the room light, as he watched his cum made its way down into her sweating cleavage.

Jack collapsed on to Molly's bed exhausted from his exertions, Molly's little hands still holding his cock. Her cute pale face, an image of her mums with freckles around her eyes and button nose, was covered in Jacks cum which was starting to dribble down onto her baby blue kitten strapped pyjama top. 'It tastes like strawberries Mum' she said as Dawns now dishevelled face peered back at her.

At that Dawn drew Molly into her for a cuddle and gently kissed her face licking it clean of the now cooling jism. Her tongue kissed her mouth and then entered her tiny lips to get the last little bits of Jacks cream from her mouth and tongue.

Molly knew how to kiss as Dawn had long since started passionately kissing Molly when the two had been sharing a bed together when Peter had moved her out of her marital bed. A pang of jealousy had boomed in her heart and mind that Molly had tasted her lovers cum and that she wanted it all to herself and for no one else to know his taste and texture.

Guilt next then erupted in her as she had felt that jealousy, guilty that she should ever feel that way especially about her gorgeous little baby daughter. After all If it were to be anyone she especially wanted it to be Molly. When she finished kissing Molly, Dawn rose and went to lay with Jack on little Molly's bed embracing her new Master and cuddling into his arms.

He smelt of sweat and sex, his breath was ragged and short. Hers matched his as they lay there, her pungent cunt smell mixing with his scent of cum and sex. Molly then climbed and nudged between them, forcing her way into her mums embrace, giving each of them a kiss as she lay. 'That was a good game Mummy' she said quietly to Dawn. 'I know baby, I hope we can play more games with Jack, I hope he stays around not like your Daddy' she whispered.

'Maybe I can have another Daddy' she whispered back and giggled and smiled at her. Dawns heart was bursting in a mixture of emotion, of love, passion, guilt, want, need and wonder. As she laid there she wondered how in this short night she had come so far, for taking a huge chance on this man. 'I am so happy and fulfilled' she said and looked into Jacks face. 'Do you feel wanted?' He said. 'I do and I want you and this and so much more, thank you'. There they rested before falling asleep in the afterglow of what had become a lovely little three way.

A short time later Dawn awoke and saw that once again Molly's little hand had found its way to encircle Jacks cock as they slept, a little sign that Molly had some of her mothers whoreishness inside of her. A smile broke on her lips as she slowly sat on the bed and made her way on anus fun with my girlfriend erotica movies clad tip toes from the room leaving the two of them entwined in each other.

Jealousy once again met her as she turned the light off and made her way into the bathroom, leaving Jack with Molly. She then looked at herself in the heart shaped bathroom mirror and thought 'i wonder how far this will go'.

To be concluded…