Ebony skyler nicole enjoys anal sex and gangbang

Ebony skyler nicole enjoys anal sex and gangbang
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Without Permission, the Night Before I went out last night without permission. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but I am submissive in a master / slave relationship. I am allowed to go out, but I must ask permission first.

And if I want sex, then I need to get a special permission from him. Anytime I go out without him, I have to write a story about what happened. So here is my story: Last night I went over to Michaels to hang out and to drink wine while we were lying on the couch. After a little bit, he scooted a closer to me and started rubbing my arm and the side of my breast.

Just a very casual rub to start but then he found out I had a tattoo and told me to remove my shirt so he could look at it. Taking my bra off, Michael leaned over and started sucking on my nipple and playing with my tit.

His other fingers squeezed my other nipple, rolling it between his fingers. His hands started sliding down my stomach and undid my belt to slide my jeans off. We pushed them off and Michael slid his hand up my leg to my pussy. His fingers slid into pussy, playing with my clit until I cum. I sat up and slid my mouth over his thick dick. Going up and down, up and down, playing with his head and trying to slide his dick down the back of my throat. My hands were playing with his shaft; meeting my mouth, going back and forth back and forth.

He pulls me down off the end of the couch and slides his thick dick into my wet pussy. My legs stretched back to my shoulders his dick going in and out. Hitting my g-spot, making me gush as I cum. Over and over until my pussy, his dick, and the blanket are soaked through.

He pulls out of my pussy and slides his dick into my mouth to lick off all of my juices. We take a break from fucking while he slides 4 fingers into my pussy while his thumb is playing with my ass. Michael lays me on my stomach so he can take me from behind. Before he slides his dick into my pussy, he smacks each ass cheek 5 times each, turning my cheeks red and burning; then he slide his dick into my pussy.

In and out, in and out his dick hitting my cervix; making me scream out in ecstasy. His finger slides in and out of my ass matching the pace of his dick in my pussy. His other hand is on the back of my neck, holding my head down so that I can't slide away from him.

He pulls his dick out, flips me over and has me suck his dick clean as he fist fucks me again. We have fucked for over an hour, taking a break we lay down on the couch naked and fall asleep from exhaustion.

Waking up, we go upstairs to the bed and go back to sleep for an hour. When we wake up, Michael pulls me to him, slides several fingers into my pussy and 1 if you want you will get! my ass to get me wet; then he puts me on my knees, slides his dick into my pussy from behind.

He tells me that I am not allowed to cum this morning, this is his time. Pounding my pussy, holding my head down, he explodes in my pussy. Pulling out, he smacks my ass and has me suck his dick to clean him up before he goes to take a shower. Master's Response I went out last night without permission.

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This normally wouldn't be a problem, but I am submissive in a master / slave relationship. I am allowed to go out, but I must ask permission first. And if I want sex, then I need to get a special permission from him. Anytime I go out without him, I have to write a story about what happened. Master has now read and my story and here is what happened: Saying the Master was more than little unhappy with me was an understatement.

"You went out without permission, you had sex without permission, and you drank without permission? You broke just about every rule that I gave you as a submissive, didn't you?" the Master asked as he smacked the side of my tit.

I am on my knees naked, legs slightly spread open, ass sitting on my heels, hands clasped behind my back. My eyes watering from the force of the smack on my tit, I answer "yes sir I did.I am so sorry sir, please forgive me?" With that the Master laughs "Forgive you (smack on the tit), forgive you (smack on the other tit).You screwed up beyond forgiveness.

You will be punished for each indiscretion that you did and maybe then and only then might I be willing to cut you some slack." I knew I was in trouble. Grabbing my hair, I am pulled up to a standing position; Master stretches my head backwards "what is your punishment going to be?" I have never heard the tone that he is using and I am starting to get scared.

I know Master won't hurt me, but I know this punishment is going to hurt beyond anything that we have done before. Bending me over the edge of the bed, he kicks my legs apart and smacks my bare ass 10 times quickly, I tried to move my hands down to cover my ass and this makes him madder than he already was. Grabbing the ruler that he had lying on the bed table and smacks each man fingers and fucks beauteous girl hardcore blowjob. Screaming out in pain, I am trying to pull my hands away and he keeps hitting them.

"Since you are not going to behave, it looks like you are going to be tied up." He grabs the ropes from the bed, stretches my arms across the bed and ties me down. My hands are on fire and now I can't move my shoulders. He lays some of the punishment tools beside me on the bed so I can see and imagine what is coming my way.

They include all of the spanking toys that I hate the most paddle, whip, belt, cane, flyswatter, ruler, crop, flogger and barehanded. There are also other toys: gag, blindfold, vibrators, and anal toys. I don't know what Master plans on using; only know that I feel a lot of pain coming my way. Master asks "So you broke how many infractions?" Each word punctuated by a bare-handed smack on my ass. "I don't know Sir." "You don't know, she says" My ass is on fire already and we have only started.

"I think for every infraction, and I count at least 9, you will get 10 swats each. In addition, you will be plugged with the large anal toy and a vibrator. You are not allowed to cum at any point. If I find out you have, I will add more punishment time is that understood?" "Yes Sir" I reply.

"I will be somewhat lenient and will take a break between each paddling toy, during this time, you will suck my dick or be my fuckwhore, is that understood?" "Yes Sir" I reply, thinking to myself at least I will get a little break. Master slides the toys into my pussy and ass, knowing that I hate anal sex, but I was the bad girl and deserved this punishment. He then started smacking my ass with his bare hands.

After about the 3rd smack he stopped. "Did you forget something bad girl?" He asked. I then remembered that I was supposed to count after each smack. If I forget, he starts the spankings again. "I'm sorry sir, please forgive your bad girl" "Oh, I will, but now you get to start at 1 again". <smack> 1 sir <smack> 2 sir <smack>3 sir&hellip.on and on until 10 were reached.

My ass is burning as he rubs it lightly. Moving to my mouth, he pulls his dick out of his pants and pushes it into my sexy legal age teenager gorgeous girl bounces on boner. In and out deeper and harder; his hands grabbing my head and keeping it straight he fucks my face until he cums down my throat.

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Master picks up the paddle and the spankings start again. The 1st blow rocks me on the bed "1 sir" <smack> <smack> 2 sir. "You busty milf makayla cox gets fucked and facialized one slut" <smack> 1 sir <smack> 2 sir <smack> 3 sir.the next smack hits just below my ass on the back of my thighs and I cry out 4 sir.<smack on the ass> 5 sir <smack on the thighs> 6 sir.

Alternating until we hit 10. I feel like my entire body is on fire; the pain is mind-blowing numb. Master leaves the room as tears are flowing down my eyes, I start to fall asleep to relax my body. Master walks in with a drink for me and wakes me up. He pulls out the anal toy and starts rubbing some lube around my ass and on his dick and starts to slide it in.

I am crying out "Master please no" he smacks my thigh and says "Shut up bitch, you let some guy fuck you without permission, you came without permission, you will take your punishment and you will learn your lesson" He slams his dick into my ass and fucks me over and over harder and harder until he cums in my ass.

He then puts the anal toy back in. My body is still on fire, my thighs are burning and my ass is full, but I still haven't cum yet. All night long, we alternate between spanking my ass and legs, fucking my pussy and ass over and over. My punishment is finally over, or so I think. Master undoes my ties, pulls me up by the hair, reties my hands together and puts me in the dog cage he had built for me.

He stretches my arms above my head and fastens them to the sides. I have just enough leeway to get somewhat comfortable. He puts a blanket over me and then turns the vibrator on low. "Remember the rules he says no cumming.

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I will check on you in the morning, get some rest and then we will discuss rest of your punishment." I am so exhausted that I can't think of what else to come. I am so horny that all I want to do is cum. I rub against the vibrator, forcing myself to cum, and just hoping that he doesn't discover it.