Tattoed and curvaceous tori avano auditions and gets banged by lex

Tattoed and curvaceous tori avano auditions and gets banged by lex
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I've made great strides in just a month, given how secretive I've kept everything. I don't really know much about the chemical I've found in the water, so I don't want to go telling the residents.

It may alarm and stress the pregnant women or it may anger the people behind it. Any way it goes, I think it is best I keep this one as low key as possible.

I've managed to isolate and even reproduce the agent. The chemical increases sex hormone production, inhibits higher logic processes and even increases weight gain. It is clearly the driving force behind much of the islands "lifestyle".

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My next step is unknown. Do I report everything to my superiors back home? Will they bring me back if I do? Do I find who is behind this? What does this mean for Eden? Why is any of this happening? That same lifestyle I'm studying is what is keeping me from making as much progress on my findings as possible.

Just this morning, I woke up to Ali rubbing against me, bare naked and nine months along with quadruplets. Ali was on full bed rest now, left to spend her days making sure her babies were as healthy as possible. She never even bothered getting dressed anymore, leaving her enormous belly bare throughout the day. I woke up with my usual "excitement", and Ali didn't take long to grind her bare, full ass back onto my swollen member and soon we were making love for most of hot bitch kristall plays with her nice kitty masturbation european morning.

I would no sooner cum in Ali's needy belly than she was pawing at me again, trying to get me hard for another session. Ali is truly insatiable these, making love whenever I can recover myself from the last time. Ali swears that more sex means a bigger, rounder belly, and she is constantly horny. I'm only one man, so the times I spend at work or recovering, Ali spends at the cafeterias, resting and gorging, focused on getting as big a pregnant belly as possible.

She takes it as a personal challenge to birth some of the biggest babies of any of the girls.

She's already talking about how many she hopes to carry during her next pregnancy, eager to outdo her current load. She's off at a caefetria with some friends now, while I'm at work still using Graveet laboratories for my study of their people. I'm close to understanding exactly what makes these people so fertile. I had just pulled up the results when Emily, a labmate of mine, peeked at what Hot bitch kristall plays with her nice kitty masturbation european was doing.

My findings were laid out in front of me, clear as day. I had matched the compound in the water with a fairly advanced hormone booster, one they usually reserved for hormonally stunted livestock. This in a human subject would bring husband gwork wife boy friend sex massive hormone spikes, and with it massive increases in sexual organ size, fertility rates, and libido.

Sound familiar? I had my answer. Gravitta was drugging its population, to great effect. There were pov black cock fucking with aleska diamond in the water, the food, even some of the medications! I was so focused on my discovery I was startled by a slender hand on my shoulder. I jerked up to see Emily standing behind me. I must have really been out of it, since Emily can't move very sneakily behind her gigantic belly these days!

She, like her pregnant girlfriend Lindsay, was a full eight months pregnant with sextuplets. She had been waddling around the office, having staff do much of her work for her since she had finally grown too big a belly to work. Her little labcoat seemed to shrink and shrink on her as her big, familiar belly was swelling bigger and bigger than it ever had. She had to start being careful with her womb, because she had started to knock items off desks with her swelling.

Emily was standing behind me, bent over reading the screen with her belly pressing into my back and her large, heavy breasts resting on my neck and shoulder. "Well aren't you a curious guy! This is certainly interesting. What do you make of it?," she asked, her voice soft as her skin. "This is clear; Gravitta is keeping women so pregnant with laced hormones. You! Your this pregnant because of this." "I'm this pregnant because Lindsay and I chose to get this pregnant. No one has ever forced me to get pregnant, no one has forced anyone here to do anything." "Then why wasn't my team and I briefed on this before we came here?

I feel betrayed! I've been looking for this answer for months and now you tell me you've known it?," I spun around in my chair, Emily turning so her belly was only a foot from my face, so full and round. "Only a select few of the scientists know precisely what is going on, everyone else is kind of on a need-to-know basis.

And we're happy! Don't I look happy?," Emily asked, putting her hands on her hips and inching closer to me. Her black dress was tight over her belly, so tight I could just barely see a bump over her stretched think belly button and tight around her hips, her full belly pulling up the hem until Emily was showing off far too much leg to look professional. Emily was staring back at me, her make up perfect and her lips full and heavy in a small smile. "'Cause I am," Emily continued while I hesitated, "I'm really happy being big and pregnant.

Being with my gorgeous girlfriend and rolling around and loving and growing and swelling. Starting with two sexy young women and knocking us both up, watching her tits grow, feeling my tits grow. Feeling my taut tummy start to soften and swell and grow until I'm just huge.

Aren't I just huge? Aren't I just so pregnant right now?" She was pushing me back into my chair, bent over so her full, enormous belly was dragging across my legs as she spoke softer and softer. She finally crushed her wide, heavy belly into me and leaned into my ear. "I know you're happy right now, looking at me so big and pregnant, knowing I'm just going to get bigger and bigger.

I can tell how happy you are right now." Emily was really getting to me, dragging her belly back and forth along my hardening dick as I gritted my teeth and tensed my body into her, wanting to feel more of that soft flesh. My hardning penis was working its way down my leg, sliding past Emily's belly. I could feel her stretched belly button poking itself into my leg. Emily's dress was sticking to my jeans and her breasts began sill pack frist time rap brother and sister slowly over her deep neckline until her dark nipples were poking over.

I was drunk on desire and lunged forward to latch onto her breast, sucking deeply on Emily's big tit.

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"Ohhh yesss, there you go, baby," Emily cooed, cupping my head into her chest. "Doesn't that feel better?" Her milk was spilling into my mouth and Emily was moving sideways to sit in my lap, never losing contact from my sucking lips.

She was beginning to buck and squirm, pushing more and more of her tits into my mouth until I feared I would drown in her bosom, but I kept going, rationalizing that it was a worthy way to go. As I sucked and sucked I grabbed at as much of her gravid body as I could hold, running my hands from her ass to her hips across her giant belly to her breasts before going back down.

When I reached her ass again, I trailed my hand under her hemline, hiking it up to show even more leg than she already was. She adjusted to let me pull it up even further until she was sitting bare across my lap, having foregone underwear like any woman on the island (except for the occasional strategically sexy pair used to heat up sex).

I tucked my hand underneath her and started massaging her delicate pussy lips, feeling how wet she already was and how hard her little clit was. Emily was on fire, grinding down on my hand with electricity in her eyes. "Oh, you naughty boy, I know what you want! You want to fuck this pregnant pussy, don't you?

Does Ali know what her naughty little man is doing? Does she know he's inside his preggo coworker? Oooohh baby, you feel so good. I bet you wish Lindsay was here too, huh? Big, knocked up Lindsay with her enormous tits and belly, and we could be all over each other while you watch?" I was frothing now, my cock as hard as iron and straining to break out of my slacks under Emily's big, round ass, my hand running inside her over and over while she gasped and cooed.

Emily's big belly was rising and falling fast with her breath, filling her entire lap and then some, sticking out so far beautiful cuties will relax for u masturbation smalltits had no hope of reaching the end. Just watching that gravid globe was enough that I could cum. "God baby, you are talented with a tit, you know that?

I'm about to cum, ugh, please don't stop, big preggy Emily needs to cum." I latched on to her nipe with full force and kept massaging her pussy and clit until she could take no more and gave herself over to her orgasm, shuddering and bucking and grinding into me.

Her swollen belly was tightening with a contraction and Emily was yelling out in pleasure, riding her orgasm for a few moments until she cooled. "What a good boy, making big, ol' me cum. I can feel that big, long dick under me, baby. Oooh, I feel like I'm sitting on a log," Emily was now grinding her ass back and forth along my dick, tensing her butt to tease my erection. "You wanna fuck me, pump my belly full of cum? I bet you do, you sexy thing." Emily smiled softly as she leant forward, spread her legs and reached down to unzip my pants.

I helped slide them down and jacked on my cock a few times until I aimed myself into Emily's swollen pink pussy. She sat down slow, feeling every inch. Since coming to this island, my member has grown to close to a foot and as thick around as my wrist and Emily was feeling all of it. "I swear you're part horse, I can feel you in my throat. I bet Lindsay is jealous right now, with me here full of dick and loving it.

Oh my, how hard does this thing get?" She was sliding up and down faster and faster on me, letting her tight cunt open further and further to take more of me on each thrust with her vast belly bulging out beyond her, alive with life and sweat beginning to soak through her silky dress. Emily was a lesbian, but as a semi-professional pregnant woman she knew her ways around a man and it showed. "Cum for me, stud. I can't wait to have Lindsay eat all your yummy cum out of my big belly. I jsut need this much dick when I'm this pregnant, I'm so full of life and so full of dick and I love it, oh god please cum for mommy!" She sat down hard on my dick and I came and came into her, so much it started leaking out of her and pooling underneath the chair we had nearly broken.

Ebony amateur african blowjob white cock interracial sucking and ethnic could barely see I was in so much pleasure and we stayed locked together for a few minutes while I finished emptying myself into her needy body. Emily finally steadied herself and rose, my softening dick falling out of her with a soft pop. She readjusted herself and made her way to the shower facilities we had installed in the lab and I'm left here writing this.

I konw exactly what is going on. I've accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish here on Gravitta. And it's liberating, because now I know nothing logical is keeping me here. And yet I will stay. I'm happy here on naughty hot teen couple wild fucking on cam island, surrounded by ever-gravid fertility goddesses in a tropical bliss.

Why would I possibly leave!?