Horny teen tina kay hits on others for an awesome fuck pornstars and hardcore

Horny teen tina kay hits on others for an awesome fuck pornstars and hardcore
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I was on the prowl again, looking for the man who would be my prey.

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I loved finding the perfect guy, the one that was so self confident with all of the women in the bar, and making him beg at my feet by the end of the night. I had that kind of body, I was that kind of woman, with an indomitable will. The best part was that the guys that I took home were too concerned about their alpha male personas to warn their friends about me.

I always had the pick of the litter, no matter what bar or smoky and seedy nightclub I found myself in. On that particular night I was struggling to find my man. I had taken a chance by going to a questionable club that had been suggested to me by a girlfriend. It was dark and the music was loud, the shadows of figures getting down and dirty on the crowded dance floor turning me on the more I lingered around the bar area.

I was certain I could see more than one man getting a blowjob right there on the floor, and I had no doubts that plenty of the grinding going on was much more than dancing. No dollie gets darko her pussy hammered by lexingtons big cock they had to keep the music so loud, to drown out the sounds of moaning.

Just when I was beginning to think I wouldn't find my perfect fodder, a man approached the bar with a woman on each arm. To say that he was handsome would really be a disservice, because he looked like a Greek Adonis, carved from marble and walking freely by some magic. His eyes were powerful, his look was serious and all I wanted to do was see his statuesque body crumble under my touch.

As he approached the bar I caught his eye and gave him a smile, brushing my hair away from my face and mouthing a kiss at him. The woman that he was with looked drunk or high, the way that they seemed to sway unsteadily as they walked. He had them sit down at the bar, ordering them drinks and leaving them there. I wondered just what he had done to those poor girls.

As I looked at them closer I saw that their clothing was askew and that they had clearly left their bras behind somewhere in this club, or had never worn them in the first place.

He sat down right next to me, and I knew that I was in for some real fun tonight. "Some women just can't handle my charisma." He began. I noted his deep voice and the clarity of his pronunciation.

He either handled his alcohol well, or he hadn't been drinking at all, which I considered odd given the state of the two women.

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"Those two didn't last very long. I think they were lying to me when they told me that they could go all night." I gave him a little chuckle and narrowed my eyes before responding in a sultry tone. "That's too bad.

but maybe I can help you out with that if you treat me right. They call me 'all-night Alex' for a reason." He raised his eyebrows. "Oh really? I love a woman who is confident in her abilities. But you should be careful, I may like it a little rougher than you would like." His warning just made my pussy wetter in anticipation of watching him break. He wouldn't last ten minutes once I had worked him over.

I imagined toying with his body, using my own as a torture device. I wouldn't let him touch me, just make him watch beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock sexy body as I gave him a handjob.

He would beg for something more as I licked and bit his nipples, teasing him cruelly with taunts. I might even have to tie his hands behind him so that he didn't try to break the rules.

I came back to reality and decided it was time to get down to business. "Well, is there anywhere around here that we might have a little more privacy?

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That way maybe you can show me what you mean. and I can decide for myself if you are rough enough." He must have liked my tone, because he didn't waste any time. He stood and motioned for me to follow across the crowded dance floor.

I almost lost him in the crowd a few times, but we made it to the other side no worse for the wear. We entered a door and found ourselves in a plain looking hallway with doors to what I knew had to be small private rooms for the patrons of the club. This place was getting more questionable all of the time and I was loving it. "Hey, I never got your name did I? I must seem like a total slut." Nasty old man fucks young mouth oldvsyoung hardcore joked as he led me into one of the rooms.

It just had a small bed and bedside table, with a carpeted floor and dim overhead lighting. "I'm Stefan." He said, closing the door behind us and locking it. "And I am going to steal your soul." I just laughed at his completely corny line. "You know, you were doing well with me until that line. But I guess I can pretend not to have heard it." I tried to keep the sensual flavor of my voice.

"Oh. I wasn't joking." He laughed back at me. "You see, I brought you back here to break your very soul. I'm a demon, an incubus, I prey on women like you do on men.

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But unfortunately for you, I'm better at it than you are." Suddenly, I saw it, somehow I knew he was telling the truth. It was as if a barrier had been lifted between us and I saw him for what he really was. Every piece of his perfect body, perfect persona, was exuding a powerful rubbing her clit till she cums while watching porn that made my heart nearly stop.

I didn't believe in demons before that moment, but after it I couldn't deny it. I was suddenly living in my worst nightmare. Why couldn't I run from him? I knew that he was dangerous, that he preyed on women and stole their souls through sex. He has told me exactly what he was going to do to me. He eyed me hungrily, and I wondered what he could see without me having to say a word or take off the slightest bit of my clothing.

My body was stiff, but now began to relax under his gaze and I found myself wondering what it would really be like having sex with a demon, someone who could actually own and control me.

He walked over to me and my pulse quickened. Was he putting some kind of spell on me, or was it just my insatiable lust taking hold? "Such a beautiful specimen." His low voice sent a tremble down my spine. "You would make a great succubus with your desires to ensnare men.

That is, if you were to survive." He punctuated his sentence with a cold laugh and put his arms around me. His body was surprisingly warm. Everything I had read about vampires or demons made me expect him to be stone cold. In fact his warmth seemed to spread into my body and pull on me. The warmth made my pussy ache, there was a primal desire building up in me that was greater than I had ever felt. I tried to fight it and push away from him, but somehow I ended up wrapping my arms around him instead.

"Resisting me is pointless, my slave. You're a total slut at heart." He leaned into me and I felt his mouth against my neck demi blue milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot the first time.

It was like he lit a fire below my skin as he kissed and licked at my neck. Me knees buckled beneath me but he held me up effortlessly as I leaned into him totally for support. "Where did your confident attitude go? All I can see now is a bitch in heat." It was true, it was all true. I was crumbling, the desire that I felt was spreading to all of my body until every piece of exposed skin seemed to long for him.

I summoned my last strength to resist and practically yelled at him. "You bastard.! You don't fight fair, let me go! Release your damn spell.!" I was having to try harder and harder not to moan whenever I opened my mouth, even just to breathe. He just laughed at me. "I'll let you go once I've sucked all the pride and strength from your body." As he said that, he ran his fingernails down my naked back, making long, bright red scratches.

I moaned from the pleasure and pain coursing through my body. I noticed then that my clothes were nowhere to be found, and that his were gone as well as if they had simply disintegrated. "Now get on your knees my slave, and beg to pleasure your master." My body responded on its own as if I was attached to puppet strings.

My body was drowning in lust, and all I could do was stare at his delicious looking dick, licking my lips. I couldn't believe it when the words passed my lips. "P-please, master, let me serve you. Let me suck on your dick.

I want a taste." He grabbed my hair sharply, pulling me towards his dick violently. My tongue found him and the sensation of pleasure was unreal as I licked and salivated along his shaft. His fingers weaved themselves through my hair and the pain mixed with the incredible pleasure I felt.

It was like someone had rewired my body so that my mouth became a whole new sex organ. When I actually put my lips around the head of his dick, slowly taking it into my mouth, I orgasmed. He growled in pleasure as my pussy literally dripped wetness in anticipation. I was lost in ecstasy that had gripped my whole body. With the orgasm came a weakening however, a feeling that some of my strength had been sucked right out of me. He was feeding on me, and I couldn't even force myself to care about it.

He forced his dick deep into my throat, making me nearly suffocate. "That's extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it rough. the strongest ones always make the best meals you know." He fucked my face and my hands went down to my pussy, which was practically throbbing now.

I forced two fingers straight inside of myself and thrust violently, trying without success to relieve the growing ache between my legs. I needed him inside of my pussy so badly, the orgasm had only driven me higher in need as all of my inhibitions completely disappeared. I was just his fuck toy to use however he wanted me, and he wanted me violently. After he had fucked my face for a while and left large, noticeable scratches along my back, he pulled my mouth off his dick and pushed me away.

"Tell me slave, where is your pride now? You can leave now, if you can. Just look at the door, it's right there, I won't stop you. If you stay here, you'll be corrupted forever, you'll be an eternal slave to a demon. I'll let you make your own choices." There was a moment of clarity for me when he said that. I saw the door and I felt the freedom that it meant. I began to crawl, towards the door, because my body could not do anything else at that point without collapsing. But I hadn't made it far before the desire and lust within me began to overwhelm me.

My pussy was still aching for something to satisfy it, something that I could see just les teen straddles face lesbian and babe the room. I looked over at him and it was all over for me, I began crawling towards him on my hands and knees. I needed it so badly that I was willing to give up any amount of freedom. I felt at that moment that if I could just feel the pleasure I had been feeling for the rest of my life, I wouldn't care what happened to me, because I would be truly happy.

I really was nothing but a slut at my deepest level. "I am all yours master. just fuck me, take me!" I moaned desperately at him, rubbing my clit mercilessly as I knelt before him. "Please.!" I begged him as he ignored my groveling. Finally he acknowledged my pleas. "Get on your hands and knees like the animal that you are. you're nothing more than a bitch in heat now." I was on the floor immediately, sticking my ass into the air for him, offering him my pussy to take. He still felt the need to tease me and began to rub his dick against my pussy lips, spreading them but not entering me.

I couldn't stand it anymore and thrust myself backwards, taking all of him inside noname jane creampie compilation pornstars and cumshots my aching pussy at once.

I orgasmed instantaneously, such was the pleasure that seemed to flow straight into me from his demonic dick. He gave my ass several rough slaps as he started to pound my helpless pussy, not even pausing to let my orgasm pass. Tears flowed out of my eyes as I gritted my teeth in pure ecstasy, even the rawness of my flesh where his hands slapped against me drove me higher. I felt a studded collar materialize suddenly around my neck, the leather tighter than was comfortable around my neck.

"You're all mine now." He growled in my ear, leaning over me as he continued to fuck me. I could see the leash connected to my collar now which he held in his hand. I didn't care, I was feeling more and more animalistic every moment. All I could think about was how hard I wanted my new master to pound me, as all other thoughts seemed to be whitewashed from my brain. I orgasmed again, heat shooting through me, making my whole body shudder. He only stopped fucking me at that point so that he could take his dick out of my pussy, then slam it straight back into my ass.

I screamed, the sudden violation making me struggle against my collar like a dog trying to escape its owner. I practically choked myself as he held me onto his dick with the leash.

"You'll learn to love taking it in the ass. we've got an eternity anyways." He chuckled darkly and started fucking me without mercy. The initial pain was quickly wearing away to be replaced by the intoxication of his powers running through me, but I still had enough power to struggle. "Please." I begged, wondering if this might be my last moment of clarity. "I'll do anything, you have to let me.

go." The last word came out as a moan and I was falling. The feeling of his dick was mesmerizing me again, and I just couldn't form thoughts anymore. He began to moan louder and louder and I knew he was getting close to his finish. I was building another orgasm now too. The foreign feeling of such a big dick in my ass was like nothing I had experienced before.

I knew then for sure, without even being able to think properly, that there was no going back for me. I could never dominate anyone again, he had totally broken me, I was a slut, an animal to be used for pleasure. As our orgasms got closer, I could feel something new growing inside of me. I could feel the pleasure taking over my consciousness completely.

I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, I could only feel pleasure in every nerve ending of my body. I felt him cum inside of me, and my orgasm followed, but I wasn't in my body anymore. I was somewhere else, being absorbed playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore some greater being that was welcoming me with some great sexual warmth.

It was my master guiding me to my new home. I heard his voice inside of me. "Welcome to the rest of eternity. slave."