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Attractive teen hottie strokes dick smalltits and hardcore
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This is a story about when I was adopted and got put into a family that was way to close. Yes you gussed it my foster father was what I first thought to be a freak. I did change there names. My foster dad does work at home but people still now him. Lincon (dad) is 34 and he also has three sons. The oldest is 17 John, Danny who is 16 and Leo who is almost 13.

Anyways this is my story if you want go ahead and leave coments if you can or you can email me at [email protected] It all srarted when me and my mom, sister, niece and nephew( by the way my spelling not the best but I try) where headed to the beach when a drunk driver veered to our side of the road.

Everyone had there seat belts on my niece and nephew were in there car seats but me being a protective Aunt I undid my seat belt and put my body over the both of them. There seats were close together. As the cars collided I put my hands against the top of the car seat and pushed my hardest to keep them from moving.

The she squeezes her pussy lips to make it better hit at all most 60 miles an hour. Our car did flip about 3 times.

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On the final flip the car stopped on the hood. My fist thought was to get the babies out of the car, so I did As I got out of the car with both of them. I looked over at the driver side and my mom and sister were getting out of the car. I felt woozy and laid down. I heard my mom scream " Someone call 911!

Please!" and saw her run over to me. That's all I remember. When I woke up I could not for the life of me remember anything. I was told that I was in an accident and that I had temorary or permamint amneshia, and that my mom gave custidy away and didn't tell my real father. An I would be put into a foster home untill a new home was found for me.

About 4 weeks after I was told that I was found a home with a man named Lincon and his 3 sons. I wasn't in the best shape. My memory lost was on and off for a while. After I moved into Lincons home and the 2nd day passed the memory last was gone and I stopped losing memories.

Lincon was great the day that I moved in he stopped by his house and dropped me off and told me to get so rest cause' I looked like I was gonna be sick. His reason was me being car sick. Good guesse, sorta. He said he didnt have a room set up for me yet and told me to sleep in his bed. He put a trash can next to side I was sleeping on, turned the light off and shut the door but left it open ajar." Ill be back soon okay honey. Ill be back in a little while okay." I saw him leave the door way and I feel asleep.

When I woke up I saw someone in the door way, it scared me a little bit and I sat up and pretended like I didn't see him and rubbed -my eyes. When I looked back at the door the person was gone. I got out of the bed and stood up. I looked down and I wasn't in my cloths that I had on before.

I was wearing a long black T-shrirt that was practicaly a dress on me, and I was about 5"3'. I walked out into thew hall way and looked around. There was 4 other doors on this floor one was open. "Well good-evening honey. How did you sleep?" I herd someone say from behind me. It made me jump, and gasp. "Awww, its okay you don't have to be scared its only me." I turned and saw Lincon standing on a staircase. " You… you just starled me.

Uhmmmm?" I said He walked over to me. " What dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre it honey?" "I need to&hellip.

Uhm&hellip. I need spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep use the bath room?" I looked away and blushed. I was scared to ask who was still a complete stranger to me. He laughed a little and put his hand on my shoulder. " This way. Here you go." He lead me to the door that was open. I walked in and closed the door.

" When youre done the boys wanna meet you." I herd him say through the door. I just stayed quit. I used the bathroom,washed my hands and opened the door.

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Lincon was waiting for me. He put his hand out, I hesitated." Its okay Im not going to hurt you,youre part of the family." "Family." I thought to myself. He grabbed my hand and pulled me from my daydream. " You with me Kat?"( By the way my name isnt Kat it's a nickname cause all my old friends used to call me it.) I knodded and smiled." Alright. Were going to go down stairs and meet therest of the family." Everytime he said family… I felt like something was missing I just didn't know what yet.

I wasn't paying attenchin and I missed the first step. "Wow forget how to walk down stairs did ya'?" He joked and caught monica mattos sendo devorada por negros deliciosos. Good thing he was holding my hand.

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I got my balance and contined down with him. As we got to the ground level i noticed the stair case lead right down into the living room and to the right behind a swng door there was the kitchen.

I could just make out the shape of 2 boys siting at a table. To the left there german sex and facial in public watch part on hotwebcamteensorg a door open and what looked to be a den of some type. The door wasn't open enough for me to see in but there was a light on and nosie coming from the open door.

Lincon lead me into the living room and waited. He looked at me. " Was he waiting to see if sit down or stay next to him?" "Boys come in here! I want you to meet someone!" "Be right there" Was yelled back from three vocies. I looked behind me the door to the kitchen swong open and 2 boys came out. The other from the den I saw.

When the boy from the den came out I don't know why but my head got light and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I tried to forget about it. " Alright boys listen I know this is short notice but this is youre new sister. She… " He put his hands over my ears and sqeezed tight.

I could barly hear him. I looked up at hom then at the boys. The look on there faces changed.

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I barly noticed it because I could help but look at the boy that came out of the den. He took his hands away." So boys this is Kat, Kat these are my three sons this is John, Danny, and Leo. John is the oldest… "Yup im 17 and by the way man to a… girl the cutest." We both laughed.

The other two roled there eyes and gave a sigh. " And Im Danny,16, funny,and Im killer at vid-games." To everyone else that wasn't funny but I gave a little laugh and blushed. Every one knoticed which made me blush ever more. "That leaves me little Leo. Ill be 13 in three weeks." He hadnt hit puberyty yet so he sounded a little girly.

We all laughed. Danny walked up to me. " Can you play video gaems?" He asked me and smiled. When he smiled I smiled to and couldn't help and blush. "I think. Ill try it though." He grabbed my wrist and led me to that den.

I saw a medium size T.V. and an X-Box 360 on a cabinet. I saw the game paused, was a car game. " You can pick out any game. I just need to get the check point." "Alright." He pointed at a shelf across the room. I herd the game unpause and music start playing, I was looking through the games. I saw one that I wanted to play. I watched the movie at least 100 times. It was Resident Evil. I love the fact of trying to make my way out a zombie invested town.

Or what ever they threw at me. I turned around and saw one of the cars in the game crash. I dropped the game and backed myself into a wall I hit pretty hard because Danny paused the game and turned to me. I closed my eyes and covered my ears. Sank to the storys porrnos de virgen enanas and scenes started to flash through my head about the accident.

" Dad!" Was what sounded like a whisper to me. " Dad, Dad!" he yelled and ran over to me and grabbed my arms. " Kat its okay you're fine what's wrong?" I started crying I could feel the tears running out and down my closed eyes.

I was shaking but I wasn't cold. " What did you do to her?" " Nothing I unpaused the game and I herd a bang I turned around and she was like that I swear." After that I cant remember I was carried upstairs and told to go to bed. Yaya I know Im skiping the next few parts and get to the 4th day when college sluts get their holes drilled during sex party pornstars group sex memory lost subsided and new dad decided he wanted more then just a new daughter.

"Kat you'll be staying home today okay." I was getting ready for school. I was getting used to everything around here. " Do me a favor sweaty put you're hair up in those cute pigtails then come down and sit on the couch." He yelled again from the stair case. I yelled down and ran down the stairs. Dad liked my pigtails he always said the same thing when I had them in " "Awww look at that who knew angles had such cute pigtails." I went into the living room and sat down on the couch and waited like dad told me too.

" Kitt you comin'?" Danny walked by leaving for the bus. " No. Dad said I was staying home today." I shrugged my shoulders. " I wonder what he wants.?" I thought to myself " Well in my opinion you look very nice today, and those pigtails drive me crazy. Especially when you put the purple and blue strings through them." He laughed gave me one last look before he shut the door.

I pulled my knees up to my chest. Then I waited until I saw dad.( Yes I call him dad now) I was sitting there for what seemed to be a half hour. When I saw him he said he had a surprise for me. " Close you're eyes." I did. " Every time we go to the store I see you look at Monsters and I thought that we would stay home all day and just drink them. You can open you're eyes." " So I'm staying home from school to drink energy drinks with you?" I said putting my feet down and standing up.

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" Yeah pretty much." " Uhmmm&hellip. Id rather go to school and try to make some new friends." I grabbed my back pack and ran for the door. "No you're staying home with daddy!" He grabbed my backpack and pulled me back giving me a bear hug and wouldn't let me go. I swarmed to get out of his grip. I felt him stop sqeazing me because it was getting hard to breath, but when I felt this I made a dash for the door. I opened it an*d saw Danny and John getting on the bus.

" Danny!" I yelled " Please co&hellip." As soon as he turned around I was pulled back threw the door. " Oh no you don't. You will listen to daddy or you'll be punished." I picked me up and put me over his shoulder.

" Stop fussing." He spanked me a little hard It caught me off guard so I dailymotion russian step son force mom tfuke a little he laughed a bit.

"Put me down!" I yelled, kicking and hiting whatever I could. He stopped, I herd a door open. "I said put me down!" I yelled again. All the suddon I was thown onto a bed. I was in dads room.

Then he left and shut the door behind him. The room was dark. There was a window but it was covered with tape, I could see nails sticking out of the bottem. I ran over to the door. It woulndnt open. There was no other way out I knew that because I stayed in here the first two days.

All I could do was wait untill he came back, but I didn't I went to the window and tried to open it. Oh my god he had to of know I wasn't gonna be able to open this or get out of the room. What was he planning. I desided I was going to try and hide so he couldn't find me. I opend the closet door. The floor was covered with cloths and boxes. The boxs from the bacement to make room for me. I turnedr quikly around cause the door hanndle rattle.

I Jumped in the clostest and shut the door trying not to make any nosie. I got under some cloths and listened. He shuffled around the room for a few minutes trying to find me. " I know youre some where in here you cant hind for to long." The door to the clostit was swug open, I held my breath.

I was scared to piont wherethis is embarising but I was scared, I peed. "Oh crap." Ran through my head as he chuckkled. He could smell it. He yelled " Gotcha'!" He grabbed my arm and dragged me out. " What?" " Awe why are you scared of daddy honey? Im not gonna hurt you I'm…" He paused to think. " You just what?" I grabbed my arm it was hurting it felt broken but it wasn't. " I want to give you something but you have to close you're eyes, okay?" I closed my eyes and waited.

That was a dumb idea on my part. I felt him grab my wrists but I wasn't paying to much attachin till it was to late. My wrists where pulled together my tape. By the time I pulled my hands away they were already taped together and I was stuck. When I opened my eyes dad pushed me off my balance and I landed on his bed, back down. I looked up at him and went to talk but he put his hand over my mouth.

" Kat there's no talking right now! I am going to do something and it might hurt." I looked down and noticed that there was something growing in his pants. My eyes were glued to it because it was so strange to me. " Oh you like. Well how about if I put it I put it in you're mouth." He laughed as he pulled down his pants.

He was in his usual boxers. As he sat down what grew in his pants fell out of the hole in the front of his boxers. My eyes grew as I saw it I was in complete shock. Its was so big. Thinking back I brown hair around the base of it. " Huh honey would you like that. By the way youre looking at my cock I would think you're hungry!" He grabbed my head and pushed my mouth toward it.

My whole body gorgeous peach is presenting her gaped spread slit in close range up, but he was to strong for me and my head was pushed down.

He was hard but soft at the same time. It also tasted like a little salty. " See honey not so bad." He laughed and pumped my head up and down. I was trying to pull my head off him but he wouldn't let me pull my head up.

I was growing and tears where building in my eyes also started whimpering. " Awe its okay honey ,how about. I sick it in you now?" " No I don't want to let me go please!" I begged. More tears forming in my eyes.

"Plea." Dad put tape over my mouth and pushed me so I was laying with my back on the bed. My cries were muffled by the tape. As he pushed my legs up and put his face up to my underwear. I could feel his breath up against my panties. He grabbed them with his mouth and pulled away. They were pinching my skin fat granny dominika takes cock in doggy style little bit and it cute chick has fun with a fat dick. He was laughing the entire time I closed my eyes and looked away.

" No I want you to watch me make you a real teenager." He laughed harder. He pulled my underwear off my legs and through them on the floor, pushed up my skirt and put his mouth between my legs again.

This time I felt a wetness between my legs. It caught me off guard and I shrieked against the tape. His tongue was running all over my crotch. It felt good but it also felt weird. He got above my face then all of the sudden I felt a sharp pinch of pain. It hurt so bad I screamed as much as I could but the tape captured most of the scream. I pinched my eyes closed tears started to escape the corner. When I finally opened my eyes he was still above my face smiling.

I felt him pull his dick( Im writing normal now) from my pussy it hurt as pink pussy pron hub sex storys as it did going in.

I felt like he was pulling my insides out. Then he pounded against me again. It hurt even more the second time.

" Oh honey youre so tight I don't know why I waited this long!" e yelled as he pounded and pulled out over and over again. He keep going and he sped up ever few seconds, I grunted against the tape and tried to scream but I knew it would be no use. It was killing me. He couldn't see that I was cry hard, tears wear making dots on his sheets.

Every time he slammed against my pelvis more tears flowed. Then the weirdest feeling came from inside of me. I later found out that it was called an orgasm or cumming as I was told.

I shut my eyes as tight as I could, my back arched involentery and I tried to open my mouth but we all knew that wasn't happening.

I could barly breath and all the pressure from my scream went to my head and I became light headed. Dad had stopped moving but it felt like he was still moving inside of me then I felt him get bigger and a slashing feeling in me.

It felt so weird but at the same time it felt so good. He stopped moving and pulled out of me. It still hurt but I was so light headed I could barley move, but I did feel a liquid dripping onto my butt. I was so numb I could barley move. He picked me up and walked me down to my observe the wild gangbang smalltits and homemade, put me down and left. If you want more email me or leave a comment thanks.