Sexy latina babe naked under the tree

Sexy latina babe naked under the tree
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Nikki's Story My name is Nikki. This is a story of how my life got turned upside down. I am 28 years old. I have long blond hair, large breast (36c) and long legs. My body almost always gets the attention of any males in the room. When I was 22 I married a much old man. His name is Franklin.

Frank had children from a previous marriage that lived with us. Scott was the oldest. He was eighteen and a trouble maker. He was always in trouble in school. He was going to graduate from Playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj school in May, if he didn't screw up. Scott was always high on something and a total slacker with a quick temper.

Needless to say we didn't get along. He never treated me like his step mother. He would say things to me in a sarcastic tone or treat me like shit. Once he told his Frank that I one married him for his money.

I couldn't wait for him to move out. In the summer before his senior year things reached a new level of uncomfortable for me. I noticed that Scott would stare at my breast when I was talking or make comments to his friends about how sexy I was whenever they came by the house. I never took it as a compliment.

Little did I know what would happen? Every night I go for a jog before going to bed. One night after my usual jog I came home to found Scott sitting in the living room watching TV. He turned to me and said, "What's up sexy" as slowly moved his eyes up my long muscular legs to my cutoff shirt. It was unusually cool that night so my nipples were poking against my sports bra.

I quickly saw that Scott's eyes were fixed on my breast. "Scott, I'm going to get cleaned up read a book and go to bed. Please don't stay up to late", I said as he molested me with his eyes. I quickly went to my bedroom. I removed my short running shorts, tee-shirt and sports bra and went into my bathroom to take a shower. Scott's behavior was bugging the crap out of me. Frank travels a lot with his work so I am often left alone in the house with Scott.

The last thing I need is to put up with his sexual harassment for the next year until he finished high school. I began to step into the shower when I realized that I had not locked our bedroom door. As I walked to the bathroom door I could hear something in my bedroom.

I nervously peaked through the crack in the door and much to my surprise I saw Scott standing next to my bed. He had one of my thongs lying on the bed. He had taken the picture I had of my cheerleading days at Penn State and placed it above my thong. What is he doing I thought. Then I saw him undo his pants and lower them and his boxers to his ankles. I was in shock as I watched him stroke his penis. Scott's Penis was hard and easily 12" long and 2 1/2" thick. I could help but be amazed at how hung the boy was.

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I didn't know what to do. What I did know was that I was naked and the worse thing I could do was walk into the bedroom right now, so I watched. I watched as he spit in his hand and stroked away at his penis. He flexed his ass as he pumped his body with each stroke.

After a couple of minutes he began to slow down. Then much to my disgust he placed his penis over my thong as his precum leaked out of his penis.

About a minute later it happened. I watched as Scott shot several streams of cum onto my thong while staring at my cheerleading picture. "Take that bitch", I heard him say as he let out a groan. He continued to stroke his penis till all of his cum was resting on my thong. When he was done. He wiped his penis with my thong and placed it back into my dresser. I thought that I was going to throw up. I just knew this wasn't the first time he had done this.

I didn't know what to do so as soon as he left the room I went and locked my bedroom door. I never told Frank, because I wasn't sure if he would blame me or if what Scott did was natural.

I was disgusted and confused at the same time. A few weeks later Scott had one of his friends (Leroy) over on a Friday night. Leroy was a quite kid. He was about 6'2" and a little heavy. As soon as I came back from my jog, Scott made sure to tell me that they would keep it down so I could get my beauty sleep.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed my power aid from the fridge. As I drank it I could feel Scott and Leroy staring at my young Athletic body. "Man she has a sweet ass", I heard Scott whisper to Leroy. I was so annoyed with Scott that I drank the rest of my Power aid and went to my bedroom without telling him good night. I stripped down and took a hot shower. While in the shower I began to feel funny.

A little light headed. So I got out of the shower and put on my silk teddy and a G-string and lay down in the bed. As I laid there I thought to myself, "Did I remember to lock the door". I didn't want to wake up to see Scott jacking off in my room again. Once was enough. Suddenly Scott came into my room and said, "Nikki can I talk to you".

Thank god I was under the covers or he would have a good look at my young athletic body. I tried to sit up by I was feeling so weak. I said, "Scott I'm not feeling well, let's talk tomorrow". Scott laughed and said, "Oh that's just the drugs I put in your drink. You see I am tired of you walking around this house in your short skirts and tight tops newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering that you just belong to my dad.

Tonight your mine". I said, "What are you talking about? Get out of my room now!" I tried to push him off the bed but I was too weak to even make him move.

Scott stood up and said, "shut up and take it like the cock tease you are bitch". Then he pulled the sheets from my bed off me exposing my body to him. He smiled as he stared at my silk teddy barley holding back my large breast. He put on hand on my leg as he began rubbing my thigh. "Please stop, don't do this I'm you step mom Scott", I said with fear in my voice. "No your one sexy bitch that is going to get her ram charan xxx beef story pounded", he said.

Scott ran he hand up to my G- string. "Nice", he said as leaned forward to kiss me. Scott began kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. "Let's get a good look at those big titties", Scott said as slowly my leg up to my teddy. He leaned back and said, "Its show time" as he lifted my silk teddy over my head exposing my large breast.

I tried to cover my breast with my hands, but it was no use I was too weak to push him back as he slowly worked his hands over my large exposed breast. He began pinching my large pink nipples. Then he bent over sucked each nipple until they were hard as a rock. "You've got a nice pair Nikki", Scott said as his mouth hovered over one of my large hard nipples.

I began to cry as I begged him to stop. Scott stood up and began to undress. His hard Penis bounced as he pulled his boxers down. Scott stood over me and slid his hand up my thighs so that each hand rested on the side of my G-string. "Let's see what heaven looks like, "Scott said as he slowly pulled my G- string down my legs. He quickly threw it on the floor. His eyes fixed on the thin line of blond hair I had cleanly shaven about my slit. "Well, at least I know you're a naturally blond.

I was so embarrassed that I was totally naked in front of this boy. Suddenly Leroy walked into the room holding a camcorder in his hands.

"That's right, we'll be making some memories tonight Nikki. Scott picked his pants up off the floor and pulled a small tube of KY out of his front pocket. He said, "This is just in case". Then he put a hand on each knee and forced my legs wide open. Scott lowered himself so his head was between my legs. He began licking me and sticking his tongue and fingers inside of me. Against my will I back wet. Scott stopped going down on me and began kissing my muscular stomach.

Then I reach my breast. Again he sucked on my large pink nipples until they were as hard as corks. Scott released one of my nipples from his mouth and got in my face.

He began kissing me again, forcing his tongue into my mouth. It was then that I felt him lining up the head of his penis with my slit. I was wet, young teens have a bathroom sex homemade amateur he easily pushed the large head of his penis inside of me.

"Please stop, don't do this, please", I begged. I turned my head to see Leroy was jacking off watching his friend rape me. Scott began slowly pumping his thick long cock inside of me. I had never been with a man that had a penis this large.

My body wrapped very tightly around his organ trying to accommodate the width and length of his penis. "Damn your tight Nikki. I bet dad fucks you every chance he gets", Scott said.

He grabbed a handful of my blond hair and told me to look at him. As soon as we made eye contact he slammed the full length of his penis into me. I let out a muffled yelp, as he pumped his penis in and out of my helpless sexy body. My back arched in pain as my slit wrapped tightly around his large penis. My large breast bounced back and forth with every one of his pumps.

"This bitch is so tight, you going to love this cunt", Scott said as he looked at Leroy. "No please, just you", I said to Scott. He laughed and said, "I know you love my cock you gold digging whore, but tonight you're going to be shared between Leroy and I". I had never even thought of having sex with a black man. Now I was about to be raped by a fat black boy.

"Fuck that stuck up cunt hard", Leroy shouted. With that Scott made sure to get the full length of his thick cock inside of me. "Please stop", I said. It was of no use; Scott was in heaven having my young naked body underneath him.

"I knew one day, I would get your sexy little cunt. Damn you are tight, Nikki", Scott said. He began breathing harder.

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I knew it wouldn't be long until he came. "Please pull out, don't cum in me. Your dad and I are trying to have kids", I said. "Well in that case I hope I knock you up", Scott said before locking his mouth around one of my large hard pink nipples. Suddenly Scott broke free of my Nipple and put his face in front on mine.

"Look at me whore, Look at me", he yelled.

I looked him in the eyes. He began slowly pumping his penis in and out of my young sexy body. "Oh shit, I can't hold back any more", he said while looking me in the eyes. "No", Sensational beauties get fucked in various positions screamed. He gave my helpless naked body a few more deep pumps. Then it happened. I felt his penis twitch and pulsate inside of me as I felt his warm cum enter my helpless body. He let out a loud grunt as he laid on top of me Cumming for what felt like ever.

He rested his body on me until his limp cock popped out of my slit. I could feel his warm cum dripping down me slit to my ass. "Your turn Leroy", Scott said. Leroy didn't waste anytime. He quickly got on top of me and began sucking my large breast. Without any warning he sunk the full length of his 10"cock into my sexy slit.

"Tell me you like it", he said. I knew that I had no choice so I said, "I like it. No please stop". He forced my head to the side and made me look at the camcorder that Scott was holding. "You see this slut; you're going to give me this tight little pink cunt of yours whenever I want it. He began fucking me hard.

His ball sack slapped my ass as his thick penis forced its way in and out of my helpless body. "Damn you are tight. I won't last long if I keep pumping this tight little cunt. You know what I want. I want to cum on your tits or maybe in your mouth." Leroy said. With that he pulled out of me. He stood up and sat on my chest. "Push them together whore, I'm going to fuck them big titties", Leroy said. I was just happy he wasn't going to cum inside of me, so I quickly pushed my breast together.

He slid his Penis between my breasts. He began pumping his penis back and forth for several minutes. "Fuck those big titties with your black cock", Scott yelled.

My face was facing his Penis. I could see the bubbles of precum leaking from the head of his penis.

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"Oh yeah, baby get ready. Open your mouth wide", Leroy said. I had only had one man cum in my mouth and that was my husband, but I knew that I had no choice so I did what he asked. Suddenly he lifted himself of my chest and placed the head of his penis just inside my mouth. "Swallow my cum bitch", Leroy said.

Then without much more warning I felt his warm lava like cum begin to shoot into my mouth. His cum quickly filled my mouth. He pulled his penis way from my mouth. Knowing I had no other choice, I shut my mouth and swallowed his load of warm cum. "Oh my god, she did it", Scott yelled loudly. "I told you she would be one hell of a fuck", Scott said as he slapped Leroy a high five.

They said they wanted to watch the tape that they had made of them rapping me, so they left me naked lying on the bed. I passed out. I woke up a few hours later. I tried to stand up. As soon as I stood up, I felt Scott's cum (still warm) run down my thigh. That little bastered had filled me with gallons of cum, I thought esposa putinha gostosa tube porn myself. Hopefully they had gone. I began looking around the room for clothes to put on when Scott and Leroy walked back in the room.

"Look here, I think she wants more", Scott said. "Please let me go. Just stop. I won't tell anyone", I said.

"We know you won't or everyone you know will get a copy of the latest home movie of your sexy tight cunt getting gang banged by a couple of teenagers. I was in shock. I couldn't let that tape get out, I thought. Scott said, "Get back on the Bed Nikki.

We're not done having fun tonight". He then grabbed my arm and threw my helpless naked body on the bed. Leroy flipped me over and then helped me get into a doggy style position. Scott got in front of me. "Open up that sexy mouth of yours and suck my cock", he said as he began forcing his long thick penis into my mouth. I gagged as his penis went down my throat with each violent pump.

His hairy ball sack slapped my shin as he fucked my face. I was so caught up with what Scott was doing I didn't realize that Leroy had gotten on the bed behind me.

I felt Leroy slowly sink his black penis into my young blond haired slit. "Oh my god, this bitch is tight", Leroy said. long porn storys page 1 ball sack was hard as a rock after a few minutes of fucking my face. "Get ready to swallow my load Nikki", Scott said. After a few more deep pumps he pulled his penis halfway out my mouth so that the head of his penis was resting on my tongue.

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He let out a gasp as his penis twitch and began to cum inside my mouth. He shot on heck of a load in my mouth. I started swallowing, but he trust kept Cumming. Meanwhile Leroy was fucking the shit out of me from behind.

When Scott finished Cumming he pulled his cock from my mouth, some of his cum dripped from my mouth to my chin. "You give awesome head Nikki. No wonder dad keeps you stuck up sexy ass around", he said as he wiped his cock against my lips.

"Fuck that cunt good Leroy", Scott yelled as he looked Leroy pumping me with a vengeance between my long legs and their muscular thighs. My muscular ass bounced as Leroy sunk quickly pumped the full length of his penis in and out of me. Scott bent over and pinched my hard nipples while my breast swung back and forth with each one of Leroy's pumps. I couldn't get knocked up by black kid. I couldn't have a love xxx sex stories saxi storys ebony baby.

"Please pull out, cum in my mouth again. I want you to", I said to Leroy. "Whatever Bitch, I want you tight white cunt to fill my cock pump you full of my cum", Leroy said as he began pumping me faster and harder.

Scott said, "Look at that ass bounce and them big titties swing. Fuck that bitch's tight cunt". "You're too tight, Nikki. I love fucking your pink cunt. Get ready bitch because a black man is going to own that cunt of yours tonight".

Leroy's tight ball sack made a slapping noise every time it hit my clit. "Please pull out, please," I screamed. Leroy put both of his hands on my waist and held me in place as he pumped away. "Oh yeah, here I cum", He said as he let out a loud groan. With that I felt his penis pulse and explode inside of me.

It felt like he was pouring gallons of cum into me. I began to cry as I realized that he might knock me up. Leroy pumped his top-heavy babes kyra hot dolly fox lick their pinks squeeze their tits inside me milking every last bit of cum from his penis until it went limp. I fell to the bed. Scott and Leroy started yelling and slapping each other high fives talking about how they were going to fuck me for the next 48 hours until my husband came home so he could have their leftovers.

For the next couple of days those two fucked my mouth, my slit and my ass. Since they have that tape, Leroy has taken advantage of me MANY times since that night. I don't know what to do because I can't go to the cops. I guess I have to be their little sex toy.