Hot brunette was fucked by her boyfriend in a hotel

Hot brunette was fucked by her boyfriend in a hotel
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Fbailey story number 207 Milk-Milk Lemonade I usually go with my wife to her doctor appointments and she usually comes with me to mine and this appointment was no different. This was to be her gynecologist exam where they take a Pap smear and check out her internal plumbing. She had just gotten completely undressed and had the paper gown on with the slit in the front as she had been requested to do when a little boy entered our examination room. He was so cute that my wife started to talk to him.

She squatted down with her knees open and her tits in his face. Then without any warning the little boy pinched me wife's nipples, poked his finger into her moist pussy, and then he reached down lower to poke his finger up her ass.

As he did this he sang, "Milk, milk, lemonade, turn the college blonde hoe jumping and sucking dick in dorm room tube porn and fudge is made." Of course my wife thought it was cute and laughed at him, so once again he repeated the little verse as he pinched my wife's nipples and poked a finger into her pussy and then into her anus.

Just then the most adorable young woman entered our examination room looking for her little boy. He smiled at his mother and once again repeated his verse as he pinched and poked my wife. The adorable young woman turned several shades of red and apologized profusely.

In the next minute we found out that little Timmy was three years old and quite a handful, his mother Debra was nineteen years old and a single mother. We also learned that Timmy had learned his newest trick while at the babysitters. Debra was trying to get her GED because getting pregnant at fifteen had spoiled high school graduation for her. My wife is a high school teacher and offered to help Debra with her studies. As the two ladies talked I watched little Timmy lift his mother's filthy sluts want to fuck a lot up and show me that Debra was not wearing a bra.

I watched him lift up his mother's skirt to show me her pretty pink thong panties in the front and pull them down so that he could poke his finger in her pussy. Then I watched as he lifted the back of her skirt and pulled the string out of her butt so that he could poke his finger in her ass too.

He recited his little verse over and over again each time poking and fingering his mother. Debra ignored him and just let him do his thing while she talked to my wife. Debra was really quite nice to look at and I sure looked. Her nipples were nice and hard and dark. Her areolas were fairly small and quite dark too. Her pussy was shaved and her ass was firm. She had a pretty blue stone hanging in her pierced belly button too. Then I noticed that little Timmy changed hands.

He pinched both of Debra's nipples and then he shoved his index finger into his mother's pussy. I reached out and grabbed his hand and held it up to my nose as I inhaled his mother's wonderful fragrance. I got caught. My wife asked, "Debra, would you mind terribly if my husband fingered your pussy? I think he is jealous of your son." Debra looked at me with her son's index finger partially in my nose and said, "No!

Not at all! Help yourself. That'll be the most action I have had since Timmy was born." Debra came closer to me and as I slipped my finger into her pussy looking for her moist hole and her clit she told my wife and I that between Timmy, GED classes, and her mother constantly on her case that she never gets to go anywhere.

So while my wife kept little Timmy occupied I fingered his mother too two well-deserved orgasms. She thanked me from the bottom of her heart. My wife asked Debra to come over to our house for dinner and to bring Timmy with her.

She said that we would arrange for a babysitter for Timmy while Debra studied. Debra said, "I'd love too. Can he Jill me off again later?" My wife said, "Honey he can fuck your brains out if you want him too." Then to my delight I watched as my wife lifted Debra's top up and pressed her bare breasts against Debra's bare breasts as she kissed her full on the mouth.

I was sure that she was French kissing Debra too. I still had my finger on her clit and Debra orgasmed while clutching my wife to her. Just then our doctor walked in. Doctor Kelley just smiled as she watched Debra come down from her orgasm, break off their deep kiss, and then turn toward the doctor with her top still up above her breasts and my hand sill in her panties. Our doctor said, "Perhaps I should check you all for venereal diseases so that you can enjoy one another in piece." My wife smiled at Doctor Kelley and replied, "Yes.

Please. You're welcome to join us too if you like." Doctor Kelley said, "Only if I can bring my wife along." I said, "The more the merrier." Doctor Kelley said, "I don't go both ways but if you let me fuck your wife I'll let you fuck mine." I looked at the smile on my wife's face and then I said, "Okay. How about this Saturday at noon for a full day of enjoyment?" Doctor Kelley said, "That should be enough time for our tests to come back.

Just don't go screwing around before Saturday. Understand?" Debra, my wife, and I all said, "Okay." Then little Timmy said, "Okay" and we all laughed. I watched as our doctor gave my wife an internal exam and then as she gave Debra one too. Debra didn't have a paper gown but none of us minded seeing her naked. Doctor Kelley drew blood from all three of us too. Just before she was ready to go little Timmy woke up from his short nap and started singing his verse and poking Debra.

Doctor Kelley told her not to let Timmy poke his finger into her asshole and then put it into her pussy. She explained to us all about oiled girl takes care of a dick and even told me to wash my cock after anal sex before fucking her pussy.

She did say that if I wanted to go from one hole to the next more quickly that I could use a condom in her ass then remove it to fuck her vagina. Then she kissed both of the women on their lips and shook my hand before she left.

That night Debra came over to our house for dinner. After we finished eating, cute blonde teen helps him have a good morning mollydouglas cunnilingus wife walked Timmy across the street to a teenager who was going baby sit him for us. The girls studied for a good hour and then my wife asked Debra if she wanted to have sex before our test results were back. Debra assured us that she hadn't been with anyone since just before Timmy had been born.

So we took Debra up to our bedroom. Shortly after we bought our four bedroom three bathroom home I had two of the bedrooms combined to make it one large bedroom. Then I had one of the other bedrooms turned into a walk-in closet for our clothes. Our master bedroom had a very large king-size four-poster bed as the centerpiece. I could already see the four women on it with me Saturday.

I helped Debra get undressed first then I helped my wife get undressed before I undressed myself. Debra suggested that we take a shower together first to clean up but my wife told her that I liked a nice ripe natural pussy taste. When Debra told us that it was her first time in a threesome with another girl my wife laughed and said that it was her first time too.

As I ate both of their pungent pussies I listened as Debra told my wife about her one and only threesome with two guys. She was fifteen, she lost her virginity, and she got pregnant too. She knew from her diary exactly when she got pregnant.

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After that she had let both boys fuck her for a few months hoping that one rough first time anal crying babysitters enjoy rock hard cock them would ask her to marry him, but neither one did. I would only be the third man to ever fuck her.

She was actually a very nice girl that had gotten pregnant the very first time she had sex. It just happened to be with two boys at the same time. Apparently I was the first person to ever eat her pussy too. Somehow I felt honored that she had picked me. Before I spoiled the taste of her pussy I let the girls try their very first sixty-nine together.

Debra had never tasted a girl before but I knew that my wife had tasted both of her sisters, a few girls in high school, and most of her sorority sisters in college too. After she had been thoroughly satisfied, Debra asked me to fuck her. She said that she wanted my hard cock naughty blonde stepsis railed by stepbro in the kitchen her desperately so I accommodated her.

At first I thought that Debra was a virgin the way she cooed and flinched as I slid it into her love tunnel.

It had been over three years and even back then they were sixteen-year-old cocks slipping into her and not one that was fully grown and attached to a man that knew how to use it. I watched her mouth go into the shape of an O, her eyes roll up into her head, and her breath catch as I slipped it all the way in. I gave her a few seconds to enjoy the fullness and then I lifted her feet up to my shoulders. That way I got another half an inch into her and that did the trick. She was completely full and the head of my cock was gently kissing her cervix.

As I pumped my cock into Debra I massaged her breasts and twisted her nipples. She was thrilled. She experienced one terrific orgasm as I filled her with my cream. We finally took that shower to get cleaned up and Debra douched before we got dressed. My wife went over to the babysitter to pay her and retrieve Timmy.

He was asleep and she carried him home. My wife said that Timmy had shown the sixteen-year-old girl across the street his milk-milk trick and that she had enjoyed his finger in her pussy but not in her ass. She told her that I was a lot better at it than Timmy was and that she should come over. As we were waving goodbye to Debra, the babysitter came running across the street toward us. Desiree asked me to play milk-milk with her.

I took her in my house and up to our bedroom with my wife right behind us. Desiree loved our bedroom and had never seen anything quite like it. I told her that I was going to undress her and she just smiled at me. I had just made love to a nineteen-year-old girl and now a sixteen-year-old girl was expecting it too. This was certainly my lucky day. Desiree's breasts were smaller and firmer than Debra's breasts had been.

Desiree had her natural pussy fur too and I really liked that. Since getting her pussy poked was why she was here I decided to do just that.

I poked my tongue in her for an orgasm, I poked my finger in her and tickled her clit for two more orgasms, and then I poked my cock into her for yet another orgasm. Surprisingly Desiree was not as tight a fit as Debra had been. Apparently she got more action and I could certainly see why, she was a very lovely young lady.

Desiree said that I was better at giving her orgasms than her boyfriend and his sister were put together. I thanked Desiree for the compliment and then my wife rolled her into a sixty-nine. It was hard for me to decide which girl I liked to see more with my wife. Desiree was younger, firmer, and she just lived across the street from us.

Besides I had watched her mature over the past five years that we had lived there. After dirty asian in ass to mouth threesome wife gave Desiree an orgasm I slipped my cock back into her pussy with my wife's nose right in the way. I was spent however and all I could do was poke around in there for five or ten minutes before pulling out to letting my wife have her again. Desiree was very thankful. I thought about inviting her over Saturday but we really needed her to baby sit Timmy instead.

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After Desiree went home I had my wife call Doctor Kelley at home and tell her that we screwed up and made out with Desiree. We both assumed that she would pass on our Saturday get together but she didn't.

Desiree had been in to see Doctor Kelley a week or so ago and they had made out in the examination room too. So Desiree was safe to fool around with. That was a relief because I really wanted to fuck Doctor Kelley's wife even though I had never seen her. The next evening we had a talk with Desiree about joining our sex party on Saturday but we told her that we still needed a babysitter for Timmy.

Desiree recommended a friend of hers that would do it, so we had her call her girlfriend from our house and set it up. Desiree was excited that we had invited her to join our sex party and she told us about Patrice, Doctor Kelley's wife. Patrice is a model and according to Desiree absolutely beautiful. Then she ran home to get us a magazine to look at. Patrice was in the latest issue of 'Sixteen' wearing a tight pair of panties and covering her nipples with her hands. Her one leg was bent and that hip was thrust out so nicely.

She was a beauty. I got so excited that I invited Desiree back up to my bedroom for a quickie. My wife graciously let me have my way with Desiree first.

It was not short but it didn't take very long either. I was really excited and Desiree was willing to let me satisfy myself with her sweet teenage body. After I cum in her Desiree told me to send up my wife and then she went into the bathroom. I sent my wife up and grabbed a nice cold beer. An hour later Desiree came french redhead slut gets her ass pounded all showered, dressed, and ready to go home.

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Desiree told me that my wife was naked, lying on my bed, and ready for sex with me. I was ready for sex with her too. Two days later Debra had dropped off Timmy with the new babysitter and had arrived a little early. Desiree was already here. Shortly before noon Doctor Kelley and Patrice arrived. Patrice was even more beautiful than her picture in the magazine. Patrice graciously greeted my wife, kissed her, and said, "So you and I are trading spouses for the weekend.

Are you okay with that?" My wife replied, "Weekend?" Patrice smiled and said, "Yes if you don't mind. I have the whole weekend off and I don't have to be in Paris until Tuesday for the fashion show.

Besides your husband looks good enough to eat." My wife replied, "He is. Oh yes he really is. You're going to enjoy him." Patrice said, "I'm sure that you will enjoy Kelley too." Then Patrice took Desiree's hand and told me to lead the way to a bedroom. I watched as Kelley took my wife's hand and Debra's hand. I headed right for the spare bedroom. As I started to close the door behind us Patrice said, "Keep it open.

I want Kelley to hear me cum with your cock in me. Technically she's still a virgin. Two horny guys ass toy sexy mei amasakis tight little ass strictly into women." Patrice pushed me back onto the bed and then she started to undress Desiree.

She undressed the cute teenager in the most sensual way possible. Her hands slipped in her bra to cup a breast before unhooking it.

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Her lips traced light kisses along her breasts as the bra cups were lowered. She worshiped the girl she was undressing. Once Desiree was nude she was placed next to me on the bed while Patrice then undressed for us. I was not going to allow her to do it all by herself. I had seen what she had done to Desiree and I knew that I could do the same to her.

I took Patrice in my arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. I held her shoulder blades tightly pressing her breasts into my chest. I held her ass pressing her pussy into my rigid cock.

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Then I juicy floozy endures hot sex smalltits and homemade her tiny waist as I bent her backwards for a kiss right out of the movies. She swooned, she cooed, and she loved it. She said that no woman had ever done anything to her like that before. As I unbuttoned her blouse I kissed the revealed flesh. I removed her blouse and then her skirt. I wanted to see her in her underwear and in her high heels.

They were red 'fuck-me' pumps and her bra and her panties were nothing like what my wife had ever worn. Her bra was French and the tag read 90-D that was equivalent to our 34-C here in America. Patrice was perfection itself.

There was not a blemish, scar, or even a freckle anywhere on her perfect skin. I unhooked her front clasp bra and let the dad forces sissy fem son tfuck hang tightly to her full breasts.

With each breath she took her breasts would become slightly more visible. Neither one of us was in any hurry so together we watched her breathe. Desiree was enjoying the show too with one hand on her own breasts and the other hand working on her own clit. When one breast finally popped out into the open I removed her bra and devoured her nipples. She cooed when I bit slightly on her nipple and pulled back testing its elasticity.

After I paid homage to her magnificent breasts I dropped to my knees and admired her panties next. I saw a small wet spot that had formed low in her crotch due to her heightened arousal. I was not at all surprised to find her pussy bald but I was surprised to find that there was no stubble. I kissed her mound, I rubbed my nose in it, and then I ran my tongue all over it. I stood up to remove my own clothes just to be told that it was Desiree's turn to undress somebody.

Patrice sat on the bed to watch the show that time around. Patrice was so precise with her movements, the way she sat down, and even with her posture she just reeked of being a model. A very exquisite model to say the least.

I hardly noticed what Desiree was doing until she bit my nipple to get my attention. Then she sucked on my cock once I was nude and dragged me over to the bed.

Desiree made it perfectly clear that she wanted me to fuck her first because she knew that if I got my cock in Patrice that she would never get to feel it again. That wasn't entirely correct because after all she lived right across the street and that I would fuck her every chance that I got. Anyway I did fuck Desiree first and then I watched as Patrice licked her pussy clean telling us both how much she loved the taste of cum.

Patrice was very good and sent Desiree to new heights even after I had rocked her world. Then it was my turn to make love to Patrice. The foreplay was simple since we were both fully aroused.

I slipped my hard cock into her velvet-lined pussy, I laid on her full firm breasts, and I kissed her as I fucked into her with a desire to die and go to heaven.

But I knew that God would be upset with me for fucking one of his heavenly spirits. Even if it meant eternity in hell I just had to have this woman.

So I fucked into Patrice for as long as possible. She had been holding back just to make me try harder and then just as I could hold out no longer she cum too.

Her orgasm could have been felt on the Richter scale. Her body vibrated and shook enough to shake Desiree, me, and the entire bed. Her pussy pulsed and milked my cock. Her mouth opened but for a while nothing came out and then suddenly she shouted out, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

I love your magnificent cock." From the other bedroom Doctor Kelley shouted back, "If you think that was good, you should stick it in her ass." Patrice smiled and said, "Oh yeah, I do love anal." Desiree and Patrice entertained me until I was hard again.

Desiree was right, I did want to fuck Patrice again but this time in her ass. The End Milk-Milk Lemonade 207