Angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack

Angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack
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Young Stephanie from along the road called out to me, "me and my mum want to talk to you." With a very serious look on her face. I had known this young lady most of her life growing up as one of my neighbours. When she was very young she stood out from the other kids. Very pretty and always very active. She must be now, 15 or 16 and becoming unusually attractive.

I use the word attractive in the sense of how we view models. I am quite aware that a person's attractiveness depends on the other person's appreciation. So Stephanie's attractiveness was about being beautiful, the right shape and the way she carried herself. I went out to Stephanie who smiled briefly and walked to her house.

She opened the door and gestured for me to enter. This was the first time I had actually been inside their place. In fact although I cannot actually see their front door, apart from one obvious family member, I had not seen anybody enter here. Stephanie gestured towards the doorway that led into the living room. Josie stood up and with a very embarrassed look on her face said "hello Joe" and then "I hope our friendship is still intact after this evening." I couldn't wait to find out what this was all about.

After a cup of coffee and a chat about the neighbours, the news and things in general Josie said "Joe, I have watched you over the years and I've noticed that you seem to pick out Sexy ladies flash boobs for some money from the others" I quickly replied "Oh, I don't think so".

She interrupted "you don't have to deny it and I'm not suggesting anything is wrong. Turn and look at her now. I honey sucks bald hard dong pornstar hardcore see in your eyes that you find her sexually attractive even though she is a little bit underage".

Beginning to suspect something odd I started to stutter but Stephanie chimed in "Oh come on Joe I see you looking at me with that gleam in your eye.

There's sydney cole and cassandra cain horny threeway on the couch wrong with that, it makes me feel good because I think you are very sexy as well" she grinned and dropped her eyes.

She carried on "well, it's like this. We have decided to make you an offer. If you are prepared to be sexy with my mum then you can also be sexy with me." I glanced up at mum Josie with disbelief.

She had a slight smile on her face and was nodding gently in agreement. I was devastated! Half an hour ago I was in the real world with nothing much happening around me and suddenly I am surrounded by heaven. You see, what the girls don't know is that although I think Stephanie is a sexually attractive young lady, of the two of them I truly fancy Josie.

I have watched her walking up and down between our houses and I find her so sexy that I could masturbate looking at her beautiful ankles. And here I am being offered a slightly risky encounter with an underage girl in order to be able to satisfy a fancy I have had for years. Every man's dream! 2 I didn't know whether it was a good idea at that moment to say that I found Josie infinitely more sexy than her daughter.

I was quickly turning over the possibilities of losing out in this situation if I did. So I didn't. I said "I am stunned. But being human and male the thought of a sexual encounter with you is like all my Christmases come at once" Stephanie said "when you say you, which one do you mean?" I replied quickly "you is pleural as well as singular" with a laugh. Mum said "well that's nice then".

I said "when is this encounter likely to take place?" Josie said "what's wrong with now?" With the big questioning smile on her face. So in order to be able to fulfil one of my greatest fantasies, which was to have sex with Josie I had to allow them to think that I really fancy Stephanie.

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I said "okay who does what first?" With a laugh. Stephanie stood up beside her mum who had already risen up from her seat and they both removed their blouse, but slowly with a slightly embarrassed smile. I had always noticed that Josie seemed to have a big bust but there was no substance to it. Now I was about to find out how she did it. Stephanie was no problem just normal size teenaged tits.

Stephanie said "come on Joe it is your turn, off with your shirt". I started to do so quickly but Josie said "take your time don't rush things, we have all night" and they both laughed. 3 Beginning to relax a little now. I mean in the sense of accepting what was happening but certainly not sexually relaxed.

I took off my shirt and glanced towards them as much as to say "your turn". Stephanie turned her back to her mum who unclipped her bra. A pair of small puffy nipple breasts appeared. Exactly how I envisaged they would be. Beautiful, incredibly sexy and perfect. I must have been holding my breath because I found myself letting it out quite loudly.

Josie said "So, you obviously find my daughters breasts very attractive?" I replied "they are just perfect. How could any man not find them so?" Stephanie said "now you mum" and reached behind to unclip her bra. I was quite intrigued. I really wanted to see what her bra was concealing.

Something looked a little odd. And the slightly embarrassed smile on Josie's face was telling me that she wasn't sure whether I would like her tits. The bra came off and I was stunned. Her tits were incredibly long, round and thin.

But very firm. They stuck out from her chest quite a distance. I had thought that since I could detect a reasonable amount of flesh inside her bra and that she had been a nursing mum that her tits would hang down in the way they do.

These were definitely not hanging down. They stuck out from her chest with a perfect concave top and a convex bottom. The nipples on the end although small were pointing slightly skywards. I realised my mouth had dropped open in surprise and she said with a sad look on her face "you don't like them do you?" "Like them?" "Like them!" "I think they are the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever british milf red fucks herself in tights in my life.

And you have been concealing them from me for years. Am I allowed to touch them?" She turned to face me and said "you can give them a little stroke if you like. Or even a big stroke if you want" and they both laughed.

She said again "Do you really like my tits or are you just saying it to make me feel good?" I reached forward with both hands and gently cupped her breasts. Stephanie said "he is not telling lies mum, his prick is nearly saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde the zip on his jeans" and fell about laughing. Josie reached her hands forward and pulled my head onto her tits.

Unbelievable! I had been fancying this woman for so long and now she was actively putting one of the nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it gently and glanced up into her eyes. There was absolutely no doubt that she fancied me as much as I fancied her and that the ruse of using her daughter to trap me was entirely unnecessary. 4 Taking advantage of the eroticism of the situation I said to Josie "now that you believe how much I have fancied you over the years perhaps we don't have to include Stephanie just yet" an immediate reaction from Stephanie.

"Oh no you don't, the agreement was that you have to fuck my mum in order to have me. Anyway I fancy you just as much as my mum does and we are both going to fuck you and both going to watch and masturbate." I could hardly believe my ears. I looked up at mum who was doing the little nod and grin again. My God! I couldn't believe what I had got into. Not only do I get to fuck my greatest fantasy lady and fuck her daughter as well but both of them are going to watch and wank themselves.

I said "okay that is settled then. You have obviously already decided the course of action. So first I'm going to undress you both. Then I'm going to undress myself. Then I'm going to play with you, lick you, kiss you and get you screaming for more, then I'm going to do my very best to fuck you both. You still a virgin Stephanie?" She nodded but didn't say anything.

Slightly embarrassed obviously. I said "that could be a bit of a problem." She immediately came back with "Oh, why?" I replied "well, I will try but if it hurts we can back off and do it again later until it gets easier". She thought for a moment and then said "Oh goody goody, that means you will have to come back lots of times to fuck us" and actually fell on the floor laughing.

She spread her legs wide showing a small wet patch on the v of her panties that told me she was already feeling hot. Taking courage in both hands I quickly darted forward and licked the wet patch. It was slightly salty and incredibly erotic. The sex juices of a virgin.

A bit surprised Stephanie said "why did you do that Joe?" Josie said "you will have to learn how men desire the taste of a ladies pussy. We can't understand it but apparently there's reasons for it". Now with a raging hard on, the drooling from the lick of Stephanie's pussy and the vision of loveliness standing in front of me waiting for attention I came to my senses a little.

I said "Madam are you absolutely certain that you want me to fuck both you and your daughter.?" She looked deep into my eyes and said "Joe, Stephanie has been fantasising about you for almost as long as I have, and that's a long time! Now that we have told you about our fantasy and you are kneeling there with a hard on up to your neck let us not spend too much time talking.

In fact from the position you are in you could quite easily leaned forward and stick your tongue into my pussy". Her hand came forward and gently pushed the back of my head.

I pushed out my tongue and aimed it at the slightly parted lips of her vagina. She was so out of herself with excitement that she started dripping her own juices before my tongue touched. It was so obvious that these two females had been fantasising about me for some time. And now that the occasion has arisen they are both squirting all over the place. Just before I touched the lips I collected a couple of drips on my tongue and tasted it.

I nearly fainted with sexual pleasure. Josie could see the effect she was having on me and spread her knees a little wider and bent a little closer so that my tongue slid into her pussy. She went crazy! Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. But she held my head close against her mount of Venus. Twisted as I was I was happy to stay in this position as long as I could keep my tongue thrust deep inside Josie.

It was patently obvious that Josie was having a very strong orgasm. So much so that Stephanie who had never seen anything like this from her mum dived down to her side saying "mum, mum are you okay?" Josie managed to murmur "never felt better in my life darling" then "wait until you feel Joe's tongue up inside you like this, then you will understand!" We relaxed for a few moments then Stephanie said "okay you two, it's my turn now.

I want Joe to fuck me next." I laughed a little and said "you gorgeous young lady, I promise you that my prick will go deep inside you and cause you to behave just like your mum just did. But there's lots of nice things to experience first". She immediately said "like what?" 5 By now the only clothing she had on was the knickers. I said, still lying on the floor "take those knickers off and sit across my face". Josie took in a sharp breath and said "I will if she doesn't want to" and laughed knowing that nothing would stop her daughter from taking up the position.

Mum held her shoulders gently whilst she settled herself across my shoulders with her pussy just touching my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her until I could just feel the hymen. Now I knew for certain she was a virgin. I said, having removed my tongue for just a moment "rock yourself very gently backwards and forwards.

Mum will tell you how". And pushed my tongue back in. She did this and was surprisingly gentle. Her eyes started to roll and she looked at Josie and said "Oh mum this is amazing but it does hurt a little bit when his tongue goes in a bit far". "Yes" she said "that's the hymen that will be broken the first time you have sex properly". She rocked gently backwards and forwards for what seemed the longest time and I loved the taste of her fluid dripping constantly into my mouth.

She said "you want to fuck me now?" I replied "as I said before Stephanie, I will fuck you I promise. But there is no rush, let us enjoy each other even more than we do now and make it last a long long time". She seemed to think about this for a moment and then said "since you promise to be my first I can wait and enjoy thinking about it as well".

With a big grin. Her mum, although obviously desperate to be fucked was hanging back a bit so that her daughter could get the maximum enjoyment. Now she spoke saying "why don't you watch me and Joe fucking to see how it's done." Stephanie immediately replied "mum I am quite aware of how it's done.

Joe sticks that long hard thing between his legs into the hole between mine and pushes hard. How it feels I don't know yet but how it's done I already know. Now shut up mum and get fucking so I can watch and have a wank". Josie fell about laughing and laid herself down on the front room carpet, reached her arms towards me and said "Joe come and satisfy a fantasy that I have had for the longest time. Push that gorgeous prick deep inside me and shoot your load deep into my pussy.

No need to worry about pregnancy I am on the pill". By now I knew that this was not going to last more than a moment. I said to her "you have me so excited I already know this fuck will last less than a minute." She said "about the right length of time for you to send me to heaven".

And she spread her legs wide reached her hands forward as though to get hold of me and said "Joe fuck me, fuck me now. I cannot wait another second". I noticed the way Stephanie's jaw had dropped seeing her mum in this position and instead of masturbating as my prick entered Josie's pussy she just remained like that.

Just as I imagined it took only a couple thrusts before I was balancing on my prick it was so deep inside Josie. She wrapped her legs around my arse and held me very hard whilst Sex x vidsayma khan com came what seemed like a gallon.

Without question this was the most wonderful fuck I had ever had in my life. Suddenly Stephanie burst full xxx sexe movie sex stories life and said "Oh mum you didn't give me enough time to come." Mum said "you never moved my love you were so surprised but don't worry I came enough for both of us!" They both laughed and all three of us laid on our backs on the carpet looking up at the ceiling completely amazed at the events of the last while.

6 Josie said "I think it's time to come clean".

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I replied "I absolutely agree with you and here's my confession. I have seen you walk past my place a million times. You always wear jeans and apart from your face the only bit of skin that shows is your ankles and part of your feet. I have wanked many times fantasising about you when the only bit of skin I could see was that. Consequently I am in love with your feet and I want you to regularly masturbate me using them." Josie started laughing and said "Joe I will satisfy your craving for my feet because I love my feet to be massaged and played with.

But your confession is nothing compared to mine. When I got married I was a virgin. I had sex, naturally, on my wedding night and my hymen was broken. The following day my husband was posted abroad to a conflict area and was killed. Absolutely devastated I swore I would never have sex again. Then I found I was pregnant with Stephanie. A few years later I saw you. I fancied you but I stuck to my resolution and consequently never had sex again. So you have just been my second lover. And now is a funny bit!

There is a small area of your bathroom window that is clear and when you are sitting in your usual chair which is where you can see me walking past I take advantage. I found out a long time ago that you do this and I confess that I do as well. I walk past your window as though I'm going to the local shop. I walk back and I look out of the corner of my eye.

If I see you there I quickly walk around the back of your place to that window and watch you finish yourself off. So my fantasy is watching you come from looking at me whilst I come from looking at you." Absolutely staggered I looked into her eyes and saw that she wasn't telling lies! I said "So we have been jerking off at each other for years?" She replied "yes, wasn't it lovely, but now it will end because you, my second lover, will be able to satisfy all my fancies for real." Stephanie was sitting up with her mouth so wide open her chin was nearly on her knees.

She said "I used to wonder what mum was doing running into your back garden every so often and disappearing behind the shed. Now I know! And you two have to share with me." "Of course my darling" said Josie "now that everything is out in the open we have to quietly, so that the neighbours don't know, satisfy ourselves and indulge in this incredible sexy situation that we find ourselves in".

Stephanie asked plaintively "So when do I get my first fuck?" With a big grin on her face and stretching her legs wide and pulling the lips of her pussy open. I could see a small pool of fluid at the bottom of the opening So I said "keep still Stephanie I want to taste you again". And leaned forward and licked the small puddle of her fluids. She raised her hips a little and said "you want to try to put it in now?" By now I was erect again and I said "we can certainly try".

I came forward as she stretched her legs wide open and Josie quickly moved in and taking hold of my hard erection guided it carefully into the right place. She said "Joe try to stay still" and "Stephanie try to push your hips forward so that Joe's prick goes as far in as you can easily take it.

But whatever you do don't push to give yourself pain. This lovely rod is now available almost on demand. Take your time, do it good". 7 I couldn't believe again my luck. Here was mum leaning forward with those long slim breasts close to my face, holding my prick in a pale ivory hand guiding it into a gorgeous cavern belonging to a young beautiful virgin.

Stephanie raised her hips a little and my prick went little more than an inch into her. Mum said "tell me when you are coming Joe because Stephanie elena xxx sex stories porn vodeo not on the pill and remember what happened to me first time!" It took only a couple of wriggles of Sexy ladies flash boobs for some money bum and I was ready to burst.

I said "now". Josie knew what I meant and lifted my prick a little higher and gave me half a dozen very quick pumps. That was enough to drive me crazy and I shot so far that some of my semen landed on Stephanie's face. She licked it and said "well, we mustn't waste it.

It tastes quite salty but I am sure I will get used to it. At least I hope so". And we all three laughed. Back indoors I laid on my bed and relaxed thinking about the last couple of hours.

Very surprised at what had taken place but extremely pleased that it had. Apparently, the lady that I had been fantasising about was now, with a little bit of luck, available in person. Not only that her gorgeous daughter is part of the deal. Stand these two females side by side and most men would say that the daughter was the more beautiful.

I think so as well. However, singular beauty is not necessarily what makes a female sexually attractive. Every person who has ever had sexual fantasies has developed in some way a preference. For webcam teen getting off with her new sextoys, feet are things on the end of legs for keeping the rest of the body out of the dirt. Logically the mind associates feet with dirt.

Since the only skin, and very beautiful skin at that, that I would see on Josie apart from her face, is her feet it is not too surprising that I would be prepared to kiss them. Actually, it is my intention in the near future to fuck her feet. I have fantasised about doing just that more than 100 times. It doesn't matter that the only reason is that other skin areas were not visible; I have built up this fantasy about her ankles and feet.

8 The following day Josie walked past my house with a knee length skirt. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. Big smile. There was a cat a couple of yards past my window.

She turned so that she was facing my window and crouched down to stroke the cat. A mass of beautiful skin was exposed. And she knew it. She inclined her head a little indicating her place. She stood up and walked away showing those slim trim calves any bunny mobi busty forced to drive me crazy. I sauntered over to her place and walked around the back and in via the garden door.

Josie was stretched out on a sun lounger with her bare feet raised slightly. She looked absolutely adorable. I touched her toes with both hands then bent and kissed them. How can anybody go into raptures over a pair of feet? But I did. It was quite obvious that I had an erection. Amazingly, Josie managed to unzip my fly with her toes whilst I watched. I almost came just watching those beautiful feet inches from my face. She got my prick out with her feet and held my erection as firm as possible whilst I moved my hips backwards and forwards through them.

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After a minute I grasped her ankles and applied a little more pressure to my prick whilst I continued to fuck her feet. My fantasy was fulfilled; I came all down her legs. She laughed but not in a derisory way. I said "Next time I want to put my prick in between those gorgeous breasts of yours and come all over your face".

She said "you really do love my breasts don't you? Because they are quite unusual I expected you not to like them. From now on I will expose them a little more because I know you like them". She lifted her breasts in her two hands pointing the nipples towards me. They were really spectacularly beautiful. Firm, creamy and smooth. Then she said "Joe, I hope you realise that I have only been fucked twice in my life.

Once when I conceived Stephanie and yesterday when you fucked me. Now that we have opened the door to each other I expect to be fucked whole lot more" and she fell back laughing.

I said "I hope you realise the task you have set me. I have to keep two ladies satisfied. One who hasn't had her share and wants to catch up. The other not yet started but desperate. It doesn't matter that I can't yet get inside her she still makes me ejaculate almost by looking at me". Josie said "I am so glad that you find Stephanie gorgeous as well. I thought she was the one who you fancied and that's why I used her as bait.

Don't get me wrong! She was the one who put the irons in the fire. For a long time now she has been telling me that she wants you to be her first and only lover. Well, only? That remains to be seen" with a smile. "We all know how fickle young ladies can be". 9 Stephanie arrived back from college to find us cleaned up and sitting drinking coffee. She said "I have a great idea, well I think it's great. Why don't mum and me sneak into your place when it's dark so that we can sleep in your bed.

With some special rules" and here she laughed a little. "So what would those rules be?" Josie asked. "Well" Stephanie said "we are allowed to touch any part of the body of each other except kissing, breasts and of course pussies and pricks. Joe would be in the middle". We were all quiet saucy redhead pleasures a fat shaft orally a moment was we pictured ourselves in that situation and as one we smiled and said "what a brilliant idea".

And then all three of us fell about laughing. Stephanie said "but before we go round to Joe's place it's my turn to have a little bit of attention". She stood up in her sort of Scottish kilt like skirt and spun round. As the skirt hem lifted I could see just a glimpse of the pussy.

I said "I hope you haven't been like that all day". She replied "Oh yes because I have been dreaming about now all day. But I've been very careful not to let anyone else see".

She came across and stood in front of me where I was sitting and wafted the air at my face. Wow!

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The smell was intoxicating. I said "that was delightful, would you care to step a little closer?". She did, and just stood there with anal threesome for a blonde teen fucking and sucking hips level with my head. I lifted the edge of the skirt and blew gently. She moved her feet a little apart and pushed her hips just a little closer. I stuck out my tongue but it was a quarter of an inch away from contact.

I said "another shuffle please madam" and laughed. She knew exactly what I meant and did exactly that. Now it was just touching. I flicked my tongue up and down and I could see an immediate effect. I said "another small shuffle" which she did, now forcing the tip of my tongue just into the area around her clitoris.

The effect was exactly as expected. A small groan, the tilting up of the chin and the hand going to the back of my head to increase the pressure. I resisted the hand a little in order to prolong the pleasure or both of us but mostly for Stephanie. I flicked the tongue around getting it deeper into the wet part.

She started to thrust her hips gently backwards and forwards using my stationary tongue as a penis. It didn't take long for her to reach orgasm probably because she had been fantasising about this all day.

10 Being a little impatient to put her idea into practice she quite quickly ended what we were doing and said "it's getting dark, you should go home so that we can come and sleep at your place".

Josie laughed and said "you're idea sounds wonderful but I don't think we should be jumping into bed quite yet.

This is better left until a bit later. We have things we need to do and I'm sure Joe has too. So why don't we get on with it and we will sneak into Joe's place a bit later".

I said "that's a good suggestion. Just so that we create as little speculation in the neighbourhood as possible why don't you come to my place at exactly 10 p.m.

I will have the front door already slightly open So you don't even have the ring the bell." "Great!

We will be there" said Josie and Stephanie was clapping her hands gently in agreement. 10 o'clock on the dot they were walking through my front door. Stephanie said "okay no hanging about I want to experience this". All three of us a bit intrigued by this rather odd arrangement went straight away into the bedroom. We discussed for a couple of minutes about what we should wear in bed and decided between us to be naked.

We popped into bed fellow drills sex appeal awesome gal smalltits hardcore Josie on the far side, Stephanie on the nearside with me in the middle. At first because of the strange nature of what we were doing we just lay there on our backs side by side doing nothing. Then a hand crept onto my right thigh and just lay there. I put my hand over the top of hers and we stayed like that for a minute or two.

I figured that this was perfectly acceptable within our plan so I did likewise and placed my left hand on Josie's thigh. She did exactly the same as me and placed her hand over mine. Accepting that we would need to think before we acted, we stayed like that for quite a while. 11 I felt I needed to turn onto my side. And hereby lies a problem, which one do I face? It was immediately solved for me when Josie turned on her side away from me.

Logically I turned to face her and Stephanie stayed as she was and just cuddled up a little closer. For the next hour or so we revelled in the contact skin to skin and kept our hands away from "those" places. When we turned we did so in unison. I went to the toilet.

When I returned the covers had been removed and two naked females lay there with a big smile on each face. I stood at the end of the bed and looked at them. So beautiful! I knelt on the end of the bed and put one hand on each ankle. Warm smooth and very sexy. I immediately started to get an erection.

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Stephanie said "you aren't allowed to have a hard on Joe". And laughed and laughed. At first Josie tried to stop herself laughing but as my prick rose up she also couldn't help herself. I said" if you keep absolutely still I will try to make it go down". So they lay still but with the occasional giggle. Slowly but surely I managed to think of England enough to help a bit.

Just as I was getting control the two ladies looked at each other and I saw Josie wink. Then they both opened their legs just a trifle. Bear in mind that they were completely naked! So my view was now considerably sexier and erotic. Up it came again. They both laughed.

They could see that I was studying them quite intensely and probably because of that they revelled in the attention. They laid absolutely still with just their eyes watching me. I studied their bodies. Although Stephanie was very slightly heavier built than her mum she was still slim. The skintone which they both had was gorgeous. Very pale pink with the occasional stronger colouring around the joints. They looked very clean. And if my brain took in clean then the response has to have been more favourable for it.

12 It was only at that moment that I really understood the meaning of what was occurring. I had two very beautiful females currently, and probably well into the future, giving themselves to me. All I had to do was keep them satisfied. And right now with all this thought I'm beginning to get into the situation where I hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat actually physically satisfy them.

Strangely, both of them aware of my sexual desire because of super horny teenager evelina darling fingers her ass amp pink at the clinic erection, made no movement. This was good. So I took my time caressing and kissing both bodies from their toes to the tip of the forehead. It almost became a competition to see who gave in first. I could feel them alternately as I kissed and stroked them trembling a little and breathing a little faster.

I laid down in between them and turned on my side again this time facing Stephanie. Who then turned and put her back to me without speaking.

She was actually suggesting that we took up these positions when it was time to turnover. And it worked. I desperately wanted to push my prick up Stephanie's arse because it was temptingly available. But we had made a pact and I had to keep to it. I could feel Josie's hands all over me. What with the one I was feeling in front of me and the one who was feeling me from behind, I wondered if I would be able to contain myself this night. But I did. This night was one that I would remember for the rest of my life.

This was the time when I learned to appreciate feminine beauty without trying to take advantage. 13 When I woke up Stephanie was resting on one elbow looking at me. She said "now that you are awake and its tomorrow, is there any chance you will fuck me now?" Her face went bright red and she looked down. A voice from behind said "Joe its her 16th birthday and her pill is effective now, why not give her the best present ever".

And her hand came round onto my already hard penis and she gripped it firmly. Stephanie said "Oh go on Joe please, fuck me now".

I said "okay we give it a try and we do it like this". I turned onto my back and indicated that Stephanie should sit across me. I indicated with my eyes to Josie that she should do the guiding.

She understood immediately and took hold of my penis and moved it to the very edge of Stephanie's pussy. I said "now, you have control, and as long as I can maintain my erection, that is that I don't come, you can push us together".

Within two seconds the tip of my penis was touching her hymen. She hesitated and pulled back just a shade as she felt it. She started to rock backwards and forwards just a little so that my policeman's helmet was just inside her pussy. Now we all know that the policeman's helmet is the most sensitive part. So I told her that she was about to end the fuck if she did it like this. It obviously didn't matter to her because she carried on doing it and within a very short time I came.

She must have sensed that I was coming and pushed forward a little further than before. Equally I had the desire to thrust forward. We finished up with me coming completely through the hole of her hymen and stretching it a tiny bit at the same time. She said "that was amazing! I felt you shoot up inside me.

I actually did feel it. It was the best feeling of my life ever." Her mum Josie said "that's just the first my darling, now we are equal we both made Joe come inside us. And if we are careful and behave ourselves we will be able to repeat this many many times." To which I said "I can't believe I will be that lucky" and laughed.

We laid back on the bed hands touching each other but still. I was in heaven. And hoping it would continue this way for the longest time.