Amazing amateur lesbians eating pussy in the tub brunette licking

Amazing amateur lesbians eating pussy in the tub brunette licking
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"Ohhhh fuck yes daddy just like that!" Katie moans to herself sprayed out on the couch in her robe. Tits exposed to the cold air as she sucks one of her throbbing nipples into her mouth suckling hard on it while her fingers slowly work their way around her clit. The night before was the night that her daddy had decided he would finally fuck his plump little girl. The thought of her daddy's cock had been running through her mind over and over through the day and she just couldn't wait any longer she needed release.

Moaning louder and louder as she can feel her climax coming sucking harder going back and forth between her nipples licking and sucking like a woman lost in lust as she slides two fingers inside herself sending her brooke bliss taken in the back office the edge. Eyes shut tight as she explodes on the couch in a violent orgasm her legs clamping hard on her hand holding her fingers in place as her tight little hole twitches wildly her mouth biting down on her nipples causing her to scream and groan with her tit stuffed mouth.

"Fuck daddy come home" Katie groans to herself as her nipples pops out of her mouth with an audible pop softly rubbing her red nipple from having just nibbling hard on herself. It would be another half an hour before her father actually came home from work slamming the front door on his way in obviously having another bad day at work. Katie by this time was upstairs slowly cleaning herself up from her prior little self-love session.

Taking her time so she doesn't work herself up again as she slowly cleans away all the dried fluid from her legs. God her daddy made her so wet, she never looked at her father that way before last night but now that he had his way with her that's the only way that she could see him and she didn't want that to every change. She made up her mind that she would be his dirty little fuck slut from now on if that's what it took to keep getting the fat throbbing cock she loved.

Downstairs Katie's father had already raided the fridge for a beer and had planted himself on the couch turning on whatever looked good just trying to rewind. His thoughts also stuck on last night not believing that he finally did what he'd been wanting to do for months. Wondering to himself how Katie would be feeling about it the next day.

Wondering if Katie would never bring it up again and just pretend that it never happened or just threaten him not to ever sex xxx indea sex stories story her again or else she would go to the police.

Hell he even considered the notion that Katie would be coming back for more. Slowly walking downstairs, a little scared to face her father now knowing if he would be as willing as her Katie tip toes down the stairs seeing her father sitting on the couch slowly slipping on a beer. His tie already loosened deeply invested in though she could tell he didn't even really care what was on tv.

Creeping up behind him still in her robe sliding her hands onto his shoulders. "Hey daddy, missed you" Katie whispers as she leans over her father softly kissing him on the neck as she embraces him from behind hugging him tightly "I missed you daddy" in another soft tone as she gives another little kiss and suckle to her daddy's neck. Closing his eyes as he feels his daughters hand slowly roaming his chest and her ample tits pressed against his shoulders letting out a soft moan as he embraces his daughters touch.

"Daddy missed you as well sweety" He says in reply as he turns sasha grey deepthroat shane diesel head staring deep into Katie's eyes before delivering a passionate kiss upon her sweet lips. Katie more than welcoming of his kiss lets her mouth open just enough for her daddy to slide his tongue in dancing with hers as they kiss as no parent and child should softly groaning against each other.

"Did you have a hard day at work daddy?" The question posed as Katie removes herself from her father so she can climb over the couch snuggling up to him her arms tightly wrapped around his as she never wants to let go. Knowing the effect, she is most likely having on her father she has let her robe open to show her ample cleavage to let daddy stare down as much as he desires.

"You have no idea baby, none of the reports that I needed were completed on time and it was just one of those days where nothing seems to go right." He replies as he slides his hand onto Katie's thigh softly squeezing it as he stares down at her magnificent body held back by just her tight little robe.

Feeling the effect the sight and touch of her is having to his manhood Katie can see the sizable lump in his pants growing. "Mmmm it does look like it was a very HARD day" Licking her lips as Katie slides her hand over her daddy's pants squeezing the growing cock his has restrained in his pants.

"You look so pent up daddy I wish there something I could do to help you relax" Katie mockingly says as she slowly jerks of her daddy through his pants. Feeling it grow thicker and harder against her touch she can feel herself getting as wet as she was not to long ago when she was taking care of herself. "Oh I know daddy!" Katie proudly states as she lets go of her father. Leaning back away from her father as he watches her movements not taking his eyes off her for a seconds as she props herself up against the side of the couch slowly untying her robe letting it fall open exposing her plump hot little body before cupping her mammoth tits in her hands holding them up for her father.

"I have these big stress balls you can use to take your stress out on daddy" Katie chirps as she rolls her nipples through her fingers as she just offered her tits up for her father's stress relief. "Oh? You want me to use these to make myself feel better?" Her daddy asks putting down his beer as he slides over to his exposed little princess.

Licking his lips at the sight of her being offered to brazzwrs llaying ge and hard fuck. "You know it was such a hard day, I might not be able bd jhalokhati xxx villag storys com control myself" He states warningly.

"That's ok daddy I don't mind" Biting her lip "Be as rough as you want daddy" "Don't mind if I do then" Her daddy says as he reaches over taking his baby girls tits into his hands gripping them softly to start with.

Weighing them in his hands feeling how soft and plump they are as Katie lets out little moans biting hard on her lip as she is trying to hold herself back from her father's touch. Taking his time squeezing softly and pressing them together amazed at how soft and squeezable they are he leans down sticking out his tongue slowly licking all around her nipples.

Ignoring them on purpose to tease his little slut daughter. "Oh god daddy" Escapes Katie's lips as her father slowly tongues his way over her sensitive tits. Covering them in spit before making her gasp out as he roughly squeezes one while pinching the nipple of another. "Fuck daddy" Katie groans as she looks down at her father watching as he starts progressive gets rougher her with large chest. Pinching and squeezing away at her huge tits as he pleases.

Starting to twist and pinch harder on her nipples causing Katie to groan out loudly in a mix of pain and pleasure. Her legs slowly closing and rubbing together from the effect her father is doctor sex big bob nurse on her, she knew her nipples were sensitive but she never had anyone be this rough with them before.

"God your tits are amazing" Daddy states as he lets one go before giving it a hard slap seeing it ripple from the impact causing Katie to let out an audible yelp. "Such big slutty tits for daddy" "Yes daddy. All for you" Katie gasps as she is finding herself having to try and calm down more and more from the abuse her father is laying down on her chest. Watching as he presses her nipples together rubbing them up and down against each other before leaning in clamping his teeth down hard on both of them at once.

"Fuck!" Katie screams out as the pain and shock from the sudden onslaught of his teeth are forced upon her throbbing nipples.

Her reaction like a good little slut is opening her legs quickly wrapping them around daddy pulling in close not letting go as he punishes her tits. As the assault on her nipples continue Katie can feel her father taking hold of her hands holding them above her head as he continues nibbling on her tits his bite getting harder than it once was.

"God daddy I'm all yours" Katie groans as she grinds her crotch against her father's feeling his meaty cock still restrained under his pants as her eyes roll into the back of her head "I'm just daddy's little whore" The thought quickly runs through her head as her pussy erupts in orgasm from the abuse her tits are taking for her daddy's pleasure.

Feeling herself being held down as she thrashes and twitches against daddy as she keeps cuming. His mouth never leaving her nipples as she twitches more and more before finally collapsing on the couch.

"I love you daddy" The only words she can muster as her vision slowly returns to her seeing her father hoist himself up above her. "Good, Because I'm not done with you yet" His reply as he hovers over his daughter spit covered tits. Looking down at her red raw nipples that he had just violated with his teeth as he reaches down unbuckling his pants pulling out his engorged cock holding it over her.

"What are you going to do with that?" Katie asks in a whimper as she finds herself biting harder on her lip than she had previously. "You said I can use your tits until I'm fully satisfied" His response as he lowers down stuffing his throbbing cock between Katie's lush tits squeezing them together around his cock slowly starting to pump. "Mmmmm yeah daddy. Fuck my big fucking tits" Katie moans out egging her father on as she sees the aching head of his cock pocking in and out between the top of her tits.

"I'm your little bitch daddy fuck my tits" Katie begs never having this done before but loving every second of it. Her previously partners only ever wanted to just on her rack none had the courage to actually ask if they could fuck her magnificent pair.

As he proceeds to pump his throbbing cock between her tits he can't help but grabbing hold of her tits by her nipples squeezing them as he pleases himself on his daughter. Shivers being sent down Katie's body as her raw nipples are abused once more for the sake of her father.

Laying there watching and feeling her father's massive cock stuffed between her tits Katie lowers her head down opening her mouth to catch the tip of her father's cock between her lips with every thrust desperate to get another taste of it.

"Fuck baby this is just what daddy needs" He groans as he gives a hard thrust forcing more of his cock into his daughter wanting mouth as he tits squeeze between them. Katie letting out a moan as she gets a good taste of her daddy's cock between her lips quickly to lick the pre-cum of her father's cock.

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Pulling his cock out with a pop as he continues to fuck away between her plump tits. "Anything you want daddy.

Anytime. I'm your dirty little whore from now on" Katie whimpers as she desperately tries to get her father's cock back into her mouth hungry for more of that tasty cum. "Oh yeah? Does my dirty little whore want daddy's cum?" he asks as he raises up his cock escaping between her tits.

"Yes daddy please! Cum all over your little slut whore. Please cover me in cum daddy I've been such a bad girl. Shower me in cum!" Katie starts panting hearing herself getting worked skinny slut crismoskow epic sloppy gag deepthroat for her father's hot sticky shower.

"Ughhh fuck yeah here it is you little slut" Daddy groans as he grips the back of her head making Katie give a little yelp from the sudden force as he holds her head still as his cock lets out a flood of cum covering Katie's face.

String after string of thick cum exploding from the tip of his cock shooting all over her face and down onto her throbbing tits. Katie letting out groans and gasps as she is used as a rag by her father for his pleasure.

"Fuckkkkkk" Katie gasps as she feels how wet she still is as her daddy eases down letting his cock slip between her lips letting her suckle the last few drops out of his rod.

Gripping her lips tightly around her head of her daddy's cock desperate not to let it go as she keeps sucking harder and harder trying so hard to make sure not a drop of her daddy's precious cum isn't wasted. "You're amazing sweety" Daddy says as he slowly climbs off her resting on the other end of the couch watching his cum covered slut slowly start to lick all the cum off her face and lowering her head down slowly licking and savoring all the cum on her chest.

"You're just what daddy needed" he pants as Katie looks down watching as his fat proud cock slowly starts to deflate. "But daddy?! We're not done yet" Katie says as she climbs off her father. 10 minutes there they are. Daddy sitting back on the couch watching Katie as she works herself on hey daddy's still limp cock.

Her big soft tits resting on his legs as her tongue slowly slides up and down his semi hard shaft. Licking up and down. Her tongue taking its time tasting every inch of her father as she reaches the tip swirling around every time. "God you really want it more don't you?" Daddy asks as he watches intently as Katie can't take her mouth away from his cock. "Mmmmm yes daddy I need more of this cock in me" Katie groans as she starts jerking daddy's shaft as she focuses her tongue on putting as much pleasure on the tip as she can alexis teaxas jack pov 18. Then there was a twitch against her tongue.

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She knew her daddy had found his second wind as his cock started to grow and harden against her lips as she starts hungrily sucking down on it. Trying to stuff of much of it in her mouth so she can feel it grow and fill xxx sex stories new lackal baf story part of her mouth.

"Ughhh god yeah baby daddy's ready for more" She can hear him moan as he keeps expanding in her mouth the only thing Katie can do is try to relax her throat as much as possible as it keeps growing harder and larger inside her. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" Katie humming around daddy's cock as she starts bobbing her head up and down not wanting to stop anytime soon feeling as her daddy reaches down cupping her tits on his legs starting to play with them once more.

Having enough time to relax a little from the torment they were subject to before she moans and hums louder around her father's cock as she feels it hit the back of her throat.

Not able to suck on it anymore Katie slowly lifts her head up and lets her father's cock free from her mouth taking a quick breath before ravishing it with her tongue. "Is daddy gonna fuck his little girl with this big cock?" Katie ask in the best little girl voice that she can do while she jerks it as fast as she can, holding it next to her face as she stares up at the man she loves.

"You know it sweety" Is the only thing her father can get out before he reaches down tight slut janice griffith banged real deep on the couch pornstars hardcore her up onto him. Instinctively she puts hers legs either side of his mounting him on the couch.

"You're going to ride daddy's fat cock like the horny little slut you are" "You mean you want this hot fat cock in this tight little hole?" Katie asks as she reaches down between them grabbing her father's cock pressing it against her hot little pussy grinding herself up and down against it as she asks.

"Stop teasing and ride it you plump slut" Her daddy groans as he reaches around tightly grabbing her ass giving it a good spank in the process as he stuffs his mouth with one of her aching tits. "ughh Yes dadd ughhhhhh" Katie retorts as she starts slowly sliding herself down the thick pole beneath her hardly able to get out a coherent sentence.

"fuck daddy" Groaning as she gets half way as she holds onto daddy's shoulders as she feels the fat cock penetrating her inch by inch. "Big daddy dick" biting her lips as she impales herself all the way down onto her daddy's throbbing member letting out a loud moan through the house as she takes it all in. Feeling his daughter engulf his cock in her tight little hole causes him to let out a loud moan around her tits as he tightly squeezes her juicy ass cheeks as she starts slowly rising and falling up and down on his hard cock.

Looking up at his daughters face of pure extasy as she rides getting faster and faster he releases her tits from his mouth. "That's it you fat slut. Ride daddy's big fucking cock." Gripping her ass as he speaks as he starts pumping up inside her making her take it harder and deeper. "You love your daddy's cock you fucking whore now fucking take it." Getting harder and harder with every thrust.

"ugh yea ugh fuck ugh daddy fuck ughhhh god yes daddy cock" The only words Katie can muster as she is assaulted by her father's cock. Leaning over him his head squashed between her tits as she slams herself down against his every thrust loving the pounding she is receiving.

"I'm ughh a naughty girl ughhhh fuck daddy make me cum" Begging as she allows the continued hammering of her pussy. "Cum you plump slut" whispered into her ear "ughhhh anything for daddy" Katie screams as she stops holding herself back grinding herself down hard onto her daddy's lap taking every throbbing inch of his cock into her tight hole shuddering and twitching madly as her pussy convulses tightly gripping his member.

"DADDY!!!!!" Katie cries out as she throws her head back allowing her body to just feel how it wants to feel and continue cuming around daddy's cock. "Hah ughhh fuck… god" Katie whimpers as she slowly starts to come down from her orgasm twitching with every throb from the cock impaled inside her. "Don't ever leave me daddy, I need your dick" She confides in her father doubting the idea she will ever be able to find a gigi allens the perfect office bitch fuck a big cook who could make her feel the way her daddy does.

"Never sweety" Her daddy replies as he gives another thrust deep inside her sending shockwaves through her body. "Daddy will never leave his plump angel" He continues as he still tightly grips her ass moving her hips back and forth making her rock on his still aching cock.

"You didn't cum yet daddy?" Asking as her eyes going wide feeling that she may have let down her daddy. Trying to get back into rhythm to make sure her daddy is pleased well and proper. "Daddy wanted to make sure you were satisfied completely before he finished" Is his response as Katie looks at her daddy shocked that a man would actually want to put her first in the bedroom for a change. "Now lean back for daddy. I want to get a good look at you" "Anything for you daddy" As Katie leans back still riding his cock her body on display as she rides him letting her arms drape down beside her not wanting to hide anything from the man she loves.

"Mmmm so beautiful" Daddy groans as he watches his little girl slowly ride his cock showing off for him. Cupping her tits together giving him a nice tit show licking and sucking on them slowly while she takes her time slowly going up and down on his dick. "And you're so handsome daddy&hellip.and so big" groaning as she tries to stay composed as she rides.

"Does daddy want to cum for his little slut? Fill her tight little pussy with his warm cum?" "God yes, are you on the birth control" He ask as he holds her close trying not to explode inside her. "No daddy but I don't care. I want your cum inside me" "Fuck me, if you want it you have to beg for it" With a wicked grind across her face Katie starts bouncing harder on her daddy's lap.

Squeezing her tits geeky teen likes to suck and fuck and faster than before making sure she's putting on a good show. "Is this how you like it daddy? You like your busty little bitch riding your fat cock like this?" Katie asks in a groan as she sucks a nipple up into her mouth knowing her daddy loves it.

"I need your cum inside me daddy please fill me daddy please" begging as she switches back and forth on her nipples feeling her daddy grip his fingers tight into her ass. "I'm such a naughty girl daddy, please fill me deep with cum. Naughty girls need their daddy's cum inside them as punishment.

Punish me daddy with your cum" "ahhhh god yes" Daddy groans loudly almost ready to blow deep inside her. "Would you like me to dress up in my old school uniform daddy? You can punish me for having bad grades. Or dress up in a nurse outfit and heal you back to health with my tight holes" Katie groans out knowing that she's about to cum just by thinking of all the naughty role-plays she could have with daddy "Maybe a maid daddy?

I could buy and outfit for you? Or just spend the day in a g-string cleaning your cock with my mouth?" God daddy please make me your bitch" "ughhh you fucking whore" Daddy grunts out with a final ram of his cock deep back inside this hot little slut exploding as far in as he can manage. Digging his fingers into her ass making her scream out in pain as he unleashes his flood of cum overflowing her soaking hole. Katie responding in kinds by digging her fingers into his shoulders as she explodes for the fourth time today.

Grinding down hard on her favorite cock shuddering and groaning like a wild animal. Both of them locked in embrace for the next several minutes as Katie takes her time milking her daddy's cock once more. This time using her cum filled pussy to suck every drop out of her daddy. Kissing each other deeply and passionately as they just enjoy each other. "God daddy you fill me so good" "That's because no one has ever ridden me the way you do angel" "You can have me whenever you want daddy" "I know" With that Katie slowly slides off her father's deflating cock resting down on the couch letting the feeling flow through her as she is overflowing with seed.

"I'm going to shower and then bed sweety, join me when you want" Daddy says getting up giving his little girl a kiss on the cheek.

Walking out of the room his cum covered cock swinging between his legs as he walks. Katie unable to take her eyes off it the whole time. "This is going to be so much fun" Katie says to herself as she starts thinking about all the outfits she wants to buy for her new lover.